K&C - Dino wanted to part ways amicably; Trump takes credit for improved aviation safety 1-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 4: John Dennis claimed that he wanted to part ways with Gerry "amicably" and Donald Trump is taking credit for a remarkable year in aviation.  


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Skirt and Callahan. Hey it is the Portland. Final hour on the fifth and final day of the deal holiday to yes it was one of the first things I thought about why take on pit bulls I think it should be exterminate. I agree on simple yes we can do one of them pit bulls can we do that make me feel better served to lose a little weasel deal how about Chihuahua. That's what you are. I don't care what if you are getting little Chihuahua because you park Embarq Embarq Embarq Embarq Kurt commit dad left when the court does he elected to receive was especially important today to play out front early to talk about that my focus here when I covered in this building. Always beyond what's best for the preacher I focuses on the fly coach talk about the job Ryan Allen did he had a lot of once inside opinion online now. No good post here and Gerry Callahan your intimate support. Here I'll keep going back to the word disappointment. Hatred a hatred. Completely abandoned me and let this thing deteriorate into a silence of the like him rubs the lotion August he immediately went into radio silence on her side and did not speak to me for five months that's why blocked everybody close the book it didn't listen thought the lock on Sports Radio W. Honestly what what what goes to your mind when adding I don't you answer. When you hear Dina said you abandoned him mature oil well I'll didn't. The benefit bouncing just doesn't remember just doesn't remember GOP you hear our children you hear a did the best show I could do. Which is. The only thing I could take a policy must with a good lawyer but he split loyalties. See more critical of you than me like he's disappointed you need to execute that banks had to do that how to do we keep it. How does he think I did that on my euthanasia and call me it's that you got to pick our core Dina we we all three were together when you picked. Now it's time to thank but he thinks that you detect and they've reset it to me said that before you heard say that. That you said you use on these are sort of you know real picketers. We were Jewish of the three of us and things were going pretty well. Pretty well and in the ratings pretty good you definitely there was tension all the time and I thought he was going for one more year right he kept announcing it is retire yet. And then he suddenly able I don't I personally believe that. Well let's what he kept saying I don't I when I was supposed to say there but anyway I just think he doesn't remember doesn't remember anything. There was no problem with Jerry well you're buying on that was decided with Kirk as opposed and they guys you know use popular baby news to popular baby I wanna work with a worker John for nineteen years of work with Kirk for nineteen years. Can we work this out if not we can part amicably but there was not that I was. Host to step in and point it does work a deal as world Christian react generally what can you imagine. After the shooters should be OK let's work this together O'Donnell a great job first of all I've never given anyone silent treatment in my life I think it's childish. One day walk in and set as they do you know and there was nothing from the other side of the office that's all. There you go there we go that was about a month month and a half four equipped. You on the other hand and elect four months but it. You two didn't perform wants a comfortable view a collectibles in good breaks at that both him and what you talked to be one day he talked to be far more on there and yes that was clearly on short break on what's going on. And him never once told. That the told the boss to get rid of whom he says it. One do not him that didn't happen yeah as Obama was it could've afterward he did to me like I'm not mean that I did it I. When the boss is so important anymore. All I can focus and I don't know that I know I get a lot of times I tell you and I were called in by the boss Wendy has said he wanted to get really Dino and we were shocked. Correct that it happened as well but I can tell into the office many times some of the Texas I don't want you showed this guy anymore for the two mission as before we thought I mean but I know. I know I did that and I don't know that you did the UDs no proof do you really you don't believe me I never did that countless things I know I don't think you did. Since then I think we agree. We John's John's world this were John moves away from reality so the show into one dangerous act as Deborah. On Kirk and I agree on this more. You know I'm fortunate you know we think what we wanted to show the report out you may be to step aside Johns like that I am Australia so we toll. It's every this goes right they must undoubtedly sent. Well that's in spring training and said he was let us down and it wasn't doing his job to present. Given the best effort and went wrong we did nothing at that point about you know trying to get rid of them. Nothing. Know about these w.s in recent note and the public happen I would say out I know you know I mean I don't know I was working for a couple years I was I was working there you go in to the boss when you threw tantrums sent sic him. It's all the time. I can do that I agree he didn't I do I should eventually did to me but we'll get into another day. Some more unsure why you why won't get to that because it's it's really really personal. If you wanna do. And all do that's good you'll do it I'll do it on the pocket when right now among them need to but it did what they just drops there's a big deal