K&C - Tom Brady on the possibility of losing Josh McDaniels; WFAN has found its new afternoon show 1-3-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 1: Tom Brady on the playoffs and possibly losing his coordinator.  Also, Gerry, Kirk and Reimer mocked WFAN's new divetime show.  


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He's current. Get the rumblings out of Boston in local Boston media course I think grapples but it Brady Belichick's hand was kind of forced the airport to camp will Mark Brady got to move on from Jimmy G and I know for a fact there's AFC teams that we're willing to give a first and a second round pick for Rob Lowe. I know Jimmy grew up butch utility adopting quarterback one of the best players beliefs and that's indication just question torture now with Gerry Callahan. President front this evening responding to the nuclear threat from North Korean way that the world is frankly never before heard from an American president you know doing in his right please inform them that I too have a nuclear button single nuclear weapons and other things but it is a much bigger and more powerful one and is excluding some bad things in my button work. Sad thing here everybody god bless the united church had Kirk man who's in Roemer who I don't care what you already little Chihuahua Chihuahua. Mark Embarq Embarq Embarq Embarq. Yet you want the weasel my point is I would never usual pre and snake he's a weasel Warren Buffett now I have the room for ST yeah pretty little. So if he Chihuahua in the jokes the look I don't see it on Sports Radio W. Hey dealings. It's going on it didn't take me long to get any lousy. Here I'm not in lousy lousy lousy. Carol nuclear war. Here vote. What would put up. What was a storm called the bomb cyclones. In the with all bonuses. All mullah Genesis days and was always a question that were distracted as well. Yeah I don't you talk. He's right. Right and what I thank them all slowed Genesis yes and a site on the site of the bombs cycle and be right polar vortex. Spawned cyclone yeah those who I was right it's a bomb cyclone come our way younger but that he did not care that's that's because your leg room and that's why I try to be the Democrats. What what you're you what would put you remove them it's. The get to later you're right there is a kind of the the storms that indeed was demanded RB. Letter on Tuesday asking quite gentleman would bump ready for every like -- people would like yeah and he would more he would man the storm coverage but he did during the terrible story coverage of that voice -- right he's got a Super Bowl did not want a lesser apple did not wanna hang out with Kirk and Arizona so man the storm Covert torture you're allowed to say anything here your partnership deals segment which will be I agree you have a market you're great I asked him a trump how can he supports Donald Trump I need to guide me how you really argue with that I like so soft spot to the library to take pictures with them stuff to yourself you have to me it's. Which would deal you didn't get in Chinese politics of these did you tweet that I own and I saw each weeded out he's very excited to my duty I just hate it I know you've this groom politically but did you like him was he personal mine eyes and its holdings I was like these guys against not an Indian and I don't now gotten in these days than on our Erica hill before it it's sort of sound like to me that's just our right it's not fronted the same thing yeah it is our map now -- are making out with I was ambassador to New Zealand irascible and you know not bad it was just weird like bad -- historic wasn't it wasn't like real -- grounded -- remember that's. And though it was fake news. And yeah you work cues to deal evoking a prompt guys that he was Q is co chair of the trump campaign in Massachusetts I set I was I was the other out of your nice guys soft spoken to outside used to target from start missed it was arrogant I even got into deep discussion about the tactic landing corporate tax or does like to talk politics and I'm understanding you got re with and the it's a deal. Forty what is certainly fill lights sort of people Rezko wizard that argues that people and talk about twenty defends trump on Twitter but it wouldn't you wouldn't want to change hearts and minds. I was disappointed because. I mean it's so easy to depend trumpet this point for our account value. Last night was great run their imprint of nuclear war buried it I'm not on the brink of nuclear war of words and down so it's so it's called a watch and you weren't slumming cycle bombs lined a ball cyclone. Okay joining us right now by the ways shall kicks off on media hotline is Tom Brady's he does each and every week I'll get your read in the second counts for those of armor how are you this morning. And so what's your mindset right now is watching. Sports in this one of these pregame shows her I've figured they were among them I think was Bill Powers suggesting. You may suffer little arm fatigue after this long. Season what is your process during the bye to use coaching did you give her arm rest as it is no different and their bye week. What's the strategy of the next couple weeks. Well it's great to try to learn. Newton would have beaten Purdue Madeleine here physically to get ready. Later that commitment again because it was quite an amount very much so. That I could mean different things for different people in. The team gonna compare currently. Based on what could go to won't have duplicate. Hopefully not ever one that's what little got a little too. You know be ready to go early in the year. Everyone makes seem unusual to have a week of practice without knowing who you're playing but you guys do this all the time is eight straight year. What the first from buy do you even mention our. Do the does the potential opponents even come up this week or is it just about you guys. If it's mostly about. You know I think although finger on it you know who were prepared for it and now there's a lot of scenarios so. I think it's just more folk song what we need to do better than what we can do and how can do better. Now you evaluate kind of how things have gone over the course you're. You know about specific sample size. They're the things we've been good act in May have been so good. And you know now. Really it's it's it's game became so you know you have basically certainly plays lessons he's in. And if you do goes well you earn the right sort of looks certainly probably so. Whatever we do you know it's. It has to be you know our very best order there's no guarantee beyond that and. And I know you won't say you know we you'd like to play but there are three potential opponents I believe you played one of them you play buffalo twice. It would it would be easier fit the four buffalo that advance because you know them so well. You know whoever the people would have won a playoff and so you know they'll be confident and although some sort of quite well where we can go to click back over the course extra weeks ago. It'll be good team lucrative book flow Tennessee or Kansas City and you know they'll fight it out you know it could trust to be able to you sit here. You know target in the second round so. I don't think we get caught up too much and who it is or it's more how we play