OMF - Against our better instincts, we acquired some body lotion; Which large mammal does Fauria's snore sound like? 1-2-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, January 2nd

HOUR 3 - The body lotion debate continues into the lunch hour of OMF after James Harrison requested (demanded?) a Patriots beat reporter apply some lotion to the his achy back. Is it weird for one man to rub lotion into the back of another man? Does it change friendships? Or perhaps spark romance? Or maybe we're all just overeacting. Either way, we (mainly Fauria) decided to test it out ourselves. Speaking of Fauria, he snores. A lot. After getting our hands on some Fauria snore (snoreia) audio, we try to match the up the sound. Moose? Car engine with low oil? Beluga whale mating call? You be the judge.


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All you've read it. Fort Wayne and moaning and Horry there is a tremendous amount of people talking over. One another was listening in particular to OM absolute started fighting with Maloney on them and and Glen Johnson I heard all this cacophony and then let jumps him and I want to know what Christians response to little ones and and let jumps him as such bull crap right there with glee and Lou and Christian. I told our team that's how it was done. I'm retiring and excuse me. I know I look like and sound like what right now columnists again. On Sports Radio WEEI. Helps her car. We have at a Starbucks cacophony at the clueless that week. Off with a moment ago. You know we shall we talk about how cold it is right now and it was full reason for that game on Sunday could you imagine. I was the patriots played wild card weekend here they would get the Saturday night's game. And the Saturday night temperatures in Foxborough we're talking about like minus five minus agrees. And I don't know for the windshield right especially to that Tennessee game Tennessee so called them axis of computed. It is a lot of the questions that it scheme a lot of there's a lot of silly questions who was. McCorvey came debris came built him up. Bullock was like you know. I thought process on going with sleeves or else we talk about talk about that's the game except. Asking yeah. Talk about long sleeves shorts shorts now do your job for you just there was nothing to discuss. Game issues. Not only that cold. Coach talk about the job Ryan Allen. Don't give your questions and talk about. Take a lot of these drugs have run out accurate. I am an excellent excellent. Agreed on the rate of our. Normal games all right would you play and when you play in those temperatures we're sitting here debating Angela robbery. The Q which of the Brady playing in a game in which it into the wind chill was about and below 012 below zero. Purses like a normal game and indoor game wears on they compared to now and it's fun because you know there's a lot of talk about bereavement he's wearing wetsuit. That you always do. Who was the woman that gave us that it was going to be excellent idea when the game was over that Motorola and Verizon. One. Right it's it was team and I'm surprised it did have some sort of TV twelve under arm allegedly it was a rookie for the jets that went out there the shirt off. Stretching about it and I always know bill with a short short T shirt that's community and when the game started he was just bundled up. At the tough guy no validity to his image was if you get like you don't get to the other an assurance that doesn't have to be missed a second ago don't it tough guy points you don't get tough guy points for going out with no sleep for that was kind of a lot of doesn't want to be comfortable that was really really cool it is definitely something I've always putting sleeves on. Always that's ground now got the book that lean on me yes yes thank you don't have body on some better our neighborhood dogs yeah. That's active and interior. Some crazy these children here I don't know why negative effects that. He M yeah Adam we don't you know I know they had phones vastly overrated so that's good look like we're doing the show when you were off I think that they Christian. Was the the day the whole story came down about ESP. And don't skipper John skipper and it was a as all the people that we you have the sod. That's a relative. Because of the hold and hard trying fixed yet. I was just in error saying and now taken pride in your accomplishment complete confidence in your Alexis is like to continue ears in Paris. On April but is even it's even now we know now we know why yeah. We had a reason that Google had finished so now we know that's a little bit forward to the story. As it is now been reported out there with pictures of that. Appetite is there. With skipper and they are at a bar in North Carolina. They're down and cocktails right. Like you know non alcoholic you know trial because the substance to mark right as he knows now right like just that it. You know not real temple someone now there's real alcohol involved in his first of all the officer problem first of all if you were. If you look guitar. And you felt that badly. Annoyed look and sound like a fool right now yes it about him because he has a substance problem. You get with him five a eleven days later. And you decide to do well let me put the ticket at the bar accomplish alcoholic. Or like sprite or water to drink it looks like like alcohol or. So