DHK - Adam Schefter on what happened the day of Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade; Marvin Lewis and Bill Belichick similarities exposed

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 4: The Bengals just signed Marvin Lewis to a 2 year contract ...no fake news here. Adam Schefter describes what the Patriots did the day of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. Mut jumps in for Dale and he and Holley talk Jimmy G vs Brady.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour pale in Hollywood he. Sports Radio WEEI will get to two Mara. Conversation with a Bill Belichick for final drive come upon 54545. Somewhere in there. The other club chief news continues although this one does baffle me more than just a little bit according to Adam chapter. The Cincinnati Bengals have signed head coach Marvin Lewis to a tanker contract this is Greg. Is driving if you get that job you never have to leave right. There ago. Cincinnati inquirer. Cincinnati dot com Mary and a sense of Shankar. Believe here you go bill not so fast. Despite rampant speculation. And even some expectation that Marvin Lewis had. Tired of coaching the Cincinnati back back to regular spot in the Arctic. It. Widget pinkie they'd be tired and tired of you. It was right to move on the organization. In the 59 year old head coach agreed to continue the partnership in the 2019 season you like the paragraph. Next year. Will be his six. On the sidelines of Paul Brown Stadium and he remains. The second longest tenured head coach Italy fine no it was Bill Belichick is a first and last time the Bill Belichick Marvin Lewis are literally in the same paragraph. Same paragraph I see it right there right there. Unbelievable. I EE one big win over the Baltimore. And you gotta come back our coach this thing stories you better. The front office this is great. Front office coaches and players were rocked. By ESPN report. This before kick off in December 17 that Louis that made this might believe. Are right now. But Louis has consistently denied that information. Came from him. Second straight losing campaign 2017. Mark the second straight losing campaign after five straight playoff appearances. For Lewis. Melissa has the most regular season victories in playoff appearances and for a playoff appearances. He has a 125 regular season wins. Which is tied for most in NFL history without a playoff victory. Let's give you one other Adam should after tidbit here okay because he's on a roll here and love it Adam Chester was on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today was talking about. Well we've been talking about. Bill Belichick's trade of Jimmy rock below. To the San Francisco 49ers and let's be honest we sort of think show after his unit got his sources here is guys are pretty good enough blood and he's got somebody at the patriots used as feed them so so here's which after told Dan Patrick today about the trade. This was not in negotiation. This should not something where. The patriots were back and forth and showcasing of just go. If you will give us what we want. There and we are gonna go. To Cleveland. Which would have paid. Whatever it took to go get Jimmy grapple look they were would kill between the three free agent Kerry Washington dropped lower. And I think that they woke up that morning. That Monday morning the day before the trade deadline October 30. And made the decision however they did. That. They're gonna trade Jimmy your outlook and I believe leadership was as simple old COLT the Bay Area you're cuter couple of yeah. OK to kill okay. And contract negotiation or trade discussion. Deal agreed to let's work it out. It would let it appropriate and people not so. I don't think it was something that they wanted to do. I think there are certain that they felt like they had to do. And Jimmy grew up looking at sort of adopting quarterback one of the best players in the league. And within their objections to the foreign ownership for a long time. And that I think the patient to a question towards her now without grew up loan default. The hand picked it feels like the Cleveland has won I was told Cleveland knew it was done and yet they were offering more and they were gonna offer first round pick and then some. And that part of the arrangement was that he was not going to be traded to Cleveland. You bleed I don't. In addition I I I do not believe there's really personal. Vendetta Cleveland fired me come back the trade my guy to Cleveland I do think. That the relationship. And the belief and trust that that Bill Belichick had and John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. Played a part where when they know that they're gonna trade him. That we wanna put him in this spot because we like this guy. Where we believe he's in that fly out of our conference away from our division. It would have put him in a spot where we think that he's with good people. Who given the chance look they can retreat in Cleveland since I think we would fire which GM brought a new GM questions about the coach. They weren't sending him to a spot that they can trust in their shame conference. Let's just about last week out about a late lord John Lynch great bad. Respect Chad and great play caller. Jimmy got a chance of surviving arrived there and that's I think a big part of I think it was hit it there. You know what we'd like this spy sort of like. Hitting a spot on the map in a really go there and that's how they did it put the pin in the map and so we're sitting Jimmy here would you like it should show. You know was calling around to let you get it out she was sort of like eight you just put a million dollars you wanna play that. Yet so they'll let. Look at that that doesn't