The Real K&C – Uncovered Curtis audio, Dino’s return & Holley bombs 12-22-17

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Friday, December 22nd

Ken & Curtis recap the final week of the K&C Holiday Book, including a fantastic Friday edition featuring discovered Drunk Curtis sound, the return of John Dennis, the debut of Champ O’Toole and two WEEI Christmas tunes, plus an all-time Kirk rant on Michael Holley.


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What the second of December 2017. It's the real can't he can't layered Chris Curtis closing up quality book here with DK in C version anyway quite a date today I gotta say I think you re tweeted a few listeners who felt this way yeah this is one of the best shows of the year this is a top five radio show I've been a part Pol Pot pies ever ever any anyplace anywhere now. Now it had the sound of me the just sounding as should feast does that ever albeit at least on the bank with Reynolds now Curtis. The paper about being critical departments don't you know don't let all of us. And he says do you take heart was sitting there in Europe. The thriller it was and ask me questions I. Patrick got no energy what's going on. What is it what's going on. The offensive it seemed do you would you look at my very little energy all those cream ones who column and I wouldn't listen I just I. I am not criticizing that one and I'll Reitman I'm exhausted by the serial. By the way we are sitting at their last night and we have going over at the globes are broke right it was sitting there we had them Michael Hawley stuff we much you know trombone we had these songs at a higher pulp by me drunk two years ago I knew that was going to be number one I've ever has become this for a show it doesn't make cents or about my game show. Asked two questions. Would be the first thing played. You suited to go about 5000 other things the second Urquhart that was totally mr. Agassi at the real blast for. We understand. That we're all out. I don't know how your mind but anyway we had that so we headed ego which ones. And it's a real as it gets it was a truly. Feel it was like an out of body experience I still don't believe it happened I'm sitting you're now looking at him through this glass. What do you do we do. What am I don't want that here combat your mom what happened. Bill big house on a golf courses are so a lot of things take a turn. In the pool and I need the Dell. That's just the tip you give them my mighty. You talk about the money I'd. Be glad to be back. It's weird. I would think yeah it was weird to me to the amount of whether it's deja Vu or just like I had like the chills it'll have chills even now just hearing Joseph and and Lou and Dave there on the call I had these bizarre. Feelings of like holy (%expletive) I'm back in the dungeon we have many arrangements for that -- with jaw and a here's where this. To Bruce Dennis Kelly I'm like I wouldn't I wouldn't wish this job on my worst enemy. I would not wish dealing with these three people. On the person I hate the most. I honestly one. Because you have three people plus kept so here's do you ultimately races all of this post recount and I am doing this. How you know I don't want thirty guests. Brad Faxon and let's have some Barkley sound the day after the and Red Sox this disease. Go to you know great idea let's hear from Charles Barkley. Index you'll hear from Jerry who says. This. We're not doing that but. You'll all the episodes. And then you have Kirk who hates everything. So it or not I charged and for one or we deeper in the you know. John Perkins. If you I don't. Where it be used subtle like a miniature breaking point ready to walk up the door that day how you made an about another nine months I'll never know. I hate going to work every day I would rather walk in to a freaking burning fire. Than deal with these people on a daily basis. But I do it because while also argued that the pay the bills. But that was largely DO driven once was not an in this huge inning you're throwing bombs at all three posts on that podcast but. As scores Selig Dina was the data really drove you it was he just had a way to house. He did you know yet way to just sort of demeaning and it is I don't know maybe Jesus. Bothered me he was he was such an astle and about tomorrow he won't be traveling tomorrow and you know aegis could see a week I was and just. In my opinion reveled in the fact that he could play a role in how about a it was feeling about myself and that was something that ones came back so hearing my drug. Voice is something that. I hope I never used to hearing it makes me feel incredible guilt. It's sucks to producers show. Really and sucks. I don't enjoy it I don't get sleep I miserable I've you'll Craig. I've you'll Kevin. It blows sharks. Shameful. It large chunk of change I feel guilt play. Book yeah. But it's also what you just. Hearing Howell lost ones and now just don't it's collecting a check of Osama on this program. Jerry