Is the end in sight for Brady and/or Belichick?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 2nd

Mut and John Tomase are talking about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and if their time with the Patriots or in the NFL in general is coming to an end and if so, when?


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That night was shot miles before prettier W tonight as promised the Isiah Thomas line. I cavs up 11497. Late in the fourth eighteen minutes. Sixteen points and six of twelve shooting. Two of seven from three. Three assists two turnovers. Bad debut pretty good debut coming off the bench at some point I'm sure will start getting authorized and he's game. Jose Calderon started tonight but that now seventeen points off the bench. Rising comets as the cavs well on the way. Two victory over the Portland TrailBlazer Bruins have a 31 lead over the islanders in New York. That one midway through the third period. What are we TCU something patriots late in my Greece my Greece itself Mike Reese ESPN Has that Sunday notes column and a lot of the feature guys do now go and Ryan Hannibal buzz that as well now and Sunday's. And one of the notes he had a throwaway line at city of Bill Belichick actress who becomes back for his nineteenth season. And somebody responded to and thinks the key line there might be some ball just for that you know we get to this point Belichick's career. Do you think the body 65 years hole. He's gonna record a couple times as saying he does not wanna be Marv Levy. Right in Marv Levy and eat the wind is on B Marv Levy coach out there and in my upper seventies a rabies but. It seventies were couple years away from. So I don't think. It's some crazy. Hot sports take to create panic in the streets to wonder. Does Belichick look at losing G Jimmy Rob Lowe losing Josh McDaniels. Losing Matt Patricia. The idea of re setting one more time which had a O'Shea and Brian Flores no he's dealing with the quarterback who's. Forget the age still pretty good but he's pissed off all the Guerrero think he's mad at the coach for all that and is he thinking more about TB twelve as he gets later in his career. Thought I just I don't think it's lobbing bombs to suggest that it be the end of may come John earlier. Rather than later for Bill Belichick and for Reese to conclude that there and it will throw line if he's back. I found a very interesting concept yet and when you add it to you know parents column from last yeah Friday absent about. And our re basically at the last Waltz stage of this patriots dynasty. Spoiler alert are are not spoiler alert but. At the beginning of that colony says a friend mines and patriots beat 2005 and all of them and explain you know delay Atlanta and I said this dynasties that's there core I wish you hubbub acts. Axel. Yeah but but the back column. Was so eye opening to me because time is as plugged in as anyone down there yet and he does not have a reputation of a guy who's gonna like just c'mon throw bombs against the patriots now. He's not me or you know some other people with with reputations. On the beat Borges or whatever and so. There's no baggage there are some in car and write something like bat that it's nearing an end of that. You know there could be some uncertainty with the coaching staff know all that routes you take note and when my crease there was a little line like that and you know maybe it's just a simple thing as say ballots axle lol are you never know war. Maybe it's just slightly more informed of like speculation attempting Reese is obviously very good out of the best guys there is on that beat. And so yeah all of these things start adding up to make you wonder. If this is a one and done much to say Kansas City comes in here a week and a half and does what they did in week one and now there's all kinds of questions. I think this thing could look very different you know the name this is the name but I would keep an ion as a Bellwether for where is this all added I'm nick a scenario. This area as church tied to the Texans right like bill O'Brien is speaking glowingly of famine there are in the market for GM and all that. And if this area where to leave here because he has been the ballots sacks right hand man in that. Even more so than pioli was when he was here who would guess that. If he believes. That tells me that people are start missing you know and I need I need to get out it's better to get out yeah a year earlier than a year late just like Belichick does of the players. So if you lose him and you lose your coordinators. That tells me that there is more than just like it was my time that there is. Uncertainty. Among the people who know more than anything down there about what's really go. Well Lisa the early reading of the tea leaves then it's probably a good sign if you think you Belichick's gonna stay because you have mcdaniels now tied at three different teams already in the colts on Thursday bears and giants on Friday. And Patricia at the top of the alliance