sound like Bill Belichick doesn't. I know that I'm show after giving his his his take on what happened in trade. That's like a Bill Belichick a method bill about a plan to end and on the map out how we started. She after it seems to be get in on this obviously is he's he's locked in. I said a couple of things it does make me scratch my head one. If Cleveland is gonna offer you more and his Cleveland. And I talked about the the lines and how long it's been since they won. And the browns haven't done much. Since coming back. Has gone back to Cleveland and in 1999. So then there will give you pretty much anything why not just called crimson one drop below are that we know. You know you have to draft picks next year's giving your look at your lesser traffic but nevertheless are winners. You guys probably. You'll be a little better with crop below but he's going to be in the top five give you this one your first round picks you got when Gibson right now I guarantee you Jimmy drop low. If you give me a buy something you may fourth round pick this year. And if first round pick next year. You do anything for grappled. Why wouldn't do you don't want a top five pick. Like come what you would do it it it doesn't make a lot of sense. Especially the whole Cleveland thing I mean first of all the Cleveland team that fired build a lot of guys in Baltimore that sent us longtime doubt they're not even in Cleveland and. Made trades with them cents a may have MITRE Jamie Collins where. He brought in some guys who aren't very good who who helped Yahoo! is the the guys that first round pick but. How I'm playing special teams. Well and anyway that was it and say they they've made trade with the browns. Since Belichick's been fired. And that if he jobs ago. I think about that other thing Schechter said that it really makes me scratch my head is that Jimmy grapple with the top ten quarterback in the league right now all. Top ten. One of the best players in the league east Brady Rodgers Brees right. Okay I'll wait version three. Possible for. And grapples Russell Wilson right now to grapples veteran Matthew Stafford is out there and Matt Ryan now he's out there and Cam Newton. He he's not better than Jarrett off this group. As grapple right now. He may be better knowledge guys he'd better Kirk cousins right now. Not at the moment no. Virginia the better deck press. You're better than Carson went. No I can't you know. How can quarterback. I don't know I don't get it. I you're trying to think of mark tedious Mingo Ringo thank you so much meter maids I love you. Appreciate you one quick update we told you Josh McDaniels was interviewing with the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday. According to Ben ball and he will interview with the bears and giants on Friday. So he's in pretty high demand he's gonna have three head coaching interviews. Packed in Thursday and Friday. He will absolutely get an offer from one of those team. They've got this down to a system don't columns. I'm not not as Belichick who because he's been through before coordinators. Leaving but. About Josh McDaniels and and Matt Patricia if duke just picked that name appears my presentation of the wipe out its name and a different name that catcher your your interviewing style down. To be able to end this thing early I ever told you last year at a. We discuss this a year or so ago. 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And that's I think a big part of I think it was it's it's there you know what we'd like this fire sort of like. Hitting a spot on the map but I would go there and that's added that it but does the math it's of rescinding Jimmy here it would do what they're just go. It was cold around just to get it out who it was sort of like they. You just put a million dollars short wave it. Yes there's no way. Not dale Lockheed. But hang alcoholic for couple minutes about that and it just step on and I heard hill where the chefs are down yeah I mean he had its eye on and I got nine rich. Maybe the only guy in radio gets the first real day of the year off he's got sick right this was a plane as it. That my Robert New Year's Eve her for it. Or New Year's Eve or might be video games could be. A little on the movies the movies don't come out on Tuesday's. While the vanity vehicle seal on Tuesday maybe it was like but I wanna go see a movie because I don't ask people over the house and that really crazy about that. That was something that that was out of his control. I was trying to listen travelers on the off for one of the NFL Sundays and it was on his way. To upstate New York okay it says a lot stuff selling exactly happy you know he had people over the house you know what that. Probably is traveling see families don't really want to do that you know ten like you want to the 212. Kids no kids don't fly so here you see without kids easier to track. Today's Tuesday. Dave's today. It's a key bus and it's not going to be in the keep bubble again can make me go to upstate New York they can make me entertain family and smile. Today. I'm not a deal would deal Michael and Jason nobody. It was a big day for your show to plus find out Dale's going to be here as a duty extended period just congratulations to him we find out Jason Aussie out of all BP we've brought in here yes and I'll say is a guys were Jason I think has been excellent hire I think so too making Jason part of this out says miss him as part of the at nighttime rotation guys were here. Offer Red Sox would be so big day for the show. Big day and I I'm a break some news here because I was reading the story a chat and had a story about the contract. And he said terms are not disclosed they are six years point five million dollars for dale. Which seems