Jimmy Garoppolo is tearing it up in San Francisco; Callers and Villani debate whether Belichick made the right move 12-26-17

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Tuesday, December 26th

Hour 2: Chris Villani takes calls on Jimmy Garoppolo, and whether the Patriots made the right move shipping him to the 49ers.


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Tuesday version of patriots Monday. It's as we discussed how. Pats bills as well as next week's pats jets contest James Harrison is visiting at Gillette Stadium today you'd care to respond about you know we have an announcement. When you're not even confirming that he's visiting. Today right you know the news by now James Harrison has come through your New England Patriots does what you mean she is doing right now surprise you in San Francisco. Well he's done a great job there you go very good character you play and can gain little world your torso is good at the end you know good for them to us. Feet Jack certainly helped that really happy for Jimmie and he'd worked really hard after its its shows up here. Chris Maloney. Fox Sports Radio. Second how are colliding with his courts ready at WE EIA taking it to the cactus bowl. I offered Jason who produced the last show Al from a thousand dollars if you tell me who's playing in the cactus bowl he could not he guessed Hawaii. And no one else he had no other team does it and intra squad scrimmage with the with just below apparently. Can't the state and UCLA's the correct answer. Only storyline I guess is Josh Rosen. Not playing because it's the cactus bowl. And somebody with a thousand dollars on the line who works in Sports Radio didn't know who was playing itself. Back caddie gives you a sense of the of the import there. And you're heard Tom Brady talking about Jimmy Rob Lowe and being happy for grapple who. Complete when he one of thirty passes two touchdowns ordered 42 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And are kind of basking in the James Harrison signing your own right back your calls on that 6177797937. But James Harrison the definition is short term he's got all goes well probably four games and fox for a four games in to see it begin diagram self and other rain on the way out here. And that would be a fantastic scenario for everybody involved for James Harrison in the patriots in a longer term cents. As much as. You wanna sort of be present in the moment here to enjoy the fact that Tom Brady might have a chance of winning six the rain the patriots Super Bowl favorites. I can't imagine even if you are the type of person that always defers to build bella Jack. That he makes the right moves more often than not you trusting bill. Each trusting Brady you trust in the system. Piracy trust the process that the sixers assorted crap that phrase that's Ayers now. But even if you have all the belief in the world in that and I put myself in that can't by the way. It's hard not to look at which meek Rob Lowe is doing in San Francisco would wonder boy three or four seasons from now. Are the patriots can look back on letting grapple logo. Not getting a great return for him we'll see exactly what the return and that being in terms of a person. But not getting a huge return in just not having him on the roster. ET turns out to be. Maybe the next great quarterback or one of the next great quarterbacks in the NFL. I don't think he's ever going to be Brady that's an impossible standard even Ron Amadon was not Joseph Montana. But if he turns out to be eight top five or ten quarterback in the league. For the next decade. And Brady's done indices that are too. I think you'd be hard to look back on it and not can shake your head and think boy yeah happen on your roster. And I understand there are a lot of difficult. Angles that they come into this and it's not the unity football there's salary cap there's what you need to Rob Lowe wants there's a lot that goes into this. But I sat here. In this time slot with rich keep Tom kernel while ago back before the trade. And keep that's current and I weird Jimmy grappled be playing a year from now and has probably in September. And Tommy cart is usually is was correct he said this here Cisco 49ers I said in New England on the franchise tag. Even to the tune of 45 million dollars because my eight argument there was. Hold onto him as along as humanly possible until you just can't do it any more to that includes one season. Of franchising any Brady comes out of 41 wins seven Super Bowl MVP he looks fantastic a year from now. You reassess and made you make that difficult decision to let him go and I understand you don't want to let him go or let him walk for nothing. We nick comes to that position when it comes to the quarterback position you have to treated differently then. Any of the other personnel moves where the Monterey has been let a guy go a year too soon rather than a year to lay. Doesn't matter how important he seems to what the the team is doing to the operation right now. Darrelle Revis is an example of that came in won a Super Bowl was fantastic the second half of the year. Let him go out that turned out either rate move is pretty clear what read it's why did he got his ring he got that happy in his next contract he was never the same player. So I understand the vast majority of these things do work out and there's a good chance a year from now. Not necessarily rooting for that's like a problem but there's a chance a year or two or three from now. Will look at Jimmy grapple more than Matt Cassel light. Of a guy who you know we got to probe all of them at quarterback. But he wasn't the second coming the next guy the Rogers to Brady's barred the young to Brady's Montana that a lot of people thought. But that said any tiny sample size here four games in San Francisco a game and a half Purcell with the patriots. Everything that he is done points in the direction of this guy will be a stock. 