Bradfo Sho, Ep. 55: Recapping the best Bradfo Sho year ever

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Friday, December 29th

It's time to take a look back at the year in the Bradfo Sho. The good. The bad. The weird. Rob Bradford and Pitcher Nick (Friar) offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the Sho's most talked about episodes, while ranking their favorites. A great way to punctuate 2017, while looking forward to the next level of the Bradfo Sho.


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Wrapped road show. That might open up but he obviously. That's my L. I felt I. Grab a show. That's delicious. Thank bloody years of browns coach though if there is no better way to punctuated that talent year. Then with a summary of what was so awesome about this podcast that I want to do a reminder and reduces. Other gay I just wanna do this because we're make enough hard hard pushed. And New Year's take this whole thing to another level we have a lot of surprises and twists and turns and lot of power. Lined up behind this baby. And by one thing I wanted to know. Go to iTunes and subscribe to this subscribe to leave a comment subscribe to Brad Fo Sho podcast on iTunes. It will be the best thing you do in 2008. Team while we're not quite 2018 yet at least the number taping this. But we are going to look back. At the year that was 2007 team and we start off the year by taking the W laughter show we completely root re booted the podcast. Man in and I think it all worked out a big big. Read redouble our efforts we had some memorable moments inward it's gonna take a few moments to to rekindle. The passion. And the anxiety. And the fund. And everything that goes the twists and turns the emotions that run deep. With listening to the Brad coshow podcasts and it's gonna get better and we we agree to making it all the time. But I think that this year has been a pretty good years so I felt like you're a good time this last week to them seventeen to recap it and helping the recap with a guy who jumped in only. Richard neck nick friar probably neck so good to have you here not to be after the car. Yes my wish you that you died. Call into your show I did hear over a year but then somebody says oh please Chris as an older or whatever. And he wished that I get to a car action we go to court podcast the next day unfortunately we could record before the meetings because. I got a car accident like mine had wished upon me. In the the baboon that I got a car crash with. Was parent or relative much slower growth plan. Let I'm glad I'm okay I'm glad to be scared he took that back. He's he's trying to turn over and leave though is the via this from these. Two I don't know what you when you ask them would you hope that someone dies off you can actually take that back part. Whatever I'm always there something like that that will move okay. So that is one podcast organ way the Mott won. And we're talking about these podcasts in which one did really out of and the other is that all over the place. And we had that podcast a few weeks ago month or so ago where we ended up we're talking about the Vietnamese and we end up talking about. Mutt in the hot stove show an outlet outlet today adult. It that is in sort of like that now. It's is this fine look at the top three ranking yeah I know it's so that's what I wanna do so I have may be my top three ranking maybe a lineup with viewers I don't know what yours are you to climb blind but we've done so we've done 54 of these babies episode number 55. 52 weeks in the year that what's that tell you we've been really really consistent I'm proud of myself. Not only yes thank you clap louder now if you like OK thank you and and so hasn't been easy at times because let's be honest. The baseball players or board this is the baseball podcast and and ought to baseball writers are boring to me it's this isn't an easy gig mrs. I feel like we've hit our stride a little bit in the heading into the new week have a better idea. How we can expand the audience by. I think that there there is a following in not to speak of the T shirts but there is a following in ninety cents rabbi and I tune in tonight. Or stitcher I understand I probably have understood how this works as opposed to broadcast the pops up for your phone. Brad Rochelle has the new podcast. It is magic and you want that popping up on your phone. In the coming days weeks and months give your tie up are you want to rent it at that I have the questionable. The awesome. When you start needles that question what if they psyche okay are. It's aren't yet supposed to use who's so this do that worries top pretty good top top five that I I start at number five okay episodes on March 6 yep with sonic. Well yes yes that was a good one loved and having worked the shot for a year. It was great that oh or not with him what he'd been through years I heard my EI and pass the in years that's where I first learned on so I'm your friend told I was also he'd just been laid off from place where you were laid off from as well Comcast New England. And it was it was good to have government studio number one. And to actually have that's the type of thing you don't wanna do over the phone you also want a little bit of separation in and does he was very very honest. The one line he came on he gave in that thing which site always keep using which are so true. At that time we know where Comcast NBC sports Boston we're going. And he said that you wanna be the third great year Sports Radio stations up on TV I thought that hit the nail on the head in these few shows now. The shows didn't start until after that podcast. I thought that's sort of one. Boom the road they were going to see with Italy Evan Il he gets level back for what he writes when he but he takes deck sink approach yet they want to Abbie he's didn't listen he's getting more he's gonna plotted over there more for. You know of these things you can sit down and have a talk radio currency towards can be brought to talk radio. Then the com international signing. You know which which you know read you like doing like