Shades of Ray Allen with James Harrison's departure from Pittsburgh? 12-29-17

Mut at Night
Friday, December 29th

Patrick Gilroy is in for Mut and thinks that Ray Allen is a similar comparison to the James Harrison situation.


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Use these mud at night. At night wasn't. While there and play. It's. Different. What's coming over for him it's that sense yeah I like much better than our coverages. He's you're excited beer and a big help swing with. So one hole. Now here's my. Once Sports Radio W we. It is but at night Patrick Gilroy here this evening sitting in from Mike and asking. Only here for now mud at night usually goes for for many. Because I come in at ten it too late night. Meeting Monday nights typically a four hour extravaganza but tonight. Here with the guys for an hour that we'll take you to some poll action the remainder of the evening here on Sports Radio. WEE my name is Patrick Gilroy is always the number to join us here at 617. 7797937. You text the program at 37937. Behind me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. Act Gilroy on hoops help everybody had a a terrific Christmas. And a happy new year coming up it's been weeks since I was here last a last week. I was lucky to come in. Forties last week so I got to stay on top of everything. But has been a week since I've been here and quite a bit as happened in the last weekend with only an outward assorted gets everything. I'm gonna go. In the obvious direction here to start this whole patriots teams are the story it's too good not to touch on again. There's so many elements of historian and these guys here have a great job all week sort of keeping everybody up to date on what's happened here. And giving the many angles of the story and there are many angles to the store I mean. You could play the angle that you know what the guys just brought here to gather as much intelligence as you can from him in preparation for a potential. Patriots Steelers AFC championship game and I think that's what a lot of bands thought at first. But then is. The week went along here the story sort of changed a little bit and with the patriots obvious needs. At a position where Harrison plays. There's a potential here that he could come in and at least give the patriots a boost. On the field right so that's fine I think that. 59000 dollars you've got absolutely. Nothing to lose because remember. The an appeals a little bit different from other sports and your contract is only for those sixteen games the pro rated for one game and then there's a playoff share that the team will split and assuming. James Harrison doesn't it cut. Eleven opportunity to. Share some of the playoffs here so who make more than 59 grand but 59 grand corporal one game. It's not a bad deal for the patriots and for Harrison at the chance to prove that he is still has something left. In the tank if that's in fact what he's trying to do and got to believe that's. How we feel I mean if you read all the stuff coming out of Pittsburgh and it's awesome I denying coverage you guys if you've got a little bit of downtime. Over this long weekend. Pop on the Internet read what the Pittsburgh papers are saying. Listen to Tim bands you can you can find them online former WEEI midday host. The Pittsburgh. Steeler Sports Radio stations there's two of them out there they are going a little crazy over this and it's fun it's fun to listen to you. According to the fans out there. These terrorists and has nothing left in the tank but according to Harrison he's always believed that he does and that has been the crux of the problem. With the Steelers this year. Is that Harrison came into the season understanding he was going to have a reduced role he was OK with a reduction in his role. But he had no idea that they were talking about the sort of reduction in his role that that he's faced this season and he is gone too. Ownership gonna management onto his head coach many times this year. He has pled for for additional playing time. Eventually asked for his release more than once. And look it was granted here in the final week of the season and there's a lot more little details that we can get into a little bit later in the program but. I'd buy it whole areas the reaction that we're getting here I don't know England and it sort of what I want to talk about here on the program. Tonight because. I think everybody else has done a great job breaking down what James errors and that can potentially bring you guys on the field. And what he can potentially do to help the patriots on the field. But. The story itself right eat eats. It's one of those stories where there are bidders angles from both sides and I feel like the the patriots fans are basking themselves in glory right now that the patriots fans are actually kind of pissing me off. Because we're sitting here. Taking phone calls listen to you guys sort of laugh that and complain about steeler fans and their reaction to this whole thing and they ate what you expect. Right James Harrison is a long time steeler. Steelers fans just like fans of any. Any team get attached to their players. And the fact is the patriots are the enemy. And James Harrison went to the enemy not only did he go to the enemy he went to the enemy. Just the week. What week ten days after that epic patriots steeler game so the wound. With fresh for steeler