Hot Stove Show - All I want for Christmas is JD Martinez - 12-20-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, December 20th

In the final hot stove show of 2017, Mut and Bradford talk about what the Red Sox have done so far this offseason, what they havent done, and most importantly what they still might do. They talk about the recent signing of Mitch Moreland, the desire to bring in JD Martinez as a big bat, and even the possibility of making a trade for Manny Machado.


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For the hot still show fox Sports Radio got. EI it's an important offseason for the Sox and we talk about everything going on behind the scenes all the way up until spring training the hot stove show was presented by our belly insurance here for. For baseball fans here for. Let's get it going with the WEEI dot comes rob Bradford and John Tomas scene here is Mike Madden that's the I'm still she'll always brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire. Plus he's a lot of rappers and iPods though shall not. 37 WE yet that he's more chance for your phone calls to take them. Up until 10 o'clock in a bunch of baseball calls through the first three hours the show we skip over the mostly because. It was Brady Guerrero early ballots baseball hot stove is cranked. The Red Sox prolong nights are out we know with Star Wars Nairobi. We know when Pablo Sandoval might will be we know when chicken and beer night will be. And still talk baseball until ten at 61777979837. And rob Bradford I'm here to say the following. Just thought that off the top. You wrote about it and I hate agree with you but. You've nailed the Mitch Moreland stories affect you earlier in the week and there are plenty of people out there and social media. Who claimed Red Sox fans who were saying it's a bad deal for the Red Sox or mocking the deal. There are people in the media here in Boston or mocking the deal because they wanna see the Red Sox not perform well has good for what they do for business. On those people idiots both groups of people. This deal for Mitch Moreland two years and thirteen million bucks should not be the end all be all there's still work to do for the Red Sox rob. But it provides flexibility in three or four different ways provide some leverage and is a good legit. Strong move by the Red Sox that is not mocking that is not sarcastic. And I think people don't understand that. Don't know base. That's votes is Dong off the top it's dumb I mean it's it's. Is thirteen million dollars for two years and and that's not the most important barbecue go no law. Part of it is. How much worse is Mitch Moreland and there are cars there it works but he's done as good but how much it where is he a hundred million dollars worth he's not a hundred million dollars and fifty million dollars well he's gonna he's not let's call not 30000009 to thirty million dollars worth beats thirty million dollars more than moral and doesn't the first two years of whatever deal is gonna get. He's not thirty million dollar beat Costa Mitch Moreland was so strikingly low to be perfectly honest with the even despite you know he would injuries and low batting average and everything you just don't find any player usually for that. That kind of money he just tall and particularly one who plays can actually start for you. And what are you doing scratch got there at the U appointees what you're doing. By. I think the overall premise of the ease the piece that I was that you're talking about yet. This kid with a rescue levered she'd had before that bridge it's not like the be all end all averaged. But it's leverage that he did not have before and everyone was wondering. How do you pride leverage away from Scott bores. And this is the way this is at least a start. In terms of doing C I agree with you on that by the bigger leverage is. And added a to meet the leverage is not the word it's the the the word flexibility. And specifically the flexibility this move allows you when it comes to one Hanley. Mullen premiere so I'll bet his middle name you can have an ambulance he has a 497. Plate appearance bonus coming up not a bonus but it a contract kicker were begins to Flores 97 caught and plate appearances I don't care and -- the people out there you wanna Asian scientific up baseball words. If he gets four or 97 plate appearances this year his vesting option kicks in he's guaranteed a cool crisp. 22 million dollars in 2019. He was going to be a possible trade to the point where some very level headed guys Gallic spear. Were suggesting robbed a major is by a Nile this year. Just cannot depend a 22 million dollars next year now what more on the full it is all but assured. And there Ramirez in the finally here is deal he will knock at the plate appearances and that is a excellent excellent. Forward thinking move by the Red Sox when it comes. We just saved yourself 2.2 million dollars yet no matter why. And unless Hanley Ramirez comes out and this blows everywhere but he away and they that's likely. And he's not known right now and and would those shoulders now I don't. So. Whether it's your plutonium. Whether you're releasing him whether year attempting to trade him. By EE just. I can't see him. Getting. 