NFL Sunday Week 17 - Tom E. Curran predicts the end of an era; Is the party almost over? 12-31-17

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Sunday, December 31st

HOUR 1 - Mut and Keefe are live in Foxboro as we prepare for the NFL regular season finale. Tom E. Curran joins the guys to discuss a potential end of the era situation in New England as well as which Patriots personnel will be fielding job offer phonecalls tomorrow.


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NFL Sunday with my goodness he had rich teens. Did you see it. For patriots jets this afternoon at Gillette Stadium. NFL Sunday is brought to you by cubs Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplifying it checked out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. Have a file they have 2017. It's week seven team in the NFL but can't keep Sports Radio WE yeah I've for the broadcast shed here at Gillette Stadium radiated Gillette Stadium. The extreme cold can be a factor up and down the East Coast and in Ottawa included patriots and jets the number one seed on the line Albert's he is wearing. A big thick Columbia. Layer on top sought out another way under that we are their gloves and a hat you are prepared. The cold here listless seven degrees outside of that my daughter had him ten regardless of the sun is about that might admit it. Wind chill guy parasite oil fields like this summit opened edited that. Whatever whatever temperatures that the temperature of the Philadelphia today 101520 miles an hour it's gonna feel cold with the actual Panthers won't need to project it to be high. A ground war. Need it could be the coldest regular season game. For the patriots obviously that Tennessee playoff game was. Frigid the most I don't get to Brady's preparation for the game in the cold and if you're making preparations to come here to Gillette appeared in the car in traffic on the way. Please note they are welcoming blankets. At the game today can't bring those in place team is gonna have some bids outside the stadium for those who like to donate them. Two and homeless shelters after the game but they're expecting you very cold day here today at Gillette Stadium for patriots and jets and as always Tommy current. Is here he's prepared he's got the NBC sports ice with a jacket on with the nice winter had a law that Nike economic Dario. Not that that's typical walk well everybody has to do something today easily survived ego get layer underneath he'll get TV today outside let's. It like those. Did the deed that that the tight fit now under armor demeanor and sniff them and again. A one of those layers your novels really tight and feel and rumors of good area. Look this socket regretting that. My left foot is quite cold I double slot Smart but the refinement I couldn't find my record accountable thinks he has the head of the Dudley and Doug rock and heavy on good idea to sit here on the rest of the you haven't shot of the monolith here for little. I know etc. that is a couple years away from what I got your. What are your that I had no exit no leg here is that's funny the you'll lose okay wait yeah I get yet know millions like my parents barely a month with about it later now because. Over on the half century and it will for the half century of pulling socks up and down up and down about it hairy individuals to begin with serve. It was a lot alike here you don't see a lot of guys out there on the golf course in the sixties with a lot alike here I think it. Doug for instances obviously very here suit late there appeared to I've got to feel good but my legs are a little bit. Well on the naked self inflict falls out what you put socks audio up lost to come value just looked out all the subtlety apparel Turkey. Are more well more muscle definition though there was room for. Regular civilian evidence he's got a little competitions he's just as yet like anywhere yet whatsoever this particular real guy so mightily to about a simple muscle but it doesn't mean you can't just upload yeah right right speier. Odds it's going to be cold here today about anyone and I just realized that it's a driving in here at 858 when he. There are still hardy souls and I give these people Lotta Lotta credit who already had noted out they already got the cooler how they audio fires go and this is not slowing anybody down as far as like it opens looks like the normal Sunday morning a little bit for patriots switch over to the hot body you do something a little bit different but definitely here this. People who got these tickets for Christmas presents they don't get a chance I mean you'd bank go to their terms of season tickets this is. This is an event for a lot of people so god bless you people who have never brought to a game before choose a few of you in your cars on your way or you've gotten here. Have a blast anyway and just think to yourself gentlemen. If you sit down in your seat the plastic how much worse it would be redeemed at the regions if we still medals and but there's been elsewhere include blowing up all the asking for your won the last games at the old Foxboro a one of these charity thing or you act retreat you. FF I shot you shovel at you like all of the work more than being a that you ticket for the second out bees at you that I know what they wanted to build the veterans know they. Most popular humid footballs at 1993. The piano three. Let 1998. Or 99 okay this is an earlier re games yes all of that scheme in my immediate etiquette I parked down there walked. I'd volunteer before they give me for the second half. If they do that now probably now. They cover things to do that rightly did it's volunteer work forty commit was the body through the 93 game the patriots. And somebody who let us know from the correct but it was the game they we started out. Think I don't know one and eleven the only win that they had with the kids. The cardinals. Out there and then they were on the verge of beating him there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not to be here I have to go to a bar. Because it was blacked out locally what you are not what toolbar itself if you watched it buddies they won. They beat Miami Miami needed the win to finish five and eleven under Parcells. He knew that it won their last four straight games of the year. It was let's go to Michael Gibson in overtime were very late snow banks everywhere and you didn't know that was the last game you excuse team play. In Foxboro there was a chance