basically Travis yes which after all they are with these two drought stricken but he also wrote pitch again yeah when they was skipper. Resigned. Right away we said this is kind of weird right because you know even as it just youth particularly our absence of the president of of ESP and get help you to sign a new contract eagle get help become backing do you take your job yeah healthy. And even had an air apparently that does it didn't make sense. He said it is a couple of days following heated told multiple sources we trust in society dispute the reason for skippers resignation. Was because of sexual harassment issues inside the company. And it ESPN decided to blink substance abuse issues instead this is going according to Buckley Travis. But it is as we heard from Levitt tart but eleven days after these tours in a bar in North Carolina. And it set up at the bar and having drinks yeah I'm awesome bar visceral I am exhausted by the show. And apparently I guess he has access you know contact or somebody that was there who co content to click Travis took pictures of these to have drinks. And it actually talked a bartender afterwards and it was the indeed had big gin Martinis. This guy that resigned. From ESPN for substance abuse in eleven days later you led a tyrant Carolina having drinks at the bar. I mean easy you'll need to address and so that's straight talk for this real doesn't it might not the abuse might not be alcohol. But is that something that you do try to right the ship here when you were resigned from ESPN a case like that in a bubble prescription drugs and maybe the issue but. Hell who cares and will deplete pasted a block. In public. You do the public does this make any sense now has looked like. Commented on on this cat you would be today you're down who exactly that all right he should be back and we'll check out right now check. He's out of rehab and not talk there's always talk about it. And this to me is just such an ESP and I think it's just typical EST it's yet. And there's no way and it cannot confirm it yet. But it makes no damn sense there obviously close so I know my clothes for crying on my show on crying how much of that's what makes sure he's okay. So you find out that he's dead he's of these quitting basically to deal with the serious substance abuse. Issue. And the first thing you think it doesn't know let's go have turned pro quicken talk about it. Let's go to the bar and drink it at the last place. You would take your friend who had the issue like put hungry dog in a meat house leg at a steep you can see Teague Egan that if your attempted to have a drink. Well you know attempted sober. Certainly might be tempted after Beattie had that he broke my rule Libya at three Martinis. And that Joba yeah. If you just addicted to anything lest anyone who's been a state races don't leave anything EST and says other deterrent they're just full about it it's just a big saves you made a cents. Because of it was a substance abuse problem in armor were skippers signed a deal with 56 weeks before that of a multi five year contract or whatever. It was skipper who was the one that addressed the entire staff remember that flew everybody in the Bristol and a dead this big how long they wanted to explain what you can say and you're fine with Google to everything. He's the one that. Does all of this and then two or three days after that meeting they suddenly decide that he's out because the substance abuse as Lucent you get. That person help. If his substance abuse and get them out companies stand behind Hubert. Should help that's what they do it. The whole story just stunk from the very beginning. And now. You know no no response from its candidacy don't need to because it doesn't work there anymore. Yet but somebody don't somebody will come out I mean this guy that's right here. Is already saying that he believes that this sexual harassment involved in the story and tied directly with skipper. So that's the case that's stores coming outcast as we know in this climate today. Those stories are neutral actually make ESP and look even worse. Yes because it and it's because knowledge nobody tried hiding and you try to camouflage it. With substance abuse with with alcoholism right. This it's a strange and even goes on it to you getting says. He was told by multiple source that he trusted inside ESPN at the recent skipper resigned was because of sexual harassment issues inside the company. Is in the wake of the Boston Globe story about sexual harassment he says I was told the skippers own issues suddenly emerged. And that was why the resignation happened so abruptly. News paean to saddling substance abuse. Instead on my grab your crotch from a drug view. That you Briggs who now because that is a sexual abuse we have inordinately high Travis and we'll see if maybe more people fall on now. I've got to believe is going to be more to the story the story made no sense when he came out that day that suddenly he's going to leave. He's going to get help our. And he's ending his employment. At ESP I know you go again L. Duke you just signed new contracts on ESPN felt solid enough. With what you brought to the table professionally. So a matter of a month month and a half later. They never realized that you had a drinking problem or a drug problem and suddenly out of nowhere you sit there and say I'm gonna go get help and I'm