OMF - Fauria swears he won't interrupt his co-hosts anymore; People are panicking because the Patriots haven't dominated in December 1-2-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, January 2nd

HOUR 1 - The guys are back together following the holiday break. Fauria has grown as a person and realizes he shouldn't interrupt Glenn and Lou anymore. Most people tend to give up on their New Years resolutions pretty early though...Also, the Patriots have locked up the No.1 seed in the AFC. It sounds like there are people out there discrediting the Patriots because they haven't smoked the December competition. And speaking of the Patriots, did anyone do enough in Week 17 to take the MVP award from Tom Brady?


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Fort Wayne and pony and forty air is a tremendous amount of people talking over. One another was listening in particular to OMF loose started fighting with Maloney unarmed men Glenn jumps in I heard all this cacophony and inland jumps him and I wanted to know what Christians response to look what's been learned jumps him as such bull crap right there with Ku and -- and Christian. Told our team that's how it was done. I'm retiring and excuse me. I know I look like and sound like a war right now columnists again. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI okay. This sort of on my latest are blacks aren't amnesty. Today. Not directly elegant long weekend but it is a long week if there's a little bit longer than that offers a loan which side of words it's just good. I did you talk about it now I I made a resolution yes oh it was Sunday Bryant yeah I thought they have I will not speak over anyone to for the rest of of the year I'm gonna happen either refuse to business. If the papers and didn't useful. Can use it as a problem yeah it did the problem is. I'm not sure when to jump and now I had a match did you get any time because you'll continue to talk to adopt with Michelle if you don't cut him off. You'll never did before I knew that he was in a let me let jumps in when we did show on Friday talked to. Now we get some noise that's what speak to me shows that talking over one another clause. That we would survive from tentatively we're surviving pretty well but surprisingly it related remember that he would you walk on. I wish studio that we skipped beat him we know one thing I don't know what we yeah some some Twitter fight some Twitter to eat all of semantic debate. With some of the limitations and if we weren't. If and if we were. We weren't number one. Or if we were number one Jensen would try to make it's number two number three we didn't always nice and so what you think it was a he says we're number one. But SARS is kind. Yeah yeah it's there's always giggles along with. It's just it's really. It's simple game I don't I got on a recent article you elegantly. Let me interrupt you right. Yes but it like a Dino he was great with Lou the first in a Hamachi but it was good that first. Went downhill after that and learn jumps in on that please you know such a fraud when he sits there and ultimately he's done so much. Allied and he's muted I'd run out. So man. Because you know Dino calling them out I did I was in colonial and he's he he's sensitive prevalence and what's more our. That's this guy they are definitely legitimate favorite which you wrote this lotion right now. It won't let anybody out there that lets get back into rapidly and listen your show the big show before it would shut wedeman. He show. That morning show that he was doing in two routes all the on those guys were talking about it as he stepped away from its seventeen months is it. In for talk well so would deal for a different guises and I know he's full detail and to count the you know because of the you know I think he you know he was terrific over the years. And it. Outlandish and on our dog got a taste of it wasn't I. Well it was problematic. Packed Roemer now in trading backpack through liberals come on me I don't. Yeah bossy. Backpack none of backpack on the lockout got him to walk out of all the people we don't want to do you know you are we better than that team owners and I'm gonna fool benevolent thought you. Back on the guy and I'm wondering is not backing path as mine. That I did you know got it rolled back at it hot in here nor is war. That squeaky toys mainly to bottle and who's is that there's a guy he's got to get up to do the show at all legal fees was that the boy that what was that morning was that sixtieth and we'll show was that there will begin at six and out of moves as more urgent warning. So it's a muscles that like five C a brat was here you know thirty is he early last night and you morons. Global commodity just want to go to our. Wants it over with he just wants to go hole right. Any guy on the walk out iso I missed it. And I got the car and I l.'s okay let me let me listen as he would go on because a BC you're assuming it's going to be good rugby team. And Al Ali here's mossy Bradford. Like what the hell happened. Either no explanation might yet so I'll see now Nam to independence when Al habits collier bite whereas dean of the get sick. That's what we're. Probably that's probably if you missed you over the greatest excuses excuses to restore my excuse me he's using has the advantage of it and if you don't then what are you want to sort of do my doubles building and I know it runs Schiller. I throw quickly play. Disposable income is in people's army admit that it was rolling. We are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You'll gently Robyn I open it's so why don't you quit the view under week under necessarily that art six Lebanese 7:7 lines and am I right. Tour. I can I can do this we can finish this. Week and and today. Today. He told that you. That the monster they may eighth hole I don't ever heard that habitat that's where dean told me you're able to negotiate sic canceled 22. That's like walking down an old. Well that rolls that back via cable act on the detained during there's a lot of anything else if you told anyone that thinks that democracies and now all the old building the whole line now 00. Military offense now as well yeah achieve things can't stand because he. He destroyed life until they did this to a mix well they must be yes wonderful. But good luck or that enable the what do you know. About it it's like. At I want rubbed the wrong way whatever light something as silly as Twitter handle but it wasn't about. People in and Rutland jumps in and deals talking