DHK - Is Kyrie a leader or does he play one on TV? The reason behind the Celtics comeback victory

Dale & Keefe
Friday, December 29th

Hour 4: After the biggest comeback in the NBA this season, the world is again taking notice of the Boston Celtics. Tomase does into detail on why Brad Stevens is the reason behind the comeback. Kyrie Irving has been looking like a leader on the court and when on the bench, is that how the team views him, or is it just for looks?


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Fourth and final hour here on dale holly Keefe. Start to mossy and Tom curry hears the studio this afternoon taking you into your New Year's week. Dad. And 617. 77979237. When he gets back that very important story about the Nigerian prince scammer 67 year old Slidell man who served as a go between. For an international team is gamers running a Nigerian prince email scheme. Has been arrested. After an eighteen month investigation Michael news. Was neither Nigerian nor prince has been charged with 269. Counts of wire fraud. And money wandering new help funnel fraudulently obtain money whose co conspirators some of whom actually do live in Nigeria. According to the Slidell police the ubiquitous scheme which begins in an email is sent to an unsuspecting recipient this gamers claim has been. Named as the beneficiary of will is decide to collect personal information that is then used to steal money and identities online. If it's just too good to be true it probably sit Slidell police chief rated candle never give out your personal information over the phone three male cast checks for other individuals. Or wire a large amounts of money so many don't know don't know 99.9 percent of the time to scam some bad news the Michael new good news for everybody else. Who has been scanned by the Nigerian prince or that guy who says that they. Need bail money. You know that went through the volatile absolutely. Policies at a fair. Hospital and hospital in in Buenos Aires. We were here on vacation I've lost my wallet yet. Okay where anybody knew how much I sent it for me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me so they're never going to be two times on that one now that skid steer. It was actually pretty positive. That there is a local athlete from slide now. So I had to go I was the sirens searching an investment commode PJ brown. Celtics back and they sign you know for the title run of seven formally. Ali okay Blake Lucinda Williams is not now exist. Country now another pitcher well I mean she's different like her yeah that she sings and it looks like I'm Matt Forte is inside out and Chris Duhon. Still on former duke got a guy Steve loves ones I got to click on Steve otherwise he's just himself a go. The young guys a little. I was wondering if airport the other friends and credit card itself but I like possibility. I a hypothetical I'm sorry I don't hypothetical duck creek or auction. Topics but I've greatly needed. The develop check yet you retired. Would you rather have Josh or any other white coach or exceed because they've got at the ecology. SaaS mcdaniels thought we can't think Sabin to me is oil alien like I don't know I am just. To me he's like a pitino type just staying college sensors those to be you're supposed to be a college coach maybe camera. That's me I've brother of that mcdaniels to Steve you got a preference by popular there it's against the email me asking for money. Sam in Burlington as well as a sand pit it's in Burlington. Lied about how it all and all my guys wegmans at the net yeah I'll second round somebody. Let that I got a question fire now we get them to hit. Is that the around me yeah is there another Jimmy rappel out is that the patriots might be aware of particularly cook it or that we don't know what folks. It's a good question and honestly ask these bowl games are going on it's actually just because ESPN will put a little. Crawl at the bottom saying of these other guys to watch in the draft in these bowl game see kind of go to school on that but I haven't gotten in depth sand is your son. Rocket CN I ever got in depth on the on the entire stacking in that group yet. So I know the guys at the top. You know Rosen and Arnold and no bogeys are just. As they battle Allan enrolled in those three guys. But I don't know if you spend the first round I mean that that will be absolutely stood stand worth discussing is as a draft gets closer is. Who will the patriots or when will the patriots target quarterback they've done with the around they've done with a second rounder. So I it's it's gonna have to be something may address. Yeah I mean the certainly the days of spending seventh round is on Matt Cassel or whatever those days are god you are now in the Jimmy G Jacoby percent second third round range trillion have to be right or could you could you envision a scenario or they use a first round pick QB. Depends on how freaking idiots. Like for instance Reese does a great job on the