#DORK Classic: #DORK Hall of Fame

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 27th

*Recorded November 2016*: Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey induct 10 Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and Graphic Novels into the #DORK Hall of Fame. It's the very special inaugural class! Find out what made the cut and let them know if you agree or disagree: @DORKpodcast.


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If the door to my hands if the door to my behalf which cheek if the door. Monty. If that is my dorm who aren't cash. Thanks to an end to another episode of hash tag the orca once again host rich Keefe and Brian Davies back when David. Gut good to have you here and this we stumbled upon a of a big topic here further for this episode the hash tag or hall of fame. Inaugural. Correct we can only add to this if this continues to be a podcast. That people listen to we can only add things later on. Able will get into all the specifics they get we fancy ourselves. A movie podcast the TV podcast a video game podcaster graphic now podcast. So let's probably put together all they have you know with the best of the best is in our view. And that's gonna do but first as we do every week we start things off this week in hash tag Orkut brought to you I'm acting Google. And here we go this is an interactive one days that you think. You participate you're at the Paetec airlift them and had to participate yes. 2016 with quite the crazy year what's happened to be alive you know. You see this mannequin should understand. Have you partake in the Dominican challenged. Apartheid and I don't want. Some thought that you have them. Automatic one film the guys don't ever doubt that's going to be a sort of the park yes. I've also Bennett they duplicate patriots game day men can challenge and I did the patron stock come pre and post game so they they came in those like. Like probably 90% of the video is like the cheerleaders like getting ready and there's like a 22 of them just walking through the studio and seeing the three of us that it's just that there so. Those Mike's an artist think you'd ever. You know. I'm like I talked during the ballot for the mannequin that counts we continue here you like challenges us. Yeah I think you do miss suggest this the Mac in good challenge. That's of course it was in the 72 straight hours of Mac can do. So why not get out ahead of the soon to be social media phenomenon and head over iTunes or Mac dot com you can tell your friends that you spent three days that your life. Pretty good. The effect that I see that back view and I raise you. 81 episode of the eighties is the 82 episode aspect or if you can't even find a mall because the united all available on the but here at that they've got to start things off this aspect or I had a a poll up on there are are at or podcast Twitter account. I just simply ask the question. Is the Walking Dead a good TV show. And there's three choices yes no or don't watch. In this popular RAZR thin. Yes took it would be 37%. Of the below 32% said no and 31% don't watch. So kind of interesting to show and then and then they followed that up for the worst episode of the season so I don't know how people really feel about it. I've I've been watching I know you've bailed on awhile ago but I'm still watching. Well you know I caught up I wanna catch up and wanted to see. Because everyone is going crazy but there's Nagin thing so wanted to see yes you know what what it's all about actually caught up prior to this seat and watched the first two episodes and then some that happened. You know. Some insignificant. Area and a child in. And I am I but I'm told Jesus to the show now. Is there. So as to meet that we jumped the shark a little bit because now we're giving Jesus in the show. Well not Christ. Jesus like you know the the character from the comments. OK have you read the count goes Jesus he looks like Jesus. Things Jesus. I don't have gotten that far and yeah I'll bet that's fair enough not mean I just kind of wanted to how it ends at this point the gallery really enjoy watching hit the smug smile ball would always making you watch it but I just every week I've I want. Yet that's candidate that's kind of what I've been getting now from people that blog I'm gonna. I've come this far you know. Were seven seasons in and sick with a comic book every in the cup the comic. Actually enjoy more than the show but I am still rating that there's just no end in sight and you won. Comic page numbers with. It or the end of that particular issue but not the story this arsenal ever announcer. But yes there's the Walking Dead poll about this super girl flash aero in legends of tomorrow that if for. Syria or four episode crossover event. It already got started with super girl. To pay a one night elicited this flash is going to be on Tuesday at an arrow and legends. I don't know amongst all these shows soon as they're they're fine but that's great that out of there at the moment Saddam. You know I get in there them figured out about this back and be Superman now on HBO HBO on demand. Again you know I tried so my wife had not seen it and she doesn't really care about comparable with that wants Ross has surprised me I. I wanna see that but that's that's there wasn't one level but I'll like it does Ben Affleck. She thinks but the Henry traveled looking so much he's in there. I didn't make you watch band still together summit what do you what do you say about that let's give it a shot unlike Saturday night. And we made it less than an hour and she's that is the dumbest movies ever in life that you wanted to stop though. I I think are gonna go back and finish it would ever watched the whole thing again but. He hates he needed it. Really yeah yeah well that at that strong work that strong verbiage and the only the issue the issue again that I have that this movie is that. It is the first thought dragged its feet a little too much like again I think a citizen or reputedly do you need the bat and back story again. No I'll tell you right now if you would take out the back story and if you take out. Like 90%. Of the like dream sequences. Yet the modified either that that is closer to two hours you don't show people dooms day in the trailer in my field of pleasant surprise or a little bit of a twist. And you you could salvage something you would've had to. Had a different Lex Luthor though he's so bad. The other thing there was a key member at the end with doomsday in this business but it does not spoiler free anymore you if you haven't seen. This pointer off all that you don't you either don't want stewards don't care you're not going to get an armed. Like Wonder Woman like kick and crack at a doomsday yes. And then they're like why would they just didn't hurt the spear. Well though they wanted to make sure the guys who can die from it that he asked the throw it or carry out an agreement Chad got crap on Michael wanted. Uttered it should know the holes the result would look like. Dad that will be at the kind of socked. I thought it did start at eight story Richard a love story capped Alice stories. One time I was playing slow pitch softball call it. And my friends who wife was playing catcher public. This is spot be cute picture. To get a ground ball. Right bases loaded. Instead of growing her ball. He decided to run home plate. In god be. Asked not trusting your team. Right. But my point is and she never spoke to him again well what my good friend lives never spoke to risk it again now. All of that but they weren't a couple of they were not a better. Now does that sound like Batman beat to prevent it doesn't have a little bit of that that will have