fans and all that is listen the patriots fans this week called the station called the other station. Read commentary on the Internet. Were patriots fans are sorted getting a kick out of the misery that Steelers fans are feeling. And we've been here before and I guess that's why I just don't understand. Our our need to kick the steeler fans wilder now I need it any. Then these should understand what's going through the minds of the steeler fans. It's the fan base here into English in Boston because we went through this very similar events. Except in the NBA what five years ago when Ray Allen defected and we'll go back through that timeline but I covered that team team leading game out. I covered that team the entire thirty of that UB three era I was there for each and every game I think I missed seven games. In that six year span that includes the final here where Ray Allen was in here. Jason Terry came and replaced him but remember that 2012 season the Celtics just were all that good right and they surprised everybody. They surprised everybody when dame eventually lead to the Eastern Conference finals. They flip that proverbial switch in the playoffs. Looked like the 2010 team look look similar to the 2008. World champion team and eventually that Celtics team took a three games to two lead. Over the mighty Miami Heat. And people in this town we're going nuts we know what happened. At the end of that series right here rehash 2012 Eastern Conference finals but portion of that story is that Ray Allen lost his starting job. Avery Bradley. Was inserted into the starting lineup giving that starting line up some additional U. Giving their starting lineup a defense of punch in player that it was missing. And ray and Ray Allen didn't like that very much Ray Allen was injured came back in his starting job was done. Avery Bradley was the new starting shooting guard for the Boston Celtics and that was after. Did he change supposedly tried to trade him earlier that season and if you listen to the right people that are in the know Iranians tried to treat him the season before. And I was above the Celtics fancy it's very difficult for me because always had to do two things. When I'm writing when I'm on the radio I've got to come off as as objective. But the reason I got into radio to begin with nineteen years ago was because my love for the NBA basketball and the Celtics so as a fan I was as angry disappointed as anybody when Ray Allen decided to leave not only. The he decide to leave right he made a conscious decision to leave for the edit and the wound was brash. That offseason. He went to the Miami Heat just weeks. After the heat came back from a 32. Lead. To eventually represent the Eastern Conference in the finals over the Celtics. That's LeBron James that's Pat Riley. There's so much hate and animosity from Celtics fans build up towards the Miami Heat fans and that whole organization. And there's Ray Allen somebody that was. He went to Connecticut his son was sicker members on was getting medical treatment in Boston he had a home in Boston he had considered himself a Bostonians. Said all the right things and then all of a sudden Ray Allen chose to go to the enemy. And we lost our minds and to this day. There are I think the majority of Celtics Ben Stiller unable to forgive Ray Allen for what you did. As you know we are where lack the steeler fans in their misery we can't understand why steeler fans are angry we we can't understand why steeler fans feel betrayed their burning their jerseys are we getting are we joking. Like how can we be so to face how can we be so big headed about this as new England sports fans we bend their before. Right we'd been there before if anybody should understand the pain of the steeler fan right now. It is spans of new England sports teams because we sorry it happened not all that long ago it is Sports Radio WEEI this much at night I am Patrick Gilroy. Number to join us here 6177797937. Let's go to the phones at a gym gyms in Sarasota Jim you first up here on mutt at night with an. Imagine. What happened in them was object. They were certain you know that Harrison. Defected to Russia to get a citizenship or. Were you aware that. No this is news to me like. A UITV. Series here Jim totally okay he went and got a citizenship. In Russia because wouldn't let him play in the Olympics over here. He wanted to play in Olympic Soviet citizenship there OK let look at. I'll look at a gym and I appreciate the education all of although usually hang on yeah what's up that's K okay. And he's got citizenship or Russia over Russia would you be considered traitors that. I don't know I haven't. Put much thought into it and it's something I'll think about a look it up in the break and I'll get back to you guys. After the break Jimmy appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program it is mud at night here on Sports Radio WEEI join the program at six once 7797. 