DHK -  Holley wouldn’t stand in the cold to see Prince perform at his house; Patrick Chung joins the show.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 3:It’s cold outside and Dale gives credit to the men working outside placing windows on the new Celtics practice facility. Holley tells the story how he couldn’t wait just 25 minutes waiting  for a bus to go see Prince at his house, so he skipped it. Patrick Chung calls in to talk about his plans for the weekend without a game, how he played in the cold weather, and what he is looking forward to in the playoffs.


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Yeah. Door number three dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WT averages up one more day. For its holiday break he will re join us tomorrow. Soleil Michael and I pulled him down before we've already spoken to Peter King today we've already spoken to go ballots checked today. For those of you who missed our interview with Bill Belichick we will bring it back. For final drive and about 54545. Someone else every room and we've got some JB a headphones to give away today as well. Thanks to the Boston Celtics in the way they shoot the basketball soul. That'll come up. Sometime last in his syllabus he you know he. You know this would probably be pretty warm these outside. Lord knows you need him I don't think they get the job done with these. With these temperatures right now now they had phones as your mouse by giving them out you guys made fun of me. All the time all the time but you specifically made fun of me when I told you back in the day when the NBA all star game was in Minneapolis yeah. And I was going with covers. Covering the MBA at that time so with an all star game probably twenty to 23 at the time had a chance to see press it was so cold I told you. It cheating goes that in wanna go outside. I was too young to rent a car. And have a car. Over didn't exist at the time now. So is either catch the bus tour. You know get a cab that it could afford to get a cab to let the media hotel in April 11 at the video this is not. This is not Kosier ports cover at a club that's just go see don't Ridley park it's his whole month to see him for four part. Would you. Step outside right now and wait for a bus between a big fan. I think what part of that has a wood no wait you don't know if I asked go to amen at the end of other people I see all the people I see right now the real hero while it's going to get all the but I see the real live BP everybody waiting for a bus right now. If BP of the city MVP of the region my passion. Home and in. If I was going to the indie studios to watch DJ premier play beat Roy create music that would stand outside there are you stand outside and freeze. Michael financed with with its three things it's over for. Yes that freeloaders is my dad is here Humphrey wouldn't say anything Rossi was paying not the goal to Paisley park NC prints so for 25 minutes you can do. Now now act says a lot of assured us but I Islam later some several times it reminded me to think he's I doubt it. Stuff of legend. Just form a joint effort Charlie Murphy that's. We were looking out the window and I was watching guys of the celtics' practice facilities going up you know. Fifty feet away from where you'll house watching fellas out there and they're put these gigantic panes of glass on this building he writes this I'm not enough. That as they can man a man and now back in the day my dad used to work on. High rise buildings in Saint Paul and Minneapolis you know we were kids forward move back to Maine. And he was out there you know in the middle of winter in Minnesota doing stuff like this. I don't know how those folks who have I mean are there enough layers to make that palatable out there while we're watching these guys do and that I. Probably will be in Minnesota yes well whether the patriots kicker now we're not being presumptuous. Patriots there or not will be broadcasts why you're looking live from Minneapolis Minnesota. Home of Bob Dylan Kevin McHale and deal. Only only lived there briefly class that Everest and prints prints of Jilin Mikhail. Thursday it was cold Tuesday last week right in some reform and so we've yet we call this daughters nieces and LB deal for them. Friday's philosophy even colder than it is right now. And that's after we get hammered with snow on Thursday yeah. Gain. Whitaker why. It's great praise god for the souls comforted builds character. Death threats it does those care. Are back to the call 6177797937. Justin took very hey Jeff I don't. Hey how ya doing what's the got to had a couple and they beat our hearts every. Group I don't know provided. Between Belcher crap is it being their base political rock below issue. Wouldn't be district. That. Nick Saban might be your next coach the patriots. Saban being the next coach the patriots because what. Because he's pretty I mean is out in the Belcher. Culture really respect them on the coaches he got the same style. That would be. Yeah not too far fetched. Except if it so why would Belichick stopped coaching the patrons as well but he stopped. Well you got a fully flat 4041 year old quarterback. You know and head coach that lateral approach is that Vicente. Let's David holder of Saban. Saban ordered the Belichick you know that. If it's it doesn't have the same track of it oh culture. Rice would what I originally I would object stock you're