the ball you know to me. Just security in general theme music Ehrlich a little guitar efforts out there. A lot of guys that are play. Our resident of the slope it's not all the oracle. Which it told you about cliff notes version is. We also ID. Is the college that we had a female. Catcher at the time and ball hit me gap. And you know outfielder hit a copy of the shortstop was actually kind of like around second base are closer to second base. And he just absolute and I'm sorry but wasn't of the protest on the other team and our team was the runner and the runner she scored going on Obama this is not good. The kid takes it like does that oh wicca Tom Komansky. Style like cats in turn in the row and just gases. Apps gluten this missile is he with day from the second base area. Snatches the girl right in the side of the head like the crack the ball shoots up in the air it's like a crack. She drops which is get shot with a gun school tears screaming. It was this guy like. Everybody halts get a bit sick feeling in your stomach. I run up on the government coaching third of time or something like. I I wish I would April. Just I mean let's face it. The girl catcher wasn't gonna make a play I just knew I hate to say but she wasn't. Our player of the guys that went into the basketball team she was making her way around she's clearly gonna score. That the balls rocker in the brain so hard that he went down. And it was like in the forehead area actually I run up everybody circled around are there Colin non on wall on the column cops the call the fire department. This thing. Swelled up it looked like I (%expletive) you not a baseball must off off by the mod here to exaggerate it with a baseball guys well. On her head she's fighting back tears is it a little bit of blood Karen Haas coming out of all that the head and I look at her. About. Stuck in some segment the brain or spilling out doubt doubt into her face. I look out she got clothe the guys I look out our look at everybody else that look back at her and instead that he gets when it gets yeah. We're gonna get editor Rick look at you like of the worst the little matter at this point but she's only six SEC now if there's there's no way around. Horrible hawks from. It was like for me of the could slow motion through because the kid like the outfielder like get that to him. He get accused spies lies get you front foot high school baseball about nothing greatly a look at these armed. It catches that and he's way too close but he's way too close the catcher like she was she was also proud to try to get out away. At this girls not looking. And just off the sound will never forget the sound. A good product actors go rubber game. That they're not going go it and we don't know tagging as the team but does that. That her around not hurt the morale ruled it also on this we can affect or David yeah. This is the last item that I have rove won a Star Wars for the tickets are on sale. And that we. All I'll tell Howard doing not that well I I looked at a few of the times that I don't like to go through whether it be on the Thursday of the Friday. They're not sold out yet but it's like only from pros available. Comment about the figure some balance of these puppies it's only optics based off site two weeks yeah there's conflict the fifteenth of the sixty. Another boy I think and the Adam find a way to see in the opening weekend but I might be circuit. You don't great isn't the first day of my Christmas break. All he had nice though so I'm looking like a Monday 10 o'clock who and it. Yeah as I what is it like high 10 AM as a nice that the goods goods spot. That's all I got the slogans or you guys are now that's good night that it did a story that's all we really created a map that was great that's a load of course. If the Ayatollah awhile without as I've ever telling the actually while you're driving we will get an accident those that the left that I think it'll authority it full. Art but now we need to get to the the inaugural class if this is how it's gonna work right or how to describe to me what you think. Would be the criteria of this. I mean the first thing that jumped in in my mind you know I know I'm I'm the first reaction I have a usually about one so that they first we expect. Would you put this idea is to beat these have to be no brainer yes it's active and it's not. For me it's not a like like we're gonna talk about that the hall of fame movies I think you have to pertain to this podcast. That they liked the godfathers first ballot hall of fame movie course it is but not to this podcast. Right this is the hash tag the work hall of fame and I feel like it's sort of a combination between like best and favorite. You idyllic it's not necessarily that though the though items I've prepared not my top ten favorites. Some of I Obama I absolutely love them but it's not just straight favorite. No it's not straight favored and have to be something that objectively. I think you can't argue with that I cannot argue. That would get into a bit different things have to be in the past that door all of that there's no argument. Right and it's also like if these things came out at the time like how many episodes shall we are dedicated to them or. How many have we already like things like that that's how good that today. Job. Typically that door hall of fame is different than just like the key file and the is that Iran different with the in order does movies TV videogames are graphic novels and we feel like for the very first class. Ten is a nice round number and then this way. Now did and I've not shared our list yet the Warren do with were guaranteed to at least get our top fives and and and obviously there's overlap in mobile this article. Will complete plea smooth jazz but it art so let's I think a certain movies. All right so let's let's that you love won out there. And yet there's not really gonna be a whole lot of debates of the the whatever you say is is it Mike is our rock and put to a vote but it's just you get five I guess five and again maybe we get a bonus there's. And I try to try to make it such that there's not a candidate no argument here now. The the first movie I'm gonna throw out that'd be beat the inaugural class B inaugural inductees into the aspect dork hall of fame movie section. Is the empire strikes back. Yup top malice is well unanimous with the unanimous selection. Receipt. It is that on yeah unbelievable like hit it out once articles the first front but but what you're thinking of making a hall of fame. Further dork podcast. This is it this check the boxes. Star Wars episode five empire strikes back. I think the reason is is because that has become even if you haven't it's personal if you haven't seen that movie and you listing duster shut off. But I think this is a movie where you know the little guy I am your father like. That was a huge spoiler like a huge bank of they become part of American culture. You know and this kind of set for meet. It kind of set the tone. You know for my life yes you know having you know when I was you know three or four years old however old I was when I saw that movie you know thinking he walks for cool. They're not. Now they are not and that's why that movie probably won't make it on this but. Others worry yet the first shot of your older. Right I believe it was an empire strikes back I think you don't like Bubba fat makes his debut I'll land though I believed it makes its debut like a lot of character. The line that pot you know put the player I love you and untold thing I know. That an empire. It's it is is tremendous like. It's gonna win without with a before that was Star Wars like as is greatest is much we love the mall. Out of