Kelly tan is low in these people hired me. Actually. He's a brag about ten years. I am meaningless to show that our show star Jerry and Kirk. Are there show. Our stars. The show just its shared a lot and walk out one. Incredible numbers the protectorate. I don't care for him at all. But though it was by the way ice apparently I were stole sausage people turn it's the second review we downs the second point where. There's often talked. If you think they go for the low hanging fruit products it's it's a series. Play that's for the first time today an average on each year write the book and the show it was. I can see why it's the top five she'll be you'll all my god like the Q can I never thought jumping back in here we anger manager you. Not. No I don't let him finish on Wednesday that interestingly enough and I know I'm not I was more angry you and Jerry I was more disappointed in Jerry did you I'm either disappointed or angry either one of you now. I close the book seventeen months ago and that we have that and we have that sound on top which we have rant from Kirk on Michael hall that. Is Patrick Michael what you did to him stabbing him in the back the first time which are still upset about. You still feel guilty about trying to move over to meet these gutless and shameless pathetic. Tells me everything I need to know about you. That's only missing is all about you Michael it's all about you and your anger toward our show you understand what's going on because the ship is passed you by. In other people doing things and you wanna be part because you feel accurate bucket and you're not. That's how you feel and you move all over to dale and I hope I'm literally a great I'm great ideally shuttle lifetime contract you're awesome your wonderful. It's so sanctimonious me vomit. Dale is a good guy he's a good man he's a good talk show host would be no better example last week the walker before for Ollie destroy it. I want dale your absolutely. All day long. If it if in this in this market and in which always are Obama were coming here probably going there'd Tommy same exact goddamn thing and it's in its I'm not offended by allotment of offended by this. But it's so ridiculous. That Hollywood make that suggestion it's him harassing you do that shift. Your guilt or which he did dale six years ago. On to meet is so compelling it's unbelievable. That's a shame on you but I don't you deserve it. Don't do it again do it again Monday and Tuesday and whatever no Kirk's toxic and a won't dignify that with an answer pathetic your god damn pathetic. I'll say it give you while others say it played Havoc as a hockey. In a lifetime contract. Because a damn good talk show host. Prepares like you'll prepares and cares about he showed he should stay at the station if he does. Mike you all if I find out all Pelham dog on the the next day. Some however protecting my acts all of the or the next day he talked about it on the year tech got it's that's what I'll do you wouldn't. You'll slip there and hide and Joker eloquent about your new show would put stuff together have ideas welcome goes to work every day goes on his family you obviously so we care so much about. That's the difference between you and me alternately. That's. Certainly epic and epic defensive Dale Arnold I would say yes as well it was I mean and then the globe thing. It's an afterthought this show Kirk Seamus minute hand. Led to a apology. What do you like all the McGraw or thing whatever the nation yes some sort of by the Boston Globe editor has to send out a clarification based on the reporting in the show when it gets credit him for like three minutes and cover your ass time and circumstance in the extraordinary national movement. If given the years past or at least be different aspects and different perspective on an up you were called on the carpet for not leaving Utah taking brush back. From people above you your job now we're saying what it we named him that women above you were saying that apple and now you are putting the name out there Brian gory I can tell you for in fact one woman in particular at its highest woman on the latter there. Said to him right this stopped and and let me any other day that would be you know four hours at least right anti apple told brand new appearance on the show at first we met -- for that so ran as studios it's time pars all sorts I'm champ O'Toole how about next lake the pinstripe bowl Boston college's Steve and I'll seals and Eagles they'll go bowling coach Don TO on the big match up everyone's talking about here in Boston. I liked him you know I I thought he was not self deprecating enough for me a little too straight at a time I've met is chipper shipments are up champ. Jim Gray from. From. Central Connecticut Cambridge go to college I led to it. Connecticut school broadcast. I'd marry. I'm not married and the version. I never had sex and violence but you know I thought he was a champion he really he covered at all from Wofford to June or