Chris Curtis joins Ken Laird to recap John Dennis' walkout; Kirk in the Car calls in from Florida 12-28-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, December 28th

Hour 3: The Real K&C is back on the radio and are recapping John Dennis' storm out from Wednesday. Kirk in the Car offers his insight on Dino.


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So please mud tonight. The world cares about John Dennis and yes a lot of guys screener app and disposable income is in people want to admit that it was in the world. I thought we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it usually. It strikes me that there is a tremendous amount of people talking over one another angry at. The unpardonable sin in my estimation is people talking over one another to the people at home have no idea what you're talking about. So baffling to me with. Jerry Knight on next week you need are they are full they want to Thursday. But free of heart treading Bradford DO Borden. Is it anyway this they can get worse than they just sent them as anything else that there were killers civil and this too which this pathetic I think that's sock puppet so came that it would how to lose producing title the worst lap I've ever heard ever and it and any station ever in my life that is and that's perfectly bad now here. Month back night on Sports Radio W we. She has now I thought what the hell are you talking. Year old Katie and seen our producers do a fantastic job investors and market to have a lot morning show producers this do this. That if I mess up soccer seriously injured for kickbacks podcast. Senator Christopher and now we can clearly see this place. The greens can layer that Chris Curtis on your radio it's a bad idea here's Chad the next system you can eat a lot. Yeah I love and grace and her belts they are sick this both of them will try to make me look like in at stake here and get laudable goals are scored. Radio WEEI. Slightly dike that was a bad idea I mean he should play the Monday night open have some respect for much of what. Quite a month you at least yet finished with a bang last Friday one of the best shows we never had. The finish out the curtain talent portion of fault or. But what a bizarre week its bid quality affiliates. In deal has been a part of a gentler Chris courtesy authentication for this big hour. You heard the deed a lockout from Arizona yes. What did you think was your first reaction when you heard. There had to have been something off the year that led to that there had to have been some argument in the hallway there had to have been some tensions that have been brewing behind the scenes. Everything that led up to that audio that you heard in your car. Made zero sense for him to walk out that point. Yeah I mean we've played it so many times in last couple days I I would agree there's some people have been fatigue abide the deal walk out clock but it's been captivating from the sense that. I'd never would have all the people that mr. tough guy John Dennis is Gerri you know. I hear those guys would walked out for anything for anybody walking on a radio show. And little Johnson mossy it's the walkout I'd never would have thought that lean years. I guess I had a role in itself. In some aspect of mossy turned pretty ashore yet with the shortage of that factor at all and I can't imagine he seems to be mostly irate mossy. I can't believe what you like -- credit for I mean what else you're gonna say in that situation no John you can't through the rest crucial players overnight and I guess they could have he he's being honest mediator he wanted Jerry mediate more than tough to it and that cannot easily DB and pays decline it was. Yet allows him to. Today they are going to mossy are voided Iran's musty the theory which you'll know I look John we do is Lamar is Hillary's opponents that are yet. So writes a deal locks aren't sure by naive for evidence on scene in the end. But the theories were flying fast and furious the overlord at hand believes there's some patriots tied here basically to. Jonathan Kraft said between itself and Icrc Jonathan Kraft has its nights bossier 41 a deal to be a thing it's a mossy do you buy that. Here I have zero doubt wise that part of Dino is dislike for John moss he's based in the fact that the craft despise him that makes perfect sense. I just don't know. That that. That's setting right there was really him getting one over on to mossy I mean in the end you looked kind of sheepish and weak and that's W got a lot of people hate the monsoon just comes India's defense when they heard this segment on were just saying you know you'd. It respect the alleged weapons is more. This was your 40 there's a there's a large part of our audience right now that. Hates the mossy and loves job or doing it but there was more people than I would imagine who took Tomas you thought you said you know I hate John Buck. You know is wrong in this setting I mean it was. From us he was only saying. Accurate things about the topic that they were discussing regarding trumpet in his successes or failures in his first year as president it was like he was. Calling him you know idiot that's law or anything they were just talking about the content of the discussion it wasn't even out of bounds and and then a couple of key management slip a couple of Lawny Ayers applied as you know a couple of feet looking but it wasn't I don't know I mean. It was so benign I mean Kirk imagery of this is what they were fifteen to twenty