K&C - Chris Price applied lotion to James Harrison's back; Tim Hasselbeck is not sold on Jimmy G 1-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 2: Chris Price embarassed himself after the Patriots Jets game.  


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You skirt and Callahan. Hey it is the Portland. Final hour on the fifth and final debate of the deal holiday to yes it was one of the first things I thought about why take on pit bulls I think it should be exterminated. I agree on simple yeah we can do one of them pit bulls can we do that make me feel better to lose a little weasel deal how about Chihuahua. That's what you are. I don't know what if you are having little Chihuahua because he barked Embarq Embarq Embarq converted Kirk Manhattan left to win the coin toss elected to receive was especially important today to play out front early to talk about that my focus here recommended this building. Always be on what's best for the preacher I focuses on the flyers coach talk about the job Bryan Allen did he had a lot of once inside opinion online now. There are good points period Gerry Callahan Europe in and its forward. Here I'll keep going back to the word disappointment. Hatred. Okay hatred. Completely abandoned me and let this thing deteriorate into a silence of the lamb rubs the lotion on it's clear that he immediately went into radio silence on her side and did not speak to me for five months that's right blocked everybody close the book I didn't listen got a lot on Sports Radio W. Support while our fifth and final day for me and here you have oil spread. We texted you times last week as a matter of fact that you guys hit off the glass over. A lot of that they would be much anticipated crossover we're expecting fireworks you guys like old friends it was good to hear that again plane today have been. 1110 flight that make it one on nine to two on the back. You will play quick nine remain bogus and the he may he may it was never got Ingrid a waiter waitress before so now I'm never sites as it was about food this. So we'll have to excellent I'm looking forward to that too but you eventually be rub lotion that history I said this before the break and I will reiterate it is most embarrassing thing I've ever heard. About a medium member. Interacting with an athlete I've noticed what's on the use we use did we did whenever that was two years ago we did the ones he thing with the media members bought one Z. For Belichick's grandchild that was embarrassing blow that he's not in the league in the league is really the kind of stuff we make fun like we've been missing judge in this sounds like a joke and meet judge James Harrison. Handed lotion to media member asked them to rub it on his back just how nervous. Is there I just yet tires. Included on its is there video piece majority told the story on his show with a ten winless that he said that the Harrison kept a one waiting for like 25 minutes. And he came out pension. Yes I was just trying to stay informed you know Iran Libya form and a four. Oh yeah. Apparently she didn't in inform yes I like the lowest thing that makes you laugh yes but anyway. Says he says that Harrison comes out asks the media members along the way and they say twenty minutes of some and he hands the lotion to immediate member. And then. GO RD they cheat they move on channel ten with him press month he left me hanging. Did the media member applying lotion I couldn't wait to find out you didn't know these guys to know we've heard dude the teased. We have confirmation as soon as we finished that segment we had a phone calls right from various media member I'd areas I surely is thirty sector got a text from a different media members who confirmed it. That is a this is amazing. This guy used to work here not not not a big fan I didn't miss some. Wednesday when he moved on his beat this is Chris price is one Chris Pryce who works for Greg dug correct. This is the most embarrassing thing I'd don't not a friend Chris prices I'm embarrassed for him I'm I like him humiliated for him on a casual friend Chris is used to work with them I'm confused by this is is sort of a nice guy by default. It is a weird situation. We can stupid because of media remember you have to be a moron to think this is not briefly pedal you've got a laugh about it and sort of ignored. You can literally take that take the lotion James Harris and hand you can apply to what is backers. What is is his front what do I believe is scrawled on its fixed me. I don't actually did it and what do you do. I'd I don't know if and found Greg Bedard. I don't they have an office ago. Assay Chris I'm sorry you can't work anymore and this is to embarrass right. I mean you'd tell the story out of it now mean. And all the media members. She says all of some of the protected him I didn't read them almost that saw one guy yeah I told the story and you Audi tweeted GR between August thing I've seen in awhile reporter. Possessed but lotion on James Harrison's back. Awkward. It amusing what does that mean awkward to me is offered by the music department yes. Awkward but and yet this but prince's hit it bears a Christie probably thought he'd used it smacked in the face that's a that's a good point but still I don't know how you recover from this Chris price to me won't