K&C - Gerry and Kirk rank the NFL head coaching vacancies; Reimer is dead wrong about Brady 1-3-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 3: Kirk, Alex and Gerry ranked the head coaching vacancies in the NFL. 


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He skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah this story I mean it sounds like he's got to focus office. There is gonna happen. There but it would have won last week whoever today would have somewhere and she means the folks is that that little park your main thoroughfares through city. So that we can get we get the curve streets plowed our first job is gonna make sure that we get these streets as quiet as possible. Because of cold weather coming in right behind will turn the smoke I. I and if you don't if we don't widen streets immediately. We're gonna lose streets for a few days and so and so far I'm. What what network was. Hopefully so what killed 25 game homeless camp and never calls about. I understand. That's right it's almost as Kevin hold up OK I just a score more this winter it's a politics and government cold stretcher able concern if the patriots had lost the game or two loss to Pittsburgh may be in on the game and then play. Saturday its high of seven out with a nation we all know I like all not mine this lives twenty to play and I ate right it is literally minus five. And a foot of snow or more before yeah I mean and I think that's football like no it's not as it's not football whether this kind of funds on players in the sucks to play it sucks the coach sucked and a game when it's minus five. It'll be there and the real pats fans out there the yen in patent should be on for court next week not eight. Go your separate your general. I would always on you and we all he is just horrible first round bye which is I mean obviously we talk about all the remarkable things. Have accomplished the division title greatest things is impressive is University of Alabama. Yes I heard some I users adjust compared coaches coach's way more impressed I don't feel whereas this time's the salary enough to win this thing Erica. But the coach of New England Patriots had the same quarterback all the way to get a follows a seventeen year every series and if all this salary. There's something called graduated from college still just all go back to Alabama for you as players don't they graduate from an affair scandal. Well that you exit in case as well at horse who loves south of what this their equally amazing accomplishments are and only talk to believe the two greatest coaches in football history degrees. NFL coach of the greatest college football coach our best buds and totals thinkers. I'm asking you to see a word if if McCain loses that job and you're this during this whole thing right. Does that lend credence these random theories about trickle stepped down after this year enough. Mean yes yeah this is not a it won't happen he's gone. Is idiotic gain in what would take like the colts and you lock it quarterback I think that I would take a ticket and it's the idea of having you right to Brady carrot 34 years ago was great I was 41 dogma tells plays already being attacked Klein can exact guy. The next guy is and this aesthetic that's certainly Greg Greg Greg thanks guys screwed because he's probably a kind of Brady. And the whole world is going to be out to get him yeah I mean it's going to be ugly for the next guy it's going to be and Pete Carroll fallen out. Who wants to be executed for the dungy hadn't had exclusively in the patriots bill O'Brien. What did I guess actually. Not that it's time will dampen the guys that started kind of ugly right now and I know he likes it around here that was the rumor and that meet Perot was spreading that he. Recovered the BC job when he yeah I'm sure when this it was after consent before pins today after. Which we really with Houston meter say very jumpy said the prosecutor because he wanted to be home here. The son requires a lot subject requires a lot of helping decide to make five million new currency union fail right it is weird state and now I saved my guess will be on the same how's Guerrero and the commitment to the coach with trading Dan excel and and think about it Josh McDaniels this week this Thursday that's tomorrow and Friday. Will have a chance to accept the job it'll play for five million. A year or five years so just it is just a guy he's not some super bit of genius just the guy. Matt Patricia and he's kind of genius but he just the guy who was and whatever it was ball boy few years ago. We'll have a chance to make five million the wild mean. Think about that in by the way anyway final live in Detroit but she will adjust and do what I thought it got beard is now amazing he's gonna trim a matter of time to trim it. And by the way any do you think he'll turn his hand around with Josh Josh for Janus who's accomplished nothing brought out Tom Brady method flopped in Denver which is lot like you wouldn't believe with Sam Bradford Saint Louis and think about your the other guys smarter because as a robbery and the other guys Charlie Weis and Billy O'Brien Aminu who moved