reporting but the slight told them coming in. Then that at that and John McCallum says while Saudi way delegate so number four. Was one that we exceeded together October 27 episode 49. What's wrong with baseball and Detroit is being. Tomas he was on now under the doors and it was nice but the what's wrong with baseball I was a great one because we talked about the stats. In all the issues there from its conversation I have a lot of people. Across the important demographic 25 to four. And everybody has an opinion on whether it like stats don't like them and how much it's hurting no one needs a good headlines. You might view you might feel like that was a good one. It was great but the topic was yep but that's how you yet this is salvo some of them I like reading heckling you vote so I know I don't all right I've not perfect. So but but this is this is arise stats are dot com they give you up I'm gonna give you example of of how like you can do podcast where you feel like oh that was a good podcast. But it's knocking you listen to either because the topic or because you just to not write good deadline. I have a perfect example that a little bit later but go that next one okay number threes is the real. Real ones that are essential bills and number three was when you're down at Dominican Republic with. OT this of us Fazio reality of being a woman in this business that it got it right in this business arts that's organized as brilliant people and feel like they're part of the equation there enough episode 53 on December 5 I mean she finalized yet thought that was good I I didn't know that what were reached that would have but it was sort of around the time attorney was talking about this stuff. And what you no doubt is a me when you sit down threes we wrote that they were keys event when you sit down with someone and you're just talking. But that's in the in you do not running out of things to say you know what questioned my ass now that's the problem so many times of these things where are right I guys. Acts player on. The phone. I have to go down the laundry list of questions instead of let's just have a conversation and that's how that one in she's the people Latinos that have had a position we know that there have been used for years you know has an opinion whether tied you what needs in del. Gary and most recently. But its roster is one of those ones she was the first female to actually hold the sideline reporter positions he's one of the ones that a lot of people respected and when she left people miss and obviously for different reasons but you know she was it the end editor of one thing that he did which I missed in some respects of the others. Why's she would always be asking reporters' questions. And that's what drives me nuts if if you'd gone asking reporters' questions Nancy we know everything. But she was always inquisitive and went in that first your for was not easy to 2006. That was not easy but since its 2007 and no one was more respected than her where she is doing great at tight learning the business of talking to someone about that in most actually you know and for us now people. We're young in the business don't ask questions of the veterans. Mean this for not that it has been verio burial at a better deal last Thursday. I'm against number two. Some. Mine number. Opens episode 42 September 12 I think that's the one that did the past. All of them and that's predictable beaches. You know you had it reached out to all kinds of different media outlets and here's the weird thing about that one was. And I might have said this before the so I asked so this is now our couple months away from the whole pack price right yes and talk. And I asked Timothy wanna do podcast now lol I know if he knows Mike Estes. Am I assure he who fight club but so he says Schorr RT okay hobbled Tuesday aren't Tuesday. Now I never never ever asked and said hey we're gonna talk about that are tied with the price situation. He just said sure I'll talk to now I could have not I could've done that Argus leader not in not asked Rowe price in and been perfectly happy. Because I think that like the way he broadcast and things like that. Why so we sit down we I think you're ready to do this and we go into one of the visitors. Broadcast Booth. And and I just a Utah court you're now I still have not one time said are just what an askew or we're gonna talk about the price situation. And he just went off. I mean in so in hindsight it was just the sweet spot of the far enough away he hadn't talked about it he want to get this office chest. So back how's the year been. It's been it's just think you know because I've been doing this a long time not necessarily in the Booth but you know what nests and yes the years or so and add up to there's been nothing like this year just really he go back over and why you know why this up like that happen. That you know who have enough distance from it now. To sort of say that you know things happen in this game you know to sort out to be me. I think is very unfortunate for everybody you know it's. That's connected with it you know that stocks priced me whatever so I'm glad it's behind us now. Now we didn't get there were some things that we dig deep deep into like the applauding in the plane and stuff like that. But. In and I and the other part about that podcast was that I felt as we were going he sort of started realizing. Now. Well. No but I really like these I've got. To let you know like that I goes back to the ghastly right. That you want you wanna you wanna conversation wanna put people bodies and he was great to talk about it I mean that's one thing we always hear about act was it he always took ownership -- group when he played yet he was when you need to ask you bill rates spot. Though as the day that was the I'd use the ego. No ordering the soup step aside this. A note. One top. Pass yeah he knew him and do you think if that's right yeah he knew exactly what was going on and that's why do you talk about news heed the fact. You never done a podcast and I think that he understood sort of the concept the pockets is