DHK - Rob Ninkovich on James Harrison and being called out during a Belichick meeting; Are the end of Brady/Belichick days upon us?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, December 29th

Hour 1:  Curran & Tomase are joined by Rob Ninkovich for a surprise visit. Nink goes into details about his thoughts on James Harrison, what happens when you get called out during a Patriots meeting, how he tried to get more playing time at tight end,and much more. Tom E Curran thinks we are entering the end of the Brady/Belichick era.


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Then tonight you reveal some only those little always. And moves. Yeah it's not it's fun Caroline said John tool must see. Brought to get stacked the technical knowledge and technical difficulties it is good. Here are my headphones during that whole trendy thing with absolutely smother you which you nailed. And it's extraordinary thing you've resigned Ryan Ryan walks and we talk once a week on. Line. Had resigned rang and I thank you. Watson. With his disgust when it's not do justice to help idolized him and I think we have to I saw that there weren't it was uttered or notice das before you quietly and radio. Studio in which the headphones plugged in and breathe in breathe out what's with you guys. That does actually that is a fair question why wouldn't have Netflix which is that we booby trap this thing for the guy with a big nosed glass. Is that what's going on ultimately we do everything what you want to push you to the bathroom when he IP as well well I'm up on that. BP and the city years half a century worth the urine coming out of me. Lot of it voluntary. We got the must see Karen when your friends that hey it's rugby Ninkovich played bad. My thumbs up to. Money in vitamin wanted to get him he can't do we wish you can see a lot of Diaz eyes he can see us waving at nobody asks. Read that right there with a red light in the in the blue who was over the Internet handle the plugging in and ahead on says he doesn't get to Spain. Alina patriots great are going to be asked to. It would be doing. All right now debt as a joke around father you know comes will not achieve here. Patriots defense former defensive end and Weaver captain. Now as captain it's not there and you know and that's why you're in the locker nobody else was over at their lockers. Are Rudnick riches in studio now I'm not sure we gonna pay him. But I might as well ask our work for free now. Which is terrific that that was his lesser patriots way right. I was just Cleveland for dad well and I can have made more but I stayed here what do you think about all that well and that's what James Harrison apparently played this week. You wanted to when he shot his way out of Pittsburgh you know wanted to win football games came here. We James Harrison. When you finally beat fan has a tremendous football player. Before ballplayers did very strong. Sounds diplomatic it's. And diplomat diplomatic right now it's just it's mind OK I'm a patriot. Right. Doing the page written I've been here this is by this is where it. I did everything here in other teams or even count them out and play for the saints and just for my CO that was all it did I met my wife that was cool. You know sometimes the best and worst of tea well this year's been difficult will be different you know at home you know for the pals right I'm like OK at the moment ago. A so you know although this is right I don't get it there plates welcome to clean. Harrison James Harrison backstage there's a case of uses Stiller for very long time right and yup it be almost like Suggs played for the pats right it's just I would be even more that we got his act better the exact comparison I made that two days again it will it's a little different to Suggs is actually said things. Mean James doesn't. It doesn't really say much race quite chaos he's popped out a few we usually subs I would say in the two sons as well all is well Harrison Beck easy you know number it is that is certainly looks. Might do we stance and it only does he just he's the better. It's so so would you ever be able to make that leap even if you pissed off is obviously Harrison was pissed off that his deployment the so he parachutes out of chutes is way out of town snoring in meetings so the Joey Porter is in a position wary seven it was new. Paris and sawing wood on one side of the room. And well that's outplayed woods a reporter. I played Matsui in Miami in 2007 via Ike. When your old he was sawing wood in team meetings with Cam Cameron coaching legal team you know like. It was a little different now America's beer oh and ten and then when a game and I wasn't playing in just it was the worst you're my life down there but. You know I've played with them he was so he's a wild man so same guy says guy Harry same guy because he's they're different I would say same guy at all. I would say as a veteran. Veterans sawing wood is commonplace. In any NFL. Any setting even bill. I'm gonna call name's output. Actually I'll call Matt Light out have Mike analysts what does it not in team meetings never team meetings may be with Scarnecchia the down day. He started in the meeting you know couldn't seize panicky just kicking his feet off whatever chair yeah actually I actually told me that his original seat was. Like in front of the computer so. Scar was behind him so he he that popped his head up certain ways to look like he was a plea was actually right. Its ruling you know and so you get the head Bob at some point oh yeah yes yes like twelve round fight in means knocking it just an error so yeah but I don't know. There's people sleeping in meetings all the time I mean imagine being in our meeting. So it's. You know it's like it's this. Pretty good to have an area bill. Editors like. And slowly like sinking in your chair. Trying to just drink your coffee without spilling it burn your lap you know so. Does he really do a thing in alike column someone that makes your paying attention that Adam and that's. Like early teens like that bright in the team meeting starts but come through me like let's see if we know. Rob can you tell me what. Three time and that they have not Buick in that this happened and this is actually have to be mental side first as much a person and first like. 2009 my first team meeting. Be playing the bills opening night. And we actually almost lost that game was when Mary rather forth don't you ever that you know Kelvin Grady that first game back yes yes that so I was like. You new to the team I had no idea you know like this is all due to me. I'm just happy to be there might want NFL team on the matter roster and this