K&C - Dino's memory is off; Dan Le Batard is a fraud 1-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 3: Dino has a different memory of how things transpired before his departure than Gerry does.  


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk man and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. You both field questions from love the theater realm how would that have played in Peoria much. You know too mossy and Brad faux otherwise known as two jobs. And a robber like gas as a guy who was listening I feel deprived because I wanted to hear more of what. You would say you're in the midst of billable points. About it it was the tax bill yes or whatever and that I think this is something US studied up on it I'm going to learn something if I hear him finish the sentence. And it's still hasn't been finished and now it's like for a moment's thought how about Chihuahua that's what you are I. I don't care what you glory little short while claw because he bark and bark and bark and bark and bark because you're scared and insecure what. Mean if you don't really know tension filled that first hour that it was defused by John really good point part of we re read cat John the first 45 minutes showed up with a way too much of football stuff good football our returned to Dino here and I'm still mystified. A couple of days later I'm not sure what happened and understand the mossy thing. I don't understand the mean is his desire to not truck each other understands desire not to talk about things other than sports. It's up and the don't believe him I just don't I'm I'm mystified on ice. I was I thought I thought he would be. Rare and ago went to fight. I thought I'd be willing rarely go and a the embattled liberals the moon bats because that's what he does on Twitter. He loves trump essentially closes his policies like I do and I thought he would be ready to go out of intimacy and he didn't want. Anyone to talk over it that's we deed for years. For years I don't want to Obama argued we talked over each other get mad we we hear you know. It worked and I I I didn't think you wanna do sports and all of thank you wanna do. Trump in taxes than Warren and known on pit bulls and global warming and whatever else. That two people in the building were best. Able talk about John army knew you were far far along analyst with him and I guess Chris to. Now you and I have a great understanding your grasp of what what's going on I don't get it went up I think it came on you know. He's a mass of contradictions says you should talk politics anymore which only what you don't to a lot of anyway but so what if it's good we do it. In any as. What's his face on Jeff deal for 45 and studio I missed them the same show it it's it's it's all stuff is going to. Talk to the ocean item how we should do how we should fix our show about where ratings are hired they were when he left which is OK he has like the way we door showed no problem. But says he doesn't listen to Russia so how can criticize. I have no problem deciphering who's talking when I hear the amid a show when their yellen you don't. A you know I'm not on in your ear and arguing with Roemer turning a whenever I have no problem telling loose distinguishing who's talking. Never had a problem with that in my office could point to me you know what yes notes that although sometimes this can all what I did do great showed it to eradicate the dude I'm sure viewers a good show enjoyed that show I forget it shows that your dad holy Britain holy month played music we play the songs I was on I was English yes yes and I'll hold my personal and Moby and later this week even though he's not near the top of their ratings in terms of protection rich thank mutt than they did their ratings are good poise because they're a billionaire. I didn't get a Tomas he did nothing wrong with a plain wrong but so so I again beef is sometimes we get lost her own world most of listeners to hear this is Christmas week. True and it was amazing because it was I blew my mind that John plot that somehow Tomas he crossed the line he did not I was at and I wanted John to fight Tim Allen. Tino to fight Tomas he can beat him to within an inch of his life because John was right to must who's wrong on the tax bill on the tax cut and and you know that. And that whatever this despite just this week huge fight I think you fight about but I know they disagreed yes. And their bull you know Smart and I also passed a Twitter and into my administration got points it's on the supposedly sober. So loss I was them I would Harry when he's right that got this car ride whatever my phone blows up about the impacts from every million tax. 600 politics. And I'm thinking oh my god it finally happened to punch somebody do you know through coughing but that's ideal choice coffee against the spilled all over us Dino choked Bradford you do something like ten and that's why we wanted to be absolutely of the colored straws because. We knew he was no potential heard of a loot that was always a great show her with mud it was not a great