of those arguments every single day on curtain Callahan and every day in the past doesn't work and it's a huge hop comedy. He portrayed at any anecdotal but comparing old DNC gays to the current. It was body's secret safe space for Utah Cochran said today that. The reason why Kirk and calico Kurt accountants sounds different is because they wanted to set the sound different and that is true but. We wanted to to sound different incur injury wanted to to some different. In terms of setting it up put these long soliloquy is that today's letter. A unit stands for you know Amani Toomer for being dumb last night and setting up this whole five minute diatribe before Jerry Kirk could speak. They wanted to show to be engaging the wanted to bring producers and more but. Wish there was nothing about were in Iraq War we're gonna do anything differently in terms of how the guys converse while on the show that remain pretty much the same in my opinion back and change at all he was. We'll talk I'd say this your first point that it sounds it sounds different and it was intentional. For it to sound different and that's and that's fine I get that. It had a certain vibe or certain flavor to it when I was here and sitting in this chair and the idea was for it to sound different. And whether you like it hate it or fall somewhere in between the fact of the matter is it's very very successful. Very successful number one in kicking ass in the market in a vikings put a cherry on top of that. Kirk and hand John Dennis who won story. This is what's important. We're both happy with what we're doing he's happy. With Jerry doing that show and winning and kicking ass and I'm happy happily retired doing what I'm doing so. I mean I don't have I don't have a gripe with with a minute Kennedy more ever everybody seems a got what they want right. And that's southerly the only they continue but the Thornton was big on the card ash it thing we've degree yes got to fart on the road but we don't consider courtesy of Wii at number 1 rated morning show. Free books are all right consecutive wants though is that what if this is seven months and wrote ten out of twelve. So what do dean those big things early ones. Eight in explaining why he walked out today. That the show. Had was a garbled mess on Wednesday people talking to overreach and he is like that approach and that. The political debate had no value to it because nobody was gonna move one side or the other. But being number one in the right ebooks would speak against both of those things he thought that was publishers thinks that the curtain gallery shows garbled. Absolutely and the other thing where he says we both won and that I'm happy incur sappy. Do people pick fights with Johnson lawsuit randomly on Twitter at the beginning of the fall calling him out in. Ripping him a new one randomly debased our random angry and I thought I started to Dino so it was just a random things ideal I'm happy I'm content with my life I'm not taking shots at John Dennis on Twitter at 10 o'clock at night I mean and then saying he's not really had a parent teacher contact caught conference I mean. It's very -- I don't know the whole thing struck me as weird I don't know where that argument began for John. That might have been from the prospect and that they said you know this by Tomas is a naval ankle after months where it's. Us to the bug up yes period yet something against the monster from the start and I've let's say like Bach was so pontificating today on the morning show that he thought this is pre orchestrated Dino had plans the lockout I wouldn't say that. But I do think it was in his hip pocket as this it's Adam's gonna want. Or Elvis who likes these. The speculation on what he's doing I mean today from two to six Hussein I may not be in tomorrow morning yeah I was sort of getting more attention that way of dole nor any of my going to be in tomorrow Desormeaux and and think he will be at tomorrow yup I think you'll be but he definitely likes the attention being back on him and he took a bunch of very pro deal calls today from two to six so I'm sure that made him feel good we'll let the. The politics they talk politics so much former incarnation which you know I can't imagine he's against that this has been the biggest Britney he. This was real quickie preset as briefly if you were of all the stuff meddling in the politics. Edith what are the politics that got in the politics and the blood pressure went up for about an hour a wide when he. Talked about little bit more today. At the end in his monologue and I just can't believe. That he's it's like. He's mr. Jeff the only right he's got all these hands in the political fires. Once again with his Twitter timeline it's 9% of which reach about. You know it's all about senator Warren or it's about Rahm words about Obama all right about I mean it's. All politics all the time it's like talking points bright board and so we started the first hour hour halfway okay. And I really planned not to get in the politics are really did it does it doesn't matter to me because it's kind of silly for. Mossy and me to talk politics because there's nothing he can say. Well we start up again there's nothing I can say. To make him like trump. And there's nothing he can say to make me pay trop so it's sort of a west it out a ball wasted exercise in futility I get that. So I don't try to continue with you know the Brady go rob a little thing if you wanted to do Guerrero if you wanted to talk about