WEEI Late Night - Can we pump the brakes on Garoppolo being the nest best quarterback in football? 1-2-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night kicks off the New Year with Big Ben Maller breaking down a few of the players on the list of possible NFL Hall of Fame inductees.  Then Maller shifts to the hot topic of Jimmy Garoppolo and the discussion amongst America's talking heads that maybe the Patriots didn't trade the right guy.  Maller quickly slashes that seeing as Jimmy has only played 7 games in his NFL career and the people need to take a breath before they exalt Jimmy the next greatest quarterback.


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Back get a gay and here we are for the first time for meet in 2018. On late night activity here. On bill the guy and that we will deal with the Jimmy G. Saga. Which used a condition it's a syndrome. Which is affecting many people. After his end of the season with the 49 as we'll talk about that and also. Later on. It's it's the number one game to play. In Sports Radio this time of the year the coaching. Carousel which is not only a cliche. But standard. Water. For talk radio this time of the year but I I saw the news routine down. Within the last hour here's the the headlines making it seem like these are the these are the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Of 28 team that is not the case but there are fifteen. Finalists. For the pro football mainly the class the hollowed class. That we're going to key in Ohio and me and made that big reveal oh. Tonight they will have the actual people winning. Induction. That'll come down right for the Super Bowl. In Minneapolis but the names that are on this list the names that have made it to the final wrong. To be enshrined. In it in pro football immortality. Include. Rainy moss. You have Ravi moss you've got Ray Lewis. Among the modern era finalists because they go back to the old schools back of backed that the old days when the NFL. Or by a bunch of gamblers. I that's the origins of the NFL a league was established on the principles of gambling. You know in the always been is there's a couple of layers this but the big games we've actually heard of the names of players that have actually done something in the moderate year here you get rid of Randy Moss Ray Lewis. Brian Urlacher. Is on that race. Other players Isaac Bruce of these the greatest show on turf back in the day. You got TO. TERRELL OWENS now just among the first couple of names there. Now wanna go get into the minutia. Of these names here but Ravi moss. Who had amazing. Numbers in Minnesota but his single greatest year was with the patriots. And it was a patriot team that did not cross the finish line. In first place but Randy Moss it's been re wrote many NFL records when he was playing with Tom Brady is very brief sojourn. In these parts with the patriots. But knowing how buttoned up the Pro Football Hall of Fame has green. And yet and in we've seen these cinemas I I I actually don't even pay much attention to them anymore and I am burned out on the pro football they've we've seen. Over the years I've watched enough levee. In goal how up tie eight. Many many of the of the people at the pro football fable. So many moss absolutely is a hall of fame should be should be in put him in right now cited up. Good to goal he's. Dominant dominant play we on the end and Ray Lewis also dominant player now Ole real shady. We ocean so let me ask a question. M just spit ball. What would be the more awkward. The more awkward. All the main induction. Speech. Now throw a third name in it you got Ray Lewis. Who still trying to find that white suit. From the infamous. Super Bowl weekend blood in the streets of Atlanta. Many many years ago read all about it. Would that be more awkward than Randy Moss who's done some interesting things. War the third option. A guide it should also be in the pro football and who's also a finalist. CEO. I. Only means. All his crazy stop me moss has done some interesting things. In so I would say though all that latest. You've got to see somewhere and the Ray Lewis. The Ray Lewis induction out of those three guys would be the most awkward. Considering the fact that he paid money note. To the victims' families ambling at least one of that the people that died there in Atlanta back you on Super Bowl week in many many years ago. Was from Ohio and I believe is buried just down the street from the pro football mean. In Cain would mean all those guys should be in an who the hell knows what you actually have to do to get into the pro football fame. It's like it's like go to the Vatican with Pope. They go to a smoke filled room and then they just can sit around a table and its aborted doping sports writers to have a hodgepodge. It's it's him mixed match of zany is that they get together in the try to figure out what criteria is. For the pro football was all hall of means. In less I have to say my my if there is always meant as we talk your late night. On the B guy. My theory meet ban is if I don't have a savings if I don't have a vote made then it's not all that. Like the most important award in all of sports. He's beat John. Which is given out to the top college basketball player no why is because I actually have a vote in that that Max. These other things organized the talk about kick around. Him. I mean let's not bury the lead