Peter King “One of the two coordinators will get a head coaching job.”

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

Peter King makes his weekly appearance to discuss the Patriots coordinators being the hot names for various head coaching vacancies, Mike Vrabal’s name is out there for head coaching jobs, and if there is any chance of a return to New England, where is the best fit for Josh McDaniels, Jimmy Garoppolo’s impact for the 49ers, did the Patriots trade the wrong QB? No slam dunk choice for MVP, Playoff predictions .


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After a regular weekly conversation with Peter King from the MM QB. Peter joins us on the line right now I've RES to make sure it's OK to say this a happy new year Peter it's not too late to say. I'm very pleased about that I'd like to happy new year on January 2. Celled episode where. They were still getting happy new year in favor I think excellent. That's just too much outlets talk coaching vacancies in the NFL the news here of course from a New England perspective is that both Josh McDaniels. And Matt Patricia. Are being requested by teams is there any doubt in your mind that the patriots will lose one or both of these guys. All I'd be surprised if they didn't lose one or both. Put coaching searches are really strange. Because. You know a lot of times you feel like you that are really good idea about. Who's gonna get job excellent job lie. Like Matt Patricia scenes are really logical pick in let's say Detroit. Josh McDaniels scenes are really logical pick in May be indeed or the giants. Or maybe Tennessee if that when. Get so open although. Making the playoffs probably probably say is Mike Martin's job. But then you know the process starts aviator you guys and like I think a lot of times what happens in these interviews. Is that like I mean I just wrote some bit Vietnam QB is the biggest surprise in the last 45 days to me. Is how many people are talking about quite grateful. And you know sell and things like that just happens in these coaching searches you know jeans Boettcher the Arizona Cardinals is. Is the guy who's some people might either be the defensive coordinator who. I think a lot of people are a little bit fascinated with it is decent fact finding. So. I think a lot of times the sports writer means. And the media names get served as the process goes not having said that if you ask me my gut feeling. I think people get jobs but that ended. Fight 75 will buy you a lot hates Starbucks. There it is five or or seven have said that and a seven or eight dollars. Peter with the best job ought to not the best job for mcdaniels and purchases is the best job in a vacuum what does it. Great question like that his take great great question. I I kinda think it Indianapolis. But a lot of people might say it's Detroit. Because those Matt Stafford. In because the the NFC north. Is a little bit. A tree NC division right now you know eighties it seems like. The vikings are kind of taken over for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is 34 in. And so why he you know the lions I think is a really good job but I think. Because. You know look he's still young and because there is. Legitimate. Sentiment and probably believable sentiment that. He shouldered and is at in his arm is going to be okay. I would say if you ask me one job I would say probably colds even though. And they got a lot of fixing to do their blood. I like Chris Ballard a lot that GM and if I had tried to pick one I think I'd pick that one. Play out with me here that this scenario that have been route rolling around in my head here let's say for the sake of argument Matt Patricia gets a job somewhere. And we'll continue with the assumption and say that Mike Vrabel does not. Mike Vrabel son just committed to play at Boston College beginning next year. Did you see Vrabel returning to the patriots as defensive coordinator and would be Texans let him go. I kind of doubt that. Gail I ate. I would be surprised. I know that the Texans don't like Mike Vrabel. I think that bill O'Brien it is and it continued there in pillow Bryant thinks it might very able as the future head coach in the NFL. I don't think he wanted to be in positions and being Mike Vrabel over to the teens. They need to be to win the AFC. That's just my gut feeling I had no idea about his side. And I tree I've never even thought that this blood. Grateful. I think it's a very valuable guy to beat Houston Texans. Peter is there another shot McVeigh out there but he does not only a young guy but young guy and command and make a bad offense great and take that into the playoffs. I don't think so. Michael I think that. If you're looking for a really good young coach sort of coming out of nowhere. To be head coach I think probably the best candidate would be grateful even though he's 42. But to come out of nowhere after one year where by the way Houston Texans. War is the worst scoring off the worst scoring defense in the NFL they're number 32. In the NFL they allowed the most points. And be really weird shopper really weird leap of fate to hire three people coming off that season but I do you think there's a lot of people like him now. Offensively. I think definitely they are or defense it guys. Vienna that the NFL is papers stated right now an offense even though. In an ideal world I think places like Indianapolis in particular. Would want an offensive coach to get the quarterback right. And old people in New England are saying about Jimmy drop below on hand. And the patriots have gotten a first rounder for him or a couple of first round is what people in the league sang about problem now that we. We we saw played on the stretch. I think everybody believes that our everybody thinks he's significantly better than they thought he would be. It always interesting Michael actor he played that game and half last year for the patriots. Any win on the road and beat. That we need to go back we we need to go back and remember what it was. When he did what he did okay. So he goes to Arizona when the cardinals are coming