about is did a good one of the himself all he wants to do is everybody shut out that he wants everybody to listen. I was wrong Iran is. It was. Just interest to participate in it so that was a full duel well. It's up to the pep talk. Got that from a rotten in yes he he got he got the pregame pep talk it was kind might get around here to explain producers that day. Here that they did you write it just right I believe was front and right he wasn't there primary there Friday with well Ellis yeah I was I don't know yet which arm round until like basketball players electrically take the court viewing broke it down and we do you have been talking about the whole three man in order way. It strikes me that there is a tremendous amount. Of people talking over one another and everybody gets passionate and I understand that and everybody has something to say and I understand that. And I was listening in particular to OMF. And somebody said something and then Luke started fighting with Maloney and on with loose fighting with Christian and and Glen Johnson in your three people talking at once. I literally could not hear a thing they said I want or understand the things they said yeah I had company thought I had no idea what they were saying. I want to know what Christians response to little ones to lose response to Christian was written and and let me just shut up for a few minutes and let those two guys you're right we do that I heard just two or three times and then. All week long I'm hearing it's as well. And the most valuable this thing in in my estimation the unpardonable sin. In radio you would think was you know to be boring or to bring nothing to the table and there are about. Beatles since. But the amount unforgivable sin in my estimation is always a uniform pocketing overload to the people of your current idea federal home conversation with like Molex that was well before we went on the air at 10 o'clock that's it Lula and wireless enough. I made Gilmore says she's who has now you know it's different that was when I was here seven years yes no different S and only went out and I don't but doubtless thought enough. Not to talk over one another so that you can make your point and I'll make mine. That he's done is officially has happened off the arrow zone like do you guys have accomplished on. Yes it is easy yet we don't call that up the houses of us as we talk. Yeah those phone like Sloan was pretty fun was so much for a nuclear the first I would bigots and you and I talked it was Paul Ryan elves in the year scraped up. It's an apple phone we're gonna think it's an apple and I'm just barely knew it or Wayne or not he could to have an impact so let's Jerry. Answered it properly today about the deals with who saw. Answer well what Dino did his when he first came on to do radio. He wanted to raise the bar and he got pissed off as he was pissed off at that time when he first took over a couple of Colby interrupting he was going to change radio. Lasted go to for a few months and getting no ratings. He decided on doing it the other way these guys come to do it appears you are here for disability management told by the political manager because he comes from you in the first I'd doesn't come for me started every night in America so what ended up happening was. He changed the way they developed to show with a lot of you know hostility yes go back and forth and they were very successful so now Dino was on a he's reverted back to twenty years ago when he was getting ready and say in this situation we don't win suddenly Kirk a Cali and her number one. And we're now more than that they do at the other white. I think it's a little bit suspicious the way he's in. A little. Bit of a pig it's just the thing is they've eagle backing you look at the way he's so he went all in way too early. He thought he he thought that he could push around Tomas he thought he pushed round backpack. And nobody pushes back back around nobody puts recollect pushes people around usually pulls people he pulls his backpack I can I can do this. We can finish this. You can credit they thought nobody wants. Usually I leave it to the league in that situation but really so now you call on your call his bluff. Current goal is up and I was like oh crap you know rocketed along party totally not down John has no power at all on pushing a backpack out of the building out of the room. To hear more. Means they can stay back back back and I got our lives up let's go you ready they are. Sun. Times today lately once or twice divorced twice place. The profession. Was it none unprofessional went and got the album with the fact that unprofessional. Something is back I don't lead. For John I'm I'm disappointed yeah. That the old jump the old joke. But back. Would never leave until the John it was tumble on critics battled he would do well it was great before we walked out yelled back and forth at each other but if you go back to lead what he did another 45 minutes of that little bit of interruption talking over each other yelling. He might have got a great hour right sure her all right if you you know you did when the bet. By the way. What that does it went to bed I did not make it that Hillary left. I did not make it to the usual debt load this agreement was it Joey called the office or Juno I believe that. Look I all over thirty I was following an advantage over I was asked who he few actually yes and in new round about way. You just as it finally got pissed at you you know that let you play guy wasn't wasn't losing two of you can't fight once thought it might low. It hurt here's Rene Rick. Number 113 books and run radio print on an oval applicable in this book we beat you guys are street report authored books and unify itself number two million of that so why we since it's working right pretty goddamn well. But don't what's in the same studio there let's say God's change our ability. To clearly jolly good unified the balloon and I do think it showed the I guess it just this is what we're doing now isn't working all you do is not working at all we put lotion and probably that's going that's strictly Lohse apartment went. If the beach rubs the lotion August or rather as opposed. Every championship we are at the beach Eric and Eric is we will be right has a we're actually gonna put out a Fuller Minnesota's Abidjan in Minnesota there's an indoor water park variety to what they've gotten worse and yet there's a big son as you can get Bert. I just felt you guys I won't put lotion on your back them up does not break