draft and he. Understood the patriots to be. Ridiculously enamored. Of Tom savage a few years ago so this there's opportunities for swings and misses there's opportunities for Jerry or Apple's mean I think that is a great America. You look into your problems. College film. Ground level because the games weren't on TV. Mean it's it's pretty amazing but when you look at it too. You should be able to identify if you've watched enough football. In you have that I have you don't have to be scout to realize oh my god I've never seen someone get rid of the ball this path ever human Marino I mean who else to talk about maybe. Kind of media away. But there is I really think that Jimmy rubble as the fastest release of anybody aside from the Emery whenever receipt. And watching the Jacksonville game last week. Streaming it. Because I don't have NFL package something whatever it's. It just watching that second half of that game when it became clear that my dad he's carving Jack this was not supposed to happen. And I know we have a caller earlier say ago. Game one against Arizona and and half against Miami's better than Brady's Arab and conduct on down not better than Brady however you watch Brady now. And you watch Jimmy Jean now and you say whoa one of these guys is just a more dynamic presence because of his mobility. And the quick release like Brady's quick because he gets rid of the ball but it's not so much like. Of the ball as from his hands to gone right before you even know what's happened. Rob Lowe makes throws. Into coverage right think the only reason he can get that ball in there as to how fast it's coming out and you realize like this looks even different than Brady he does you're not expecting I wasn't expecting Max I'd seen as much of guys you. It's funny because and dealing with Iraq on a dated eight basis my locker room when he was not the starting quarterback was great because he would initiate conversations friendly guy he's not that way it's a Francisco right now he's trying to. Heartland between himself and the media's popular thank but he got. Holding audiences either but them blasters coming in when times hey we've gone and as we come from those as watch a film of Aaron Rodgers so why. It's like watching as like I like watching film Hammond and seeing how he does what he does. And when you talk about this is football term it's invoked throwing from different platforms. He's throwing late in my area yet he throws from different platforms and I think that's something that. If Rodgers can do in. My buddy Phil Perry's working on a story right now. Talking about who are the players in the league that some of the patriots look at. And emulate. And Ryan animals tournaments and story. Sent me here I'm calling it right now is to hit it has entered first Alec Campbell morning things like but. So Sosa so tight and you guys about who days yet and higher and between both reedy. And Grupo Aaron Rodgers C music gold standard. For delivering the football yeah if I. We hope that wasn't complete spoiler filled. Kind of whose with who's and the low it's not so much everyone's listening in on that but they don't no one else has time to chase a story like that now he's got to have stacked up to brief them on. And Jake in Connecticut Jimmy G wandered out after years under the desk spot on very. Yes I'd good evening next Gordon. What do CUNY he decided to go to Brady. Basically get his quote today for all those years. And Brady or use our preaching kind of that you know you got to take every opportunity you can. Thought these trade opportunity at its maximum. And not really strong arm mentioning that. Maybe cart puts it your armor Belichick or craft. Two. You know try to get it right. Jake got it and don't you think that there I don't know what is in those exact terms of the idea that. I think it's pretty clear that the Pollyanna is among us like Miro like just you know convinced Jimmy to stick around for a couple of years and that it'll be his job like. That that wasn't really on the timeline that he was operating on no and and I think a lot of that. This is where you can credit. The presence of Don he is being able to. What can oversee the entire operation represents Iraq although he represents break out of Brady let that happen that's what I've always wondered how to Brady let. By the time if if if drop below is this practices this axis stance a threat to Brady Arizona surprise that there and have the same age I mean what's he gonna do and say their don't represented a quarterbacks ever no I mean don't represented backwater or that quarterback. When he was coming out of eastern Illinois. Was recommended. To read by Sean Payton who use our present day all of the same score yes so. Run alone are radiation have been like knew that you find a new Klein yeah to new. Too bad the doubt no doubt I mean it's I think that it's interesting. That because there was never an occasion I wrote this today there was never an occasion after