93 settles they were the calls go to Matt. Matt madam Portland Europe next year on Sports Radio W yeah. That he. What they might that. I'll look a lot of well or you know they're already out. And it lets you are the difference is that railroad. Used planning and there was not quite. Well now you are real right and as far as playing time goes your absolutely right Ray Allen at that stage in his career was a much more useful player that Harrison but. The comparison for me is the anger. That the steeler fans still feel because let's not forget you know he is a a steeler legend and steeler fans are aren't legitimately angry. There they don't understand not only why. Harrison wanted to leave but why he chose and here's the keyword in the whole discussion. He chose the patriots you have to believe that do would be another team hurts you out there showing interest. In James Harrison and he chose to go to the patriots. Where Ray Allen chose to go to the heat so both of them. It in in this scenario chose to go to not only the enemy but the enemy that very recently had a grueling in the heats case seven game series against the Celtics. Any not Harrison's case with the Steelers a ruling heartbreaking loss against the patriots the wounds are fresh. Well out I'm like. Well what if you look at her statement. You're sitting hey it would call you back. And didn't call a secret cult and for it by that I don't know what other hurts local art but he took it. And the patriots sit and look he shows he chose the patriots and when it comes to steeler fans it was and I appreciate the smoke I'll steeler fans are pissed off. But there twice as much pissed off not only did they lose their guy they're lifelong stealer the guy that is guy's gonna be at NFL hall of Famer and where a steeler capped. Not only did they lose their guy right they lost their guide the patriots seat take that pain that you feel from losing your guy especially at this point in the season. You'll lose your favorite player lose a guy who's of bettering guy and the team they've got an emotional attachment to not only do you lose the player. You lose him to the patriots and at that extra kick in the balls that those steeler fans feel. The same kick in the balls that Celtics fans felt right and I know what it felt like because I was one of them at the time. When Ray Allen defected to go sign with the heat and there's a picture of Ray Allen out to dinner with the Alonzo Mourning with Tim Hardaway with the Pat Riley. And would LeBron James. That picture made me throw open my mouth a little bit. And just thinking about right now that picture makes my stomach turn a little bit because there's Ray Allen. Boston Celtic world champion with the Celtics a member of the celtics' Big Three somebody that had endeared himself into this community. So wells spoke in such a fan favorite. And what does he do not only did he choose to leave the Celtics and I think fans could have accepted. Ray Allen's decision to sign elsewhere if Ray Allen had decided it's time to go out west. Inside with a Golden State Warriors or go to Texas inside with. The the spurs I think Celtics fans while disappointed in the loss of Ray Allen. Could have lived with his decision and when he came back to Boston you would have had the hate and animosity. Towards Ray Allen that you have because of the decision that he made to go to the enemy when the wound was fresh James Harrison made the decision to go to the enemy while the wound was spreadsheet is Sports Radio. WEEI it is muddy at night I am Patrick Gilroy to still room for you would 6177797937. It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. Yeah. Us a little disappointed because I thought we really feel some special here. Am KG starting. Championship mom bringing the Celtics back to life you know also that aspect is rude this morning. I don't feel like we lost tonight really left us we tried to give it. He chose to go to Miami this before where. Thanks for. Conception. I think won't just simply upward jolt of this. That's KG you know right. It is Sports Radio WUPI. Patrick Gilroy sitting in for Mike my dance team but at night for the next 35 minutes or so. As always that number to join us here at 6177797937. You text the program 37. 937 you find me on Twitter at Gilroy on group's ads in Gilroy on hoops continuing this. Jeanne terrorists in discussion and book. I knew when I brought up the comparison the Ray Allen it would touch a nerve with people and you love the people on the text line but one takes that have gotten consistently from three or four people. Is that the difference between terrorists in and Ray Allen is that Ray Allen was a free agent and he chose the heat while. Harrison was was cut. But that's sort of the point here because Harrison was cut he went unclaimed on waivers and became a free agent. So if other teams called him. He essentially had his choice of teams that we're willing to sign him. Maybe it wasn't the same because Ray Allen had more potential suitors then Harrison did your member Ray Allen didn't do that pour. He didn't do that for the Kevin Durant or he didn't do the the please show me love toward. That every major free agent does that stage in his career Ray Allen was looking for. Minutes he wanted to be a starter. He took less money. To go to Miami to come off the bench in Miami because he wanted to be a starter in Boston and was angry and upset. That the Celtics decide its start Avery Bradley over Ray Allen and that essentially is what forced his hand to sign somewhere else and take less money. But again Celtics fans were rightfully pissed off rightfully angry at Ray Allen and and the majority of fans and I've talked to still haven't completely forgiven Ray Allen. I mean we could coming here. Another night and maybe will do it. You know we will do. That week that Paul Pierce has