the other trying to figure out a way not to give Brady the MVP. All kind of different things a little nuggets and tidbits that we were gonna do. And we got to headlines and somehow. Politics came out. It might have been sort of Adam Jones. And I stated my case and out of jail and went the and Andy started talking over before it finished the sentence and he realized that sort of got to me. And we came back from break and somehow trump came up into the conversation not by my hand but it did. And I'm trying to make a point. And again I understand that after two or three sentences when you. And he isn't of course thought no one would put again that that whole thing at the beginning I just. I don't get that John Dennis and it'll talk politics. You can convince the other person nine times and Ted if your politically. But that doesn't mean it's not a good lesson for the audience what is she doing with Jeff deal every day on Twitter he's trying to change the minds of the Massachusetts electorate to vote for deal over lives war. So if he doesn't think that two people who disagree can change their minds and why she's so active. Using a different form like Twitter to try and persuade people every day that you are right and their wrong and they should join his side. Yeah I don't I don't get it may be elaborate more tomorrow fetus can it be Roemer compressed modest because it feels like he that's his world. So why would you want old boy day here but he comes back to my theory of he's been on seventeen months I just think he one of the cozy week. All of on conflict for whatever reason he's just he's he's checked out of the world it is you get in involved in per gallon mortgage you know putting. You get your blood pressure that's part of why we're number one right right you're on edge it's it it's on edge type show to show that lives and uncomfortable conversations writes it's a mosque he knows that he's been such a part of that soft course she's going to be pressing that accelerate that's what he's trained to do on this program so for DO not to be ready for that. I guess they'd got that big shot especially when it was John who challenged tomorrow especially when it was Dino who challenged the mossy in the first place on Twitter that's at this whole thing on. Going down this road you what's it like to moss he. Said hey do you know your wrong about trump. With the other way around and deal was full authority Joes that's maybe not politics but it was you know certainly the racial between the monetary right it was outside the lines news. You know very eager to gain that it seemed to be. When he needed to a couple of theories that brought up. That he he was losing the argument. He was losing the argument hand over. It was a back and forth you know he would point counterpoint idol but by that so much. But more the lack control the respect I do I do think there's that some of that. I think that. You know on Friday had a pretty easy goal of it with Kirk but the crossover and we don't Kirk was supposed to do when that settings and it was like oh we've let him off easy and when communities start. Going after guys on the Friday before Christmas vacation thing you know your Jerker this or that I mean he's coming in filling in the station he said he would do all the work he's doing all the work. I think it's pretty clear who won that battle. Lots of exciting Kirk says. Hopes that the podcast what happened at some point that would be good podcast of those two would agree to do it. And it seem like you're making progress and much of that anymore and you know he said. It jokingly before Dino back on the casting couch at some point once every blue boon right would be entertaining for the show. Writes he had Vick the crossover with Kirk deployment better than expected for job yes and then you had the sort of relatively easy shall we flew from tended to a menu had Tuesday with mud we never really showed up however is much so when you get to Wednesday and is all the sun challenge and I'll pick you ready for. DO disputes that he did the aftermath of that was pretty much him and Brad follow and not to speak on their behalf but they seem to think well okay that's because. To bus he was defeating your points and you just couldn't win the argument so you stormed out. No and I've I've heard seventeen different theories I've heard theories that Dino could not stand the fact that he was no longer in the captain's chair all the way am I was not about matters. Or that I wasn't getting the respect that I deserve to some sort of longtime Boston Sports Radio legend which is hysterical 'cause I'm not and I didn't care about that. It it is no more complicated. Then then violating the thing I asked them to do not to do. And that's just let's have a conversation here you can tell me I'm stupid you can tell me I'm a jerk you can tell me I don't know might but from a hole in the ground. Let's just say it and respond to tell you why I think you're the same thing this is an impossible format and of course the question for. So you know it finished a statement about praising trump and Tomas you look at the Euro more Donovan perfectly. Okay let's move on paper topic. Exactly itself. I don't buy it and the deals IIA for some reason he does seem to be a failure to me it shows maybe that is a new beetle marchers he wants the slow labeled that these days. And a lot of different tentacles of awful when did this. Bottom line is made for a memorable week against a wac out I think what got