49ers to get a good player and get a good person. And they get a great teammate I didn't Corvette. Oh ballot check that that's raiding. By his standards. We could Tedy Bruschi some really that retires in bella checked. Just lavish is praise upon. We hear that a lot. I was a little bit of a departure so it's it's one of those periphery story lines and it's sort of the delayed gratification thing on Christmas Day for example. On the mom works in any are so working on Christmas Day when I was growing up is commonplace usually work geisha. So we never got to open our presents. Until after she came home from work. And then after Christmas dinner which was after that so really stretched out the day it was sort of that delayed gratification. What I'm worried about is the patriots are opening all of their presence right now and the best gift they possibly could have had another ten to fifteen years. Of sustained excellence. Is. Being jettisoned away you know you're not you're not waiting it out pull it putting up as long as humanly possible. Even with all of the salary cap ramifications of the challenge I feel like you could have figured it out for the year. Not longer than that it does come to a point where you've got to fish or cut bait is they say. Like it's the more the Jimmy Rockwood does this of nick carries over into next year especially to get to a point where Brady struggles. This is going to be a talker anyone yet. That people are gonna look at end and second guess when it comes to Belichick personnel evaluations that impact the patriots this year. In a pats have the ability to and I think he added will win a Super Bowl Tom Brady when another when a six is no doubt about this study this year thing. This is thinking long term and just the thing that worries me. Is looking at all of these other teams 49ers actually did better than most even after Steve Yani gets in DC quarterbacks in a pack two Super Bowl. But you would the bills. The jets. The dolphins make fun of them on a yearly basis one of the fun games to play in name all the guys that have been Buffalo Bills quarterbacks and Jim Kelly eat every even one when he got to four. Great quarterback never won one. And just watching these teams twist in the wind for decades trying to replace and find that next guy. Off the turnout pats had that next guy on their roster. And let him go before it was absolutely. Necessary. That's one that may hurt not this year and next year. But and table with conversation for three or four years down the line. Six what 77797937. On Twitter at Chris maligning 44. I Chiming in on the James Harrison. Situation no brainer. Says solitary man on Twitter at plaza starting corps linebackers since the Super Bowl mentioning Ninkovich retiring Chris Long free agency the annoying injured. I tower injured. And yet some depth there and James Harris and that's how I feel about it. You need adapt he's a veteran that helps. And if he's per week seventeen it's pressure and possibly barely played this season if you feel like he's got something left. And clearly the patriots do I see a lot of positives coming out of this move let's go to David in the car next on James Harrison he David. Hey good evening caressing your particular call I had him right there and the told Jimmy that you'll be back in the wings. Now we all know there anyway will he log on the plate. A player like camp cannot get good MB grade at least position if he doesn't get to play. Now Belichick didn't smuggle. Don't let them go locally into the division because that would have been a mistake you're not competing yes and so let it go you know 49ers. And he'll be backing away and guess what can beat him in judgment in front of thirteen when Brittany six and which impeach him along with college. I firmly believe the boat chuckle a lot of talk with pre. Those who made a stretch out what that is and I honestly a 100% believe that they want a lot on top and when that happens. Juju we will be back in town and mr. Josh McDaniels will be the next. Coach all of viewing pages and on the firm believer that. I really do. Yeah maybe if he signed the long term deal though this offseason with the 49ers I mean they're not let him go. An article in golf. I'm thinking well I don't think you wolf I. Well and that's going to be I'm glad and Wheeler French attitude you can't afford to different judges I mean that's just not electing did you from a business perspective. What about the state franchise can't. I think go to Jack I'm not just say this because Ahmet. I'm a bit about Jack I'm a full ball bad boy as first and