show was crossover with me was was not what people expected. So I thought OK fine we finally got in in Egypt we have more than we played this morning we'll watch we have. Honestly admit it yet this caused you know this level of discourse caused John to pack up is rob should get his jacket and scarf. In walked to his car and go. Home school all which it's too slowly. Unbelievable guide all you do is run your damn mouth because you think louder and continuous is going to make you right you'll listen anybody out on the opposing point unless I'm gonna do you jump in again so forget it a shot I wondered with you in life is shut the hell up what I'm talking a lot vastly get out of here on that and I'm gonna keep Duma and stuff disposable income is in peoples who want to admit that it was rolling. I know we are. Gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish the show what you we got out Q&A week I'm gonna just show without art six what Lebanese 77 lines and in my right. You're at a phone number. I can I can do this we can finish this. All the angles and it. Wednesday this is so baffling to me. You're right that's the first time Bradford ever made any sense these thugs are part of the Reyes he's this has just your site. Two months he did nothing wrong yes post in erupted supposed to range that was it and by the way. Louder in more continuous lie or more continues to. We we we go to Bittermann sooner or Fort Myers he retired having watched were on the phone. Occasions you interrupt each other that's the way you all eyes to just sit back sometime watching conversation every when he threw us every one that's so works if you don't. You know what it's boring this lull. And that the shows were everyone finishes talking before the next guy talks sock in your discussion the last break about the only unpardonable sin in a studio which I'm involved not try to talk over each other this is why I think there shall be two people in the studio. I don't get I was baffled. Totally totally baffled and I had him on the other day I civil about us I was on basically saying you want me on its said the same thing he's like no and three of us forget that we took we took turns. One guy went in on it I went that's that's really not the way away John that's not in never never ever. In well before you were here. I was in all the time when when we started out you know many years ago and -- still on the TV mode and he didn't into Europe and we literally had a meeting. Food remembered and with Jason Walter and some remember were decent literally said you have to interrupt. That's how people do it sure that's how you raise its erupting. Raises the level of energy and intensity when you interrupt as we heard with mossy. And and you know what you're showing it here to show rocket influence run on the truck shut up. When you heard Schilling important you know it was you know would yap yap yap yap yapping in my two yap yap yap yap yap and make his point he wanted to make. Indeed it was David that. It was somewhat second. Yeah that will crack and there was talk about. Air that's bat and he's not good if you're young young person trying to get in the ring you to understand you do not take turns talking you into rotten job argue. Even if you're not even if you get along. TVs different TV you take turns you know when when. Just think if any that's okay but but you know why because this one Mike you know on the TV at times. And if you can show some of that English you interrupt you should he shows ice and onto enough like you didn't. I'm sure they do more than most and winning training on that show but for the most part TV people and he used to. Letting people fit to show remarkable success doing just the opposite and he's talked about how one of the seven year 80% sports hears from people all the time. I think John here's a lot of quarter from the older Twitter crowd runs in the people who don't leave me from them. Don't like me relax we do have and other measures math and I'll read text right now if I chemicals on animals say. You know talks blocked it does it tell younger team he used to mock those people because you tell younger person to be successful this business I would say this there you should be called the fact. And hope for the fact that a lot of people won't like that's I know you're doing your job. Oh I'm not saying you know Mike's all I'm saying is a crowd it's not when the light you keep doing your job the right route and you ignored enemies move and that crowd is more effectively used to be because of social me a question. And and if you you know you have the rabbit ears you're never gonna succeed I had 11 of the highlights of my career was when I was young guy. One Edward G Andelman pull me aside Sid you gonna make it this bids so well because no one knowing this is you don't give a bleep. And I didn't think of it that way at all and wasn't trying to not kick this is but you don't care. If people don't like Q and listen. Minerals were already writing columns that point and it's part of the job is supposed to be right. Disliked the