his number retired the week of February 11 that's tonight that he has his number retired at the garden. Will do a show your promises to add on on Ray Allen and you know whether eventually someday they should honor him with a number retired and I know Gordon Hayward has his number now. But some sort of way to honor Ray Allen may be fans will come today at the point where they've forgiven him. But you remember for years. Celtics ownership was sort of noncommittal and it looks like they have decided not to retire his number that's a good thing. That's a good thing I don't think he really deserved to have his number retired. All that being said. You can understand why Celtics fans were so angry he was a guy that endeared himself to the city he was a guy the Celtics fans legitimately fell in love with because of Hui was the way that he carried himself on and off the floor because he played at Connecticut so fans felt like they knew him. And you have this guy is steeler legends. And James Harrison nine I know that he went elsewhere once he wanted a what about angles Eric what the angles but he ultimately he's a steeler legend and he's somebody that if it. Not if but when he goes in the hall of fame he's going in as a steeler. Steelers fans were. Rightfully upset rightfully angry and I don't blame them because. Not only did the Steelers. Cut him loose. They cut him loose he cleared waivers he became a free agent and he chose to go to the enemy. And it's painful enough to lose a guy that you care about on your team it's painful enough to watching guiding you rooted for for years. No longer be a member of your team bands deal that all the time and it's painful for those fans. But it hurts twice as much when you watched that player that you rooted for for all those years. Defect and defect or the enemy and choose the enemy both Ray Allen. And James Harrison. Chose the enemy it is Sports Radio WEEI it is mud at night I am Patrick Gilroy this drum for you guys at 6177797. 937 is go back out to the phone's gonna Paul. Paul's a mob are call you up next here on Sports Radio W media. They point to take my call my pleasurable conversation. I think that. You know the reason that everybody hated Allen Lichter of Miami is because they hated Miami always. Obstructed at all they boss and since we unique in that. In there and so that group of people that Mitch and I think that's and so a lot of that is true with what's going on with Harrison coming to the patriot street went to. Jacksonville and they played Jackson on the playoffs I don't think anybody would care what they got a better. An analogy would be when wacko left and went to our red meat meeting Denver sure you know nobody really hated well currently can accomplish a lot less you know. On good terms and you people still love the guys so I think that's a better analogy you're watching the way of local left go play with Manning could not default on the Denver. But we album and marshals. That's about it analogy should make. It's an interesting analogy and I appreciate the call and look at that's what's fun about this conversation because I think everybody can bring something. A little bit different a little bit unique to that to the table here for me because of my association with the Celtics both as a fan. And as a journalist over the course of my lifetime as a fan of the last nineteen years. As a journalist. The Ray Allen thing is what hit me the hardest it's it's the one that hurt the most. But I can certainly see there being other examples again my my anger here might the might point for bringing this up and and on a night right wanted to come in and really talk a lot about the Celtics and what they pulled off last night I decided to go down this route to start to show. Because I continued to hear patriots fans. Really enjoying. The misery of steeler fans and and sort of have this dumbfounded. Look on their face I don't understand why a steeler fans so upset or or being. Treating the steeler fans like there like they're dumb and different for being upset that their guy went to the patriots went really. We went through exactly the same thing here five years ago. Celtics fans were absolutely irate and heart broken and there are plenty of videos out there of Ray Allen jerseys being gently being burned. And you should read and listen to some of the quotes that Celtics fans. Had to say after Ray Allen left this is the guy that the Celtics don't win the await championship. Without Rleal. And just. Four years later Celtics fans had no use for Ray Allen because not only daddy left I'm telling you right now Ray Allen had left. And he decided to go sign. Which Tim Duncan and the spurs to try and win a ring in San Antonio. That is a well respected franchise I think fans could have lived with that any would have won at getting a standing ovation his first time back in Boston. But because he went to Pat Riley LeBron James and the heat is heat and the wound was fresh and that is the part of this conversation that I think is the biggest part. The wooed against the heat or the world with the heat was very fresh. Braylon signed with the heat just weeks after that seven game series a seven game series the Celtics had no business being in a seven game series the Celtics had. No business leading three games to two remembers Stephen A Smith in Boston for game six saying they key word gun. The national media