things can go untold story the podcasts whenever there's and we'll do another day. Good job island pocket book and guess what the right so impressed Curtis is the producer used it anyway. All that but after the tomorrow and it was a terrible deal for awhile we had to be do we do. They won tomorrow the book starts Thursday. To Thursday service. Right sounds good was it Thursday. You know buddy too mossy perfect guy. Anyway I heard this factoid to the other day and it's amazing on the other day who would be two days ago. Thumb that there were no commercial plane crashes. In the world this year. Okay. In fact it was you know that private jet that crashed Costa Rica and bogeyed that one family on a couple of different families on vacation. And nailed and obviously it's happened. But. And to have this right and wondered. And that's and that's I can't think about it that's never happened to make an important thing and you inaudible flew places over the holidays. And it seems like it should happen more often it seemed like. Sat mean that was in the hotel it was in the it was in the flight path to watch these planes that all the time which are kind of the school. And taken those never crash anymore in the room neighbors. Obviously desperately to pos statistically. They have an amazing we have an amazing safety or even a commercial airlines it's gonna crash. A far from I guess I'll never trust never crossed yes I mean I am not a I don't I'm not afraid it'll play just hate flying good. 'cause it's uncomfortable. And because the airlines all suck except for jetBlue. Nowadays they're all we have creatively we may have friends have been advertised station I don't know they do it shouldn't useful ovals yet those the ones outrage but I mean you know I mean that downsides that I was trying to seem to smaller and that was I will never fly incredibly comfortable so that's that's that's the way it always is now there's a process off physically getting into the plane from the airport also were it's awful it's awful it's awful it's the only thing in life it's getting so much worse yes delicacy to travel hotels are much about baseball broadcasts. Burton I know passenger jet crashes into seventeen in the world where just in case because that means includes like these backwards you know places and East Asia and Africa and South America earned yes and ends so no commercially lines. Crashed and I thought. That's pretty good. That's pretty good for and then I found out today in a lot. You know is responsible trump Donald. Since taking office I've been very strict on commercial aviation the good news it was just reported that there was zero destitute. And he's figured as saying why in. This tropical and look at the plane's front themselves pumped takes. Mean this is I know we're a big country in a busy country and we got a lot of airlines flight or. What are we talking about the whole world. Hit the entire war the entire world like yeah Chris -- and air to leisure trips together for so trumps. Picnic. With the fact that there were no. Commercial airline crashes. Or death assume the progress they've here and I assume that one Retief column to. I assume there are times where is airlines like slid off the runway or some in the godless. United should. Did you see as American as he can always liked to see yeah I mean he he had a great year on trumpeting great since taking office I've been very strict on commercial aviation good news it was reported there zero G capitalized destitute Gaza seventeen. The best and safest year on record so we had the best commercial tapes were actually Ireland record year on record good news in the world. And the president United States. I was president Farooq eleven months of this year I did if fixed credit. Od did you see the group democratic congressman mica Colin he he rip them all the weird and not spending any time who has kids and Cohen to compete with Cohen compared congressman's name is it two classes yet he. He dug it took a beating for some social media I. Human element in the bush right in trump can. He's right we thank the rounds of golf is right he plays golf every day which is fine you can say is it working and all Latin. And you know people who throwing up throwing people I talk should be glad he keeps a east's and a little bomber play all the times that. At least he's not in a ruling is gonna smash about for a while I absolutely. Can't you know consider this it was a much better golf true. You can credit for that I guess in it gulf is more fun if you could write an excel and they always plays with a pro player was Fred Funk yesterday. And to grab some random Perot card play Faxon right from tiger tiger. Policy Justin Thomas. But he hasn't tenure rollers elect is eleven. And he's never Wear them is so strange. And I know he's old and he's got grandkids and all that but I mean you think. Does Aaron gulf. I mean taken Wikipedia now. You could be gulf we're dedication Steve columns and our system only engage in activities showed no movie sports who needed just fought fuels our war. It may be easel with that but. I think that's fair game Kirk says the guy announcement that was on kid that's five hours a day. Does he play it would Donald junior Eric and have you ever seen that he's always with a pro or another congressman play we Lindsey Graham yeah. I mean. He never seems to be blues and he's got a big family they'll love each other. Two very just butter issues should thank him we'll all agree we should thank them we you inaudible flew a football several Asia several times and so under the trump presidency and that I was in the ever crashed right and it's all because of owns it and refined Houston and they you know Mr. President the planes safer but if you did. But he's only present for a week at that point to good point so I can be as. Hindus match the deputy goes