I think that's how we approach it's not where we always who we play. You know how we play them and you know we. Take care of all the you know convert on third down a score in the red area we. You know stopped a lot of sweet you know do all things don't talk on a weekly basis quote negotiate. What made around here last couple weeks so vote. You're played a close up the season obviously numbers weren't as good as say that 1213 weeks before any reason for that did we do agree with up your play over the last month wasn't as good as the two months before. You know our eyes Mario cart prepared the same way billion yen you know try to block Erin and plays hard working and so. You know it's so on the Joyce Littel at your current inspection. I. Entered were lost Tom here on line called back. Let's do. What Tom called back in the second. Yeah so what Clinton went what did you hear book covers thing. Say good power may boost sentiment on shows for parents have been suffering from mechanical arm fatigue but Sims and got I think obviously we've seen the numbers of the last five games but I agree with the forget it was one of those guys that he can't count against him it's below zero not everyone looks out of sorts and no one looks good right as any any player any skill position player look good when it's zero degrees now now known Tom joins us now during our stock at times it is it when you look at a game when you look at a game like this past weekend. I mean in the weather like that you must sort out the window when you when you're trying. You know. If you are you applying to take a look at film now. You know I didn't get. When when you play games like to let you know and yell and weather to cold weather knows no rings. Uncle told that the opponents. You know it's you know for example this past weekend or not. You know the weather so we just need to be able to perform better than the other team. You know it's it's obviously it worked challenging program but he just being out here in 92 and anything what it's. You know negative would go at it more challenging that you know the goal is to win games so a quarter. When you you withdraw their practice in the way. Not talk about it talk about things we can do our weapons that we can't do. Just based on. Conditions but that's as part of playing the games so. You know glad we handled it better than the other team. Last weekend you know if there's weather didn't. Couple weekends hopefully we can handle better than the other teams so that's part of football here. You know in doing when it's different than you know playing in a place where it's maybe the climate could colder. You know I think we really use that to an advantage. Because we practiced in it because we're used to it. You know I think we've had a pretty good record over the years of a plane in winning in tough conditions so that just speaks to that mental toughness is routine and deal with whatever conditions we have but it's pretty. Hopefully we can use those things has an advantage. They were there was a series. We're Brandon cooks just didn't look like he was on the same page when you Tom and look frustrating for both of you. It miscommunication. And should not should that not be worked out by now this is week seventeen. No I mean it I think there's things like that you. You'd learn every time you take a field wouldn't you organize and play together for a long time I played with Wes Welker are but yup French Lick. Kirk brown for a long time and I you know things come out that they haven't talked or never come out this article you. Are you guys worked together for a long term there's things that come out there you know you'd. You know maybe you would do a bit differently at this situation can't get all those are positives on a moment. You know it is also its. That's been really ever goes to plan I think that's part of you know plan in doubt you know I think we're happy that work you know thirteen three what have you re yeah. You know have done the job this year put ourselves in this position but as we move forward we all want one saint eight under replace its. What is this move would no clinical costs. And you know when you're a single elimination tournament if there's a lot of there's a lot at stake or whatever would work or it went so. And hopefully we can really narrow down where what were like civil order to have it be understood were not as good at try to just. You know do our very best excuse there are level. Let me ask you a question you just just intellectually when you see guys walking around for a game like that. On Sunday in my T shirts and shorts some guys were no shirts Bill Belichick is in the sixties walking around in shorts and T shirt. What what what exactly is going on in the minds of these people doing this it seems like madness to me. Now. That's a pretty hard core and the ads that it could be that bad in those conditions. And there are those colder today so it's in colts I don't know for a couple weeks now. And maybe compared for a few minutes play. I don't understand that there were a couple hours or guys. You know playing with with hardly you know anything on that's that's pretty cool. I hear Belichick and he knew compared to other bad weather games but the difference to me. Snow can be fun playing in the snow and if you look like him on rain can be fun mud. But that's no fun echoing its hero solicit and others puts a different sport everyone looks miserable players coaches refs fans everyone looks miserable when it's below zero. Yeah well it's just it's. There's nothing you can do there's no way to get around it right there could be a lot of our our most memorable. It and now. But we haven't had to get those critical one reserve and other critical the last. I don't know 56 years and that very few snow and even though the weather and cold. But maybe we'll get more coming up who knows who would have won this year which was on. You know the freezing cold weather and I think when he gets says. Negative wind chills and we have an outdated practice. On Thursday it was just we don't have the exit out that would have as coach which obviously a lot of players. Play within your outlook for a couple of hours to be pretty tough. Weather that you're used to a little bit. You know but it there's no way to get out. Are you surprised at all the drop Lewis played as well as he has have you seen a lot of government at all now. I haven't watched it is urging them really. As good source folks on our team obviously it. You know for them to win we've all heard and that's that's pretty great so I'm really happy for him and you know he did a great job. I was read the story Tom carver story over the weekend I was looking out here this morning you wrote from the like grapple is drafted 2014. Troy about Belichick mentioned Eurasian contract status until the patriots pick up the phone and called the niners there was never a moment Brady didn't view him as a kid anointed to take his job that you looked at. They have I don't think about it look inside your honor its article on two aspect do you know so this team man. You know there's been a lot of players drafted over the years and other quarterbacks drafted him. On I don't think that ever taken away from what you know mark folks are corporation has been and so. Yeah I think everyone on the team that you're helpless when the market players out. The better it is for everybody yeah. You know that's the extreme sports so I think yes Tim grace. You know competition and yeah that maximizes every once. And really get the best whatever but he. So that's. That's not have argued that. He played sixteen games already which is more than you played all last year post season Super Bowl included I believe you missed few at the beginning of the year has ever called. 