the seven movies it's not like seven home runs like Dave they just aren't like a die hard fans that were alike in you don't want to much I think all ball home but. This is the best Star Wars movie and I don't think they'll ever you'll with the new trend of one's coming out I don't think he'll ever top this. And I don't think they should try and they get media going to be empire so I mean. In the end they are first inductees into the hall of fame should be this move. Yes agreed you know what's interesting is with the the not broke one but what the episode eight that's gonna come out. Palm episode seven was so much like episode four that I wonder if the you just that they shouldn't but I wonder if they really try to look at this one now. Because they've basically. If some people dislike you because this debate basically that's where South Park comes up with a member Barry's and everything that took office they took a new opener like we're gonna make this movie would newer characters. Where I don't know if they can hand but Woolsey. Yeah and the thing is like 12 or three were supposed to mirror for six. And then seven through nine experts 79. Imus was the mere the other ones so you look at it like this critically like we don't know who raised parents are ideally we will find out in a episode eight to her parents are much like Luke David episodes and episode five sowed conflict yet mirroring each other but it shouldn't be. Hope it all I really hope it's not like you can hold them up side by side near like this competitiveness and what they're going and I hope it's not like that because. The characters are going up on the wrong where you can sort of do some different stuff I think. Also well enough it's not time talent Star Wars but the reason why this newest one was so similar episode four was because. The pre schools were stiff ship dock that people there like they can't be that like and you try doing some different there don't do something different. And so that's an area that we kept him. I am and I take days are let's go live my of my first pick Rex effort that would have been a part for expect but the the next one the lob and therefore the hash tags or call payment that Dark Knight. We are two parts through the Dark Knight there are a lot of great comic book movies. This one still remains my favorite the be first on partial Batman and then when you crank out not believable about man a great follow the Batman begins which was an amazing moving its own right. And then you just get the Joker you get a great to face are really under rated to face because how good Joker was our football story. Yet you kind of forget how good Aaron Eckhart was as part either actually like a hell of army dentist from point amiga and you know out of the back story there I mean that's that's valid awesome. Maggie Gyllenhaal as the one chink in the armor in this movie I feel like I agree on at least you decorate them. Homes let us keep. Again this is an Oscar Oscar winning performance from Heath Ledger as the Joker right I don't think. I think the beauty of the Joker is that. Every generation of him is going to be completely different. But I think. There's not a knock going to be anybody who ever has committed he Fletcher mean that was as close to perfect that you can get. Yeah and I could have been more wrong because I I I thought I was crazy that there were gonna go back the Joker is also legal back so when I come out doesn't five. I mean they're knocking videos do better than Jack Nicholson I got that out figure at the time I got to go develop and -- it's god it's kind of pulled even introduced the Joker. Little on the guy from ten things I hate about you edged. Crazy thing was his idea original cast they wanted Crispin Glover. Who backed out and did Beowulf. Call at the miss. I don't like I remembered thinking like I can't like you would have been so good fewer than weird you have a good one yet super weird NM. I really they really missed an opportunity there he missed an opportunity there and then I it was we were all wrong he's a good radler. Idea Crispin Glover is yet because he can get them. You know he's not he's not still in the sequel the table Karzai got that I got Dark Knight now it's back yeah. Back to meet so I'm gonna go since we are able replied we typically delve into the car bomb first ballot hall game. Horror movie. I'm gonna go evil dead two. Why how nice. Yes and I think you know having seen horror movies you know evil that one was was great evil that wanted to that you were basically saying movie right. Evil dead two has more much more budget. And Amorim mean Amber's Campbell that combination people. The soundtrack it bought them the movie the way it shot an awesome special effects are awesome. You know it's just one of those horror movies that you if you consider yourself our fans mean this is the movie. You point to as like he which you can do practical. Practical special effects and with no budget. You know I mean because of the time goes no budget or movies out now one of the first things. I remember watching in forgive me kids would think that it whole ship. Watch it'd be funny. Scary and you know just awful wall like ridiculous you know and I think this is kind of like the benchmark for what we do in terms of all out. Only lost by two you know further is the 82 episode that we probably had. I don't know at least ten dedicated to horror movies. You know so I think this may not be the only one that makes it at all fame but this makes a las if this came out. Or we're gonna podcast back in 1981. As we came out. Then we would've spent a lot of time talk amount evil then you know you could see just from other movies how much it's inspired. Outlook the rest of the show on so yeah that's that's agree one plus if we're doing a if we added like characters or actors or people in through the alcohol they have a brief reporters Campbell and ash wood Hamilton. Out sleeping in there. I'm back to the comic book world. And I'm gonna go weird. And it's a new word movie I guess compared to some of the others but I'm guardians of the galaxy. I love guardians of the doubt the I actually prefer to the avengers you're going that's a great movie and its own right but. Combine that there's so much humor but it's also cool story and it's a lot of characters that. They help that I didn't know a lot of our room so you could sort of create a mall on your own worth and these other big. Count the characters you sort of go in with Walt Iron Man wouldn't say that our public that's not what that's not what he does or as far as like where is is power because he can do this like. Guardian that it went back and read stuff after the fact I didn't know a lot going in. But I love just about every character it's also it's close to. Star Wars as any marvel already superhero movie can be so I definitely opened guardians of the galaxy. Absolutely and I think what the benefit was I think the marvel people and James Gundy were kind of banking on the fact that you didn't know. Anything of note that. Because you look at your right aren't that we would ever want us talking about it cigar into the galaxy. Isn't even like a second level pocket like a third level right does it asserts. In a few red eye and then like you I've read some of the comic and it's not. Like that. Now that's the only off my god he'll stuff that I'd be close that if it's different. Different characters are in there and it's a hole with a whole different thing. But I think the other thing too that that worked with visit with the timing of the movie when the wind marvel is starting to take itself pretty seriously. Like DC like event just came out and it was like a pretty serious movie but