is awesome. And it. Bill calls me out like rob can you you know tell me who the tide is ours and I'm sitting there and pepper Johnson uses sit right next to me you know the like coached and I'd and so Leo I've froze them. Because I got nervous a lot maturities that are we as a young guy I was nervous you know he's got that. That bill like just make that our debt just like yeah I am urinating right now ultimately it's up so. He asked me I didn't know is that really didn't look at it so I look at my I'd take my eyes it is look straight down my book is Susan forming an oath that book. So. I'd I'd put it down on the ground and he calls pat pat it in aid pat takes the book might I don't know it. In for a little team I didn't know it's like. So so what does he knows calls on somebody else what's the reaction to the side and both sides of the union operates in all I and it's so. In team like I go to abstracts relate to our stretch before practice and dorks on his way yours work. Next army veteran issues. And mostly. And so. Every week. I was I have like a specific system of however write down everyone's names. But if you look at Allman has a law I have all my notes that wall might have everything from when I've played. Every week's a sang. I'd Italians are on the bottom and bold letters tight and highlighted with our later and I have ever every name on the roster and their stats right there OK book by every one you mean in brief Rican player. Every time and that's on the roster to everything all right. If we played Miami it was every. God that was on the right as the wise you use you blockers you pass catching tight you know as if for any type guy in it you know as he would as. So when he asked me if you would all the time after that with sensitive when he told me he better know everybody I was right there. And any kind of puzzled smirk you know okay. Just a back up for 12 what's a Fauria time how would you classify for tech act you make. Very handsome somebody's talks just talks you know talks a big game. But he can back it up. You know and then. It's kinda tense the block you know would rather catch footballs. You know like he'd rather run a route that like stay in there and smash which must promises he made very able when it like that's the end and all those touchdowns in on the. Okay. Man you know because I have great hands like I'll say this right now like to talk about myself but I can catch football on hand yes I can catch a ball. So my whole time in New England McCain can do this and I can catch a pass and like you know. They go like we don't think we have depends. And I have pretty good tidy and there I guess you would rather put. Wrong guy out there instead of Ninkovich yeah but who really think of it. But who was getting it just in the next I don't see Hillary you know with the Steinbrenner for the trick play like you know opening doors and there but it's look at at. I scored a couple on defense like you know that's that's fine pick six that's fun scoop of fumbled. Bears touchdown. It's given a good at a good time. But flurry though. If you said you were able Fauria who had the best hands of three. It's for you can really catch craft four because he does that everything was really he's really good hands and it really good hands tall guy. You know Vrabel had really good hands to in his arms are like daddy long lines that you filibuster the way from James Harrison here. Oh you like to back to James Beck yes he's this about his eyes on or does it this is their party was a patriot that pisses you off with a means of well because we need somebody hopes that the edge and stop the running game will he be able to do that it seemed that if he squats like you know pounds he should be atlas at the edge. You know my dad's 64 he's got a vice group for handshake you know like he's still strong you know he's strong guy can. He's 39 years old yes he split a lot of football yes. But you know he can help in the running game so I think that there was a need to and the running game which as we progress here to the playoffs. It's going to be a big deal if you gotta be able stop the run if you wanted Tom you were on the field a lot more often and as we've seen in Miami. Time of possession is T you know keep in palm off the field other teams like if we can on the ball here. Keep you know have the time of when the time of possession keep the offense off the field I'm off the field and got a chance. You know also moving forward they're gonna play a few teams here that can rumbles that they need to stop the run that's number one. If only there are guys available he knew the system. And could set the going out and I think it's that maybe I didn't think about OK so. Honestly now how close did you come. I was pretty close but I have to clear waivers and that wouldn't happen. All you don't think so I don't think Nicholas asked how that works at a hundred errors as as a veteran after a certain I think betrayed our line. You have that are raider but how close were you went over number October oh I was I was enjoying myself I mean. I had a thorough the was happy with my decision because I went out on my terms and on the highest level possible after Super Bowl win right so hopefully they do it again I would love for them do it again calm but at looking back. I made that decision because I knew there played a lot of football player eleven years. Look at James Harrison you know he played a lot of years for the Steelers and he got released by. You know it's. That's that's not cool yeah I don't about loud not a ton of those auditors and get guys out later on turn out in the mean Vrabel was traded yeah. In a with the Kansas Bruce are you winners in his own term Bruschi Rodney Harrison. Rodney writing or Ruddy right via towards squad but he was injured Bruce was. Injured and out into disuse yes so we're going to be of there's something to be said about like tea. I'm I'm perfectly great my body feels awesome. Wise that I. Lou emperor have any type of late they'll both win I've played a lot of football won a lot of football games have two championships. I keep. It's it's really. Not many people can do that. So and then on top of it say you'd say you retire perfect retirement you go to the Super Bowl you win the Super Bowl. You play eleven years and then you come back in and they're your Achilles it's like. I had the perfect situation I just came back from you know notre. And then and then nine going to be at a price you know you're going to be you know when Mosul scooters to push yourself around your kids like what that old and my intent taking out for. A run you know in the news now outside now because I'd be a