to go to move to Saint Louis with jeans push with line. Of the bush team we get to my right that he was at 93 inch. Now that Victor I am now down on don't know that she's bush ortho wind notes client it's all worth one catch. In disgrace after the weasels and today you. Sold to wash or wind. If that north wind kind of gift that it. To craft and waterways a guy. You know what's the story that this week it's gonna have to live with one underrated mental blow stated that. They craft tried to move to patriots landing at a Connecticut. And that. Yes unless it's got all the world you know I want guns at Hartford area correct course that would that caused authorities that you see crafts aren't your coach Connecticut's road trip physical. Shaughnessy and a thousand stories little letter so what. What was the it was just craft. Was able to use that to get the eventual dearly want is that what is the orcas Massachusetts or this area. But we gave him what he wanted to correct data to a large extent we're told downtown stadium South Boston and that cut rancorous. Very rigorous cut personal of all there was a large under current allegedly at that time in the globe into some medic. Sentiment toward craft. Thomas Finneran talked to the time about fat cat millionaires not getting publication notes. In return craft was gonna go down with a sweetheart deal rent them. Wherever the clout with whatever highways down there who's gonna. And then I don't know how exactly you turn around here at Wimbledon the other walked in the room but. The craft built this thing with the recently two million dollars worth of public won't know PS cells. It's still for what felt more it's worked out form and he took a whole pile of crap over the time and still does. Let him and Jonathan that are really good job built this place kind of on their own dime. We'll be right about that this week it'll be read on for about patriot fans I don't think it's eight at the same reaction. That what you wrote this week. Had a around the spartans as they ate normally pretty slow week heading into the new year but I thought I'm your story. A lot of patriot fans of the I'd throw up what you wrote this feels like this the end of the 2017 season. Feels like he your mind there is sort of be finality to. This date hereof patriot fans don't wanna hear I was skeptical. Every headline that read the story but you lay out a a pretty good at. Pretty good break down what this feels like we're getting towards the end of this current group the patriots and augment local lot different a year earlier the Peter fans want to. And the like I don't generally jumpsuit because I think any time. There's a dust up and some rank or people think that oh well this is it does is it. But I think that's a lot of things that add up here that have been. Over the course time will contribute to. Oh when you look back because obviously it's good and I've always had won in nineteen come to a halt. And I've always thought that are part be neat and clean and everybody walks but it's never meet clean. It's usually with a tennis six teams somebody's pissed off and somebody leaves and Steve didn't break cleanly put that outlook at this in the main thing is. With the coordinators go. Then you see team in in rebuilding mode that was really jumping off from me in that Josh McDaniels and in Matt Patricia. By tomorrow morning. Will be fielding calls their region will be ticket demand for interviews. With less last year right in Hilliard before yes but I think it's much more. Likely that they're in the store openings this year and their relative right and it's an excerpt reset it rebuild. You're still 115 trailer yourself twelve performers they rebuild and the sense that I went one Romeo and Charlie left they sort of had to regroup a little they've had multiple repeal all or five. After the 20012004. Period that'll five comes and you had. They get Josh. In years and whose. Anyway that was a redo it under questioning VG in Iraq then you're really went from 05 to 09. At that whole period of time I think was atonement. Although I was a full on bottoming out as bad as it got even though they still went 106 that was a bottoming out they hit an eight year. In 2010 out here that went fourteen to. They were a fourteen to team they wanna crap load of games but they were rebuilding. So that's when they rebuilt and I think that they really rebuilt again in 2004 teams we've seen about four different iterations. They would be entering their next iteration. Of who they are but they've had successes over a different coordinators it's already different but other players Reza is always been up. Oh all going into it and I think that the other they won't deal to get through the law already alluded to voters are saying is Brady went everywhere I know that's the differences Reagan when they went through these you know Brady was not had a number of years left and right see the end of Brady's career that they put this even you could pick Brady still. And it VP candidate and I do. You see the end of his career come up but he did you artists say Eric best case it's five worst case it's one. For years left for great read a three you're looking at anyway and I think at the beginning of this year. If I told you hey. There are trade their backup quarterback if they're gonna lose one couple their coordinators but coming off the falcons win which you've been shocked by the out of this is the last year of. Of the rock blown up against you don't know don't absolutely and and in and of itself that's you're exactly right wing so you know occasionally I got us on the Drudge up I think the undercurrent of turmoil. If you thought turmoil then. Agitation that has gone on underscores that you know when you look at the Guerrero the Brady Guerrero. And the rubble decision. OK when you look at the Barack below decision. Go check. Never broached anybody's can we trade Tom now did not do that because. He felt as if I'm keeping Tom regardless he still league MVP war that you see you know what and money into that because of the situation where we want from him or I asked to. I'm probably gonna get it to a problem with ownership because ownership isn't one retreat on so they never got to that point now. That we enter into the Robert Kraft was not 76. Robert Kraft. If he either would have. Would did I don't think that he did intervene in that decision would discussion with Bill Belichick. How would Belichick it's 65 feel if he knows it is