497 plate appearances and the other part about a shot this morning it's her back and in as the other thing is Gaza and is. Judy Martinez team Martinez is the B Evan delicate right I'll say he is right. Everett JD Martinez would be good for the Red Sox breaking. When news breaks we break it thanks to average relics hot cake. They actually need to eighty Martinis they need to be for me it's morally Needham yeah. That's yes and in the you'll probably get him I heard you know of the Arizona William maybe in nationals c'mon and he cut lawn. It'll take some time but they'll get JD Martinez thing that you slot him in both there you go there's your DH Mitch Moreland. Your first baseman may be with Italy or merits he can around who cares. That's your options that eight of write the headlines on my god relic Red Sox have no choice but to sign Judy Martinez price tag part much. No crap like that's a every Red Sox fan worth his salt. Knows they're in this point out he writes at the box the end. They have to sign JD Martinez the probably overpaying and hopefully some money not years the reports on Scott Boras wants a seven year deal for this guy. I was suggesting five you deal to secure option will be a lot more. Profitable for this team to take on. But you might be in a position to have that leverage human at least you have leverage off first base jump overpay for Hosmer you can bench and Leland DH play part time. Doesn't buy a lot of leverage eighty Martinez is the going to be a money thing A a comfort thing for a guy who as you talked about this weekend on the year. Bit of a quirky dude himself comes this hitting coach. Situation that JD mark obviously in that respect but it it. You know it's in and they haven't put that put it out to put in that story and I heard a billion different other places stop Boris. He's got a seven year deals for guys in his thirties sure Shin-Soo Choo. Jayson Werth so if he's done that then he's probably kind of try to give a seven year deal and the other part about this is. They. This guy is a guy who switched agents at the very end of his season. He went from Bob Garber to stop Boris and this is the guy who had barb ever for a long time why did he switch because Scott horse is telling him. I'm gonna be the one who gets you seven years so when he's not get news forum he's gonna wait out until he does get a farm kids that's what he promised JD Martinis you can't you can't discount that fact. So anyway and a did you or did you hear us this weekend and all what are your kid's birthday our proposals and yeah yeah I said I I nobody Ramon I just read word of their own good news everywhere it was a buzzer Christmas of federally that match in the blue and animal Clinton. They're making little Mike finance keys I didn't outmoded idea that are around. Core core I actually was good I talked about like actually being in the meeting which have probably reprimanded for but bigamy was JD Martinez. And and selling JD Martinez on the whole like Boston thing in. It is like he said you come out of that you think TV Marti is his holy Biden but that he probably went to Arizona sweetened. They said here's your hitting coach an idiot or a fellow and his everybody else. So well we found out Al score was there we'll find out Jason Varitek was there to add a mentally. It to browse my detects up to track program. All happening Michael co pack. Ten or Edward was Tek off from that spot it's like when the Celtics brought Kelly only to turn it who Kevin Durant yes. Short guess and it's so Bob Brady was a mystery. I don't Meyer and the people locking dead the dead Mitch moral finger down however if they miss out on Martinez and don't trade for big bat. The world will back to this and say. What the hell's going down and say why why why was this Dylan movie man I'm assuming like you Lar that he's basically. He's locked in he's he's he still has. 280 Archie is coming to the boss and so we lost so today you Strickland dorsal how two rights. The Longoria situation when Noriega straight to the giants and meet the I think. He's the giants' bats they're gonna allocate so much money yet they could sign Jay Bruce could for them. Two OT Bruce isn't gonna make the money Judy Martinez and so for me you take that team out of the equation. He left for Arizona you'll for the national I'd someone through the national I still can't see that. You write and they still need this guy they need somebody in. I think that the Carlos Santana. Deal will there entrusting Carlos Santana was along the lines of what Mitch Moreland was going to be just more expensive option. A more expensive got the same thing. Where it really remember you know Silverman has the report the illegal after bowl Osborn Martinez moved well I think you sore right they're gonna go after it first baseman and Martinez. All the they're gonna do Arthur Maher. The go after Santana Laguna and you don't get him to get. Laughter Moreland. So I like moral last year I adding Moreland a couple things he did. He played hurt a lot panel think he'd talked about it every wanna talk about it but now I think you. People on the team that I talked to who were saying that he was playing through at some point is significant amount of pain. With that so well he still hit for power he still hit the other waste on a million doubles. I like the player. It costs you nothing at six and a half million dollar evil yeah right it's it's it feels like Julian Salazar has made more than heated. That's feels like pretty good value for space act I. I guess he just wanted to get a deal done and signed here. If I magic who played more you can get with a act. So will start there and now I get it that Joseph is gonna write that but I'm I