frozen ice cube if it was you know and saying. So you know it. There's this as a football player just like Harrison right he said the competitor inside of them. As an athlete there's always a competitive nature and edge inside you know I'd sit in front of the TV sometimes upon my alma in towns like. It's the that's. No doubt go full NATO. So you wildcats' game with a helmet on not all the time but I do it our. I've faced I'm Chris Long with my helmet on and a four point stance and he just started laughing his wife was like ray next reflect what's wrong what is wrong. Did you have come a little crazy it's okay. Did you ever meet Brian Butterfield the Red Sox third base coach because he would come year camp a lot and he was lunatics are all kinds of stories of him like. Tackling trash cans wearing only in Michigan football helmet nothing else walk totals are all hell yeah like four. 5:30 in the morning in Fort Myers I know he loves you guys and he was there so he gets up at 5:30 in the morning was put America still are -- it's no I think he was a bit like you know for thirty to get into the park and should be coaches likes it in their coffee and he would come flying out of nowhere just the hell out of the chest it would just the Michigan helmet on nothing else nothing else see that's you know like why. I think you're doing at the end of the night before you turn and not you get up and sand and take off former different. That kind of seems like maybe. That he played football for many years is maybe Indiana has right exactly yeah came right out of that Tom I tower there might be seen though how you sound like you got your well analyzed I do have my faculties now so hopefully I keep them for down the road. That how would that how Israel so you know you have to understand that the longer you play in the more you smash into people like. Full blast Slaton look like a west implement them. It was a big hit rightly because she's not you know made it that's an interesting thing when you look at it. And just the number injuries this year and after this for joining us have been a disappointment you guys aren't may need to look the ligaments and the muscles are made to withstand. Sixty to 75. And the speed of a 45 guy I mean you look at Harrison when you look at Donta hightower you look at the young Lewis even Dion Lewis. He's just one little muscle hill pinball just isn't exits are not meant to withstand that stuff and you look at you know Jack Lambert was it 210. Pound linebacker and we senator Ted Johnson and Ted Johnson muscle on muscle and he was written you know biceps and tendons that we gathered you know it's it's as a football player for many many years of Jack the big Jack dudes they usually have. More of the injuries you know I'm kind of like that. Electrician plumber guy like. Not really jacked but I'm like pliable you know like Tom and his liability on flexible but I'm really strong and I'm not jacked so let's take his shirt off you know like she's what does that guy. If football player and let them football player if you spend time without Guerrero. Well yeah I go renowned their one time McFadden. Put his helmet my ribs like full speed and I've. I'd like couldn't breathe for ten minutes and like that week I'd had the most pain ever and I he went in just like. Massage my rib cage was the most pain ever had my that I seen in cases like semi have you ever seen major pain. The envy major pain he's like you know there's an engine like the kid scrapes his legs like them it's the Yankees in the dike breaks his pinky at. And it's like say you don't feel your knees like that things like yeah that hurts so bad it definitely won't hurt as bad as it did you know so. I think there's some to be said for you know everything that Alex and Tom do because obviously it it works because Tom is forty years old playing in an extremely high level unbelievable football player right now and his age. And the bit that things that they do the things that. That is heard different than what normal. Football players are supposed to do. I think it's a little changed so I think if you take that and you learn from it and you're just stick to some people if your linebackers and offensive lineman. You can't just. Do the things that Tom Goss is obvious he's quarterback you know it doesn't have to take on people and push somebody and Brett block in Arizona running backwards and hit a handful realize and that's where it. The conflict lies because you have Tom you have the Indian deleted Julian you have Brandon cooks. On Donald I and the number of guys who need the play ability quickness but at some point to you have to move Ndamukong Suh. You have that stretch yes a life so you that this some weights and I have to lift I had to lift weights or else I would have been like. You know the water boy in I'd have been like on over the Gatorade table. It has been over with because I was I'm 62260. Pounds I'm going against. Sebastian Ballmer who's dancing 580 pounds the Dallas have a say hey you know what the weights and not a week ago. No no no no I don't think they don't like that investors say it right now the dollar that's not that's not the case at all you know everyone. Everyone has to do what they specifically think will help them play football so for me I knew. I enjoyed lifting weights I lift lifted today I love it I like working out I like staying in shape. I just I think that learning what your body needs. Is everyone has a different need you know like there's guys that. Me personally if I put a ton of weight on my back and trying to squat. It will negatively may be slower but do I need to work on squad yes but don't you put totally on back now so there's different ways to do it. You know like I always had a huge fence that's. I was love to do that you know some other guys that don't mind necessarily have a big like Brandon Spikes for example. You put 225 in the bars he would like be squirming and after like two refs. But he would knock anybody out with a Lipper with a shoulder as he was really good at doing tackling you know so it. Strength is like how like OK there's guys that. Look like Tarzan but they play like Jane but it doesn't matter it's how you individually can use that strength and use it on the football field. And play good football some guys are huge they can play you get the under is the feeling that there was any kind of undercurrent of tension or animosity between Alex is presence and you know that the training staff like my wizards him because well my time there I've. Alex was always there since I was 2009 he was Tom didn't assault was there and I mean Willie's. We were originally Willie McGinest