Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 15: Ian Rapoport believes both Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia will leave New England; Patriots made right move trading Jimmy Garoppolo

The Not Sunday Podcast
Tuesday, January 2nd

Episode 15 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media's Ian Rapoport who gives the latest on Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia potentially leaving New England, why Bill Belichick wants Jimmy Garoppolo to succeed with the 49ers, and a look at the Patriots team entering the postseason.


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CNN sales. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and the rich keep. Christian forty day. So let's get started with the man failed. Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Senior year everyone and were setting off new year and a pretty big way if they do say so myself with a big guest this week. On the podcast NFL network's Ian rap port. Ian thanks for joining me I know it's it's a busy time. Yeah well I'm happy to do in this evidence that the busiest time of the year fear is that free agency the drafts Super Bowl what is it. Well. I could create he's probably busier just as far as the overall volume. The free agency like the real hectic crazy free seats little like five days. Out so. It's crazy but it's kind of over fat or just go to a particulates by did not sit this one is like gay. Three week grinding troll like interview requests that gates didn't. You know who is leading player tires and maintenance staff. This is definitely sort of the most grueling. Which you get to senior role in generally corporate. Yeah or out of Gary to what do you think the likelihood is two of the teachers coordinators one of her are both leave. I would say right now I think it's likely to boldly. To. And so would Josh and their personal note eat every year AT&T'S. You know the most coveted candidate and his background he's got experience. Each quarter so that they didn't go well in Denver to ease into quiet and. Obviously you know come out on the better side this time not after run personnel on what he did last term. And if he's been very cheesy as far as what job. He wants. Could that there is a Lester obviously decided not to go to the but this year there's some really interest in good job and he got. The giants. With a really good GM now. Yes quarterback but he's sticking to the city can turn veteran and a chance to grooming young quarterback and a great franchise one that Bill Belichick. Knows very well speaks very highly do you want. You know Andrew Luck and not a Great Dane Crist ballot and good relationship. I'm yet to tighten possibly opening you know market scenario and I think that interest in one. So I would think this year is the year whether the enough good jobs. They just would take so he would lead. You know Matt Patricia is a little bit of a different candidate doesn't have been you know experience. Head coach obviously. But. Is it really it. Has gotten more and more interviews recently. And he's so people are taking a hard look at them in Detroit job. Is. You know for him. Almost perfect climate got Bob Quinn from New England it's kind of offense that set that great. Actually with a lot of tallies come in win. These got a really good chance and I think both quarter of corners definitely the. Want to ask you got me Daniel's connection to Chris Ballard well where did that start and what's their relationship like now. Well. You know I'm not sure where she started. I do know that. They know each other and they are. And they are friendly. Not quite sure the the origin of it but you know this is war and is now like there you know. Best friend or anything but. You know where and when I talked to somebody you people around the league you're trying to figure which relationship should work. That's one and now describe it means one out work very well on the day you know each other into the good relationship but I think that would make themselves. Giving Josh relate gorging with Andrew light green in Tom Brady or ours is different quarterbacks that Josh has proved that you were brisk with other quarterbacks as well do you think that he would relish the opportunity to tell workers timid in how big of a question mark is itself. You would definitely relish the opportunity to work and you know it helped me so question obviously. But I got a lot of candidates and nobody thinks. That it's something I would hold them back you don't need my. Nobody thinks that it it's something where army that'll be easy job is to buy a quarterback that Castro did a lot of optimism. About eight who work from on these candidates. I'm turning debt that that's one thing and you know he is he sort of has even though fans are frustrated obviously. Understandably so confused not healthy this year you know what you sort of mystical status bar the value players because. He's so perfect as far as just the prototype of how you build a quarterback. So we just know as a pretty well I think it was to work with. What's the best fit do you think for gosh which which team. So. I don't know I mean. That's who didn't seem like ten deacons opened their three. You