going to resign. This makes zero sense now it is here I am exhausted by ship is zero it makes sense it makes no sense but. Column other way does anybody think that Chris Curtis if you were giving a five year deal. Even when he was drinking like at a five year deal because nobody realized that actually problem today was that he was gonna quit at that point. Don't know battle and I would have quit it because they have a sudden to be gonna stand behind me. By companies that August after now bright bright and they just stand by. It helped me be back crazy. And it's it made no sense is more to that story let's get back to the phone calls people talk about Jimmy grapple to his cabin up in Maine what's up Kevin. Cut. I don't. Global slump everybody is taken out. Religion that I ugly. That it ought to. Ought this year. All more like a brain and their graph. Or are they throughout all that why they all but. Let generate. So which guarantees they have they gonna get them to. Low. Number. So why would you do if you don't have a guaranteed to get to know week week with the rest the lease. So the draft this guy for audio earlier. So I suppose you think Jesus six router it let's go back to the Brady draft. They thought it was a six round draft pick or they would have drafted him in the first five rounds but a fact he was the second sixth round pick for them correct. OK so why did they did before that they thought it was a six of you don't think that some of the team. If they think that sixth round pick is a Tom Brady is gonna draft him in the first second third fourth or for. Well I don't know. I think I think that the ball that they ought to. They are. On the brought elected I had met nada like an oh all the sudden they ought to build respect or no not at. Yeah on the bus and I'm buying is there your blog write out a plan she can't you know can't talk about doesn't Ellison though this guy's gonna be proud of himself in the draft league draft a guy. The obvious at draft a quarterback in that. Whatever around right you would think but it might now be the guy that they actually targeted right what other Zemaitis Johnson back as they see I told you to draft the guy when everybody thinks that a draft the guy but on the to have identified anybody right now. But you cynically talked a 31 teams they don't draft the skeletal draft him in the fourth. Please I don't think you do that can humble socially connect collusion. The team to a few pages any favors a that's just me definitely increase I think we're getting crazy for the Graf just timing. And if it's not you know and it's unfortunate his Belichick could have to live with this. For years to count is great is he's been and analysts say is that is a coach you don't think the detractors you don't think that the Max elements of the world. Are gonna throw this back and were in in Belichick's face free courses that you can't. The thing that. Madonna MI squirrel moment right now because I had been holding on to for a while this is Jon Gruden thing is out of me and saying he's gonna. Here's the thing it's I know he's gone but to have this bets on the called the Rooney rule number and they do right ever forget about it and you can I get more lethal after they still have to that's like Jimmy an official. Community everybody epic interview and an African American right. Coach as Dennis Green musical they're using me it's about there yeah an atheist has put of the flu as the black coaches currently you know candidates. Like you've really you help about how to say no. To say no make it leaked it and you like coach. Just for par for hours and and it's really gonna get portion but the team. There's no way that's gonna happen what percentage. Why are Ed and that's Robert wiles with some sort of real polls show and on the real post game show I always get the correct facts. And that's pretty much we have made that data and we have a case they understand we have tempers. In the days and days. Hey you know today I navigate day and he jumps you never sent any nation 10% as a pet owner and I've heard excited about driving because they were red card I wanna go to get there early confirmations. I went to ninety point 70 yeah the regular Joseph we had we government and yeah did any number on September panel also it was it was giddy because he can't stand watching gruden a Monday Night Football. And senate to be ready for this sounds to me like you you're gonna get. The Brazilians on Monday night and they ansari crowded even be crying a Monday night. Do we want he would do Molina Ryan do we look at all right I want a little progress Rex is somewhat real Rex known as outlined on I want on filtered wrecks but. Now. You know hold that Bryan little deal on Bruce and and it's fun. Number it's Betty won the mail out here to questions to regret it but your time when as a man allowed to cry and when is it okay to put lotion on an amendment that can still it's it's like you guys that circle and it's never know how to deal in the first what is would retire you would not always come back now while I you've just. Wouldn't say. A that's a big and I don't know he wasn't sure not a charity rest. Ray you're on manhood I know they'll come out the link from ray Clark noticed ray sucks because in the wind blows it never gets on you get per anyways. All right so I want the lotion I said okay I'll admit I'm a little concerned about