right so save good save in 66 Belichick is 65. Belichick as is is the best it since 1970 desperate that you can compare eras or you could but I don't wanna get into all that. And had Paul Brown people coming out here chased after him but from party people so says the merger 1972 the president Belichick is the best areas. He's 65 you think he's gonna retire. So a guy older than he has can take his job and is not as good as he is. In the NFL. Yeah I mean what else to spell check that the group will be accepted fewer than a 20 he got excellent. Coach is it. He's it can't but that's the way you look at it or you'll what was it like that we look at it this way I'm not football coach or not either. So we look at it has paid guys kind of don't want to just stop it argument that you just made about Belichick you could've made that. After the Seattle Super Bowl. Really you can make it after or you can maybe ten years ago. Good guys wants an hall of fame. Got a bunch of Super Bowls now the head coach and assistant coach he's had to play some of the places on Nantucket for quite awhile now so you can go at that argument. This football coach is nick is a pretty simple. He likes doing what he's doing if you don't like it anymore I'm sure he's fine financially. He can retired and after worry about you know how is gonna pay for the gas for the boulder anything. I think he likes it. Why would he stop them not only does he like it he's really really good that. Why wouldn't stop. So that gives you an opportunity to give nick the chance I get them in here and see what you can do. And these college football coaches. Once you get to the Saban level. I don't even know I don't I don't follow SEC recruiting closely ever I don't know but I can tell you what's gonna happen with Alabama recruiting the going to be in the top five. Party happen right went date like eight or some other hate invigorate him down here every year Alabama's going to be in the conversation. They're they're gonna get the best players in the country. Some of the among the best players in the country. Auburn beat them this year but most of the time the beat Auburn. Nick Saban gets an outrageous amount of money and I don't think it like eleven million a year and families to put the money to pay for everything. Eat it how does it get your house gets you cars. Country club memberships to go to restaurant magic's Nick Saban go to a restaurant and Tuscaloosa they have restaurants there and those troops in. But he got up but he felt somewhere at sometime they go to a restaurant. Imagine mr. saving. This is they've and that would be here's your bill. On paper not now probably. Perfect didn't want me. It's a cushy job. So. If your if you don't win a national championship and Astra can't championship conversation year after year after year. Doesn't work out that that there are some patriots fans were trying to figure out how to get rid of Tom Brady and others try to figure out how to get rid of Bill Belichick. Wouldn't your desire to keep them here together as long as you could possibly do that. Now it's just like it's just preparation for pain. It's like prepare for winter dale you know what's coming at some point. And so. You know some people sit around. On on a ninety degree day and think about what their winter game plan is going to be. And that's what's happening right now. It is and when Tom Brady leaves the Bill Belichick leaves you know it's going to be terrible. Yes is that it will be that's a little crush it is that I equivalent of that stuff outside right now. He just bracing for you don't wanna be you know I got to be heartbroken to try to prepare for harper which can. From uncle Mike and. As possible Mattson Northfield and that. Hey all of I just wanted to chime in on the gruff looking at there there's an angle and I haven't been here folks take. All of Jimmy came into the this season like two thirds of the way done. And besides his college time it's just to you know some some pre season and then into two games that you played trusts there's not a whole lot of keep on him out there. Arms I think he's doing great I think he's good quarterback and all that. But I'd. And I need you now that there's gonna be like in seven games with the tape on him I'd be interested to see how good he starts off next. On next season and I'd I think folks are taking that into consideration. I mean I you're right there's not a lot of tape but you know coaches coaching staffs. Certainly priest out ending this past weekend they had what four games worth of take this year on Jimmy drop loan to that he started here. They've they've seen and it's not like you're all my god what's. Heathrow and what I mean it's. A pretty good at this stuff. They see him and he's. He's been able to adjust pretty well to look good. I thought you looked great nose and that limited amount of time. When he was starting here. To a according to those who were around him every day got out like a shaky start training camp. But I thought in the games. A couple of pre season game to putted McCrery. That's I don't know if not we are building the legend of Jimmy editors of the new there's nothing new here you go adjusting handled take away some things they think. He's comfortable with and then it if it's just turn in the in the chess game to to respond. And so far I don't. Which you would just drop below. Have nothing. Negative to say about the only thing