35 sacks I don't know if you think that's a lot or little yet won only one game this year we didn't get sacked our I know you always. Talk about not being sore and how you take care yourself but do you are you feeling. Any unusual way aren't there and will this it will be okay after two weeks off. Yeah I like he'll get it deserves some bumps and Brazil chose duke over or seek gauge my physical sport everybody so. You know just unhappy if you look I think I've said before you know to they missed or he's. Outlook might be an outlook pretty tough mentally physically. Try to argue and that he then you know claim and played all sixteen weeks I think there's a really positive feeling about that the united. You know I'm happy where elections to be at now what we don't have. They didn't you know actual bumps and bruises the Koichi actually matched up so hopefully by next Harry and I don't feel on the most is good to have all your. That's that's what local. Fills it with passes the last three or four years during this first bye week it's interview time for the coordinators Patricia obviously your guy. McCain as is and are going to be interviewing here during the week you anticipate. McCain is giving you jobs seems like this year what gon had seen that this year more than others and that's inevitable now. I haven't spoke with her. Not to understand obviously what people you know we have those guys. You know at the top of their list. You don't just done an incredible job he's an incredible coach and brick land. And you know it yet it's that time of year where he uses oracle to get their opportunity and a lot of coaches you know got fired and the other guys get tired you wanna take the good ones. And you know we have some great coaches and Josh is kind of the agriculture miso. You know all those things sort themselves out there and you know that's I'm sure he'll be focused on our team what you need to do to help us winter audio when it when it when the time comes. We all know how vital ground is to the cause you know so that when he didn't play a few weeks although he did win the Super Bowl without last year. He played Sunday did you take it. Upon yourself to keep them healthy but not no phone put him in danger prone to move in the middle as that was a part of the plan just don't know it Crockett. No I've that was an overall it was just you know some ask a question of the game you know crock and guitar if I didn't realize there's something that don't. You don't know. You know when you're out senator Carl Kruger reports that play clock but about the sense it. You know you think about execution and obviously we're not trying to knock on the all I think. Every time on the ball a positive thing just for one reason or another just to get the looks at it yet so. You know we we won a game and yen. You know that was a positive way you know York's one interpreted also certainly someone has theirs is critical. Are you surprised it's it's it's kind of wild deeply dislike going at once head coach are you surprised that the consistent turn over each and every year with head coaches in the league anything that is 6% on every single year. There are it's part of the Arctic where. It's a tricky thing to me continuity is such a key to success. But I think you know from the pro level. Down to the college level. You know there's there's so much more that now. You know which I guess is really good for the teams that can't keep the continuity I think in a way that's been really great last. Not to get. Our per player. Our coaches if you know you have to kind of restart every couple years but you know that's just that's your fellow. Maybe it's always been like that of notes certainly you feel that way now others oats. What you coaches. You know that kind of common goal but we are great continuity and I think that's just. It's been great it's really credits you know I think our coaches. You know our players organization for being able to keep everyone together and I think keeper one other women. And there are a lot of things are going to win and losing games. And not feel like we noticed. You know we had a great we got a great run in the continuity of great poker recruit you don't. Speaking of head coaches are you ready to give up on coach Harbaugh yet you you can't beat Michigan State he can't beat Ohio State and you are not the only Big Ten team to lose a bowl game. I'm not I hear might have a lot of people believe it would not come across one expert should we have been. It is have been able to win this does is bigger gains in this year is actually is what spurred by. You know they'll they'll be back there always are finally significant recruiting class and coach Harbaugh critical. And if you Wear this but Rich Rodriguez is available to him he's got fired I get flyers owner. There are as. You know yet validates economists in a dispute that you know Kurt Carr was the man he's. He'll do a great job. Our quarterback question of the week is brought to you by northeast men's clinic I did you explain this to me to caucuses sometimes I get them sometimes they don't explain to me. These cartoons after the games war who who's doing this well this process behind it is it's a subject of great speculation on the social alligator yes yeah we are all these things yet. They're there. You know I think those on the restart last year is just you know to have some fun with. You know social media spin and you know one thing they can't be involved in electing. Just bring a little levity you know some of these games and some of the wins have been on so there are a little different meaning. And we talk about a million guys that I that I work was so. Now hopefully people enjoy it I think there's nothing more than actors it's. A you know just a fun thing to do and I think people enjoy it he. Shout at the moment. I have been revealed what the alligator meant. Not an idea who it's a mystery. Well we let me ask you before you on Twitter and like. No I've never been in Twitter I've never got any Hewitt and I think I was a little late and take it to that. You know conducting cat people without some of them announced it was it has got to know when used. Doctor sees FaceBook is mostly good. I never really there on Twitter. Were you do and that was that New Year's Day. Country and boast about migration was that. We suggesting that's the hangover cure the TV twelve electric lights. It's helpful elect elect are very helpful in it and a talk to your hydration injured or not you guys not much I care about. We in the overtime. Without hung over the years yes let. There's nothing there's nothing worse than bad and that's why stop drinking honestly it was there's nothing worse than bad hangover actually nothing in the world nothing. I think. Yes let's units yes that discourages you a lot from want to stay out late eager too much. I mean