huge for fear we tied a huge decision. They had better on. The short term against the long term and you know I was talking somebody makes it you know we're. Betting on them were betting on a promise. Somebody defying time. This much longer. To continue quarterbacking in passing on somebody else. They're not they were suggesting to trade treaty which is played out played O played O. Why did they not play you know why was it just kind of resigned at let's flip for a second whatever what are we gonna do here it has put up for sale site. Six weeks later it's over eight weeks later as the applause they're still not an answer on a if they thought enough com. The whole article Rob Lowe going into this year as let's call a Tom Brady insurance policy at the least. Why would you then not drag it out to the end of the year he thought he was good enough to take you on a playoff run. Why would you get to the deadline and then decide San Fran second round pick. They do it now if you play they had felt that part felt it felt like they cash in. Any weird time ever and I wrote stories. Talking about the logic of it and I can speak about the logic of it okay well this was a last chance to get anything at all in terms of a return you can talk about keeping a franchise in the trading him. The different pump was that had fallen to please perfectly for that work were possible so they did that puts you right why a second. For the insurance that you would have afforded you fees kept tourists a year wouldn't trade or party for the second round pick because of Brady gets hurt you today arrived earlier about when he fired without when it but. There's always a lot of for the trade book based always you Rob Lowe. With that a group of you misfit toys in San Francisco. He'd be pretty good layup followed was as fresh as demonstrated in could you also that a second. Reserve and certainly sort of just putter and shot. Lol I don't I don't I didn't actually gonna have to cite the contract I furtive innumerable people say well to this figured out you know. People cover illegal. That would feet. Tell me how okay everybody wants to see what they would figured out 46 million dollars devoted to one position. Is a usual OK so you tell me how if you say they could just figured out that I would say I would say you franchise them and maybe you don't maybe not every team in the in the world would trade for you but there's a lot of you look at the ultimate diet that a lot of money to utter crap you have to do have to renegotiate this guy you have to rework that guy he hits the he hits your your cap would you franchise record. So that's where it gets. Ridiculous so I think that they just resign rich. So it gets. That's the air of resignation a little wants what where are you. We'll do that's why I feel like what I had to do it again because little guys that in in this case at that point at little back and double check and clearly they're out of Purdue's may break it was still ripple Brady was still gonna make wooden castle correct and overall probably and the two together a broad. Meet 56 so it's not it's it's forty plus and Brady is not going to be the highest paid quarterback on the team like this doesn't it that we did it at the the Internet. You'd only read classic rock or that you got to go to his agents say now you other client the big. Fish is it the heist they got there. You know keeping grappled with Boise franchise avoids an evil that it OK that is that's about it then you still put the whole month of notables that you might make it things like that so would be. But again if you're talking about it this insurance policy or. What are pretty does have a chance to heart in the year Ortiz gets hurt just a disastrously whatever you're. Just giving it a few more months of that you're not alone and in the end and there are people who feel the same way. You know. That would feel. Play you know play it all played out its chip and I think other people have when I wrote the stories spoke to people wrote okay here's what they did it. That was logic again gave but I still look news. It was just the resignation of flipping a second round exit what were sent to look at home we can't keep me anyway. Home pathetic I'll look at my support so if you order under the branch ethics that models things up too much but don't just trade him and Nazis or indeed the the pre season I guess if you don't like like the author would have given all that's that's crazy that's what that's the issue they didn't know what to do. They help Wright had no plan because it was unprecedented you can look at how could not and on the other hand to you have. Really an unprecedented level play from quarterback who's been here. And then you have a guy who's leading meteoric rise despite the fact he's been sitting there so your left in a win win situation that turns into. Really sticky one and I think that that element. Robert Kraft has been trying to dig out from 2015. May in San Francisco with the fear base ever since why slack off I like oh yeah now I will stay in with. You know the onus on the stand down and take the punishment. And for him to countenance the idea of treating treaty at this juncture in dealing with the fallout from that after people accused him then. Of turning its back on Brady I don't think you would have entertained and I thought that was an acoustic part of what Pablo and it was a really good story and it got a lot of play on the stage last couple days. And you've senator earlier just to confirm it based on the people you talked to it never got to the Belichick went to craft that can we treat very good if they did. My feeling was that you that same feeling Kraft would have said now. Because Bob crap not only is Brady guy will build the stadium will get over there. He's of its business partner Bob Kraft is so weird scenario where field. It's like I've got more than a feeling OK so that you can go out OK you know we noticed that now what is it you hit and by the way so I don't know. That I don't look at it knows that your backed. 