your goat more. Was it Jerry stuffed all right and sort of in the post narrative of what happened. In the break up and he wouldn't get into this will be Friday as like that was my question. Why is Jerry upset that you could have something more behind the scenes here. And we get once on the story. Well this is what really bothered me about it is that all of a sudden Diaw is cut free rein on Jerry now because. He's sort of a weather's trying to rewrite history or made Jerry look bad or try and you know he's. Going away from Kirk if he doesn't wanna have that battle is an Olympic you can win it so we can. Throw all of us here but he hasn't Kirk and Gerri by. Decision that Jerry was disloyal. To John is absurd. It's absolutely absurd. Ask anybody in this medium market about Jerry Kelly and people who hate his politics people who can't stand his writing of this show or Urquhart and calendar Dennis Kelly and they will say twenty he's the most loyal good hard working guy in the city. And let's just play this down the middle right let's say that everything that John says is true that Jerry sided with Kirk. And against John sabotage on and went on his way attached himself to a rising star Kirk and help himself get a longer career. What are the roles were reversed. And that Kirk like Dino more than Jerry Kirk thought that you know as a better radio personality and Jerry. And wanted to stay on WEEI. Slide into the chair alongside John instead of Jerry. You think do you know what put up a fight you think yours are all in all my friend Jerry here we gotta keep on board. Don't don't don't you just pick me you have to bring Jerry were packaged deal. In a million years do the job done. I don't know those guys and also that's not gonna say I guess say that but it seems to me that Dino is a even admitted he did wanna reach out or try to mediate things as much as just carried it. Are there alternate for the cells in some way yes. And what loyalty as John shown to Gerry. At all I mean. At the start of this. You know Jerry. From the start my time on the show in 2013. April 23 and I started to PepsiCo and basically from that point until when. John left in August of 26 team. Jerry Kirk we're trying to push to show towards what they wanted to talk about every day it was a Tug of war between Kirk and Jerry and so. John wanted more guests. John wanna read a book on great tip or the pitching coach for the angels or whatever and we had these text exchange with Jerry. Kirk John and myself and then we have a separate text exchange with Jerry Kirk and myself about how we're going to hit it. From Johns bad idea into what the show should sell like. And that wasn't just Kirk that was Gerry and Kirk because they have a similar mindset of what good radio sounds like. And Kirk is even said on the year that he owes a lot of what he's become. In this medium to Jerry allowing him to develop that personality on the show. To encourage. Jerry encouraged him to be more outspoken to do more opinion needed to be more bold. Two at a third voice to that show and obviously it's worked out so the notion that. Eight this is old Jerry or that view was dis loyal to John and John staying there you know. At the gate protecting Jerry is laughable. It's absolutely laughable. Here. Odyssey eight. Should take away that I had from it was Europe animus toward Gerri. I I'll keep going back to the word disappointment. Yes yes. Patron. Okay hatred yes. Friday's aide Kirk mores. It's ball. Ending and the thing was is that. Them it was never talkative in the offices to spot that Jerry and John great brands. I don't know them from 20061999. I don't know like that. I walked into when he thirteen were politics. That was about Munich you know talk recruit over families or whatever but the relationship that Jerry and Kirk. Compared to what John and Jerry in 2013 before this whole thing happened is not the same stratosphere I mean. It's totally different paper. Buying colleagues they work together and go out socially or you know. Calling each other every up electric injured today it was a angrily. There was no problem with Jerry well Gerri help I'm not completely side with Kirk as opposed say hey guys you know use popular baby news popular baby I want to work but I worker John for nineteen years of work with her for nineteen years can we worked this out if not we can part amicably but there was not that he immediately went into radio silence on Kirk's side and did not speak to me for five months. Written silence on Kirk's side. Jerry's sitting in the office every day on their first point a pilot wrote given credit for that. The jury Kirk walking and 535155. Point whatever. No point did John find it fair to say hey Jerry what's going on let's talk called Jerry after a show when they simulate large. Are you what are you doing to be here. It was Diego. Every day we had heavy meeting with management. It where they told John to stop saying retirement date stopped counting down the days until your off the year. It sounds bad it makes the show looks small. He was the one who was counting the minutes until we could retire so what makes sense for Jerry if you have a colleague sitting in the words here. Counting down the seconds until we can leave the building for jury to say Kirk's gonna be your long after this guy who's counting on the days he's done. Majority Seidman and Joseph didn't wanna be here even though things got ugly with Kirk he was saying I can't wait and Jordan where anybody would do his