but they heat were done. We know what happened the Celtics won a lose in the last two games game six in embarrassing fashion yet he had ya. But it was just a couple of weeks later when Ray Allen decided to defect and go join the team. That just not the Celtics. Out of the playoffs and not the Celtics out of a chance to go back to the finals so would have been the final time in that era. And now you're seeing the same thing. You James Harrison defecting and coming to the patriots just ten days after that incredible. Epic. Patriots Steelers game. Where is Steelers fans were rightfully upset to begin with because of the way that gave ended. And yes it ended the right way and it and the rule was called correctly no wasn't a catch I get that won't rehash that. But you can certainly understand why steeler fans were. Angry about the the way that game wound up finishing up right you can understand that I can understand that. But then ten days later to have this guy that's a a steeler great. Get hot on that sucks. You know for some guys their favorite player for some guys that you know this guy's a guided in rooting for for a long time. So it sucks to watch your guy leave and get cut. But then to watch him eventually. Go unclaimed become a free agent and choose the patriots when that one was as fresh as it was my god. Anybody can understand how that feels it's gotta be people in Boston so I don't understand why we are enjoying. Watching these guys swarm. I don't understand that I don't get it. The patriots got their guy hopefully James Harrison makes a difference do we have to sit here and laugh at steeler fans it's just I think that we're above that it is Sports Radio. WEEI as mud at night there's room for you at 6177797937. Back go to the phones we go. Got a rock rocks in middle borrow brought you up next year. On mutt and at night. All the on the you know it's a rock. In terms of the you have it means some that I don't think it's that surprising because I think a lot of them are looking at the same way. Cleveland look at look look at LeBron and you know there watch it's somebody they love leave a team now they don't think it going to be successful and is that no late. Intercept Soviet gonna go get a ring and you know he's not going to be wearing. Our uniform. Not sure but you know with when it comes to. The patriots there there's the other element there too and the patriots are let's face it they are the most hated franchise in the NFL outside of New England. Yeah again I talked about this on the air before do it again. My day job. Puts on a plane every week or right I travel the country. And I traveled the world I mean I'm going to Germany and three weeks and going to Istanbul in five weeks so I get this unique perspective. Because of a social guy all about there I talk to. Fans of other teams. Everywhere I go. And the moment people here that I am from Boston and I'm a New England Patriots fan the conversation immediately changes. The patriots are the most hated team in professional sports. They are. I don't think that they're just the most hated team in the NFL I I firmly believe at the patriots are the most hated team in professional sports outside and doing. And look I love that. You you know I've got. Again I'm a fan what amount of the radio. So couple years ago somebody botany. They hate us because they gain as bar stool Cher and I Wear that thing proudly and I believed it right I believe that they hate us because the game that's. That doesn't excuse us play in this ignorant to write it just doesn't. The patriots are hated. That's okay embrace the hate I embrace the hate. But steeler fans. Look they have every right to be angry and disappointed and sad and confused because they've got this guy that just ten days ago is wearing the black and gold. Is a guy that they think is gonna be a part of their team at least through this playoff run I think that if you polled steeler fans although. James Harrison and only played five games so far this season the season before he led the the Steelers in sacks. Or right so I think that there was certainly a certain percentage of steeler fans that believe that maybe they were just holding terrorists and out. So we can make up a solid contribution in the playoffs. And now that hope was gone now that player was gone bad veteran leader was gone not only was he gun he left. And he made the decision by himself again he got cut cleared waivers he was a free agent. Could've chosen somewhere else to go he made the decision to go to the heated. Enemy and there lies the problem for Steelers fans and a Sports Radio WEEI its might it night let's squeeze one more in before the break. Go to red reds in Nashua red thanks upper weigh in on hold there for twenty minutes you're next up Europe Sports Radio W yeah. One night they should take my call let's legend crystal ball. Obviously it's amazing I mean I'd like to journalist at while trying to be you know objective and yeah look it's actual. You just said that pat. Most hated team. In the world or country. Actually that Monty and most hated him in the state they are the way they act. Here you're joking I mean you haven't yet objective journalists when you say that. And then have an. For another person another awesome. I'm I'm I'm just saying like. Read what I'm saying although what I'm saying I will talk about what I'm saying is not so much have empathy