kind. Armitage Maualuga nice to get a rub it in my hands for yet so it's available all of an out laughter no luck. Yes no and it's going to be five to get it okay for two grown adult male adult couple lotion on each other not have a easily alone let's go back here so. Apparently James Harrison asked the member of the median rub lotion on his back way. I I drove a lot of time Lugo. I don't want to believe this when it's true blood sport and we hear from some people right now we're saying. This. Loved it already too as soon as it was Christopher rice the first price was the one that rub lotion on his back yet. Mean how embarrassing is that he saw her first of all live of course if Darryl died a year that's for me queasy thinking. When he. Flat out got pumped by a team no wires and is total a hole for one of the once. When that price I hate seeing that he wasn't the key player on and it's the same as the same price that did you know good guy award. A decent price it's like. The nicest guy means well hardworking guy trying to raises and we not making anything for money. So we go they're trying to do his job and there's a hole that's what this told jurors are under no I agree with you don't I think like he was actually he was like taking advantage of this and I do you work and I go. I'll donate our god damn all the good guys all damn ball like we are doing it right I ain't it don't count fault exactly but it's light skinned myself yes not feeling like he took advantage of the weak hitting class. Only council the professional athletes and now there's and I immediately got it won't embarrass you legally you'll I don't know audible LaMont your colleagues. Robson had a lot of a letter that you don't you don't you say is you. He says it's an act arts alma ropes that lowers in August or else they're supposed to care and it's good god I can't do I know I wouldn't I ain't just you sort of and I got yielded no I feel like I'm like I feel like it it's extortionist and he was being bullied. These people like team here but he's a grown hair hair hair hair boy hockey company just posted to put on me really. Yeah on our ultimate he's tracking the rear with all those that so I'm sure on the race and I am what you not enough. That's is that sexual harassment it's. That's PI. IID if you do something like that if you rub lotion and team owners and back. I can't believe that happened and Italy or Paris you go to the nether regions I just don't understand how ya know I don't. I would have to lol well. I don't know back then when I got hold that night and it looked like NC tickle fights that went out. There's just some day I. I don't I mean it's not an upbeat. It's about being the only surprise I don't the power moon. That boy over here over here on out there and unfortunately in the pack it. Who deeply that all research so. Tracks aren't we are crack producer didn't sports. They got computers couldn't see the mikes often from her. It is but it's a precious and all vinyl and yeah we. Think we heated legal research and in the. I mean like how many more people you need it's like beauty sleep three people to you know. It's data for story for us for two her pretty well enough right now and it is abroad the Chris rice should realize people do like Chris price but the media. Won't write anything about it probably out there but behind his back there were all laughing and all. And Andy did on Wednesday afternoon. Photo book through room room. If you want want what I don't know what it's unseasonably what are I do too I'm having trouble with this one. Because I think we'd like this so we'll have actually I feel like. I I'm taking a side of yes he should have known better. He got bullied almost beat up on that stop you got sick around India does all visiting athletes are excited to tell people all around his neck. Jocks do this all the time Eddie Jones and not do this all the time not rub that. Monkey out of my thing anything. The chip that you've backed that they do try to Pulitzer fall flat. Guys before levoir doctor we targeted in the signal not that person and somebody else are we talking. Find it irritating. Whenever outline dozens of what I'm trying to think of anything that's relatable. Like any of these at any good. All in all your years covering the Celtics did rob repair ship rescued rabbits feet. I don't know or he just now. Rub lotion on my grant an arrogant wanna know this is off the charts will. What are saying is players over the years and you know this unit yielding no wars have been done this we played with the media person not to the point. The national and Blaine and I'll give you play with the music and you make up lies to lose to somebody in the media play what do you Larry Smith a minute I'm curious why you intervene. But yeah I'm definitely now do not listen to the you know there's little difference between. He'll say which one of seem to report comes in this video which one is John balloting in Houston demoted Jim Leyritz right you don't ending and a half. Yeah they do that guy is because Leyritz is John ballot that I've seen but broad Lohse me no no no say in the motion rubbing lotion. Is off the chart what Google but here's with a motion deal is canceled price. That's on Norman Harrison you know if you Christopher price that. Media people are pumped all the time by professional athlete on but not all the time it's it's different that it happened and what. Getting my guy in this guy's got a shot at a guy he's got to channel president guy with. And owns a new guy in the locker OK he's got a checkered past OK go back rights as the stuff became Pittsburgh last week are checkered past. I don't know what you're dealing with. It's now all see on Pittsburgh and here here's I don't know I don't know owners and others so that the united James Harrison's history like the bad guy when it came out before Canada Cincinnati when he left and he what does that today orbit and all that stuff came back and I would say that it's so don't try this is lights up quite a price of an unsolicited take move. Is now Harrison does is he calls his buddies are here man I got the hockey Google put on an alcoholic you. Ever hear president when the race you'll ever see I am making this race here. And a black ID I don't know his aides desperate and maybe just maybe just desperate to sit now on the island resident I'm not running show. This is well guys a row being the top. And while I think it's. I happened to her about risks are back when he took males SA has ended and Lugo went into individual. The fact