wanted to back the moral and deal on people's calls and all of Michael's people like that the good deal for the Red Sox and it gives them or so with the ability to meet you Moreland to. Initial and man hello. Gives him a chance to that you two bags tattoo gives him a chain gives them a chance to. Phase out Hanley Ramirez was a very good thing in my mind 6177797937. The phone number. Philip cemented waiting patiently on in other trade option potentially that's Manny Machado fill power you. Yet gently just give me out here sure things are well. I appreciate think outside the box and the policy you know basically today the Baltimore it was GM can't catch Steve Pate. So in the teens get serious and you trade office on the child. Okay now US northern Britain great lefthander Chile century so the pressure is back on IPO in the Orioles this what we do. We take Ramallah in the picture up and coming out of all the minor leagues. Broke outside shortstop. In JPG eight are well field. What it does now I know will only have much my channel for a year. But what it does we will keep that's the setup. Antennae to right field. Opens swept the couple Judy Martinez. You've got to what impact acts of great shortstop. He played third base on the chopping wood locked and what pop remembered we finished last American we get cold fronts and wait pot which is unbelievable. So you kill two birds one stone. You have to get you know the best you have to work something out nice but I think if we did yes I think could be great. I like Betty it's not a whole lot I love to see them I go after a match auto or Josh Donaldson apparently both available this off season. On not trading excessive pieces for one I want a shame if you are groomed for many mean that's that's the issue Phil thank you very impatient thank you for your call. Unless the shot Alex agreed to an extension. When they made the deal. I wouldn't do it and I L wouldn't worry about the position thinks I can move devers. To first base second I can I'll figure probably aware try to make gave I get enrich our long term deal here. And it's less than thirty million dollars a year. I would make a trade like that but not for one year remains. So I want to get this race usually chasing groom the only top prospect that they had not knees is him on idol this worries you he would do their top number one that really only god has delete value when it comes the prospects. And you would trades in her Bogart's with a couple more years. And then you were trade Jackie Bradley on top that for a guy. Whom had it under 0800 OPS last year for guy more importantly who is on whose outrage real ball more importantly as a one year left on his athletic and it's a no no way that the better question to me is. Would you trades in a Bogart's four. Would I do I would do that he'd know that's so not for one year Manny Machado and other not. The built to win a World Series definitely next year. When you are built to winning the World Series when you trade a way. A couple guys for a guy that you don't know is going to be any better than we got the half and I guess when shuttle could play shortstop. He's done Natalie lightly so. Oh you could. I don't know I have no appeal of the problem for me is the one year left from a job in Vienna if the agreed to a long term deal here I considerate I Astro about a couple weeks ago. Rob said no. And with a one year left it's hard to blame them but I've always loved loved the player. And at him more Donaldson gimme when gore is already go on and you make a lot of sense to go trade for him but the child or adults have always. Dolls and has been a guy also that we'd be. He's an excellent excellent today I think he's gonna break now. Thousands get a breakdown. He teased as it's just the way he plays that yet he's I love watching him play I think that if they traded forum when they could have traded for him. He would go to bill stacks of forms by now that's on Ben shared that 6177797937. The farmer what is the next move. For the Boston Red Sox to a much auto you watch eighty Martinez you still want Eric Hosmer you want Jose Abreu what do you want for the steam at 617779. 7937. Is the phone double talk about that with your calls muck and Bradford hot stove show 93 point seven WE. Let's get back to the hot stove show. Sports Radio WEEI. I believe with the PC bowl game next Wednesday this is actually the final hot stove show that true of 2000 and a seventy all of our. Well I never okay. All right they've not done anything yet. But ironically there will be something next week rob you don't like Monday or Tuesday. There was people tune in to get John B April's called BC. The BC Iowa. Is that sort of the old and no one's older and I think is that true. Some under glass putts those over the years you wanna get in today on what you want the Red Sox to do here. And the next couple months heading into opening day 2018. Which your phone call 6177797937. Josh in Fall River. On again mainly shot at the apple labels filed a puff up on the hot still whirl I Josh. And how long gash demanded. I'm really kind of followed a little bit on the trees cause there. What what virtually the same to give up was just outrageous I'd never give up. Jerry Bradley junior is restaurant yes. In Oakland on. Is that if anything. That would seem to eat decently yet touched on child could sudden shortstop position and you walk through a little bit more. A reliable offense and yet that. In I believe people actually