he lets not bad I believe we get the patriots are on hiatus. Until the divisional round where they get a bunch of assistant coaches run all over the place doing interviews and all. So there's no game action. To look forward to this week unless you're counting down into wild card. Weekend we created this patience boy what a card. The AFC wild card news this week in Spain who we are a receipt got to the pages are plain. But much of the chatter. And I get it I know is it's senator around the former patriot you know who you norm going news. Jimmy G Jimmy drop below who not only headed west to a mortgage 49ers team that was one in pain. And you know the drill five and older close out the year. And the razzle dazzle 49 rothmans and he did it we completion of prisons and percent of normal set needless. The former Tom Brady Teddy. Get it done with seven touchdowns. In five games in a quarterback rating just under a hundred. And judging by the reaction. Judging by the reaction of of many. Patriot. Apologies. You would thing. Bet that reform means why Jimmy or Koppel. Has turned him into Jesus Christ. That that is who should be crumple as wide as performers now. It always got an opinion as Adam chapters got opinions and everything gets paper's opinions. He added he's ten instance on this out of you you heard about this announcement talked about. Earlier but he might have missed it. And shipped it was on the Dan Patrick. I show and he said. As far as the that steps leading up to the trade the infamous trade. Let's say Tom Brady's backup out west I chipped it said there was not. A negotiation. Between the patriots in the 49ers. This is being talked about and if it gets a little more credence. When she after throws it out. But he claimed. With this interview he did earlier in the day here that this was not something where the patriots. Patty back and forth with the 49ers it was like Bill Belichick called the niners up consider you want grapple a woody and give us. And then they went back and said now we we need more and they use leverage with like I don't know Cleveland. The try to get more draft picks with this was all done the last minute the day before. The NFL trade if I just approved you. That I am not making any of this up. Rather than you just taking my word that I am manager after let's go to the audio tape here we go producer Chris distracted down. And here's exactly what chapter said about this scenario that led. The Jimmy your Koppel's departure from the patriots. But that's complicated question but I think it basically if it. Eat you got a situation there where I think ultimately. In the end this this was not a negotiation. This should not something where the patriots were back and forth and showcase you just go. If you would give us what we want. There and we are gonna go. To Cleveland which would have paid. Whatever it took to go get Jimmy Grupo look they were willing to give up between the three for AJ McCarron yeah what should be dropped lower. And I think that they woke up that morning that Monday morning that they before the trade deadline October 30. And made the decision however they'd be good. Sat. They're gonna trade Jimmy your apple and I believe we as simple as it simple phone call the Bay Area you what you would drop below yeah. OK to kill okay. Iso this is this what you want about chapter but he seems like he's pretty connected. With some people inside the patriots here he's he's got some. Some pretty unit from patients some Intel. Law and of these the way this all went down if you believe now you could take that with a grain of salt and say that shift is just blown smoke that's what he heard you know he's talking about. Bob Obama bop. A LA and there's there's other people have thrown out different scenarios I think it was Rex Ryan. They claimed the bills in the jets of the dolphins were gonna offer a first and a second round pick. To get. Jimmy G on their particular team but the patriots ended up sending him. Out west on the surface it's certainly sounds like an irrational. Decisions made sounds like an irrational. Decision Florida and dig deeper in that is. We view and the clear. Insinuation. From what I've heard. Of what added doctors say. Is that Bill Belichick wanted dude Jimmy grapple a solid. Right it is in. And as a bonus it does make Belichick look even more like a genius. Because he ends up. Watching grapple go out to a one win team and then go and end up of Vista rating. Opponents including some playoff teams. A down the stretch and that the patriots. While they don't have Jimmy G under contract anymore they don't have to deal with him playing in the AFC east is not that old line you go back years ago what would Drew Bledsoe. What you knew Bledsoe wasn't gonna be all that good when the patriots traded him in the division. Right you you assumed. That when that happen. At least Belichick must of thought and I was early on in the Belichick. Run before they became truly dominant it was the beginning of Tom Brady's tribunal Tom Brady was in it withers could be a one hit wonder where a twenty year. Sensation but the fact that you traded Bledsoe in the Aegean it's kind of clear you know not to be that bright of a football person to connect the dots and though. Well you wouldn't make that move unless you were relatively confident. That this guy and how much left. And it turned out in a blitz of pastor