on off flops and even her answers number and it gets a little bit this week Curtis that's about Eric Mangini couple years on the wrong and now we did all the math all the money that Brady got he's got these coaches it was in the hundreds of millions of ultra. It's it's remarkable it'll happen again I think Patricia is a more interesting I rejoice subtle this Houston to look at for. Imagine Bill Belichick correctly this it's. Kind of frumpy look in brilliant guy and some guys Xenia don't turn on the offense like Jim Bob cooter indict these ideas will be much more likely to be success just because first like we'd always go to defensive guy anyway and secondly we've seen a game. Wouldn't get as we we've got some track record and an athletic good quarterback there's insurance and I curious what team and everybody else. I don't like always he'll always be the guy drafted Tim Tebow and the first drafted Tim Tebow in the first round of the draft. So I I think the bulls get jobs so many openings in the goers she's a job gates. Giants Detroit. This atrocious job okay. Patricia to Detroit. McCain's Indianapolis. Thanks to. Work for Ursa that's on Wednesday it will mean well just go check offered. Note to join our Allard ballots for an answer Charlotte's right that was that the I was like on powered one mustn't miss those theory Yasser Ballard helping out his friend Jeff if value to you wanted the job I mean obviously they're all great jobs hope they're fortunate to do so Malcolm who just went through to be someone's gonna have to move on from me Manning the worst part of that giant if you weekly habit that afternoon shall I. Forget that at a time out at senate on Monday that is the story and a father when he every year and a hard time we hear this you know 78 and a what do jobs right now and like five or six of them surprises you know like half or surprises. There's never been a more shocking development and Cincinnati. Recently as I disagree because it Cincinnati this but they didn't they already agreed to move will make it to a vote in the door open rule but once it happened news come back in the way they think. Easily they think that win against Baltimore means and the thick of the guys who have some longevity the guys obviously Belichick I Gregg Popovich felt the thick of vote likely champ Peyton won a Super Bowl right. Pete Carroll won a suitable. Correct yes Andy Reid went to five conference champion and is dated one gives a player option. Marvin Lewis all foresee in two cards and how many sixteen as the B sixty million is class like five straight years I think I don't spend seven times and lost first video every single night acquired prior seven times I lost long as we three longest tenured coaches in professional sports Popovic dollar check Marvin Lewis right and you have to win maybe social. Gas such as an actress for exceptions had a lot of success to was at least under recently he's won a playoff game you have to have a little World Series how to win you know Mike McCarthy. Have to win the super mini games all the companies that we've miserable life you light. What 45 warriors. Generally you unless you are you like eight years but also wins 1112 yes he's ED I guess he's in the playoffs every year to be desperate okay I mean and you don't want to know if if Aaron Rodgers wants him around he's going to be around in oh yes you don't fire Mike McCarthy it's against Rogers wishes or will. He beat you have to be careful both are reports the raiders we know is done that's group. The lions week that you think is Patricia Patricia ideas but there's an there's an awareness of blog Quinn former page on the other it was there to know yes and they get a really. That is the worst job pairs job as a starch out of one that should bears sporty so much I want us coal oil customer and you're just stated Josh McDaniels and you like. Robiskie just that you think Robiskie is a future stuff I can't yet if you don't Europe Europe right move and giants. I don't like I would wanna be in that frigate it's a it's a prestigious jobs. Eventually provoked us to look at don't win you know that also quarter as it looks like this week just job was twenty years ago the New England page you'll matters every job we look at your the first do you think of it reminds quarterback who's the quarterback that's Sanjaya so men's done to keep track soon to be done. And you can dread they will they get sick in the right they will have these quarterbacks that's a better situation just McCain as much time he's been looking at. So Josh Rosen and say I'm Donald. But if you do it you love one of them you're gonna get them in a cardinals' job stinks I would not want that that's it that's may be the probably the worst I appreciate your order wrote this USA today they're right the cardinals' job as awful. Would have no quarterback no quarter Palmer just retired U no guy you'd you know. Ultimately if I'm not reviewed a McCain is either pick on me jobs right now as some generators which it is. I'd probably take the colts so the USA they re amidst us our says well you're right raises a Detroit lions' second bastion has agreed to a quarterback yet. You