everyone has their moments. I think what you have here that he took a lot harder look thanks. Our time talking next week thanks a lot. That Tom Brady brought you by house. Lubricate and northeast electoral distributors DCU -- for a credit intimated he CC duke and north east and I put it out out of a great bodies yeah yeah I was always always hand he said that that's a hangover cure or not it was implying something everything looked and looked so fresh. Don't it was rubbing and getting free drinks at all fizzled. Clients into expensive read on it yes yes yes he would because he's never denied we've asked them before numbers and I'm never drank. A valid drank streaks now not like you're on much me. Yeah you monitor droplet and to know that from that and imposed last. Now let's us know that it's not -- -- right yeah of course I'm glad I picture room and you know on vacation or some haven't real expensive good red wine churned north Italy turns suspension you don't think he had a few then went into these we Jenin knob and have not chosen for but he's he's he can be preachy but not above that I can of worms like you would say like anything else erected access right. We know only he says and he drinks beer. Yeah once source from the offseason Beers so it mimics just feel so bloated though beer that made an an MBA lot of current I don't know partly Perry's hardly mattered I really think anything is killing guys gin and tonics that she's Richard did you see the yes and it had not you'll get a lot of bloat is weekend do for his time stated we should do that story and headlines at gin and tonic as a sign of a psychopath. I don't write in yes and that's Rima read them and Curtis really ultimately you're much too young to be drinking Jeanne I'm swearing off beard and I decided after this week in May until a suitable to collect told don't know enough and I told you get life in general much to blow usually fat little so so what he got a weak against the analysts are okay yeah I wanted to sewed up inside with a splash a cramp Anderson that you're doing the show with us and you're doing the show Turco Zoellick at 10 o'clock in the yes I. They ought to checks they are good but not until both places and that's right and really it's more TV time and I'd still hasn't everyone's dives January 3 is still on your I just I don't go to Pastrana and I turned yes I really this was a gimmick diet now is it and there's no gimmick that does it just. Everything we're eat less you weren't gonna need more data chips or something on the excellent songs again but the pitches but I can't I can't my own reason why can't about the terps. Permanently. Personal. Sentimental remains. Your mother's favorites as well as good a guess could guess what you wanna hear my story. I'm sure you ensure excellent. Turn out a couple was literally literally. My father was dying days and we're sitting there and he was in and out murderer and you know on the coached in game text and my wife and I were talking about. It was right around that time text him a former friend but don't know in my life I was talking. You know yeah your hours and so I was music and talk from eating healthier than what you have. It with a sandwich you know he you have talked about hardy's sandwich with a chip and a possible obstacle is actually it's I it's and we were discussing its use and you can have a side salad and soup and it just boring conversation coleslaw and I thought my father was asleep and he kind of was as cozy as. Tennessee which is important that. If the that's that might have been his final advice bit of advice to me Wednesday and was good advice testy chips life's too short I agree unless shear zone more. Obese and Omega actively baked lay's assistant Iowa license and on my problem would be when you get the big bad about homes the issue right now is when do you stop it you know what else through some really good chips that invented in recent years as companies when I was it was ladies obliged she goes we get to shield it now because all these these kettle chips in the bigs can make your press is not really what would you say want your senior sub -- two hours care unit and owning ready just yet they keep barbecue chips is discussed below levels are guild chose I told him I didn't always think your moment run. Not possible and read about in that stake flavored. Ruffled when yes so good is always different play Rios they're good they're good but those are good flick reform right jacket chow right it was a bad light I'd attribute I don't know I should pass radio for news they have these kettle chips that are macondo. Not flavored bizarrely out of soils are good and they're so good to us they're so good I'm sure they're excellent it is going prelude to the editors of big sacrifice immediately to develop chips I should tell you I guess now that would be disappointed flights to and if you get your celebrities who have lent this year. What given up last year I'm saying but this year they do it again and election. Well it's hard thing to give up on coffee. If you can pick and now dad would be definitely not want to do that music off yet it. At the bats are good question I cannot speak here that I afflicted continue to pursue your Reynolds was talking about food now. Jesus let's teased about those are really wanted to do it now there is there a split there there are order exit into the conversation is at a buffet the better question pepperoni slices and some ads to show their lives there once. It was like an all out. We won't get that we want to hear your the battle. The stuff because I wouldn't want an unhealthy lifestyle. Why what would you did a lot FT clean and healthy should have any hard screening assay that. It's what you need to clean. It clean digest all you well. It I was at in turn it's your fault Jerry a colonoscopy colonoscopy is writing a minute deal to get those streets. Six months that Obama won on the show what other sugar you encumbered the greatest player in NFL history and perhaps most. All prominent amateur basketball coach Craig stands notes. All you can ask all those together and hyping that at all one page one because Brady enjoys talking. Dean much when he addressed socket at me that's true that's true but I kept like us that some medina's hypotheticals were finally eliminated and you know people wonder Lemond asked that before I was gonna ask with a scuba suit presents we've asked that is so boring I sent them and and but the question among what Belichick right now. Why would you ever expect an answer to that means each rights council please watch and gaming. Well what's the answer going to be. He writes that snow courtesy edge right now this happened this guy did this this and we got to make sure we do a book club right brings up I have to wearing a wearing shorts before games he told our total at least you have to shirt on but and the game started he used at more layers on any of what was the point that I know plus some players think that it feels less cold. If you. Hello without a shirt on like Ryan's she's a year that's has moved Harrison didn't you to get a little they are quorum to feels more warm II wants plating on the forget wasn't as Copeland real cold game and halftime we got next to me. And I and I can't remember his name was like back took his. You know his shirt off