close friend of Kirk Kirk was about a radio personality and it was a one put out the door so we side with them. But to say that that's disloyalty and we should reform its observers did you ever try to stay Jerry West went on out there know that don't mean. Like you do that through like a peace of mind not close the book as I blocked everybody close the book I didn't listen to move gone. Outfielder Jim listen. I mean last week he contacted trainee. After her first appearance on the casting he contacted rear on Twitter. Right when he started on the casting couch. Now that dispute totally random coincidence that he happened to paint the trend is doing great and our belly in the report of an edit them for Horry. Heard about re coming out wanted to you know which and good luck. Absolutely was and ought to be doing lately you might not listening what do but. He was listening oh walked earlier. It's the real keynesian. You can't let Chris Curtis talking about of course the week in Dino dues so I guess ultimately comes down to. We've thrown out the listeners. Are you surprised he walked out surprised he was invited back came back the Agassi and official strict moral LB interest in she'll. What is he don't let's split the take away from this week I'll leave had. Repeat Jerry. Joaquin delta mossy changing its flaws the radio. Maybe tomorrow's final show I don't know he's still the next on the road the company decided to bring it back. United management and idled management right so I would think this started sedation did pretty well ratings once you woody were idiots and. Absolutely and going back to Friday before Christmas it was a totally different vibe of jobs building it was like hey he's back he's into being a good mood and you know it was. All an awkward and so real sitting back and that. Producer's chair looking in the studio and that was like. I hives so crazy but. You know people are what made you come in from time to time we spoke with management after the show they were very pleased with that but you know ever since Wednesday around what eight point it's a multiethnic. Alternate art seven point exit for that matter. More from the real Casey looked back on in the fall ball liberal fall ball in the holy book as well. Some happier moments so to speak some some of the bid Mosul conceded indeed it's not built any you wanna weigh in on. A what you thought of the sponsors here last couple days six once and it's and it's an nights at 97 this is the rookie of scenery. It's much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. Out of the month night ratings. Drops us to line them up on it and he's us men brutal but. One sarcastic he's in our favor casting a member but the bottom of the standings. But you know almost year and these parts beat back for a sunny and a big fan of I'll lose our producer tonight's top Kirk Italian fall moments it was bitching about a balloon yet he he said he wanted bringing us over a panicking challenged brown I'll worry you're in town they had to we are sitting at the border cafe. Have a great night talking a little bit too much the case he smoked but yeah legitimately bought and this comes out in the middle of dinner currently sitting at the table and he's like Kyle's topped analyst on the fault came out. And his team all right in his 60s60 at once thought sixty patriots traded between thirteen grip and the look on his face. Throughout his troops and also got a tissue started crying telling you settled like. It was all Kyle's current golf god. Well Curtis your boys get all pissed off with unbelievable he was on a list like at like five or six times and now you've been out looking all jacked without his ushered on. Trombone go on I mean I don't know but been a great sport threats export the flow we look he's just the totals speed takes a beating from start to shoot the eighties. Got a problem is no money in the quickest on going back to feel for quick second. That Tuesday show the segment where John's lecturing mutt about you why reason. Taking responsibility was a little cringe inducing late. What is DO doing spot. I mean deals openly said he would issues with drinking and you know we've all made mistakes I've yet I would never in a million years lecture somebody about doctor king and drug. That would be I'd say I hope you don't do it make better decisions that you can be smarter than me but. I would not. Introduces segment. And say let me ask you some questions like mark with this you know. Alcoholic DB and Dino sitting there like some Mormon talking about how to drink and drug. Well again it's a spot Vermont edu receivables circus but I today do you feel like that's a tough spot for him to lash back out and saying the Mets general spot for a brutally tough. No. Blowing much for that. But conference it as well absolutely and the lecture now. Speaking he had another that the planet monkey theme song. Was severed the atlas I'm not sure who I would of put it ahead of here but. I feel like that sort of embody for some reason among your approach played a show that he. The key it would after that so it's it's agreed to set to begin this fall I mean maybe that's thing I'll come on that's all that's what I mean in terms of audio into the greatest production peace ridiculous. I I applied. It's show. Whom do you like school. They had to go. We've Danish. Cool fun. You know. Not sure. Oh listen. The monkey. Slated. Honest full credit that's Gerry Callahan you know Jerry's idea and he wanted to specifically had to