people who want to be liked are generally abject. So I think it's not wanting to talk about this and realize that our territories so I think it's chaplain John is I think John c.s and on Twitter now and you know John my Twitter love. He's thinks OK you know OK people miss him go in the ever pretend like they care more about sports than actually do people tweet me and say the show was great it sounds great talk and sports dot now. Where he knows that's not connected to reality by the ratings the ratings are with the ratings are our show is number one because we do the show that we do your show was number one before you guys that the show. That you did Columbus know what for a long time actually pick occasionally interrupted each other you just shut its memory serves and initial right now. The entropy each other that's that's how it works its people want to hear people. Talk like they talk with their friends when I talk to my friends and it's a government for an NC hey Jim. Or hey Matt what's right the fan base is how comfortable. That's a conversation mount Rushmore as a conversation you never had he says hey. What about this what would you use to rubbed lotion on for comparison or you know about the sky news media or that where you just talk like people. I. And no one knows that game better of them did that's true and shelling those chilling those Schilling doesn't care who hated. I'll be charged but should not a great talk show host he's not nobody is they don't touch don't always know energy and he has energy but he has no sense of humor is a serious guy. Who understands is going to be hated and embraces that. In the better than anyone I mean he does not mind being hated these are. Don't try to continue with you know the Brady to drop below thing if you wanted to do Guerrero if you wanted to talk about. In other trying to figure out a way not to give Brady the MVP all kind of different things a little nuggets and tidbits that. While and that's why I ran out and that's I just couldn't take all of it I admit that I'd estimate that. Wanna do that surely more. We have we have philosophical to see it generational I think disagreement has proven. And you hear the callers who hate me all the time they're always old generally they're always all the caller to call John unity like him are all twenty years Chanel pumps still do this which I want you. It also do this twenty years now. Older callers will call. They will like me and you agricultural overworking them but like Graham however obviously whether they hate you or not doesn't matter is deeply into the matter video we just want people listen you can hate me and hey you're hate us bold. No props once and listen you know we don't want to elect us and wanted to listen rush never gonna win those people over some doesn't know them yes go right around. Guess yes as to look at the patriot ledger in the sport Simon's and those at the time when you learn the sports anchor at channel seven. And that was like lynch and that was well we'll tell you and those guys are great you know. What they did but they you the most enterprising guy. I'm once I meet. And here at the time and then that adolescents what you can you say well I that this. I wish I know you were terrible re a mean you remember those days signals in if you remember during the seven loses twenty. 623. In May and did you that a flip over from LaBelle to lynch did the you know. House that's a long time ago I just I was a strange week I'm glad John came in and a lot of sound god knows from it I hope we need to do it and anymore I think we've played out what's left the states or bring him back in July let's say he does the same thing again which is. He doesn't like three man chosen from each other people talking Jeff Diehl and the coffin a semi what what are model of what what's what's your thoughts and these dinners he's crazy as crazy as anybody. Besides the president on Twitter. And he's combative fights and make points and he goes back and forth on Twitter I thought would here's some of that of all the stuff meddling in politics. Mean that's what you do one toward you do politics should defend trumpet he would tackle his war I love it you know I have to I have a block that have to. A Google Utah street lottery well here your crazy tweets pitcher crazy combative Tweeter I'm not sure why you think. That shuttle should turn that off when you come on from. I just think it's a bad look when you when you walk you walk out for good you leave it up we walked out of I walked out once for two minutes is where every case I never want them to leave them leave to get your car and go home is in sync. At his shots and asking me to resume is at right you can't just you Hispaniola Johnson and I see any can't that's why I know and I don't want you put anyway he could certainly. And so was today who told them anyway. All the time going to the there was an A hole I mean did he. And I heard authorities say parents or can you can't bring up spy gate with the might of the US Marshal you idiot just fought about a month ago. I did yachts I