off. Being in the NFC championship game the previous year. And entering 2016. Help the and seemingly. Very much ready to make another run at a Super Bowl. And Rob Lowe went out there they are helping the cat is error obviously obviously. But he went out period beat. Very strong team on the road in his first start that they went back to Foxboro against Miami. And obviously in the first half before he got hurt. Threw three touchdown passes and looked great. And so as and it. As time went on this year and when he got traded he went for the 49ers. I was really surprised all the skeptics that thought that. Kind of he was just the guy and yet done anything yet all that I think. But I think people at league circles a lot of people who coach the quarterback position. She dropped below the one other thing I would say about it is I think the 49ers basically handled this right. You look at it now obviously she's writing grapples start the whole last half of the season I mean. For for what reason it really your whole emphasis would you trade for Jimmy dropped below what you worked your whatever you are at the time one and 780 colony that forget what they were. Your goal at this issue be opening day 2018. That's what she should be aiming for. And I think they handled the right or right way they played CJ got there for a month while dropped below understood got to learn everything. About his position an about that offense. And I thought it was I got the 49ers handled them very very well. And obviously what he got his chance. He very much look like a franchise quarterback and I wouldn't go ringing any aliens with everybody says well I got there are going to be able to sight of long term debt and the 49ers are gonna lose you need to grapple with the crappy franchise and next year and work with god he for the next few months. On a long term contract. And I think they'll probably get it done. I do know this makes a lot more sense to do it now even if you overpay. Then two KM thirty million a year. Or maybe even more than that. At the end of the 2018. Season. By the polling that you conducted at the MM QB Tom Brady will would be the MVP of the league beating out Todd Gurley by a slim margin. For those who say the patriots. Traded away the wrong quarterback. That's sort of fly in the face that notwithstanding the fact that he's forty years old he's still in all likelihood going to be the MVP of the league. Yeah I mean look. In my opinion about India we talked about this at the time. I don't care if they were almost positive they were going to be able to cite Iraq hello after this season I would not have treated Jimmy drop below two months ago. Just absolutely wouldn't have done it for a variety of reasons. The foremost of which is you just never know what's gonna happen in football but having said that. They traded them and they traded it in part because they knew that Tom Brady. This year and next year it probably one or two beyond. Was going to be their quarterback. So I mean although I disagree with that making the trade. It you know whatever they did it really doesn't matter about this season. And this season he can say whatever you want because you're right Tom Brady did not have a great December his last four games he was very mortal player. The FBP's is seventeen week award and if you're gonna say it how early should jump into the running. Because he had two or three great games in December. I would just say look at tiger he's middle eighteen. He was good to very good he was McGrady scored four touchdowns in the middle late games and their season. And again I'm not criticizing taught early this was the year that you could've made an argument for a lot of people with the FDP. It wasn't Tom Brady's best year. But what I would say about Brady why I voted for for the MVP is the patriots were as Chez give that up. In terms of personnel. And as knew who each other it is different. On Labor Day weekend. As they wore in any of their defending Super Bowl championship seasons no battled it. They say they must have added about ten new guys in the last ten minutes on defense. You know with the Cassius marsh is of the world do some work out something didn't work out. Marquis flowers ended up working out. Nicely not in this as a superstar but that they Belichick contributing player and my whole point about that is that if you look. Look at the New England Patriots this year. Needed Tom Brady could be really good for a long time while the rest of the scene cut while residency caught up. And after they pick up the first whatever to two to four weeks of the season Brady was absolutely marvelous. For the guts of this season. There's no question in my mind he deserves it. And if other people have different feelings which is fine it isn't a slam dunk here for MVP but I I think he's he's very logical choice to me. Art Peter it's fearless prediction time the patriots and Tom Brady will be playing a week from Saturday at Gillette Stadium they'll be playing what opponent. I think they'll be played achieved so I wouldn't be shocked if buffalo went in Jacksonville one and playing buffalo would clearly be an advantage for the patriots. But. I think they'll be playing the chiefs. And city that's a great great challenge. Forgo England because Kansas City not only. Beat him. Decisively in the first game of the season but they present the kind of problems that the patriots have occasionally had trouble dealing with these here. And particularly at the scene that is used to playing lousy weather to. So I don't think it's twelve degrees at kick off that. That Alex Smith or any of those guys if it's going to have that much of an effect on them but I think it'd be eight. Really really good game. For a divisional round playoff game it'll be for me. The best skiing that weekend. If somebody goes in the Philadelphia and beats them I mean. I I could see the saints could easily go in the Philadelphia beating him in the divisional game quite frankly Atlanta. To put out and whoever goes in there but I think they have. The patriots chiefs would be be in the divisional weekend.