list as it sounds like. You've heard not a whisper about nick this area and my guess is we've already gotten to Tuesday night after the end of the season. John if he had a landing spot lined up their there was potential there I think you may have heard of it by now I think that but I'm with you that would be. That will be a linchpin of sorts. If he were to go and the coordinators go to I think it well I mean and if I'm an ad that story. Saying this area's gonna again a look from attacks and that's the assumption either him or that guy Monty Austin four and no and no in every senate now Seawright if you gave goes to Houston this week and he's like mcdaniels and and of the treasure and yes. That's a great points that I don't. People are spinning like florist and Chad O'Shea at the guys in waiting I'm not sure the guy waiting for nick this area right there's not the next. Personally I don't play out in May be it's that director of college scouting Marti Johnson for and I don't know anything about him I don't know if so tag it's a good point though I'd I'd. A year earlier rather than a year later now with the the head coach doesn't seem crazy kids in need of a 617779. 7937. That a very Brady go Rob Lowe show here tonight heights him. And that aren't good him. The question for haven't heard much much talk about this one. Would problem traders. Obviously a lot of speculation a lot of it actually means just be negative and to work could have gone wrong or what did go wrong to light into servers Cisco but want it that they. There's no chance that. The patriots have identified somewhere become a little in the UQB to Nicole drama that they see it could be that next to grapple. And they get the second round in us to simply got to land than anywhere. And these days they like the system they've got there are multiple four that maybe it's okay we have to lose ground below. Least at least had the gotten accused of probably the second round and as you prepare for the X you know a year eighteen month low we have Brady. Did you know what I wanna know if the really answer that when did they seem garrote low eighties to Illinois say that's the guy was it. On tape during the year where they'd poked him and they they'd today targeted him. As a guy who makes sense was it. At some sort of pre draft camp was it that the become my museum there I don't call. I would love to know when somebody in the staff Webber picked out Rob Lowe weather with bella checkers I'm sure we're somebody else who was making the push for this guy. Where did they know that the debate eight if they knew it during the year there will scalp these guys during the year not four day. Saw things while he's playing college then I would say maybe you know what your your B could be honest something but I just don't know. When they targeted go rubble or he just sort of found a lap and they said OK this guy's pretty good he's died in the second round will take him. Yet completely one other thing that stands out is it about like castle mallet. You know almost look like they were cut out of the scene you know cookie cutter Freeman Brady yet Paula you know topics that are that are. It was the first we thought there was going to be apparent act of Brady let and this shows a lot better production and you know out Mallon now an enemy Cassel of one and of course. Are important but it won't think that I wonder that it comparable to outlook outlook as. It deep QB draft and they identified a couple they probably get out there. They're gonna have to thanks for the call them we're talking off the year about this the only way to make this thing work. Long term writer if it is droplet turns out to be the stud that out of chapter called me top ten player already Leann saying whoa with Dan Patrick okay. So you article one of the better players and lead. If that's the case where unique to make this thing work is Brady to have another run of tour three years where there they win a Super Bowl John at least get to one more. And it's competitive with him a quarterback crusade you know 2000 and M 22021. On top of that the team's point. They got to find the next problem they're gonna half to. They're gonna have to find that guy what they have or not. If they're going to spin this in any way that is not a disaster trading grapple for sex objects yet into that I would say thin pointed out I would say. You know if you have a guy targeted. I would say Kliff Kingsbury I would say Rohan Davey I would say Matt Gutierrez I would say Kevin O'Connell Brian Hoyer Ryan mallet. I Jacoby for sat night. You have tried and I understand the first that if the first half of names on that list. Were later round picks because Brady was in his prime and you are really in the market but. Even if you just start with Mike O'Connell you know he was about a third round pick. And you start going. Mallet Jimmy G percent where they start using top hundred picks on quarterbacks they hit on one you know they you know one it was drop on the last ten years. And there's a