you have a two BC football Iowa possible diesels got thrown in there and the planned book and at the wrong but America and yet gives up all the audio back there are here again some some animal tests on that's not exactly sure why. I'll college basketball has college joke these days is hot. Locally it was Farber past Boston University last night 7463. And outs of the band's sound like over there'd be year number one and our rankings yesterday yes he was log in there's no question marks number one I'm sitting there yesterday reporter got there for a literally I was little ones mixer regular table of course I showed up when it was much when I showed up where was he the bar use the bark record your Diet Coke with Chris Curtis yes. And Regis hang out where it's it's easy easy he's got to talk to loves mocking himself he listens to everything that he's he's he's the perfect. Member of the band defy I would agree with that although I will sit last night you guys must have been just like at a gas by the tally got I was late. Apparently people were upset easily there was some frustration. That I think the guys are on their way to meet what do we had like sixteen inch orders of the free. Chips at a port Austin about steam and hot it's all part you would model likes you were over a core muscles radar Michael Vick who slightly on this I thought at dinner your soil. At the start it was taking all it against the attack in our like them old friends of and just the case Smith is attractive and Gary's Gary's is that anybody would talk to people both sides of the dinner if he was turned on my body was beat her body was turned case meant it now. Tony Harris are more out of attends back ending all right yes yes yes it's true they're gonna baldness. Mark Kirk and I were there for about. 1015 minutes a torture if it was laughed in it was basically. Living for mocking me and marking much and Kirk you know it was a very light hearted you know shooting less than you know marking them all the other shows a real mr. mark Medina whatever. And and Jerry arrived and much got very serious cats and it's gonna budget dot Ebanks and take home don't really scrum over it was like which is weird spectacle thing election and oppressive early. I don't know I mean I guess we were talking about the subject of the afternoon show which was you know commenting about somehow Michael blaming. Kirk for bills whatever situation. So they were talking about the content that's a maybe more wanted to sort of lay off and let Kirk and Jerry really get into it before offering his own opinion. But I don't know it was it was weird it was just an odd dynamic that I didn't predict and then gate as he downs here. I I didn't say it was Jerry I said it was just for whatever reason George and Reggie has yet changed much dynamic. And I got up not just sliced. Guy that occurred had you been set of reds right no not met at the restaurant. What ought to what Jordan cards as a Mexican chicken and French. I guess I didn't find Jerry and yet. Off putting but again it's me you're there are getting you know free T shirts and Beers from the attic and it was about Kuroda only 125. To question. The worst live video all five for a reason every exhumed and again I was like turn off lights that was that may be upset you don't like it out. This was sicker this is like in a sacred experience that'll FaceBook current mess and it like ten times. Which is good and Stew which we also today of course Antara musical ensembles are two new pieces. Xxx site now absolutely. Phenomenal with a capital jobs by Ken Allard off and don't give yourself dollar. Out of the amount of work behind that and X accusing in sort of guiding everybody through being in the little Keith Lockhart of WEEI. Was outstanding Iowa some of that yesterday I got a preview we get an embargo addition Kirk was very serious about it with a -- not release I had it and I listen to it and I was just a broad putted ten times I can't get enough of Jerry what is he hits that. It's Christmas. Yeah. There is no need to be a very but I would. At Christmas time. We led in lied to be in this decade. And in our. The the we can spray listen. Still. Throw you. Zoomed the way our own meg Chris news guy. Blood sailed brand of pray for all the other ones. And Christmas time. It's hard. All ago it is it's so I think I am most massive college years stinging. Of all the takeaway tray full the other ones yeah I think that would actually got a little more blows may be because everybody is a part of it. Here's do you know raise a glass ball every one relievers do. Underneath that thing so who do you know it's brands may god and that dog. So you know Iguodala moderator tired of the whole the battle the brightness of valor of the frame this agreement he wanted to turn out in my it was a little creepy and opening. You sound like you don't block but again that was the point that was the beauty of its own and away there was criticism but he's saying as much as he. You