96 look at the object are idiots whose government is Belichick knows that your back to 1990s that he feels like Parcells did. That element could be that's why don't write well here here's how he then it's not about golf vitality. Yeah because fills up what is on Ramsey noted no it's you have to read the tea leaves in this. And I think if you read the tea leaves on that and you look at the situation with without Guerrero which in and of itself I agree with what the patriots did again. I like Guerrero I think the guy knows what he's doing I don't think he's a snake oil salesman people could have their opinions of that. But I think that would built it made sense drop bright line but how does Tom Brady feel about that given that 2017. He announced Guerrero as business partners. He's been ripped up. In a very active in oh we're way. With a book with an app with multiple references another book. To the TV twelve that was floated a little slow. Also this is a guy have a debate they've worked their ass off to watch it and in this particular year becomes acute disease or go back there and what they say go back there because he was doing such a good job corps cow ski. That was pissed everybody off. It was pissing people off because my own rules do. So unworkable that brought no lift everybody's got to look across. I mean any had out has been around teams Willie McGinest was here and has let you know so maybe taunts. It really sucks you know such a couple different levels. Doesn't mean they're not meeting weekly doesn't mean that they've gone from a warm relationship to a one it's always been business. These other than they did. This stuff both your two most important people the franchise. Because afraid of those guys around and it felt sick with they evidently wanted to trade radio wanted to keep upload other open happened. If any have coordinators who were a world where it's at their look at Rangel what's happening here right field. Maybe I should move. At a gonna have the opportunity and we'll get to that coming up there it's it's an important game today for the patriots will talk patriots and jets with all later on the allocate your calls we always do and that's exactly what 7779. Let's have a not a percentage of one lavandera it's voted on I was taught all they were talking at the net some people like when you do that at all. I'm sorry I didn't interrupt you know I started talking in the middle you. He brighten that story I felt like needed to lay out some of the crowd. That I am feeling sensing can channel to sit there in the middle this week it's all or white it things just Coca booed out of Foxboro no one knew. You you're right which she knows she of the if we'd like to think about writing it next week we'll double or not. Be that as abate. Not yet but I thought our medicine I've got to submit yep I don't think that. It's a likelihood that this team. Implode in everybody you know hit the hills. So packed and I don't know why that well. Stuff Oakland got that thank you very much and a happy new year one up there as you know even I didn't finish and you put the tee on it it was close. It was close you today. He did show a little sequels are carted here for the first hour we will talk. What patriots and jets and a very very big picture of Tony backcourt and off Great Britain gave at Gillette but I wants noticed that I find this a part of the patriots season. Really really interesting beginning to happen to you get to the end of the year and we'll come back and implement the coordinators and already reports this morning that one of the patriots coordinators. If the leader in the clubhouse for potential job opening the other guy is gonna be on everyone's list. At the start there what you got that's what 777979837. At the NFL's auto injuries to talk about. We have Tom Brady to talk about we have James Harrison and his arrival here and a Pittsburg. Which has been an issue. I won't get all that with because your calls week seventeen NFL Sunday Sports Radio W media you have had a shot of a model here for a little. Two more of the NFL Sunday with the money keeps brought to you by come Lansky insurance fox sports radio and tell. I think that was a game that trade him because him and probably will quarterback and you could feel the franchise around obviously. He's going to be the franchise guy in San Francisco and I'm very happy form because you know imagine him. Being the backup behind Tom for a long time in the Jacoby gets here and he goes and now he's a Spartan and he's he's like car David Carr who. Came in at the same draft within he's an Oakland is nice big quarterback in the league right he's the guy so he's sitting there he's like. I'm pretty good here and I had. I just wanna play so the best thing for him was to go somewhere else and we went out right now state for the team entry I think yeah of the I mean any time because guys of that caliber. Because Tom can't play fifteen years but it was no I don't think there was no ordinary resolution. Yeah I think that what they got returned to it was a mistake obstacle on the you're never gonna trade Brady rappel how to be treated. I would have done last year or not done it this year though that it was rough because that was excellent Rodney which is gonna leave that up that's that I thought Rob Ninkovich with Tommy current it job the mosque. Was good radio the other day who do think markets that this scatter brain to swell guy. Who is very rarely are tied to host a show like I didn't know you had edit it may be if folks want him or is that true yeah yeah you still you admitted it in a four hour show like. Hours 34 for you are weaker than usual lose spell it the first hour plus yet out. You're locked it in product hosting nearly so good for four hours host future. Well Tomas I kind of co. He did the thing we co hosted I heard it was you was totally there yet but we've we've bounced back and forth when when when I was confused he's heeded the news and notes. My eclectic. Off was that a fairly. At one point I thought there was a weather sponsor our so it's what brought you today. It was a good at out of the red of them killed and. At an exhibit looks like a couple sick or hurt yeah these guys are now we have a good test it's good talking to Jack. Does he know that by saying that that burden is gonna give somebody over there to let will paper he robs it. Not a good idea to trade the quarterback might be a lot of there yep well that people might be handed it to somebody who's in charge and they look at via an Olerud she saluted. I was sitting idle is a good job Paul did you tell us good firewall would you have done then. If we're madness that's thing that's fabulous like every caller I incidentally that's going answer keep them okay and then what are right but it would keep. Maybe last draft that's why it's an athlete of the last draft we'll get your calls on the stick to what 77797937. Tommy