reason. That lots of franchises go more than ten years without ever having a good quarterback and more than twenty years because it's hard to do and so just say like. And we got Brady we had grapple he's the next radiologist notify the next droplets bet that'll take you a decade. Very very tough and it could require you finishing two and fourteen in getting our pick I mean that's that is the reality it. It's weird to say that the oaks that's the part I'm not worried about we've we've seen now last couple years. You don't need a top of the first round pick to get this guy you just tell me whether it is in the second round. Yeah Russell Wilson was 15 round pick in the eighty if you find the guy can be any worse they don't have to go to a fourteen. They found Ron Allen is a suitable could be it could be that kind of thing where you need to have a top five pick. To find your next quarter I would love to go back and look now though honestly. You'll the percentage of guys who are top five verses. Not just in it the quarterbacks today. Hot or take a look at that at some point well how are they acquired Wendy do when they become a the quarterback regarding yet the spend big time draft capital on vs guys who were taken. In the top five top ten Johnnie Mae and sell nor I complain league anymore I Johns and a car on Jimmy gee John go ahead. Hey my age are you guys don't play excellent job what's on your lines and now. I GG but one quick aside yet mention that you call us go about bill retiring. I don't see that this guy is is as competitive as Brady or anybody else is built this increased 1718 years now. Can we get the let me get built our along with pomp what we got bill released report warriors optimism that. Which I was I was convinced of that while Jimmy was on the roster now I have no idea. And lord of the point people who are down in Foxborough on the much better clue than either me or my. They don't have any deed that's scary. This far Jimmy goes my body is our hands were tied and they had to trade in the league Dahlia was gonna keep plummeting in JaJuan specifically to you. How much role Jenny plain as could you set. Not politically what I'm not gonna sign a tender I won't sign the franchise. Out. They Don Eaton will make the biggest fight at this summit dictate my future the same way that Eli did or Peyton bid or any other permit not. A strong work. Is it possible that Cheney had a role in where he went in what the patriots got returned form. Yeah I mean I would think the bigger role Jimmy played wasn't so much where he was there wasn't willing to go but how willing he was to sign. I'm not willing to sit behind anybody any longer I need. It anytime after that belief Expedia fell to 26 year old who's is shell like is expiring and the he had to get that town we have to get that counts he would not gonna stay with interest there was no way that was capital. Electronic broke down which is why bill kept the round in the first place. On our animals our job thanks here called that one indication of that. Was told to go back to that and drop a load in three impose that he had. When he said goodbye to patriots fans or early in the morning and it got taken down it was an act yes of course that there was. Nickelodeon junior was well aware of it it was someone. Very close to Jimmy who put that up there that was his way of sort of telling people. He's not wanna sit around anymore the guy just wants to play that part I'd buy a bass are at NASA are I totally by and I do think that played a role in this that. Oh crap any guy any like pie in the sky hopes that we had a figured out a way to keep this guy here for just two more years and then you'd rather be ready to play. His timetable does not match up would bears when I'm saying is I think ballots Shaq would have lean. I mean this is theory again I'm not basing your polling good theories that I let I am I believe. That ballot check would have thought long and hard about moving on from Brady this off season. Depending on how this season and see I don't casinos that the answer is going to be from Kraft during never really thought about what I what induces what would have been. The biggest story in maybe Boston sports history. Would have been a Brady struggled this year. And then they gonna grow up what during the year drop let up late and it and then I will re on the bench and Brady to his credit. Johnny never gave bill the opportunity that's why they grapple with still here in case Brady showed slippage he never did. He couldn't play and Belichick had to trade but that would have been on the believable Brady on the bench watching this kid take his job and blood for the way hasn't San Francisco so far I just think you're live in. And a fantasyland if you really believe that Tom Brady is going to be you know Super Bowl winning quarterback 234 years now I just don't see it. And because history doesn't support it. We're already seeing just a little bit of a slip from him not nothing crazy. But you see in a little bit it was gladly