like a lot of people right now right that people especially the older sat. The and they say oh yeah I this Catholic youth kind of neat this is the way things ago when I wanted to point out. Mean I think that Kirk has really brought that to a lot of people round here. Is that I don't wanna do podcasts are wanna be on the podcast in and that's sort of feeling go. Yes it's all messy and I think that the people in the business and credit that to it growing so much as the rap show again and again in club estate and credit. His show. But it is active. Okay the number one. Of course in my book am I would average price and number two but the hot stove show drama episode 51 November 17. Not only. All we did was that probably second best one to the Aqua colors. But it also lets you enough about the parents review and battle how to gauge of that like that so called underwear thing is in Paris in Canada's deaths in here adjusting levels and he could about this one of the things it. What does he came up during the when mark and I were each other and Kirk podcast. Wednesday he is convinced and Kirk was convinced to that we went in there saying this is the part gas preventive. We're gonna do podcasts had me complain about a month in the hot stove show it's not tell me what do. And you know ten knows the whole thing and probably would have been like one of the worst podcast of all time. But hey we destroyed the GM meetings what about show way irony. That was like we're gonna recap did she boring GM meetings with go through the it was that time to do podcast. But that I don't know how it came up were still riled up. I'll explain illustrious limits are respect and understanding of what the day it was like we like I walked in rob has which I'm like no adult video went on to throw me off receipts and to get him to get a set up for the podcast Yassin to join us she's like kind of elective is like OK out. He comes in later on the show when he has his notes all based almost stuff from the west show the night before. I had mine looks like I do today again a list of notes about what's what one on the GM meetings would go on for everything like that. I did have notes about things that you are treading which did come up. You and much up in everything that was going on there but it was not that long thing it was about a cent a line. That just to bring up to something at the beginning you'll we get warmed up and and jump into the real topic. A complex. I think I just struck a nerve when I brought up in huge brick with a plea was against. It was going this is what you know this is goes the talk radio play in particular taping this this moments after being on the show or John that's locked out or. And and I don't get too much into that rightly so but it's like this this what you do like a topic comes up that is of interest in maybe controversial. And you cast doubts that's what we did and can offer little down today and mutt tried to offer the open and bound by. By confronting me but I was so confused that you know about how it is I like who is still listen this is like being in him yelling he's bringing up things like. You know like me doing NASA and appearances in. It was a sober all it was great I know people who listen and physical well okay it's it was confusing felt was middle east of the edges yeah it's other. In many and you can hear rubbing his hands and well there you go the use of current putted some. Yes so anyway that podcast is. It was what it was and and it's funny because those. Those podcast doubt was also one of the ones that did amongst the best. Because you know obviously you level of attention drawn to it bide her ex podcast. Maybe something's said on the air and but also the so this is what the radio it's about this is what has become and this is the challenge of this podcast to be perfectly honest. Is that I wanna do like sit down interviews like we do with actor or players and stuff like that. But I also know that the that the dramas the thing that sells so you gotta make sat in as a ethics though and in. And by the way I mean much has ruined Harsco shows. Are you re just to recess say that ride. If I act I emphasis on that take full credit for because I was an initiate conversation here on the brat social. I think hot social has gotten better since then and welcome to housing ever and I yelled at each other for a five minute that was the highlight. Like we did the show how to get the weight oil that you don't know I'm not blaming him for that's fine I was fine for him in by. That the promises that you had nothing going on usually last show we did and we we get through twenty minutes to talk the team that uses nothing else to talk about. In that that's where it would be like hey this get a guest on let's get somebody a note on to advance the conversation and he just and he knew what to meet you'd get that denying the money like what are we gonna talk about the last forty minutes in. That's not a product so much of nothing going on you make something that's going on in. That's rice today you can entitlement which davis' exit Aussie amount. But if they paid this third desire to thank you get the last ten minutes he wanted to talk about. You know something completely non based moral and what shouldn't blame them but it's you you go to that show and it's like you'd at least how I fell. Is that you did again you've got to find a way to get through that hour when nothing else going a lot of times that is having a noteworthy guest on envisions there's no acceptance to that. That is why the show has been an have to be Red Sox welcome to the darling yankees. Could have Brian Cashman on I mean not just I mean like what you guys are taught to not only is it doesn't it's the same thing like you can tell doesn't wanna talk about it. Oh okay well I'm just saying I don't I whatever I've still I've said my peace through in the hot stove show probably see that look for the last season let's let's. Listening I'm not a yes man to so he knows and I think I don't agree with that -- that's fine your fired but I wolf I would just say this. Is that you know so