like it got a system like almost seem again. Jerry the package or Forbes on drive time show for a couple of years like him on the radio is unbelievable. Mystified missed the entire sure awful all awful chilly in the whole time yes you're showing I'm and so it's social get a tucked into the microphone. It was weird it's on the things are used to do a show by himself about to get them and it is a microphone match is he does a terrible that was. I'm here march that was the war short arrow again this is what. Almost guy here largely become I think this evil in this building feeling now without driving ratings show an option in what is he saying what Scott was talking about the car dash in salt opera. So two guys are so awesome my friend Jerry Gordon who works for our arsenal sports thinks that were too much of a soap opera guy who's who's the guy who judges the guy who rates. Rapists right right which we like I like iron on it usually does right his right those who out of rapists are attractive right he does until we get that straight. The guy you failed on the radio I mean I lectured failed right let's be fair to work. They alternately yelled forced them out. Is going on here is saying we're too gossipy and I talked to get real earlier accident a lot of that is can try this I feel was was not contract knows. Out of the Jerry what's contrived I love this I lied I saw the slot over the week to a torn like all boys stage the stage justices stated that stage. What stage to the what stage that's good quite. Nothing as far as I know nothing. Maybe dean why I don't I was. Most definitely I know he deal wanted to Los Italy for that's what he won he won Tomas Italy so he could do the show would propose advocates say you know I'm beat him reading them. I'm Tomas Hutus credits adamantly than I mean why would you. Would you small to she means what the station right now John I had a million wild flights would DO. There were locked out I'd memoir that we did showed up the next thing the only job like the fact that he was feeling the key factors that come back in it also you realize the waves like I'm just like coached her life and Johnson you can leave with the one right it's possible now actually you can leave in John Elway and that's true were like what the hell up I'm talking a lot actually get out of here not economic and you do much. Tomas you speak of people who don't mind donated two months into his credit and those people as the Mets and and he can handle it it's part its job requirement. But that was fun that was fun we always X I'll hear from you guys who get back to you while you're did you like having view all around you want them back did you dislike and you root him on radio Dugard huge area radio and hear from you guys really think the trying to steal the MVP from Bloomberg scored questions since what 7779. He says analysts currently in what 777. Girlie man 793. Similar for you guys are going to pack it Tom Brady will join us for the show's. I Google your name last night and a bunch of articles came up and articles and all of a bunch of yeah bunch of hits came up a lot of said that when you were blocked by Kirk Linehan. Your father said quote I thought I had a nine year old daughter on my hands he was devastated. I how I know that otherwise I'd get all I did was that an email or did he say era it was an email yes I didn't know they did. Very lovers or somebody's block the station out of his mind and I did not walked out during an argument he had for an hour I don't know what a way to. Also this her but with a federally rated excellent job is this idea did he three were for some reason or that's from even if he's ever hurt never worked together I don't get that. He said he gay guys and Emerson better really been trying to do this is like ten years old Roemer what you like him or not is excellent this job he cares. He works hard he's he's the deck. Whose credits yet he's Steven a stupid thing with Curtis he knows that. But you know he's worked hard and he's really really good at this job and I we should say it. It's for what job. Post and you know blogger. I'll ask him that he hustles into our best. And you know I just never stops. Working never stumps. Thinking about the job which is the most important thing going to be totally investing and he is actually that I knew he would get and Venus and I knew we wouldn't wacko and we wouldn't back down and he didn't. Yeah usually you'll dreamers and fortress that is bad if he'd been in before Tomas who write you why he wouldn't you know not a lock up Friday. Given she's not gonna lose no question would have he would have push in all of the and so it or whatever model that's sweet right we've got Osce and tomorrow. Roemer tomorrow re raptors. On my now related and you know I'm fortunate mama this endless it was a Wednesday night but not talk. Briefly yeah guy's sports talk let's do it produced sports all right the only for a me. Tom Brady is going to win the MVP side is this season. But. Don't Carson was corpus need. Nobody else that I Brady's gonna win Peter king day that