and news pads. As soon as shirtless in the locker who you do when he goes. You feel less cold we go on a second half ago that's not true I know techniques such a hard answer on Ali about yesterday to use him. You know big -- China the Arctic conditions and understanding Belichick's theme is ignoring the noise ignoring the distract their les -- and ends but so it's it's you're making hand if you think it's not a miserable experience for everybody also put a ten chipping -- from it was -- said that they jets tomatoes in their heads into the night colder than yesterday that was COLT played outside number the jets to its -- did you elect candidates were defeated by clicking yes and David there's blames on that he's the quarterback highlighted a five to ten now mines and war and and you know to fans want that watch you lose they're already looking at the quarterbacks this four quarterbacks are three quarterbacks this thing can we get on mature adult and -- this massive net interest on the over the stadium as fans were insane look forward game I was encouraged that there were very few left at the end that showed me some systems and the guardian and patriot nation. And did you ever see it crotch shot with a fan didn't look miserable outlook for an awful spears I mean they show that fan. One of the papers had him curricula frozen beer and it looks home near his national army in the office and Joey comes showed. Doing Richard no desire to be there. I was out about yesterday you just stand and look at his own whole time what's the point no easy mistake and that is based on easy thinking of sand some analysts like he's thinking of since the Kirkland he shouldn't of said that if you're yes it was he's afraid of these reasons everyone's afraid of the league that's the case of fresh ideas on a fight with -- isn't losing this fight and he's got something in mind that you did wrong something that you would like this I think he's it's up. Will you be exact come in our office not some else. Now we didn't know that it was him now that he's subpoenaed charge or prime. I at. Well all I can pay off that he's going to pay off the tees and how the bath house was on new Nazr shall learn don't sound like carrot sticks and a felony account I yacht had to do everything in my with a column and it's hard. But yeah we just we got a picture of my chips my new favorite chips. Their chops their cooked and avocado oil with Himalayan salt and it's like the harder it's like talking of electric and about light Beers and underdog because it's light it's just rationalizing I'll admit that I've had these these are very animated take on a cot I'd put the kettle chips I agree count of sugar a canned stump beat him. Gonna be hard. I'm going to be hard. You are re going to be hard to give them an excellent. Don't give for Edison and what I want to do. We do Micah outside felons to vote no and I'll give up Fox News this is a car that dictated where my gonna get real news MSNBC. Screw them all into the present we get back by actual work by him last Twitter city's wants and so I'm 100% in now I meet trump can I bring oldest people to order Shaughnessy Dino and trot out today through key constituencies. Hashed that's always a lot of taxes. It's we agreed between art Powell talked about Pakistan and it's just such a hard look at between them 617 he shows he's cuts. We'll tell some stuff what Shaughnessy team's 617779790%. Opens and any secrets today we'll be right. Vision of the lead and Jake Tapper we're gonna begin with breaking news president front this evening responding to the nuclear threat from North Korean way that the world is frankly. Never before heard from an American president. North Korean leader Kim Jung on just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times will someone from his depleted in food starved regime. Please inform him that I too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one and he is and my button works unplug. May be difficult for some of you at home to wrap your mind from the US president who makes statements like this about the use of nuclear weapons which would of course. Murder. Millions of people I'm not her murder. I also this. Was amazed that we have. That would surprise me effectively but nothing it's true now all right whatever it's midnight and not to turn into MSNBC rates amount for a minute are you on hands against. Law I'm gonna sneak peak their line that is aside from Erica that Malia I'm like yeah we're both Hansen. That is on the trans fat issue we ask what she's that is the sound the trumpets one. Fact if he won me if you Iraq's nuclear war we just go up whatever it was that was my reaction is. What did you think it's going to be do nuclear war. Well you know what. You're one was bad you're too will be even where's there's kill this guy want her husband is awesome and year to will be better he is on any rule is the JV team like what's been happening lately he's always trying to isolate and JV down into TV I just happen decimate liquidity in the all the adults leave like if you adults in the White House labs and they all he can go home this then what happens so one of nobody talked to rustic. I'm sorry that's right you're wondering you know it's usually took a lot like her columns have that debate routine when a man tries now I try to went to fight a different. Call all the policy I don't agree what to do with me last year so the show even Regina golly I tease him say OK Ian a Paul's and did this. Howard in the same on the same I mean obviously that that tweet was off the rails. Talk about the size has bought and -- -- but it can actually don't don't say Hoosier options Hillary but what's your defense for Donald from my defense is the tweeting is superfluous stuff as a matter and I aren't so Hillary threaten nuclear war you actually are warmonger and a second there of course are occasionally I don't want to prepare and Hillary and that's I said I thought Hillary cart and saying look there's nobody on its own. You're defense is between these on port Wheaties although he thinks is a big reason why we elect right he does and you know what he could be very effective tool that could be way to circumvent the fake news. You look at other people's tweets including senator Sanders Mike Pence tweeting boot I'll even Donald Trump June on top junior is pleased to GB support insist he's not the losers we tweet from Downey is he's a he's a little monkeys here not to use loser. Put will let me finish stop sheriffs are dropping dead but they he's such a paper. They total loser. Generally own brand mobile U senator senses as an example she tweets in clear English she tweets and declarative sentences knows the language she spells things right she doesn't capitalize randomly. Ask our random quotation marks around and quotation marks an enemy and I eat if you president grows too bad news fatal hit Apple's yet and said he's lost that. But if he could do that. I think we all agree it's a very effective tool and it is away to stick to the fake news. The thing that drives me nuts when he took many tweets like like Dino elect you know some crazy person right you say. Where's the filter where's the guy sitting with him the girl what we are able to get into careers there's also this I I have no. I have nothing but love for them and we