redo it because he wanted to. Marking the end looking to Guatemala it was a lot of trauma. We got it and there's this great great. And it was a big hit series instincts were right once again all it was awesome Mikey Adams not a big fan that was his property that we. Was that insult and opened what was the big bear molest real keynesian real radio and we had a long for two seconds and started at the credit market song on accident that was not intentional. I a couple of things and analysts sixteenth on the soccer talent almost by the legal CD can't seekers the real keynesian radiant. A special edition Thursday night leading you into the Alamo Bowl that's where we blow through tonight Al global lead it. Return a sporting army cans he made in his sixteenth on the list that's a little controversial. On May be Champa looks cool. Was too late to make the cut to a Jim what about an over the return sport that's what I think I don't know I mean the roots sporting had an interesting fall we had a couple of occasions of sporting the first was. Good second with Jerry was awkward. Yeah that was my fault as I got blamed properly afterwards that I should just said Kirk you do this Jerry's circus went out it really is best with one host Kirk. Playing up the sporting role in the morgue yes you have for shorter periods of time the better it is just keep sort of rapid fire going through these obscure writers were covering a figure skating bowling or whatever it is and the audience really of the first time we did and it was. Awesome chip is fantastic I think you'll maker at some point. I think leave little girl sports but and and make it self. Fifteenth was my neat two story we've actually played your BT's story. Lines. Yes I my new two story got the sporting McKinsey treatment he got the quote and it was you know definitely a little bit more word marketable than yours but I think. You're is definitely got a lot of playtime on the air because we went around the room you claim that you didn't take advantage of this woman did not. We knew we know it by lines like what. But it's actually true of century. Answer. Outlets but this is this is much that I was in. England. In 1998. Amendment on a Catholic might confirm grew into this out or blowing here a recount and no and the priests dollars in increased there was a a much bigger girl who was following me around. The entire time she was one of the counselors figure the new yes Aaliyah much bigger. And the final night she was like we have a camp night campfire in light whatever and he elected to the spot was kind of not leave me alone I was about I'd say about that. It's food chills thinking about that rough night. Are McKenzie on Twitter. Or eighty transcribe the ties to corporate transcription by sported a McKenzie on that as he did with Euro podcasts. We pulled from all it's great unbelievable. Prize spot in Christopher's Christmas four hours of cars and that's. Will post the time Chris cars we got some prints that were quite approach. Twelve analyst skip a couple of these like the return of answering Burmese fourteenth and a that was an awful return to mean gutless. It was totally benign it was site count an amendment. It was just he never we never got to it we came in there was an earlier reckoning. And it it just sort of I don't know was kinda bizarre it was the return of Roemer in general. Has been a little bit awed. Little. Paul Lester and I can't forget that exchange the Kirk's as a good battles of call is the better the better callers have been new whacked Packers. Which by the way Albert Rhode Island cult that it appeared that exchange I did. I'd just totally wilted and mean Reimer did a great job there pressed them on is it's racist undertones but it undertones is out. Outrageous comments yes outrageous comments we have a special guest Kevin right now or do. Oh great. Boom baby do we Ebbers this is just taken an uptick and we acted much the caller target that is let's go outside to leave the state of Florida for Kirk in the car here on the rockets hiker. Delegates then I'd go for power walks to the gym like. To pursue golf ball and the cigar and in my one of the night. The national back deck the pro tablet if I did. Yeah and tells Florida. It's fun and the kids are done for the language. I was element to check and I saw that she does Iran decide to check in and him. Still holed this I guess we'll go full and astute major and I just kept back for Easter into uttered words to me to make you right. How to play it and replace it. You know bronze to Richard the athletic and accurate. I would say in where it is not a Smart nor do a job in the John I got mark Feinberg across in the I would say ultimately he's shifted. In the match and get through everything ultimately it is simply at its core. Just a philosophical disagreement how would you rate the asphalt. Anger in the madness and all that really what it is like we like I like it throughout in the fight yelled each other. He shot doesn't. Know better I think you can. And done it like it that much. Of recognition we treat this show together as you disagree bet. There was never an issue with you guys and it was something that even when we had the in the the plate gay troopers out there that we have on every week you have you know bring Aman knock him around every day. We were skewed is at the top of the list screaming down these guys going back and forth and those were dealt festival was in the middle of me what that. Are you done item I've got to