the hot stove show me come ago but the brow approach show little old government all of our eyes when Althea iso albums and so again to recap the top five to serve but he knows. Episode attacking not number one a surprise. You can put packers' number well I mean you little buys that needs it's really talk wonay Wendy's there and that's that's me because I was involved in an affair winners again in my rankings iso number five episode fifteen bullish on McCadam. Episode four portly label but it well worth the listen on the payment yeah episode 49 number four on my list what's wrong with baseball Roy's knee. Number three was episode 53 riady being a woman. In this business for team is about CO back opens up episode 42 was my number two and hot stove show drama episode fifty of cash. Move law which went to Iowa laughter Q no once he won other ones of your notes for the good ones. I had was episodes so there's no good but not great good will not apply OK I mean no particular ranking episode. One point three point six or all worth noting because all manager Lou appearances it's always good yeah art that's what that's why. I wanted you morrow is Lewis the field as usual commitments. And is this look at everyone figured the contracts are here they're literally like say here will give you 101000 more dollars. If you sort of agreed to do something when digital I'd love three to Fauria column be very you know and and and here's the thing no one acts don't ask what can this guy do. But with a Lou a defective this is and I've talked to him about this. This is something we can build and that we can view on a regular parents in and I enjoyed it was bizarre that you know. Lou will it take you some bizarre turns in the last year but I still at the heart of it I do like pockets sit down and talk the moment. Talking about stuff and a goes back to. We had a podcast. In spring training at the kitchen table in spring training. And he had yet to do an interview John throw for the first item that was. To me it was interesting because you know their deal face to face and it worked out fine. He Freddie Mac and it was great I'll I don't limit that dances are returning an episode 261. Of the three. A that was with him and chilling talking about it now have a good one yes. Up opera why didn't throw the ball behind that guy you might as well as standup appointment and I'm gonna brought it back you. So let's just try to get over. Danica hurts the defense and while we got a pitcher men and really look at this got a boy Seacrest he said up on the outside corner lol what exactly happened there that's very that was a really really like if you like. Two baseball that was a good one yet and that was about. Was that a vote that was the Orioles Irvin he had heading intentionally hitting via hours may be the best of the three. That seed the Larry Lucchino aptly write the the number down at the other keynote talking about the universe street the Dodgers trade am. Is so. It's the goal here is a great interview. But I just thought like it was it was good to revisit this in which he knew it was a decent guided do it. I will say that you know I'd. Typically you'd you run into problems. When you go too far in the past and this is sort of the unit thank you always wanna be looking forward. In like so I I love the idea of re visiting team recapping because you get more honesty in everything else. People for whatever reason they always wanna be looking for though let's go for the real hardcore baseball junkies which I think those generally. Listen to this show. The theory that you know is tough guy in audio at times with him it is tough to put Ellis it was via that that's another goal of the Bradford showed. Have better are consistent quality of audio across the board but I will say this is that. If you want my plan was that one going and with to get multiple people were involved in that Dodgers trade back in 2012. He was the one guy he was fine. Lineup it would have been great to sort of do when you CDs. You sort of thirty for thirty podcast now wary in an explanation of what exactly happened and when your five here's how you can be a lot more honest certainly knows the goal way. Poorly excuse some more under the good list necessary in the top five episode 34 anatomy of cup clubhouse confrontations. With Hamas after that yeah I was Abbas government asylum yes really equity act react at that nobody he also like this is how you handle I remember the AJ Pierzynski 19. His locker the next day ads are people who love the scenes anybody. Wants to be in all of baseball a sport that's how you do it man it's like the rip Brzezinski Pierzynski was announced hole. And by he stood there and who made himself available the next day presents do you like these started pitching him famous taken in the hallway. It's took in the hallway bitch and some more. And then you know is not gonna die. But that's how you do use. If you I know originally from a disc yet thanks for street or across a conversation. In Europe and I have that conversation if it's now from bass. It's I I've unwelcome in those conversations any time. That was episode 34 and of of clubhouse confrontations. And in the last them for the good with that have 43. Zander Bogart's opens up about injury season. That was that wasn't along one L was well what's what's his quick listen. But. We all were asked the question what's wrong and yet still bother me. Again. That's great so you missed that one there and I are off it's on your analyst of not some good ones. But you missed the one which I would actually put it's one of my top five. And this relates the bogus one is the smoky bets on I did not so the bookie that's of this is this is the challenge of doing these podcasts. With players. Is that specially during the season their time is is so valuable to them. You know holidays you unlock aegis can go up committed to a podcast it doesn't work that way. So with a smoky in ways pay in a couple days. Can I meet you at 3 o'clock in the dugout and do this. And so as long as you have an arranged he's blocked at that time they you know once you're