but he yards but did they didn't do much of anything of note pursue day or winning. In buffalo isolated biggest that is here's the question. A lot of people here that have this condition which we'll talk about animal. But going forward. Is time we we just want or we we've teenage years you to may 28 seed you imagine them like. That's a goal 140 in putt that's that's that's. The football throw it down the field another couple years let's say were having this conversation in the year 22 point. The only couple use. Part of leaves only couple years with two point one. We're having this chat. And the genie drop below trade will be remembered as Blake. CF normal blank you know I go first I would say selling lol. His beat that's near two noted that does not mean. That that drop below is going to go on and never lose a game that the 49ers are gonna recreate the Joseph Montana Steve your own. Era there's a a lot of overreaction. That is taking place you go my general thoughts on this you've got overpriced insurance the fat reverses a trend in a very small. Sample size and Jimmy G the arrangements syndrome. Which is affecting many people that are making irrational statements. At this particular point no number one with digital calls on this if you wanna start calling me because it's 6177797. 937. With number one. The issue is that we've been very consistent here. And it's not that you should not have traded. Jimmy drop below it's the return. That's the issue and the patriots. Or better or worse it certainly has been better here they are married to Tom Brady that there's no. There's no separation. At least in the near future it would appear despite the age despite. The Tom Brady's recent five week run of at a mediocrity at quarterback. This is no separation come easily divorce with Jimmy drop below was going to. Pity these Vader it's absolutely fair to give him. An opportunity to play somewhere else and it would appear that Robert Kraft the the ownership did not want to franchise tag between five million. Box. As an insurance plan. And by the side I do commercials on radio for insurance I'm assuming you you have to pay for insurance rate. You won over pay for insurance of course not. The sticking point here this sticky point is that the patriots soldier of your Koppel for eighties on the thought this was not well played out. And you can take what Adam she after had to say there you can you go forward that. If that's accurate. Even if it's not accurate it would whatever scenario led up to that is. The ugly truth is that you got pennies on the dollar. So here's what you ended up getting. You could've gotten eight bounty of gold in return and it is extremely weak. To only get a second round draft. This should've at the very least being some kind of conditional. Draft pick thrown in based on. How drop low performed. With the 49ers now is so important is despite that thinks that I do feel like the biggest did not get enough. The second part which is very important. There has been an overreaction. In these parts to Jimmy drop. Was he good with the 49ers yes. Does that mean he's going to be a top ten quarterback the next decade that. This GPG. The range mid syndrome. Has got to stop now we're we're talking about a very small. Sample size. By eight gates there have been quarterbacks that have played well for five games and been banished. They have just completely gone away that is it CO later Gordon by. And I think that grapple steaks now. Why believe that he is a top five quarterback in the NFL. I am a skeptic and as a skeptic I'm not there yet and there are other people there's very few but there are solved. That share my skepticism Tim Hasselbeck. He was on earlier heard him on the morning show with Kuerten talented. And he didn't sound like he was always in the on on Jimmy drop low heat he does not have grapple. Arrangement. Since. It worked talking after the 2018 regular season. And the 49ers are playoff team and Tom Brady's going the wrong direction of Tom Brady's not going the wrong direction even if Tom Brady continues to play well. But Jimmie your Koppel's got the niners in the playoffs in a stack NFC west. With Seattle with Russell Wilson the rams have this boy wonder coach. Sean McVeigh injured officer good division I if lawyers make the plus eight isn't. Jimmy gee is lightning in the world on fire. We can then revisit this right if he's going to be placed under the microscope opposing teams are going to. Find all kinds of flaws. And he's not perfect right is no there's no perfect. Quarterback in the NFL and if at that glory once that takes place and he's bludgeoning teams bill. And then we will know that this is a train and not a bad. Right bad verses trend right bat by definition you know the drill right you know but this is short term situation. Flash in the pain. Like Tim Tebow making the playoffs with the Broncos. That was a bad it was a flash in the main situation. Trend. That's got staying power right that's got staying power. But it's also possible that this is just all. Eight beginners lock situation in that once teams. Figure out drop blows weaknesses he will he was shortly come back to earth even if he continues to be good player is not going to be a playing. I would say at this level you winning every game it's just not not the reality the last thing on news from the patriots. Cited. I I those people. Born nuts about