pay you should win the MVP but these last five weeks CC and a guy who's taken a beating and how much how many of those it's can you take. As you get into your forties site can he survive another season like this one. I I don't know I wouldn't be sending five I think clearly still think they're betting not throw yours adding on a fantasy this is. Within your picking him over the 25 bureau when you say things like that you ignore the throws he made a brainy cooks just this past week or two weeks ago and it's Pittsburgh he's still making other world leak sometimes op or a leak. It is sometimes eighteen for 37 or whatever choice against the jets and I know cook stop running on line and none OC or sent dropped another but wasn't great but it's still those flashes that. At the end of the year weeks you know seventeen. Doesn't look like he's taken a beating they can't make those same throws anymore acts these bats I'm not see it that way at all it's the opposite I see a guy hadn't into the playoffs a first time you're like. Is Brady going to be good enough for them to go all the way acting that's a legitimate question to be asking. 61777979237. Is your phone number rule come back into all your phone calls on the rock below Belichick Brady also wanna ask John about. The Isiah Thomas re not gonna happen tomorrow. Other boy put people upset that Isiah did not want his video tribute in just the way it's gone here for Isaiah. Here in this first post celtics' offseason it's money at night to mossy along Sports Radio WEE. Saturday night's Sports Radio WEEI Ben now are coming your way at ten crew is awfully another win there on fire 51 tonight over the islanders sixteenth green to. In their last 21. Games. As they continue surprised a lot of people Bolton boss in and around the NHL focus tonight has been. On the patriots and the NFL 617779. 7937. I ask you do the research you did it my question was outlawed one of these things where you asked the question without knowing the answer. We over the patriots have to go to get the next quarterback he suggested a two and fourteen year top five pick in my point was it feels like now on the NFL. Quarterback's number on the draft and had to get a top of the first round. Pick to have that next quarterback you do the research what does the research tell. John vause yes this is a relatively small sample on just looking at this year's top Tony quarterbacks just by touchdown student really. I just sorted by text you're doing a lot more in depth when right you're columnists they would dial and text people get credit for having my idea golf for a little bit we know we are both kinder right on this Lance I would say that I'm more right. So of the top money QBs. You have let's see thirteen of them were taken in the first round in the top twelve X thirteen out of twenty okay. Ten of them were in the top. Four picks including some guys. Who I had forgotten might you know Matthew Stafford is number one overall pick. Blake portals was the third overall pick Philip Rivers was the fourth overall picks and some of these guys who write sort of forgotten. Where are super high draft picks. You then get to Roethlisberger Cutler to Shawn Watson stated those guys still in the top twelve. Drew Brees second rounder any dogs second rounder Derrick our second round of Merrill taken 32 to 35 get in and easily geyser talked about this four of them. And one of them is Brady's you know back and I wouldn't count now yes there's three. Russell Wilson third round 75 pick yet Kirk cousins fourth round 102 pick bang decked Prescott's fourth round 135 picks so. The reason I say that your kinda right is recently you know cousins Wilson press got those guys are all recent and they were all after the seven ethnic. That generally other than Brady did not happen. But if you. By and large you're still look at it Eli Manning first overall pick cam Newton's game as Winston. Jared got Alex Smith all first overall picks Stafford as you mentioned Carson went second panic. Portals Ryan third picks though. You're still getting your franchise quarterback in the top ten to twelve picks in the draft itemized there have been some exceptions trees yet. And I'd like that at some point on top of that look at that in those first round quarterbacks who were not there but were also taken in the forum is not many top. Adjusted 2013 real quick. I Dolly EJ Manuel the bills tickets sixteen aren't that there's a bunch of 838 top twenty pick on a quarterback who flamed out he was the only quarterback taken. In that first day and at first round a year after that bubbly geno Smith the first two quarterbacks off the board in 2013 are essentially. Nonexistent in the NFL anymore. At the go back and look and see what the quarterback has taken that trapped. I'm not gonna go I'd do that on the air right now so. It is vick's back ago that I'd so durable right. That's Sox. I wish I was rhetoric you writes get a definitive black or white doesn't give us the answer in this case John Dominic Kate talking