in public looks each player individually expects so all Third World hell holes that have airlines that you would never get on. Here you can imagine being on your book for trump there were 271. Engine. That was that was on when a Russian island was taken on the terrorists by places. May have been I've. Good news it was report good news is good news writer news. Nobody died and what is my fault that that doctor that they beat innings in his life he wouldn't moves and she. The peaceful people throw with the pressure it was a really Jesus thing crazy guy doctor Dow sold out so. Compliance week. Didn't give me. On my quick story sure fly all we actually flying out this win with my wife and my two kids yet mind. And this three seats on one side three on the other some might I'm sitting and we just says no seats there assigned PCs and keep. Nice it would my wife and son in the back row terrible story last from a must throw no window just bathrooms in about Tripoli and then. I guess I didn't do mode that my daughter is by herself up in the front page sitting in this in the middle of the wind there's I know I'm in the aisle right my son's crammed in the window. And Madonna so wrote to herself right. So the door shuts plans almost full but does she sit there in the on the too cynical while. Cool the door shuts and asked the flight attendant the the stewardess. Jordan as soon. Is the door shut that's what you do right now among experts Fleischer saying he's got if you look so good so I grabbed my bag around a glove so my daughter. I'm on thickening of my Boca we got some room in the ruins a little more room. Take off like climate so there comes ago Huskies who serve you have to senior science the cargo went. You don't have flown a thousand times ahead. We're usually not only can you move but they encourage you to move they say you can move left which at the door yeah position do go. We taught them what does an MPC's my daughter's next week is no I catalog to sit there and I am just beside myself going. You can you gotta be kidding this is it Jim young guys. He fairly young prominent thirty and 32 very different right and he was you know he was obviously he smile I mean don't. He goes yeah I don't know how much you paid for this ticket ago I had bought the seat next to oppose irrelevant anyway rides shouldn't be right guys I don't know if you need an upgrade ago. Okay for an upgrade I'll get okay now and they can kill list can leave me alone he goes inspectors and looked it up I can't processor upgrade now you have to move. Ago you can't be kidding. And literally got it. And free and happy for I was more flying. And I have to get up and move to my seat in the back or jammed into people wait for the bathroom and my daughter has wrote herself. It was your mistake just asking at all. I guess you yes yes yes yes yes men that I've done a hundred tyrant who says the door shut that he's no one else getting on yet. That's what he's saying is the door should flip out and I'll. I didn't flip book love my daughter and then dragged off the plane I thought I believe I thought about it meant but you can't when you with the kids I was with view I. You can't act like I. I am now. It's funny because at first he's I'm argue with them that we unknowns in the seat this but the people and then my daughter gets up and moved back to my seat. It's used in one of them. To drag on sliced it in the seat to throw yourself there for a little while longer that I went back and she came up and another students conducted he says if you don't move. We're gonna get letters ago. One time letters these these other passengers around here that Ers beat the they will write letters to the company to hampering letters bill write letters to the company complaining that we've we've let you sit there and look around that the people around we go. You're going to be killing these people are gonna write letters and had to seek the most amazing thing is that solution had an entire road herself yes I really never see him again you're unemployed doesn't happen anymore I just thought it was my lucky day where their other rows are not full there was two or three seats that are given not man he was pretty full including back in my row in the back. On the play out of a plane for ten years now as I between adult who breaks up families that's what they do especially between digital. Yes and they said it's up to that flight attendant. That's their discretion is nothing they can do about it OK so it puts a rule. It's not a rule that it's up to the flight attendant sometimes there stickler is a stickler a rope act and I said Jones artistically tunes and a whole. I mean why would any flight attendant has Clark has resulted in in you know it's it's one of those experiences where you say. The broom and fly. Who's good room while ahead by the ball so to the right that's what I mean I remember I was the company last year with with how. United but it doesn't matter anymore right you'll still go on you know let you know discomfort I have to fly somewhere tomorrow on donut shops and it's convenient. They'll go on delta flight united I'm guessing it's cheapest to Minneapolis to guess right they don't care. Right I mean petty who should be glad to not crashing the true that I draw from right I'm right back we pick Tom Brady. Remember this if you don't forget anything but back when I was doing this full time. Three everyone of these interviews I was you have to be uncomfortable theoretical questions does leave my last month imagery and if you would permit me yet another uncomfortable theoretical. Question no you know I love those I know you do and you. I don't deal criticize what ordinance somebody criticized much for one NASCAR Guerrero question did you know he's a dead white you know. He's supposed to ask really. Those those who is so uncomfortable as