this you've got to press on today. You've got the playoff game coming up in a couple weeks all of this is on the back burner. As everyone else in the NF those not in the playoffs newspapers. Focused on the offseason the NFL draft. In April all. But. This back birth the situation but the pictures right Bill Belichick now has to go live line the next quarterback who ruled. As the heir to the throne. Of Tom Brady and hope that that guy is actually number one Coolidge did. And number two. That he will actually get the opportunity. Who showed that he can beat a guy. It's the next man up my truck on stairs of the patriots have six X. In the in the draft the guy at six of their first round pick Wesley traded. They have the 49ers pick in the past they trader which will be the 41 or the 42 pick depending on. A coin flip with the raiders. So that's that's the return on investment Regina drop in net 41 42 break and knowing how. The patriots do things that could be turned into a third or fourth round pick they could flip that. And trade down get some more picks and also the third graphic but what does this all mean it's a lot to be a lot of numbers a lot of numbers but will one of those players. One of those picks turn out to be a player that's the quarterback. What is sure they have the draft one right beat. The rational move would be to draft a quarterback however. That does not mean that they will do the rational thing is not gonna be Josh Rosen it's not gonna be seeing him Donald who might go back to USC. Josh Allen of Wyoming and these are the top supposedly the top quarterbacks. In the between eighteen. NFL draft so. And if you throw those names out and you say are realistically. Who is going to be a mean round quarterback. Second third fourth round quarterback. Who potentially could be there for the the page. Yeah like Lamar Jackson who's. Undersized was great highs and a guy a couple of years ago baker mayfield. Who some are convinced is a top ten pick although the drafting community. The drafting humidity makes that make you may feel like a third round pick he has a fourth round grade the Oklahoma quarterback. But he will likely be drafted higher than that because of the fact that there is some months celebrity. Factor in volume on the highs in the annals. But he beat Ku would he be really good for conversation wherever he ends up assuming it's not some. Horrific we will be gone. Found a baker mayfield will be a nice. Talking point where reunions. So but the names that dole likely be tossed around we get to that. Drew walked. Pope is that it played Missouri. Blue ball. We Washington State quarterback in the great Mason Rudolph. Who passed Brazilian yards in that gimmick offense and Oklahoma. States are those of the names that will be out there but this GA EG. Arrangements syndrome. He is completely. Off the off the tracks. At this point a completely off the tracks at this point art to the phones we go. And again if you wanna join a 6177797937. Crush I'm as our producers be banned valor. Late night insomniacs. Is getting together here. And Ellis Salem might in the car drag around Mike what's going on your own radio which got Mike. Q that I haven't RG or vote five years and I used to work the overnight. By still working overnight Mike you don't work the overnight anymore. I don't work overnight in law but it that you are right week. You graduated Mike yeah I did I don't overnights in the weekends at the overnights during the week. I've done over I could so we damn overnight anyone talk about. Well I agree we'd yell at this arrangement syndrome is off the rails. I mean right now he's a good quarterback I mean but you know given some seasoning and hit it to become. You know want a quarterback. Are you mentioned 20/20. I'm guessing a 20/20 twenty or 221. Bald faced the patriots are going to be different. I'm guessing. Josh is gone at least this year. Patricia has gone this year or next year and a gradient ballots that regard. In 20/20 or 20/20 Weiner it's a whole new franchise. It's almost face that everything's gone. And Jimmy cheap I'd be out years from now. Who knows who knows what he could be could be a box. Our only compete in ultimate coming of Jesus Christ we don't know but yeah routed out everything gonna beat their. Well a lot will be different thanks Mike and what you found. Point five this year it's five not six years consist only eighteen MX might have actually been. Six years but anomalous. Is everyone going to be gone by 20/20. Bill Belichick. I could see him becoming. Just did an executive in giving up. Given up the coaching thing 65 years old. He turned 66 in April. So you figure. Is he your coaching into his seventies. Probably die and probably nine there have been NFL coach is that have been. Seventy plus not many. Not many put it he wanted to lose it's not like Robert Kraft is listed UK coach Mike my theory. Which is I believe I'm proud of this. Is that Belichick who's been grooming his sons as assistants with the patriots. Would like to stick around long enough. To then pass the reins. We know other Belichick. Continuing gone. Be Belichick legacy and a bit of Siebel check Bill Belichick becoming. The the general manager of the czar of football operations and then. Passing the book on. 21 of his case that could be. A scenario that plays out. But as Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. As far as there. Status. That is not. That is not a death blow and it's it's been nice having these guys get up until that match I'd rather if I was in other in a Filipino rather have Matt Patricia. In Josh McDaniels. And that was the top my list we will get to that an earlier report you would you rather have Matt Patricia. If on the colts with a giants. Hello or the lions as opposed to Josh we gain. But he eats at. As it's is certainly keep an -- two years and now you're a lot going to be different but it would check Bill Belichick I believe most will be. The around whether he's still coaching. Known 20/20 or whether he is merely. The front office guy he'll still be in the picture politics more phone calls in the number 6177797. 