it poll of voters. And he says is going to be close but does seem that club is living in the finish sure. Yes and no doubt will break over those girly and I'm not a slightly bigger as much as Carson when's Padilla also because early going to finish second girl Lindsay running back running backs aren't as valuable as quarterbacks. I'm sorry they're just not that I think in the end when people vote especially if the vote is public they'd take it seriously I don't think people. It's when Todd and Chris price would not listen to rub lotion on a player that we're talking among people who take the job seriously. And they will look at the numbers then you know Brady led the lead in and passing yards he was. The burden in. In QB rating and his team won thirteen games best record cut the best record NFL. He's forty but he's going to win his third MVP is last on his last can be Pina Jimmy grapples and degrading its worst year of his and he wins must I would agree I mean when news and animist and like he did it Britain had a great year this year. I did not really not really good but he had the best year of any player in the NFL. Well I'll and I'll be distilled here shortly undated a few of these and mr. recorder and quarterback yet in general is a quarterback. Award. He and Peter kings pulled Brees first early second wins his third gets to first place votes of some when I showed it. You should show yes when you look at the number example for how teams play without it we get hurt your. Buddies it. And his team finished thirteen three legislate them just like bradys and you know this is numbers are are excellent a great year. But. He's gonna win it and it's the nationally people to know I'm an argument here but yet on BP I do I do which it was an Illinois. When noise people heroine who in America cares and the ability to eat out there who they would they don't think he's. What about them the warmer from the Huffington Post things bringing a committee rules violations from hopping she's not from computer post to the Huffington Post if you do we have already he or is it school boards of followers on Twitter was against the rules of Angela knowing her element you know Illinois Illinois element Illinois American Paige who's you know that's a growing America what do you VP nod. And say it was a big deal that pays an annualized argument Alley but he cares enough on BP is that do they don't tell me its network and also nobody cares I have another snowy read stories about the notably a given in the sported take not only is Bill Belichick the greatest coach in NFL history I think it's pretty been pretty well established and even bigger aircraft is agrees history. No but his. One of these a coaching tree guys one of his who is his guys. Is the greatest coach in college football history Nick Saban is the greatest call it football coach ever okay he's about to play. If he wins. X Monday night and he will. Only his fifth national title in nine years depressed. I would be more impressive than what chicks that Allison and fell on deaf fifth. National title that year is definitely not enough to where this but it before you should get new players different and you got to recruit more I can tell you can take before the year starts to get through the three teams are playing college football player every now you can Alabama even tell you the other night. Alabama Alabama. Was a controversial pick to be in the final okay computed using LB LB and picture. Which probably Woodard a Clemson will be and what in the final four yet. I don't know clintons because of the top temperature. Top ten of course or Georgia and Oklahoma national title that's a lot and football and it'll all religiously every field for watching his every listening to go field every second look at the top there's a few years and literally top ten teams in college football and look at the top ten teams in the NFL right now. Tell me who has been equality. It was a it's no bargain that was contingent felt better quality. I wouldn't you really think the other bills to the players he feels better than we call you that the jewels in the in the in the titans are quality that would help owns. You wanted me into the eighth best in college football. I don't know probably the a table at the Wednesday. Can panzer noted and you see them play a lot of great you know play a couple times you're good on the okay James Franklin's Alva coach about it and how they do that state anymore what does he do with commodities state University of Central Florida is the third best team -- it is very when nationals a great game great win but to prepare the page have done an image built for parity vs placement albums that college football is for parity to ask you sit that is that is if you're great running back in the have. Three great running backs and Georgie uncle in Georgia you know you go to LSU won't go to Al Farah. This is great for crucial. Which is part of the deal type it herald and India in college football as he calibrate recruit you see what their dynasties culpable all eyes. Great football coach he is