Grupo is drafted the Brady and look at him. And say that's my replacement that's the guy that there coddling nurturing. Groove changing up grooming so that he can take my job and I have to move to another part of the country. And my beautiful house in Brookline that I built and all the routes that I've sunk here. We need terra because of him can I say when not that they hated each other but the notion just one last thing. Brady wasn't mean to Jimmy Brady didn't hide Jimmy's helmet. But I don't think that he spent a lot of times table here's what you wanna do to make sure that your bodies right now here's which and it's funny because talking cattlemen. For the book we did. Same oil Welker who wants something you don't go to the guy who has your job and ask him hey how do you do this staff. Of course and an iso. My only point them out was. I always like that about Brady I know some people how can you not that's not be in a good teammate you know from police like this is the competitive. He would look at a second round pick from some middle of nowhere college who owns the sun went Illinois Illinois sump and what's east and eastern don't think you. From just that it middle of nowhere and say back as a threat. I'm not help the next guy. And I am doing everything I can to keep my job deciding get this fire by suddenly letting my guard down at age 38 right so they like the guy who came before me exactly and I accident like that about Brady and it's instincts are right on the money because Jimmy gee was Townshend and not to replace him if they wanted to go to. And how much better is go rumpled because he was here exponentially. And visiting number awaiting go with that what we've had kennel club that he get better. If Roy mandating it better with Kingsbury. With sort of Kingsbury god. So all of these different players I mean Matt Gutierrez Cecil and that unlike when they had Matt Gutierrez on the team out of that after 2007 usually owned baca best. So. 6177793. Cents at 99. 61777. It's 617 to ski pittance that's out of 7979. B 37. And you guys to being in right now and talk. Patriots we still haven't really at the Celtics let's and we got to always ask that we're back after the break. Pocket Celtics talking James Harden clock and markets Smart most valuable player on the Celtics ever put. Drive home with the dale holly and chief continues slug Sports Radio WEEI. Okay. Chris Webber always makes me think an offense. Why wouldn't it why we knew exactly that's why your high school to silent love that team followed that seems like these kids my age and when national title so. Things. I once deaths Derek Lowe pitcher for the red sciences are great guys who basketball player in Michigan he had a chance to go to one of the private schools I think where where Webber went certain cup. Love those guys. And now it's like dodge everything about to amend his night. You were my two options one was to go to I think he went to Republic's ones go to public school and averaged 38 game and shoot as much as I want the other. And and this is not connect translates very very well he's like the other. Was to go to Chris Webber school and do this and make the motion of the growing like the anti passages. It's just thereabouts entry passes and averaged nine point two games no way. And that was needed averaged like thirty points a game high school. Does it really I watched him this is this is the things you like C going to be you know that never really makes eagle today. We were Yankee Stadium in like 19992000. Armor or year somewhere around there. And they used to have the old Yankee Stadium before they tore it down the new one. There is a basketball court like right next to the and that that's not a great area in the brackets but his basketball car right there. And so before a weekend game. I guess. Each short speech or another tall pitcher. Had sort of keeps score he would be he would then trash talking. Low you know IG keeps our great bass player. So there is so they too played one on one I just happen to market in the stadium early. And I see them moment that's their clone sharks are watching them. Lowe was bleak being awesome like. Shooting hand Bell's shooting behind the back just made him look so stupid news he's like 66 and yet good athlete. He looked like you watched him not an NBA player or whatever but it. That's a. Now he had great length he did have great blank very blank that game last night just on and for the Celtics to come back. In a race the 26 point deficit and you know I'll look at these schemes and a look at these teams that look at these comebacks of the Celtics are able to throw together. And it doesn't come down that I read it doesn't come down the defense I hate to say it wouldn't make these men this thing come Mexico's about it in my estimation. Coaching. In game adjustments and Stephens is so good stuff. I mean I think he gives them such a huge advantage over like Mike and Tony was the defending coach of the year. And