you you were McCain I mean your Patricia you do you get to retain Jim Bob cooter you get to that adding to head coaching job yesterday so that I think that's part of the deal you're bringing a defensive guy in Jim Bob cooter runs the offense Stafford is going to be fascinating watch and Patricia Kasagic weren't so we might orchard on this sounds doesn't sound like the coaches look like coach Mississippi and you press conferences every day talk after ending and I'm in my defense he's going to have to trim the beard I was gonna have to turn you don't know hat backwards to be fatter here. All at it's change you really think to have will be backwards. But he he's right when he goes and interviews is how many interviews now. Three or four and I'm man enough man and a couple last year to say that surrounds a few years we go to that you music suit is whether you're Belcher rate these petty I'll just don't show it. So big the owner lives and they have explained to Goodell has Goodell hates them. The would. To hear what's his face marrow would Mara Hiram even though Goodell hates them that he did pointer prop up probably girlfriend iron then you have that's true mount an arm or Rudy although Dan Rooney's dad but Dan Rooney defended James Harris and the little examines great sponsor James Harrison beat up his girlfriend blocked the reason he did it. She didn't want that casket maker yeah they're great salt and so there extenuating sir if you're Catholic it's kind of that makes sense. One thing on this course to what was the last time the entire AFC east did not lose a coach that's right it's the it's a division of stability there's question. That is that's a great question although the jets should get the bulls. Now now sells blood to think about what a Patricia showed up in his view it's completely clean shaven look like he was twelve years Obama leave. Especially couldn't that be it you can turn that have to come rules a birdie board which anchored into the raiders as well I mean who had a late in my mixing greens and needed. I don't know I was you know there are about Derrick or Socrates cannot you want to seize these sirens and he was hurt and he's got to get crazy as a player and the build around. Producing coach and he decides that. Is he could be coaching analysts think it's raiders get to a going to be weird or kinda mark did anybody ever move and succeed right away like glee he saw what happened when the browns moved the Belichick practically got you know murdered. On the field and it has struggled this year the rams will they were there. But before for air out of the door moved and those that forget the struggle when it was from the not mean right away a first year first year I've hasn't looked I think what tumultuous isn't it tough the transition for everyone involved I guess abdomen and researching some research on that throughout and excellent at 617779793. Set mine living and breathing Boston sports. We talked to the dough next is unbelievable what boy we got patrol here and go coming up I can't wait Tom Brady joins us next. Yeah if it feels like cleavage because one I was told Cleveland who was good and yet they were offering more. And they were gonna offer first round pick and then some. And that's part of the arrangement was that he was not going to be traded to Cleveland. He's leader I don't. Think this should I thought I do not believe. This really personal. Vendetta Cleveland fire me I am not get a trade my guy to Cleveland I do think. That the relationship. And the belief and trust that that Bill Belichick had in geology and Kyle Shanahan. Played apart from where what they know that they're gonna trade him. That we wanna put him in this spot because we like this guy. I checkered yesterday it was camp had a great shot him. I watch occasionally it's I was on the gym is awful of the adults and and I guess son he broke yes ever right. Now it's his theories on congress ordering it sold conscious already see either of them now is not zero and I do think it's on an Austin is concerned TV at the gym I don't know how boring it is orders to Phelan telling her it's the perfect. NASA postponed in the in the day from Holland hardest field to card has Florio bills and went and it's asthmatics are your thoughts thoughtful ones yes thoughtful very thoughtful known into ropes they just sit look at their computers you do if written right to begin the people who filled and it really didn't show was mimics the worst form. Now. For full shoves there was no clothes just hate him alive because you know we'll we'll win tornadoes not that bad bet a dollar and it was out rates and Mel's excellent I was in their. It only matters under who wells. So there you will not music and your heart was bad and it was and how we view I got any day art he was going right that was anybody with the badger hair now. In and let him judge yeah I like it excellent for. Sort of doing a joint military analyst noted that Apple's stock soared with us. I'd this Fella wanna do you want to grapple we'll after the badly he's gonna look at football spotted them doing to right. Add this may be great we have it's true three intelligent