great football coach at both levels but yes whose great college Payton had done you think it's more pressure -- and as I said it might well it's not like I say favorites and but besides that I said he has to win Monday night other rules guilty and so Alabama will be 500 metric SL US stock pages throws a vote the rules are that you. Recruits don't come to your school if you already have a rook are all written and they got to go somewhere else in order rule. Picky and Nick Saban it's fifteen in three in national title games called names SEC that's amazed better players and by the way he's in a really really good conference yesterday where that's where the patriots are really really bad conference pitcher of record outside if he suspended in the cities. I don't development process that's division okay in the conference I think it's conference Sox in the NFC and the and the Alabama. Miguel and this city coffers against Italy during the Brady Belichick rubbed their winning percentage 42% against you know disease is everywhere in this Kirby Smart but on the Belichick tree because he's in the Saban tree savings in the Belichick for him off account is that how works right now he would video. Belichick and and rooting. Hard for Oklahoma just love watching baker may feel play. He's why and sports figure is quite exactly half was terrible the it was awful arrogant and they get so out coached I mean I don't know much curb smuggling routes so it was defensive quarter when a great. Coach you went and halftime that this is all gonna change guys came out and it. Oklahoma's pass in the third quart Oklahoma I'd like. 350. Yards in the first half a 100% to twenty not right in the third quarter write it just made adjustments and shut them down. And it was I guess that a credible Oklahoma's defense that got to turnover in return for touchdown scoop and score. And and went to double overtime yet which was just fascinated outside tree Steelers that Rose Bowl most entertainment for this year. I would say it's been patriots Steelers. Would be you know why here's why I thought that actually this morning. Here's why pick pursuers had there's no moment neck in the last couple of minutes and Oklahoma game. The doctor coaching jumping up distorts what is that was willing and I'm yoga and feels overtime froehlich a hit the almost picked which ends now. The overtime was a plus here's here's your carry it personally had yet Brady or better yet Brady's best quarterback ever go down the field score that touch with rock. Then you head out what's his face with the return. Steal thousands and juju huge. Then you had that the that the touchdown called back then you had to pick. And the game they will let discussing the issue to the tip is does say he's like let's say till about five or six minutes to go and I came I'd agree these last finals it's mistaken policy overtimes and that despite the super insists this is. My 2 o'clock even tackle the whole time. You to drop side. You're off which Iran is no well I'm right you're wrong. With the older respect and be a little discipline here you know what happens to Oklahoma now they go home I was baker made for the last. Called you don't essentially he's one of the greatest called football players ever. I would put him second to Doug Flutie in the got into Temi the most physical football player more remains. I didn't see enough amends saw a lot of becoming jealous people had cell had one year bake or embarrassed and do. I didn't see much of decks him as an Oklahoma State I saw a lot of big commit who's on TV all the time and he was a blast and he had to grit he finished in the top four in the Heisman Trophy. Three straight years and that ever happen anymore because guys go properties haven't heard that he was not he was gone twice. I blocked it to different schools is an example of them by terrify all of but. He goes home it was. You know that that's why sports is great if it isn't that is really like gay stuff this was Hollywood he would want at the patriots Steelers I don't Georgia pages she was felt like that Georgia goes on to the national title game and Oklahoma goes home. The pay to steal is not the case that again but the Stewart played an enforceable chance essentially clue are coming winning right now I would say the patriots would win in Pittsburgh or knowing when I just feel like agrees Antonio Brown's heart as you edit it shows a real chance at Pittsburgh went no chance in the end of that game was so wild he'd never seen anything like and that tells you what else he's good. Went to this stupid replay and all that not a Smart of them had the the beauty of the Oklahoma to look the sub Oklahoma Georgia game have a two penalties all freaking game the rest stay out of the way. I don't think there was any of those cheesy don't feel pain of panels though. That was a treat I wish NFL refs was actually would learn flat out I come over when itself to be not as exciting as the actual game. What's it at the overtimes expelled all the time is so weird it changed the game at your internal or you lose a little