public perception. Too hot so the bar actually. Is if the people at the beach who don't know me don't know you'll see two minute rubbing Los. Hey Lou you are you so mitigate your god gave you your mayor having sex with emails all lie so I don't I don't like audio and I don't like doing a resolution on a guy's back I estimate that I think Larry about the size does it blew them asking do I got the muscles back go there and don't let don't let you go on I'm not there was I was on the ball. Oh Ryan public or somebody's got pictures of I don't know due to no more bands of go to I don't understand why that is such a problem. It's problem as you know what's the value are also a big hero of your knowledge does has no carrier your ground and funds you're also and I'm sure they hits and I don't think the academy I thought you know my only way around and lotion on the I don't ask them on the back. You wouldn't revolution in my orbit. Verizon's motion doesn't think the total I don't know I don't know commission in my back you just say you know not to be anything that hairy Italian back to what happened (%expletive) that's for digital government warns them about what he does what. You don't do when you're a member of the media. And the player shows up. And it's even worse he's only been there for a few days and he sits there and he sets you up when he tries to on Q and tell you they put some lotion on my back. The first thing is that they do is laugh with our job down to make its way and then walk away exactly. And you don't sit there with a lotion and hearing background stories that I know those people there for a while I have enjoyed it. I know there's guys out there that that I'd agree with me and know that it's not a big deal a you don't lose your man card and we have a list price on line six readily agrees with. I don't I don't feel it hurts your bait and they are basically you're at home or even worse and worse in Vegas. Please let the hard rock pool please we're all married you go you gotta get gotta put sunscreen on. McKay can't have a girl that I just reached the Vatican reach and the rest of it's like to look you know you want to be like hands I don't. Don't hear it felt like crap I'd be the guy would suit which is why the Sox on Andy's shirt on and our biggest point you reach. My socks my feet rather in my legs. And not know where hey guys it is Chris price responded to any of the stuff yet. Yeah he joked that use gonna get out sponsorship which organs in the offseason when he's acknowledged it he's not denying it. While but he's not like saying anything about it or are at that. Yeah it did meet him just grabbed it grabbed Tom real quick real quick. Realize mr. Obama to Tom stopped and thought he tell what you Irish and he can. Act. It. Yeah salutes you have them do raise it and that's all right but my friends they're like they get excited. Source I can get my name back months and apple are audited. He'll point out or on union buddies in the beach rub lotion incidents. While I I I deter you all he's saying oh yeah. It's a fight and I are good in Automator bat girl on our panel believed at the better. Chance inside and yet you're supposed to do its thing tunes by principle and rub lotion you when you wouldn't put anybody out. Yeah but it's so bright days quiet. As. Well into the bottles ignorant due south. Loyalists I don't agree with them yeah iris yeah. See these are I don't read you're a real man you're okay your sixth round and John you you do. After mall waters are thrown out at. Best through careful. RE 6177. But 79 these very similar camp believes that Crist for us to do so why did you do that. Calls are made that little fuel up apple Buell and all of a and they all agree don't find these guys go their own. Usually it's a little geysers let's go to Ottawa tight little concern salt rightful concerns. With Bo and Fort Wayne Loney and forty fox sports radio and we yeah. As the days are getting colder my skin is drying out any tips on a good lotion. All my god yes of course you gotta go at that Palmer's record cocoa butter no real war. Or you can go it alls you can go really really old school gold Jergen Germans can go wrong turn. Think that's true yeah another children's emotions my illusion talks salad dressing doesn't work that well. I am I have been mine I don't know why it either producer by the way talks like immunity good motion suggestions that it goes yes awful excited to be really. What type of lotion what are we using the solution for not using it really go low senior and I am a very nice bottle lotions and they actually called by decree invesco it's called body cream it is. Mango nectar Marty more sure now line then you'll. Who now my back is been really sort out I want you guys. You just we're gonna have a new bonding Serna okay now this body ceremony yeah. Is gonna require each of view this as he did on Sunday morning show what price yes we put some lotion on each others backs. We talk about how much we respect and an honor each other's work. And the work ethic and then. Yet the gulf but so what the gophers a good I'd come on bring it to I don't Christian good come on. We're gonna go get righted it and run. You know which sure back on edge on Chrysler got assurances are thought you know it's not happened did pictures of this. Let us know the that little extra Regan naked body out and does nobody know let