98370. And also Texas at 37937. And I am very active on Twitter. You get at me on. The micro blogging website might Twitter account. He's just my name it's been matter M a LL. ER. If you Jonas. You know investment idea. I get the best thing they should achieved you don't need me to tell you that right government. Now let's try another call real quick let's see let's go to. Rye AM in New Hampshire whose next up. On WE I was. Well ride aid and development to those who have stunning with the Kennedy conspiracy theorists. Here's what I think happened. I think that. Know the relation between coming to be up in the same agent at during the conversation that occurred. Where they just came up with OK let him go get his money so let let them go to San Cisco. Let them tag him and eat the 25 billion we're gonna get some real experiences CO Goodyear's. And that that act may well lead into the and the Tom Brady. And then it goes back here for the contract he deserves. So so Ryan you're going seek tonic conspiracy here where they're using the 49ers is a four year old. And then if drop close good it's all part of the master but are you wearing a tin foil hat all your making this phone call right. So that would I think they I think the religions that they have. Bill Belichick the property they they have to have a solid relationship over the years and all the restructuring of the contract. And I think that I would not rule out and shake. Somebody else in the 25 million in Indian you get a on the field the kitten appeal appeal of the mostly public on what you know market year's finale goes out there. He gets a year he's not an aside the long term deals it was a little pink. Indeed incredibly complex here in and slide it into the ring notebook they would have. So as soon as by Europe I wanna continue want to I like a good conspiracy theory I think they're perfect for talk radio. So Ryan that would mean then drop below the way he played the niners even given the franchise tag they would have to given to franchise tag right wooden is that the way north to franchise tags. The next two years us like fifty million and then at that point. He would after the Torre nineteen season he would be able. The river that does that fit in nicely would be in the poverty. Yeah this out that's dangerous I mean it's the Buick the timing is pretty convenient. Although I. I would argue that that you you mentioned Belichick in Brady and it. In these relationship with the agent Alex Guerrero would disagree that they have a great relationship he would he would say no. Exactly exact. Well that's part of the TV twelve formula if you take to order box you can get a tin foil hat with Tom Brady global. The I can't figure right get out your hard though. Takes him for a phone calls again the number 61777979. The 37 we're dealing with Jimmy G. The arrangement syndrome I thought I don't have that you might have read a girl a lot of people the last couple of days you who clearly are suffering. The effects of of Jimmy GD arrangements in Italy there over the top quite the overreaction. Well more on that end it. A real life Barroom. Brawler. Get to that as well we'll do it all and will do it next. We'll get to the Barroom brawler he years in a moment this somebody's upset with the because I mentioned at the beginning of the the hour here beginning 10 PM hour mentioned it. A rainy moss. One of these finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame but I failed to mention Ty Law. And that I somehow overlooked dialogue this is a great crime. Against humanity. Yeah clearly that was my intention clearly. That was the the case there. No no question about it. Art anyway to follow as we go Jimmy gee do arrangement syndrome. The real deal. And do we head now for the first I'm talking discussions last year. Talked to many people since last year we go to Miami and we may have hippie. Is listening to WEEI. And he is here. What's going on weed man history. And I loved. Yeah. You happy now. Oh yeah. On the on and I'd leopard I look at all you every that you. It's. He hit every day I don't. Doug and I you know that'd I'd talk back we may when you were talking route was this a two way commerce. Yeah he's all alone. All eighth inch reduction. Took to Wear me is that right. Well. I don't follow you is that right. I we are you an opera are a little while this seems like a personal. This seems like a personal conversation we mainly I don't know we wanna have this right now. Crashed across and I don't know why he's the producer no one likes you we and I keep telling you that we we look I love but no one else you'd I had I'd. Yeah I'd say that common in big you know