know speak easy sorting crooner style you edifice. Press tennis talk this I'm jacked in palm honoring our let's do it. I really kids and Amy it's cold outside. Got to do well baby it's cold outside. This evening is burning coal and used for good and hold your hand is there are just lies yeah. The rules stars who are beautiful like fuel arteries bonds who replaced in the Kunis and as the buyer place. Do you really. The answers journal's Lee is still very big speeches than have injuries moving the records on the line and enough the mainly it's bad now today. Noticed mr. no hands to be had out there. That had to add into the creeping this other which whole point of doing in the first place so that's got a secret Kevin you really you put a lot of effort into that mean you had to get your voice just right. My brother ruby there at the brewer. I'm maintenance mine is vicious. Plot there was a lot of evidence I really temperate in there and Roemer. Somehow I was gay guy you can things were found. Is not as bad to very close and and now are aware. Of them planned teeing. We can spray smiled. To revert to very briefly what the hell is with them personable. On African bag of chips putting on the same about these. Compared with Dickinson was the lost your remembered that it was far and keeping that fat boy and then we have can't name all The Beatles which would no holes John Lennon Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Tom Lennon pot and heat stack of Christ. Is the fourth I don't know you know actually don't know not being in The Rolling Stones now he too. Jim Morrison is the singer yet perfect and you write you nailed he should be in. I mean I'm saying he doesn't watch movies because he doesn't have time puzzles that podcast what's yours is named what is he running off to mr. Keyes we had to reverse this week which. I was a guest you know worked out that way because of Jerry tick off Thursday and as well he did dive into the world write me and it was a negative reaction social media. It's a very strange thinking yeah yeah we are under are treated like a piece of meat like like here's here's the greater right now. And what it's all these men received upon grinder right there right out to their 400 feet away they're all here and you excellent route they're already high post it now dude. It's Herbert your outlook to collect all we're here was sentenced grows and the use grinder. Used it like logged on this morning took advantage of it not Matta fell the other. Please his place as interim it's nice gentle strains on nice guy how weird is it after what you mean what's the big. How weird is that the Joaquin scabs to say amen as a don't you shake their hands and a man docket what you say there's a period of like five to ten minute now I restraint of awkward I'll talk you drink. Vocal element. And blow it right out of things tend to turn. Yes I guess Roemer was never bullied in his eighties and zero property he had a lot of bad week to week says this is. We got a couple edges. Outstanding weeks I think we all felt the end of the fall book the catalyst to finish and they were going to be number one next week comes out well for a product that. Kirk Italian the number one radio show event showing the market correct core. Probable fall book but hollow label that the last couple weeks to shield great it's been awesome this hearing this week. Ever since the spotlight series came out in the head Kirk Britain stories about. Yet little bit Philip will be back edit with the guys. All right very dangerous week next week you're on vacation yes I'm Bible some Wednesday through Friday mark Skoda. Carrie Dino vice Versa. Tuesday we want our producers and Tuesday model via my audience for Pia will produce the dealership. We've got some shows you hang on I mean. It's last year I would agree that the check. Each ball. Christmas wrapping tips there's some skepticism on the Thursday it seems to be worrisome day buck agree with any art by the away much hates in the heart of what that's all and load. For a Thursday Thursday morning here on WEEI. Buck. Roemer in IndyCar lice list humorless dummy Indy that's the mistake that's could be bad structure wise on the radio Thursday is the question mark all around it's going to be kind of an IC one with spark remote part Freddie Bradford Dino and Gerry Thornton and then can layered who will be the start that day. Dino and Gerry The Who has trigger but that's. That's who this is is there anyway this they can get worse than they just said that line does anything else that data could work oath oh Keller civil SOK it. I'm gonna be in Arizona in Tucson the sunshine state getting some rays and a line unwinding and closed the book is the team closer a bush yes a genuinely. Great great year I would say the most funnier I've ever had radio. Show was kicking gas pleasure working with you ruined. Toss and get a good Christmas good Christmas. Is currently trip and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.