currently operate very. If you see patriots story today the finality that this season feels like he talked about. The appellate check Guerrero breeders' coordinators. Mike's still report a sporting NFL network that it should alliance who bought and they should move on from the court as Jim Caldwell noted coach that. Recorder according about Patricia will be the favorite. You take over there Detroit which makes sense that a couple levels the top of the list would be. Bob I win what we're patriots won't office guy now runs the Detroit Lions as always been interested in a peeping into the bella checked. Coaching tree where his next guy Detroit does that make sense do you Patricia to Detroit now. It does I think that is the plum job vote your terrific quarterback you have a 344. Year old owner who's not paying attention. Except just wants to win. It's fortunate that it go up some money. I think that that is. Quite possibly the best job out there. So if Matt Patricia a better candidate than Josh McDaniels. I would. Wonder if that's the case but Jim operate Cooder. These are rockets would need to route there. Who certainly could send head coach as well you're so you might have a complementary situations there if you live we've cooter you're in charge of the offense and and the first victims who broke out in the defense of it. It that would seem to be if they hire procedural mcdaniels they want to keep their coordinator and they don't read Josh Judy he's gonna warrant is all right and I think the other the two weeks. To room to keep in mind is we've coordinators leave. There is going to be an outflow players and coaches as well falling. So if you have multiple. Coordinators and emotions that idea then they're going to with their contracts Europe. Worked there offered. Higher jobs. It's a new place. It's a bright forests can become coordinator here it makes him well assistant head coach slash coordinator with two option. You will have more money better position yet so. Thank you all those things in Indianapolis wherever you know people might go I think that it's interesting I think the giants is off the table. Oakland. Apparently took root news. They're gonna they're gonna laughter get to the point where they Edgar on the raiders they they like Del Rio but they're gonna brought mobile money ten million dollars Oscar what what dumb idea 2000 coached. Now that's all around us he ripped it wants can be coordinator with the knicks they coaching jobs against the raiders. Our director group first the colts. Jefferson would not allow. Bagels Lewis probably out titans which that it is interest thing. Apparently like a lucky coaching efforts job he should lose his job anyway he just wanted to return you guys John Roberts finished the front office guided to its lowest offensive talent there. And they they struggle to score points on a weekly basis that would I didn't noticeably worse this year yes oh yeah and they keep playing DeMarco Murray overt a Derrick Henry who waited up to the ball much better player. Cardinals might be opened after Cisco Bruce carried by coaches last gig then a Washington jets and Bucs we don't know about the bears jets steel. Stated. Yeah written Washington jets and Bucs were all lost his parents are excellence. Out there as we don't know we don't just talk about it yes definitely but so to that end up those openings for Josh McDaniels. And I with a giant oil able they hired him. You picked Josh needs to go to a place where nick is Eric go with them or. Does the job Robinson Tennessee connection makes cents or eighty just makes sense for Josh given that it's been years since Denver. He's had a great run here to wiggled and yet it's gonna want to tell you have to pick the right one disobedience is going to be separate openings here the next 4440. At the Canadian out. This is probably being. Good spot for speller to younger GM but Irsay they've cut nursing at a control. To a large extent. Mutual life did you have that uncertainty with him as to what he was able due to a shoulder in Europe. Good deal like that it again and you'll like Jacoby present Josh Beckett deal took over percent you know. Well enough they expected a higher job but he's probably now after spending whatever games twelve games thirteen games. Playing quarterback out there he's probably a much more different product and it's a level of com. Knowledge between the two I think that if you look at Indianapolis who all these teams these other undercurrents to make the decision. Its owner. In quarterback that it's GM and control and how well you're gonna get on them that it's queries the franchise in terms of being big market small market it will spend money widget technology. We sure strength and conditioning health nutrition. How it can't argue. All of those things accurate to plus how much money can be spent patriots are our team that hasn't gone. Of extra money that they can throw different coaches new coaches because. There hi Ian team just because his salary cap which you have to understand his. That 170 million dollars every team hits it. In terms of salary they have to pay outs and that's nice but the patriots might earn half again as much as Indianapolis. Or somebody else they have less money spent on coaches. Wore what do. Why don't question about the calls were to keep locals here are they all that you cannot go there was prevail when I look at that understood where that came out that effort it and that's why. I don't think that. Whether there's a lesser of the colts would be that there's a list are giving it up there to the jets he looked at evidence. And a photo available this year I just don't think that he would say you can't go there. Late coming with me Jeannie wasn't just because he went there. It's because he went there he was basically you know whispering in years. The locker room come with me come with me come with me but who went from the so that was what pissed off so wouldn't be that they have the colts have been fronts that are couple occasions one let's change the rules and bylaws to aggressive offensively. And that too flaky I got the most specifically. They were brought the senate to placate now some of those guys are gone maybe you'll still polling in the first well maybe it's gone well gone there and forgetting is named after the guys don't like like bricks. He's no longer in Indianapolis so maybe that factors in but I just figured. There was an enemy factor to colts patriots in the front offices