meet here. And I know I'm going to drop you appeared he got partnered. Nurture. A shirt and closet please. Well the irony is of course the bid the most boring show the three shows in the station orbit. It was a number one is one of the truck each other at all levels say this. Missing it I did the first segment today I owe an apology to rich keep alliger orbit oh my god Rick dees. Twice the personality victory sort. Two times 12 whatever Phil. I mean forget about the order a whole god said merrily servicing you know. What you interpret channel 798 cents. A hot. That was. Well off in the show are currently out of chewing on here. Chart stick or puck into the microphone that we do don't drop. It was only in a bit of fourteen minute monologue and Arctic like. And even though where where lake where to go was right out of Sheikh Ahmed John alt fire which we talked whatever it's over. I get a promised them I just don't understand. For the life and what what his issue was with too much Garrett listened to it three times. I'm not being sarcastic and nice today. We do stuff more severe than that it didn't quite kind in show eight shell. Usually in everything that was bizarre was that he was seemingly turned into this earlier. Didn't wanna get into politics when that's all he talks about on Twitter that's literally has only existence on social media is to talk about trump and jet fuel and all the other stuff. But I think so Christian and thanks I think. Ultimately though when it comes James Harrison. I think about the laundry. I think you have a great point about that. He sent the country effect that he set the ads alone. Well I would say personally for me right now. I would go Williams. I'm a bird. Or obviously after the great I got commonwealth should put up. What about yeah as vs Ortiz that's a big battle Red Sox are. That's that second here that we got a conversation too happy to do it I would go personally Bork. I'd still go hammer. I don't Diaz Triple Crown all around player. And and Michael Russell. That's what I mean that's you know that's that would. The the decision to bring him back in all Thursday today by management approval. Also caught sort of controversy Jerry talent packed in the during predator and cookie you review. Perry talent that means I can't believe that brought you the back. My England's first of all equal let have this week me and secondly I mean what do you want I mean. I you have to be ready for this thing tomorrow morning you can. Tomorrow morning and you know it starts talking he's monologue or simply must overdo you know yuk if you that's. Number two in public last year metre trend the leader and wait for the ins and maybe you have to know what benched you know. I guess sixteen year old guys is that what what it will put the matter but the bottom line is considered public you know. Chris watt bookstore I you know it is if it you'll come and increasingly they're back again for Christmas week. I think is that you really tell who Maloney. Like in rob Bradford got in my equipment dealership this way it's not your show. I like to talk. Do you really say that. I aegs he said he did the loss in Bradford said I think sort of yet they got a little lecture about it yet but not made it said he portrayed it. That boat off from the consent of that ride on below. I'd never hurt when basic you know walk. As you know what I fought like crazy I've seen on here Jerry to you want to know what to walk outs I thought oh my god what it's my say. And that I. Thought was. Let them get like you know it it'll just left it was the most confusing. Thing ever heard in my life that was due to three times I don't know. What is upset about. And I actually kept it is a bit after Friday show it. Well it said that it ultimately it's philosophical disagreement. On integration. Older and I guess she likes when people talk. Stop in the the other person talk you know I think a bit. From the perspective I heard Johnson and how intelligent debate on ballot or whatever I mean you know it's yeah mount Rushmore and launch not exactly critics talk. I would say you know we talk I try and talk like I talk off the air at three of us well acquitted at night. Truck each other in front of each other code shut up each other's ball a tree out works John. Doesn't want to do that. That's fine but I mean you know if Dave so I think it recognizes that at all. I don't know by the way I still think yet you brought the supper get a chance. I'd say this. 16 and change on the truck tomorrow or 26%. Ken thinks he's bet tomorrow the jobs ideal the only gear and I. He's really enjoying the limelight being back on them today in the afternoon show he was saying if I come back I don't know fall come back so he's really. Basking in the glow of being back in the spotlight I'd it is my. Sorry I mean police. My could be viewed the old colors were a few old guy color for her you know arm Mali all god must juggle schedules. There's no I mean again there's no better as the signature is no better source of the shell turtle persons into the show tonight. Also in the marsh ordered him a normal people assuming and this is no better advertisement. Or people calling you saying that he expects. That victory and by the way he victory yes may take a second to congratulate. Myself. Four number one again. In the mornings and that he could take a Serb BI out stream out there streaming in derby want you tried slice bites and anyway you want our effort in which. Number one again clearly fault