almost. It I think about Jack has done. In all the right moves what the right reasons behind hacking this is one of them back it's gonna come back later on in everybody can be like you know lock. This get one how he got to play a lot he got a lot of experience. He got to show the whole leather sole legal ball and you'll be back and now has taken over this debris I firmly believe. Like optimistic take there David thanks for the phone call and he mean if he is successful in San Francisco he wants to be starting quarterback maybe doesn't see that opportunity. In New England he's gonna sign long term in San Francisco and they're gonna try to build something there. Yeah you listen to what guys are are saying what is teammates are saying it's a bad team to. And the life that he is breathing to heat. His downtrodden football team. Before he got there and it started be either quarterback. Back as a difference maker and people who are on the deal with their right now are sensing that and seeing that. Still it's easier to escalate in golf. I think his chance. And on top of it and how much longer Brady wants the play. Or Belichick once played it keeps it pretty still successful and are you waiting for this clip and eventually it will happen eventually Brady's that would be able to play. And this level. Why is probably gonna win the MVP this year. I think. Seemed like they find ways not to give it to him it it's sort of like LeBron affects what you expect Brady to be goods these sort of look for somebody else but. To me he could be the MVP making the argument for Gradkowski. They make an argument for Todd Gurley commit an argument for cars and went and Antonio Brown with a got hurt so Lagos. So britney's dad MVP season. And then get to. Aid and maybe win a Super Bowl that is got to buy you another year he could conceivably do that and next year. So that's that's the issue and by all accounts journey grapple it didn't want to sort weed out the Tom Brady Eric even if it meant playing on. A contract to meet in the highest paid back up that he wants to start. You make more money as a starter than you do is a backup quarterback and I could easily get out yet getting that opportunity and tapered Cisco. And he's gonna get the chance to essentially take the reins of a franchise in the offseason immaculate and go. So it it's an optimistic idea. I think the better argument might be well they found one Jimmy rappel O'Grady took drafting several quarterbacks in the top hundred pixie is that. As high quarterback they never drafted terms of draft position go after that next guy. I get up by that next guy with a relatively high pick and get yourself the next GBG. If you really believe in in Belichick and player valuation. That might be the way to go granted they swung and missed on a number guys and there's not this. Necessarily great track record. Drafting a lot of guys at the end of the draft admittedly. But if you're gonna use another high draft pick use our quarterback. With a night words. Finding that next Jimmy grapple low and that next that next heir apparent to you may be keeping competitive further 1015 years. Dave on the cape up next 61777979378. Dave. They were gone on yet cannot mean. C'mon it's a tight during the cakewalk lows come back in his prime yet may be got to come back on each thirty or thirty by the late dad bought. They may have dropped the ball on Campbell what are you gonna do with Brady was not an assist to would have three years behind Brady and you had to pay him a lot of money. Soul I mean what you said maybe they can get on another guy may actually bought. That it if you watch remote air India and quick release that's what I'm a while yeah yeah we thought he may get hurt. He's frail or block you get a good spot he wanted to break so all received going to be modest quarter. Yeah anywhere and under Belichick who which is part of the two and I know we got hurt early on there pretty got hurt early in his career to be an ankle. ARIAD to sit out in the AFC championship game parts that Bledsoe came back and then. Brady didn't miss it that's snap again hired any meaningful snaps again until week one of the 2008 seasons I don't know whether rob Lowe's durable. Hot or not will find that out overtime. And and I understand the ridiculous challenges that are presented to the patriots in terms of what to do with rappel out. How would love to see any scenario where even in Costa ridiculous amount of money. To franchise and we just hold on him for another year in C a brief ball's not pick Clinton if he doesn't then you make the tough decision of deep cut bait with Brady. And go to Jimmy Rob Lowe or just say it like it it didn't work out we're gonna ride Brady now for another 345 years the guy still one of the best quarterbacks in the league. It's sounds ridiculous to look at it but when it's that position when it's the quarterback position when he came to buying the direction of your franchise. For a decade or more. You may be the decision with a different set of priorities of the difference at a criteria. And try to figure out a running back wide receiver linebacker any other position on the field it's different when it's the quarterback. Ellen Melrose next to bill. Hey guys great conversation that you said