always be the guy who rub lotion. On players yeah. We get get it eat if you're christianity the presidency would give me the upside of doing that there's no going back once you cross court. Total jock sniffer may be thank you for your friend that I mean you're rubbing lotion on the means. I would do that to my best friend so it is an image ever been to the beach with a guy and do harriers. He's your son at different but I wouldn't run like some block on another man's back you into my back I would rather get sunburn than have you Obama that it's it is it's that we homophobic just wanna rub lotion on the on the man but but in the locker room your member of the media. And your job is to. Repeat supposedly be objective. James Harris in terms he would just put lotion on backing you do you laugh and you say sorry Jameson you know there's a crater was just like put his hands. Move it around. So yeah it's so bizarre can't even get my Mulligan a member of the media on real quickly here the story. We'll move somebody I want what happened and informed of other media members. Pocket cameras. Let's emphasis on camera unsure why that was picked up at the Dallas and the whole Harrison and would never managed looking out for each other apart we have all in yet. Apologies but I heard a lot of criticism of Harrison mostly from Pittsburg. But some people. You know who thought he was disloyal to the Steelers. Student he slept his way out of town. He slipped in meetings and stored now he slept right right tried to get outs who could come here play like no other guys have done what her parents wanted. And and obviously I don't think. That's a problem like you don't have to be low yield to your team forever. If they cut chew you can go elsewhere plate as a matter of its arrival as a matter of can meet in the playoffs. Doesn't matter what Joey Porter thinks. God doesn't matter that he didn't visit Ryan she's a year and hospital main east. Doesn't have to be. The good human being but Harrison takes it to another left just want preacher. Harrison takes 20 using rotten human being easy guy who has a history of domestic violence has a history of putting his children. In danger because he loves his pit bulls so much he's just a terrible team I wouldn't. I wouldn't run lotion on mutual good guy and share but he's a terrible guy. I guess who. Gone past that got past that days ago with a the world now if you yet he stuck to wife around ten years ago or do you think that just doesn't. But the fact that we do we know fans we we we we we should they don't care that they all lumped hair now they don't I mean James Harrison's well she'd written anywhere release time here. I did not act oh and we just said some stores out of Pittsburgh you know Pittsburgh stores. Ken Leonard talked about it on what you show called. Well Thursday night and you bought thirty he filled in or you're right and a great in any medium if you're cards are certainly a million new gas. We did against Pittsburgh which have a monetary elected tucked into such urge a yes you have to elect. Broke the story. For Harrison or talk to Harrison about. About one among being disloyal lead Pittsburgh. Responding Steelers teammates were in charge let's you only do is like Google James Harrison you know with Google machine and rescue gets you get this. I'm violent incident march 8 2008. He broke through his girlfriend's bedroom door door slapped her in the face and snapped her cell phone and have. They've been arguing about whether or not get the kid their son and I'm baptized that can happen and the biggest phony in sports that Dan Rooney defended. Harrison in a way right because he thinks he should. Baptize kid right this is good Catholic sure until we as you know if the little woman doesn't want you got to you know get how Madison's life that most life. And and you know you're right patriots fans football fans want to ask you don't camera pickets with which is not a sign. Is sought to draw from 2008. The patriots are supposed to sign if that is regarded as a Mandela check has never bought into this you know we're better we're different we don't want no wife beaters we don't want bad people. Guess what he did these key pizza has offered today Soderbergh rice the way it works and it's it's a one game thing essentially one regular season game. And then on the playoffs and certainly had they've spent 19480. Grade they don't care who they don't and Corey Dylan Corey Dylan in notes this was a star here and atom Tim Tebow terrible people is not terror Tim Tebow knows all now know all the abortions he's paid for. That's legal. And release all Ford now come but but to comparisons they rotten human being. But you know do you pass rusher that's the thing change. That is set the edge and it's a story that happened last year. Were two years ago. I just the people this is a statue Colombia's enter your mind not my my but I think if you Dina get into this because not only do via. Sports is smack his wife oh that's true. But he also his son James the third sustained injuries to his side when the family's pit below became agitated and beat him. The boy's mother the same woman that. That James has smacked around. She also was bitten in the dog which she tried to savored child. Dog also bit players massage therapist. Who needs stitches