going. More times than not they like do it it's not like the going to on the list of questions they like doing it some Oki was like twenty minutes Oki was Ripley really care and it was like finally tonight. We talked about this fire and you're showing the personality. That everyone wants to city. Arm and so win Bogart's east try to do the same thing now. He doesn't have that much time blocked off but the same idea you just wanna get him to a place where you don't feel like it's. You're interviewing him like you interview him in the locker aircraft do you like your top average once mighty. Sake that it and there. Is it worked fine OK I listen to this one but that the headline news just weird. Craig Breslow defense I don't know OK so that was a good one episode 27 so is so. But you have to understand what it was what it was published which was it was the they've talked about on the radio was the biggest topic on the radio which is Tom Brady charity story. Hayden. Right to remember that I remember OK that Tom great charity story now Craig Breslow they have instant instant. Incident. A few years ago where the globe took on and charities about sort of the same sort of thing and Breslow wrote a letter. Like bead on high river all the conversation yeah yeah so so. So he was like super super passionate a low. This topic about the the topic that was going on in that time. So yeah you know that the Craig Breslow PC Craig Breslow lob not to listen to it that's so weird it's just cracked yeah. It's weird I don't blame you but to lean on it is to lean on it. Now. If you look will look a little bit different and at the time with everyone's talking about is that that makes it is it's cracked as. Realities are property doesn't have to donate time she doesn't have to be satisfied. Is being it's a credit to his foundation. That that's through the heart outlines are hard to write some time yes that is I stadium Allen now Lott episode 32. Partying with Mike Napoli this after. This is weird is he going to description on I believe it's on yeah I dot com yeah right RW yeah. Texas Rangers first baseman Mike Napoli joint rob Bradford tock of the art of hugging. The art of hunting are yet. Because he came back. Does that Michael board wanna listen. Of your personal wealth of address first of offer as well as clearly might now it was a single guy. Well he's he's he's very good with these very good about the friends of the ladies so you wanna know like you where you arguably he is it any different then. When you go to Heidi guide and the reason why that came up was that it was him maybe I don't. By both of them then wrongly that fight it's. The reason that came up was because it was done when he came back to Fenway Park. And you're seeing all his old friends and teammates and coaches and everything. So he was constantly do in the hearts and it was a lot you know in every hug would be different and when you see you girl a hug would be completely different. So. And what our race you have but a blood though the biggest take away from that in my his agent who ran into a missed free. In Baltimore QB should bow in and good natured always sort of was Mike Napoli a couple years ago I think it was 2014. He had a shipment of bats. And on the on the bats where it says Mike Napoli where normally say Mike Napoli he had girl's names. Since we are now for three or four years out I can bring this subject up one of my favorite moments in baseball. Bomb it which was when you've got your wishes it was 2014. One of them they're. Team dog. Did you were trying to get things don't you tell you some things up a little it you get your shipment about him. Usually they say Mike Napoli on them Louisville slugger Louisville's what is it what was your records brute. Because the five votes of Moochie. Don't ever say the murder she is a creative isn't sympathetic to their clients. What did you have done to hear that instead of saying right now. Monetize cobol lady friends name on the backs. Whether well an argument is that he views now on and took awhile to find which one had hits and he knows it's a funny thing to do much on the Gaza posters. Guess Thomas long boasted I guess it. I've never you ever every I don't know how did that come about because I've never seen that. That idea how to crowded with this is something one day you said what was this a promise to wonderfully for a thought install those islands came via my job. Exxon's name moment. I just did told holidays. And easy for these men on the value oh god like. How's this gonna go down. When they hit it in. It isn't good virtue would do they say well what the hell what do retired. You know I really hear anything. That happened. Right so. No one picked up on it. So he was like up there with you know I think the first when would reach a star you know the -- yes so yeah so he's up there where it would save you know Louisville slugger Mike now pleased that -- are. It's so funny as atlas and you know this this is a few years later this time accurate to reconfirm with him we talked about this. We did in in the agents like you really had the pregnant like. Not to bring up don't argue fiscal it was is fine it was this like awesome. And death now yet though so it's actually. There was he's I've done a few with them in is because that you can come around and you can. In nights it's not. How much he talked about oh whoa whoa you know routed out he see season go in this and that of the parades stuff the boil since streets. No all of that's what's interest. Now the next one I do remember listening to. I'm in more so because of listening to pot because of the individual you had a guest episode forty fortunately right before it started doing the show what you. What's important when it comes to picking a manager. In yet featured a one Jonny Gomes I had boots on the ground it's now one of your favorite things like. Yeah you'd like though and no I. It was not done not on a far as I homes as always I act to listen to he's IA's debt what five times yeah. Been circulating that one out. I write wolf shot that. If you struck by lightning. But anyway anyway