too quirky automatically you know he will pick you fumble it's over coffee just kick a field goal yes although Oklahoma their field goal chipped chipped Google blocked the stats count is injured it's. That's right passes counts it's weird it's weird. Format but it's exciting but no doubt it was a demean the united tortured. Of Indians ace news could be wrong deserves Alabama clincher was heroism Arabs was the first half and then dominate. And I mean you 5448. Negotiate Alabama's gonna win yes I do right yes I do just great. Great defense. Great great running game quarterback you know what the quarterback's not that good. And two point 72 but if you were great he would leave. Stay around and win win again next year and next year 'cause he's just the game manager his younger I don't know they've been Feldman right six what's separate set of those that was it was saves the greatest college football coach ever met aghast and will only 44 yards of penalties seven gross failure mount Rushmore. Of Columbia Brian obviously ensure you loved him. Well put when a particular term and put it now we're knuckle Paterno there. Pete Carroll I do I want particularly losing great cultural guys who have for the I would Lazio. I ice treated this last night and believe it BC's defense is that Oklahoma is a question about that. There's no to a degree Chris Curtis BC is going to be. Pro about mount Rushmore. For you won't bore one more. John Robinson. What about remind of like order all right guys on our. Hamas talks but obviously I watch a lot of games which are desperate about it. Now I'm outlaws the only Big Ten team loses bull every other Big Ten team won and he can't beat Michigan State or Ohio State. The crumbling to start any Minogue goo rumblings he handed the ball off to a high end while fumble at all and and gave up our bonds. The Hulu. Known leash on him and I shall see him is one job for job backing felt you might he might he's miserable. I don't know how many jobs are open right now. The cemetery is going to be ten thanks six had to be more right reportedly tan is Burton definitely don't yes cruise ship that was in these dollars and yes yesterday's Susan he's got to take Rex Ryan with McDonough lecture. All of that is the hallmark I hope not that your that he's a mix McDonough has bombed out he'd like Rex. Rex is our premier tweet that group was having more fun TV before become. You more problems for Rico. Didn't really damn well you know you know until it can be found hanging with an active hate Charlie light years atlas a barrel in December it gets a little chilly in January. It's worse. Over at. The president he has managed his time. And then those things and and cut and art. Just one note that he's okay. They get done. So I'm I'm just learning now in this disease. Is he's this is the reason that I work here. Throw back like I apologize to Christmas you're not the most embarrassing media member of the above book 2000 and seven team on price if you missed it Chris prize. Rubbed lotion on James Harris has. Harris Harrison's back and just say this I have. But within the tendency around that three different media members of text in the last hour details of what Chris did to Paris. One of them said. Priced at the lotion and rubbed it all over Harrison's back. Was he bought the worst thing you'd rather like on his pass me my dream as a golf ball right thank you good to have to regret player. I mean beautiful prize at a moment all is he a moron does he Nadal disease and to not think of what the look would be just that. It's a nice guy and I wonder if Harrison like God's face if something. I don't know I don't front of other media members who rubbed lotion on a naked players in life just had one of the Sony Texans have all respect to Leo sit on his back. There. Greg. This is boss or he has the website and did to book does Bedard no but this does he know that is outside the employee doesn't matter that had this fear what they they folks on football. Apparently everybody else on the beat. Focus on football coups and read any words you argued tweet about it yes and then mentioned on the air right I don't please visit they protect each other the other they'd they'd want accountability call it whatever the call went out acceptance of their little world right onto this is the all time low and I've been around awhile I've been few locker rooms. Some some embarrassing things. I've never heard of like nearly as it is a low as the U low. Then Levittown which this twelve month actually performing acts sexually player in the mountain Lebanon might them. Inaudible and sound like but like you know III what I want more I bring you sound of our our video of Chris doing this because I I still don't wanna believe it happened. And by the way James Harrison as we know is he terrible human being it's terrible human tells them whose history of domestic violence and and then quitting on his team no question things just look at that well him and people I know people full right now but can and provide might just end you know with the super Bruins may