hypothetical Brady survived the big ruling inquiry. I. I like those sometimes that would what do you drink and I always wonder what he's stricken and -- told us that we've had embassy I used to wonder we found out and then you know things like. Then it is silly little. Question let me talk to Juli and ultimately what you like it was on to handle in his recovery. But. Asking what Belichick writes on little note Condoleezza give away a secret. I don't think Brady no idea why defeated you he uses cellular sluggish he writes this perhaps when not to and and British school with those kind of questions was gone off the wall. Weird hypothetical than they did the story behind how aspirin use the story behind these TB twelve cartoons these bizarre no I don't fault them IC month when I was showing them I guess of getting it doesn't do it some friend and a there's a story Pastor Wright. Yes yes and their I'll Suze agreements that are obviously they're voted on that was an alligator and want a couple weeks ago known for your one right and there's no alligator in this one yes the jets have a couple of days ago at the jets which game. The key to pick one game did you question one game to watch one game this weekend one game which when you. I'm watching Alabama Georgia pro am I'll conclude that you know you know not well okay. Rams ranch gossip it's an NFC game rams falcons occurred no doubt that's that's that's an interest in which you won't see if the rams are for real. What do we. What what what what what is. Regardless Tuesday toward going by Curtis as a family going Kurt feels like if and finally I heard it was Julia who drove this forward a feel like a shark aquarium knows what it's gonna. Field trip what is this is looking at us I have no idea. We'll find out why not to care about my. We'll find what was going on since it program. Oh this repeatedly and our whole nation kicked him. Order what why is it going on in front meanwhile trying to do god and show cars why yes why is that sneakers. I don't I don't know go find out what's going kitco. Geez. Gonna go home and none of the twelve people want. One game I gave him my answer Elba Alabama Georgia unfortunately I won't watch this goes on is that ended 1 in the morning good against her later and they do not need a specially when their. The championship game when it's all that matters. I'm so glad that Georgia Oklahoma was on in prime time so you can watch it but that. What are my choices who Etsy you can scalp titans chiefs it's you pick rams Atlanta true. So like that Jacksonville buffalo terrible terrible horrible epidemic the worst oil to Carolina or split in all time. It's close it doesn't always easy teams something disclose tax bills got a great defense though I mean there aren't very apparent as a mate. There right now it great viewing. And you picked a typical rams a cal pick. She's I can't achieved in the titans awards in size and scale of bolts and chiefs Eagles still I'm sticking with or thumb drives and pitcher Chris O'Meara and very close I didn't have a staff of just looking at right now and Jacksonville defense. They have the best pass defense in the league in the NFL entire NFL. They give up a 169. Point nine yards a game through the air. 116. Per game. More Brady threw for 2700. Yards total for the air pressure in sixteen games impressive just imagine that public and the average to a brief report 4500 yards. This year you know taxable and about 2700 total unbelievable through the air in this day and age it's remarkable I would not be so I would not be stunned. If Jackson to win at Pittsburgh one knew what he's doing the gives up 251. Yards per game for the year yes that is a big difference the big difference you know Jacksonville could you be sold they were. Coming here now. On a zone defense and after we bad the other way Pittsburgh. Mean may be. True after it. Bid after it didn't matter. You may be Bennett Jackson a coming New England community change in plea portals against Bobo checked it on bringing it I can't. And all watch all these games so what's probably every minute these games are awful awful adjust to those were to be work you would agree that Alabama Georgia is better than any of them. I know about it like rams falcons I'd like to add new team primetime ads lions Alcan was don't amateur events are at 915 years we will have switched over as Chris were you wondering also comp I'll watch the first I found out what to find her friends with KG and quiche. Actually I'm friend doesn't always those are always guys as I just said I have friends who have walk around holes. That's funny you. Owners are radio station yes. We do (%expletive) like second or third what's the third second so that's the second of back at work all the answers anymore questions normally the area. Jesus this conspiracy theories that. Brees. Loans soft causes a big fan of people don't quote I only question they're friends they're friends they should do that I think for next year and age I'll be open tennis. Is Brady talks to Dino and we just played the station. That that's as for what you have Jimmy Graham V boom it's not a bad idea found eight. And what she wants someone put lotion on anything that would do that if we find the tape I know you working on either audiotape or video this is important all of Chris price putting lotion implying location where all of that Harrison's back we've confirmed it from a number of sources yes it's this shouldn't some other media members that Chris what do you do when yes but stop rule like Greece asks in a roach has some large fight fighting the ball. So we haven't image from Chris prices Twitter account of James Harrison shirt off and we managed it doesn't help still is asked of him before I think or nothing gets past you Chris should be had to be before after it assured on after the game I agree. The