it just right there if you go out by built history he does everything. Accurately. By the book. It doesn't make mistake he goes by history cold blooded I firmly believe. That he did not I don't care what credit he. He does not wanna go to a season with a 41 year old quarterback he knew exactly what keeps you. Just look out your player right now I think you want a whole lot of he might have at Kraft. Somewhat. Behind a little bit and at the end pick it up maybe got wind of it like crap and they finally did go into it she got it now. What do you think. I mean that's that's kind of things bill for the phone call that's kind of the prevailing. Idea. Is that this came from front office this was a eight front office decision. There's not a long record of that. Of that the front office jumping in here when Bill Belichick wants to do something. He was the guy to convince them apparently to jettisoned Drew Bledsoe right after signing a hundred million dollar deal and this was before. Bella check out an incredibly lengthy record of personnel moves in success it won Super Bowl without point. I feel like if this move was made it was made. With some sort of synergy there between coach and front office I don't know that there is this divide that some people want a picture that some people wanna paint. I think ideally they'll they'll check of what temple of them on the roster. By your faced with the decision of either. Franchising and spending 45 million dollars give or take on one position which is untenable for one. Maybe try to do it for one year and that's why I would have explored that possibility. If Potts I would haven't explored that possibility. And given it a shot just to see what happened and hold onto this guy as long as humanly possible. It either that or try to convince them look cited two year deal a three year deal. By the third year you'll be starting Toms on his way out have an understanding of the indeed if Tom Brady it doesn't seem like there is anything that's definitive. And don't don't misconstrue what I'm saying here. Just because the patriots may come back and you may look at it and say dammit you had this guy you let him golf doesn't mean the patriots approach the situation. The wrong way necessarily to get this CO plays out on this and tip. If you get another Super Bowl after this year. If I'm pretty comes back and win another one. End to it didn't say he wins or gets you'd to a Super Bowl in a position to compete for suitable two or three years down the line. At 42 and 43 yeah nobody has done it before but there hasn't Betty Tom Brady before. And you look at the decision and say hey the patriots try to maximize their success with this quarterback they did it they went to on a presidente heights in terms of winning Super Bowls. Any can't fault them and they had security grapple because that's the way it worked out he went had a great career and gobble us. So it doesn't necessarily mean you would have done something wrong by. You'd still sort of look back on at noon and try to replay to AG was there any possible way he can kept this guy on the roster. That's what I'm saying it's not necessarily blame thing I acknowledge freely this is the incredibly challenging set of circumstances. Between Brady's. Sustained excellence. The amount of money it would cost to keep in Iraq those unwillingness to it to sort play ball here in mid level deal I don't blame them I would've done that either. It is a very very difficult set of circumstances but every week goes by this year into next year. If rappel looks like he franchise quarterback. I'm sorry that's something that is going to come up at something here to think about his patriots fans. Especially if the pats don't find that next guy after robbery. And there's a big drop off. At that position whether it's in a year two years three years whatever winds are loaded your calls next politely deeper Bob another half hour so. Up until the much hyped. Eagerly anticipated. Thrilling it was to catch this ball right cactus ball on Sports Radio WB yeah. Chris Maloney is talking women's sports right now. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. In the pocket. It's three minutes after its. Vendors back and Tim McGraw we'll. And then I don't delivery. Some of the highlights urgent rob Lowe's performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars a couple of touchdowns in that game completed in about 70% of his passes. Exactly 70% of his passes. And he was an angle patriot just a few weeks ago and they didn't seem to be much they can do to prevent in from going elsewhere although at text says. They literally held onto him until the last possible moment they didn't he could have traded him in the off season. He is coming off season after franchising him franchise to trade we saw them do that back castle. You could have franchised him and tried to make it work now this is one of those. Sort of you wanna be happy now or may be happy later situations and it's gonna be a gamble to keep franchise and that means you're gonna take away from depth at multiple other positions and we have seen times. A few times. Over the course of this patriots run where. You thought boy they were wine. Quarterback. They were he. Another wide receiver another