Harrison's agent said the boy's injuries were quotes furious but not life threatening like take he was hospitalized terminated. Hospitalized for three days to kid when he got. When the dog tried each of them the people was scheduled be euthanized but through the key Harrison founding. Temporary home that specializes in training aggressive animals that are at it's not the dog you. He helped save this killer dog that tried to kill tried to eat Harrison son Harrison said do to deserve a spot that's a good question. Oh maybe year. Maybe use against them doesn't want to screw it let's go to the food and obviously. It be known he's a badge I'd better I mean I saw that you know patent especially a sudden an impeachment really care they care. Terrible Floyd last year which it calls for days hopefully you're an hour railing particularly need and can't fans are excellent. Did they they don't care what the patriots do right or daycare like you said if this if we do last week. No not the played wade plates on it now undeclared give you didn't come. Hey it may impact the duty he's got to get jeered viciously set yes the edge must be set and you know what I've ever seen the video of him. Are in the weight room assuming that he's he's he's throwing his legs and my dad read to a squads about it he saves he wild card games. By the way that these three teams that the patriots might potentially play. Two of them and I and seven. And wants them 62. Of them are. 100 to one shots what the Super Bowl which I would not bad on 100 to one I would put five dollars. That the patriots do not have a game until the familiarity has got it seems to Tina came in here with him start right rampant as humans no chance none none none at Tennessee Kansas City is the first came on Saturday. He and the other AFC game. Is buffalo Jacksonville which sounds like a horrible that's OK Kevin on the regular season yet another these war games are less than touchdowns. It they're just all get two games are excellent I mean Atlanta LA is the is that NBC and that's a really good game. Reported in and Carolyn nor did we see what I do was a scout at this time you turn largely due to potential and I get out you know like. Would mcdaniels and and Patricia bolt said exactly the same thing when asked about potential coaching opportunities they sent a busy grating the film yes. You first of all. Grating the film of the jets game after. Of the jets game when it was below zero here and didn't do that's what I do like that here too. I don't watch and OGA video iPod killer I don't. I honestly don't believe degraded the jets game I don't know want to seem to buffalo Jacksonville was a playoff game and they were just playing you're flipping around. Go to red zone so fast less than a and a bubble like a playoff team who go five and do this year to the people in buffalo celebrated today feel stupid like will they feel stupid when they get signals crossed in Jacksonville again I mean mean is it really matter you made the playoffs when nine in seven years and the nine and 8 PM musical did it mean they were greeted the airplane ride they sent all his money and the gold's charity. Agreed to hear Garcia. Delaware plan. I guess their you know fanatics I yes. The Tennessee Kansas give it sticks to its terrible game. Kansas City is the best of the potential opponents. Oh definitely that site close because they've against the finished strong play this out of state looks for Kansas City let's say. Buffalo pulls off via the upset with a spread be in Foxboro we could Saturday. Well and yeah eleven I got Seymour a slightly higher against foot and then the the KC chiefs. This season the team that is the biggest threat to the patriots for the divisional round loss to the jets. In the bill holes. The giants. Right. Me. Did you and they lost to the giants a meaningless to the bills while the last four at all on the last four they beat the raiders chargers dolphins and wrong it just takes couple times what I mean what nick Casey can make that's best case obviously I guess I would do it Alex Smith is the highest rated quarterback in the NFL right I would make the case for them. Against Tennessee I give Kansas city of one and 100 civic. A UB's attitude teams no chance at all none bigger play forever I'm wide open his Kansas City at least in India and yet this is a chance sure maybe you know. The may be on the game maybe to be decent game and I guess people don't want that. They won their pages to win and routes if you want. In buffalo I guess Tennessee. That's a playoff game Tennessee into England and buffalo New England at the sell off its fake. It is as much as you look at the regular season schedule and see Tennessee's coming and that's a terrible game. I know Chauncey takes low agreed to return he writes or tweets about the commander campaign. But is it ever been an easier. And it in route to the Super Bowl another had some music has been has ever been. And easier to the wing papers to reach a suitable on effort they've done this before they put kids at an epic Pittsburgh at home but Pittsburgh at home in Pittsburgh coming in their winning there or not. They are not and I mean Eddie Pittsburgh will be here if you can keep BC Jimmy Pittsburgh. I guess not Tennessee here in Jacksonville and go to Pittsburgh and when the playoffs may