know the chance to grooming young quarterback is pretty awesome. So Q yet you Biden your guy Eli. Drafting number two and that's a lot like gather up as taught to handicap wanna the other there's just. You know unlike last year there's a lot of really good opportunity in young quarterback. Is the bears' job and not not imply you know his brother's service is a non player now I think. And I think it can play. You know on I haven't I haven't opened the front end loaded question. I'm not sure the actual schedule yet you write as well there's there are certainly. Certainly good day in. You know I'm not sure exactly how many he's going to be able to do. I know you know. A lot of people just take all the interviews just gave us has never been like that so. You know our Woolsey how much time he hasn't. And you know where the windows and of being called. The I think one iteration there was with the bears is in what does he think of Robiskie. You know and what do you. As it is. You do what I talked to some of these guys. You know something is going to be really good so big east of the curse words but not at all. He get a sort of find help which. You know assistance they couldn't think to receive and are really good because there was no one's going to be a lot of. But solutions or Patricia do you think it's really important for him to go somewhere that has a pretty good offensive foundation like imagine with the with the alliance. I think it's it yet if he does it not necessary because. I think he's he's younger coach show you know finding a step in and figure out which way to perceive the opposite side of the polls show important. But it's those lines to get into getting it in the run game Courtney and that's obvious you know by. You know having Jim Buckley there he's got a discernible impact dot franchise quarterback. Got a lot of talent defense. That is an incredible situation I mean that is just there really isn't always great. It's just I mean I can't talk enough about how critical situations it's. No moral expects New England do you think that there is any. Went Wendy's to go all the interview is are they knowing that bill is staying in New England firfer the first evil futures that's on that you know has spoken with to Josh ormat. Not to my knowledge yet I haven't heard it won't think about bill as he doesn't exactly talk about is. Personal life and plan and contract situation and we'll talk about it so I haven't heard anything. Sort of pointing toward the fact that he he's leaving. But I know and you know it's this big thing with which is the problem me he wanted. Play annually plays to. Italy New England that is great to be around forever and forever but. I would imagine that for Josh and may not Patricia. They wanna play. No one's conscience of the and it took until they know. I never got the sense of you to those guys waiting around totally. Is first of all your even though they get it you know. Some people could get their successors but not everyone. And I don't know which way that would go. Yeah and another guy getting interest in the nick Serio what are you hearing with them potentially you know interviewing for the Houston job. Well there's going to be interest in and I would you know obviously make a lot of sense. They have a search firms and they've definitely identify. You know but should be candidates in. I think though Brian would be some of the incredible work was and millions in nick obviously know each other pretty well and yeah I mean I think that was I think they'll make sense it's really just a question of does he wanna leave. Does she want final say in these situations so great anyway. He is like bill Belichick's backbone. But that you wanna go branch out and beyond the zone and you know I think it's a good situation he's got a quarterback you can wind out of our division. Does Rick Smith come back and what's that like there's so little bit of uncertainty. Air. Is also a situation where nick where it seems like from from this perspective that he ever won an NFL -- knows that he's on the makes the decisions and new England and you know Asian stock talk with him as opposed regular bills sometimes but maybe he wants that cents on the outside of that he's won it's actually making decisions and have you know the official title is that something that you think plays in his mind. I never got I've never gotten the feeling. It is here are some who really cares about credit for and I have never. If he did he would have been much more so voters that he is. You know me dirty dozen media and he does fine but not out there. You know as an agent this year but hadn't had one in the past. If you just into getting credit I think he would've. You know. It's just it's just it's really a difference being. In other final so they're not running the show or not and you know he could be very very comfortable in New England further and you know Bill Belichick urgent the next forty years or the it's going to be. Or it will ruin the show himself. And I'm not sure. But I don't imagine what torrential and so. Very mention a little bit but Jimmy drop police still pretty much the talk of the town here in Boston and you know the decision to trade trade him. Do