Egypt just guilty uses outlook and as Tom Brady doesn't have a negative. No I doubt it I haven't thought the negative you still there's still and 99% out you don't all right. But he's just unfortunate that he was able that he got drafted. On a team that have Tom Brady's quarterback so. These if he winds up somewhere else. He wouldn't be waiting for his chance to play right now this wouldn't be his first time. Getting. Starts and their three or four or five consecutive three or four consecutive games. He had been drafted by another team guy he may have been starting it by the year two. Is back in a book Tom Brady it's a positive and negative the negative you can't play positive. Got to be coached by Bill Belichick got to watch Tom Brady. I was found it weird. That you know he played at eastern Illinois and they supposedly didn't have a playbook legend. Mean that's a little hard to picture is that is hard to picture I don't believe that you just get out their seven yards and turn left okay now don't you go eight yards that have come out. East in Illinois it's always a major. The major program because it's like. Seven. I mean which part of them they they produce NFL quarterbacks before there is just hard to pick out waited on playbook we just. Want it. Come and. The other coach I thought his. This in his college coach now at Syracuse. Think you're right. So is college coach was going on and on saying that grapple. He didn't impairment that easy comparison because Romo went to eastern Illinois quadrupled compared to Romo. He made a comparison to you Dan Marino. It Dan Marino. In and grapple. I got quick release. Released lies OK as I pray you that released by. I don't think we're ready to put him in the Dan Marino category hall of fame well well a lot tomorrow is what happens next your bells 86177797937. Dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W yeah. He ice patriots playoff coverage during the march to Minnesota he's brought new life ERS restoration specialists and they. Mass. General cancer center. Time for iiroc conversation with the New England Patriots safety pat John. Brought to my need a bank and by Safeco insurance Patrick joins us on the line right now hey pat how Oreo. Or what they are doing great thanks is there any point in your life. Where you actually be used to playing in conditions like you were plain and on Sunday. They're old girl. Who could not vote vote look cold it you know if the other clustered in the same. What about a lot to learn. To choose. A little chilly. Tell us about this I would you care about his legendary practice levels and on Thursday that was colder than the game while without practicing tough. You don't have a few advances. You're not playing and we have declared their little. Practicing there which in the plane hit people so people upon the book was still cold and we'll local. We would lose well they're ordered. You always feel like you guys have an advantage when a team comes in here even teams that play in cold weather cities themselves. You guys practice at your planet do you think it gives you an advantage at all. All yeah I don't think so I mean. The problem can governing Allison I mean we're out there a little bit later whatever it is is. It took stuff on there brought in your practice so. Would like we used to have told the could definitely Bennett let loose politically dissident excuses that are you know you're just. Speaking of doing your jobs you don't have a game on Saturday that they're the rest of the league is playing a many teams in the league playing you guys are what do you do. To get yourself ready for whatever your next game is going to be against that next opponent what are you doing personally. Our own media on the criminal element where my Bible there are a couple of days and you know. Don't come and get back to get articulate and prepared mentally prepared all year you know record your neighbor. Noticed. The same things have been doing them cause they're. Because you don't know one opponent and you can't prepare for a specific team. Is this kind of a self scouting week for you guys. A little ball like. Helped out in the teens could possibly play wolf you know Washington from America. We can't do much until it is over so we're gonna wait and enough fuel to work on to get better and you know one parent comes in greater current you know you can compete. I don't I don't wanna tell the guys here Patrick a very humble person someone. You know say I told you so or anything like that flat. I wanna say that the first of four weeks of the year. As SARS that where you your defense was ranked worst defense in football than weeks five to seventeen. I gave up the Q was some fewest amount of points per game in the in the league I was fourteen points per game. How do you how do you kind of traced to turn around what do you attribute to. Are more. At stake. You know. Every year's different on the team and you know that awkward well it and think you're obviously going to orchestrate bargains. Started and he's moved. You're still learning training camp sort of learned there then where the first couple weeks. In that. After those two of you to get better or get worse you know we've got better you know we go to the political club. He made some corrections and you know we're commitment. And continue to be consistently in particular over this. Every team is different you've been on a number of them