all the Captain America movies are very serious. In this came out just you know hate maker behaved as being like we're not taking this too seriously think this is ridiculous. Brett outsell ridiculous the other units tree at a talking raccoons the whole thing. Yet like this in and like some wise cracking get by the way Chris Pratt can do no wrong in my mind he's definitely he's he's awesome so. Immediately it was exactly the right movie at the right time for the MCU and they just knocked it out of park and I hope that to kind of continue with that out. Eight plus soundtrack one of the best sound tracks going. For the feeble troubled movie like if that's an important piece of it so yeah they'll make for movies now and Altman. Okay Dominic go back immediately give up. Not guardians but but I'm I'm gonna go. With ghost busters. Nancy's. Yet. But it would need to meet immediate have to be a no brainer I mean you have to be a movie. Vick kind of dictate comedy excited by it takes or internal all blend them together yep. You know under and again I mean you watch this movie now and it actually. I know I'm talking about the original ghost busters I'll look at they putting in these came all summer and it. But I mean what that movie did so successfully I watch it now and I watch it critically they don't watch because. You know I know every line and I know all the care that I know what's gonna happen but I watch it critically I. Think what it did. Who would kind of meld all of these things together. And just made flighty. Kind of Gillick the first scene of a movie coming scare member below can't give that librarians Democrat bottom well for sure. You know and and in my dad mainly noted they would it funny to stick with it and it was yeah you know and and unbelievable performances by everyone involved. It and even Rick Moran it was a one of my spirit air and movies. Is awesome com. I think Peter Beckman would also be in like the ash Williams call for him but character I need you need Bill Murray in yep that's a good spot form. Now that goes all right never some five. Number six in the Waltham and with. Fight club. Now I think fight club would be day it would have been a fascinating movie to sort of pick apart off like had we done a podcast brick right African mileage reacting to it like. How much you knew what did you see the big twist I think it's a good. Of these science fiction that's really what it is but it's. It's a cool idea and other show like mister robot for example look at TV show. It's so much like fight club like it took what was great about my club and try to introduce that into the TV world and I just remember. Like loving at the pounding fascinated by a by the movie in the want to wanna twist and so for me that that belongs on the list I there's a lot of comfort in that genre where it was sort of they'll late nineties early two thousands where at that Brad Pitt was a lot of these movies here. You're Watson at me like that is that they got to feel cool and this was definitely one. And one other thing that I thought was really great about this book again. And I mean this movie was good for me this is one of the only movie I can think of where the movie it actually better than the book. Okay yes it over the books but that makes it a big jump on a pamphlet read our book and Andy's. Been visual that David Fincher visual. Of this movie the way it's shot and the way you don't really get. You know how everything looks sort ER I mean but. If you look at the you know they've been narrator. Jack as he rightly called himself and Tyler Durden I mean there's big books kind of similar but different you know enemy. You know Brad Pitt also being the cool plot one in the merit are kind of being elected and have this kind of to work rights. And if you didn't really get that visual. Palca in there and you know I think you know David could you direct that right yes yes I mean the way he keeps things as you know it is phenomenal malice but it. Actually eight plus movie the. I agree Washington a lot of them I need to do that. But yeah no I remember Watson in the bond went first him out so remember early in his little things now we're like elect how it certainly pop up. Yes all of there's there's so many it's it's really lost all that sense where you can almost see where they they let you win on what's going on wait wait earlier. Exactly and you don't get that in the book obviously. Writes the vets so that's another piece of it that's actually really got. I'm Nicole comedy now and necessitate a people say music OPEC and be a theatrical pick and negate a pop. Torque Astec dork movie that needs to be on the list is this the Spinal Tap that case yet. And I further reason that it is personal favorite I don't know how many times you know I have actually watched that movie the other crap Tom buy it. Taking to the kind of early eighties like metal that like you know people like us dislike Witten to and then you know just making fun of it and you know I thought it's my favorite all Christopher Guest. I come by far the best in show is. I loved best show my wife close waited for Kaufman but yes I'll have this problem if there. Spinal Tap is probably the best and it it was just so. Funny and it's so quotable and just one of the funniest movies that are seeing and there's people who still believe it's an actual documentary like these guys are actually. Like real people. They were actually really perform now which is insane like that that's Rem playing the instrument that's them singing soul like that's like you wouldn't be so confused. Also just to save your tweets and emails. I like data considered acres were guests movie and Rob Reiner directed it but that it's that at output it that. Wrote it wrote it yeah. Write that up. Just saving summary of a front put the phone down now at some point we just beat me god. Wirelessly. From. Some of that yet seven so for number eight I'm won't back so horror. And I'm gonna go with scream. And the reason as they scream is because this movie a hit on the mid ninety's and sort of took. A genre that was kind of you know we're gonna get a bunch more there or have been a lot of slash yours but they sort of the sort of flip that I had a little bit and it's a movie that I think you fittingly for this podcast is. One that is aware of so many other horrible isn't the first time you saw that it's almost without alone. Kind of being ahead of its time in very bad if you will a feeling it definitely belongs on the. Yes and that's a good that's a good pick up my wouldn't necessarily putting the sequel to the hall of fame but on the first time seeing scream. And even the kid thinking like how clever yes what exactly. You know it's like taking all the horror movies and making them into our movie. Yeah that exact and I think the original. Title of the movie with Kevin Williamson wrote it was just scary movie accuse like this is big it's it's supposed to almost. You are not ads up over the top as what became scared of with a Wayans Brothers but it was supposed to through a point as well as well spoke the got to make fun of our movies in the sense. Put the old and a montage tell lies so yes as a war but all I clash of a disease that I Geiger what's the legal. OK so I'm gonna take you back Q a little odd time I believe in early 2000. I think he needs to make this list is the original Iron Man. Why. Because of your member. The first ten minutes of that movie yet. Are on par with any. And I think this is a movie again. I think it's Robert Downey junior is at its finest in the role. Yes Oprah sure and I think it it it was the first movie in the did we consider them marvel cinematic universe this is the very first moved correct