and the ownership based in Wiki two years ago yet but I and if pharma. Coordinator from judgment in some Patricia Saint Louis so what bills 65 and give me so much here one. Championships at my profile arise I've made more money than I thought I would have but it. In the NF to do what's best for myself my family and if it's just simple distasteful that franchise because of something that happened when he twelfth. I can't let that be the dictating force of my decision. I respect about a month and a half to get big markets but it disappointed that to happen. Indianapolis but in the end deals 65. Is a coach for five more years or more years hopefully I'll I'll ask him. Wherever he is and I'll be able to go to his hall of fame induction and it will have a peacock he won't hold that against me but I I wouldn't if I was. McCain has some real let's keep an incredibly persuasive reason. Better than that just like those people. That know about this you're the guy I want to take over here one side of it we don't. Any indication we had we have seen here's the interesting thing now who's done it when we see the way that Brady deals with Belichick. Is coach employee you know possibly. Relationship. I don't think that Belichick would feel. It could maybe I'm wrong I'm guessing here. I don't know if you would feel the wherewithal. The confidence to say well crafts and you're told to. And it's just that they could feel as if you that would be egos and blocked it 6177797937. Persons August. On Jimmy rubble and Tommy current secrets. It happened to his cabinet this morning. Good to let it slide it down and looked at at and what about about the debt problem. And at. That carry light at bat that what it. I actually got a pretty good quarterback but we've only been a look at Atlanta. You know you'll read it and I'm reading one security. And have outlawed back seat belt of buried that. Let's wait look good Jolie Pitt an agent and people liked it and but it certainly got under that that pat doubt on a bullet. Whenever you want it to you just gotta do it that background that I'm not being able to know that I'm ready. But it didn't like maybe. Ballots at the week it's almost as you guys are going to let the good idea but it etiquette. But if you want it back I execute them and then it pretty good choice. McCarron. You can bring yeah of course accurate so happy that it that it's shut and he wanted to gate slowly populate them if they'll. Look back. So so you can rest you're gonna signing your aside another back up to come here and backup Brady get your camera and other emerging getting paid she's like we started dollars coming our backup radio that take over the same thing with a lot more all over. A sense I can. It's not always gonna have credence in that way the winds and those are. Infinite knock it plans and at the white blood. Million dollars in the. That's good so good and that's why the patriots may have started money to back up Tom Brady. You know you have that much you know because you can't generally a patient and then and it it can go back and lost the but it's very angry because I know that I'm a football. But he did you do you think I'm pretty good candidates doing that let you on that. Yeah I think it's politically I. Yeah thirty capital for years just wants that I more honestly I had the State's Greg and I don't hate. I don't hate AJ McCarron either I think that he's pretty good player but now he's in the Jackson spotted 2.0 riches has proposed it's at that would disbarment is. Posterior cracked four seasons watching somebody. That he might be better that which I don't think it's grow up with a situation but. And now it's does common. Crucified again he's definitely not an event that that sounds appetizing to me that makes no sense and as Ross talking about you'll Belichick in his endeavors going fortress. He 65 years old. And if we take committed horrific radius words Avery wants little 44 reported bouts all we can deal. No check is that he's not going to be bodily right he's all the record saying that I'm not going to be any in my seventies he 65. After this year. He's a section of the year by year basis for me to the port or Mike Reese and we'll throw it like today. About Bill Belichick it is Sunday column Bill Belichick dashed assuming he's back when I keep season dash I don't think it's crazy. To think that based on the agent based on Tom's story. That it just there's a weird but there I don't think you're. A big hot take artist by suggesting we're getting towards the end of the appellate check as the nickel to the patriots yet I mean it's honestly it's just the job to say hey. I've come with a team for a long time never fell today in a greater sense of unease over there. As to what's next. You know there's no doubt he's a boat who's gonna go where or how things about it but tough. I wrote the story to feel like people grabbing coats to. And part of the overall it's everybody but you also admitted to start the story about say you know five you thought of thirty horrendous thing really. Paranoia Iraq but I'm glad part you know I wrote that accompany it in essence I really wasn't exactly wrong. Well you now I want to wasn't wrong putting me years ago because it was late in the third quarter. That god for that iteration in the fourth iteration of threats that if there's a twelve years plus has that iteration of the patriots did come to its conclusion in 20082009. They just recruited with the seat people because that group and Josh left. Do you peace to keep it. All a lot of things happened it was Thomas but he Mike Vrabel Tedy Bruschi differences. That the patriots one point oh from 01 to 20082009. You're not making eye contact and when you do that I think you disagree. I think you're playing that you had it right in your column know I did you do it. Lot of you serve that well we'll. Everybody my wallet was right I just had won it skidded to a whole coat down on the side. Well listen to a lot lot. That was two point all of them other arsenic came out so I just edited it out I. I was more credit freeze over there may you you admit you got something wrong then a lot of people visiting it will add you do multiple iterations. Within this franchise that we didn't think they were wrong wrong exit. At this 61777. Diet 7937. Is the phone number there is a weather situation on the East Coast and it'll affect. Patriots and jets as well they're reporting back situation could put this game today we'll come back