that he. Lives under an hour ago and why why why why do you have the you don't. I think that because it's not like boom that's why I don't like guys come around trying to make fun of another guy just because he's stronger and bigger than him great. That any any any obviously identified craze as. The speaker of the bunch of all the more the more at all of the IOS is it was a rock solos in an auto race could put them in this awkward position occurrence why you defending price we look I'm the good guys shame on Chris price to Malawi itself. To be taken like that if I'm if I'm Greg Bedard from the guys over at Boston sports films that don't really want one of fire and dollar all fired Allen a lot of companies deliver up. It was a feel like it it's it was a jerk move. You know it could easily carries an old human apology yeah 00. Lead do you own a home now he does this Chrysler now because it is usable it is and playful thing. It is a decision about the design and disputed. But we thought it. To me it goes with his personality. Go to Harrison personality as you know was somebody glass Ayers and if he still thinks that Tom Brady's Jeter are released the patriots are cheaters asked that question all the kids that wanna you know. You know this that the media people who witnessed it behind. Closed doors right now are laughing after a good states bad luck Trevor Pryce okay. It's a bad look it's I don't hear these guys they're telling us giving us the details of what went on. I don't hear any of them sit there going oh my god Harrison was enable this was terrible and all the while laughing at price who I think they respect and like but the should ignore what. Hell is he who never going to see that my journal article and follow him for the red towels so now you're coming to Jackson and he meant. To hurt him. I've read it and at what time what he's lather and he's back up at what. Time to stop as these is he's kind of going over the over the channels on his back muscles and he's going so I'm pleased to side with needles and lower back reach out to say. I. RC is he too far into it to redeem most has put lotion in my backs you do so Tebow it took a bite the well that's Chris core prices in different state yet give your bike none outlet that's Bob I've known people bike trip so you're you're right that any respected. Athlete would probably not asked comedian person. To put lotion on his back this guy. We probably is just met here in the last few minutes OK so you don't you don't do we we get all that. I completely wrong price. I very rarely but it really prices got to walk away or sit there and laugh it off from the guys as we possible ocean like you have to have I don't know what I. Well anyway I shouldn't say that bottle arsenal lose in the cap. And he is on the dvd capital putter in my hand I'm really good at this and then you put it and then you make sure all pooled all over back and I called my bad. My bad health and thought oh that's what you're. Total romance originally we get we have so much to get it to be gathering together we're we're patriots we got him but it bringing us up. Pretty wanna move to raise security did your broad that you brought up. Swear to god you becoming LaMont Jones before Hillary doesn't have to start trying to load oh. A celebrity card. You're just the region for race right out of the game it's a rock for twelve days beautiful holiday Christmas holiday New Year's. You know family and friends and lot of hugging her on a lotion you know and softly to. And then we come back here and this is the first eagle was critical for ray I don't see everything at life like there are some things that happened from the John skipper hey apple would get so always problem but yeah but I still pounce on him Martinis being hit three and low and I nailed that one right from the get hit three. Three Martinis too. And went overboard just got some tips on. Substance abuse problem that Martinis. And commitment he's like maybe don't like that you know gradually decrease the Martinis you know with the powers that are gonna fix is issued to the new year. You know I got one whole week to go that low binge and new years or get so much to get to really get to that we got to get to Brady MVP we got to get to Brady of the patriots and the jets over the weekend rivals in Little Rock below we've got to get to Jimmy drew rock below. And whether the patriots made huge mistake there's so much to get to. And we only have so much time so let's take a break we get back. Via phone lines are always open at 6177797937. Will get to what next. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and then on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to more aboard way remotely in 48 right now much Sports Radio WEEI. You wouldn't pick you pick to make it bigger is a competitive game that. Guess it now or are off my New Year's resolution. I've never aired and got to get where I'm actually who is thought I will never. Pico a body bag. We look less like it never got rattled that I'm taking dog dances the role in regulation I am going to implement them. Starting Tuesday he ended June oh you hurt as much. If you are broke. And you're uninsured Americans you were out of control was. Totally out of control that have the hardest uphill and an article then I don't know what your New Year's resolutions are but I mean that was one of mine bradys and good so when he when he jumps in Russia. Or shall I should attention aren't going to be angrier. That I don't think here's the problem now. The gravity being your inaudible manner you believe that suck up to score and loving you well. You don't have federal around you don't look like anybody. On it and pass it off and it's boy and his buddy is a managerial I. Anybody on snow season house you are now creating pretty hot. It was Venus don't and that's the same what does it over what is hot NFL offseason is great NBA offseason as great MLB. Well no because of Boris and this week and into January because all what age he's killing baseball. That's Scott or public limit one month it's the three c.'s one month figure it out he should irrational like a month and a half. Doing nothing happens when they can get statements of the talent. For me it was a joke that was it it would have been the game changer. Asian joke there's a little which model if you get a bonus I saw that pinnacle and crown which nothing makes no sense and MIA. I felt like yeah you have that you're gonna keep him around at all. My helmet it was it was a bunch of different Obama bought