underpaid yes pictures out of five at a dealer and then there's the a player option. In your seven so for the seven year deal. The guarantee was a lot of years for idea NFL contrary they don't have most of the stock is up front so really wanna talk about it they're like. I like seventy repeated take away arena agents as 25 million but it just look at the Balkans seventy million dollars unity was one of those deals are expecting I will get the most out of their early by the end of a it's projected to forget if it's at night. I don't know what to expect here. Are you want right now NFL Sunday and asked guys to a great job on the show. Are you not listen are you in and out but are you guys entertaining. Or even encouraging. This Tom Brady or Jimmy grapples though. I heard I heard dale do this at like two feet there for ivory on Monday. I'd heard that it's it's drawn in from dale okay little but it does what you heard as well. Is people are saying trade Brady it's more of the Belichick didn't get enough for a problem that's a fair and it's not be made a mistake. They made a mistake by not getting enough the timing of it still makes no sense chapters and I'm sure it tidings talking out online. With that talk there that they picked out San Fran because they cared about Jimmy drop blow up at the worst hit it and got it sounds like that's me I don't know why they can't. But we'll why would Adam Schechter the guy who's just been on the money with all patriots news for I don't know ten years share. Why would he choose this moment on The Dan Patrick Show to say and I drive toward a throw this out there well. Can I can I give me I ache I guess half that right I did depicts separate Cisco but he suggests it's because they're they care about Jimmy's future that the other places he could have gone to. Might not been a fertile breeding ground for the points natural quarterback Brett. That's better than I'd just makes no sense hears it makes sense he was scared to death. That if he ended up in Cleveland or new Yorker pick one of these spots with head coach could have been fired. That Josh McDaniels follows garrote blow to that team and instead of seeing Rob Lowe. You'll flourish it's watching mcdaniels now coach crumple and splurge and I convinced. That twice and San friend of the trading partners Michael. That was the only place where he had first year coach. Who was not going anywhere they were never gonna file cops fire Kyle Shanahan was by Cigna to separate Cisco. Yes she got lesson you could a bus heading to Cleveland showing up to northern every four years and you're not worried about your assistant. Going to San Fran with him Kyle Shanahan is a friend of Mike Shanahan who's a friend develop checks and wanna believe that theory that he's trying to do there his buddies Shannon Saudi could do that I would say it's it's a so why case CY eight so your illusion coach to that well. What was the other what was the other teams that go Cleveland. Cleveland the giant specific but look at the giants you have to Wear but giants really because. That's another NFC team every you've got to play them every four years and if you plan and a Super Bowl okay well we know what. What it's like a bit as coach opening you've even knew wouldn't V. You knew that there might be head coach opening but that giant might be an Angel plus diabolical what it is we're able to your coordinator all analogy is the bad business they traded for drop below and had a whole Eli being comes up again and all that trigger for probably about the quarterback in a month. Or ever have a draft is April the gonna go there and their first choice absolutely yes. If your Bill Belichick are really worried about what Josh McDaniels is going to and clean. If you. This held on to drop whole year late he loves them I think he death was concerned. About watching brothel turn into Brady with his protege day. Then coaching there's no nothing else makes sense Roemer writes about it today she after talks about a Peter King talks with the guys we every single guest we have all we ask over and over again. Why did this happen. And I've heard a million theories in the oil that makes sense is they thought Acropolis so good dirt on ascend to a spot where they would lose one of their coaches to an in and second round pick beat him does that. Was secondary to. Protecting their team from losing a coach with a very good quarterback at the same time. I'm trying to step into the that the sweatshirt a Bill Belichick the cutoff sweatshirt Bill Belichick and I look at the Cleveland Browns. And yeah maybe Josh McDaniels goes home. He's from national sixty miles away goes home he's got Jimmy drop below. But I know as a coach in the league is still the Cleveland Browns and Josh is gonna do a great job. I did a great job there and I still had four losing seasons good job at. A degree but you're here today talking about his staff and think about this month. And it's amazing. That they had. So many losing seasons the guy he's naming his staff. He had in Cleveland he had Ozzie Newsome and he had. Nick Saban any and all these great personnel guys and he's great assistant coaches and they still stuck. So you can tell me Bill Belichick is afraid. The trade Jimmy drop below. And let's say by extension just a day basically yes yeah. I rise up and they know that the browns and Paul Brown error. The the violent Spiegel and so are we can I can he gets beat back and forth that's a lot on the ship coming into what is what that was not a lot. It's almost don't like the what you talk I talk to none and a couple of US claim to be anything else and it makes sense the HO Steve leash after. They're trying to find a a nice soft landing spot for Jimmy G that makes no sense of