be. Jacksonville would be Texan was the third best team would you address that that would would you be stunned out based on the Czechs lost the Buffalo's week he's going to be a little surprised like portal and you have bad game Osama have a great defense of our defense needed to but they Google did with you ruffle a couple of weeks ago you're right there is. Nobody coming in and winning we're all on a way to Minnesota. You're ready to bring you ski gloves or run errands here I think in no it's not a I'd say well it's older it's colder there. The whole idea that you super ball Minnesota some stupid like to run outside a couple times I can print all that stuff. You have to bring you ski goggles scuba suit every school Lesotho yes it's going to be. Brutally painfully cold and no one's ever gonna go outside to stay inside you. Stable tunnels in the catwalk partly ten below zero mania aside and below past. Which is cold and was in my house I'd give before Atlanta security real quick right now here's. With a fourteen enemy in the conference championship who's in municipal. The fourteens in the conference from the outset the patriots stimulus deal in the coming here you know it it's gonna win in the middle of some bubble then I guess I will say. Who many like the rams but I must say rams. Vikings. Let's say I vikings in the first homer teenagers like Google's mobile history. And you know what that'll be good for us will be easier to get to you know it rooms and respondents felt that through all the fans of one team will be home. They don't need hotels that don't won't be going out to dinner and all that so. Vikings will be the first team ever hostess thought the issue so easy to pick the you can it it was a big pages over the Steelers. But utility to pick for factory teams can't see would you be surprised I was surprised not to support Atlanta granted Wentz didn't get hurt if Atlanta got hot and they and they won in LA this weekend I went miserable surprised yeah you'll be surprised you would yes at least stop. Yes New Orleans. No I would not be shocked and I mean that's good point and we seem to have quarterbacks. In the NFC better than AFC artificial up at the station to pick them saints patriots suitable or black white pick in the sense. I'll. A month off telling we gonna get to headlines the first you know I was away was found in. So it'll somber coach who almost an hour here it was a lotion on the year of the best. That we get Carson started moaning and like euphoric police and puts emotion. So weird sense of hope at what point you say you know what I had sides can't you can we need we've we've confirmed the crisp breezy style ocean sound pretty sound and we video. Working. X headlines. Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk and Callahan for you back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again forward. Headlines said. Lines begins overseas in Bradford England a glamour model feared to have been groomed by deadly ice is recruiters. Has been released without being charged as he draws the line at headings. That. A woman had just lost that job so I guess right. We file this under age four hypocrisy. An anti gambling crusader in Chicago to Chicago woman that she's crusade against gambling for decades. 125000. What went out and. That's yesterday's news. I thought you last week Jose onto a good job with none would deal was invested you don't discount auto correct button off headlines massive numbers. At last brought to you by I doctor Robert Leonard document that press TV air doctors and Rob Ninkovich wanted her to adhere to do this now for public it's them forget this others. Oh we got some some people said Patrick for taking victory laps of the race yes this is that they one all won all age brackets this one text what does that mean. That means their line their assets part of our friend friend of the show Chad fan. Who wrote that we won the ratings and one of them by the way handily to graduation was awesome I'm pretty sure that's. I'm pretty sure they actually did three other numbers circle evidence for saying they won December which action they didn't anyway. Which is okay and they've won every age bracket that would make an up age brackets again here's the thing taxes they'll Frederick have to deal with this now they have lost three books in a row and in the eight record 2554. They lost and we again. One every month in the book we were number one again you guys have the patriots. But the Celtics off to a great run of the Boston Globe in your pocket yet another team the Bruins on your station night. And you still in by the way of an afternoon show that does a hiring our afternoon show. Which hopefully will change soon. And we still beat you every single time we've seen a panel that not well. Eagle on the air until it lies if it like that's okay you the truth there are sandwiched between again Chad did is not what are right distrust its last two world skills are right. I'd love to apply lotion you guys affect you may overdo that. It's it to suit those. Those those paints. We whipped you again in the ratings deal with it on the air tight lies if you want. We now know these allies your listeners a salary sponsored tweets that they know you're lying too rich it's over the game is over we want to get. I say this all the time