right so this is what has set up on this path. I think it took some comic Robert Downey junior cassette that home. I think hired for the entire thing. So we've got four we have fourteen and there's that way way overly close to twenty plus. Plan and this was the first one so I have had this been a dump. Good especially because they follow that up with the incredible halt the Ed Norton won an event iron in to. So it that you at least that's such good graces from the first hired and ran like Aaron let's see this thing through like this this should work there like that. And I think this was the perfect movie to start it. We pick up and I remember it like I think we talked about as a couple I. And the people that at all Robert Downey junior's going to be Tony Stark and I remember thinking oh of course he has just as well because who better. Don't play him that and he's you know I think it's just basically what it's morphed into this just like Tony Stark is so it is Robert Downey and vice Versa. They are exceeding the comic books have been more like him yet. Is that that's not an attack that the first ten minutes of that movie so good. Edit it need to make this split the rest of the movie's great to obviously Brett you know what you need to kind of progression that you know this is the evolution of Tony Stark start to happen. In this movie but the very first time you see him. Where is like this pompous jackass doing this demonstration. You know do you any ticket now but he had like this fantastically. Elaborate weapons that he's showing off and that he's taken out by Alex some crude IED. And it does not and it's and it's also far away the best. Origin movie that they've hat. And that's good ones like I you know I like the Amanda we it would Lori talked about Doctor Strange for like Iron Man as far and away the best one that came out. Eight years ago and it's though so. I agree that's good so Iron Man is on him or not legal the last pick for the movie I would throw this out there what I want I was gonna look at another comedy. And I'll look at old school or anchorman. Which one do you feel like deserves to be in the to meet old schools funny air public anchorman my almost fit more. I think anchorman fit I think it when you think about quoting a movie I think you do more exceed the movie you remember more. If anchorman. Yeah I'm trying to be like that old school I think he is one of those whose that you quote without even remembering it's from all scoring more that's all he quoted. But I think in in this in this might be unpopular. I think there Wilson Brothers. Are terrible and act comedy. Not about a popular by the I'd I they're usually not. Let what a movie where either one of them is the best character in the movie. That's a bit to restore I met yet you've only got. Talk about result not like you say about their killer movie and there's someone on here and Ben Stiller and the only movie that I believe that's not the case is heavyweights. I would refute that that's inherently lane because he plays the same exact character dot. Yeah and and actually dodge ball he might be the best. I think that's actionable and I think he's the funniest character that's his or Jason statement comes in and steals that. What he's doing dollar commissary all the forensic cotton if yes that's real that off would you let the Wilson's. Are definitely overrated I'm not a huge fan of either one tournament west Anderson movie were quirky and dramatic great. Don't put them in a straight up comedy don't put connected. It's on welfare and expect them to do things of note. No he's like he's like the eighth funny is that movie that old school so many other characters the other anchorman let's let's put anchorman anchorman instrument of that increment will be we know it's not analysts. I'd like I have one it's gonna it's gonna get in the second round that we got to ten but I didn't get it in what's realistic is it for. I was gonna say and for those who were pulling their hair out right now Spiderman two did the honorable mention for this from. And he loves firemen. To die now assignments do experiments whose good the other of those considering where. The original Halloween. My Gruber has come excessive obsessed in the. I don't know that's gonna make the first ballot now that might begin their some year with plus. Without contaminating yourself. But that's a hard time with like. I understand not having like Citizen Kane and might even got other one in battles like should we make room for good fellows like him that the yen but. That is that the yeah I mean that should be in there the other movie that should be. There have been a bunch of stuff that are going to give I'm talking first ballot the fix and pulpit that we don't have any Tarantino movies. Now if you if you could only have won and we're not a victim of the let's Cisco were not changed analysts we got our ten. If you put any Tarantino would it be pulp fiction or to be Prez were aux. Wrote me kill bill want to. Total tool. Called it's what they'll just go on and on and on and on select the final bill. Not cast a much bill for me. Our old economic argument that's true art so to recap we get a move on the recap we the ten movies in the you know the first class of the ash rhetorical fame. Star Wars empire strikes back the Dark Knight evil that two guardians of the doubts the ghost busters the original. Fight club this is Spinal Tap scream. Iron Man in anchorman. At the squadron the good luck to you don't want all. Weekend. Now that could be the we are heard about the Mac into account has to be in the past I dorktones watch all have a whole family's. It's more on the TV shows Davy and I would say this. The showed doesn't have to be finished but I think it has to be pretty well established. But you're not gonna pick. Mr. Note on it right in like I love the left overs but it's two seasons there wrap up with a third and what if it sucks so. I'm not put that in there but there's a couple without a mile is that are ongoing but. But the UN first are gonna go first offer TV I want to go live literally need it's been a hard time on it we've actually been doing it. An episode per season of the show we have one more season to get in that would be the wire. Yes I mean not IE eight was never huge fan but I understand. That I didn't give it enough the chance. And I've been listening to the podcast because OPEC want I felt a little deceit that CNET seem even one recovery of that yet there and that and I. I found that that's kind of when it started getting leg people tell me all the time if you can get through the docs C. So look buck season is one of those where it's yeah it's jarring when you first watch because you're so used to what you're seeing in season one and it's a whole bunch of new characters that the whole different part of the city was going on. But looking back on it again I appreciate it I do lake. Season four of my favorite season three is probably close second so that's why people are saying like you gotta you gotta spent a lot of time to get to. What's the best but I still think overall it's an unbelievable story. In out eventually gonna give it another chance. That I get caught up at all I'll get there that there. So I think it's we would be remiss. In this so again these are no brainer until I think my first pick for TV shows would have to be the symptoms. Yup absolutely. You're dot. The TV if you're not a comedy. Aspect dork in a much you can throw this age you can't quote ten mind commitment and your not one of. Right and it's one of those ones are even if you haven't watched it the last ten years that I joined the club but it's still you can watch an episode. You can sit down now and