I'm sorry Mikey and grit that he was playing without click allies and without Chris Paul NC loosing your inside guy in your point and I get that. But like no adjustment at all like you know maybe take are not the volatile day instead he's letting him be our last ninety feet up and down the court. By little runt shame market and our you know ads on Nader just whoever they were throw and Adam and he was X card was expending so much energy just to get over half court. It's like what are you doing like Brad Stevens markets Smart would have been bring in the bought inquiry would be coming off the ball fresh and ready to do something. And Stevens no matter how badly and the other thing is no matter how badly they are playing are getting beaten. They don't give in and you have to you have to love that I'm so Nikola. And that's the thing is the why that is why don't they give him. It's not because. Of the paycheck it's not because they're never going to play again is not a game till tomorrow night basically every single light. So why don't they give in and I know this nationally televised game but why don't they give him an advocate comes back to. To me comes back to Stevens comes back to the fact that this is a coach who has been emboldened by being mean to give a six year contract and that's why they are an NFL union NBA all wire. They're kind of like Popovich and San Antonio about all the rings. You know he's not going anywhere you have to do what you have to do and he makes a better job. And I think the other thing is I think Ainge has done a great job like when people are talking about they need to go get to Marcus cousins no way. Buy back IAC coach killer that's what he's been his whole career and Ainge has been Smart about the kind of players he brings in made by. And carrier Irving I had my doubts night. He doesn't really play defense is a little idiosyncratic. Is he gonna necessarily buy into what Brad Stevens doing any past he completely ads and he's added that sort alpha. Presence that maybe they even with a Isaiah it was a little different as I am a little engine that could wreck carrier ring is like I am one of the baddest most foes in the NBA. Follow me house I'll lead the way and so you have him not only buying and but then hitting huge shots. Throughout that whole sixteen game winning streak setting people out. Leading cheers on the bench constantly part of me is like is that for show I don't know but it looked and it looks good he seems into it it seems genuine I don't know. Say you've got that. The fact of the matter is to bring it back to east at about Stevens. They've been playing this way for the last three years four years with. Different rosters every year especially like from last year this year there's part you know 100% turn over practically. And they are still doing the exact same kind of things they fight back they don't give in. They game is never over and it's been like that really for the last three solid years no matter who the players are the coaches the constant. What's the difference between this team now which you know rolled sixteen straight wins. And had its way defensively. And what we've seen me be over the last. Ten to fifteen games yet I think they played over their heads a little bit at the beginning you know and you can't be down 111213. Points sixteen points eighteen points. And think that you're just gonna continuously comeback you know and so I think the young legs and young. Sort of enthusiasm whatever at the beginning of the year backing carry you for a little bit Tatum Jalen brown. Then at some point those guys that a wall specially gym rat Tatum has gotten better riches kind of shocking yes at nineteenth. But Jalen brown is clear that a law then you start get nutrition Marcus Morris gets hurt. I you've got people but he everybody's break in their face and needing noted that the face guys you know Tyson carrying on that. And you have that heavily front loaded schedule causal London so they've got one game in nine days when they do London thing. But to accommodate that you have the front of the schedule pretty heavily you're playing all these tight games I just think they wore down a little bit. And you Los Gordon Hayward late. At some point you're gonna feel the loss of coordinating the. Thing too is for whatever reason with a completely reconfigured team. And we're not just talking about I've read it's it's ice it's. You know it beaujolais it's it's Spain it's so many guys have been. And the larger roles for Grassley chairman brown and terrorists here painter injured. All these guys like doing issues Sundays on Sunday it's a little out of control it could be group. Remember that bigger traits of Al Brad so he's on he's on he's your he thinks he's better than medicine yet part of me thinks he could be. I for whatever reason they hit the ground running and I think we're also seeing other teams improve. You're holding teams to 82 points a game and when they play Cleveland