and talk about the game we'll talk to you which we sell real NFL Sunday but keep Tom Garnett but right now you're gonna show you ought to work radio W media excuse money machine. FL Sunday presented by a couple of key insurance on Sports Radio W we. NFL Sunday Monday. Current Sports Radio WEEI right up until 1 o'clock that after the game don't forget Klan or wait let's parts boroughs here at the ship as well we'll post game show. Following patriots and jets here on W week yacht the jets aren't now rice patty at quarterback. And it's pretty simple here fellows patriots win. They had it up a one seat no one really expecting much out of the jets today this feels like a walk over type effort opt for the patriots with this cap via. They are awfully thin at running back today the were already listed out correct look at it like you asleep. You know rapport among others they think James White will not place you were down two DL Louis Reynolds thirty touches last week. And Brandon Bolden who has been essentially all the on special teams duty. All this year so let's get one of these games and they wanna rock the football short the clock and they got here with a win. It feels like it's on the feet of the elbows again. For secretary we've corrected. Yes it does it and you know if you wanna for the outside of me Chris Hogan still come back shoulder injuries are you a little bit more cleanly can play yet. Quote supports OK so you have that down it's it's an interesting game I think people like this really just rides on. How interested are the jets and one. It's eleven degrees. Bubbles coming Dak yes you know teachers to return in April to evaluate whatever form to put out there but. One thing that warrant from talking players is there is nothing. In the entire sport more discouraging and demoralizing. Than getting hurt on the last day of the season. In a meaningless game. And then having to rehab. And New Year's Eve. If if you're getting your feet in New Year's Eve right on your curiosity January February march just to get back to where you work. On December 31 if Kevin real pre season that feel to it and it absolutely doesn't affect Kristen had to convert took reps this week down to the war and he has yet to play the winner of the work is not one in the NFL pass from a mistaken that's not enough help pets except for pre season games. It I think I think we could at Abraham Bolden could have the adult educators today and Rossi got the eulogy. Even if the bye coming up on the Dion Lewis should've thirty touches an a game like this than anyone steer clear of that. Yeah that's a judge to judge the project they can bring it to eight B Kenny Britt gave up but she you have Deb how terribly well that I dig the one. Those games you Wear that we do you wanna run early or it's defense gives up in a quarterback rating but 91 that's the bottom and the NFL. In the middle packet yards per game passing yards total package not but that's not a good team this year the coaches that's been the motivation is there. But if you've got a couple big place to Rob Gronkowski down the middle and you get up a couple touchdowns that you write but it here battled back and forth and cold weather game and it's. Thirteen 713. Pence a portable third fourth quarter. The albums because they didn't recognize you were so I'll get a hold the old five of the seven times not a Super Bowl that the number one seed the AFC. What it's important recent season and now wants you to be able last quarter of what seat to the culprits have gone to the Super Bowl. And basically beat of that next game today if Pittsburgh duck here if you look at it. 2015 I think is the cautionary tale they came out they had their Steven Jackson the overall on the ball to get a first down at ground the next thing you know there but you're makes you. Somehow excitement that being Campbell dolphins who back the fight back we'll. The political crimes was accelerating the entire coaching staff write any mixing in your game with these guys were dying to leave. So there's a lot of elements that are different from that year. Is well it's not Miami's obviously hear the temperature difference from here to Miami is also significantly different. So how interested are the jets and playing on New Year's Eve. And will patriots. It pick it up big it's going to put guys on all apples here the second now not only. The running back go to credible but maybe some bright what are you truthfully asking a court order that. Did you throw up on your keyboard I don't think so holy crap and thirty minutes. This will discuss right Gloria. You got the touch it I didn't I didn't touch looks like it smeared raspberry at the pretty girls I'll or who like eating him. And browse it. They've got a lot of work if our. I just hope what I guess what guy deserves criticism who's not getting it because the team is the winning. He's number one pick ready cooks and he's been nonexistent now about that zipper that hole has lengthy piece today on Tom Brady goes to them. The video and rate declining in eight hits it it's an existing what do you this would have been conclude. It's it's not one thing that stands out that it bunch of little things that lady trying to do too much. And making the throws and out there with a mystery about what game basically. It's not like what Brady now looks cold at the same things happen over over this couple 23 it was a situation to monitor says that not playing well but not. I'll pull it off the cliff in conclusion that he inclusive write is neglect these sort of that hole today at the video was it just to read. But if there's a couple paragraphs about though the lack of anything regrettable that's what this number but yes third start of radicals so the thirty targets in these games and they're still target six target to game. Fifteen catches. Really no big plays down field if you walked he can hit an interception already cooked up what's up against Xavier Howard it up by any given up making an effort. What they started number one pick Rick looks for most of the year it will work in December which is about precedent cupboards and any political beat us off the line. That noted that not exist that he he's got to give them. A lot or maybe starting donated to the post season low we seen here with what the December he's not supposed to go warm water. And make those plays and help ray make those plays downfield he's not done now result. Complimentary use it complementary receiver he shouldn't