them. On the same as far as your waitress as far as you know talking points like that was the latest thing I thought I'd give them an act get a next year if you wanna. Christ I thought look out agreement and what degree be on the prospects to get within agreement not get a lot supplier bullet comes if you're keeping them for Martinez and move on to this for emotional obstacle offseason to channel. MLB when I was no interest Chrysler the NBA offseason Grady NFL free agency it's terrific and albeit some bagels the bad of a joke about it. Ahead Manny Machado who was found all over just decide in New York I don't think they're saying. Certainly the fans are saying the Nazis and that sort of innocent okay it's good deals out there. And that we got which more in with a. Don't want. Okay and our governor. Boys got to find another angle because they outscored them to manage a wrinkles today as well tell us about it everything between now to everything that we missed and that was one of them obviously. So the the patriots win the game on Sunday as expected yes thirteen to three on the season. They get home field advantage throughout now they don't play until week from Saturday night. And we know that it's a fairly easy road is it to get to Minnesota that's true he's. As as. Trips go I want you to I want you to skewed by the way. Each of what you should do remember. This morning when he walked in to the building buckled when it was freezing and ice cold. And you couldn't talk on the ball in your face was free drop and about twelve degrees and they knew what initially a Paul was I think we we looked at it it was mindlessly seventeen today. Minus ten minus ten and is right now minus ten remaining apple will would you re forty eight's it's. I don't wanna go go a little dollar I don't go to Minnesota. Episode that nobody wants goodness nobody write a good hang on the Mall of America for a fork in 78. That's funny I don't know. Your diet can be screwed your guy's gonna be screwed nobody wants to go you're gonna gain weight. I mean who knows how much weight you'll gain that is how how did he got it. I think accessible. That's there was a lot of bad we come back on what you think it did you think it's an easy pass on. Easy path. I think it's it's easier path as you could expect them to get now is it doesn't guarantee well he got Pittsburgh here at all. Where you can Jacksonville here don't go I still think portals is the Achilles heel I think he falls apart fiesta come up your play of the game. At Gillette Stadium obviously Pittsburgh without Antonio Brown Antonio Brown what. Sell and asked its easiest path yeah. And yet there's I don't think I I don't think it is going to be a tougher path than it had long time. Does this team look like a suitable team you. Get deem and pass the sectors that you're gonna win it's admirable gonna get the suitable does that look like one to a good question it does not look like some of the teams that we've seen. Over the years that it's that worn those knowing the patriot Jonathan bunny comparison to the teams were seeing around the league. Yes it does well yes it that is the paper I'm just looking at this team because we bought it and health referrals for him with a first four games. Is that an extension exhibition when they have their issues and in that usually when it happens that's when you don't recognize the patriots team in years past there have been times right. But they always get their crap together and there always played it best football when. A decent chip on their team they look the play their best football. I did not and has some of somebody that just sort of washes out that jets game to be honest I don't really I just don't think that they are. Playing their best football they have been the last 45 weeks and I. It does not look like a team and get that was simple I don't know who the hell out there who can all look at the rest of the teams do you think Pittsburgh is that. Pittsburgh on how would I say you lose to Kansas City advocate. And converted an hour and a ridiculously Jacksonville they play Pittsburgh I think they will lose. Well walk away on I say that record I just look at this yeah. What I let the other team. Pitchers and the patriots have now I know I ever do that and everything really. And another high and it will alumni events yeah budgeted alumni event until it but it's funny with one. Shocker I am with flu and of course luckily but you know but goods and we shall not going to be so he's got money the national and it's not it's not that and we've seen it before it every year to simply motivated even at the beginning of the season don't they can't figure out. But they do figured out they lose three games 314 games. And here comes the articles right patrons don't appear ready to make a long playoff run today. Sputtering patriots off it should have different look in playoffs it's it's it's article up article about the offense. Does not being I guess as explosive as dollar nuts about explosive. Consistent. Versa. A bunch of things that I would say a divorce and deleted it and I think deal. I think Dion Lewis has changed a lot I think they struggled out of the gate to figure out life without Julian a little. I think since then are they better what Julian amateur they. But right now I think they eat the quarterback probably have to take some of Julio some of the heat here some of the criticism you're conceived on that been great here. In the last 45 weeks. But the voices changed everything. I agree outstanding debt for earlier in the middle year. That they're playing their best football and then go a reversal team coming off that by. They beat you run into football they had to they beat you with a tidy and he beat to a wide receivers they beat you with running backs catch the ball back field. Now in all the running backs get the ball back real kind of banged up and hurt that's the only time you relegating go with a wide receivers. So it's pretty much breeding ground who didn't have a target or receptionists the jets again Erica throw that game away almost look at that game is. That Miami gained only to the cup from a couple years back the only difference is they won. That there was a lot of protection as far as certain guys not political across the middle and I find the real as the negro healthy. About Brady and it odd decisions of the deeply great and likely PetSmart. But it went down a few times or maybe you'd probably would have moved around the pocket try to make the throw but he realized there when he won