defensive end away from. Winning an AFC title game from going to Super Bowl may be making a stop against the giants they needed in the Super Bowl that kind of thing. If the patriots have taught us anything in this Ryan is that the pendulum between success and failure can be pushed from one extreme to the other. We're out much energy expended. You know they the difference between. The patriots having seven Super Bowls and I don't know none 123. Is is what when he plays combined. Over the course of seven games. Only a few plays that they've defined this page in some of Don the patriots why others as we know had not. Why all of these super balls they played. Adam Ben decided by just a couple of plays either way. And you'd say the same but some of the AFC championship game victories in Los it's not all but some. So I don't completely dismissed the idea of well you know he aegis. Rich has Barack blow you pay the 44 million for two quarterbacks never ends up being you could figure that out you could figure out the cap. So why you don't IR IT have one less defensive and one must wolf sometimes the depth at that position is the difference between. Success and failure there's a reason why a lot of us are celebrating the James Harrison sign not to get ericsson's the guy that. Was a first team all pro. Why because he's got at gap. They can fill specific role these are the kinds of moves that. Can potentially make the difference there is why I think the collar a lot but there was a collar who mentions. Would James Harrison and Dave Roberts. In the same. Day I think you're gonna make comparison between the two Dave Roberts stealing the base against the Yankees this would be like if Harrison ran to second. And then did some kind of squat thrust with like at 280 pound Barbell at second base something along those lines but he. The comparisons there tariffs and has made it plays in the post season. I don't discount the idea that this guy makes some kind of a game changing play a playoff game at I don't discount that at all. I think that's perfectly reasonable to say. By the way. So it's argued that that have put a ball on the point there. Well I I am sort of advocating ID of boy could you looked at ABA expanding that cap money in. Trying to figure out a way to keep grapple on the roster because maybe he keeps you competitive for another 1012 years. You keep this run going for another decade with another quarterback talk about unparalleled success. I am not one of those he says act. Caps garbage you can figure it out what do you need extra linebacker for now you need those guys those pieces are important to. So I understand the difficulty of of making this kind of a decision and I certainly don't discount that. Let's go back to the phone calls here let's go to David in need about next on the problem situationally David. Thank you particularly cardinal might hurt sort of so many times we should get that goes we have such great genes are and how great the radio has been adamant Hewlett are you. Market be right and the college that great at and secret raid that we forget what you guys are on the are great insult thank you. I don't believe in the conspiracy theory here about what you know pretty and everything I think. That big Serb rock although very well you know I mean they carried on they part of his rule he's learned that he. He didn't really need pot a little bit of you know not liking his position but boy. When taking the position they insert the well which only that it served so well. With him in the future. In other quarterbacks like you were talking about earlier it will get another one that comes from the ranks and he learns from pre and builds up so that all saying I just mostly. Edible. May not because injection yet on what. It. And franchise and next year and that clock and yet. I think there'll I mean they may franchise and I think they're going to sign him to a long term contract and Byron and that's I want to I want guaranteed money of 100 million dollars in my pocket. I guess that's to predict right now people are all outside the long term contract. Then hate it all goes well we are well out of what is. The patriots and the good jumping off point I mean that speak only do what goat bit down the role that he would not. I don't want term contract one wouldn't it but circle maybe look at dumber quote to come back home is it. Patriots into our home you know so I just like the sentence when he earlier caller. One at some. More positive. Well like I love that David especially on holidays I just don't I. Like it. Jimmy Rob Lowe and I don't fault him for any of this but he did not want to play ball with the patriots on a mid level deal. According to the reporting that was out there because he wanted to be start. And I think the other thing that he would want if I'm putting myself in his mindset here is some. Some surety some some sense of what his places. And to be in a situation where you're just looking from afar to wait and see what's gonna happily Tom Brady when he balls off the clip I figured he'd better aid. Under franchise tag wouldn't want that empower him or Lloyd. He's got the opportunity now to maybe build something from the ground up and separate Cisco. They will be the trendy pick I guarantee you