here. Claudia look at this one in terms of coach ability work ethic those things that allow that improvement to happen. Not gonna get into that. But senator Nelson coached we're great as well where she swears we're. How much time did you spent talking with James Harrison coming over from Pittsburgh playing his first game and and making some plays for you. Oh what was that what was that interaction like James. Yeah I mean cool and color is quiet what is it still curable nor does so weird it's like what walk through and you. Wolf we give them to a certain so he decoder of veterans are more clear and I know he's very cool here rules would soon. Bill Belichick Bill Belichick talked about how hard he worked. How difficult is it to pick up the new terminology in the things you guys are try to do for a guy who steps in basically in week seventeen like that. All I mean he. And the color of the political structure and didn't. He entombed situation room you know environment. No it's really he would sort of four of sixteen to sixteen or is it feasible it is. In those little bit you know we're not gonna Wear whatever you think you'll be you'll be critical require. I've found a thing for me is he keep it up a college football and if so who's gonna win a national championship. Obama had to keep about I really have no clue what will become bought up by watts first quarter so and then go in my case will be dad. It period. Alabama and Georgia. Olbermann towards. Jews. Sad to hear from the SEC people yeah. I got a it's like god that he. How much for Alabama then let's load that is the codes oh so it gives you. You know they're not whether or you know I really don't know. Patrick who does appreciate your time congratulations on not getting the first overall seed in the AFC and best of luck on forward. Are what are take care that is Patrick Chung safety for the New England Patriots sized. The few days off here well not off but you know I'm sending a little chance to rest and recuperate from. I'm sure build built in of a few days off the field here for them but. By the end of the week he'll be back outside 'cause they're going to be practice and outside again. He may give someone in the bubble may be. Yeah I don't know if if practicing. Outside. Right now. You had I don't know if that really is is the best prep for U. Jardine are so you practice than it already. You've played it and on Sunday. And by the time your next opponent comes around we know how you know how predictable this when the weather's there. It is not going to be like this. I'm on the thirteenth. Huckabee seven degrees eight degrees I don't know I think it'd be that every thing. Our I believe I did was pace Saturday would be colder than it was a big games are decided on saying how do you know. This the coal oddly my whether people whether people say it's a cold snap is gonna move on gonna get we're gonna graduate to the twenties who eventually. By the way I am I was just watching the weather on channel five. But Thursday yet what Harvey Leonard sand was hard answer six to twelve X twelve. Put us know nobody. Up until building up practice. And an outlaw yeah but it's not bad but by the way I got a and it's very potent acute what I'll save a save. And he gets back then with The Who what and you hear this but I will say rusty right now just want you to just be prepared. I may have something special for you guys. Tomorrow. Looks rap battle. Spectrum. So maybe I took some lessons. During the holiday break some singing lessons in future guitar. Perhaps there might be guitar vol Jeannie hot tea like Mariah Carey no no no. I'm a blessed you guys. So my vocal style. Is blessed to work and yet that's exactly the words that's exactly a word when used exactly what words so I may have something for you tomorrow welcome back he went he comes back. I can be able to experience that is. I look forward to this our guys look forward all day. And I'll look forward to our 6177797937. We get right back to the calls we knew coming up next. Alan Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. In sports station. 617. 797937. Is telephone number X 937937. We are up at hurting. To acquire some sound of Adam chapter on The Dan Patrick Show today where. He tried to explain exactly what happened when the. Patriots traded Jimmy drop below to the San Francisco 49ers and I will say that up and you know we'll try to get to the sound scene here this apparently he disagrees with me. He thinks that dumb. Position after talking now. He said we meaning the patriots wanna put him in a spot because we like this guy where we believed he is going to thrive. So I said united would be pretty low on their list of priorities I would think you know putting Jimmy where he would thrive more important would be you know. The patriots and what do we get for the patriots and the what does this mean for our team going forward. She after makes it sound like. Bill was try to do to a solid for Jimmy Jimmy. I missed the heartless Bill Belichick and whatever he's the host guy Belichick and maimed. I don't want that to factor into a deal quite honestly. If you don't you don't want. Where a player will best the arrive factor into any kind of trade involving your team you want the best deal possible. That is okay he can't. That's they can't thrive in Cleveland but you get a first round pick. You can walk away rivals. What are those draft picks they have I have a