Cleveland had the we've. Clinton was the opener no with the Cleveland a gold states yes Golden State was blown teams out people thinking gold standard held them under on it yet album well under a hundred. But I think teams have improved which is what the you're supposed to do in the course of the season for whatever reason the Celtics were able to hit the ground running. But you know this to me when you look at this team. And the way you performed last night was a pretty good example of being spread out defensively by three point shooting team. Who just was standing out there bombing in hate to say it because it comes down to it. It's a make or miss night yet in Houston hit everything until the Celtics you know got up into them and that over the course time I think is it's hard to do on the night the night. Yeah and they've been I mean under Stevens one thing they've done pretty consistently well as defend the theory you know because they've had Marcus Meyer. Before it was Avery Bradley. Now rouge a year or so they've they've had some athletic guys they've of late staff curry has always had to work for his points against them so they're pretty good. On the perimeter they generally have been the thing that usually is killed them and this is the one thing that was constant through the winning streak it started to waver. Is they were terrible on the boards and then for that winning streak they were killing abroad ports and you and you watch it. He be like there goes drew Z are flying fourteen feet above everybody else how many times have you heard Mike Gorman just laughed too abstract. You know enters year grabs a re boundaries. Practically over the top of the backboard. In your sandal way to make can you really be a great rebounding team relying on your cards and Mike you know you'd Jalen brown you undersea area smarter out good rebounder is by. You know you're really have eyed beans entice served our effective when they're out there but a lot of times you. And small it it's weird to be offered beans could throw in that line drive left handed hook off it looked so terrible gynecology at the hoop. Now to Steve lipstick it's quite. Hamper basketball and who. But it. You know this Celtics team. What we saw last night was a superstar. Team built around a superstar wherever one defers to the superstar. Who in the end the entire team's fortunes is wrapped up in. Whatever that guys Moody's. At that particular moment and that's why. I can't stand James Harden. I mean I you walk around the league I would. He grew I would paid double the ticket price to watch Russell Westbrook all season long by that. But James Harden is the antithesis. Of Russell Westbrook and that's why I think he's a loser pinky if I god willing he will never be the MVP. He's just. Bob Mack adieu waiter generation. And this and yet you know the Celtics love him and Ainge has spoken about how. One of the eye opening things for him when he was trying to rebuild from that last title team. Was when Harden became available and he's like we knew James Harden is a superstar player we knew he was a transcendent player. We did not have the pieces to even be in the conversation James Harden and it became my job to. You know put us in a position where the next time a player like this becomes available we need to be able to be a factor I'd rather have teams partner carrier. All things equal before the season began scratch we saw last night. Get the Reese who buys out here yet which one would you rather have I love carrier Paris after he made it because you know. You personally watched him murder the Celtics and you watched him knock out Golden State in the finals. I love Irving have been maybe I'm in the minority on that who would you take. Absolutely carrier I mean I I just to me Westbrook was the gold standard that's the best player in basketball. If you ask me I mean obviously. Well Bronson that's where yeah what. Seattle and finally they carry and director west I would not say I absolutely not to carry I'd love Carrie I just I love you Barry's game maybe because he night. Looks he doesn't look that much different than you are all right Brent. And he goes out there and just makes I've never seen a player like Westbrook period. He's had never seen this just kind of I guess for me that's that's about the only thing that the fury that he plays with. Yes and I mean every rebound he gets you half expect to be a coast to coast doc. Whether it's a false fourteen people in front of them or an open court it doesn't match but something has to do sports science things with him to see how fast. It is full speed he finished she's how fast these are lost 22 miles an excellent so as the rim. Are you ever did you ever feel like by the way I watch him play and I do like Westbrook but you just feel like. This is not sustainable this is like beyond our running back who has like 42000 yard seasons in his van Don these settlements. Who is doing it for longer and more expect given the