was Alex was with Willie. And then Tom was introduced in and they build a relationship and now that they have a you know they have great thing you know it's I go to TV I had a I've I got to dirt bike right aborted their fight this year and I took her directly. Oh good August at a wreck I had that massive hematoma. In my quad and with a bruised folks yeah that's a bruise I'd if you like I hit my head I was to a light of that third year paroled like. Dirt bike route from a kid again. You know and alleged hit a piece of sand I'd looped out you know that might caught on handlebar and I got a huge bruise and I was like damn I could barely walk. So I got home because I was an Illinois go home and see Alex in a venomous got to move in house could go a boon did you expect at some point that this. And would come to ahead like that seemingly has where Alex would not be allowed in the facility or not to not on team. Charters in that kind of stuff did that surprise you as a party said I could kind of see this common. I mean I think the that aspect of OK you have on west one system or program. That you want everybody did that'd do. And you say you have a 23 year old. Don't kid that is kind of new to the system. You wanted to do that did everything that booed the team is doing and then say like somebody's like do better market you know that that's where the threat that if she's not mom does one thing dad and his top forty years old Tom's four years old like he has to do do things differently. You know if I was doing offseason program and I saw Tom doing something else that I would say okay like. He should be he's he has to do something about his quarterback and he's older and that's what he does to get himself ready so. In other there almost have to be a general. Understanding of Kate that's our home. And this is somebody else this is in the I have to do what the team is doing you know so that's just. The that they build just wants to make sure that hey this is my program this is what we're doing. And that's caucus Alex is still gonna work on Tom like this are gonna change. You know so that there is always gonna have common Alex you know so Tom is playing at his best that's just that's that's the way Tom. Works generally. I protocol today how much sodium keep lavandera. Get that got the three epi don't get it around article quote I'm on the morning show it on a Clark anymore a cable car. Vacation week I wanna ask you this I wrote a column today trying not to. You know. The chicken little saying the sky's falling by. When you look at the patriots right now there's a lot of uncertainty things are far closer to the end and they are. To the beginning. Freeze up in 2019. Settlements up rocks out. We're gonna have a fleet of job openings come up and trust McCain has mapped official both beeline for those. The Guerrero situation I think probably. Has exacerbated. Or maybe created a little bit of tension. If you look at bill he 65 years old. Do you at all think that it's ludicrous to think that. We're kind of in the last dance. Portion of that. Well I mean. Just. I used to be honest yet to be honest with herself from him. It's like the the old guy boosts 55 years old and he's like I still got back his ghost played pickup basketball and he walks in the gym in like. You know Enron like laughing because I can't run anymore we've talked about yet yeah what a victory here at the last day I know I've been the continent. So like you just I think honesty is the may be the most important thing right with anything but if you're honest. That'll help you if you're like delusional. Like that won't help you would never have somebody just like delusional there are yes they're talking near like what he's talking about like that doesn't make sense you just have to be honest like. Nothing last forever right but that's when my own career I was like OK rob. Nothing's gonna I'm not gonna play forever I can't plea for a here's a thing I'll be a pile of do we know rubber meets the road though the patriots. Meet a decision was Jimmy Barack below. Believing that something can last forever well I think that was a game that trading Jamie because Jamie is an unbelievable quarterback and a guy that. You could build a franchise around obviously. He's going to be the franchise guy in San Francisco and I'm very happy form because you know imagine him. Being the backup behind Tom for a long time. And then Jacoby gets here and he goes and now he's a starter mean and he sees like card David Carr who. Came in that the same draft within he's an Oakland he's eyes big quarterback in the league he's the guy. So he's sitting there he's like man I'm pretty good here and I'd. As wanna play so the best thing for him was to go somewhere else and we might veteran state for the team tree I think yeah B I mean any time but outside of that caliber. Because Tom can play fifteen years but there was no I'm part of that there was no ordinary resolution. So yeah I this is where you and I disagree because I'm I'm with what you said you have a guy you had another franchise guy. And look at the teams throughout history the dolphins haven't had a quarterbacks and stammering now unless you count Cleo Lemon. Or tanning but at the end Dan Marino was part of the 627 loss to Jacksonville Jaguars dim Marino was done that's not my point my point is is that you have a franchise quarterback. It is so hard to replace and even the teams that have done OK San Francisco you know you had Garcia you had capita per bit. They never won another Super Bowl they came close they made one you have the guy in place who can. Take the torch and carry this thing forward and the uncertainty they attacked Obama and the last Waltz kind of field this whole thing. Maybe that doesn't exist if you have Jimmy which keeps deal here which keeps the whole train roll. But I would say that would add to this. Of at some point we don't know when Tom is gonna decide to move on but the next guy here it's. It's kind of be a nightmare because you're compared to Tom Brady. He's not nobody is ever going to be Tom Brady Thomas Tom Toms the best quarterback ever been around. So it's it it's almost the best sick scenario for Jimmy you don't think he could've handled that I didn't I don't dance so I think he could then because he was here and he understands the system like you understand that submitted through a little orange new person coming in here. It's going to be good luck here it's going to be tough because I mean obviously this media hero critique anybody right now you know like it's it's a tough environment you know like this that. Boston area the fans are. They're crazy wild about every sport