sport as I was used to say anything dumber I do this I saw it might take out of things crop a thing forever I did sing it for. That there if there was something. To mess something was and there was nothing dumber in Athens and and a anyone who's ever appear on court lineup and he's on. Nothing dumber are you afraid that your critics I am saying this isn't for some reason I'd be happy if I hate to Leo Sayer I don't remember him and has seen a piece he knows what he's due there's no light connection non. But he's used to do as the terrorist attacks you why was he sore Alyssa Jones showed us by first choice stores are by no signs of the jurors are gonna be me and Callahan. And then except that the Callahan the minute hand Callahan in the wicked pictures on effect. And now I didn't feel it was in could be ahead as well also. Salisbury to Salisbury was apparently followed by it was fun for Camilo does I cannot remember much fines haven't yeah. Comedic valued right he was it and pitch this man is this a waste of time Kurt hates every my true. You can't hate everybody but it's not sure I don't matter could come as long these single dumbest taken his two Sports Radio to hear that Belichick. Holds a grudge against Cleveland. Who fired him. It wasn't even the same for. Patriots and any Trace Jamie Collins to practice he's made a bunch of deals include a but that's not even the same team that's the fired and moved all the so Belichick chose the route was well being over what was that yes CJ he gets so strange you guys had I'd tell you this since. Strange I know. He went into a meeting crafted you have to keep Tom Brady story. Tom Brady's not going anywhere. You've monitoring Jimmy now here now to whatever don't check the stopped out of that room called his buddies have Cisco said let's make a deal and and if that could be a ferret it out to surprise that surprised though what I say you know these odds let's. That is in an unbelievable story and it's sort of believable because I can't come up with another. Plausible theory on why. Of how to explain the timing the timing makes no sense that you hold on for after year. And then just deal for second round you could've got more in the spring he could've gone just as much next spring. And yet he did it at that uneven shop on center says he made one column that was it as she likes it shaping up to your own worst trades in the history of the city and maybe maybe didn't think he'd be this good this fast but so what if you could create the perception of ground below is the next. Big thing the next star QB. You have 1012 teams that are knock on your door not one not two and something doesn't feel right to speech each team winning the playoffs it just doesn't you know it doesn't feel right is the rest of the AFC that Nelson just seems like something is gonna this is a look at that what that with the talent wanna I wanna Alex I will give you that'll sounds not realize the God's ears something's not right Brady's you know not 100%. You know politics I'm happy whenever. Cooks and an indoor center a cool. It doesn't matter is that it doesn't match sailors almost when they were they were fingertips await that I blame it about went back there where that was. Played in Pittsburgh all the big Roethlisberger wins in New England. Not. I'm a hero 2000. Light peak back. Maybe cast yes I might viewers the next game we're just fingertips away and went Indian oil set and I am no longer crushed. I was right and Ryan Clark yeah that was academia. You know it you know wells. Wasn't right that game is Antonio Brown he got hurt. And he still hurt you're making my point even more do you think Iran's LT three weeks and patriots will be dumb team acts against who they say might lose to achieves absolutely you know around here now why because like at that point to why they they want to the Jetsons when he ten in the first out it happens and her time church you get the sense it's gonna happen just either didn't exactly radiates it Brady's play is declining. Or allies we they loss what to their first. For right there Austin Jackson and impaired I think eight the chiefs in the business since then that's what they're eleven and one. Yes under a new one area in the calendar year 2017. Calendar year what was Tom Brady. He was. Sixteen. And Fareed. You think he's at home in the playoff lives when stat for the coal 81 our point pressure QB rating. In the month of December it was not a good December you know please give you a great answer on that he's not play well in the last month for the first time in years reconsider Tom Brady is not playing his best football for the first time in years were able to saint. Now one if we were so I. Biased observers say two years ago or three hours ago he's terrible start of the year. We are on but but not restrict this line match or you're where five X five games are the experts who had kids or do was what three or four games here. You Miami that game he's betting it's a raiders he's bad against Kansas City used for years and you're right for eyes it's than five in a row with an interception first time since their two matchup or that an all out for them to lose