urgency that in this hour. You thought the dating Carole they got for return that does not very Belichick Q so what other what other theory would you had and winds up in San Francisco. Of all the teams he could have ended up. Way too. I thought that's what it is is there's no conspiracy was just. You had the peak. Peak earning power the peak marketability. Of Jimmy drop below and you missed. He citizen in our group like the housing market he should've gone in the spring and you waited until the fall said that it. Don't spread even then they call one team. One team and got it done in ten minutes after says I got done in one phone call ten minutes. Jimmy grapple with San Francisco even if you waited too long which is still shopping. If you cared about if you didn't care Horry went. Why would you call Cleveland you Mary cab that if you. She wrote about every day in the off season she was begging that was the Cleveland Browns way try to get the patriots the goal Antarctica thought they would not call back and internal leak it through there so. They do. If they called we will that be interested. So why did they call we wanted to get done in ten minutes per second round pick that even if you waited too long Medifast is doesn't make sense that. But it also makes it's they would. Just call one team not call Cleveland I think they call rate they called Cleveland at some point they had conversations with Cleveland and up on that but not on October 30. The crippled was just messing around. And if you really want to player I do blame them in a sense. I blame the patriots for not getting more of a second round pick for Jimmy grappling could had a first rounder as disappointing. But Cleveland you really want the player. But the real proposal. Stopped dancing around though you the second and third. We need it now you're Cleveland Browns. Pass on cars. A great opportunity when it came down to finally making the deal passed on the Shawn Watson. Took the act and carry it let's go here's a huge factor is jumping and later a first rounder. And they'll I didn't say a lot of faith if they announced it the patriots called them Monday. ID B a first round quickly adding build and care that they build one and I'm not the first round he wanted to not a conference any want to make sure was gonna lose a coach. Well as it is a is a value pack and is aid package deal here's he's efforts is there's another reason to shoot holes in that theory of bill's afraid good and we do it first two hours my show tonight all right in a lot fuels and emotional talking over one another so the people at home have no idea object. About OK and it happened there. What happen did you not listen all last week after what happened. Well everybody Biden Marty Lee has to mosque he was talking over. They left he let the cap hit hard Arnold between three days on our station could turn it all that different real reason. Again it's the whole mother to our show but I would say no real reason that is because sometimes capital he doesn't like John to mossy Tomas generous Kennedy walked out. He's back in New York in on your show floor and I ship ready ago. Where was a very civilized roundtable bag deal I didn't show Tuesday very civilized roundtable conversation but the unpardonable sin in my approach is. People talking over one another so the people at home I have no idea what you're talking about. I want no part of fight Dino day after Christmas I Kimi and head down. Answered as dumb questions. Did Tom Brady interview and laughed I did not want to fight you Sean Landeta. I got it all that shall go back and listen I punted yes that's on me I punt that it topple Hamas enough fight with the unpardonable. The use that word model. And for saying it's reviewing an old tweaked it. Matches the Angela has always thought if you DOS got a huge Twitter beef. He the only remembered. City and I've forgot how they got overshadowed in another era over the tweet that you can find it right if I delete it. He's sick its biggest a lot of suggested that animosity was that he PTA meeting that night. I think it was I think from Dino on Twitter because you that a group a fake PTA meeting jock like John you're really in a PTA meeting. Suggesting dollars hiding for a tomorrow she's got it you are crazy anyway this Friday's owes them a little signal that the viewer it's like your theory doesn't hold give it to. Jimmy drop below if he really hates Cleveland has Chesley for protest don't reject OK don't pretend that again. We'll watch it when Kirk cousins league it's expensive but the guy's good. But that's good but that's no way to appear to be dropped blowing in Cleveland Browns just a way to build a dynasty where they got. We fight our franchise quarterback in front of court Abaxis does it sucks to be here. Well a franchise record. What effect would that sucked less which left OK as I coach to coach but your your Bill Belichick you're not afraid of anything that Cleveland's gonna do because that just. It's way too far in the future that is too many things have to go right. For the Cleveland Browns to be successful as a point out to you everything they had everything in place while Belichick and he still didn't work. He Kirk ferrets on the coaching staff I was owner BP C. I'll we have you have Bill Belichick you talk to him today not heard it are gonna come back in here Bill Belichick yes we are and I'm gonna do. Well we just talked about to open the show the chapter sound the underwear. Two loss you've beaten arsenal TA meeting for John tonight you'll be in at that isn't really had a good meeting was he pretending to be at a pizza yep I'd I don't know a lot to ask him tonight. On the show. Arc but dug Bill Belichick part of a final drive next your WB yeah.