watch anything from seasons. Susan Wallace got terrible seasons to go through like twelve out probably remember every line. In the end to end some of those seasons where the best seasons of any show on TV ever yet a 100%. However that that might for and again we're not gonna spend time talking about it because it's not there's no arguing. Right in a lot of these you know whether their shows movies comic books games that we've done previous podcast group discussed some of them you know more in depth orchestra to establish. What are what are hall of fame as opera on the blog it's wells to conceal the all the valuable what what we got an N. As we go maybe you'll adopt another five to ten. The next couple years and and see what happens. I'm gonna go with the other show that has done. But is. Is rivals. Maybe the wire maybe the Oilers on my opinion it rivals the wire. You know for nonstick com's breaking bad. Breaking bad is tremendous that would have been a fun one on this podcast the breakdown you know each season each half season. As a guy crazier and crazier but some other some of the best TV. I'll certainly of the last five to ten years. The debt that was on like Florida or an incredible on the outside. And it is not an end in my personal opinion there's one show that's close but this was my favorite TV show of all time who'll look at. But all types if you ever wanna like kick around an idea we get stuck we wanna do some like the wired you breaking bad I would be although. That's about ideally I hear go back and rewards the law Britain. That debt limit mileage now. The only show I would say great Segway by the way nice without even knowing they only show that even hold a candle in terms of writing and in terms of acting. Two breaking bad in my mind is the surprise. Oca I was one I forgot you're a big sopranos guy or not so that's what are part of bill so that means that the show I think he. HBO had all eyes and they had a bunch of elect pretty good shows but The Sopranos. Was I think what is what put. HBO. Television. On the map but yeah BO series does follow that and sex in the city. Yet and it I think cause The Sopranos and sex in the city ultimatum like the same time that I remember people. Even my parents going absolutely crazy. About this show yet rightfully so I think it's one of the best shows ever put on the. I might have problem with it and why I don't usually mentioned it with my like favorite shows like I understand why people again it the last season. Kinda in a lot shows the last season or the finale is not as good and not just talking about the finale that every complaint about I just thought some of the story lines in the in the last season got kinda. They added more episodes the last season through public or. Let's get there that I watch it live I watched it they years after the fact and I I was love it and like I thought kind of dragged a little bit in the final season but. I think overall repeated yet by the kind of had to divide our token you have so many story lines that where you need to tidy need to cut. Yeah I'll be looking at what held up a little bit right exactly all strains you know I mean it. You know what to Cuba so I think. It got a little too big like most empires do their reasoning balls they get too big correct yup and I think it it it. Was doing too good of a job to kind of tie everything up but once he. To pressure first ballot I'll. Ask. Well I agree you completely now here's a show that is still on going on also as the Simpsons but this is the show that it is still going it's also an HBO show. But it's it's got enough good will that mean that even in the last season or two. It still won't pompous from this now became a thorough. I mean we've already spent a number of episodes you know sharks come on and we do. Mid season reports you know we've we've we've wrapped up beats in the season or protect you know what's gonna happen next. And it mean. You literally could not make hash tag Dorgan we citizens' bonds that already but you could have access to act or TV hall of fame. Did not have a Cilic in a throne which is literally everything you would want elect. Players dragons and here's like sword fights and here's now magic and here I guess it's just they're throwing an air zombies like fifth it's everything you would want. Put in the water and and Mauricio it and here produce them. And what one of the things that kind of grabbed me immediately about the show. If they have characters in the show that you legitimately care about yeah oh and you know that it any time. One of these is gonna go yeah an Arab member of the first that the red wedding in the first time I really did it. We elect Ol Mike Scott and I remember what did com. The author Martin puzzles are Maarten the he had he was like oh yet now you know you're door for an were complaining about fourteen years ago. You know that you became so you become so attack. All of that is what you like oh my god if you're she's awfully you know what happens if you know police he I'd like what are we gonna do. All it's not it's not and then all of a way and you wearing sport news pages are because they're razor to see it once did but just like literally. Watching episode one ever megaphone shark Mike that's all seems like pretty lame and he's like a third as the head you know I've thought it'll walk it going to Los announced that it. At the Watson and our Sean bean who plays Ned stark is the only actor I recognize. He's clearly being billed as the main character like he's got a bit this show my article. Once he goes you're like all right there's literally nobody safe and you don't know like the guy could become king and he's dead or like whatever though. Yeah that that sucked me in. The goodness and dragons there are also dragons that. We we were attempting. That's correct that would wreck our that there were five so five of six of the next. The next moment ago it in this is this might drop from ire from some of our listeners but I really believe that when they show what's popular. It was the biggest thing in the world in terms of water cooler. I know I know we are going with the and I I did not watch it but I can already guess ago loss yup. That would definitely be one that we would that I would have been sucked into votes and a podcast that would have broken down. So I think you need to get your hands on some medicine that from Netflix that's where did you. You need to get on a little bit another apple again like as a promises a lot of stuff there's a lot of people who complain about the finale. You know but at the same time like you forget. How good it won you know make when it was good how good it was remember being. Think it was him but he did in college or just out of college when it started in the we'd have like block party. But we would all get together and watch you know acuity huge deal yup so. I mean it happens to be. And in its side by and it you know drama and it's funny at times did he die again I mean if they get it done everything that we talk about constantly in the show. You know that's part of the wheel house pressure. Number seven I'm gonna go with what to meet just the best comedy of all time at science bills. Should note no debate I'm actually thinking about maybe doing a all signed felt episode not ice he's into the Guinness is only matter on that show. But ticket on the idea and you love the show I know what he loves the show best you enable the roundtable sign belt at some point. Yeah just do it a breakdown yet. And a great episode characters that kind of things though. Yeah that's over seven of the media must warn assign felt number eight's. It's always sunny in Philadelphia nice that I had to hear all. Yeah. It's