needs Austin and yet they they want. The best because they're used to it you know we've had a great quarterback for a long time you know. Third they're not gonna be used to. You know tiptoe along with OK we don't have the right guy the best guy who we're gonna turn figured out what if Tom Brady every week so so they were targeted but here's the thing they. Really people say all they wanna figure out as a way to figure out just franchise of I keep on. It's not that easy when you're talking 46 million dollars sunk into one position yet that's always I think it's much more complicated that round. The only other option was to keep them through the season. Q they didn't even offer them a bridge contract because I knew would whose response would be the only other option really. Is to present to Robert Kraft the notion of let's move on from Tom that's what I'd like to do here and I just think that's kind of an OnStar. Is that right Tom not not not Tom's playing unbelievable football and arms so. I'm not a GM on the I don't I don't know that the perfect answer here but it's just hard brick when I see a guy that's really talented and I said this months ago house like. Just like Malcolm Butler and I love Malcolm. I wouldn't have so boring if it wasn't for Malcolm Butler like he is a tremendous football player. It Malcom if I was if I had Malcolm let's say Malcolm. Who's the best receiver on this team just strap a mountain man to man lock them down. Everyone else who figured out you know it's like if we're gonna run zone here you just from me if you don't saying it's like he's so good man a man and he zoned in that you know. Like earlier who's talking about Malcolm and you know over the gonna do with them I wouldn't I didn't wanna see him go to New Orleans you know. I wanted to hear is he's a great football player just like Jimmy being around for many years. He's accurate he can move in the pocket he's Smart he understands how to manage a game. And that's who you want your quarterback is a game manager he manages the game he understands the right things to do in different situations and we saw it like I did I was watching NFL films. The two minute Jimmy had he was my thought it was awesome like I was like obvious that this guy means he's got the smile he got that hand. Jimmy GQ easing Cali like come on like the guys are for it's unbelievable like. Tell me can't go there without a date he's. Now cheesy price came go home by justice third to sixth all around his house very difficult did you have for dinner you know. Can you stick around or what when you think as we probably shouldn't break now. You better bring it to you army and I'm solicit traffic on them anyway so amenable. I think we are not are selling out for a little Rudnick of its gonna hang around for another it's two months seeing Ernie and for. You know it they'll only keep this up on Twitter I Owhali. He'd still in Hollywood cheat on Sports Radio WB EI. But it's not still in Hollywood keep its Tom Karen Johnson mossy we get and others had come up here. We've Rob Ninkovich and go. We need to people or in person who. What's a number six on 7779793. Cents. Text who cares McConnell. I look at him as got a text format like we said he says he's gonna make of the story and it's going to be so believable. Some just put it out there matters like. Prominent they'll think it's a sonic edge and he was doing something and just do it. Dubious he made it immediately into this maybe didn't rule itself that's drawn tactic that he'd into it was unbelievable hasn't mattered never sleep. You know Matt has so much energy right like right now he's probably Texan hearing now about it's the number and he's probably in right now I think he's in like them on the somewhere as assays have skeet shooting him five I was teaching them a couple of weeks ago we are shooting it was a very we had a great time it was a little chilly. But it is a new and we had a great time I'd really enjoyed it but he for the holiday. You know he's enjoying some sun which right now. You know in and joining anything at her side we it's brutal it's better now give night. Hear from our enemies ticket cult like that turn out and check out. It is homicide task is showing windy city it's colder there and it's windy and cold he had to give us expect the lakers aren't unlike the suburbs it's only gonna say infamous Chicago kid because I was suburb kid right still freezing and it's later cornfields like the wind just. And in eighth grade I had to walk to school one morrow. My mom got me this big ugly brown Parker like it was at least code ever saw in my life. It was black and brown in public on the awareness as well the ones who object. Ahead of where that stupid choice taken offered for wanting we had a hard stuff to my locker and a horrible code had all right orange. Floor inside line or a little my friends settle with that causal who hide on the forget that Oz lied lining is that what that is think about it yeah I don't know what that means and he's just me yeah I made up all the too bright orange face at any causal loops and a jacket that it's years like it's you at the mid night. Calf area that you were put the Jack and I goes all the way down your cast is a terrible jacket and a conflict keep fuel and look at issues who largely does it make fun of mommy it was snowballs and epic world now on I got back I got Toledo area police use it and it's not yet moved to a new school moved to a new school in the middle seventh grade because of the bullying now because my parents are like hey let's move out here and likewise in middle school year. Who were moving like OK great. And work emit a move you move like. To a different place any time mid to school years it's like different transition between separate seventh grade and as you know and we're right now and I was like chuck goes under and I was like 185 pounds seven Korea as a monster. These are coming Cha Cha on toting crypto that's it completes. A joking but. It was a big kid I couldn't play I would like to move this new excellent line. And most things football when a child for football I get on the scale again like nope. I was a 105 pounds the other way it was 135 dollars a battle right there as well that's for an eighth grader and like acres and it's a marvelous in Brigham and half you know so I didn't play the high school in the communal lines can hated that too. I appreciate that. Hands that. How big a loss would be if there's all these jobs are opening up. Matt Patricia goes elsewhere were Bryan Fuller has probably the neck of the flow love beef is a great man. It you know again I think that there's been a lot of coaches there for many