treat socially activist of the bid but the nuclear thing right step to get the nuclear war that's not important always to the import the presidents of the United States tweets out. I as as that was which prompt you always look to make sure it's because it was mark there was too much looks like chapter two moments yesterday where I double check the blue check mark when when Marvin Lewis signed a two year deal and and shift between that I saw that can't be true and then when Donald Trump tweeted this I will be. How would be an bouncing all caps here folks the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year. So are the awards themselves corrupt it's clever yet to make this very perhaps it is very catchy as he hosts itself to match show you how the events leading the most dishonest and corrupt media warts of the year on Monday at 5 o'clock. Sub pixel covered dishonesty about reported in various categories from fake news media's that you are fake news site stated this is the. Precedent of the United States the leader of the free world. And he's having a hell of a year is and an office a year and accomplish amazing things I am I may fan bucket. What the hell is he talking embodies on Mondays you really gonna -- his sport he sported being pressed and this is the likes is he's really gonna do what we got o'clock because if he doesn't like a FaceBook wives tell you would watch that up corporate hands out awards at 5 o'clock on Monday is it gonna get to near tactic for after he gives them another one on one question you know these boards I love up before to reporting the good sense of humor he should go take award to picture them as they mild they hate him that I hate them they hate the maritimes some like Lakeland Bob Woodward said when they covered Nixon they didn't have this real. In a mustard into an inning mocking way they didn't obviously like talk about himself on what they mean but the but the lead did Jean Hsu goes in these in these other Costas these other G-8 prisons and the fraud Richard he's at times they just despise him so what touched or restriction smarter than Donald Trump. A probably about some more popular man in politics and all the trouble of course but that's that's what trumps growing wanted to bring you bread dough but there's a purpose of us are out in a drought that's too and I think that tropical how consultant and we think of one of the time we're not attracted you to guess he has also wants of the ridicule and ultimately I'd number ridicule him and I'll blame the media for the but I have a phone but there. See you can't do you can't look objectively anything he does what Jerry you UN and opinion not a moron you're the president's speech is an idea come out Jessica most dishonest across the I could theoretically OK that seriously take it let's turn this research okay what does that have to do what's a immigration okay let's talk what what does that have to what is he doing integration on nothing as we've got to what is that going to Ventura nothing. I mean he can't spell I am capable of separating the two you're not which is disappointed I have to say. I'm disappointed to act and how it's I didn't know that the president does not of sound mind disguised mentally I'd say he's crazy and humbly ask you again and it's just a must read the transcript of any interview I'm gonna ask are you satisfied me adults it. For me proof of god bless the united seriously this guy who has. I'm just tell wanted to you know plays and shop out two point sound currencies god bless the united church. It's dancers came little Lucy and all that against the noticing that happened outside he played the dominant just come down there and he played golf on New Year's Day it was great heat and new. Played golf on news they would Fred Funk in his son. He shot a 36 on the front according to everybody did better plus are we. Pop and I joiner I don't I don't know if I like him John unions it's even they did it this Kit Bond and on Vaughn Taylor look. Taylor bonfire for Penske Taylor fund name. You know fund videotape that host it and then they made him take it down later he shot 36 on the front nine said he. Missed a few shots. On the back nine yet but he had like he broke eighty. He's gone the rains. Workers say it's his private life better for the country right let me just phase out the way I mean I I'd obviously mark Obama plan all the time Adam mocked them for little comic props really commit atrocious smash Obama's. Squash is what he was dribble drive the fake news he golfed about a quarter of the day's his presidency are you ever go unseat I've sent you and I don't think yours you know quite as Smart as say Kirk or me but you're you're not a dummy. And Alex. Is it that hard to use the threats of war. Is that hard views separated his words from his deeds is the actions. Let me finish or so let me finish for a while on all the awesome things they're OK with sheets holed some pictures there that was a common not appear. Angle which is separate his actions from his tweets why is that so hard for you to do I can ridicule the tweets I just explain to you why they're disappointing. They're dumb. Has nothing to do with the tax because I'm not sure what's. His policies like the worst conservative that's his policy in his personality is tweets he's unhinged you don't you don't and cutting the corporate tax rate from thirty C thirty what one. That's not good order eating animals and the benefits go to the top 1% that is a pot that is about how we get it rather where does he have a solution in this Richard you re when there is more wealth disparity whatever people revolution. When we have an uprising in this country it's gonna happen to look at you guys are students of history for sure when there is a wide wide popularity and well what's gonna top 1% in the bottom 90% there is a rent a little bit the DC our resilience and wider ache and your well. And damaged and lives that was under Obama it is clothes it's only increase the ceiling electrons you really read that because that's that's they talk one that's not true 8% of vanity that is not true and top 1% and so what if the benefits go to the people who pay the taxes possibly when you cut taxes you know what happens you gets the tax breaks. The ones who paid the taxes do you think they should have cut taxes on the poor. What they would yes yes I guess portal ask my taxes stood in the middle class that I support don't today I was just and that's it. 40% taxes the top 1% increased 40% more in a fortunate. So that's OK it's worse less than you know answers and irregulars and finally. It should be going to funding. First education act. I don't I pitched real well there and trust respond but we have actually a fundamental disagreement you know we've got you know that if you investing meddling middle class people lower compete with any right now Heidi added that most people that public education that's what they just for kids and vessel as a matter of us greatly the government is doing at Texas I don't trust the government. It's easy it is you. That's a little more corporations yes those people call I originally if you register and all try to make more money just can tell you Lockett for themselves not tell if anybody is my or you give me yours in an in the argument against. Cutting corporate tax it's