him get away permitting the now not putting it under it. Buffalo. Yeah. This is off and an in depth look awful. Glad. That I. It looks like so Fidel our. Arrived. You round. Who visited our news and I have been moved and and we're. Yeah out of control. Events. The Seville. Don't heroes yeah. It's scary. This is really scare no way again. All right you've had a gross presented grind it jobs. Guys I don't. And only in the Indian so he shaved them loot you know all explain this possibly color white guys like me don't. So we're getting calls from media people this is yeah it was registered after it happened this has bought a. That it is a pollution and don't work out a little more. Said that he saw them throws or. And so we're hitting play by play descriptions of what happened with Chris price. Apparently looping up the back of one James Harrison first of all. It's a subject for actually asking immediate person to do dental scorpions. Played music. A it is at this stage you're all sticking. With Kate is here are I had to go this. Is good news admit. It just felt the better than usual and usual. Uses. Fresh melon year total Florida and he just Harrison decks he squeezed. Lotion into chris' hand in hand and asked the revenues back immediate. Why would a million person to bunker. Bush had a great relationship I mean a great relationship that play around beat her relationship that exists where that's acceptable no I don't either so what are you thinking now. This is a guy who I will I will it stated that it James Harrison took advantage. Advantage. That I am my dear a price I'm like filings and so early complained. Do you volunteer. Oh you're doing all right now let's just went on a gardener. You can't touch me. It lets you do you rubbing lotion on your body only shoulder that you were rubbing your body and against his visit to close with a lot of road we have video. I got this new company that report modernized the big. Ticket as a big it was time. Why Richard skin cell on its not that warm in here it's like a new product or injuries and into gyrate and our sister they're sick at all since you've. Thought I really feel any change my clothes go play the blue and I need to change our people need everything to me looking at that hey you know Orion the now I know why you're always with 314 hours before he finally there's an going to be a quarter and Ryan all the way to the top hour launching a hundred and mores Graham hill residents tell Michael Weinstein moment right now you. Items like it's not get ahead in this big rise its job but it turns now will be in the will be very RF is already know that's an awful day and they have line is we like. Tony started like you know it authority and pollution back to arms. Taking his body. Anthony was only half Italy's shaky in Italy off an area an innocent little bit to turn bad as a ride ever got to keep Bryant and his face or I would say all the video just in case this job gets a little bit lucky you've got deep down it's now you've got the good zone. At all right we've what does a media person taking when a player comes out and says look like interrupted them. A. Couldn't talk a little earlier I almost a little. I don't mean anything like velvet and did you tell me it's time to start working man in Stamford eating that are. Officially started my diet and that's on new years yet the New Year's resolution to down all the deserve better is there a better day. One holidays a rover. I hate the holiday season. There's no tree up the original Christmas decorations it's old or good riddance the next year what nothing to do not come Spaniards did wonderful and you're not lying no family refresh time of the year elements reality I'll. Are you. It's the worst public Christmas. He could hold my here's here's how much they right now policy here. I will not be in town next sheared and Chris I'm leaving town I'm going away some words sunny that's my warm where they don't celebrate Christmas they'll celebrate. It's Chanukah and also bring anything. They don't there's no Santa clause that did you like and wherever I believe and all that is where I don't know yet among you go to Jamaica and they dress up palm trees and Christmas trees. Alex I got a few unidentified something insulin applause there's got to be pleased that exist relate religion is dead. Having no religion regularly electable person at the bike yet expectations. It'll take you know that the traffic. And yes. Just bear and the decorating. Just now all that stuff I hate at all. I mean I don't like it puzzled too much but I'll give you that now in this stocks like in the middle of October now the way people. You know advertisement. And I don't Primedia is like a double digit baseball for the holy hate late with your wives they go to we're not buying each of those guys if you do about it off now than I've done it every year and you really you can't win every year it gets. I'm so users serious is the worst you'll need your birdie excessive and you just saw all I have I think of this elect he's usually got the Buick I'd listen we really do this is not a setup. You're saying you're not remind me again I. This. The total student at all for every single time in his Christmas he would veto these Celsius that she got really seeing him do some ball that is an open by the way and that trying to relate. You're. I did it. Drive drive the Lulu get a big