could he's been in a swamp Adams on. No doubt the issue being that okay see you trade Bogart's Machado. All our souls a couple of years left on his deal but it'll work out an extension given the way he's been hitting. That that crazy price that we thought presented Bogart might not be there. You're gonna pay Manny Machado upwards of thirty million dollars a year beginning in 2019. If he walks you got nobody there. You lucky salty monster hold Josh at that position. Oh yeah that you have tyranny detonation then it's an extension and it yeah. That's not at this. That's not happening. I mean that's that's the problem it's on us an email. I may be in the minority but I actually. It will the bank lines in their boat that's a little bit that he would be goes back to two years ago because they get screwed up with that hand thing and they were playing and when nation. So I think he's more like what you got two years ago and as you can tell me you get that the next two years. Instead of one year being which I'll take the Bogart's option. Out suitable to our security. Editors can come back. It's it's and Josh thanks your call it's a big F and and I was all in on me on on their Bogart's and before off the bandwagon I've bought all the stock and it was a down year last year but I'm with you and I thought it was it was weird he's not purity more to answer fort but. If John Ferrell that a weird thing with that you give other guys. Outs at times but was Zander Bogart's it was what July or August when he guys asked about the injury he said not no big deal has got to play through. And lately that you found out like a week later he was uneven weekly thank you might have been that same day when the Bogart and well that's Capps handed this is a problem with the problems probably even after. That the injury actually injury when a way east and yet it's it's screwed up my mechanics. And filing in September restart hitting in the in the year yeah it's a little bit more. So it is the day him thing mass tomorrow I think he's a better player than. And much I can get past Machado one year thing. He's gonna is he's darker side extension. And he's a very good player but for one year of that now. Now if you he told me a couple years different story that's why the Orioles written recognize their that there a mid market team they probably can't afford him. Better fit for something now but it every other team knows the exact same thing and they're not gonna pay overpay. For one year may this or my third year I get to the year and some T want to get you know get drive three or four months of him. But not right now this with the Orioles would ask war. Amongst other things. Jason groom and water re use as they are desperate for pitching the way they need to get some pitching in the towel on him that would do. So anyway you asked me about my winter meetings nobody you deviate off the record. Yeah he's on the air has been outweigh it was very big lead at lap record Disney stays in Disney was very big on the record today I three from Disney will beat your phone calls here as well. At 6177797937. Go it freedom the first one was the seafood buffet called from. Outstanding Wu. Was very go to item there yet the muscles were surprisingly good I can that the crab legs and shrimp righted the yacht beach and yacht club at Disney. Everything you've been it is the before right have you been there only wants so only eating is the problem all big Disney he had stayed at the beach yeah you very nice very nice let's says the sun rich. Parks MRI and now I'm not making it YouTube and jelly sandwiches to go to did you any lazy river and not listen there was no time there's work to be done. As this there's no time for the shenanigans. The the number two thing was. David Ross John birth now you know have never heard of this I guess if I don't act the part this year. Is also say you are not sure yet I could see that you played so yeah that's what I learned they would rise that he is playing David Ross on a let's back up one ones. Should I know there is a David Ross well coming out at me you know there was a dear us book there was a book. I did ya on that day though but doubted the rust put it and making a movie loosely based on. And on just his career against Ivins are as there are none I figured juxtapose against that last year with the cubs the cubs run and everything. Anyway was it Doug Mirabelli book coming out of the world they hear the kids reportedly puts the cop car where report is such a compartment and Omar pants in the dugout but. Doug he's going to be about who hasn't done that. But the reality the real take away wise. I said the decision Kennedy yet today pan on on fan noise about guys are going to play in Boston. And Stanton. And when you have stand that would that mess. You were following it that mass between the agent in Stanton not in the Red Sox and the Brodsky and no one could give a straight answer about why he didn't pick Boston but as I told him Kennedy. I can't help it if people and baseball at the winter meetings. At least surfacing that some guys might not wanna play and Boston and that is a very real quick and more about the find that I would JD Martinez. We are unless a lets you view we find out that paying forty million dollars more which they did for Carl Crawford. By CN Kennedy you know pooh poohed it and said now that's not an issue that's on issue we've proven that before well David Price isn't proof of it. And as long as I might