three of the play in the jets in the gonna win this game so gold down. The open to wide receivers in bad spots I think it's a Smart game but I saw that their plane available on. But what you're doing as you're comparing him to the patriots the past years and I think that's a fair assessment but if you look at them today they're not and shoulders above anybody but I bet that a fact I could see three NFC teams that could beat them right now if they faced each other we in a traveling to Minnesota hood on end and they could they lose against Pittsburgh Jacksonville here maturity gonna lose to Kansas. I don't quite basket. I just don't think the second time around and is no Eric Berry if you remember and they came Eric Berry really shocked. That doesn't happen in this game. And I think Kansas City is not the same team okay and eight Alex wrath having to go and win a game for. Not to say this about the defense the defense. The defense to me is so susceptible to the runs he would look at and say welcome to march in the field against them or any of these running action should have a field. Front seven not real good for knowing not good at all. Since team what six they're number one in points against in the late. Those that happen because aesthetically what my eyes only. Is the front seven is not real good they're terrible against the run. And by the way they had what gained get James Harrison somebody's got to set the edge because teams just sweeping running the outside on the state. And yet. Look at the points at the end of each one of these games three teams can't. Score me how what happens yeah and dom it's funny because you know some people will will write articles. You know early late. I'd seen when yet about what's what's that one of the most important ways to beat the patriots like. You know how could a good team beat one of the qualities that he would need to have usually do we know what they're constantly I wish somebody would buy an article. Tell them all the different things and to beat the patriots. What's that those beaches for some auction listed. On this one wrote it. It rubs the lotion auto steer or else they're supposed to care. Who wrote the article. Our good friend Chris did your idea or not. How to follow that immediately you and millions millions and derive solely based nobody went what do you think about three things. Three most important things. That you're doing and you've got to have double it has the activity in order to beat the Peyton not him and gagged a little little knowledge of the appraisal teams I think will lose their crap Walken. And as a defense that punches number in his office in them yes. And Decker doesn't make stupid mistake that's I think that's the most important thing because he had a good defense you want to take a lot of chances on offense. You have to sit there and just don't screw it up. As you'll get multiple opportunities you will get to our it was just wanted to do but isn't it interesting eat yet he let the Baltimore Ravens is one of those teams over the years has commended Gillette Stadium. And then on intimidated they do all the things that Digisette. And yet they can't beat Cincinnati in hole. Just to earn their way into the. Slowly exits the only thing that team possessed was an active. I'm not going to check mark I would give them. Baltimore is like you know they they don't they're not scared of knowingly commit an interest three guys is their culture quarterback and defensive leaders such thugs. And defensively. Dual rated or not but their days are pretty good defense throughout the years I'm glad there don't they or their dog. But Gaspar says the elements that beat them are high level quarterback play. And the high level quarterback Plavsic don't make mistakes that that's a high level but. Does that they've they've lost to guys before me Pete Manning wasn't high level quarterback when they lost to them. Was he now. No doubt Joseph Flacco high level quarterback Austin yeah we blocks away at level what actually did you don't need to fiddle like point guards and you don't know you bet that that that's very high level would obviously important but. But most importantly it stakes it's yes that's at Flacco game jumps out at me it was here Gillette Stadium and I think he had about 85 yards total. Offense it was ray rest easy yards that running on that first of all of us are validly portals doesn't have to have a high level of quarterback like just interminable. And it could beat the patriots created more what is being Smart and inefficient it's more important thing or what you defense can do against operate. We that would those those giants teams you know and that's why Jacksonville scares me a little bit defensively. I just think their Achilles is played boards board of got to come up here as you said when we got to manage the alpha you know handed off to afford it managed that often it's. But. I I think what we're doing now. Is we have such high expectations for the New England Patriots the people doing the MVP voting right now for Tom Brady. The deer and he's forty years old. And yet there there there there yeah he do you have his forty years old and yet date putting Brady. The expectations are pure breed as a social gain it suddenly the game it's suddenly an awful game. I think they're doing the same thing with the New England Patriots right now. This is still the favorite team to win the Super Bowl much is there when the super ball. And I think the expectations are when you see the patriots port. Just totally dominating their report is at this at all flaws are all their problems are all there issues here and that's what we don't. It's actually even of the the pregame shows listening to mud Keaton and some guys are calling them hockey and its Republican Bob Brady. As Le he's got the same guy and absent are going. That the people locally are so unbelievable lead delusional. As far as what they expect. So appear as a sub par team for him. It's still a top and quarterback. You know performance at the cure anybody does are not the only guys if he doesn't go 252950. Yards and no interceptions and you know great decision made it doesn't do that he's you know 7% on third down. They they they they think something's probably. I'll have been 00 well it's no. This is what he's accomplished and what he still don't take it's aged out of it remove it from the equation. This is better than most these teams do you hope for we get to Hamburg we get back we're gonna get to the Brady thing and a drop off because I thought a lot