number one overall pick again. In Europe and they have the number four overall pick. Actor was one in twelve this year is one of war they've upgraded Nat gas. So and a and a guy can play too. Mark miles guarantees that you could player so there number one number one overall pick when he was out there and was really good. If you if you if you set the Cleveland he can't thrive in Cleveland held the number four overall pick. It's an unfair for Cisco he thrives there in your pictures in the thirties or 40s40s. Now. Yet so. Who cares about driving didn't pick. This is show after show after an out describing challenger that lets instructor he's describing ballot Jack he says love John Lynch great man. Respect Kyle Shanahan great play caller. Jimmie has a chance to survive and thrive there that's that's a big part of it I think it was hand picked there. That's what chapter said was behind behind behind the decision making process of Bill Belichick. And it's not the guy that say that we read about. When it comes to Watergate. It's Woodward and Bernstein can't say anything about them where you could say anything to them and when it's Watergate. What is Jimi drop below you can say anything that chapter of the show. I've had this thing locked down. Girl all mocking him he was mad. Mad Adam. Any time they bring out. It kind of loss of composure on their few times and brought Jimmy drop looked to open. The courage of his convictions he was right he knew he was right he knew Trent Dilfer was wrong look at it now. Dilfer has disappeared from our air and Arab chapters. Is housed here on their break that's out there of waiting for out waiting for the next coaching move to happen he'll have a we'll have before some of these teams have. According to Tom palace Cerro NFL network and nfl.com. This is him tweeting out Josh McDaniels first head coaching interview will be Thursday. With the Indianapolis Colts here. I'd I'd assume they've all got to Comerica underground. Most coveted candidate in this cycle says palace Serra. A Chile's men's young followed that up with colleague Charles Robinson reported on Sunday. That made Daniels his quote all ears on quote for this game primarily because of luck and Jacoby percent. Who's got his guys here well what Scott has got got closer. And he's got Andrew Luck come back from an injury. Now you'd have to have some faith and Andrew Luck gonna stay healthy because that's been an issue form orbit you know if you are if you're confident in general manager. Chris dollar. Part of the reason you feel confident that he can stay healthy. Andrew Luck and stay healthy is because you think the general managers actually got to do something that's gonna help you out. And until the offensive line and bring in players. Who can help. Andrew Luck thrive. I consider being a pretty good job only negative there will be the owner owner would kind of for them. Yes yes now the ownership situation for the giants you'd think he's great stable I mean everything is it. The same time gimmick is brilliant guy the rim settlement so gentleman was a good general manager in Carolina for like three or four years they fired him. But before he got the Carolina heat he had a history with the giants so it seems like this from afar. And this is where interviews of four. How would be a little skeptical. Look like it looks like they want the same old same old. Old gentleman was here before and now he's coming back and this is really where he made his mark as a personnel guy with the giants. So I don't know if I come in with a new ideas I'm telling you guys are ten years behind the times. Let you know that the league has moved on since your last Super Bowl title over us Super Bowl 46 and I need to make some changes. Is government going to be receptive to that. And his ownership could be receptive to it so yeah I would be skeptical about jive and in the whole Eli I think what they wanted to do there they are already talking about bringing Eli back would've of one of Obama. Yeah had you you had given me. A little bit of a pass. When you have the lame duck. Strip Eli of the job but you can handle the criticism for a weekend to get back and make it tough for me if I wanna move on from you. That in real guys Eli was. What it was Tom Brady Joseph Montana. And and Roger Staubach combines all rolled into God's big guys turned him into that. So are not if you look at the job that's best for him. Yeah probably I think Detroit believe it or not Detroit. War or Indianapolis but it's a great job as you pointed out earlier you know you got Matthew Stafford is a very good quarterback a big fan his. And you've got a franchise had one thing. Like those franchises he's going to let it. Ownership that's gonna leave you alone. The Ford family's probably not going to be you know pick and actually every minute of every day I got a lot of money you get Quinn there is the general manager who you know when and you know presumably like and respect. Yeah like there's got about lap the last turn and won a championship. That's an order championship there's no such things as Super Bowl it's a long has been. Little left and wanna division title. I asked her to order division title with a three. Forty partners speak up. He'll want to please and there's a title in 25. Years. Ago and there any human nice little. I had a boy attended six. It does that pic products and you don't just so happened I went division. A