I don't even understand because the money goes to their pockets that does not value the workers the CEOs speaks and money hostile crowd so I literally see right now I've literally seen dozens and dozens of stores yesterday it was Southwest Airlines with a gave every employer files Obama and he's smarter OK let me finish please to one dollars I would well you're smarter than that but I don't think you are now so you think giving a hard working guy. Thousand dollars a good promises CEOs again do you not think giving thousands often get more some more important I. And as etiquette you onetime payment of a thousand dollars a ticket costs and wildly with every single day out there so what. Who care video monitors they do just won the first ever. There's temperature gets really did a thousand dollars right now just once they wouldn't change my life to doing Dyer dog yeah I would I would be happy for it is OK to ask why so. Instead ask you about in the thousands dollars. The government keeps you tickets that are well yes because they do best on turned public education public education syndicate at college or cheaper money is what any money until you slugger Mike Gundy at least I'm just can't waste waste away to college so cheap I Barack Obama question series from question you shorts in the gulf now I'm telling you that's why is one videotape for treason would block the view. He looks fast and Eagles weeds of it looks fatter and he covers it would suits he changed died in your. Actually get this video currents this can a little fun video. There's a story with the W yeah we get to the video down these kids be kids not cynical much duty did anyway is never gonna play were twelve moron. But but you understand that our corporate tax rate was the highest in the world how it's not right Alex so are companies you've this company. On this day new balance can compete on we're saying is he can do with rose some other problem is the bottom 90% so you could sure 1000 adults are hardworking guy looking to pay his bills that's a prom. You're making interview are spoiled if you make 38000 dollar little years 38 reindeer to say now and you can't get what you guys that I. If you make that kind of number and that point and you have a mom and dad knew who agent things yes. And you get a thousand dollars that's a money. I just get one hit it's when it does not like changing and it's not like I so I don't when he signed 800000 dollars or agency does it like chasing to have the unemployment rate the lowest in seventeen years as a they got the unemployment rate a lot of credit for that today. Donald JPH. Oh absolutely not ads saying Obama deregulation has made all the difference and it's gonna continue to make all the difference to vote was frightened and it's not on any team is going to be great year. He's gonna keep on Roland. Businesses appreciative arts Iraq's Obama was hostile to business this guy's not that's the difference 61777979. He was like that you were normal and all art. Government as you know the government helps the poor people kids in my make it easier and cheaper money yeah and my first prize he. I am as she says I have a heart you guys it's kind of that is about the argument that all the trouble out there yet when it out about the tattoo and pass it to get the rewrite of propriety as well that's true and we get the the about coastal yes all the details and there's a. Hot in afternoon show first of all congratulations to my friends Dale Arnold Michael Felger and you contracts and to that as well as specifics on both deals. And out. This hot you afternoon shipments taken over the Big Apple booed bush we're getting what is the sound of that in your calls lines are open 6177797937. Per gallon with downstream. More than anything else going out. I wanna thank you guys the listeners. The audience. Was without you. We don't list the week. We don't last month so what I'd like the city was known issue. I thank you and from the bottom I caught a lot. Of luck. Well he's right about that he had no listeners he would not last night I can argue that. Hard heart swell while it could be on PBS NPR Hussein and other places maybe you know blisters you stick around for a long time but who knows that was princess. Rave reviews for. As replacement I mean I I think first one thing keeps kind of field day. Q for man is because he's got these three are wild and wacky spit fires feet after an epic well I've always said Gerri it's better turnout in the same way I've always felt that way those that are broad that is too rushed. In the second society undergoes. Friends. This is this to better them John zarrella pardon better burn out than fade away feeling away rhymes are paying me Johnny Rotten still around. Innocuous that those grueling. Instead of these really are marked return to online. Then I. Like some could be both Sid Vicious who's not on anymore you know this is Alex. We hear it. Church's name their respect. This wasn't a distinctive Neil Young guy alone and that means they didn't know they can't guess who vicious. Thank you everyone. And I know that lines you inspired to burn out than fade away that is the classic. It anyway so the afternoon show debuted yesterday finally got everyone and Bart Scott as the fans. Our sister station on Scott who failed this wouldn't he he was still our sister station our sister to me personally our sisters situation really good idea to Maggie gray who's. Everything she's excellent. And I'll. Times are Scarlett who's a I like guys. Noted that no brains just a big voice and so that's my kind of radio host look at a picture of them as favorites like Joseph bestseller. I think the it's it's a but the. New York Daily News they actually have a media critic and New York who it's another meeting critic rates or tablet yes indeed it does expert tabloid editor and doesn't appear to be beholden their bodies. Or rooting for anybody rooting against the name one. He wrote that there the show he writes there was no bilateral rip of a local team. No shouting down of a caller you don't know this bombastic boast from the new Treo and I like all the things we've been spoiled by over the years. And they they read the biggest news. Any of their guest made was if you read between the lines of would giants GM Dave get home and there picks and that's what they're little discipline getting chairman and thank you he said what they had what they did was simply four and a half hours of straight outs. Ports pop up plus one could say amen stick tapped plus one smiley face mode you city. That's tonight we careers some of those deliberately exports was we're gonna vote on and I. I know about Harry priorities like that you. This kind of guy that this is like why I'm successful as you guys like that people don't want to hear that voice anymore this is that this guy is why am were were number one. The well we got that Joseph Benson who's talking who's. Status Chris Carlin yet but again greatly exports was where the questions that you want instant we're gonna get to you and a nice. And hopefully a few laughs along the line. They got here today they liked how laughs. Shows like this and why that's a real show right did you are you that really from yesterday. And it would we have much as I wanna hear that dummy Bart's gotten voters talking in my Christian and