economic future of our videotape or audiotape of Paris and beating up his girlfriend. Mil by Ahmed is not registered to ocean. A vote of paris' pit bull devouring his child Chris apply lotions and child after the appointment to this. I mean there at clearly they've they've run home Harris did little harassing presser right now hold scrub correct so that there there has to be. Video evidence capacity. Another high point I corners and Carty told the story on the air on Comcast Padilla did. Came out the media were all waiting gathered around his locker and Harrison's and how long you've been waiting. They certainly twenty minutes sincere do you do this forming. And and lotion as Christ did I got from two different sources one price of pollution and rubbed it all over Harrison's back. He doesn't know not that it matters I couldn't I know you couldn't do that. Could do to you couldn't do it my best friend and great fun of people I think this week you can do it to somebody in the casting character dreaded duty to mossy mud. Or Roemer. Mossy who was missing mutt that our hair I'll get caught up you know if the Rollins gives us I don't know I guess pretty clinical it was trying to. Noted and I can't will be writing now a connecting to Nazis too fat I can't do Roemer like he's. Yes what if he enjoys it it'll. The rumor okay I'll do got a a Duma. And Kasey Keller and celebrate I don't apply lotion to much back on Friday and happy to do it up and overs back. What what does this is moisturizer is that when I retire I'm guessing that your guns were never yet to use appeared to regret. Which Chris probably offered have to happen now of just heard after the break his neck I don't know price panel he has to be Fuller Gretzky has stood that's 121 loss has to be saying what are you doing. Medium ultra right about. You have to get first person confess if you said panic almost a joke for profit rose a dollar actually generate their harrowing account after watching L and watching a Louie CK everything harsh terms and hands me a bottle of lotion just apply to my backside and you say yes sir. Grown man with kids yet just went home we don't you go home. Tell your wife yes I've pop idol host did their work okay. You know got a new guy and the patriots had here on and that's worth the bullets was calculated decision this could be used as a source ask you don't touch anything you buy at one stage -- member of the B literally applied lotion to a player's back old seat I agree on but they all contributed somebody's back on offense and products that applying lotion to another man's back when you for you response recovery of the appeal chronicle we've we were together I was at eight OK maybe. We we are nothing if not fair and balanced yeah on this program and I was critical of our friends at Delta Airlines you know let me sit in my. Daughter share for breaking a much famine. So just to be fair I want to read the Starwood preferred member travel no oh we don't we get back until we get back like. From Peter King missiles today it's this is important and not hard at all. Now a great couple heart of moves over the weekend to this ranks this is this is this is a good one. Did you decide to you can get this opportunity I did not take the docket this up through it's nothing that when you fly. And you final four hours and on campus snack or anything in the morning to an institutional. And being a flight attendant being a stewardess now is your jobs that he would just angry people. Who uncomfortable hungry it's meadows is the bathrooms. Toilets clawed to me it's just. It's no fun anymore my father's Tom Cruise young flying was fun like I get a good me you have room in a couple drinks now it is you and have to take your shoes off here's the deal you get in their use what your balls off like it's miserable just opened lands pictures seat right here right no room. You know prices on delay you know nothing's gonna work just get him maybe get a culture the flight over the Atlantic it was Houston we got that bag of pretzels is that just another five or what was the advantage over the weekend for you when airline flight left Tokyo for Hawaii I believe there. There were four hours it turns around I went back to someone spelled the name wrong and imagine it can you imagine. These are people like football like that doctor like on every two big question I regret that. Spoon it's. Yeah. I know Brady on the morrow early race yesterday it was in 330. We let them talk a good chance to wawa. True wild. They're big guys up next to you again you ignore the tees I Tivo that I go ahead on his way criticized. Delta yen earlier that like to be fairly to be balanced. The star award for Starwood preferred member travel notably from Peter king's call them here we go. You should fly delta if for no other reason than occasionally. You might get the best bowl of soup you've ever had. By slipping out to first class. Via frequent flyer happened in the last week. The federal encountered this. Was about a good was about as good a bowl of soup. As there's ever been. Hello I'm Peter King I didn't you see which ones who might that's what it wasn't jerks who put them all and Karen disk on Delta Air Lines that's his. That's super over the how. She couldn't you guys that's that's the best you've come up with from your week of travel Jesus Christ. Yes they senses reason win the MVP that's the closest race. Excellent it was reported that. Back tomorrow and Reamer and Tom Brady. Maybe guys that's Richard stick around for them we'll see tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with radiant between these two pollution and rubbed it all over Harrison's. And this week you can do some testing program and on for some months and months and Iraqi Thomas he's too fat. Missed this. You back tomorrow morning at six with a Chihuahua and the ghosts yeah.