pretty good there. So go to one and those jets and the giants I think the giants were stable franchise that some not so much and well again according to Tom palace Cerro Josh McDaniels interviews with the Indianapolis on Thursday. Not I I know that there are restrictions and restraints here. Could theoretically Indianapolis named Josh to head coach but knowing that they can't see him until after the Super Bowl or whenever the patriots are done. And I say okay this guy. We wanna hire Josh and they have to wait till after the Super Bowl to announce that I make an announcement I think with you have to do just like the other organizations and the Rooney rule. Back right into as brilliantly interviews and people. I'm not I'm assuming everybody's gonna abide by the rule the rule but if they say OK Josh is the guy there. They can say that at any point here yeah sure. It could announce that because like baseball you know wait until after the barrels where theories are you don't know interrupt our signature events Yemen could do that. A lesser Alex Rodriguez and into whatever you want to go ahead in the middle of the world's leaders are agents on the cell phone HM. They need guys don't what's gone on June offers our leaders of the best talk radio. Sports program and barks like thank you because you you guys talk sports. The second thing is global I don't know why people keep Henman and aren't talking about it there was no way Belichick was gonna trade him at VA a sick. No way she didn't want to see him twice a year especially in the playoffs. And then getting possibly an early exit because I am. Only solid as him twice a year we traded him to the AFC east. Yes no no no place here in the once and if any other. Bracket that they'd be playing them. In the playoffs as well. But Jim it if you was is afraid of Jimmy Rob Lowe is you just described would you be keeping them. I don't operate as guests are Jim you've you've you've you've nailed it. And that's what it really it keeps coming back to this in a Belichick and respect drop alone he can think grapple it was great need to think he's the next. The next big thing but you've got Tom Brady it's like you have Tom Brady in name only. They Belichick right to talk about thriving Belichick thrives in those situations where you take somebody who's got a big name in there washed up. In people's. All you can't do and she can't do this and that he's a huge name in Brit and Belichick says okay is a huge name but its production that's on top 35%. The last two years I got to move on. Do you have a big name and Tom Brady you have big guys could be the MVP of the leak. So there's nothing you have. A if your little let's William no flexibility whatsoever. He'll be he'll be stupid to trade Tom Brady can't do anything. They got Jimmy grappled nice young prospect he's got a future in this we need lawman. He's gonna make some franchise happy. To make some young woman happy to. But gotta tread. I dated. John's New Bedford John. And I don't want guys. Johnny exactly do you guys our ballot and got all our I don't there's is that my opinion but I heard this very talk about. Owed Jack one I think Belichick was seriously considered trade Brady and this year when murder drop. I think you are considering trading card that didn't armed bill always thought about the king and let's be realistic. All of the pomp and MVP candidate in Asia what seek out lap 123 more years talks yeah talking about another and it skiing with goat which I am. A low low heat you know he's 26 right. I'm not okay. Look at singers let's inducted let's say I don't know him fifteen what's gonna happen and those attempted to. What you had with him you know. We not know nor you have with Brady obviously. Well if you put it this way it has to have you ever seen telecheck upgrade let it guy call your Cologne. I've never seen Belichick with a player like Tom Brady because he hasn't had one like in him before. He's never there's the Bill Belichick has never in his life aussies coach has been coaching in the NFL since he was in his early twenties she's never coached a player like Tom Brady because it hasn't been on. Tom Brady is awesome and I am not I I knew I loved Tom Brady and he's done that. We are leaked on to the brand or vehicle went on what you want to train them obsolete. And I just thought you knew what the future I. Personally I think. I think the according to the crap stepped on his clothes and make up why can't win. I don't think it's I don't think you know and thanks have been slow but I don't think it's a deep John and crafts and stepping on Belichick's pose them. You know Brady tell them it's either him or me. This town is only a bit up a lot of us you've got to go. He's trying to steal my act. He's still hurt me to be allowed me. I got the most handsome man in the room at all times if you've got it's not complicated. You've got. Best quarterback the league has ever seen. The best player the league has ever seen in my opinion of five years. But when you've probably got techsters were saying out he coached LT yet Tom Brady's back Saturday LT I don't yet I'll tell you why ought to make this argument all all. Look at the whole show our best on litter mate let's go let's go head to head right now. The reason Tom Brady is better than even Lawrence Taylor. It's Lawrence Taylor had had. A great run. His his run of greatness his his run of being an elite player did