but lake. The wound is fresh enough when it and the patriots just beat the Steelers at the French Open wound. This guy it's not like that the patriots just got somebody 00 Signet of significant meaning away from. The Steelers it's a guy that's made almost zero contributions this year right so why are we taking pleasure in watching Steelers fans swore it's not like they pulled out this great coup and got a game changing player here. Now now protects him thinking yeah. It was a the habitable. It's something you I would have been so you patriots then redwoods what team do you like I love we and I. Suddenly went sport but I mean. It it won't end. We are eaten universally elsewhere around now actually. Around the country you know. And the thing is. Take joy I mean you don't want to get their eight already a UC journalist I. I'm done dead serious threat and I appreciate the phone called up you straight to the program dead serious. People hated and I hear it everywhere I go and people are nice enough. Again until they hear where I'm from. And what team I root for then immediately. Immediately the tone and tenor of the conversation. Changes it's okay committed to doing this for a long time. And have learned how to deal with a Cutler to embrace and I think it's fun. People can almost tell when I start the smile the way they smile talking about the team that I root for I enjoy it it's fun for me but I'm telling you right now. You know this is why we've got a problem is patriots fans will be here laughing at the Steelers for what just happened. And it's not. This is not the subject to laugh at them about you wanna let them let's laugh about the way that game ended the way the fact the patriots went into Pittsburgh and stole game they had no business dealing to meet. Let's give them a sarcastic smile at a condescending cocky laugh about that but the fact they picked up a guy that. The Steelers essentially decided to put on a garbage heap it's the it is what it is it's not a game changing move. It is Sports Radio WEI it's muddy at night final segment coming up. There is room for you would 6177797. And 937 recapping their. Yeah. It is Sports Radio. W yeah. Patrick Gilroy sitting in court might have been asking mud at night. Still a little bit of time and a little bit of room for you. At 6177797. And 937. Continued attacks the program at 37 and 937 you found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy on hoops and about it be remiss if we didn't briefly. Briefly at least talk about what happened last night I am marketer recap the game I think at this point everybody knows. What happened the Celtics. Found themselves in a deep deep deep holds 46 point deficit really had no business. Being in that sort of assorted deficit that Houston Rockets are very good basketball team but they're a team that. Came in struggling they lost three consecutive games they're down their point guard and their center out Clint capella. And the Celtics didn't come to play no doubt about that this has been the toughest stretch. A basketball for the celtics' schedule wise it's been grueling if you look at where the Celtics are. I right now second place in the Eastern Conference is the Toronto Raptors the raptors have played six fewer games than the Celtics. The celtics' schedule has just been it's been crazy it's been bananas. And the Celtics are tired it's painfully obvious they desperately need today and tomorrow off before going in and traveling to Brooklyn to play the nets. On Sunday all that being said I don't care how tired they are it's not an excuse not to show up at home. But they mull this monumental comeback and I'm gonna say this about the comeback. We talked a lot about markets mark you're on the program he's one of those guys it's a very submissive guy. He's guided Celtics fans just aren't sure. They did the short it if they can love this guy for the next fifteen years and have a via a longtime Celtic because let's face facts here. Instill this guy in markets Smart and able to develop and an offensive game that is dependable. There's going to be a problem. Signing him he he's going to be restricted free agent and again I'm gonna get your calls but we have to just understand this in a world where. Kelly a lady cut fifty million dollars as a restricted free agent last year. The Celtics are gonna have a real hard time bringing market's march back. Next year because there's going to be a team that blows him away with just a monumental. Financial offer and don't forget. Next year will be carrier beings last year. Under contract you two years left in a deal when he got here the Celtics gonna have to make some decisions on Al Horford. His contract will be running out so that you've got two guys to essentially Max guys that you've got to make decisions on in the coming two years. And don't forget once those guys are up in in carrier being in an Al Horford. Depending on the decision that you make on those guys. Jalen brown gonna be due for a contract he'll be entering restricted restricted free agency followed up the next year by Jason Tatum so the Celtics are gonna have to be very. Judicial when it comes to who they spend their money on. So the question really becomes is mark is Smart a glue guy if this Celtics team led by Tyree Irving Gordon Hayward. And Al Horford is gonna be a team. That competes for championships year after year after year. Are