add Giancarlo Stanton. Put you on the list then the topic have to be serves it was served. I always give the rip I was review initially that was my big take away what why war will read why with a Red Sox not on the list. The body and the whole thing between the agent and the players and the Marlins. My opinion was in the Red Sox are really wanted him. They could have put together a package with the Marlins and the Marlins at that point go to stand ins and then address but the Red Sox. Never got to that point I'm not blaming the list I think the Red Sox and it's their right and I put a bug I agree with them. They saw the contract and said thanks but no thanks they saw the injury history and said thanks but no thanks so I'm with you robbed at that could be an issue but I don't believe. It was an issue when it came to stand a stint was presented the offer I don't think necessarily would've said go to Boston because of the city well I don't. I disagree talked to retired and I did say you need to carry at the all star game you talked to him with about video games if and about the green monster he wounded colleague I was going to be scared of playing I would I would this is how I think you went out. Either they asked about him at the GM meetings in November. They said no of course for not gonna pay that price we don't have the prospects here and we don't wanna pay the money. So that's where the Marlins restarting. He had a list of the fourteen to world list but still you look at the giants the cardinals they offered packages that. They the Red Sox were never ever get a match so. You knew that that wasn't gonna happen. Any here's Dave and at the press conference and he's saying and basically what I wiped it away from him like I don't know why the Marlins bothered with the giants in mar giants and cardinals. They were on my list and I think that was the case for the road starts to and I you know I know other people taken what the what you just said. And fitted into this was pretty. Simple it was before teams are right that just don't boulevard Y whatever the rebels I was in the red carpet because his initial list was start with those four to pick and get a dual those for the may not expand the list the wreck. Rob the Red Sox never gave the Marlins a reason to make stand expand the list. It that's not Boston's the city of Boston's fall I'm not buying that out of right why wasn't he a not. Well I think it was pretty shallow as those four as I forehands closest he's gonna make as money anywhere he doesn't care where he's gonna make it solid on the team. Closest to winning a championship cell. Unlike in that I'm a baseball player when the team's closest okay give me a fourteen that the conference finals will be the title games whatever it is that. The league championships last year it's that simple and he did wanna come to Boston. While doesn't mean it'll. I'd move say once again when you Houston talked in your right other people said this he just listen to four teams are ruler of the final four. But what you hear needed tock it was like well why do you ball. I get the impression easily Marlins why do you bother talk to anybody who wasn't on the list was in on those most fortunate to enjoy also think that we fought about this. A month ago. Or so. I think by the end of it the relationship between statement and the Marlins was done a press conferences him. Crapping all of our odds although Francis today away are we gonna support applicant arable OK but. I think that was he felt. He felt like the Marlins when they want Republicans said elder take this deal reports Arnold take the DeLia we stuck here Miami. That was it for him and AA you you came back and being so why does it matter. Well because eventually in the end he got to go the place where he wanted he had all the power in negotiation or better offers from other teams and always said was no. That's why was an issue about the press conference rob with him. Being a little bit immature and like you said. Taken is crap out on the morals in after. And eighty cents NA came off as he wasn't new want amnesty very poise he wasn't new wants the ball and the way in of that press conference. And and I just think it. It will we're gonna agree to disagree because I think the read the Red Sox were on the list that might that meant something you can say it was just a final four teams. But still. That'd the cardinals and giants they weren't on the list they made offers he he gave the impression in me that. Nobody on that list was gonna get in the conversation when the when the Red Sox came in at the end. They were immediately said well I guess three yard and it because he's at the Yankees. Aurora down the road well why why can't the Red Sox get in on I odd because they don't want her all things they did not want the player rob it simple and why do they call back to make it look good okay well that's your prerogative to think that Batman maybe I'm wrong but they state they call back in and I'd look to the phone records Dave. Who knows they actually called back but it makes. It makes them look like they were in it to the end if we say we call back late I think I'll be Indians according to report tonight after the rays traded their third baseman today. The Indians ranks offensive firepower. Bob nightingale says they've signed first baseman Yonder Alonso quite a huge offensive your last years and a flash in the plant pan. But there their adding it their guy. I first base so on not a