years. That they understand you know the things that. Are asked of them and that time that that they commit to the team in the philosophy of the defense and all the different things that they do and they Iran and Matty has been tremendous and when I came in at 2009 he was my position coach so mean and memory relationship even you know when he made. He can make me so angry when it's all because he knows like hale say one thing rob you know like play better known. And that's just he and he understands how to do that and other guys he if he said some two may not make them play better so he can understands. How to get the best out of each player based on the personality. So I think he's going to be a great head coach one day. And he obviously is Smart he understands you know good fits and word of the N. All that that goes in the B and head coach so they'll definitely have an opportunity playing great you played through the transition from Pease Adam Bryant. Yeah I'd you'll that we had a transition from p.'s bill was our DC. For a year and value that was originally was basically don't like they did with mcdaniels and a five cent down play uncertain quarterback coach but he Israel radio Steve and bill kept. So he would run them the united. I'm Matty would run. Bill would run the meetings but Matty was in there you know as the assistant. Coordinator. That first year that bill was a quarter which bills according to a man it was unbelievable lows. Why so I mean just the knowledge and it remembering plays and personnel and just situations. Everything it's just amazing to me. I wish I could have recorded that clearly if I had a little recorder recorder because I've learned so much on just the little things and have a remember a lot of it but at the same time it's. He can't remember every word that's told the top. The tally at it catches up Tia in as you get older. But it's just you know the little things that in early in my career I was very like I can't mess up because I'm gonna get cut or can't mess up because. I'm not gonna play and no bill Conosoga doubt that from those for your game that's perfectly fine good job I'm like oh. So I can do like might make a mistake later my crew it's like I made mistake art. Explain I got and I can do that I can corrected if I'm making good player you're correct about bush so. He just helped me like my career settled down and I learned a lot. So I got an odd and I owe lots of Matty and bill both those guys would that mean ought to be as far as of my career and where a man now today. When we look at this team and its success since 2000. It really is the coordinators in coaches he keeps a small staff he keeps a young staff to meet my I've always such on. That he keeps a young staff because he doesn't wanna have. All the coaches who have different ways of doing things are coming go why would you like this so we'd rather have younger coaches come up in his system. In a Dom Capers was here briefly Dean Pees was here briefly but those are by far the oldest coaches. They were involved here writing fewer opinion of reverend doctor obviously but. Special teams get older I got it yet but I think Brad Sealy shared a brand and O'Brien definitely shouting. Yes Scotty Scott you know another you know. Awesome coach Mike helped me along the way because when I first got here in 2009. I think that. The flow on this story click O final cuts it was like between me and somebody else. And their like one thing nick of which gives us a little bit more in the special teams phase. And Scotty was like you know like him and and that that was my button that was him or aside have been gone that would from expert and over that have been cut. Alnylam it would have been not been done by the same thing settlements and is he if he hadn't attached himself and it's gone O'Brien hadn't taken a liking to him down. And all the things he had to on special teams because awkward when I mean I was appointed rounds on every special teams and playing every step on defense like that was and then. And I love that as it was like him from doing all the stuff it's great it's like the more on my plate and that's that's kind of like the patriot weights he start out with a rural small role. Can you deal with that role and you excel and then on Q&A little bit more. And a little bit more can still do it okay battled more and then boom like OK I'm three phases as part returner never to do return to slow but. Our kickoff kickoff return and then all defense of snaps like one year at the got played like every snap in them. Except for par return I don't know that it and it was well over a thousand there was also I loved it does right now love this it's like him. Really given this team something you know and a dad took me take pride and do you feel like in the so hard question you can say screw if you want to. Do you feel like you've made enough money. Relative to what other guys I think money our money is monies are relevant because. Okay people saved norms and the reason I mean I could you even more emotional much I could have made more money and investment capital into the browns and you know it could have been cut in tears to their new coach you know but for me it was. And I just wanted to be a part of something that. Mean meant something to me as it will last a long time winning football games people remember you as the winner. And you go somewhere else through their year to you might make a little bit more money but long term. You have a career. And you're not jump in new new place in your not. Losing football don't on the radio and getting out yet now I don't want to Arizona and now definitely solicited me and you know. For two New Orleans. So it's like. It it all worked out and I have no regrets because if you can't live life with regrets in two deceptive. Look look I look at it is AAF I didn't get a chance to come here in 2009 and play I would had any need not have been. And I worker were my own man which isn't a bad thing it's a honorable job but you know obviously wouldn't be ormat now and you know it'll take care my family is much that's why I'm. Happy with what I made you can't look back and have any regrets. A what a lot of football games but won two Super Bowl rings the Fata once more after thirteen or fourteen out of knows who Lawrence so. That's money they now you know how to pull back now and now I can you know put the dishes away like a probe against the jets strive. Whose title sponsor a native of wine glasses knives point up a point down to put him in the dishwasher this is an argument I appoint them up. Oh they point out for me know what I'm running the most definitely am a points that oh