and you know finish first many times. Did it would be you know many times yeah this is more. Impressive. Because. We used to throw them the Red Sox have made the huge numbers and that's not the case anymore unfortunately. They have the patriots who are who own this town they have the Celtics that you point out. Off to a great start they have the Boston Globe rooting hard for them. And yet we still won it is the most impressive. Run I've been on on the barrel of one. And it's mostly because of me so no question yeah. Immediate encouraging Ed Callahan show for years and years and years and years and years and in yours and yours has attacked us. There's today. So we have some say I guess they would and talks like that. There is news. For years and personal attack. Pressure rich now. Went never met what's the point after me I mean to tackle you'd have our cal for all the remit their rap contest again at that work what LC. Any else in the games and contests and wrestling recaps because Curtis won. Billy Jaffe coming up. Half a mile or more guests on. Probably how that knowledge that's what they on the laws they beat guys on gold old retired players on that yet and they you know recap the games and they do it upon sauce is great but those are all excellent spot so right. You guys in the way of long way of saying that stated twice in ten seconds and again in the air as a yes. You're afraid of me he blocked me on Twitter OC this Tubal again annual nod and smile and Tommy privately how much you like our show. But we just opened just says they want eighteen to forty. Five. Demo I never heard of okay I'll still there like bacon and that was pretend they won that I guess that we won eighteen plus right. Yes we do OK so I'm much or that means a second straight month time out to mean. I know what's left this again I get it I was in the spot a couple of years ago to you can have to twist to do things. We're number one now. That's life in the and the patriots in the eyes playoff run I'm sure they'll find numbers in the book or the beat them again. And we beat them again and again because our show was better advancing a pro longtime Dallas have accomplished here the show was as good as now. Our show is better than their show is that's the way it is I mean it's that's always going to be our fans are extremely low that we think of our listeners for that. Stick around the shows and you'd better this year we have big things on the horizon. But a big win for us in the fall book which I always thought was sort of a big one of the big book which enables. Ball in the spring that they are the big ones in the fall when you don't have the patriots and you don't have the Celtics and you don't have the Bruins. That's epic that's huge and we son you said that he male form. They manage in person plan on house astounding. It is to win. When they have all those advantages right. And they have a huge audiences handed to them every night because of the games and there's no leads and yeah we'll see. It was checking out there they're almost in the Los instead we're not believe me we're not going anywhere we're not in the stock. Do we do and I know some people don't like it I apologize to it to Dino born trying to do the best we can't. But it's it's I enjoy watching Fred rich you're Spain and sort of we never talk about him. We have a good chance to do it. The Red Sox. Problems in the bullpen problems at third base in your opinion what needs to be addressed we need more crucial if you think that that I don't believe they interrupt either. And all that's it well both of you are just wild and I read that Boston magazines for a few years ago these guys are changing radio series wild right there he's too bad that I drip. At zero. Oh my god almighty that they need another school. Maybe profile. News that's come and ask them so congratulations your accurate solutions christened unit to Kirk so are you finished second to thank all the cash account members let me know if I forget about it. On the thank god tang way. And Alex. And trainee. And them yes right that's. For favorite motto here on X members. And can and artists yes and Jolie and we want to thank the midday guys do not we do not that plan until. But good job all good job everyone well done congratulations. Headlines pictures today that Landon. Do you. Big big news out of morning in the morning two on shows that you care to hold up. And the solutions are needed to on the air we don't watch it's big news. In the media world holdco. It isn't our first general last their first cars which are less than Cole Hall would not yet coal. She Oda is thick mat I was joke she gets the rape room that's a new office that she gets a little lost walking right it's in you know. I when much of should use it well disappointingly quiet me to holiday week that's crew nothing. This spiral holder code number and and singer named a code it is code or copy. She must sell another word Oz one of the one of the people who was looking the other way they. I thought but he says Republicans cable TV and they might as. Right I don't ask me what she. Scope a fighter she looked at or worked there right we're at with that yes she looked the other way for years. It she's been rewarded she knows that his job his office's shares his game. So good for holed a code to be