be put a portrait he should well. I think he's good he's good he's not great and he fell to a subsequent to. All or even great dictator over one million credit to our team visible bullet and I don't think that he woke up on a year I absolutely don't but he was now. Aisles but to sort the only name you talk I talk that it took a strong here Tom. We did with the war. There's a door and if he's not a finished product walkout if he doesn't know I don't think how to get open. Insurance runs a small and they that's with or without all the other LA a lot of volleying quite okay you you put the receipt and high level. Obama. Mauer and Hillary huddle especially at the direction dynamic for the portal if there. Let's get a few phone number got credit cooks that's okay. That's their job I do well it getting off press coverage because he doesn't have the new ones each is usually is able to run past people. When you look at whether it's Deion Branch. Which were brown. Must checked out none of that blood yup ratios as Jefferson also basically all grateful recalled drill in and out did it that's great speak to a great read I think. Think it's usual that I do think Brady mcdaniels Belichick feel about your wanna cooks. It's been good. Yeah good but we've. Definitely see some limitations we get some stuff to work with him to go to that's that's definitely what I think is situated I would have guessed with cattlemen down now maybe about a minute played well here that told me that's trying to wrap it it's a totally different player now I don't we're better at. A widow of resettlement he would have been off the charts without settlement he's easier to take up again I guess so you got a thousand yards or doubted that sixty catches I would have thought even though he got with a different game and overrule a compliment him. If settlement goes elements you know 110 catches basically leave the offense. I thought cook to be closer to say okay houses if you if Brett Butler a lot of mostly like Brandon Lloyd. Which you have a problem even the riddler was cuckoo in that crap and everything you know he that he did he will keep their Rio de executable. He lord let it costs a lot more radical absolutely so I. My education was like hi everybody has already which was a lot this is not a finished polished receiver he's going to be that big of a couple really good years and morals unless there could play the position obvious that the election sixty catches. Yet fifty back on Thanksgiving this game walk to 2% of memories fade to 138. What for 62 by poets it's going to be that is the troubled by what I want it's got to be met maddening for Brady it's. Cute to those yet. He's not able to those and in the users Chris Hogan necessarily. One vote short cut wide receivers whose evil to. Get open and small spirit of the Carter was remembered her training camp and three season we would get some patriots beat writer would send out a video Brandon cooks make it the defense also in the in the wall of one drills that he looked like he was at a different level. And then every once in awhile you see it on the field but not nearly schizophrenic because it's not for us in the and a lot. Heat on the quarterback and keep on radio I think it's been more significant last month cuter go to WFD up let's let this of that yet runs his play those games as a guy who takes. 2.5 seconds opened up an animal radius at the 2.5 seconds is should a guy who's a first round pick take 2.5 seconds opened up against recovered. Probably not some he's gonna need to work and I think those two factors combined. Lead to what a horrible was able to include all those things mixed together like if you look at Greece expects which I think is a lot went right. Any story or investigate what the problem is Brady. The throw against Miami the first one the pick orient through books. Asked what that what it. The next one replaced by Zabian Howard. The picked by buffalo on cork I mean that's awful winter tour all you got got hit while while they are under thrown we've. The buffalo all of they are above the one to crawl but this wasn't against him is. Was above or that awful twice here there was above will take six. Where was sort of popped up in the air dollar talking about the one with the fight. The war in the political yet you have that one yeah that was that was not really mean because you got salt you know what we want to get. Do they arrest last. Usually this read the defense heated he read it is the number two was what Robert wanted. Robert Robert Rubin the pit as a result of that target the bush. Don't let nobody out it was a good play by way it and it's Robert Google friend Tom that we are rather. Ed absolutely that is an absolutely different film that's a falcons got to the first half I was shocked that's the Tutsis to the tees were up people who lurk in rush three dropping executive Robert breaker with an idea breakdowns and NBC sports I did not get that final click where you pick the game. With 116. You don't look that way with the that you have banged up running backs via he's. That's about post ordered yet. Bluntly that he needs. If you get more ways to use a good hour happy new. I haven't done anything good out that's what good radio this week notwithstanding Greer is as the hour went on this because you're immediately I. Ali when it cooks out we'll probably get a replay this hour coming up at noon yeah. Well no 11 o'clock hour we could replace this event to create news outlets Hillary. We played Hedo walked young to multilateral there there will cut and the week not a strong on the shelf at ES 2018. Resolutions for. Besides the right time that's it when they're motivated they're just trying to get more punctual up punctual. Exactly they're running into not always very late sometimes very late with that loved the Walt was on the part of law thing that was put a couple let's talk time those couple. Maybe a low of one of seventeen yeah who you within that tour. And of itself dale via that it's been it's been at 2 o'clock show for. I don't know how many tests that somehow if hamas' Karen. The way we started to. One out the verdict no oppression here a lot ordeal and by the way I have to go to the state of black and good luck stop with this OK if it could be key happy Vietnam he got to be sport welcome back to your vocal will. I noticed it more Brady talking it this year calls coming up at 61777797937. Becky yeah it is NFL Sunday Mott and keep and you Sports Radio W media.