of the commentary last week and scored interest and and there are a lot of people right now they have regrets that drop below is no longer part of the patriots roster we gotta get into will do it. Back from a long vacation a three of us are in studio sorry. For the new year 617779793. Set up. Family friendly midday show you all right I'm waiting for you to make eight no legitimate point shot up eleven point eight sadly we hit the road Emily we don't keep your guard down. Its board when we're loaning Emporia punch Sports Radio W. How are hurt him and he are. He should've been hurting at all of all the month of these remember these department of what property did them what the beat them. He's fifteen. Top of fourteenth and TV pair copper third is that if that was the jets which ranked 23 impact of the caught the wit have one fewer touchdown pass in the month of December. Can you play three Q okay. Car so we have more judge felt bad that Tom Brady he played three fewer games and utility that's the MVP. He was Tom Brady but we remember people were saying quelling this forward and see you can't give it to pay out it was one person was doesn't doesn't play into. Todd Gurley. Played into OK he's dude Todd Gurley play this weekend. I think they held amount they Altima and I'm smarty agreement on 11 Gary to break that the league to league brought down his story. He's so you can't give a Tug Carolina Todd Gurley went out and got 765. Yards and a game and won games right. Then you'd look at and say you know what. Maybe to a girl the activist the Padres and when he that he misses. And and okay so he wins the MVP when he doesn't have his best MVP of the year perform like those so that current happens okay it happens. And and that that's what drives me crazy is it's almost like well Brady's done before. We've awarded the MVP. Brad unbelievable seasons and he's earned it. But yet really hurt this year it's a left I somebody else Carson Wentz is out Antonio Brown is out that now OK time now Todd Gurley who else who else can beat. You don't get the award to somebody. And get the award to great care no look yours MVP trophies aren't. Dirt hatred played and how Mets outright errors so it could get you won't well well the Brady doesn't get it were happy. There is no break it is gonna get it could not ever. A court order important if you're if you're gonna be back you gotta have a yearly Ager Peterson rushed for all were over 2000 yards got to be unbelievable. It's gotta be some that I eagle while we've seen this a while and eat it after he had reconstructive surgery on his knee definitely added value. There's even an argument out Los Angeles what has been more important as the improvement of cops or is it Todd Gurley is back to where he was two years ago there's an argument there are still closed for the most valuable player to bat. Individual you're what nineteen total touchdowns. Immediately you know dream on I guess. Did lead the league in rushing so yeah VP running back an amazing year did legally Russian how many did. Blog at last year rushing to have them so the quarterback gets you to the point. Where's they can handed the ball and you run it to America regardless win or that this number he's gonna he's probably gonna win the MVP but it. There wasn't an MVP like year that he had before. He's already sort of celebrities for him it's not his first two and I don't think it was a sprays last year. Or over twelve games look at but is it better if it's that bad it but it still better than the best assets and that's it on matters is better than. That all the quarterbacks just plain OK so Carson went if you did get hurt. Probably when nobody took it from not nobody did and they already have opportunities to take I have always said that you gotta. When you are Tom Brady when you are Mike Trout when you LeBron James some listed hate the MVP from you in past years. Eyes half. It's from Westbrook or even ardent last year that won it or just L two veiled Miguel Cabrera but in this case nobody took it from. I'll say and then end and it's and in the way he's ended his last five games which everybody's talking about it even go about the one game and it's awful we didn't even throw touchdown pass. Here comes the clip you're looking at and it's and it's for a bit the entire year so he played better early on in the middle of the season and he hasn't played as great as well. Of about it jets team. Jets game. Couple series took what the hell's going on here poured as it is all beat up Puerto says is bad throws up like a plague I think the offense. Is definitely hand shrunk a little bit. Despite the fact that they don't I said it before. They don't have. You know their their intermediate. Return route option route and got. If what we ask you don't have that they don't rumbles route to run its zero targets zero catch. Was that. Part of a player and it was by design in the second half is what I most of the second half from the sideline them in this in the first half I don't think I think that it was yet I think it was we're beating the jets mean help Pittsburgh rested everybody correct yes. They they sell Roethlisberger that I have I got a but in in awaited kind of sat Rob Gronkowski is they want to put him and. Well when I go to that level but put a memo and at all. Not really though because like but every time you saw he was always double covered early and again every single time double covered. And there's a lot of play action passes and you run a lot you know man route and stuff like that so it took about what to think it and animals because he's got all these incentives. He's got all these incentives he's got to reach. He he didn't he didn't it wasn't able to reach it he needed eliminate eleven and speeding eleven or a 116 bit. He did either so now what he's opened for what is. All pro ball program he's on he's a pro ball player rated but he needs to be he's got to tell you probably about LC in town where it hurts it hurts so. That's the only way it's like 2.5 million dollars via. But he's missing out and it's what you just kind of just but the second it usual back and think about how he. The one game were actually you know in his own downfall and the Tampa game where he had like equality issue. You you know look at those things you know he's he's easily got that much. But I think they'd jets came out and they said when excellent part because anybody else can be as they started of one of the dole early on game. Because he seemed to be guided the team to vehicle running backs catch and