someone else has to win another Steelers and one steal two winters here do it yes you got wanted to Minnesota and so I'm I'll be with you I can pick him if you walk around it's happening in the they're gonna play into the good last year in a win ugly a in against Houston is lousy team the game stink. And will be Pittsburgh on the bill whipped Pittsburgh at home they may lose the suitable definitely right in there I'm not ready Telecom and as usual it's a common rusty if you agree. Something that certainly does seem off but. It's the one who's the team is a team like Baltimore. As a team that even a jets is that he doesn't get to bring in a rattle lady pressure Brady Faxon wrote up the middle of a project that has to be Pittsburgh. I just put dignity act okay. Robert Jackson. Just look at their five text against the jaguars used a picture of moon Blake portals coming in here to I don't know if I think it holds me I'll come and bars arrow Indians or the readers are 2428. TD pictured during a metre sections you can see a real tough game for Brady he's not he's not looked good in the pocket either the last few weeks sacked twice against the jets bills that you would agree he'll score and score three touchdowns of 20/20 124 points. That means we're borrower says I learn more. Best offense of all time Minnesota scored fourteen points in the Super Bowl while wise decision scored three times I just because they're playing at home the plane it's the player of the pressure's on you can imagine Blake portals coming in winning Mark Sanchez beat. B do you play video behind a long time by will be a couple play after it was older now and I think the case. Outs cases is Nikes of the it's not so much it's gonna. You know it's not pro these other teams right now things and now patriots anti patriots and Brady and tell us your gay males identification of the team beating a commitment patriots losing that's the song as does not Cox hasn't been right for five or later you get up and operating remind cherry pick the Steelers last year. Correct begala 3113. Team a team Steelers. After that low quality injured and sure. No I wouldn't do it last year and won't do it again. Does a great I can't I can't people for camped. Picking against the man via homered with a journal Wimbledon do you outlets are consistent that's a knock you right. Well it was a bad Jesus. Or and that means is we have new listeners I'll explain that why does essentially was don't send me and all this did you notice it's patriots it's just China had a double overtimes that is really has one of the worst parts of bird. But ago 3113. Team what team Steelers and climbers had a look at Wimbledon. Blake morals last two weeks then lost to San Francisco now granted a GG Jimmy GQ but that out. A three picks in that game and lost to Tennessee two picks in that has a two name's David good moral stand I admired pigs had two losses the ball from the road achieves what Justin Houston gets some pressure Chris Jones up front and I can see Tyreke he'll be out there are no more older. Are fairly using different outlook express out of its struggles that it's true that's a big factor you know the crux of the game. Yes a brief struggle against Kansas in Munich team struggled against Houston mightily last year in the divisional round that's a thing Brady had a great second after the super ball no doubt but the not a great laugh and to point. Last year. Was he bad against this reform but it was such a pretty. It was radian. Which came with Obama is Egyptian game against the Steelers he played well we decided that run Laidlaw I think it is awful against the Texans ten X terrible and out in the first half against Atlanta. So we did but he played well the issue of Japan. He played pretty often a practice that spectacularly in the and so global. We didn't this again spectacular half half in over 384 yards and three touchdown the game in the in the title given to exit. You're right he struggled as a ratings game. His rating was one point seven our operating rules go out to get past it 107 point five educated guess about playoffs get invited back game when elite it has had to rate of 132 both we're out of all saying it's what trading miserable. Altar and if you are objective observers we look at Ranariddh and always allowed not how I think it'll what's. This is similar to Peyton Manning did a lot of and it was rating in the suitable for what golf is Tsotsi dominating at that point. Brady's better the series better should bring their final drive against against Pittsburgh couple weeks ago pretty damn how good it is in pretty a grunt looked great too but Manning Peyton Manning 76 point eight rating the final month of when and where do you see anyone 466. I'm sure he was forty what is suitable two suitable. 