right. Really can't be Christian. Its stereo TV copy. Caused. Yeah artist a they still number one still ride in the the scandal hours candidates number 118 and 1930. Nineteen in this for one week in December and that line athletes we that. Great to graduate and epic ring pulled up at another epic ring okay great epic indicates where it's coming up next. No reviews the last yet the guy. To do that X I don't know. You pathetic losers. Perkins doubled from one minute ago. Look at Hillary Clinton's poppy Uma. Has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols that could from zepa has been accused of disregarding beast or security particles. She put classified passwords in the hands of foreign agents remember sailors pictures on submarines. Jail exclamation point beats they Justice Department finally act question mark also on call me and others that's it. A lot he's got a good point what whom did normal people go to prison where would puma and Hillary did. But you know there special. There. I guess is deep stakes politics there's hitter yes I guess it's good to Anthony Weiner. Over the will only all the holidays he had some actually legible tweets and someone was open of them in the barren. They're all of the iPhone picks up a best I loved the that the attack on Pakistan. We give them money we give them 33 billion dollars and what they do they hide terrorists on us that's what they do dammit. Yes it was only in Houston Mason. I said I've brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew prestige 1800 get care. I'll get back to deal as the show goes on hassle backs up next is there are right. Hasselbeck I suppose Jones. I ordinarily. Where our conversation between us. Is brought to you by doing the fat loss and by Verizon too joins us every week Tim what's going on. There. What's your which you take your regular players who the picket right now. I have patriots saints just decide at the NFC's wide open you up who Gerri a vikings polite things the Super Bowl already. On certain patriots and critical vikings as well. On. Our community has obviously significantly better than. The war on defense or your contractual or some Arctic in. I think candidate cockpit and big plays and like it could have been you know challenge for them. You know logically there are also present there are still liked Russo also. It could also wanted to run the ball well. You know for all the talk about seeing them being passed you know he's played really well for a long period of time and so you know art. Oracle customers much of the ultra greens are certainly think he's capable of platelet counts. With them there to make it all the words. I don't I don't remember I'm sure it's happened before the patriots had this. And clear path this easier road to the Super Bowl. Mud they've you know they're not playing their best right now could you come up with a scenario can make something up where they don't get to the Minneapolis. I think it. Pittsburgh matchup on the record that's of one. Orders that votes in their area credibility at this point what Powell. You know we're very injuries and the secretary go to new Englander how. But what ports for example 11 or go back and look at we'd like thirteen 1415 Oracle's playing great. You know the last two weeks of not being graded so I think it. No changes at least in my opinion how I feel about that football left aren't like them going and going on the you know on that match either foot. Com your point but we're not playing great and the player seen that. You know kick is of great June you know complaint related to these censored in the copilot turtle or whatever it is and that you were shot and I don't think there's the Wimbledon. You know one in five wicket win. In order swore that bird do you know on the Antonio Brown helped obviously the part of. All the we know that the bills and titans then they might one of them might come here next week which will be a joke no chance but the chiefs the chiefs won finished with four wins on the chiefs beat the patriots. This year you've always liked him in the past yeah yeah. Who has possibly pick these kids can't. What about me to think that a vote he. Believed to be somewhat true now but not as much you know elected or win. In other decent cochlear implant better it was you know the tricky thing that they present in order. You know for the patriots willows. He cut that a good defense and they had somebody you know they're very technical factors working in the insular military record as a critical job growth. He had a huge given that Eric Berry was the difference in the game I think. Correct correct and and you know what the best safeties in the league if you can't read her. And then their offense. It was north not a typical locked up a little bit like oil NFC teams are gonna deal where. What Carolina quickly look at Carolina at him Newton's adulterer. Under 200 yards and actors and when she decrepit and accidentally. The guy's throwing for two record. In decades you know are usually it's quite costly. But their offense is so unique in that in about one that you typically seen some illegal some. You know. Kind of assignment rules in terms of the option gazans all the credit unions also quarterback draw you know with some such as little provinces in the a permit and build your Tina