artists that. I don't I'm glad it's yeah. I eight audit that keeps on giving no it's actually too late you're hoping that CBS is still open that's pretty good so I'm really nice car to conduct of these young oh yeah so I you know I saw you if you hit a bunch of coupons for like you know honey do list right now B a you don't take a track the lotion you Baghdad. Will really play that music again and it's different this time did you watch any of the ball game generally people he's so DC. I want to one last night first with. Yeah personal scoring duels on the Bible in the vessel was on the what do you do. Back and forth so we do a college football manager Erica is that as the day went on game. And tell us how they warm sugar and tejano. Highlights. You devote your entire year college football in the weekends and you just you watch the pastoral associate. I mean seriously you guys do do that right next Saturday's idea all of football output out army navy game you know. Now if you do all these games nodded and I don't know play chip Egypt's semi final year old there wondered the bachelor. When I was when you have when I realized refundable and I want to gain some went a clutch hit there isn't there's a it was a business decision I had to make. This was a relationship to rip him. July divert from the game which all of a sudden got really really good guy got a look like want to toward going all crap of course in the spirit. Yeah no I did this again my someone's second apple for did you lay up. You missed the beginning of an all of which is seen him dominate the first half that NC a huge turnaround after the all time. The best partisan or retired Brian did out of court used to be screened I'm just gonna help that fleeced and decoding it did he get on TV did he get into tables pesos while Els is grim score a touchdown. They're hot they're controlling the game and it gets stopped and three and out of whatever he just let it out. So new to this college football thing so I decided to watch it in it the Heisman Trophy what is it is it mandatory overtime to just run. In the conservative and just try and it's important holiday and keep them out and out of the ball the Heisman candidate or the better running back all or try to get sweeps a third through. To a guy that hasn't touched the ball game it should be good that you better know what you wanna kind of surprised. The city's crowded cells in overtime learned it Oklahoma yes it is at this age Jesus didn't always the bass on the other hand you. Are you know with crazy girl is on the on the show already know who's gonna pick any. It really meant what is that. But is that some little brought emotions. That was shown eventually they'll figure lotion and eventually you know. Just Boris snoring. As a grow your front room would look like we'll have more what is. Is that he's north attacked at. And have some issues I think your message out additional during the week Mike I didn't I didn't know. Did you feel that don't win that's in order. Advertising is an immediate Jack's got a sponsor of the deals was don't you sleep apnea to get rid of us that lost forty. Is it wrong. That's. Over the other I don't or prevent a Mac at least ten Victoria's ago or is that. And storm lake easy right now who would drive me nuts and effects and so my ask what's that you just at least let me hear you what it sounds like it was union. Moon. Force that's optional. Kind of mail and look it's a boy that's elevenths are crying like you. At eleven yard and I doctors that became diagnosed that would that is. That those egregiously. Took a bite elegant very good ice cream and you are wrong really can't really think you're appreciating something shortsighted it's so maybe it's something else. In moaning and wanting kids took the picture snore as much smaller. A twist or we are just ordered the additional money went on the mound if someone. Who don't know. As an attorney is a thing that Christians. Nominates someone for help. You deal or no. It OK okay. So the story. Nurse Norris that. I think so yeah nice that despite our record. She's don't know annoying it was probably was groaning in modern surprisingly again warned it feels like get them on fire when he's like some clicking animals dying and wouldn't. Meg asking for help in Italy which. That the alcohol and we ended yeah. They don't they all tell it like a note the mating call that's the strangers nor ever answering. Moon and money mean. He's always involved close I don't know. And months and yeah it's Brody. Yeah road. May Airways and lows that's what it is rates airwaves to closing its way. That is a great idea I'm Sharon knowing what we just hire him as to just record the big loads here and everything he does around house when you play every. That is bizarre I I report I would I would break with me. If that is what I had to deal with it I cannot I cannot be marriage was so snores every night. Just sits there it is keeps everybody up there that's everybody's hope he does your wallet in more blue not at all. No not at all when you go to you your question yeah that's. Player of that machine irregularly and you have like that out as an idea where that things murdering him. I had a hole is entirely of faith with that it got to get the big guards both guards. Yes that that's I'm done it's flattering you know that's an a but I use it to a grinding Helen 99 so I use it for both. He's I don't tease him on my eyes on apple but each other video some people like loyal and others call it out called baby college football or beluga whale. I'm I'm I'm in my nose. Patriots fans know that one of the keys to success this being able to win. Maneuver and adapt to whatever the season throws him. Investments we take the same approach when it comes to invest. It's why we give financial advisors comprehensive financial strategies that help them stay ahead of trends and so they can better maneuver in markets. I know me investments. Proud partner of the New England Patriots. 