a worse I think she's the Chileans have worsened in the mud on it and so did you mark the good from the from the channels on balance our dog and he's drawn it's Bill Hemmer I'm here more. Obviously the huge debt of gratitude like to show us first top collectively but I would wonder now cap yeah. That put the cap at I hope. For now let's get certain and get right into it works is that the giants. Schedule three. Think right arm like ours right here in 2010 sexually harassed and a half three. I got my thought. Right guy a unit Bartz now why they picked the jets at Patriots defense really harass you at 300. I have a shot. Tommy you are running game is kitty you know all your bad weather goes all the wrong I'd like you ball Jim hands tied I apologize for drought I dodger that's been really good point when he said page he got a good shot did you do you wanna get off to restore you don't wanna get in the Ford long second to Tony that Reese. I learned. I would imagine Greg Lloyd and Maggie Grace all Bart Scott did you form a what Barnes was part spoken and they went to TV. Two TV was required anchor offer liked the week and in TV it week to think of like two points immature almost on the show and I was gonna do four and a half thousand Dave Bart Scott. I'm Don Burton dale while they issued a Mubarak on Monday afternoon some cute funny and told Simpson that it's finally happened. Can we hear I want to hear from the chick the mirror regret talking from the sale on the board three hit three friends at a bar as it did even though the mics on just the pages that I. Maggie Bart Scott. Chris Carlin match what's up just ready to get into this new year new time slot knew everything. Although maybe sable problems against the yeah beat the new problems for the Jack. Navy what's going on the Letterman a pre season is all we're not come through for a great. It does not getting paid for the Asia. I think you're checking account okay. You know what they'll well. I'd like that I into the sports have crap about half a sought tougher line and yeah does that make you look on his would make about finding its. It's it is what makes her comfortable not their fault that that bring me those are coming program director there's some loss is its FAA and about six bosses. They said around the practice shows that says this is good because. She doesn't have opinions. He played in the NFL ideals the big boys yeah sure this week this show. Mean there's not a brain between them is not a creative plot but she's a woman. He played in the NFL and he Ozal peak in yellow book. He could lead to show old remember when we were told we needed parts unless you're doing noble once invincible could talk like this stuff perky too crazy Samir says he doubts that bring things back to tennis. Who's gonna say stick with us as well would say keep the year. But you forgot that part. That's a pretty scary at WFE and newsman and now the biggest and proceed on the out a way out some worry you it's not surprising and all know about it to remember a program directors are stupid by people like of them generally you're stupid. You know you know like you Kirk we're friends but you know the only guy in the world thinks and on Monday agreed totally in New York City and nine million people like if I somehow always amazed someone who's unafraid someone just talks like normal courtesy and is that where station but it is so well I think that we have more when you get once. As the light trust me. But I do think you know big for years and years princess did nothing but this site and on this user number one result and they say is a legend and all this and he was falling asleep on the air. And do one boring and do that and luckily I was number one well. Yes so basically it's Michael Kay aged six you'd sections or zero. So it was a troop. If it were the only two people what are those of. And I could. I don't see anybody right now that jumps out Maggie that I gotta feel like through their names they're good guys and I am this year I got. So what does she picks but. I just don't see that the ball well especially because we're seeing that the giants are likely get a wanna go with someone who is well established are likely that the sort of drips and drabs of information that we're getting out obviously gonna talk they get on and we can ask the Marshall L recycling they recycling what they want somebody who you know I was Bart. If you go into a locker room especially one that had dis function in it like that giants have. Now this past season Nolan is gonna command respect immediately. You know they need art that's going to be the way I want to know if I'm Berlusconi's going to be the board these mean it sounds bored out of my. I mean megabytes and Arlen at some point he's gonna ago when you know you're abroad there's impressed do you assess the chances that Carla I like those geez he's been around. Yeah. Let's take on exactly that on the arts and Chris. You talk like that we talk on the phone right improper and what what is disappointed when you're making love to your life you talk no way. That dog is removing a procedure that. It's as if I'm wrong hat on the stage of it now from the front door so that I don't want more out of him fully honoring princess of yet. She likes his seat for thirty years. And Chris made this time slot what it is which is the premier. Piece of real estate in sports and cities that's at Sports Radio in this culture and country nobody replaces Mike for access is. An incredible tell him hey nodded my. I'm on for another nobody ever makes him to all of us would be here doing you know like they don't know none other I don't know which other dollar uncomfortable being notes thanks indeed there are consulates or some might princess looking into what you're so one of these at who cared sadness deepened those are just don't smell hire people purposely don't do that. Let's leverage our exports was living on Jesus. Port hit they'd be like on the morning in this city who Google instant. More I proclaim every day there that are not even want to do what I thought that was cute little teeth now. Now we're good example perky madness promised they didn't like which you know what they need the a young gay guy goes to bath houses in Montreal comes back and tells the story Maggie grand. It fell drag racing should be on the only guy who talks about you know masturbating as parents suburban designate yes it's unfortunate told them right. But it is actually beyond my screeching voice in disqualifies me from 99% of radio jobs in this country and is I think by the way yes you're right I do think this is the thirtieth anniversary of the suburban. I believe I was thirteen ninety that would do the it was widely picked at random suburban this year for the thirtieth anniversary in some family's car in master page to its Gary it would actually paid for. Which we do people yes we'll have a live and could play. Donate all proceeds into a Monday. I'll play a maggot had this thing I was in the gossip the other guy just from all next tomatoes. Woman and available in landstuhl cleavage shall and I couldn't I need to happen. Ports with them. Or introduce New York sports movies did you explode like the giants so yeah. Once I write a living and breathing the islanders today tomorrow. She right now. I 61777797. Hour two was.