punishment puts himself Ruben Armenia news he's you know. He's a nerve basketball player yet or Terrel Davis you know just it's it's incredible. Do I hear from Mike in Connecticut went on he shares your hatred of James fired from the sounds of let's hear my. Good evening got that new to you let's on the you know a couple things that I really love about last night I mean number one opposite effect he came back as the team it was a preaching leaning and it could beat those guys considered how bad can rebelling. But I'd love that that's that stupid look on heart and safety in the game. And it they count it was Barkley mentioned it late or calls were correct when you're watching the replay every scene like mobile calls were correct but the fact it. He had the gall and you know him well legacy the ball on the radio he had the nerve. He had the nerve to actually. Go after market Smart and kind of like nudging him and pushing him. You know after the into the Horford basket in basically sit there and say I'm gonna do the same thing again. You're not going to call it you know who you know there's no way you gonna call on me I'm James Harden and any data and that stupid dumbfounded look on her face and for him to have the nerve. In trying to complain about the officiating when you got fifteen preacher and you lead the league in free throw attempts I think he's led the league entry or sense. Every year like the last. Four years outside of one where he never missed a few games I think. And then I mean I decide decide to love them look unlike those elite I really do you faces and lastly I'm sorry. Ironically it was that bad one sided officiating that we had to put up with all game. It kind of spark our run could you have marking your clothes line led lark in get stiff arm you saw the word being tied to clear block on James Harden. The result wouldn't even remorse get technical all that bad officiating that he'd be didn't complain about the first half we were like 26. And that's sparking a and then he had the nerve to complain after the game it was. I have a funny thing Sammy might at least was to listen to pardon after the game alleged that. He was being hugged on the second foul call and that you know. James people have televisions and re wind yet on their Helen its end there's instant replay. In that instance Smart way to perfectly put his hands completely wide out and decide and let hard just go through because he knew we would if Harden didn't wanna prove a point. In a pardon wanted to win the basketball game he would have just stopped and put his hand out to get the ball well lobbed over. Yeah Smart and go the other way I mean that was that was the crazy thing and making that second one even more egregious if you watch it. Well whoever the ref is who called it. As they're getting rated amount that plated two of those guys are jostling and he goes over and puts his hand between them and as a hand on heart might cut the you know why it. And four seconds later pardoned trucks in anyway. How much do you value market Smart. I love and hate markets Smart ala the same time pretty much constantly. Like the they don't win that game without him and he does I said this before. It is no longer coincidental that he is on the floor every time a good thing happens every time there's a comeback. Every time they come back can be Golden State which had done a few times now over the years. Markets mark is always on the floor when that stuff matters and he draws the two tax he hits Tatum on the back toward donkey know that that set up the first to see the replay how far he walked. With the ball now I pulled myself out there I southern Methodists do it. It's hysterical he late wiggles his foot he must go on eighteen inches with him for. We're going at its move to get free means nobody ever know but it's but still why not it's insane that. Yes so I am IA and a reluctant markets are guys still wince everytime he shoots he does tend to hit some big shots. I'm not one of these people who watch him go one for fifteen like your guys gal amend filmmaker three late. And that's markets ISI. You know he's two for sixteen side and I would have preferred that he showed up a little sooner. But I do recognize he does unique things he gives up the body like nobody Annie is one tough like that tough identity that they have a lot of that. Comes from him. The and completely aligned with you deal was probably over the last two years. There was this weird fascination with Jay Crowder. Is being. You know a pea in the pod with Marcus marked yet I would take part Smart over Jae Crowder a thousand times out of thousands that's a player who. Was it nearly as effective as people thought. Gary Myers I I was a big Jae Crowder guide but in retrospect. That high ankle sprain had at the end of the season a couple years ago and ended up losing to Atlanta in the playoffs. He is he's never been close to the same players since he's he's rooted to the floor basically. Is not to me that I summary enjoy what's. When he about the patriots chair well you know we got to take our last break any at the gadgets can smashed or they have little bulletin DP happens. During a break it's the last chance. You get a new three point eight liter engine with 100 horses and you get most of the lines so essentially. That is remarkably different city to force engineer who asked a tough. Explosion that left forever sportscast. This interchange Porsche in Boston or hurt James portion of the early to quite as alone or changed course industrial. All right final drive right now being sponsored by. Aris restoration specialists Pappas of the season disaster could make your commercial. Residential. Or medical facility at any time. 