which you let it all I'm just now I. I look I bet on the look great. Now he's fives Isiah Thomas is not gonna make the cavaliers are bad you can't stop. It would chase up reduction well. I am all of the out war all I want you to rate of vibration of the planet. Yeah. And Howard do how you doing that we've been how are you raising the vibration of the plane and what exactly doing to get that accomplished. Simple yes we. And our hearts. The my age handing out for restraint on law and science you know you're about global rang up and Chris has the power I don't like this actually. It's thought I'd say we're the you guys to boom they go. Chris job by you I don't know where he got this notion that I don't like him I never said. Yeah outlook. He he needs you he's a very needy person actress and he needs. Constant. He's like a child or poppy. If she's. It would guidance exactly any needs to be patty is like teaching kids how to ride a bike. You know they gonna fall off a few public yet it keeps you're doing a good job not that makes five nothing to worry about here it's all good you know it'll. Yet in you don't constantly give him attention he's convinced. It's you don't like it. Anyway aren't up pressing on from that not love a good bar room brawl. I've never been involved in the fight and have never been and fight and abort Chris have you ever been in a bar room brawl. Do I have to answer this I wanna you know I eat how we have a young more than once known not not more than once just to just the one time. I missed out now how long ago was. About four years ago. Before you and we use the investigator or as the other person needs to the other person is definitely the it's the and I had to remain at the at the establishment after it was also the that was law enforcement called the the you know the the the owner of the bar. Felt that he was the only law enforcement that was needed. Who you have to wash dishes or worse I don't know I was fine he just kicked the other people are OK I was I was standing up for the week. Milk Alaska at that it would if you in a very noble effort but he. I do it I can't yeah well I've never been in a bar room brawl IE it back in my idea in my single days and I was out boozing it up by one point. I came very close to a classic. Fight I it was out I was at a Friday night. With my friend art who are two wonderful man. I always invite RT my holiday parties in every year I haven't worked with him in years but Mir are were out drinking booze and up couple single guys rip disbarred. It was on a Friday night around 111130. On Friday. And a huge drinker but back in those days it director will go to Warsaw district in. And we both have a good time and then I hate doing the right thing doing the adult thing even I was barely a bolt. I made the executive decision is that I got to get out of here. Can still drive and not down not wasted I did not drawn where I can drive but I gotta get out here. Cited your show on a Saturday at an early wake up call. So I said I idiotic. So I took off and my friend art who also had to work early the next morning Sid and on and I'm an engineer. I don't have talk on the radio I'm Wednesday night. There's a there's appalled across the street. And there was. A soccer game that was are both football. And so he's just go over there and I'll watch the football game in the name of that that the soccer games Siegel. And now policy board so I went home I chilled to work the next morning. And my friend art is no word obesity. I he's not he didn't show the work in them like how he acts on last night was have Beers and last night where they look at you and I know where to BC. And so we start calling the radio station starts calling up my friend art Genesis. So we start calling emergency numbers are any job at an emergency number Q some have. So we start calling zone numbers. Finally he. Finally be roommate. Answers early morning he was annoyed it was a Saturday Northcutt woken up early Saturday unless they have to. Andy this guy certainly felt like he didn't have to so he answer the phone. We're in a pit road where his party's essential to work you know they're going all right Annika is extreme in it in these days I don't know where he is an old. You know that like believe Leo love don't collier. Well turned out my friend art had gone to that bar across the street. And ended up getting any massive bar brawl. Over the soccer match soccer. Is big fight. He ended up being taken to the hospital by Emmy Awards. Because because of this and not art was in the military for a number of years. And he was. He was defending the old US of it used orders being there and apparently an English guy. Said screw you and just blind sided and and and that was that was it. For art that particular that I bring this up because the Steelers. Who the patriots have a date with that we assume you know what happens in this room. In the AFC championship team. Several weeks. Todd hey he'll. Be very interesting offensive coordinator who never played in the NFL was like a golfer you know the whole story Todd Haley. Was going out New Year's he would his wife. And in adult. Somehow. Getting all mangled up was involved in not one but two different. Two different incidences. At a bar in its. The Steelers have confirmed. That Todd Haley didn't show the work. On Tuesday. He suffered some kind of hip injury there's a lot of V