Kellogg at Dion Lewis brought you get OJ had to spend the rest of the game and a sizable gap I'll say that was by design after the first half and let's face it you have became kind of you your hand you're you're controlling the pace of the game. But so Castro some of that out with Britain if you take and rock. Out of the equation then now you're limited and as Lou said you're limited with your running back and. I say Oliver and most how's it going into this this playoff stretch these next two games. That Danny Amendola is the most important person goes off Danny Amendola yes but cola up since the dole. Yes because he. Whenever you see drives like they do a lot of play action passes they get the ball like on a crossing route steep angle crossing routes basic crosses. Deep outs comebacks. On the sideline. And that's that's fine. But when you need a 3435. You if you take a long time to throw the ball like I don't see defense is stressed out. On third down when it comes to those quick routes and beat you could see them frantic and they panic. Because they know the ball coming out they know they gonna be precise and they did it and if they don't they get a hold them. They don't do that anymore and when they do dual Eagles M Dolan. And he's successful at it. And so I feel like it if they're gonna be able to win on third down and create some sort of stretch it's QB matchup one on one repeatedly. Repeatedly. Of the they're gonna have either double Glock. Did some sort of deep help with cooks on his deep routes and he will be alone by himself I think. Coach was to meet disappointing again in in that game he said sixteen games now with Tom Brady said the whole summer. And yet they still don't seem to be. On disable wave want to beat them to me so he's so he had a terrible series right in jets game. So the first one terrible series that he stopped running a radio or throws them gives Malone a couple of flat screen pass second most events announce second down attacked Al drops the ball right all right so then after that Brady gets sacked. And there's going to you're responsible for screwing up that series alone not want to stop running to you drop the ball and out third to end. So instead of being of a touchdown or worse. A second at audible the second down play in said drop in the drop the ball now operating it's sad because he's got to take you know. Along drop to get first down third tenth. I would say that braiding cooks and maybe it was just my expectations. A 1000 good morning in this year. Are we guys work with him going into the year but he feeling finishes the year with with 65 receptions thousand yards seven touchdowns length but I just. I don't know I just thought that there was going to be more volume and catch is that I expected at a thousand yards. But I just thought there was going to be able phones. I think he would have been like little Roth if that you you know they would not much but. You hit it so what at 65 receptions right yes. He got up there'd be more volume also the yards come because he's he's catching these deep bombs over a course he's gonna get an order out yeah and it'll run away from you. What I don't believe he hates contact if he's catches a pass he'd like running away from people eating ice in the ground. But you've set I thought he'd be more a threat. Between the numbers but that's like but at the end of volume so. Maybe doesn't have as many yards but he's got eighties I about 85 light gets it and like your continually going to be a diesel back I have to just think he's got. Exactly so I don't know what you look up you see a thousand yards and he said is that deep ball right. But a week in week out there was games we says it's OK there it is that you wait for like a break out the other connection between those two. And I just those two games or practice just wondering where receipt. What is he doing between Google getting a forty yard touchdown catch Utica okay neck isn't a 65 yards and game you know but it just. I don't know there was just too many games are just felt like it wasn't for full catches a game five catches a game it felt like in one big one big one for yards but it is. I I. I don't want him I think you would have had more opportunities if they had an underneath game working with Julian elements and they and they don't and he's not that got some people thought oh my god he's gonna be able pick that up he's not all got. He's not doing those crossing routes. You know he's not doing any of that stuff he is the vertical deep threat that's why he can't afford. To stop and not be on the same page of the. I celebrated set him at times that you know that deep threat in years you would think that he you know deep threat on the sidelines. And the quick little stop but the on the sideline you know for 1015 yards. To be that kind of guy and move on channel sees that way I don't think we'll get to know. At times but not much you thought you. I don't think that's his game I actually think he's right about Dolan the dole can do more that I'm not sure that he can I think. You know I think people thought that he was warned that he's the vertical guy that's what you can't screw up. And suddenly you've been sixteen games you play with number eight. You know or he's throwing the football and suddenly you're slowing down knowing sort of separate sets it basal metabolic cooks intercept the same play yes. They're both speed guys deep and we're gonna order we're gonna set up a play action pass it along us that allow you any time to set about. And run away from the state tees and each team all the wrong door senate let Bryant get a big drop any at a catch. So they don't and they're both small shifty guys you go you can be real physical with them right off the bat. With the Dolan being it's just about you know not as tall either but he physically stronger. He just he's more complicated it thoroughly cooked at a separate that it hit. They don't want caught ticket to go on the middle they don't do those little routes where they get the testimony gets smacked brightness and you can't expect. 85 or ninety catches for Madonna you get a thousand yards high and you get sixty catch right. Which is a great with the rolled it. There rolled out all already aren't we got to get to this whole grappled to date and by the way I ticket's going to be one of the great sports talk show topics. For the next 5678. Years the whole Jimmy drop a load did Bill Belichick screw up. We Jimmy grapple walked all the that would example calls 6177797937. Radio and always meant.