they more likely to win a championship they compete from multiple championships with market Smart on the team and if that's the case who. Do you decide to walk away from. Who is expendable out of the guys that I just mentioned because somebody's gotta go you can't possibly sign the mall. And stay. Under the cap and even if they go over the cap and that's something that they've done in years past you have to love wick rose Beckett is willingness to go over the cap pay a luxury tax. I interview Rick each and every season at the start of the season and at the end of the season and which is always backed up what he said if he feels like his team can compete for a championship you'll pay a luxury tax. At the tail end of the Big Three Eric here. He did he paid the repeater tax which is just a huge penalty the past. Because he thought his team had a shot to win a championship. But you can't do that year after year after year that's not something that sustainable it's something you can do you wanna add a piece to a team that has a shot to win a championship. But it's not something you can do. And run a business and do year after year after year so the Celtics are gonna have a huge decision to make this offseason when it comes to markets Smart. And let's face facts here markets mark goes out last night. He gets it thirteen point six rebounds five assists place 34 minutes but he the two largest plays of the game to winning plays of the game. At the end of that game a centrally. Defined what Marcus Martin brings this basketball team. That that's the definition. Of market Smart. He baited Harden into those files he baited him and he's brilliant at. And there's a certain amount of value that goes along with that in the NBA aside from points rebounds and assists. So the question for you guys really becomes is Marcus Marty guide you continue to build around is Marcus Marty guy that the Celtics need to have on the roster one way or another for this edition of the Celtics to compete to win championships year after year after year. Or Z expendable are you comfortable waiting bug bite the markets Smart and giving additional minutes to a guy like heroes here. Because I think that's ultimately. The way the Celtics are gonna have to go here I just don't see it I don't see how they're gonna come up with the money to pay everybody that needs to get paid. When it gets very rosy year already performing at a very high level. And I think the Celtics would be very comfortable. Giving Terry rosier a larger role. Because mark is Smart is no longer here it is Sports Radio. WEEI its might it night I am Patrick Gilroy removed for you would 617779793. Sevens go back out to the phones that it Justin. Justin's in Providence Justin units up here on Sports Radio WEI. And nobody our own time appreciate it thanks great Michael. Hello listen to like. When people at present enough yet about idea although. Well I don't know my re ally need and is admired in your real rare skin and you appreciate what what he did art scene. And in no way. I think you shouldn't be that big professional sport at the end of the day and he liked it any less money. And that the jury gonna get outraged. Night right Justin yeah you're right and I appreciate the phone call my against the here you have to appreciate ray Kuwait gave the team. But you could certainly understand why fans were upset that he decided to leave. Mainly because of where he decided to go let's squeeze one more in here before you got here go to John Johnson Hampton John you're next up here on Sports Radio. W yeah. Anything's maddening and appreciate commitment conflict legendary. Oh good article in. The compliment you on how well you still so much airtime. Ray Allen says that whoever you're such a connection to him and they're really. Not our talk about where we're gonna carnival Marcus Smart. I can think you have to kind of do what you can't keep him because he's a kooky. Last year mostly when he put so much for ferocious this and so much you know attitude we never loses temper which is great. But what they have to me about it he's in and it never heard it before turning the ball over. Yeah wait Morgan aircraft ya at our pace to hit that about Paul Pierce means turnovers to a. And he's turning it over a lot but I feel like to clean that up as well and I also worry and wonder is how much of you know bonds that the that would kind re. I mean they battled hard. It is in the finals and it's the Eastern Conference finals last season. It didn't really probably aren't each other's biggest fans but now there are losing team and you came here you have our art how much of a bargain they've really happy Buick. If they came back and have really good arms. To keep Perry and him you know yes there have to do. But I think you're right and I appreciate the phone call and that bond is going to be huge part of what this team does it's something we'll talk about I know I'm back here again. Next Friday for a late night I'm sure I'll be in here at some point before then when that date is when they shift is it's as much a mystery to me. As it is to use so I don't talk to you guys before then. I'd like to wish everybody a happy new year continued success and a 2000. And eighteen and I encourage everybody to stay tuned for the Franklin American mortgage city Music City Bowl ends we're gonna join that in progress right here on Sports Radio WEEI.