gay. Cryptic messages going out there on what actually happened here I'd love to get the bottom is the real story. But the Steelers confirmed that there are offensive coordinator. Was injured in eight. All. Happened on New Year's Eve actually based tech who renew your games after midnight. So it happened just after midnight. And needed to show the work in a claim he'll be fine you'll feel. Later in the week and so we've we've put together a little bits and pieces of what happened. Is I'm fascinated by this tennis. But. So that the story is that Todd Haley the incident occurred and he bar called the tequila cowboy. Which which just sounds well it sounds like he could be strip club but but it's apparently is at a regular bar about into the tequila but cowboy hat been out drinking in Pittsburgh and have not been. To that establishment and the the story is that the YE Todd haley's YE. Was also involved in a minor skull that's quarter of the state run NFL network. It happened just after midnight. That indeed. And Haley was supposedly not involved in that these these steeler coach was not involved in that. And did they both left that Barton they were not injured there was no police charges from that incident. And then this is where the cryptic vague part of story comes out. Todd Haley got hurt. Put it happened outside the bar. And that's what historians we don't have the rest of the story. So keep you Matt doesn't really matter like revealing very competitive advantage. If Todd Haley who's been with the Steelers I think since what warning it will always been their for. Five going on six years now and he used to be the coach in the Kansas City back in the day. If Todd Haley was not coaching the Steelers. If he would take a leave of absence because of bad hip person like. Would that impact at all. Via began a course that would not impact the the outcome. Of the the steeler. They treat you wouldn't necessarily handicap the Steelers who wouldn't. Help the much you make it would help them and second our time now for the whoever my game back of the phone calls and gain if you would like to be part the there's a line open for you. 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 937. No calls on this but here's The Who MI game. I am a quarterback who finished my career ranked in the top fifteen as completions. Passing yards. And passing touchdowns as an NFL history I also made over a 174. Million dollars during my. Career with three different teams I never. Appeared in the Super Bowl. Who am I the answer. Next. Open up the whole MI game and right back to the phone calls we go to your late night fine The Who in my game I am a quarterback who finished. My career ranked in the top fifteen in pass completions. Passing yards and passing touchdowns in NFL history I also made over a 174. Million dollars. During my career. Did not ever reach the suitable place for. Three different teams. Who am I that is the question. What is the answer in the answers of blowing you in multiple platforms and everyone trying to this message that I. It's like seven people that are trying to answer a Robbie. Is going with Tony Romo. As his answer. It's these guys that we. We also have. So is it just they're just marvelous we will Matthew staffers actually not a terrible. I guess although I don't believe he announced his retirement. I don't believe in unison. Retirement either be Jay Cutler also guest the correct answer though. Carson Paul amber who did it just announces retire from the NFL although he should've retired several years ago. Carson Palmer ladies of the Arizona Cardinals who said that could jump by you also played. With the raiders in bank goals and a 181. Starts. 174 mil. You can do the math on that he's 38 years old and now. On ski. With the NFL. And you couldn't make it compelling argument. That Carson Palmer. Is the definition. Of average if you receive who's an average quarterback. Who's the gold standard for average quarterback in the NFL certainly of this era. Carson Palmer has he may need to 88 and one record. As a quarterback in the NFL policy. Retires I used to go with Jay Cutler as the definition of average that was always my fallback. Answer but I I've have pressed on from. From that I've moved on from that let's put out to be. Phones any world traveler. What he's not in Dubai he sang and out in Miami. Speed is listening WE. You guys. On a noise what's going on speed. Dubai and Asia and India. How. YouTube there's a lot of ambient noise going on there what's going on behind you Steve. On an album. Gotcha can you tell you on the radios the goodness given a break for a couple minutes. Are we have a darkness not healthy that we have there. And special missions in Austin but I do not one. Impede and blockade your dog from getting treatment Steve. Well accomplished happy and happy New York couple and while I think more people are upset Petri nation all white. Jimmy Jean mystery at all I couldn't feel. Coach you know. Should not read this right through and then he was going to. Possibly sign him. And I am the guy. Wanted to Monday morning America if you wanted to play in especially when Coke we check our chants that merely forgotten our we'll look at. I QG one chip speed packet. To me war when w.s left and I think. That mr. Israel by. You know. And I don't check and and the American thing that were misled because even though that same agent. God