he's just like close your eyes and looked down and grow again I don't we have constraints that are into the kitchen and in catches an -- next thing you know boom boom are would you bring I was just trying to look I think that is tragic that's it's got to an area worst case scenario was good to visit here in 2017. That's not gonna happen not superstitious but if we've articulated what could happen. Okay when you've been talking a valuable lesson in life and now from one media should put the dishwasher higher. I might do that I'm expected state that it a dishwasher put it on the coveted a bow to like an older. Yes it does have an empty space maybe put a garbage can and there would be nice right. Those safe. That'd be safer but yeah okay over the laden how to keep a house and my wife listening announced by Colin and say this guy's a liar is doing. To its its US listening to which revealed she does well she's not listening now she never listens very. He's also saying he promised to be on the road by surprise though I well I tiller. I'll be home and not because she's actually on an airport she's gonna pick up her sister who really it's okay. I don't mind I don't mind that that was you're doing a chauffeur as soon as safety blitz show on muzzle of Rodney Harrison appreciate that run out of this it I go in there all you know it's. Why not do that. When I do that reason to not do. To that it's a wits about people find that they want to when they're not listening to WEEI. Goes off the year at some point this is pre records over I actually don't know exactly exactly when it comes lead it to Sunday morning and tomorrow. Our morning right here at as its own and on its they're allotted me I don't know if yeah yeah a lot of Inco. You could feel Nico OK we'll let you guys go. A third inning also need to plug talk about what you do for work a lot work in 33 about 34 February 1 birthday. I would much of book. Nico. I had a title for I don't have a day. I don't have a I don't I have not there yet inexperienced guy and I did relentless and it it's doing well it is weird times best seller number one takes. Now it's like it's three all right take on the list is endless and we can do what I got great stories are connected people that I'll be you know you some good background. It's like at Tennessee Titans and I had was I don't sneak on the list I have a title. What I should I say the title and it was out of you for huge credited and so it collects on. In the home that when the going get tough good it's going to be terrific. This would look at what's gonna see when the going get tough Donald is that the movie we had a right to I don't know I don't. If he's out of that I thought this. Is not currently if you don't really your dish out well who remembers the movie when the going get tough tough keep on what is that movie. What is an animal habitats on no it's not a song Melissa it's of when the going entirely ocean I so yeah I had a tough gig go to. And claim the there's yeah it was like a man in the same name. And forget Saunders and 1980s movie that was great they combed the can you know. I'm gonna lose before you go. What is it. I don't tiles Q Knebels. A jewel of denial. And just know the sun was used as the I don't think it's yet I was kick in in heavy ironic veggies if we had a tremendous 51 minutes later on and on transmitting data that is slowly regained. That was a joke about that that serious much joking about it I got to take a little loads federal way ogle Oilers and the global of the gala. Book fish oil begin. C can only inches we'll be right back deal only keep jaunt to mossy Rudnick beats out here. Did you call 617779793. Cents. Boston's number one choice in afternoon. All insight as much a professorship at a different program as he did. Hollywood G fox Sports Radio. Saying it Tommy's time. I'm more really care between gas and now we're sharing the same name. We are shared dream. To its feet as well. No mood the on the Ramones did we karaoke a son wants a Super Bowl and Miami gap was it like. 2006 in Miami and in fact can. And letting us ultimately going to be yet precious and few that was nice and then I came out it was a knife fight on the site. Got a little bit they act as a below can we go get a lot of Saturday's that the she soon. In sports. I we have Rudnick of its union for a good 45 to 51 minute that is the operative word is that was legit got a lot of times and station we have guests. And based. And he did not so I thought I was into sink from start to finish there's actual insight and I don't know about you. They take away from me I wouldn't of traded him. That was eye opening to me in that there was no hedging at all just drove right through that front to death of this is what it but again whether it's him. When showdown at the bar which not a monster right over there how in God's name would you have X acute that OK too which is a two things. One you didn't have to make a move when they did you do it you could've we saw and I would have forfeited. What would you have forfeited if you had. You held on them nothing what do you what he forfeit. You forfeit the ability to get anything in return. Are you kidding me. Urgent need or uploading or it what do you do you don't think it also you know I get it freed him. In February when people know that he's going to be freeagent might if he's if he's franchise to we sent us an OK you have to franchise in that case. Duke which basically could not franchise him franchise in what grade why not. Because it would route 46 million dollars against your cap for how want to go to you having to cover on the track while I know but here's the thing is whether it's Albert and or Felder. Or you or vengeful and the number of people just. And they figure out any response is math it below the cap is clap. It's not if you are legitimate that they could are have it's nothing at all of them I'm not gonna sit here. I was trying to think like OK no filly. Had Bradford and chased and Els or whatever his name is and went so they had committed cap wise like thirty million I understand 46. Is a lot more now I get that so. Put it I'm gonna put that aside for a second so if you want I will grant I'd maybe there's no way to keep the ball on the roster next year. Let's just say for the sake argument. You keep Jimmy you don't trade them you know you think you insurance whatever for Brady. I'd say you go one and done in the playoffs and the way this season has got nothing would surprise me make it voiced another Lombardi would not surprise me. Brady he gets sacked six times. Against Baltimore and their dime and I had heard it. So let's say scenario two on faults and