in terms of I just started watching this I do it when I'm when I'm working out at summit on the background. Lot of it that what that genius part of the show it what I found. Is that as the show goes but if you watch from season one. And now. The character of Mac and they did as I've told they did this on purpose. The character of Mac gets more and more gay as the show goes it's like there's also. Debt it becomes more unraveled in more so he'll pat picked as the show goes all listener. Frank just goes off he goes straight man to adapt to just completely off the rail. They'll look delegates haircut in my season true when he was introduced to like what it looks like now. And gay gang would be at the end it in you find that the most main character in the show is Charlie. It is which is which is phenomenal. Because those of us so well garden and it. They're next season only starts up in January they're they're coming right back and I and I Kamal the so so. I was told this bit stat the other day it'd be the longest. Running cable sit com in history. The way. It'd be longest in oak table cable cable got it yet there's a little friends of the girlfriends. Apps now and ran out of friends are not good but I believe that the characters in the ointment and up. That actually been there far Macke owns a bar in Philly. It's. It's called Macs or whatever it is that I definitely mimic those of the plus up in here around now I possibly could spend time with them not so. Arm. Art my next one I'm gonna go live. Another show that's ongoing with an opera so long deserved the spot we've actually done a couple of episodes about it levees South Park. Yes and and what that show. To do what they do and I know useless at that little documentary they do yes it created show week that the thing. Right but they do it in order to stay current mayor do it and it just it's an ominous Davis were to let operatives or its genius. And it is day it is steely Trey Parker is a genius. There's no doubt about it. I don't know I left on meth are very good but even he admits that yes is ultra partner I think it's like that. They gathered I try to help but as of Emmy trays you know he's gonna say like yeah I couldn't do without Matt also stuff but trays to the mad scientists of this stuff. Any age if you see that little documentary they did and how they do this every week I'll I'll bet I don't think I would work for a month and that plays and. On our dad does it seem so stressful and try to get a whole show little animated show together that quickly in. Oh by the way like get a yet to come up all these jokes like storyline plus what they've been doing now is they've been. Basically do what an on going story we're like early on South Park was just as Alex I felt a sense where you can pop in any episode of didn't matter. But now they're telling like gay a story like throughout late season or episode one. You're if you don't want that you're not gonna really get all the stuff that's going on episode five. I just I don't know how it gets done night seekers actually he would mount act how would get done but I don't get a different matter and that aren't and number ten the last show and the last show in. It's split between two and I'll let you decide. It's another comedy bomb but one that I've watched over and over and over again and that is the office. Yup some analysts that popular sport in the Friday Night Lights. Do those who looks at the through their analysts'. I'll I'll only do. Biscuit. Wanted to because I'd like obvious that Michael Scott would be a in the character hall of fame messiah I. My gut tells it put the opposite but I feel it because you're you have sign belt it's always sunny. Yeah we even out the door podcast we were all. You know. Failed athletes and we all over you know I a that we need a sports are also put parlance. I and I love it edit for those of you who are listening lark who are coupled. I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that this is the best depictions successful marriage on a television show. Yeah but the point now than they actually do they they show you what it's both like. And I am and my thing is it people it. They've turned people off because they believed that the show about football and it's not it's just centered around a football team but of 90% of the show. There's nothing to do what. No it doesn't acknowledge it really it really doesn't and then you know Tim Riggans throw him in the care for all thing in the world. Michael and I tell you what my white vote and as if you get to vote in the I think she put him Riggans. Oh and number one with a bullet yeah I moderate Dylan can't this year but it 33 on it and you would have thought that I bought her another diamonds. That is that I step. Meant to your wife or girlfriend rated. Or TER hall of famers in the first class the wider the Simpsons breaking bad The Sopranos the game with throngs. Lost sign felt it's always sunny in Philadelphia South Park in Friday Night Lights. Big bank. Well would have huge it was huge tip of the cap to the office. Yes shout out to the office also really image big boardwalk empire but. I am not not an inning next year yet another under consideration also I don't think it was on enough or wasn't on long enough. But fireflies. One seed in Rancho now. Are we UB and reassess that maybe in the future but at those journalists are upon him were run out of time here both wrote let's move on to. Rush to give ourselves more time both want to video. OK so a lot of things we've already done so yet and it from a person out there the gold standard of all videogames of all time ever. Super Mario Brothers for yup. Some marvelous theory number one with a bullet I'm gonna go where live. Did you know we've we've done that's video games by console so you go back to that episode where we get in the more of these and in depth solstice things on these back and forth those who Barber's three. I'm gonna go with the as a stick with Nintendo for now I'm gonna go with the mega man two. Absolutely. No question I'm gonna jump console now to go to stand up and beat best arcade game of all time. In my time it's a street fighter two. Move ninth. Those specifically the arcade. BR capers in Boca because that's where you earned your money in the gate bridge. Says public enemy in my Obama commute and it's on spot and I wouldn't spend anymore than that just taken suckers for him. Both literally and figuratively. And money's there I'm gonna stick with the just because it reminded me of it in the fighting world let's go to PS one and let's go attack in three. Up maybe specifically that's more male homer peck but that's what it is that our countdown and David and I am sure it may give law hugs more tech in three minutes then not just about any other games that you've taken three. On piece of who. Written down half life and number number five for the PC like that I'm Margo with Grand Theft Auto five. At number offer number six operator prayer you're 360 or you know so whatever topic aren't that are five. Legend has dealt Hawkeye arena time. Oh boy nick on the on the sixth before. OPEC can possibly on and possibly replaceable just all around good stuff. Nice that's number seven number eight I'm gonna go with the bat man arkan city. No question nice outlaw Miley okay. And nodded and what about eight estate now know that was the it is not the elastic. The game that started it all from me I remember seeing this game and being blown away. Wolfenstein three days we would not have games that we had today without. Wolfenstein 3-D now. Alex that bill would not exist. Without all of those after the PC as well that the PC a Nintendo but they did they didn't have what you want uploaded in as a piece yes right. Art so down to one picked AV in this is going to be brutal. NHL 94. Right there's also a Super Mario Kart. Tony Hawk pro skaters at 23 with the best soon. I don't remember I think to. And that's even a team that we're playing right now I think deserves mention is over. Argo brought up pressure but we probably need a sports game right. We need sport let's put it right summoned before I actually played more of 95 but again 94 I think deserves to be here. 95 they were fighting was no fighting in 94 but. Could make little rescue terribly. You can basically others there was no fighting in 95 but it was like it was like 93 was fighting. 