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I was always like well that makes a mean every drive is within a quarter of stunts like every. What you get beyond that there's there's fewer and fewer uncharted territory yeah exactly so I just news. So well but I think that the the upshot of that too he's probably lose a little bit of focus. And make at the end of what a road like say OK if you ride is like for our radio show. And the lasts. Four to seven minutes of the show ha kind of lost focus a little happens you reeling. Yes casting about. Kind of verbal four corners office okay doesn't seem like a verbal Dini just sort of like for Bob thing. A boxing game so choppy waters I was veteran forward Rob Ninkovich which is great fun patriots linebacker and you know he. Got into a little bit conversation about. Jimmy Barack or when and you thought it was interesting his take on what the patriots should have done. With a backup quarterback always positive like we probably should have said oh let's separate that sound but I didn't think that. Yet on admiration sounds pretty she got to keep in separated respectively out sprint just like us studies are actually it's. How Weezer yes. Yet in the Rob Ninkovich would not have traded Jimmie and I thought that was an interesting admission from a guy who. Until the you know the started this season was in that room and knows the ins and outs of that team certainly better than a little better maybe. But better than of them probably better than them both of us together. So I was fascinated me that a guy who is you know went to war alongside Tom Brady for years. Would it would admit and I think we even have some on here Odeo. In the tree extremism. Awkwardly he struck out against a talk to begin. Well I think that was music trading him because jimmies and we talked over and really choice. I think that was music trading Jimmy if he's on. I could enact a you used it as obviously. He's going to be the franchise guys in San Francisco I'm very happy form as you know imagine him. In the back right Tom for a long time and Jacoby gets here he goes and now he's beaten and he sees like caller David or who. Amen at the same draft within he's in Oakland he's I think we're currently he's the guy he's sitting there like a whom I like that perfunctory. That's one place so the best thing for him was to go somewhere else than we might an escape from the tree yeah I mean any time but those guys in of that caliber. Because I'm complete fifteen years but it was more importantly it was not fair solution. So yeah I mrs. dollars. She is why why don't shot I would people I thought I listen back to buy so I don't I should not all I have you talk Avis have and I don't even realize and doing it so I listened accelerator and it makes my skin crawl where. If I have not made a sound while some of the site for awhile some went out Cisco okay. OK. Okay so I Canadian OK okay like today. OK I give you permission to keep toxic it's unbelievable. I mean he could set their exit you know I think the number one thing that you have to remember. With Tom Brady is. How do you keep a bit because I can go to vote is today and I couldn't keep them so why do you say you can't keep them rob. Rules are a go through radio stuff. You know good time and all of us can be perfect father happens in the interviews when you're interviewing people thank god when I did the book with settlement and a shot. Just sat there with a tape roll. Who have done this identity as a Red Sox players around like I need to send them the sound of the station and I realize it is completely unusable because of me saying it. Will be any feelings on what's gonna happen in the east free cable games here now I don't care vote goes well. Georgia Oklahoma and no ma'am Clinton's nope don't know won't watch don't care. Until Monday. My answer this. Plane difference you'll gamblers here. All I have a gambling story about it yet so there plus. Because we're out of time here but the thing to splash that we have to quit etiquette stuff coming out what's coming up after us. Patrick gill Roy tells sad and then. Caught all awesome on not Jason grassy bank you. Awesome on that might as usual form so tired. So it can guess I think we're done.