eat and it is for both he and Brady and I think it was just and that they were your. Well assuming at least w.s and an established because. We we all know this for sometime this patriots the way it paid to do business is an old it'll talk about these kind of things went. He'd like to think that the conversation took place and that they actually asked. Drop below whether or not he was OK with come back next year. And it again this depends on Robert Kraft whether he was willing to spend the money if they had to go down franchise tag avenue. And given 25 million dollars or whatever it is to be a backed up. Next year he's but he would have upset. A lot of people who don't make that money actually playing games and you have been making more money and Tom Brady would have been it would have been a big hot mess. If they'd gone down that road but you wouldn't like to know if you if you're the patriots you wanna know for sure the grapples I gotta play I'm tired of being a backup. You wanna know that before you trade the guy for a bag beads. Well not yeah I think more patriot nation for her at what was. BC and not to say that he's a world beater and so far he's been back and we don't know I can say they don't know long term but the fact of the matter. So many teens need a quarterback. Definitely I kept seeing how. That he couldn't get a Morgan's mom okay even tough. The 49 Andersen accountant if you read our stories check there it would take it to just sit and Carla. Or China what is not mentioned here. This commitment to market non negotiation and I'll let you know that I think the harder part for me to send it back. We're happy to see Jimmy you go. Do well but what we've got to channel remember it does not mean that thirty. Second there it that now it will forties so non will portray sort of and let it become a little bit worse because. We. He's denied it does if you wanna budget games god I did take it a dog get out east because it did the dogs calling you name. And beaten get immediate medical treatment for that puppy mills I've. Day. Anyway. This market Louis story is fascinating to me fascinating to me that he is. He is the second longest tenured coach in the NFL behind. Bill Belichick. And there is a chance. Depending on how this plays out Martin Lewis got a two year extension if you believe what these Ben gals. Are saying. It is possible with Bill Belichick has each change of heart in decides in the next year or two years to step aside and just become an executive. Where the patriots who just leave they'd be NFL all together we don't think he can do. We could do it I don't think he will do. But think of why don't scenario. Which is not that lot. Which is not so up the Bill Belichick decides after the 2018. Season. I've had enough. I'm Doug skis I'm gonna hang out I'll be some senior ambassador. All BO liaison. Between him and the new coach in albeit executive but I am not gonna coaching. That Marvin Lewis. Could end up the longest tenured active coach. In the NFL. That that's all with one team that's all that's standing in the way from Manhattan. And seven. Trips to the playoffs in the old. Playoff wins that was the blind side move of the day in the NFL it always coaches and we're gonna talk a lot about that next hour with the different rumors have been popping up about. Matt Patricia and and also the of the rest of the not just him but the several patriot assistant coaches. That have been speculated about possibly. Any of his head coaches but Marvin Lewis who had his visa epic had had been written there right his greatest goal was being made. As coach of the Bengals. And now he's gonna continue on at least for another year if not another two years is Cincinnati. Giving him a contract. Extension. That is that is mind boggling that they decided to it to do that is. Rarely. Do they get. The NFL in segregated that role. Right A they had this guy garden and now he's. He's gonna continuous Motley pissed that what the Bengals. Helped lead the bills get the playoffs by beating the ravens. I find that hard to believe. If that had anything to do this it's more likely than not the frugality. Of the ownership there in Cincinnati that that would be the the reason there are some mitigating factors shall we say. In that scenario. The them of all the NFL stories that's the award from from the last 24 hours that is just. I'm not shocked that a Haley got into a bar room brawl or outside a bar room. I'm not so people critical of Todd Haley the steeler coach why he would go out. Toolbar near the steelers' stadium but they played they played on Sunday there it's right down the street that's where all the hot bars are in Pittsburgh I completely understand you get it. Goes out. But I have a lot of people brought new use I don't Micah. Pooh pooh that part of our again there's a lot open for you 6177797. 93 said his knee bend Mallard here were hanging out. Late night is that Jimmy G the arrangement syndrome continues to drive people. Battie although he won't drive anyone Battie for the near. The near future because the 49ers will not play another game. Until past summertime with the end of summertime when they get back at it's enough to worry about him winning game. This weekend that ain't gonna happen but we will spin the coaching carousel round and round and round it goes we'll get to that more your folk multiple thing. It will do it next.