4365. Or yards forcing six in the so global it was a spectacular. Historic perform Alex and against Pittsburgh sixteen days I always liked radar sends money to stay single obviously personally not a recount I was the -- against Houston he did not look good last year offers from reversal of the provisional out. Then the next week to fire up. Then the next week Pittsburgh comes anywhere from Pittsburgh Steelers might homeland comes in at that team. And egos 32 of 424384. Three touchdowns no picks in 127 trading in must impossible to read and I had no memory that came basically. It was too boring institute of equity doc and Cole darkened coal and 36 to seventeen was never game right how is that gonna charmed moment hacking and getting so I'd like it change you got them I know I've lost. We quicker. All right. I was that can change really knows that can watch those I'm I'm with him like to make the case that I'm with some there's some engineers there's no doubt as the Brady Belichick issue. Rob Lowe pissed them off and it does feel like that I think I read here at more than in recent years but they're better than they were like an awesome Baltimore home and it killed 2009. You know now in an embedded in our beautiful about it doesn't feel it back and you this year does feel like second year I made by the jets are there what fourteen to eight means no candidates beat your belief that patriots black and in December right on Monday night into the jets beat him in New York that unity in our memory it was a 36 to nine have to freak writers their teams to beat. I think it's gonna happen again be written. I think you should or might be different we'll be there all week relief plan to Minneapolis minus ten. Sitting their talking for different part numbers underwear to know when Arizona yes and I personal I don't know where things and reduce the opposite the show on public. When did the whole week your thighs Malia and have a thirty years in plants usually that's a good balance and Gordon Hayward yeah I try to I was. We took that they're in front. And having him out there princess. Crazed look last year man's right he's Yugoslavia and they can weigh in communities who dollars higher was all over the place it was a great. Boy good boy. We're gonna have this year for real we go we're going to outs wrong route and have on Kirby Puckett. That's the heart of the art of Kirby Puckett. Visa at this one it's just talked Smith brought Parker Mangini couple of those moments maybe shipments are not part can ask you media Eugene anyone when times and went on got mad afterwards he called the producers tell us what it was not don't think it was Curtis knows how to set and never come on again and what why could you estimates by day we asked about it. Which you wouldn't be to a job everything guarantees and it was perfectly. No cordial conversation he talked about he regrets that he's been so that before. He's they'll never come out to regale us want your boring anyway your failure. I'm. Zero. You know you rather know Belichick I give you credit for but he came back the boy genuine you live to regret it somehow title hunt down. I will IOC jemaah noticeable today ordered a FaceBook like media so everything you can grow and all of those he has been always will be so well last year. Members to their me you know that's which in Britain are you guys did you do what you did last hearing in order drinks for young patients let's hear us no question I was on where you're got knocked out Charl wild teller while there I guess Jerry try to seduce or is he always says he's like reporters as as everyone knows you last a long time on his morning shift when your own after midnight not gotten drunk yet but not so I would say no now though pitino wasn't late night guy he's not I'll apply lotions and back to her player. It's who you know that right you're doing I can you believe you know I'm against a big fan of our afternoon show and listen every day need to. I don't believe they've mentioned it a reporter. Rub lotion money players back. Give Fauria and orderly and and Maloney creditors started basically covered it. The Farley and dissect and analyze as the week the lowest moment. In the history. Of new England sports media that's wouldn't want that that line was that second Boston sports journalists include sports coverage well it was a matures to work there after that would you still have quite hasn't worked well you definitely want to. We can measure putting lotion on the back of a man. So terrible I just hasn't even listening even Roemer wouldn't be on dreamer. Absolutely I like that he's out James Harris we asked you to rub lotion on him would you do it now. A medium known numb by elves are all effusive about synapse project. It on the self respecting any and I would do it's the lowest of all understand us. You can't read anywhere about that's is that it's gone these guys all accountability to have thick at each other's backs and do something like this there has to be video has to be it's impossible if not if not withstand Chauncey did. And I won't be Tucker marking cameras are adjusted but they rely on Chris price they say. Let's stop and you keep us hacks I know once her grandpa we minivan like Jay already my charity breaks today and story on the air I think that's it was it just leaves his audience hanging. I have further confirmation that happens or how terrible that we don't know how we get I don't know him that I have no video from two different people components that size 61777. Point 790% of our force.