do. And while the thought that. Can't sit in their uniqueness offensively. To poke a little political problem. Because of that it's just not really the case right now so. Because they're conservatives are saying that you look at them offensively. You know they've become a little bit more traditionalist figures Omaha. You think we've been sense for why I thought the story for awhile. Do you think the Jimmy garrote blows when the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Now I don't it and re. I hear just what I think about it I think we'll horror com. Actually we have an urgent generally speaking. He's he's got a reared its not there at I certainly don't want to minimize object and bring us just choose. You know how it doesn't seem like it's moved fast for him sort and system without good players around the two. And at the pump the brakes a little bit on just how amazing yeah you know. You're going to be a really cool that they're saying and you know he may have there's. You know be one of the best in home fire. Our best quarterbacks only purse stretch and that that might not happen I don't think we know based on. You know what wasn't this year to restore or start a. Certain one last form you know he's right the last team you lost it was thousands state. What what what what what do you soccer forget forget I'm in the small sample size what are you see that gives you potential pause. While I mean I know that. What to work him out there that it's hard to it here's what I would. Part of what you have to understand what's going on Mary exact kind of shenanigans are do play caller in hand. Does a good job designing somebody's shock placed to give guys wide open. I don't have this ordinance. I saw one this weekend but liked. You know once rose sixteen yards more of them children twenty yards or more down the field. Like it it's not real precedents for Barack below and I think that if you look at. You know some of the things. They. Do offensively they're going to be important. To be good stuff. And so. You know you go back to combat Ryan a year ago. What they would do annual revenues crime is on ahead. Check them all down to the back college dorm that let you know three or throw them out of touch around. The but they also did a good job on them in sharply designed Coolio opportunities don't want them to go. And that runs pretty. Accurate with their. It's like the Hitler wouldn't object to be determined in terms of corrupt below that stocks looked like two yeah actually there to snuff. I could I go debt problem. And I think it was that you guys made news when you guys were out. The neglect this. Remorse in it and he you know patriot land about. Rob Lowe being or I guess mostly grappled being gone. Course and that's error led by at and out type I feel the same way they let. A 25 year old in his prime who's going to be really really good. Leave when it's the toughest position in sports the filming dined part of his busiest in the 41 next year and that makes all the sense in the world to me. And I understand what you think Brady's reaction would've been in this case franchise. I think that this could add an and I understand that that's we've had this debate forever that's the ultimate thing but. I I believe I do believe. The Belichick wanted to keep rappel I think Belichick after this year or next year we've moved on from Brady and don't grapple the Kraft stepped in and said you know what. Bill this is the one guy where we're not playing ball this is this is not your call this is dollars. You know look I don't know what happened at a loss. But I also don't think that New England. Saw. The third new location like if you go to that one directing you know interact I don't little bit. Program that we didn't think that they probably didn't know. Or feel like it knew what days feel like we've known now about it ticket. There's are compared. Couldn't do that before him and you know that I'm not picking John chapter because he's clearly about the importance of what he does. But their reasoning it for four directors were re enact. You know Cleveland wasn't going crazy and all these other quarterback he'd. Additional crop although it probably saw in Arizona and abruptly saw before it got hurt against Miami. Now again it was five quarters five have quarters you knew that I was gonna be good this is not sorry not touched it. But a look at the Kevin Kolb was. Like Matt Matt wins that they say yeah and are playing imprudent cold weather like this because gonna put together by the quarters. Doesn't mean that it's going to work we've seen evidence of oak tree perhaps a think Kirk cousins who play quickly how would you were able we'll let are really sure yet but it which is not. There with a wet but whether he's going to be greater and not mean does that seem like they could've gotten more choice anymore gonna draft for group for this guy right now seems low now. Right but I expected back in time slot well. San Francisco's gonna be picked and 34 so basically for New England feel like a first round conduct weather oh don't regulate the first on anyway so you're like. Getting you know a French first round pick. You know also hurt guys. Let's be honest. Or is. You know kind of in the mix in San Francisco with so let's Kirk. Currently it's not like everybody in the Bruntlett