book when they had the patriots in the celtics' stardom like for 26 to. And beat beat them against him and ask other tweet. The bills in December which is true. And about it will force some again 2554. Number one again it's graduation for all of us. Alex. I think. The odds have been Michael's point anyway useless. Now so graduation you guys Terry L. I think that's just the just what Heidi spec Roemer in trendy to be tomorrow would be my last question. Why won't tell you. I got back from both John Bennett and outreach effort to fight. So that would Satan. And my words to re word if you don't it's hard to walk outdoor bands once again. So the good salads is good that I'd I'd or is it better duo. To get jobs. Together count in the training in all due to voice in L you know Alex's side please. Alex is probably so it must get you walk out out is going to be. Accurate knock Ohio State. For holiday Friday show you it's it's up plywood and anybody would think that they should we should make out of Bradford was saying it's ridiculous that it. Pitino still in the building or if Bradford wanted to host front. Get on and I assume that it's like the one about a minute right. Like you won't turn in the won't post what you are you know ought to talk. So late last time you're I think. That's why again what about the only podcasts. You know. I come out I mean you know aggregate talking I didn't think. I wasn't sure about what look at a fight with you know and I knows that he genders in what. But like that he's not gonna play ball. Like how. There would be Smart move because you really to go to them to do in the podcast and he would look like yet the balls go on the early and opening up he evidently. And clearly it and we should all go out there isn't all. Or what was sick for what we're assemble all but remastered. And greens rate ago about I. I thought probably won't it was. Back rub so happy part of what you v.s and radios and the marketplace. You obviously are probably you know it's like. You know feud played late the you know you'd pay to tambourine like age you not like you're technically in the Rome. I mean. You know I'm Emma stick in my mind I have five in the Java craft your caller. Yes yes I I think subliminally more than three orchestrated media. I would also would be like some. And so reported a slightly boring Trump's pocket or witnesses interest thing you say how I am. A fast thing about it ironically have a gut not talk to share your tires and we haven't talked all use you know. That would say at some point. Schilling is out but they sure did Eric adoption of children or not. Gordon has some angle auction people ought to be in the armed ultra open you think she's not being used and you that you pointed out that night sky like period it's unbelievable this afternoon show. Bird for two years but I would say you know like it's what it is saying like audition that it's all gossipy. They totally should they be you know what I mean what it's like really work. Well it sure it was number might get it like it's a record. Or like before I got there you said the like you gotta say. It is you what you liked it or not it's work. I noted we talked about earlier was just quickly oh we got our pocket we talked about the of them saying you are. Out. And we we talked about the the shots that. Just continued Gerri about Jerry being disloyal and I just found it to be laughable I mean I if Jerry saw a few solid you know the way UC Jerry. And you said you know I want allowed myself to Dino and I think you know the guy wanted to shows with you think he would have put up a fight had no we got to bring scenario long dormant saying. Probably not accept the job I talked to John I forget that there cross site features like take purchase an incredibly young talent on this likely. That step but it's not it liquid. Regional salt completely go on better shot and I. From the start to the initial doubts that showed I want it to you address that problem. Across I could do that chose once there so you know they couldn't move on what he'd done a dirt about their show. And they could have done which I'm likes it just like you know stuff like. Kind letters together and you know. At bat and that's like that's what you like and what it. These big words like he's having these delicate you know thoughtful conversations. I got port that you showed pictures nocturnal started sport. I think it's on the way he does radio force way I do radio. Clearly I would like philosophical difference. You know we can line up with NC times. He beat a direction. I'd like like my chances you know again numbers our numbers are you know in Johnson. In about what was that all house actually innocent small yeah I think. You know in in that Jerry you know obviously deeper. You know at some point you know how to answer to act a yes or Oprah got. Aboard the last. Regrets on the book Kirk awesome ratings well boys. Tuesday to look out for her. To Kirk million great. Changes will be back rent a rookie NC. Recapping that day in sports with Mike much nasty it's Monday night Sports Radio. Gets to go to Hitler Chris Curtis. The real K and C. Are sick and then go for all of you next Tuesday into the rescue vacation I will be back tomorrow big show 6 AM huge you know I think deal's going to be back. That's a pretty good about that Philly earlier today but Reid earlier treading a beer at a Charlotte Beatles they floor. Don't miss it cart can count him back on the air 6 AM tomorrow the Alamo Bowl is next.