their time and you know Brady's play has trended down I know that. You know yeah yes floral tires yet he I mean he is set such a standard but the fact is his play has deteriorated a little bit over the last month. And say that carries over into the post season. Now you're at a point where you say. All right we have to make a choice. You have both guys in play to make that choice not saying it's an easy choice not saying necessarily that Robert Kraft and you wrote about this today. It would ever want to move over never OK a move from Tom Brady but it can at least be on the table. The way it is now it's non it's got that option right okay so but that's that's the nuclear option. For the fan base. The crowd this is where I disagree with you as well I don't think that the CN mutinies now they only now big now there wouldn't be because they've seen this guy play absolutely out of his brain in San Francisco I have the inner. Forwards for you. In that bill we trust I think that would even applied at Brady of course people some B will be a sack I think a lot of people be wistful. I also think a lot of people be reasonable and realistic about it which is. This guy turns 41 and August Mike Howell how many bullets as he had left how many miles does he have left and we've already seen. A game and a half from Jimmy where he looked exactly like he's looked stands inference it was not like. We were betting on a complete and total unknown were betting on a guy that bill. Believes and has he I'm trying to think literally. Has he ever been wrong on a player he moved on from when it came time to choose between young and old and they always chooses gotten. Seymour. In these mangle able way we've yet bit blood so obviously. He when he moves on from these guys he's right he has built up that cash day this isn't moving on from Brady at age 35 its age 41. So I don't I just I don't know that there would have been the mutiny and you're totally right. We've seen him now in San for a like we've seen a Jimmy has done. And that definitely collars the perception now now you say you act like retroactively you knew he was back good. When he was here. But ice that I think there was a chance that they make that move. And yes there's lots of headlines and tributes to Brady and it's sad and his dad probably do is in abusers that I knew was gonna and this way. But at the end of the day I don't know if it's it's the mutiny that you think. Okay. Bought. It invites a level of I just think it's a bridge too far it's it's. Because you would have been the defending MVP yet most likely. Chances are outstanding but they're not gonna go one and done chances are outstanding with the probably playing in Minnesota so if you played better. That three weeks would apply to him the time to continue. You know sand yet but tell it but wide wide and nice out the option doesn't feel like it was I there are people in Foxborough steel within the organization. Feel like they should pleaded no longer should wait even if you get any compensation. The same reason you kept them around two week it was for insurance yeah. And got nothing really in return just kind of resign we said well it's time to go to a town so appears headed to a good home yet pack. They're nice out there as people watch you going to be going to be safe. But I if you look at that. You know they could pleaded no longer in this sentiment that the issue of and is also you know I think the sentiment that. Everybody has here you have the guy it's hard to get the guy. But you're also saying as well. This is a person who wins he's Super Bowls who still playing and absolutely we've leveled at QB grapple with five touchdowns repaired and we put him for an ass team. He can only dream of playing for an entire season the way Tom Brady has done routinely. So I guess there's no right and wrong here this is the loser and that's what I think the perception has become there's a loser. To this but the bigger picture when I wrote about today is whether or not we're kind of in the end of days. Yes and I think this all. Feeds into that narrative that you're talking about because we're now looking at suddenly facing. The possibility of just think about this. Life without Tom Brady. Life without Bill Belichick and life where you know and maybe this is already happened but we're Robert Kraft. Hands the day to day operations of the team to Jonathan's you know you basically have a new owner a new coach a new quarterback those are the three pillars. Of what you've built here for the last twenty years. And so you're now trying to start from scratch. That is a that's that's a scary proposition all around. And the reason I wrote this story today it's on NBC sports stock car if you wanna quick over there. I felt that a little bit. But the reason I felt it was appropriate to right now was. By the end of the weekend within two days guys are going to be in pink slips and when they get their pink slips could you're not gonna be waiting coaches yes ABA could be ten could be twelve. Josh McDaniels whose is almost certainly gonna take a job someplace else Matt Patricia likely as well. The one thing about this team is its continuity Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels the little dust up notwithstanding. Chair bring. Belichick will then be in a position at the age 65 to reintroduce. Tom Brady. To a new offensive coordinator probably Chad O'Shea. Go through that. Bumping and grinding that exists when you're doing that. Additionally Patricia Goss you have to switch over Bryant pours the continuity in the coaching staff has been something that I think he's completely underrated. As one of the great reasons why this team succeeded the way to. So I looked at and I said well. If you look at Polanski. The coordinators could go. Right now. We've moved on perhaps. Grudgingly moved on from your horrible. The perception is that. And I think it's a tactic not that Robert Kraft stepped in but if he had been presented with we're going to trade on he would have said no. Belichick probably knew he probably didn't have to ask right. So. It might feel the Belichick is if he doesn't have that same level of leverage. We're sway with the most important decision as to how long this rain would go. Leo. All right six on 777979837. I'm gonna throw us into this break there is so much to talk about I would urge you to go to NBC sports dot com read Tom currents column and colonists because. The day of reckoning is arriving. And you know as a journalist and when you're writing about a team you wanna be able to write those. This is how it really is stories Tom wrote that today he's here are aware talking about it join us.