and let to particular. Urgent drop well. This wasn't important their hate that wasn't market project Glock who I think people feel like it's changed now because he's gone and then you know certain. You don't get a shot of adrenaline for their team. But nobody was doing. I agree with latest. What I want none I'm I'm not sure honestly understand what I mean I I'd amok I would trust out and show after over you when it comes tube style. But Adam Cutler was also talking about listen Kirk cousins is gonna be reunited. Would count him right. The 49ers didn't even know that they were getting caught. Very but there were reports that that you did of the Mary Kay Cabot that are name a reporter clean and she said the twelfth it was a place for problem so I mean I mean you know. I mean there were reports solid. At this will be talked about for months wasn't like suddenly sub reset all boy you know what does it could take for drop below I thought to get a first trumpet form eventually I'm surprised that no. But yeah processor and nobody else was was. Are there now what the situation was in the wiggled knowing full well. It wasn't. Rock below that it was going to be ready we'll let go. You tell me nobody else was trying to just. You know that no other quarters in which we are going to be ordered all all get help right out. I was surprised during a bold surprise. I'd he didn't make sense to me they kept grapple low anyway because if because we're heading after this last draft rights to disarm. All of you there it was the market warm people were like yeah I think he's looked like castle what a lovely yeah like yeah I think he's good side. You know that you got to pay and then you're you're the Kirk cousins who. Iran do you think Errol I think every team knew that they were ready to trade him do you think every team had their shot to. To offer more than San Francisco did. Well I think what you'll what I what I believe. What I believe is that we will try to go to market. Thinking they could get you know look look look you suffer from poor example advocate or elect. Camera bracket your personal or hurt that we don't know play you have to give them a new deal were not doing what you can expect the the complications we're gonna be similar for agent care. Like that's why. People weren't in this situation where they thought it is that there was what was 100%. Sitting on a franchise quarterback. I can pick what happened to that people have now been like little party. But what bill people did not know open like the cowboys acting like it being there being a starter in the fourth round protect prepped. We didn't know they try to shake out burger. We could cook from Michigan State. Right way I meant yeah I guess Leo begin a debate all day if you saw a drop a little play and whether you in the pre season regain its errors owner or. Miami you knew this guy was can be pretty good player and. Olympic Kirk you thought that are. While Johnson was going to be good that it's over against illiquid credit because you. There are a lot of guys. That played at much as a lot although or even more work glued. And then went the other players well what other places. And work a lot of. True true I will talk to next week. Extant that it Maceda joins us maybe I'm wrong about boom gets a lead we just we fought about so much you night. That became sort of you know do you think Cleveland or you name do you think the giants had a chance to. Maker did make and I think I I'm telling them standing by the spell check left the meeting pissed off went and talk to somebody you'd like to me the and that's what happened and even the miners themselves after response to surprise an easy ride but I quickly let's leave said he tried in the offseason and what what they were Hasselbeck right is the patriots would much rather have the first or second pick house would be the second round. In the last pick in the first round no doubt that she Belcher trio for for a million lie but then he could you get the first round and you created short naked Iraq if you if you can't make the case the second out of -- and let -- the politicking at 34 tickets at the 29 account and a that there are teams out there I don't Cleveland their teams out there that wish they had to the chance to make an offer to think you know and they didn't it is because we saw play sort of talked about them. I never thought of him as Rob Johnson nor any of those guys I know it's always sees that the essentials quick release saying the decision making learned under the best you want to play during my usual lot of he does nothing to Brady does that mean he sees you get this guy's gonna be damn good quarter Olivia that you can be eccentric as looks a gritty. Of I can say was critical for twelve this year and led to order them in sacks and not that's a bad traits that the deal. Mean Constance it was a big deal and say it was a big if but if percent were in if they're ready to her right now percent school there was set. Brutal out well now no but I mean via the apple thing that was going to be. One of the worst rates in history seat. We grapple to be all for now. Hall of Famer could be funny and it could also be AG for sure I guess I'm realities beauty is going to be I think he's gonna be damned picks sells things going to be game yes our our threes.