only get out Michael Floyd at a company. Obviously he's you know once the year ends and move on and wanna deal with him right now let's talk before let cards so. So it was Friday or Saturday after it was over the weekend. A secret Travis right the story. That somebody saw Levitt tart at a bar. This weekend. Or this past week. With skipper after script skipper quick with subsidies problems. Avatar was a tricky with him the bull drinking beef eater Martinis and a bar North Carolina and clay Travis has a photograph. So he's not to make in the so this is this phony club retired crying because he. Is pretending that he thinks his boss his former boss the guy was a fired at ESP and John skipper had a drinking or substance abuse problem. This problem protected tears. We should understand something I don't know what's. I don't know what's coming I don't know if I haven't talked whose I don't know. So this slobbering Babylon full. Who meets skipper or drinks the guy who reads pretending. Had to leave because of the substance was clay Travis goes in obviously it says he's heat which is really weird clay Travis is like Oscars after your spin all time. Said that he had a story that it skippered a fired for sexual harassment write protected just talk said it was a Christmas gift to his Indian breaks and he liked that guitar. Which is also bizarre anyway. He said it skip which I mean let's be we talked about I mean. Nobody nobody quit in 2070 because it is or what inspired especially that they signed he contract that would just sign a contract just just fluent everybody meeting with 500 employees right and then two days later is quitting the to do with the substance abuse problem it was made up in an eleven days later house but he's nowhere getting to get care he's right drink. He's so freaking in his life. North Carolina with Levittown Levittown of C owes them a mean in the mines in west rating is like try to do is use crying for real like it doesn't matter if he knew it was over but I do wonder. So now we go play Travis did this on Fries Eric has Friday Friday Friday late. So it's Friday Saturday Sunday Monday it has been for five days now where's where's Richard IH where the media people wish to follow. I don't know it's good question what's what is crucial and here. It obviously obviously wasn't enough it's not a ride it right obviously it was a lie was called restored something else and maybe pump the brakes a little competence I mean ESPN is is just losing millions subscribers and lay off people left and right maybe they decide he's really not good at his job he's the guy who hired an Olympic time and the rest of these. Shortly Travis oh right he's in a sexual. You know sexual harassment stuff right. I think he says the truth is that some kind of harassment brightness of it yet so finally hopefully we learn just because of fires people because they're bad jobs that's a good network you that's I mean that can do that. So where's you know Richard Mell and where's the money where all these these these people who were rightly calling out these sexual harasser is where they took they were both sentenced. Where we're all these people teenager medalist. I sure am tickled to ease the feminist side all the time and that's when the right to do it where they are right now. It's a tough things going to be a tough thing to keep under wraps it's going to be very tough he was leaving this very very large company. He just had a meeting with 500 people there's a lot of and he got us these people. In the company and lots of people were probably not happy. With the way things that are being handled if you are in his Credo never there at all not actors like laboratory of the could be some people who can genuinely offended. By what. Skipper didn't drop a dime a meekly Travis or us or somebody will when he reported that last. Saturday for Pixar six monthly. Six months levers some substance abuse yet but that's what they do does the people talk Filipino child skippered social situations and they receive them. Under the oppose any drug or alcohol he writes which doesn't mean we've August 2000 Curtis. In next couple days I was told by multiple sources this is Travis I trusted site he has yet. The reason for skippers quote resignation was because of sexual harassment issues inside the company. I was told skippers only issue suddenly emerged. In that was why the resignation happened so abrupt is that really what you do the one you'd get rid of someone for so yeah but you don't and you don't want it to people who know you say he's a drug hadn't. I'm but he sent the clay Travis story to die it's on Twitter and he responded to the person bring announcing what you think about it he said as they settle podcasts and in the piece I wrote. Skepticism yes appearance official statement is fair and they should expect. Well we'll get to work in Moscow. Mean dice says all kinds of sources ESPN you can break this story I guess he's working I don't know are 6177797937. Tom Brady will join us I believe in the final hour the patriots Tuesday yes it is. With Kurt.