yes if you don't like listened to episode 44 you'll find out the five ways that guy yeah. He's always a weird guy again these were not such wonders just. You know that Craig Breslow like Greg presently Mike now I'm not a doubt but it is but soldiers the challenge of these projects and maybe you can tell me is. As they podcaster and consumer podcast. You want this book like episode or whatever. China yields like some podcast do that. And I used to do that too but you can't. He can't because this no contacts is no there's no wall what did Johnny don't say especially when it's someone like Johnny Gomez someone like Craig Breslow. But he you have to say this is what this guy is is the most interesting things got knocked out. I think I mean life the way I'm gonna approach it going forward but you've seen it before yeah I like Kurt does it to inflate your leaning on the person and sometimes the person's haft. Is so great that it doesn't make a difference. I think what's important to remember when you're doing these kind of headline news yeah I got that lean on there then in the audience but oh. The people listen to your podcasts or have an idea which are pockets understand. What you're going to be doing with additional what you're kind of bringing that it will questions you can ask you know if you know I know if he'll Kirk as they. As crude Jabbar talk about his book with enemy be asked about the Celtics lakers yeah Odyssey or something different but if I hear there let her before. You know I'm I don't read blow like that he had Jacki Jack McCallum on. I. At least that is there's a lot of the but does not rise again I make you via I again no one. Example in the bank year about how important headlines are we go ahead OK I have. Okay. This again headlights. EIG Dave's experience and listened to is good. But also to its previous name the department is when the putter going yeah I felt like like that's easy no no I thought lazy it's so. I'm so it's again this is sort sort of like figuring things out as you're going. And so I'm thinking in a look at normally before we do Russia Davis episode whatever route it is 41 right yet or Edward and unions but now I want to do something a little bit different but I don't wanna say it wired Nunez stocks about 01 effort. Are so yes maybe he was a little lazy. But but IIIII. I was just I was it was a test run it was a test run of the headlines and I can't remember I think. Posted pretty well I don't think unions would do there well he was really hot at the time yeah and and he was surprisingly. Good speaking English. Like like. He was he spoke to wasn't great. But he spoke well enough I think that you could understand what you're saying. And and he was another guy. Were you sit down with them and you could tell he enjoyed that process he enjoyed of being able to sit down with winds at that time. And talked about whatever brain guys that talked about it. And he's at a packed in the last one uses. One that I I'd get into it actually listen to again on the way here is short one episode 16 march 11 when he caught up with Clay Buchholz. That was a duck. That that that's a good one because. Some stuff he says there are of course in getting her right away along with it was a very sixteen minute talked GM as well and you at a clip from I don't know known I don't know I talked to Reuben Mark on non now Antarctica. It was for office yeah dad and then I would say it was definitely was like it was so sure that I needed talked someone else. But buckle like fourteen minutes but it is. He's had a couple lines there if in a drop it and later. If I wanna write a book. Leader in my life I collect. Based based on the Red Sox. I would love them forget but quickly pulled thread above actually may be argued that clinic call that you should do if you them. I believe that it buckle themselves know but that's no books or the other you get the most out of me and I ought to write a book from Dayton god these guys never write down on it but India. Was that you mentioned how the first time he struggled. Was that the big league level and that's important for who's like prospect lover like Richard brushed metal pat. I interval but. You know that you know you open your eyes realized. These guys a lot of times these adversity in these levels. Or maybe you're hedging your bets. Probing which again. So the problem without one wise says like Dallas and again at one isn't what I remember about that one is. This being unit played three you know that with a smoky conversation this inner conversation. And had to do a lot of had David there kind of you know. Protect us I just to society and not he's not here we don't have that one big person to. Kind of oversee everything and it's I mean. We have to kind of collectively as a unit. You know kind of pick up where he looks he's left off and I haven't done my part do what I can. No one's around here just pocket on there's no like going out more about this this guy's listening to back guys listening. The buckles he was at his locker and there was a set amount of time I was running out of time out of like it was in spring training. And in is also I think actually deal novelist sitting right next to last and so assist. It was just it was just sort of you dissed him have that feel of this isn't where does this have a conversation. And I've had those conversations with a before. But calm it just it just didn't feel great. And yes so. It's it's company branch that I totally forgot about a lot of these spring training ones that we did. You mentioned that Johnston bias once so just a bias it was the guy who was traded for block colts. And normally it why would divert the interview a dual podcast with a single a second baseman. But that was like one of my favorite one now whatever you tell well is it that you know this thing was is that I understand why people might not listen that's where I probably said. I don't know what it's in the headline that music good headline whatever one's a sample up but. This is a guy who as we talked he's talking about oh how he believes in time travel and black holes. And and