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Hey it's Teddy Bruschi you're listening to my former teammate Christian Fauria and two other guys that a moral or wait for a bogey and boring on Sports Radio WEEI. I mean. In the courtroom. Hillary I swear that's got to leave. There's going to be some animal while we know that sounds exactly like that a little balls like that so that's emotional sort of like. Doesn't that's not much and doesn't let's. Like a man crying at the national assuming crime. That's an honest. I'm an old man. Other airline news and a line trying to get dumb and blind didn't I don't. I think the sound system that the deficit to assess the pound. What in the half that's what it is that simple back whale that let us today I think you sound like. Moon. Rick it's. Oh. And yeah when you let it slip and yeah. That's all. I don't know what you. Listen I don't know its headlights I don't know which was non dominant number never gets naked again to the difference talk about the. Holiday you hate the the holiday so they have all these full games and have only stupid ass a parades all the time and yes every stations don't parade. Saw watching yesterday and Amazon prime because they did the Rose Bowl parade. Except as the the the people that are hosting it. It was Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon play in these like two characters like they were they were out of TBS or something like that and the whole thing was a goof. For two to three hours. They would just dumping all over the Rose Bowl parade and I watched it said all I got. This is what you need to do you. Take these events like the thanks that they seized the data daybreak all those events in which you sit there and say oh my god I got to watch and my kids and it's tedious. Input something like this and with the alternative announcers. It was a time alternative I'll turn the page think that the mountain is fake but there it was it was at times it was very funny not to do it. There were a couple of big threats to one half hours now. Welcome to politically we do that that was not really been correct yes you offended the other was that there was some stuff that was that was a little. There isn't well. All of it should be Amazon prime so it's like Netflix get away they would I think you want to act yelled that's. Yeah because I watched the my tradition is to watch the rules bowl parade wise and watched it with the regular yes and it is Lima announced oh I don't know why you were choose your own you know of my dad always yellow roses are. So my dad used to be heat you work liberals will prayed every every year as. The police officer and then the roles bull also. So as of some weird traditions have ever watching this or so I thought I feel born I was unable to see ago. As yet that Amazon prime duke Michigan. And she's as good of looking incorrect. So why I went away some stepdaughter and her husband cheat sheet they're expecting so we spent all holidays with a meat hockey. Thought I was visiting towns now Oklahoma for a little bit and was at Kansas cities were back and forth watch some games. And Els and Oklahoma Mike it was a dead what's a sooner. And so we had to do the bullet and look at what the analysts sooner one what is certain. Apparently when people who purchased land in Oklahoma Oklahoma it will look at day when he could go of people went out there earlier in the clean their Lander called sooners I don't know so it was I don't really bear guy that congress should be cheaters is that like me when the two of you were talking and I interrupt you get some sooner yeah I'm jumping into soon all right I'll read it wrong and I care I'm wrong what I did. Find out which I'm amazed that in today's world. Is that the lord Oklahoma. Comes from some I've regular ones chock whatever analysts means red people. No. Well we know we'll. States named yet that's a politically because the whole state is named after the red people. Out. It lists and how was it only takes one person to start a movement so I was like Redskins Cameron asks you guys had played the Redskins credited yes yeah they tailored to a middle America don't mess with the anthem. I don't know who not mastered the anthem but before the game started with Bogut appeared a concourse. And the nationally at the start I tried to order a beer everybody Stockton concourse but they handled their art. And and listen to the at the which I was very respectful but I wasn't used. Big big stop everything in the concourse nobody can do anything they just in the bathrooms they would just stop the does that tastes. That these people kill you if you disrespect you. Was a Mason. Which I usually yet it was weird because on bogus theoretical of course dirty happen it's all fair game right people run around everywhere