huge deal but an 86 you can replace Carlos Santana. OP estimates 66 a year ago twentieth home 142 games thirty year old. Pretty good offensive player would you rather have and there is in no easy answers Yonder Alonso because he has the bureau PS by. Yonder Alonso what was the price tag doesn't say yet financial terms not if it's. If it's 101215. Million dollars a year I'd rather mutual it's warm and eighty cents yes OK they go back to my those suspensions their right. Want them. Moved to beginning indices and altar boy couple games and culture and our concern. But my overall point when you asked about the winter meetings and it is still of that conversation is boss and best buy toilet bowl is it hot spot is that somewhere of people and on one account if if if JD Martina and up and say Arizona yes Boston rob I'll have to come back and eat every single one of these beautiful words that spoke in the afterglow here in this segment ought to take them put on my plate kind of multiple hot sauce and Cigna. Probably not sing them but you'll be right if G Martinez ends up for similar dollars or specially less money in Arizona over Boston. Our final break and come back we'll talk about we go back. I talk about anything you wanna talk we will talk about whatever I wanna talk about we come back on the hot stove show 93 point seven W yeah. He's no Red Sox Hartsfield field. Hunt Sports Radio got. Whether it's hot stove show my degree seven WEEI. What you ask so we are. What's happen you ask people for Christmas JD Martins that's all I want for Christmas from put my stock. I feel left you leave here. We or stock at action were stocking stuffer TVs that made a big gift I really bloody socks here's a guy you open last. He is better now or 2 up at 10 o'clock he may be coming up after a ridiculous. Celtics' comeback win there were down a bunch. Double digits in the fourth quarter they stormed back they have possession six plus seconds to go. Carrier we just had to lay up so this is stop offensively. Salvaged ball down want to. Final possession went one point 180 run here this fourth quarter. Threes by Jalen brown and some ridiculous offense bike carrier Irving giving close this thing out but either way 33 for organ tonight. And we'll have been now are on at 10 o'clock late night to break this and everything else down here and as they sit view the break of the news the Red Sox don't sign Judy Martinez in the fourth book by the team and now all the one thing they have done with their small plane in the offseason it's probably the the economical thing rob it's par deal with the can do when your media with Scott forged got to try to wait him out. And weed out it's crazy demands on. They've become a bit of a punching bag. Here in town and Sullivan I think is pretty fair. In the is carrier ring mrs. a who. Foul line extended jumper. At the buzzer Celtics fall home 9289. Full recap coming up then Mallard here on WE ERV tent. The Sam Adams stuff. The a bulging eyes when they signed Jon Karl stand I out of who's running a social media or their whose idea was to be this outward. But other than a gift to socks and that was really cool that you are a lot where a lot of Red Sox stuff. I is that a bad PR all season so far for the Red Sox that means something to your is that on the. Made it this. It doesn't really make a difference if you sign the guys he would tell me all this other stuff happens every year. And what today they announced the days of the Bobble heads and Star Wars tonight is it is just. It's just bizarre because as we're sitting here December 20. And you don't have race thing you have Mitch Moreland. And that's not a Red Sox offseason so went all the stuff usually happens. You always have all of this on this guy this guy held by the way the Bobble heads are gonna be on April 13 yadier Chris Sale Bobble head lying Christian Vasquez gnome nite nice I'm betting all right general beard play at night all these are Tuesday expanding candy head band that intending splash Bobble Bogart's splash Bobble that's a trade deadline right devers Knoll will splash bets Bobble and a Pedro Bobble at September 20 it is also problem schedule right. So what is the giveaways. Eyes are pro schedule some words with is the source it might mean these are batting gloves plus pro growth. See what else is here that's about it what we could you really you suggested. And I don't know I think I added he would rather hear us talk about the Red Sox dropped I weekly accomplish couple things one. We held its boards against signing into his image relic wrote today fearless fearless column that no one's we're talking about. They got assigned JD Martin and also today. The process. By one Christmas wish it would be for you to do a good show tomorrow to help my ratings give you that and I have always sticks until they're always there for you. I did it with the outscored their view it did do it again tomorrow Merry Christmas rob good journalism rob is in here tomorrow night as part of the month night program I am done a lot of nights of the year. Thank everyone has been a part of filling in and done as a Blondie Gilroy. Al streamer and others so patio are full time producer jet has been filling in admirably. Hobble filling in a slightly eating what playing video games on and on his iPhone. As world that we basically don't hear that the industry I'll talk to your Friday morning on Kirk callon it's going to be a wild one. That valor next portray it as you eat him.