if he couldn't be a baseball player he would stick sink holes in Florida. In the he was had always interesting thoughts clearly it deep thinker in this as in I write this dock at the border wanna know who will. Trader for Clay Buchholz episode thirteen years on February 21 meet the man who the Red Sox got for clay Bible doesn't give headline rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox minor league infielder Josh the bias beat the players the organization got in exchange. For Clay Buchholz Tobias as it turns out meeting one of the most interesting players in red hot seller at the Natalie offering great stories about finding. Out about the trade but explain his interest in space books and you left votes. The way you read it was really portly you can sell that at all but that was actually good outline it and I can't remember that can't remember if that did well. Or not but. So it is spring training. We did. Three training I remember doing now wanted to remember doing and Carlos Quinton. Yup which really is use this is another example of you don't have a lot of time trying to make the most of it he's he might be somewhat interesting. We probably do what we did like Travis are earlier in the year yes that was actually good one I thought. Because we had a mind and Parse the lad. Panama on and they're both good podcast where he was really really honest. David Ross comparing fans of Boston or that Kevin Ross though is hanging out with Rick Marcelo Joseph Kelly all right Ari so rest of this. I'm gonna bring up through podcasts that you didn't mention in your list right. Are the first horrible it was stopped so the one. Like it didn't it was all over the place big Joseph Kelly Rick Purcell podcast with all over the place. This is what I like this or what I want some of these podcast to be like. We wanted to win peaks we still we carve out a corner report of the WEI signage. We have the actual audio board there. We renegotiated free food drinks. And so and so we're at this place in four mars' twin peaks this what it's worth are we don't broadcasted over the thing because it's too noisy. We sit there and we talked for an hour retired for an hour about a lot of different stuff. And and then afterwards on the Eaton Franken talk for another hour. And that's what it should be should be guys sitting around drinking beer eating food and just talking and I wanna do more that I wanna do in spring training I mean who knows if they're going to be open to it again. But that to me is it that's what part cash should be about and I think that bar crystal does this in the world with there that's the the death of extreme example. But you know that's dice hanging out and talking in the bully me. Let listened to that. That is the most open them both those guys will ever be in this bull ever be for a whim I had to do some with a beer but. What ever you do whatever you have to do it. A little bit oh yeah I think for our maker's mark yet for fifth with if president of the the behind the scenes of that too well two things number one in the middle of it minute hand. Comes over and sits down. I say the beginning of it maybe he sits down he's like right across from Cali. In just across from personnel. That you wanna come on like now he's just there to observe. It like it's like if you get a munition probably for show but I I don't know what he did good. It was bizarre that he was sitting there did nothing to do dollar for Mars or you stop by so that was course or street can I get the sense of both those guys. At least had a vague recollection. Of the boring show and they throw like that dynamic ads everywhere yes so then the other part about it was. Joseph Kelly had said no way you know on McCree comedian of these jokes will tell a joke about ninety not you know not to tell a joke America wasted here. And then he goes the bathroom he comes back in the and a frantic fury. And set this guy is 300 pound guy just collapsed in the forties in these say help me help help me up. As it like in and I think OK it's like easing known all your can be able lift me and I said them like Torre about me I squad 500 pounds and and it's like this whole scenario vote on saving this guy's life. Well like no this is a funny jokes when viewed so it's an outcomes it's like 300 pound guy with the puck. Actually like half so anyway that was behind the scenes of the twin peaks podcast. The other one that want to mention which a keeper conferencing with regards the headline. Rough field devers was an op rough field ever it was. The dollar is still thinking double but he worries the cockpit below talked about a rock field. I had enter your marrow line and if fighters boy you know podcast. Reflects assistant GM and your marrow. Forget about it A Romero as a cute guy right by that started to get blisters so I had put the old saw the light the ultimate. The ultimate rock rob field devers podcasts or something like that. And you're not going to listen to a bunch number one because it was rock he'll devers and he was he was click rate central a lot of people. But number two because. It was it was presented that way in vast yet amend the door and add your marrow is great he was great you know on this kid forever so. The definitive definitive yeah I'll never pot home. It apart too as we did it yes. Are one and the Sunnis and you know lyrics about remembering the one by the part one. Well oh that was may fifteenth they talked again. Mean in July. 20. Remember this team with the data or member of Korea or whatever. So that part is that he did. It goes on on yes so but that's you board that is the because it was a good part cast but you gotta get him in the door. You have to get him in the door I absolutely so your top it off but act is an act is number one. That McCadam one's probably number two. But C a seal the sea is CEO. I. The the the twin peaks ones still with Kelly in Purcell it wasn't like it was a great podcast put this. The execution over there I was so proud of I'll put those there were five fault put 553. More at bats will be number 34 army. Mu you're you're you're sleeping on the