and it's an idea of going on negate drinks and order. Beard or else I'll know everything will show you. You do ousting I don't know bar. I guarantee you out there. After watching if there are a bar and there watching the game in the at the consume comes probably they probably stand what I saw him putting it over there are yes who I solid and out of the game artists will last week's game. One when anthem was was being song some people would stop. Exactly what to do the peoples of what it was it was 5050 it was they thought it was a 5050 what's his what's left because it's gonna tackle the fuel it walking. So James Harrison saw that about waiting around what was bullets so James Harrison. Because this had the makings of being an issue. I had a magazine that somebody could return this is something. Because. The national effort going on the pages do what they usually do girl like that yellow all lined out. And then you see him just like sitting by the benches didn't like it and she's sorry standing by the bench is just. I don't know like he's isolating himself on purpose but I don't think you need this that's what I was reading into it initially. On that that we don't want take me to the wanna rock both outweigh lot of photos to a lot of photos but he added explaining it away. And two in Dubai. That's a declaration. And spurs that's he's always stood in what was going on he said. Wasn't part of that you didn't get the word California and in this wary stance sentinels goers like somebody should explain to. If that is what I don't look at at at what tonight. When you realize that everybody else's stocks lead the Ares and he cannot walk in the direction there are there's assay and seconds before the at the right every stunt walking that we don't yes they've actually just an earlier I don't know that kind of guide to kind of light. The only guy acts in the group seems like he's kind of an odd guy doesn't mean when you request you know rub downs with lotion from media people. That's kind of week. Yes he's good what was done it with friends of Brothers but it's not that easily but. He's got a checkered past this some domestic violence their stuff there is this stuff there. The what we have some I heard him talk about the polls. It was typical. What he did uses. Maturity has not more you know it'll solve dollar problem last week that need the football problem in the country air hundreds and I don't know that it's the football to what did you ripples idyllic that he won't kill more. If kill spirit of people there are people there or not. I don't I don't know I don't know I don't know do sales I don't know about pit bulls I don't care you care I know. They're bite somebody I did I get worked up when you see a little clapper girl's school in totals that's her role but the rules. So I mean Harrison is a a short term rental for a few weeks since it started when I was thinking they're gonna get anything and the way. I believe everything I read. Last week about the Pittsburgh steeler players what they were basically saying mr. Meyer asked where they were basically saying. You know he came in here he expected to play he wasn't playing so he was a pain Diaz he was sleeping and meeting stuff like that you believe all that stuff. Yes it all if you don't need. You renting a for a few guys and really that's all that's really. All you could probably handle. You don't want dean airs in. You know one while Clinton's yes couple place that's only look at the gay couples licensed in your vegetables sacks. Now can it translate into policy that's all I care about. Through it all like him I knew even the way the start from the first replays they ran away from them. Mean some really nice open field tackle got blocked down on on an X blocked by a wide receiver and the ball got outside of America. Other that it wasn't really like. He was doing too much and they did run away from him and he seems to be playing when a plane and pace right that's when the answer to throw in the UW curl flat label and David Harris. I was in drenched city had a tough guys were useless and a initial this year. Will go Tebow double play well hit a couple games in which human a couple of place right David Harris that's about it a try I expect an awful lot. Other James Harrison the thing that drove me nuts when anything issues just completeness. Ago. They just turn on my pals who would never listened to anyway so county. Is gonna sit there called mountain in this would you do it your legacy just became the facility that they all did and doesn't that tell you something went a lot of guys to deploy guide does it. You sit there saying that one guy's getting here across asked for the player. When all of the players. Are speaking out against him remember he left him before he left them and took off to Cincinnati and that pissed them off especially not was right in the division. So they'd they couldn't stand that. I believe everything that set I think he tried to get his way out of Pittsburgh and he wanted to compare eye irritation hour. By the voters lotion sloshing like strategy and my nostrils like Ryan revenue of more Ryan did you get the anti lotion lotion. And wrote down my back now Garcia and in many sales things are just some soap and water. A bucket of the book does it wants it breaks that we can do to ego or yes he did it and wherever you want from us and get yes but there.