quarterbacks hey John. John A yeah yeah yeah I hate. It's up and we're getting area would he want. I don't know junior John Fallujah. Jim armies in western major. You don't go obligated. I don't know accidentally let it go and you got a much art and about their. Obviously I and we are about coaching right now on how to. You Matt if you are trying to take anywhere at that point. Well I really wanted to keep you got in in on it makes Daniel Patricia. Who all are going to be interviewed bird they speak out in New York. Which guy with the right now you will which were err I mean I'd I'd prefer mcdaniels the article here already. About what you're you guys can I obviously a lot although it and it Brit I act single I'm a lot current deal. I'm an all out on that hope that garrote a little all of and you also accurate by all meet these quiet means sport and re got. I would say if you figured out the quarterback Jeremy thanks for the call you want Josh McDaniels may when you look at. Yeah right now it if you're a quarterback your beard you're nothing in this league Eli Manning. They wanna get room this year the PR. Backlash forced him not to do that but they're gonna trap the quarterback in the top of the first round. And given what mcdaniels just it would Jimmy drop blow. You wanna get Belichick credit for drafting and I wanna give Johnson credit to Josh McDaniels for developing him. At that position CN developer second round pick to a guy at a chapter called eight top ten player in the league already. Other want mcdaniels dealt in my next quarterback in New York yet easy answer. Yeah and and I also think the experience thing does matter mcdaniels has more broad experience no doubt running a team and probably having more of the say he's just an Adam he's got more experience as a coordinator and a code yes. I would definitely take its Daniel's first I don't really have a good feel for how. You know talented coach Patricia is he's clearly the because we sire in Xenia a little bit of success as a head coach and it just completely went away Prado himself there be dead he did but so. You know what what is betrayed like it's Patricia the kind of guy who can run an entire operation. You have a better sense of and Daniels on that because he's at least tried to do to that. And while that caller was talking to his Jeff Powell went to Twitter and said the giants will be busy on Friday. The plan is to meet with Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia that they according to a source. So both coordinators have a shot with the giants on Friday we hope for mcdaniels. Patricia spot feels like Detroit he goes there Jim Bob cooter keeps the office coordinator job he's got the quarterback Stafford and he's got his guy. I'm Bob Quinn called the shots there the giants don't feel quite as. As an easy set up for him there but I think they're both gonna get jobs get a bet on 10 or bolts. Leaving as coordinators where you bet. I've mcdaniels definitely gone Patricia probably go see your ball issue yet and I think yeah I think both. And in both the move on and I think part of it is the uncertainty over Belichick in the future in new England and I think that is a thing you know current. Wrote about that on Friday acting totally real I think there is some uncertainty there and of those guys a feel and uncertainty that I think we as fans probably should be too. One interesting thing just looking at a couple of all drafts you know this ought. First round quarterbacks what blamed on the vortex civil draster a couple of hours I did but it might just like just go back to Tony twelve where you had luck the number one overall pick. And he's been pretty good but obviously futures in doubt that your number two Robert Griffin roof you know mercurial start and then just gone. And a hell ate pretty good you know but. Hurt Brandon League and staying off possible I just days you know but then in a row Wilson foale's cousins those are like the next three quarterbacks. So pretty good there. But they're good that an Ohio guy right there that's my argument for you know I'd be the first round of the year guy those three guys general pulls. Cousins and whose governor Wilson will some rest and yet yet and and before that you know liked when he fourteen or after that. Joining hands now was the first. That at work Teddy Bridgewater got hurt look like he was a case I mean you can. You can miss on those tests Canas out LA on Brady drop likened. I can't that is regular column out of truly don't know where are about the weather coming out of we're few we'll be OK can't will be all right well I am concerned them up oxygenated so I do relatives and concerned do you guys. The tech a whopper of a strong but not all. I'm. Jim and necessary European. For the patriots. Go to news. Going to be in charge in the a couple of years but it sounds like at least a year maybe two years still going to be looking at Belichick. Assume there's not drop out spectacle. Com did in this early afternoon. On the quarterback in the in