McKee best one. I understand miss meeting making. But it's number three and number two. I don't understand him being where there McCadam tunes if you make shots that's fine but never to have it does not. It has to be hot social dropped non now that put him and for now. The sort of buy into this bowl it must have actual problems. Dollar value view exam because you're on it. It. Lives. Be it gas to be sure if you're listening to this now you listened. All the way through David radler visibly you do this is what you do you leave a comment. On iTunes in the comment that it will be not what you do as you. All about us if you can tweak Robin guy. Nick underscore Fryer and let us know your top five perhaps bush episodes please let us all which one was better. The the hot social drama or the. What's so what yes so I did Jackie Bradley one was and that was he was pretty good actually he talked about racism stuff early early on. You know we hello George did. That was over the phone I remember that was the offseason what we did also and hope we can do better job this year so the rats are very very kind. Too so in red winter weekend Don fox sports they have we've done you you know got their OJ SO. So you have the media session and they just bring you know all this the all the players all the me ties to a one right after the other after the other. Then you have their schedule for NASA and in the U of their scheduled for whatever WEEI show is like. The threatening to mosque he was the show's history and then they were nice enough to cart around a blow I don't know about six or seven guys for the podcast. They're sold for overall very appreciative. Secular law I thought it was going to be good because this is you know hundred interviews on the radio there. It's a looser setting. But they got these guys going from place to place to place to place so there wasn't. You know I didn't map Barnes and I did which I did later I held for awhile. I did. Zander I did percent and ten the that you were so that I've ever seen the schedule that they sent us in or so. I had bite. But everything was so shorts are either yet the lump him together was something else is Clayton Powell you know I have podcasts that won podcast will be I just waiting for the right on the dropping it. Is sort of the I have warts he's in Chris young and Cora all talking about the clubhouse culture. And for for me Chris Young was good. Because he was beast talked about like. Nurturing young outfielder has his role in that which they need somebody like that but I can't discount that blight by itself so. Anyway though we're weekend. I hope it works a little bit better. I like that they carved out time but you east side mean they're just running these Dahlia by the way I know you didn't give me your fourth. I don't know my fourth year he just eat you are no one's behavior oak. All right I can't put them Mott won there. It's. That baby of him like given the satisfaction that's. You could it as a masculine. You could yeah what's wrong with baseball I think that was. No you go up what there is not up with a Maloney Schilling on there yeah now put the Maloney actually won America's outlets. That was just you you can tell these guys it was like catnip program. That they once again role in this is well Lou you know Lou wanted talked about the stuff. And he doesn't get the avenues talk about it on on the air same thing you know we this where we talk about with Ryan Hannibal my cast why would you of Christian story on talk about football. Because he can't talk about is long. On the year as he can on the podcast right or Kirk with the Tom Brady interview. He can you talk about it now long race so anyway. Yeah so video. We took the W off the show. The video welcome to this world yet is it and it was a better move green in RTS. Well. I don't know the answer them on make her feelings but. It was you did a good first vote that you do your job don't winner meetings reset on a podcast suits on you're. Contrast to go to the way. Are meeting and you drove her like you said today I certainly did ya see the machine and Americans and get America right exit you'd. The Big Three rushing in America and promote it was it separate votes some rates of re in Denny's yes. And they're not machines Mary Schiavo. My biggest regret was not doing anymore. So much. Delegates we we did muted and you worked out yet that's up from them rusty after there was they'll let him in the press conference yet. Though aside those we dug about comfortable easy going sit downs and I have four minutes a day off well. How is four of four minutes in three seconds target so law youth I think is some brought her you'd agree with the frustration you get for shoes meal. That the -- this frustration let things normal human. You know so anyway but things are moving now in and now we are on our way you know spring training. I think I'm going. Well for this break yeah I think I'm going to there's not a guarantee I think I'm going. To a rat votes. This Providence journal ago like reap the benefits are they going to be passed the year ago on the timber and going on now for couple weeks well maybe and now eagerly. Look oh all right. But it doesn't awesome girls on Mikey at that point as the you industry trade before. Not report out there for just like. What you did a good job go enemies you do your job you did what you're supposed to which is the highest in around two months ago and now and talk to people and even if even if you used. Your power of being honest podcast and everytime I think it's people because of David Ross offs. I'll walk into the agent for Edwards kind auctions and then rose. Mapped artists I don't know if you know me pretty big deal it says on the crap out. Who have. The UI case that for IS MIK Rosenthal he's right all the time yes. All right Jack are right it can right next next Hitler. And and eyes movement. Right there one. This is a good one I'm a proud this one whoever won again go to iTunes to strive and right to subscribe on Twitter are stitcher. And and you'll be happy you did big big things ahead in the new calendar year.