they will be the trendy pick. To do next season what the rams did from last year to this year. Rams are four win team a year ago they act and winds right now. The 49ers will be trendy pick to do that take that big leap forward. Maybe get back to the post season we see it happen all the time in the NF out of the teams' garbage now. Doesn't mean that things can change quickly especially when you make a big upgraded the quarterback position is we feel they have. So. Yeah I think the patriots did fine by Jimmy Rotblat and he didn't run in the situation in terms of their relationship with grapple. Brought the guy and they gave him an opportunity to start when Brady was suspended and got hurt obviously so that didn't go as long they would like it which Kobe percent and like it to be treated him fine and up against any ill will that I can see towards the patriots seemed like he understood the situation. I think any reasonable person would but I think any quarterback. With the ability to be star. And has an ounce of of a competitive spirit is grapple clearly does would also say all right. I as kind of twisting in that unsure situation now I'm out of date. Not against the patriots hope ready plates and the ten years but I can build something out here I can sign a long term deal to put a lot of guaranteed money in my pocket. And I can show everybody that and that's star. They people thought that that I was going to be in the first place. Let's go to Tom in Maine up next a look Tom. Why are you do well hey I'll I got a couple couple try to work your part or all you are you there are. A home the reason why the picture that are here one of them if they're not he don't look very pretty. Not all development or monitor them the R&D. U. There are no more to older picked someone booted up the intro picture to edit that you can good food brought you luck. Segment ago. But he paid. People in that mental backup there's certain slightly more money than Albert in order to get the equal. What are. Personnel players that could be multiple got that confused you and the report appeared in general. Are better than everybody else or where Bob Baffert. On in almost every ounce of looking. Pretty. You are to pick her up all to protect our beach 43 million. Do trick or someone already. Actual appetite army or the longer you. And your pick away from getting now weapon that are certainly not a linebacker that they need to sustain the. No no I I inherited you know problem but I guess my my countered that would be everything you said is right. Which is a bad count all what I would say I would out odds of that is if you're going to buck that trend at any point. Is it for the guy that you think could maybe keep you. Excellent date yet I may be done once he throw away next you meet you make next year more difficult. To make the next ten. Easier. Because you got that quarterback. You're not gonna make. Lectured to go with Tom Brady billiard unit leader and not to mention. That and after all week some of Bakken dominated. Six weeks ago when he got traded with him in IndyCar. That's an electric order it or get a little better at it again he should be great. By two to blow off. The system that we haven't played that aren't good people that we need first center reviewed the pew boast separate jobs even for one year. In the jacket to get the patriot way you heard what you asked dom and I just ever so much money you detect and government million dollars more. And you're paying out. I. And you can't. Create and instant controversy. In Foxborough when I don't think you're into. Now outlook and in Tom thanks to the phone call and everything he said is on the money he's a 100% right. And I think that's the line of thinking that ultimately won the day. I go back to what I just said European to ever bucked that trend and Virgo outside of that normally would be I would argue for the quarterback. And also you have the patriots played this they exactly right to the best they possibly could. In five years if Jimmy Rob Lowe is the potential Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady's out of the league the patriots haven't replaced them. I think this will be at least eight part. On the broader conversation. About the patriots feeling to find that next guy. And and I think as much of anything even if you say they did everything right here they failed of find that next guy. You run the risk of even with all the other great personnel moves that are made at other positions you run the risk of falling in mediocrity run the risk of falling into being that. Don't Buffalo Bills can say without choking up a little bit that the that the thought. I'm hoping to ever get that dire but hey they might they were before this duo showed up or really before Drew Bledsoe showed up Pete Carroll showed up but. You know I remembered today about that old Arab hammered it is the patriots being a laughing stock. You just don't wanna go back to that you want to find that next guy in the patriots have. Taken stabs at the quarterback position the board they bounce in DC quarterbacks and guys that have been starters they haven't found a guy under the Brady of course. With Betty star 80 Rubin star. They had one. In Jimmy Rob Lowe in to rate confluence of events some of which you could argue all of which many of which whatever outside of their control they lost. And I tell you is five years from now that might hurt a little bit and be part of a bigger conversation about. While phenomenal run which you could it get going let's look back and find ways and in try to figure out could they have drafted should they have found developed brought in whatever. That next quarterback after Tom Brady lines are loaded we get to as many your phone calls we possibly can't between now and cactus bowl. A sense ever thought I would say Chris aligning your sports heard UWB yet. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Few minutes left here Chris fly with you quickly if we get back falls of watching and it's from people on the board at this point. James Harrison. Working out the video the NFL posed to back up on FaceBook but it vanity ceramic down the path and it's just him. Do weighing it you know triceps dips with a built in chains and a couple of 45 pound plates on or doing pull ups. With the 45 pound plates benching. There were four plates on each side that's 405. Plus chains they were just draped on it again all I do think at the Jacob Marley from Christmas Carol. And how much the chains are but it's more clearly. Squat with it looks like the bar is gonna snap in half the sled with it seemed like every 45 pound plate in the gym loaded up on it. Aha and this guys inspired out tail when I leave here. Economic inning and have a beer in my hands and fifteen minutes aren't with back your phone calls I Kevin in Natick is out next week at a. They are you O audit in a picture force you to. Tom Brady went six Super Bowl this year. Week two of the next season. You can tackle because of an inferior offer too large. Tiebreaker and say yeah. That's a year and a half of recovered before he can even think of stretch. What the hell are we deal. What did the patriots have products and yes the margin of error between success and failure and but also about dynasties crumble in an instant. Jimmy brought low was our best insurance policy we could have ever had and you can't put a price on that salary cap because that point. Sometimes you key players. Because you know if something happens they're going back and being open them they know this scheme and they can do their job. And no one has talked about if he gets tackled from now until next year. Are you really have a great season tickets to watch Brian. Hoyer. Doubt we are talking about one that tackle. Before Brit this organization. Is done for the next decade. Well and that's inlet Kevin's made the argument and the other side of the street. On Tommy you know one side Kevin's making the other one which is screw convention streaked out next year figure it out. Hold onto this guy as long as humanly possible because it's different when it comes to that position. Doug in the car next I don't. Yeah of course so basically what your reason vote widely held onto chimney and let him go one is concerned they'll vote certain opera in the strong or weak so acute physical and so the responsible last at least and on talk about the what we thought it was a second shutdown cornerbacks. In the league called as the outside part of Brady's been lax and that would you know it was back in the kept Itar. We all think and perfect season and applicant Belichick so they're historian of the game as the one thing I've accomplished came a couple of police went from our and he was taken on won't forward and I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep Rob Lowe as Smart power. Accused on opera came to the end and then when it when it caught two victories and it would toward true heroes they are a little loses guard is no campaign in 20/20 rebellion box cost arms and salary in the going to be my last into that problem by directors are probably that decision because if they had bought what was rumored to social and culture and Utah rafters next to energy and take the next two years the car turned into the next to BG so they're real. I now appreciate the phone call dial in is going to be a lot of speculation as to why the line of thought here was for for Bill Belichick act. I am skeptical the fact that 21 round pick things every I'm skeptical that that was ever real. I think that was sort inflating. Some things that add a chapter said which was hey if they offered 21 round picks they still work to trade. Jimmy problem which is why chapter said for a lot of the a lot of the off season. That I I buy into this clearly happened I don't know that those types of offers were ever remotely on the team. But this is on the it's gonna be talked about for a lot I mean in will see how it plays out here at Brady going forward but replacing him. Is of Paramount importance. And at least six games in four games it was 49ers career looks like the guy they had. I was pretty good in for a lot of different reasons that many of them most of them all the very valid they couldn't hold on that guy. Gives state UCLA next. The best player on either one of those teams is now playing but hey. Accessible data catches all fever catch it. Great job by Kyle fantastic as always my name's Chris Lonnie to find me a Twitter actress bloody 44. Happy boxing day everybody and all the good night.