the next draft or could they wait a year and look at and say hey you know to somebody else out there is lady stuff we're junior might actually be. Might be a candidate for the draft into. Future and that. Yeah I mean here's the problem I'll come back to it like we said we just ran through the list of quarterbacks just from this year. And you really need to be in the top ten so I don't see how you can target and less are planning to trade up. I don't see how you can target in mid round guy that you say everyone else is gonna miss on this guy but we are getting hit on him and he's going to be the next Jimmy G. This is not enough for those guys so I don't see how you target that. That's certainly not new in this upcoming draft and it's not gonna be Becker nature I'm assuming that he's gonna go somewhere else. Hillbilly like him and now they'll go higher than people expect you know he's what you say like 28 on milk diapers board. He'll still go he's on the top half of the first exact out of this no doubt. I. Edit an enemy. You can look a little bit you know basically what I what I saw and what I heard coming out and took out. You gotta sit with a command credits which we have team is partly cultivated in the oil market to be two to create. You know took the coaching staff staged at least somewhat intact. It's gonna take some time to whomever they connect. To be in a position at step into Brady when he finally does either retire or becomes clear that he can't. Tribunal at the highest level. Yeah my preference at this point the way the way the contract work or were up against the break thanks for the call. You have three years and Fortier to kick him yet. I don't I I would iron away from a player this year they if they see one of these guys the caller mentioned Linley in North Carolina stayed or Paul I. It JC one of these guys in the second round they think is on the same level grapple was they took him. Just take the guys now of course yes and I I don't know I don't know what you're they take them because I would say pass on this year because of Brady no way I mean you traded Jacoby percent at the start of this year because you thought there is a good chance you were still somehow drop right. Firmly believe that you do not trade. Percent away if you think eight weeks later. You get Ritter grapple as you've left yourself I think I feel weird spot percent or they didn't have. Remember it was it was he got no reps in camp non it was all raiding brothels they really didn't see any movement for nick I thought cookies not gonna get any better. We you want to receive we have nobody right now yet but they guidelines that I wiring guy can percent never going to be here long term. Do you really think they're making that move if a week and many weeks later trade grappling forget how bad it was a wide receiver for them this is yet but they got reality and help. He didn't help at all and I think they probably knew that there's a reason he was available. First rounder at hand that is a bad routes disease that might keynotes I. He's deadly combination as we come NFL will come back on again John's thoughts in the reserve of their comments to. Boston tomorrow night and a we got a recap with both wildly years he for your magic the gathering New Year's Eve I might have to save that for the morning okay I just you can do that as John Tomas he'd still Tandy get our guide then now with the a on late night here on WE yeah. I Tomas he's very deep extensive foreplay column on. The flaky guilt and Bob Kraft is up right now WEEI dot com I retreated the people gonna see it that respond to it. I'm sure it's a plan that tomorrow morning with a very Alan adds up to WI RA is now does that and congratulations. Excellent for Howard's been out there are several other. The day or so people playing a dumb you are yet commitment and goal that is the goal are you excited for the Isiah Thomas returned to mark that can play. But the city is abuzz over the stupid video tribute and I don't I don't get this just yet so I get it this is my gut reaction when I first heard it like. So what so he wants to do it on a game when he plays his family's in town actually kind of make sense until I felt Salt Lake outs of this so we're in agreement again but it's like don't. Give me a video tribute when I'm in street clothes and I can't play like I'll be back in a month. If you you know wait to have that level that that the whole Isiah Thomas all season experience I admit has been a little eye roll a little we try the gap. Danny Ainge in the training staff and the fan base and it just. One guy earns his Jersey on Twitter and now it's like that's the that's Boston things and it's like come down the Celtics. Salvage his career they pinpointed him in Phoenix their couple point guards playing at the time they're gonna get rid of one it was Thomas the Celtics made the deal. And made it relevant in the NBA and made him millions upon millions of dollar ball on the court and just exposure nobody knew who he was he's now I