you still. Stand by that. Why did you tell me since I'm not do something why use the talk that. He's still a saga Tanya yeah people saying that all these conspiracy theories that craft to force dollar check to trade him. That Belichick was mad that he was forestry and that's why Helling on a second round pick. That they treated the wrong guy that Belichick usually. You know trades that trades older guy you know a year to a year earlier as opposed a year to lay. And so people to see the success that are both happening out there and our you know. Up and arms Beasley that that Belichick you know when against his beliefs and traded him. I know the time you we talked about it that you you know worm or form the trade. Do you still think that they should haven't made the traders your thoughts changed after watching him play these dive teams. A 100% I think it made the right decision and make that your its source and only getting sick around there. Does happen two reasons one because that's basically the market for young quarterback who's gonna get a contract extension. You know the market as a sec are something Cassel got. You know Alex that was a proven commodities trader for two seconds and little more than not I'm more. That's just the market he sought out the niners wanted to make sure throughout those are great situation obviously news. And sacrificed a little bit on throughout its maturity and good situation. You think about the about an interest a lot obviously. He talked everyone. I'm not sure there's a team won't do business. It helped him if this trade works out for both sides. They kitchen into the second round they're going to be much cheaper. Going to be the quarterback again but we'll stay on the deficit is much cheaper. And it allows them you know they count flexibility in the draft which sort of you ostrich on things. And an artist got the course record teacher that's it would work. And one thing that I was nervous about those victory in his. He does not want to win every tree weed every trade. You start become like the Atlanta Braves used to be in early 2009. With if you look at the Braves wanted to try to picture. Once it goes in something was wrong. It Belichick trades. He wanted to be where he's not trying to screw you over. I think he likes when traders successful for both sides of it just means. What do they wanna do business with more possibility perpetrated. So I think I would imagine he's happy that grew up would do well and are completely. Let's say they didn't looked at data entry for a couple of options that contract talks and try out the side of up. To a new deal in the spring they could've done. Because there but can you want to play and then. You really get a trade Tom Brady for a young quarterback you just don't know what you don't see. And do you think that there is ever discussions between our ever a debate bills had where they're not that he can potentially trade Tom Brady because of of Robert crafting over ovaries had. Eight I don't from my understanding inside the patriots organization. Trading Brady was never something that was on the table it was simply not going to. They go. I'm not looking forward to the post season do you expect the preacher skip back there are guys like Chris Hoke in general Birkhead who messed missed the last couple weeks. Yes and yes. Our lady don't also have played the last team that probably could've. As far as I'm on my understanding. Rick Burke and I think this is the plane was so that it got into the starting yelled come back. So when it and the practice tomorrow yes tomorrow tomorrow's monsters that. And of those guys in the back for practice but I would. I would imagine when they practiced. The actual week that both those guys you know we'll see how they deal but that that was miner Shane both those guys should be helping to build. And before LA go DC IC a boron and these patriots or do you think that this is a different team and some of the patriots seemed to we've seen in the past or even if they have their flaws the AFC also has their flaws as well and they can sneak by it what what's your take. Yeah I mean they're not exactly not perfect. Front seven thought. Different than people imagine him in front seven game but. Injuries obviously played if your partner but if someone Kenny Stewart could beat them that he really good. But if it's not the Steelers and who. And that could assume the charges that could assume that race since neither of those things are happening. And jaguars like. Maybe. Couldn't he is so nasty people like. Bill Belichick sources like borders six you know the end is playing well. A possible. So on the machines are you give them any any open ended to measure up potentially. I mean I I would figure it. The patriots went to school looked which east it'll last time around I'll think they're going to be talk a distant. Well OK guess everything goes according to plan will be seeing you at Indianapolis for as a bull. Do good. Or very and prime furrier at the whether he has week's brutal. All right thanks Marcin really freeze time knows this time of the year and I. Fans of all you wrap Jeep and are ready and find you on TV partners and have an hour 20%. Thank you vendor that.