94 you can lead 95 he couldn't do either this is the game I was just applying Marty. Fight again and we said this before if you look at the rosters. Off all star teams that for its greatest assembly of hockey players ever. Loaded everyone from Gretzky to. Patrick locked it Chris chilly I mean did did Mario LeMieux would be great team divert them. So that's good that's our video game less we're gonna go Super Mario Brothers three mega man two. Street fighter two for the arcade tech in three half life for the PC. Grand Theft Auto five legends of self mockery of time for the 64 baton and arkan city. Wolfenstein 3-D an NHL 94. That's really hard that that was the hardest just because there's some of the car. So we thought we eagle the last of us didn't get mentioned that should be an act Tomb Raider should be in the right gears of war like even super marvelous one just because of what it meant. Aren't. Now let's get onto and unfortunately we're out this view but. We also did a whole episode on this or narrowed down to ten right now about the best graphic novels. And full disclosure because that's act or podcast he's going to be more superhero related. That not think if you if you Google best graphic novels are gonna find a lot like miles stand. You know all the great they are they are but these ones are probably not gonna have as many so. Who went for your first out of first this time we go with Batman and the long Halloween. A book that whether you're a die hard Batman fan somehow missed it or if you're new which the graphic novels this is one that he grabbed Thomas Dylan's amazing story. I'm gonna go my second might did the next pick from beat would be clearly watchman that. I definitely do not only one of the best graphic novel the all time but also one of the greatest. Literary works of all time in my opinion at a matter of fact really think that time magazine put in the top ten. Of all time yes noticeably is on it's unbelievable. Unbelievable story unbelievable. It is it is long failure to sit down you -- do a lot of Reading and then popular all the pictures that although that the that this is a lock on here. A preacher. Richard that's good as much better than the TV show TV show is okay the Koppel is amazing the shrapnel the mis gimmick or to be preacher. My IE it bat man picked. And it was tough because those go on between two but I think. In terms of character. I think my favorite my personal favorite. Is the Killinger I don't know nor returns are a secretary Eric mimics oh I didn't wanna put throughout more on there. No better I do believe killing joke belong in here but I'll let I'm at my pick for Batman graphic novel. I really cute I should we could do bonds about man's back wanna go another one right now what are Batman year one. More Frank Miller you have the outside of Frank Miller and Alan Moore you could rival listed just that tool yes you know but the give me give me. You're wants us five of six. Alternate Logan nice. Place you'll see an electrical. Yes I variation. And tutors. Our numbers number seven I'm gonna go with a American vampire. Outside and you were recently got on board bets are all tremendously weak tremendous collections of American vampire number eight. World war Hulk makes. Which I'm not a huge help him on this one of the coolest stories. Yeah a university like holy (%expletive) what we the F seriously. That it doesn't go and number nine I'm gonna go with the daredevil born again. Alia as a that's another that's another Miller but the but I haven't. Army John army to junior yes our depth that it might favorite artist oh yeah I mean that makes sense that as the crow yeah. And the last one I'm gonna go with I believe is marble sixteen to. Oh. Authentic. Authentic so there you go there's our our ten. Graphic novels and in the L hall of fame bat man along Halloween launch men creature Batman the Dark Knight returns baton and your want to. Wolverine old man Logan American vampire world war Hulk daredevil born again and marvel sixteen notes due. And we will say the killing joke does have a place in here. Killing joke does. Daredevil yellow. Under the red there's a launch but yet that's it was the tenth for sheer. Yeah it started people get in there. All Ryan Davey I will I'm gonna let you go I will get to the pick of the podcaster coming up shortly but because of a time crunch I don't do that solo but I wanted to thank you for your time. I'm gonna go watch Rudolph read your place we want to articulate Arquette. I thought that there is ranked eighty with the nice beautiful segue into the pick of the podcast which by the magic. Podcasting has been recorded. Little bit after the U. The previous best of the podcast or two ago the figure podcast is brought to buy idle hands that's our pick for local craft beer if you check it out on Twitter at idle hands beer. Online on the website idle hands crap Ailes dot com and if you're in the Boston area. Head over to mauled an 89 commercial street pick up some of their good stuff they get the change up number three. It's my personal favorite though I PA which may be here to stay I guess are also working on a change of number four. The report who all district map as well. But my pick the podcaster but to first year. I'm David Blaine fan and a daughter loves the data plane I like David Blaine. He has a special type missing a couple weeks ago and I re watched it on demand. David Blaine beyond the magic at least what's called on ABC. Duplex all fraud and thrown up frogs. He's at a party with Stefan curry Dave Chappelle ashy Larry Drake. Just he's got down Margot Robbie people's her mind to something in the and the stones there. Patrick Stewart of professor X he's he's there with Bryan Singer and a pit bull. That's part of most of the magic. I don't go by and I don't here's the important stuff particularly particularly. Adjust the full hour special of him doing Carter. Just shutting all the cartridge you know a body more and more snap then. A start up frogs. But it Leggett and also little heads up I guess coming out December 1 on Netflix David Blaine street magic. If you missed that one you know six levitating. Our stuff which is which is where I can import. Our that's good for this episode episode number 82 a hash tags or are hall of fame. Agree disagree let us know you can tweet us at to a podcast. If you want a lot this day in his up on the emailed or podcast at gmail.com. We have the blog where chart update it would different trailers TV movie. Video games a set or some other news and notes plus. A place the stream podcasts and we'll post all the hall fame picks there's well. Dork podcast dot Blogspot. Dot com you can rate and subscribe to on the iTunes the Google play all that stuff via the ratings and the the comments thoughts of health about the podcast a plus O Dave is well app are on the that streak find DB on Twitter and on twitch. Where he's often on there doing some different they're games and things like that so good for this episode of hash tag door good luck getting rogue one tickets.