would consider. I he's not a superstar but he's a household name now in the NBA job is that fair to say yeah and he's bordello it is not healthy to me he is a superstar he's a he's a one name. Superstar but he is he's right up okay I'll give you that but he EO's the Celtics that he's heeded does not want it seem to give them a lot of credit for. Ali putting them there but also the Linux spot. Damn good he ends up when LeBron James if he's helping they're going to be in the Eastern Conference final that probably. If he's helping Gordon Hayward not back with the expectation that the cattle still be the favorites to win on Easter conference finals so. This does resent it a dust up with the fans about this video tribute I don't get it. The date the issue there. But I do you understand yourself a fan wondering. Why is he seems so mad all offseason after what happened yeah I mean he's a chip on his show Darren he always always been. About that chip on his shoulder no one believes in him I was the last pick in the draft I got shuttle around from team to team. Boston didn't even know how good I was and they got me and so like he's always and that's we'd love that about seat can't really stop loving it now I do agree. There's been no it would be better for him and for our legacy is the wrong word as he wasn't here long enough but. For like the memories of people have of him just kind of dial back a little bit on the night. They hosed me kinda tock. And to had a pretty good you had a happy where you it was a great relations had both ways. They didn't trade you for a bomb meeting gives you away they traded you for the number one pick in the draft for any guy who by the way. Is a 100%. Superstar yes a long lines or your time much better player and he he can't admit that but. In the knock on Irving coming Guinea's wasn't good defensively and it be an offensive walks those people were so so so wrong and how great does that trade look right now Brooklyn is you know I'll right now they'd get around the tenth pick in the draft at. So there doesn't seem to be that. Danger of though you gave way to number one pick you had guys lakers picked in the later tell us they are last in the west which is amazing. So they're right in that two to five range that you're looking for are. Talk about a free can all run again. Or Danny Ainge I know where we also lingering team here. How has what is or not to admired Tim's thirty and and is the game big F tomorrow that NBC sports boss and should be running this countdown clock running. Yes stop it there regular season the end out there onset of the kind of a you know cheerleader he kinda network and that they have the Celtics so yes it's a regular season game listen we should do that in normal out wouldn't do that for that they have. They have the Celtics rights says yes. The Red Sox would do the same about it for a regular season out they would win man we're still well our all and we're out that a delta wonderland we are how we are all in just like yay team mode. Yeah a volley that I hate everything I I Kyle of the Celtics have to admit. This team is so much fun to watch it and I mean I'm I read your column I hate everything you know of the sell them I'm glad I took the shouted dean downgraded to B it was excellent job and I will not Paula you say you imagine gathering. It's amazing story but that it was a magical night speaking of Haiti everything but -- I saw you tweet this out there will get the on this. Do you want Star Wars I heard this huge push back for I tick bite my son doing is for who went to together yet. So maybe I'm good news now the towards that's a great race rate two and a half I don't know I loved every second of that he was into it Rosen notes quietly five but. I think it the hate for in the aftermath that the rich keep Fargas or are very into it I'm not into it as they are key fates have anomalies that I need to listen to the door cast he loved initially but now hates and it is that while tapes. Yad that's down like no offense I like that stuff I thought it was so well done to me it is top three. Yeah I put it ahead of return image that I. And I might even put it ahead of empire strikes back on active I still ghosts baseball's one of those deaths are there yet that's sex. That's just me. Johnson lost he's always thank you back on the cast the coach Thursday morning yes and then now keeping warm feel on Friday other ego that is John to mossy of the curtain Callahan show all the money at night shall WE DI a dot com. Trending toward us heading into mossy. On the weekends. I'm good job pat a good day bad Mallory is coming up at 10 o'clock tomorrow. Rob Bradford he's taken this huge victory lap for the Dino stuff last week he did very little. But rob Bradford will be here he was a solid night so that whole thing as part of the hot stove show what. But fraph or we gonna talk about they've done nothing Judy Martinez still lot side nobody sunny anybody bought. Hot stove show rolls on immoral with rob Bradford Sports Radio WB yeah.