not last as long as Tom bradys run of being an only player. Tom Brady's been as good as there is in the game for fifteen U I would say from 2000 let's get in 2002. When he led the league in touchdown passes first year first full season as a starter 0228 touchdown passes led the league. So when Tom Brady is there from old tube to the president. He's been a leaked. Hasn't been a single season with Tom Brady has put out there since 2002. When he hasn't been only 2003 Super Bowl MVP 2004. So. What 2000 wants of course MVP all 3M VP. Oh for a given to. A given to Deion Branch and let him win it this year. 07 league MVP. Unanimously. Give VP four years later. Three years later. League MVP this year. So that nobody can think about anybody else on Jerry Rice. That Joseph Montana or not Ron Amadon nobody and LT at nobody has been this good for this long. Andy still as we just saudis about to win the MVP as good as there is and Jim Brown could. Tim Brown maybe could have done that but he he retired at 29 went go make wanted to make movies. So he was done but if he had played another ten years. 78 years we have been great for those 78910. Years maybe. Barry Sanders maybe. But Tom Brady you haven't seen anything like this before in NFL history. Robs a New Hampshire hey rob. I'm her regards and all the political. I am on a piggyback on a previous caller who said that he thought Belichick might lead today. A little flick opening to cut Collin cower today and he actually kind of talk about that is being breaking news. But this is the end of the dynasty. And next thing you married. Now you lose news it would have REF back right I'm I'm not I'm not bitching on bitching you know locale it's. Well his breaking news. Yeah I would really like and Ari you don't think that the other caller had at a point but it was actually got called collar made an argument or just yet it was you know he called the and Elizabeth Libby actually call. Conservative news. He said Colin Cowherd mentioned regular that's what I'm a little confused here so covered breaking news rob was that what. What happened. Well. It it's definitely the acting out of the fact that the mcdaniels is gonna get hired as a head coach Patricia is gonna get hired the head coach. And now you know Brady's going to be left with with the Tom Brady at the end of his career and he was making argument that Brady's gonna be out of there and actually the thing that you just mentioned about the out of chapter and kind of makes me wonder. It just doesn't seem like. This thing double check why would he care about giving has an advantage like where we're reading guys to send them to other team doesn't make any sense but maybe he's that's a little package as he leaves on the shore. I guess I don't know I don't know about the the breaking news aspect of things that are well into the future I am I hot sports I guess that's part of it you know you say something's gonna happen. Tomorrow. As breaking news say tomorrow you and at 10 o'clock press conference is gonna happen but I'm Patricia let's remove part Patricia and mcdaniels and then eventually Brady's gonna do this. It was hard to play out yet. I can pick Tom Brady. The Tom Brady goes out and you know dispatchers whoever they play in the divisional round has an AFC championship game similar to last year when he threw for almost 400 yards against the Steelers. And is Super Bowl MVP. Again. Or talk about. Why didn't they bring back Jimmy grapple. There are there yes there are folks who who just. To use that the Max Kellerman phrase they see the cliff coming but it didn't I don't they want it's they wanna make sure that that. The good times keep Roland you are and when the clip comes they wanna have a a backup plan and they thought Jimmy G was the perfect backup. The clintons come in and going to be like. Ellman Louise drive off that pick this drive all of the crippled coming. You got. You're charging toward the cliff. We're Tom Brady. So that whole that that that. This guy is younger and he can give you this. Argument doesn't work at the Indianapolis argument. With Angela. Keep going back to Jim Irsay comment. Because what he said it it annoys me at the time and I don't care about the cult not a cold stand but I -- didn't like his logic and I said okay let's see what happens at the time. In Andrew Luck. And yet Ryan breaks and so new general manager new quarterback Peyton Manning out of towners like Peyton is all right I think he always IER eighty. Only got as one Super Bowl championship without this one we're building something different here. We want to get multiple. Really. It's that easy just did a Super Bowl with anybody. So I think I'm not the biggest Peyton Manning fan but. It's almost like he didn't appreciate what he had with Payton man many thought I'll just take Manning out bring in Jimmy and other general manager. A gimme another quarterback and made we can do something different. No you can't it's hard. So I got Tom Brady I know a guy who can get please get me to Super Bowls and win them and play well in this. Super balls but played well and divisional. Divisional round games and AFC championship games. And make Smart decisions that I had that guy. I don't know the Jimmy drop below can do that just because it's got a birth certificate that is a little fresher than Tom Brady's. 6177797937. Us telephone number tail on Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI.