OMF - The show prepares for a bombogenesis (big snow event thing); Garoppolo trade second guessing continues 1-3-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, January 3rd

HOUR 1 - There is some snow event that is going to start before we get on air and end sometime after we're through. Either way, the guys learned a new phrase today: bombogensis. Or bomb cyclone, according to our resident meteorologist Christian Fauria. And with the Patriots off this week, let the Garoppolo trade second guessing run rampant!


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On brings. These forward Wayne and moaning and 48 this was not in negotiations. I think that. They woke up that morning and made the decision however they did a good. They're gonna trade Jimmie your outlook and I believe we civilization hopeful called the Bay Area Georgia to drop off. Yeah OK to joke okay. I turn over complicated with gland Lou and Christina told Tom Brady's gonna fall off the Clinton now when you're falling from the heights Tom Brady is you passed the rule ordinary units before you hit bottom bit. Not long yet but it's. We never got back this isn't just your average January snowstorm experts are using terms like Bob bode Janice let's stay at home we can even add up with thunder snow. It's. The UK. And it basically it means that the monster storm don't make and that's been pretty handy right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know what's worse beyond the end of the world was coming in the next four dollars or the fact that we're gonna play the next decade Jimmy Durante and when I was why when I saw that there's a bomb cyclone now. Headed towards doing it yet. A computer difficulty bomb cyclone now anybody notably odds and I don't Monet's visiting a bomb cycle when I hear that word. It didn't come out and say you're above 48 inches in Boston. Was that their opponent the things I want well ten. I was about ten to fourteen so sure they're getting four inches down here click. Bob what to call Bob what is in terms like spot vote just humble agendas that they're handled criticism and I thought my ball mostly fine Bob I box slot. Is delivered Boston and there's about eight to ten inches. Seriously guys they're a well do you really doesn't go get 25 inches every single Sunday for a month room and we're talking about like what shutting down a city for 80 instead there's a dusty and in the candidate not a school buses camera and I mr. snow snow snow and try to bottle off so. No you can't put us well you're saw the I don't know if you're not getting sleep is not Linux in England reuniting it is now eight to ten inches of snow we know it's there. And it's gonna be plows and a push inside and you're gonna drag down the road blizzard hit it puts all and it's gonna go away at the blizzard. That's not that's a week at Buick did it sound like you're currently briefed you all got you know England this is not a blizzard that is as they Bob Knight while I know all I know nowadays must snowball what did you make of these terms it is a well because they -- yet they do because they wanna stay on the O'Reilly why don't you think it is just the scare the winner Taylor Bob Knight on that this is on its way I'll let me turn the weather channel talking about. Bob I all these years giving them. A room all night why. He's gonna start like 5 in the morning it's going to be three inches of snow on the ground there isn't a single person on the road again durable 3540 minutes. It's going to be beautiful hole. I'm looking at tomorrow easiest commute hotels and that it would be easy if you attribute have then you just I just have kept this edgy data. Great you're you're you're doing great with your relation with your girl for what a leap forward in Britain the public that the caddies that hasn't got the cattle coming to the hotel and Darrell Issa is going while that things would never had never been better. We broke up going now got two days for Christmas oh god did you broke up and this really let's go have grown people would want again in my viruses keep the receipts he wanna buy it yes we actually vote yeah meeting was to give. Yeah that is so died yards Dead Man Walking gone really wrong with your apology and this. High school at seventy. I couldn't beat they would have bombed cyclone is just what does Obama's aunt cyclones bull bombastic guy who's been noting called. Is it they call it a bomb cycle because it's pressure is predicted the ball so fast. An indicator of explosive. Strengthening. The storm could rank as the most intense over the waters. East of New England wanted to turn I don't want I zoo. Don't look at your little water hazard UB Time Warner way. While look at Clinton on the water so that on land. Look on water right next in the world thanks to yes. It gets tickled definition and that we got a area of low pressure that it's gonna drop 24 Miller Park which I'll know more. Oh dollar mil more poker customize your worst Christina milk bars what you sound like this is never happened 101000 bars. Pointless it's been million gigabytes we don't usually is and like Alabama and expecting ten inches of snow people. It's right but does it look more or lightning strikes. Forget about. What they call it blonde was that bother bombs like while Genesis bombastic Jones has what ever are we gonna get ten to twelve inches in Boston okay. Even losing their ever let it ride over this they do every storm you know. Try to buy a loaf of bread or gallon of milk after 5 o'clock was it we joke right was it three or four years ago and we literally got 24 point seven equivalent every single Sunday the snow here in the June did better at all that snow I'll that you were snowboarding down it went way they don't know didn't escalate three weeks had 75 inches of snow hi I'm not that serious stuff. This lift your leg (%expletive) on it go to war on its eight inches front. There's a pep talk people meet and if so you usually. Just be on the on the green screens and back bobs like allowed Obama and New England whose true that this release. I actually beat. The. Buffalo Bill fans. We guys didn't eat it soft soft side of the schools this law. You know light dusty little bit of snow made it cannot nobody wanted to buses don't wanna run nobody wants oddity a delay and did their wife as dictator today in the orient as the leader of school opener it's close. There so I can't get it it's like any excuse for the kids not to go to school in the digital getting. Hammered I think TJ Auburn and whether that has retreated to good laugh at the truck was good that week. Chica that's so let's not get to be getting destroyed by plow. Apple lately. But everybody just is stable if you want help my community is that you are. I wanted to install some I want everybody has to do it slowly drive look I have been here about thirty minutes Mardi Gras you know it's gonna be out. I actually sojo classes we needed and then you smartly asked for Friday and I'm glad it's Friday it's at a a lot of guys don't like it when I exactly know how to deploy blood alcohol was is getting its unbeaten eagle eager in there you know how shall I I think it is now or he's going to be he's. Ruined. You know that Spectra vision and it's going to be needed were just a ball is still thought you broke up with a girlfriend went up to the to get. Those cars now is help fill the void and a half a million plan misses that's how you actually why did you break up before two days were Christmas. We got a fight about Christmas. But but what about if she'd Jewish Mulitalo crystal strait it's a stressful thing I was doing my job he's. The you know I don't get that was I'm lost her ignorance at a strike but you're off the whole week. While I was too much I was up until that point guard. And I'll do my shopping at the last second and stressful times and I don't let each other and we might the only party she's on you as I hate her I will once daylight and attack on out. So we went back and one half it's exactly those that you know what. We're done. It's I don't know that you Beck 08 that it had on the count after the cut to 33 years old every week I just that this is I just asked you yesterday. How things go wrong with your girl. I sit in that net that you gave me the assumption that things are great with you and Herm Edwards broke up mr. offer so why did you leave that part Iverson and why did you leave at our house don't let the market while eventually I was really well I've kind of admires that you just asked about things you euros had never been better you left them alone. You probably had little smirk on all that and that was it yeah need to explain I know I just assumed the only way he handled in law questions that provision it really easy you really. There was a boring at eight there have been better I'm Chris I'm assuming like you know Chris he's great he didn't need session with Dr. Phil okay just needed to move he was happy life. He didn't need to waste time talking. That was in three models damn cats and they look to reform the heat who's taken on the and he'll text Mr. Bush are being irresponsible. Now what I mean this story with the it's a bomb explodes outlets I and I. I understand and agree you know or he sees it is not an easy with concerns is affected on Friday Saturday it's gonna be nine after some pretty good stuff day soda or not it's gonna be below zero power outages real yet okay that's a concern. That's a concern I went through your concern about how my concerns critics is off you were the only while I actually thought that we are hitting it solidly the politics a look at that no schools are no more like. Doesn't work and in many of doesn't work that doesn't work that went almost a ball and nobody's going to be on the roads. Nobody's gonna be in the wrong people aren't going to work right it's going to be a stay at home and do whatever the only people who should stay and we play like the best out of those people that I think this is the good that they now put them together gather real quick. What are we all just get losses stuck in the snow bank while we go to Foxboro divisional Foxboro reached rigidities five minutes away debris and it'll certainly wolf. Also be easier knowing Paul can stay at like dangerous place for both hotels get hammered even Louise or whatever those places are Stu Jackson not go to W good audio Martinis they undergo army that I'll coming out viewing angles and you want to. Look at our I think about it yeah. Want to but it the and it can be a lot of great advice over the break and he's a good. We could walk toward a contact like almost a daily basis lighter 'cause it's edited comes there's a little bit guilty about locking out like we did we were just it was like streaks election he's articulate he thought about it. Our goodwill and Ireland and he had he helping makes entries from my Christmas parties. And we are good good. We have. The stuff to go reduced hours and UW Celtics and cavaliers and Isiah Thomas coming up this far because now we get to that a second start with the sanctions would. For for me after I heard at a show after. So this yesterday everybody was an appointment or dale Polley who poignant in afternoon so this is Adam show after Indian Patrick shell. And we all agree that chef. Is pretty tuned into the stuff Freddie and he's got a good here he also was a good connection with somebody down Foxborough after hearing him yesterday the connection goes right the Bill Belichick. Because this spotted in the late this thing when it comes to the Jimmy to grapple thing I have heard yet yeah why is it the patriots only got what they got a second round pick for drop below. But that's complicated question but since you basically should eat you've got a situation there where I think ultimately in the end this this was not in negotiations. That should not something where the patriots were back and forth and showcase you just go if you give us what we walk we are gonna go to Cleveland. Which would have paid whatever it took to go get Jimmy grapple look they were willing to give up between the three free agent Kerry what should be dropped lower and I think that. They woke up that morning. That Monday morning the day before the trade deadline October 30 and made the decision however they did. Think they're gonna trade geographical and I believe it was as simple as simple phone calls that they area eulogy at a couple of yeah. Okay heard this before right now we write down there is nothing listen I think. There was more to it. More details okay and contract negotiation or trade discussion. Deal agreed to which work it out that would let states appropriate people though Robinson since it was something that they wanted to do I think. That is something that they felt like they. Had to do and Republican majority adopting quarterback one of the best players in the league. We didn't and that's strictly understand her long time so I don't have that need to question your turn now without Graf bloated little. I look at her own troops so far it's what's so culture as what's been with the regular went through UN arms more depth. And but you want to call that's all ahead on the. Who had. So much greater confidence. Don't use these issues there and I I don't know if they fall I don't know what I had blog we went all of those ball. Its assault on. Which work it out. It was flipped it appropriate. People know me so I don't think it was something that they wanted to do. I think. That it were so that they don't like they had to do to change. Due to grow up looking resorted to opting quarterback where to best players in the league. We urge her to coordinate the hits and a strategic question short term now aren't I your opponent for Andrea securities and feels like thank you Cleveland has won I was told Cleveland. It was good yeah they were offering more and they were gonna offer first round pick and then some. And that part of the arrangement was that he was not going to be traded to Cleveland. You leader I don't think this year I I I do not believe if this really personal. Vendetta Cleveland fired me I'm not gonna trade my guy I agree leave and I can you always think. That the relationship. And the belief and trust that that Bill Belichick had in challenging Kyle Shanahan. Played a part in where women know that freedom from debt we wanna put him in this spot because we like just got stuck. Where we believe he's in the rise of our conference away from our division Kia that it would have put him in a spot where. We think that he's with good people. Who get the chance. Drift back. All right that fit that as it happens not. This is what you do with your eight year old when you're sending them to summer camp you make sure there with the press there with Kyle should and it there was an omelet. I guess is attache after trying to tell me more easy just standing up for two Nobel object and try to present Belichick really cares about the scared words go it. But he really believe. That that was part of the impetus of this. Yes you believe. That you and altered English try to take care of Jimmy garrote and make sure he was glad to leave it 100%. I'll tell you what when we start getting phone calls to call up and say Bill Belichick is doing this for three years ago so he'll be he'll welcome Jimmy grapple back with open arms that are great. So we liked him so much so elect him so much so so he would take less. It's from Cleveland brown poses a New York Jets just to play the game. Because the situation in San Francisco would be better Virginia G makes them a lesson that looking out what's best for his team in the best interest is he moving forward. You know to be I'd like you so much time you've been such a good soldier. You know what I'm paid for everything eager Palestinian and a great play caller and John Lynch who we all love and respect right. They've got to give. Turnaround card no freaking way no yes no and yes he says it's seen since the trade. At best I have that you know. You can draw no I don't I. I had Bill Belichick was not heavy heavy curtain he says the first time Bill Belichick did not but the teen birth what's best team and I don't know never know yeah. I remember that and I'll hold it. No but I'll admit that right I don't know as ago though I'd say. You treat it like it's not a people Ponte much better idea what would you tell me lighting editing other offers just sent them to sit at the tip to school and I don't think we know that answer the the and it's like this this makes no sense. This makes no sense audit the junkie did Mick what he's gonna put Jimmy you know I think he kept them out of the conference I don't think there's any question about that this whole idea that he was doing it to stay at the Cleveland. The same organization that Cleveland team is now in Baltimore that is required to call Arizona. Well we don't know the answer to that but. Like you. Really believe. Yeah believe that he took less this the guy who always says we do what's best for the patriots' he did America. Chemical drops first married it would I don't like you know like I don't I don't. Is that does etiquette that wags because Belichick is his I don't know if it's all right he's trying to he's trying to acknowledge that point. I'm an old run you talk while Grady is what's what's really in the know but there's girders and most well I feel exactly the way street it's camouflage it it it's it's of its mirage it's not it's not true talkback there's no way a bill that he's gonna sit there it is so Cleveland says. I got I got one and two we have. Yeah but he Cleveland sucks and I can't do that tomorrow boy Jimmy I'm gonna take them to take four accommodate up five Imus settle over. To San Francisco got a brand new stadium you know good organization history of winning. I know that's what's best I don't know what's best for Jimmy. Well it's no sense whatsoever but what is Bill Belichick old eagle rock below nothing at home everything. All eat it in any goals against everything that he believes that he's talked about and its history of being secret. Yeah it's because we've got some calls to have called up and said. It did that Belichick is an animal waste of that he get it back to three years now if that shift there is correct and this is what happened. The deal but much dropped and they say spot. Then those people were calling us up many. The Belichick has got an ulterior motive to bring them back into the previous alliance is why hand picked Stanford. Just like with the I don't know I think it makes more exactly it makes more sense to me Lou. That he did it out of a a fit really got to respect. Virginia league go their with a good quarterback but don't open up a head coach's office according coordinator what does he ever operated are you telling us that it wouldn't we have satisfy even though I thought if this is soft at about why why did you all I don't. You do it at the last minute Bruce areas and they they do it at the last minute Nissan now know when you look back at you realize how bad a situation it wasn't clean because that whole crew got fired the GM got fired they were there were no bill Ed no. They weren't in a position to Wheeling deal there are losing their jobs. So what other teams ahead they already have on the hold you tell me that the only team they called. Was this the 49ers guests at the all you know what that's what we can identified that's. Eight Christian about you wanna happened you want to unplug cords but that's what that's what they're and you happen to be a wealthy talk we did you we don't know. We don't know when they're talking about offending any one nation. Single whisper. Of another organization. So it was a great job always all the teams apparently your do you think they're calling have not even utter the words yeah he's aware that mommy and everything got a little bit but we're. And its status as an amount Lawrence Wright that's a lot of wounds the mob works went to that was. The ground war Israel tomorrow but I think it's a language and you wouldn't do that may benefit from Mathieu that's seriously they gave me. Zero C editor about check all the another city or team of Bob Jimmy go rob other I don't know I know you would not you sit. You're saying you think he's going to cut the lights Jimmy eat he would pick a good brand for a reason and pig all to benefit whom. The benefit ball drop below he got a lot of deal out of the conference I agree. So to benefit himself. The bad that so we never has the only time they're gonna face each other any meaningful game that matters is in a super ball right regular season matchup they do you leave the doesn't really matter. So it's got to it's got to be Kate Snow cedar shock you you. He know that you do no shock that he knows that he's that good element of the last thing that he wants to do is that the deal with the backlash in the criticism and the comparisons and old man you've screwed up. You got a way that you gave way this guy and he's the haunting you like Bob Brady hot dog you had any shot of the bills you believe he shot the I believe he sent him to that to the least. Bit that the easiest path for him not to overdo it I. It's usually too much I can upload great quo and caddie moved on the bottom and he said don't play it just happened to be in a good situation for him. But he said other plate people to other decrepit places. We'll tell don't goes to Arizona. Great place for John Jones a hit that. As a franchise record they're Arizona number the franchise record for us actually did a favor. Any organizations other then the Cleveland Browns. Or JD Kyle Bennett going it'll because they had somebody on the inside negotiating so it was easy back and forth into. Player I don't believe they want to keep in Warsaw out of his vision of the jets was that nobody is a possibility division. I think he would have liked to have kept them out of the conference. Which he did but I think San Fran into was interested inning it was a good spot for Jamie with Shanahan any could become the player that eat the likes he lets them. If if if I don't believe I think that I think bill knows that it all the desert the jets are desperate. There's only teams that are desperate Arizona's New Orleans Arizona he knows the quarterback and some bills they're going OK I know I give them Jimmy going to be good. And they have they don't have why did you I said Miami by senator. And monitor it borders on watching the amount of the conference. Aren't present. And send him to San Francisco makes sense. But to take less from San Francisco then you would get. Elsewhere simply because you wanna make sure the Jimmy go Rob Lowe has the right coach and the right front office to further his career. Anybody really believe yes. While. And it's just like in shock them. We don't know if he did channel and guys don't you think it hurt all the patriots are openly tell you every you don't think that's a. The patriots Glenn. You don't think he ordered Mary Kate cabinet say that that did Cleveland missed out and drop below because it will only give up a better pick O'Meara you don't think you would earn a hole by Arizona way to. And Mary Kate cat quick point and didn't do in the off season. During the the the draft that the patriots war. In negotiations. With the Cleveland at Cleveland Browns when it was in negotiations trying to get him correct there was talk thank delivered what it does go back and forward yeah. What do NASA Gingrich. Which have to say just to say no. They never got anybody cab it's a publicly but was willing to give up. And it was ever the patriots. Where are in discussions with them the patriots were interested in trading JPG at the time is it didn't matter what Cleveland was offered but why. I don't understand why they shot on the street tell me the Bill Belichick. Took less in the way of trained. Simply take care of Jimmy dropping out is it like the comedy Asia fact I just outline how that that's about it now that Pellicano and a factor only oh by the way or the other factors I will buy into but you know what you have to do. Chapters that's where you eat is sources Bill Belichick so what he's doing is protecting him right now they don't look good the pillows at. But I don't get this one is there is Eric Izzard team that he could've sent them to where he would've said in his press conference you know their craft organization are not going anywhere. I need every any Cleveland is sent down quibble is gone and the viewers he would he would compliment to them. The best that he couldn't we were seen right through it but any other team who said you know it today they got there as they got this. You name it. Jacksonville you any team in the NFL he would have been able to say and and make that paint a picture what was like I'm doing him a pay packages more pencils at Cisco. It's no different than San Diego I did little different than Minnesota or Green Bay or Chicago. No different. Still thought that much of rock blow and we all believe that he does that's why we keep on hearing that he loved Jimmy to Rob Lowe I think it is more likely that Bill Belichick has some type of skiing. Some type of way. Of getting Jimmy to rappel back down the road and and it was stupid as that sounds. This thing sounds even dumber what which after saying this makes no. I'll say the you can actually get what you want you don't maybe you don't call the jets are marketed given your. Good jerk urine test I did exactly our luggage and achievement by us about the changes done to Miami. Even. What did you eat go to take to move quickly and you division in conference would take would you would you pass up first and third get money conference. Channel two Cleveland is a huge threat of an indictment of the saint I think I'd do that deal ended a chance they could have offered yet. The bills bills you think that bill actually shop to BG called other teens. I wouldn't be surprised in the offseason he did Lou I'm with you in that a ten minute that that they don't own John Lynch came out and said it all happen in a matter of minutes fifteen minutes or whatever something happened that day. The trade deadline whether it was of a conversation he had with Kraft and with Kraft finally said we're not moving on the Tommy that's it it's is that. So you've got to move him is we can't afford to pay 24 billion dollars next year is a franchise that something happened that day. That forced them to make that deal I agree with a but this whole premise an idea. The deal just wanted to take care Jimmy called nobody else chapters saying it's the only team that's worry went because he loved Kyle Shanahan is a coordinator and he loved John Lynch in the support to get from the front office. I don't buy it. Delta does what's best for the team and what's best for him. Though all the NFL media largest locals beat writers for the New England Patriots. Nobody has come up with. Another team in which. Bill Belichick has shot Jimmy the Rutland you don't buy that. European you don't buy it at all you'd you'd you'd think the actually called other team before just. Picked up a phone calls that you guys want a good veto you I don't that's that's contrary to every poll we've heard so far. It's immoral I think it's more likely that they'll get pinched. And what Kraft said and said you know what screw it I'm gonna unload right now we'll just a second round which is move on stroke. We're big Italian we're we're gonna we're fond back to me makes more sense. Than him actually scouting it out and say what this can do really flourish and I wanna set him up with which Kyle Shanahan and I'm gonna shut him up with our channel to analyze. Spain is that you need to deal and deal Jimmy drop all the trade that that's the case. You're on the phone. You're gonna maximize your draft picks and you're not gonna do it division and ordered to your conference cleanest and give up more. And if it's not San Fran maybe call arizonans that you guys are messed you know you would think Iraq hello and maybe you upped the ante. Instead that didn't happen artist and you guys don't believe that to be the case even though we've heard nothing of the contrary. Not happen. They sent him to San Francisco Oceanic. He's typical of the reason why not only one team no but they shouted that the shift. Excuse me zero cents. Zero so no none none whatsoever I great Disney missing piece to wall of this and we don't know what it is but that's not it. I 6177797937. Took the ball because your reaction to them and keep up with the show on Twitter away and on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now. Fox Sports Radio. Anybody minus and it shifted yes. Yet that. You'll get a second round draft if it telecheck did not call a bunch of the teams even though it was the shrieking get. And teams were looking for you know significant help especially at that position. And we're chapters tell your that was then wanted to be good samaritan really wanted to take care this kid put him under his wings adopt them. And send them to a nice place for the nice coach and ice coordinator. Is ownership. From office. We're gonna put him in a spot where. We think that he's with good people. Who given the chance. And passed on first rounder pass on the first rounder and another play why do we need daddy or knowingly. Not buying any of this stuff I took the phone calls we go guys you're popular car with a pup. Good afternoon guy one it was a wonderful he's still mourning the good. Are personally crevasses like saying I think I'm very very scored their origin well hold on anybody wanted to be I don't know ten to monitor and check. Eight months. My next point. However. I think you turn into apparently. Who jamboree that if he turns into paranoia remaining. Tom Brady turned into a paranoid we now Powell. I think this situation is I think kind of that you like welcome they want orders are a few hours now should lead while behind the front of that's correct and I don't think you liked him I think it was Carter voter's job number would have worked so and so on and so forth. And I think bill to also it would it would disarm. Jimmy said he was potentially great quarterback and so on and so what. And I let's assume this clock let's look at her application lets say all of that is true. Did not having Jimmy go rappel backing up Tom Brady make Tom Brady. It bitter quarterback because he's as you said he was paranoid that the young kid was gonna take his job made it the better quarterback. Well I don't think so because. Situations how many times how many times did. You hear a lot grapple with a commitment close out against law. Let's have to bill that's what is. That's that's every Beckett clearly don't think army veterans saying that at all that's every bit of course that's nothing new there about I know but by judge judge ordered an and an army. Couple times and series blowouts. Yeah gained seventy on the united Tommy had the same thing I think personally. Think Belichick on. The way. A loss is lying and no no Arctic don't know it's like he's gone he's been able to. Because he's mad about what Barack lol well well that would help to corral all white sticky water after grapple I think Tommy ran over very similar to look. Bob Kraft and says hey Bob. Yeah women they got a blocking I'll block a global law. Is gone deeper than does not done enough kind of is yeah you guys above. Don't see any evidence of any of this it wouldn't surprise me at all if Belichick really wanted to keep Jimmy drop. And kind of get pissed that he had to let him go well and that they might have been some conversation there but I don't. Get up and and give up the legacy of the seventeen years ago going to head coach of the giants. A kitten. GM Jerry it's I get rid of Mecca just hired that I don't on the program I don't buy that and they already have a personnel guy they brought him right front of the guys from Carolina beach house. It's the overdrive it was a eight. Driving now. Not that the airport listen you knuckle heads to market a couple things along the Brooklyn one. But the big storm comes used to work. It depends depends how much molecular maker of what we're only knows what it's done it's too big girl gets in Oregon and go Christopher since you don't think we got out. I want under and work coming out of our model. Up Eric let a couple basic ordered drug it across the ball yet but. I checked. Is the most calculating. In similar colts in the world he gets critical to get a place a year to ensure correct correct usually like actually. Last year players to bet that that the players want want to Cleveland summary. The one ever told you don't set to portray me. Cubic feet every call it in Cleveland and Greg are preparing me here right. He had the crime is big jewels among evils that outlet it. Andrei what suspected. You don't happy they're in the game genre. No help Alex Shaq out. Want to go up to an all or gain should let you go back it crap. We got the and it's. So how did you feel left the six quarters. Now. I've got you're like oh you get these six John Warner when it does he was done. On paper. Look great going particularly to deal would still walk away from the 41 year old. Way to put it back up all are in a cheap electric Bill Belichick that that's all in all some reason why. It because they are caught it they had a outlaw it cracked that are not yet but it won't be equal but I think the team. We get to comedy in the air it gently rock. Tablets are a puppet coach let alone know Belichick. Typical route or capitol way out of here he did that so we can protect that legacy. But it went by me so we hear about that part on that I would agree that god made. Police say nice things about Taylor Jones. Usually more urgent Collins. Time dialogue. Brand. This is everybody is nobody gets dogs it was it was it didn't play an awful and at least. Now. AP making. I didn't do my neighbors in need to me if Clinton. To me it's never. Imagined to drive to the airport together I couldn't disguise none of these guys because we're human drivers to sit there and drive they don't they once thought today he want the ball. Why is star. I. Of. That you know what you do stuff woodlands yeah I don't know when I'm over driver I was I was with him how he looked at how he said I like it because it interesting with one stone magazine also runs all go to Tennessee. All about control donate it doesn't idol he's he's more ground I take it funnels it might take to control the golf and I'll find out it's all sits in the Eleanor almost three guys I got Kevin and it is great all glad to all of controlled he controlled the situation all but go ahead you can talk to the unity good luck and good call yeah. All right so it I don't think they've built ballot that. Adam's story you know the the recent yet and so on down to it because of reporting like that. I don't think dollar check wanted the program well but I also don't think that he got to pit or it's a good prospect. I don't know entirely what happened but you're by. I think Belichick knew that if that that you may have to get our rock below crap all the speaking with our. I think you had a small conversation with gras floats and what we're gonna probably have to do you and then or hours or they or whatever it is. Here's a potential teams are much anger or outlook nick if it yet that date such that you passed a feature. But I think a lot below kinda had a choice in May be at the thank you sent this go to your quick fix for me. But you're definitely not gonna go to Cleveland because Cleveland was all about that you want it you don't think that it brought it that. What sent Fred may be looked like at your destination bait me aren't who Belichick with talk to. I've that the problem I shall have what it is if you could get more than a second round. For Jimmy to Rob Lowe. Why did he do and we talked about dealing with in the conference you don't try to of problems trading Jamie Collins within the country that he's gonna get more than that and it didn't get what Allah case of be shot Jimmy G the event at a better the second round pick. I do I do think so. It is also looking back hindsight though. Because he also had an injury going past that game against Miami a year ago. I just think that the timing or that it happened now bill. To really get at number one pick. While it's all about shopping and leverage business. And it we talk about that when when the Yankees signed Stanton in the Brodsky calls all the Yankees are involved looking out well. We sectors that that's the stupidest thing aren't mine life. The Miami Marlins you gonna sit there is that at the Yankees the Red Sox betting is beautiful when we get more now because they get these two teams bidding. You don't create any leverage you don't shopping to try to get more than a second. With his wife makes no sense we keep on talking about Bill Belichick he darts every young crosses every T he's well prepared wit everything plenty of time. The deal with they know what they would dealing with last year any offseason what they were gonna deal with the trading deadline when they could possibly be dealing with the the end of this year during the franchise that. So maybe. Maybe the fact that they could deal in the San Francisco it was a second round pick. Plus they can get all your run of the deal because they had already traded away Brusett may that was a factor. We got a guy who we can punt run the punch right into our into our rotation here because he understands our system knows what would. I just don't believe that bill is sitting there saying. I don't care about me. I don't care but the New England Patriots all I'm worried about right now is of the young Jimmy G. Is taking care of with a really nice future because I want him to have a great experience inside the camp could only wonder ask it is not a anecdotal level on exactly girls and they do sailing until Wednesday's. So we took solace took less. And just picked out Syrian friends and we Demetrius back a quarterback. Which are a door that was that was more sense. If you if you're looking at it from the patriots and Bill Belichick point that it is locking him in a place where it's going to be a wonderful summer camp experience. Dole if Brady goes down he felt confident that Brian lowered its agencies. Eddie come on line we needed. But yachts and I didn't evidently Arizona enters the Arkansas just as much Brian Todd Whitman a little bit you're missing one piece. Because I had to unload him because crafted Ortiz said to him. You can't Capel the end of the year we're staying what's nominee. And unemployment of Kraft said that. Does he have a problem it Bob Kraft came out told Bill Belichick you're the team I think much is he's given full rein to Bill Belichick in this case. He's the owner of the team he's the owner of the brand. If he set that would Bill Belichick and say here's the deal we are not trading Tommy. If he starts to fade away will move grapple when will find a way but what is wanna see playing at a high level. Tommy is our quarterback Tommy is our guy he's he's the face of this organization in the entire history do organization. We're not moving a problem with that. Guys understand that happened so bad deals got to move he's got he's got it they get the best offer. Why didn't you still yet to answer why didn't. There's a there's a bunch of reasons that I did yeah Regis I just don't think was trying to say Jimmy car Bono and it's also very early ballot and I don't lie to you was it particularly good bye to you all do you agree. That he was not just. Yeah in San drop bloated to San Francisco. Purely for the only reason to do wanna him to feel safe and secure and happy. It was one of the factors that he thought eagle there is no ticket that's it that's add on that's so old by the way you get this also it's a coincidence more than anything. And like I said there's not a team out there that he would not said the exact same thing hey he's going to go to organization I still leadership haven't answered. I think equality I don't agree I don't know we did we we don't going to concede to Heidi Heidi we didn't. Want to heap visual and secretive about all or he called the first team patriots waited till last minute doesn't mean these are big yes. Or he he purposely did he call other teams because he didn't wanna bother sending in teams in the conference done. I this guy's the next time brain let's just say he's the next Phillip rivers he's an ex Tony Romo whatever any high quarterback. In the NFL with with a lot of success. Do you also think it's more likely that we'll do what he said the Baltimore they did have Joseph Flacco. We send them to. I'm Houston we sent him to Tennessee he didn't have Marla I said in a Jacksonville. I think it's more likely to pillow and no pills got some game plan down the road that he's got it all figured out of the franchise tag in the Frisco and the fact that done he wants maximum dollars and Frist goes to the payment to bundled. He's very awaited 234 years on the line he gave Jimmy grapple back and he's more like your and that. Yeah I think it's more like he does on the heels all they don't laughing at what's best equipment etc. well now he's done believe absolutely. You don't like to call as I'd like to call to take a break right back to the call is a guy like identical. Experience and. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way. Now back to more forty way to remove me and Fauria watch Sports Radio WEEI. I bet you're an old way and that's at 6177797937. Willie McGinest will join us coming up at 1130 and then now. We got a lot to talk about when his son Isaiah Thomas back in Boston will be in attendance for the game tonight will not play in will not allow. The Boston Celtics to put a video presentation from the jumble try and get to all that coming out. In the next one of the things that then shift to so that made absolutely no sense. Go Jimmy grapple one of the top ten quarterbacks and one of the best. We grew up looking the majority tough thing quarterback one of the best players believe. Oh maybe down the road maybe 234 years. We looking on five games and we're gonna call yes yes it. Yeah yours that crazy though. The networks. So so what does what does Tom Brady over the last five weeks a psyche quarterback Aziz and I'm sitting there are so let's just go to the top ten quarterbacks of the quarterback's not because love you'll see it top ten players you're including defense and linebacker Lawrence dollars in quarters that's one of the top players in the league. Yes if you are it's opt in oh OK so and Alexei. Just based on a so Jerryd Goff is number ten right now schools for quarterbacks and stats and numbers. But he goes down Russell Wilson he's not Alex Smith maybe. I don't know maybe Kirk cousins may be still don't know he could be Kirk cousins basically. Kirk cousins once gains Matt Ryan know Ben Roethlisberger know Drew Brees no maps that are no open river no Brady no soak off. Possibly Russell Wilson know Alex Smith may be. After that it's simply morals and meet he's Keenan's of the world's okay sure he might be in that category but he's got their car but he's always there for five gain. All of that everybody's feeling good about yourselves look how great it looks like needs and we like him and I think he's going to be really really good. Not pretty like that may be really good do you think it is like being option quarterback. Does he won't he think he's going to be I think he I think he has the ability to be a top ten quarterback and a shaft called on the top ten quarterback of one of the best players in the league. Now. All based on his thoughts on that last I mean what a ridiculous statement it's just it's an opinion this thing is these 22 happen trained on that list he's got a lot of guys she's got of these got a the B bid announcement. Sure he glared off. Okay and Ellen put him in front Russell Wilson. Culture comes from pretty good finish third 300 yards passing. I mean it's it's been produced 28 touchdown seven interception don't want to amateur golf and BP. Because she don't sponsor apple on the fighter insolent grumble (%expletive) six. That's why the dissenters got is that he has a deck press god with Ezekiel Ali a look at deck press got without particularly. Good. Zynga. Is that as good. Is he any good. Yes underwriters yeah. Marriage is not as good slightly above average I would definitely an open isn't I think I think Jimmy's can be better than slightly above activate Tyrod Taylor. Talk about the future that you get crystal ball judgment of future shifter is talking about right now. Five games emblem top ten quarterback one of the best player personally it's an outrageous statement. Right now. The only way an idea what it's it's easy to jump on board trading fees and yet and that's the future you're right. Maybe next year may be at the end of next season with that at all after so yeah example let's. Yeah I I understand it's it's it's a stupid comment and it's just his opinion but I mean you know if he right now a little bit right now I have a ceremony showcase fourteenth. But he's trending up you know he's fourteen be huge believe in him more than you believe in golf or maybe more than you believe in its Alex Smith that the outrageous. He he definitely has the look I don't I want you to sample six times Yahoo!'s fire engines he's taken one of the worst football teams. In football and has won five straight one of the worst name me one of the weapons. They're tied him digital. It again and it will nobody really knew before Jimmy drop below me was so injured everything else garlic Carl's side Goodling. 50 okay yeah he did what is is is still active. Exactly and the hands on the ball if you jumped out of Cleveland Browns and you took that course bleak team won five straight you're doing something right. Channel I would say it I don't know I don't know. Hold on let me let me just through this beginning of the season let's go the beginning of the season. All right and let's look at at what this team did because they were losing a lot of games. But scores. Acts Seattle they lost twelve to nine vs the Marines they lost 41 to 39. At the cardinals they lost eighteen to fifteen at the colts they lost 2623. At the Redskins they lost 2644. And recently there and almost like you're in all of their games navy could possibly be. But the 49ers because you're right we don't see them an awful lot we don't know the personnel were a while. Could be that the 49ers were better than what we thought they were and Jimmy G coming into the situation organized quarterback. Lot of confidence players have confidence in him. They suddenly learned how to win puts on a lot of plus games I did beside you and I I know I credit but I I'd I'd I'd give him credit but I'm not put him his top ten quarterback or one of the best players in the league based on five and so. I broke down in Cleveland Browns last year broke down there their team for Israel's embassy yes and they and I was going through their roster and the players and who is there it was out. They literally had the worst roster I'd ever seen. Offense and defense the worst roster from receivers to should have been it's could've beens. To roll back to back out to you name it. Terrible roster. So I mean I wish I knew more about. The San Francisco's Proscar to seems like they were every single game they're playing Wear the browns were out of every single game. There was no hole to take it they kept it close you know we've basically the other team is gonna pull away from and what it. So yeah could have been that the only thing that I was missing so Jimmy drop all went. To Cleveland with that roster. Does he went five games to even look doesn't doesn't look respectable about sake that's all you really need to take a look respectable of five straight you respect. Yeah I think you hit it sold they've always been so bad once again you're Tennessee with the of the they would lose a game on on they leave when the game be on a kick them they play excellent Randle again a few who play against the rams who gave airplane anybody I. And it's to me it's like you look at the end of the year teams are playing it's hard they're they're playing a little more carefree. They get a little bit and excitement they play Chicago Bears team even though the top ten defense. They really would die and they're they're they're they're pushing their coats out the LP. Out the door and week eleven. So where's the motivation words he Kurt reward is worth it worth the energy from any of these teams. And so he comes in fresh. They don't know on edit scattered around they don't really have any idea what he's capable of doing they don't know what off let's go alone with him and he surprised some people. Let's go to Doug in west front breed dog gets better every game with fellow. And I don't guys like slow ID like everyone I don't know why intake. That are offer. But I completely discredited objective and I think wanting to have to find was. If you quartet and the Arctic and who. I will lose it we'll show I don't do we get this is what does anybody knows this will deal with them daily personally and the legal Muster thing. We know that means. Note that means consent and that means that we must we just. Actually wrote an article okay great and it's pretty good it's pretty good for this party would like a monster. He's my hero working with you don't push to its equities are gonna he's got this crazy conspiracy theory and I heard last night when I was about when he was don't -- to look at this last coal you want to know me know what the last call was just saying I did hear where he said it was like a computer that is like to hear a little bit of what is said he basically says bill you understand that it's a well placed DA does I think. Billions to assume that well I don't know the right. A place of an established coach because maybe he was fearful. The Josh McDaniels would follow and so decent and Arizona were sent to Cleveland mom dad Josh McDaniels would follow him. Now that has great and I know. Hey I have little one yeah nationality strategy to a safe place we know that just did not relief. No not a hundred no not yet known I've got it figured out and out not that he's bad he's not going to San Francisco I can go to Arizona and establish and we don't want to go to Arizona because. That would suck. There is something though. Materials that there early and yes I I I believe overall he's leaving it I overall their leaders at the would you say built a control freak yes. So you want to control everything right and then you're ending your success your franchise your ability to keep winning and be consistent. And make sure you know about who's next grace cigarette to deal with it at IKEA I can control that narrative in the way that story ends. And make sure that I keep Josh because the best thing for grappled bedecked. To have Josh McDaniels even though it looks like house systems you know conflict and that system easily let. Like all of the sense that last caller even though you couldn't understand so does Tomas didn't sense the zooming out you know it. He doesn't make birdie and on. If it's a three month it's also what it does when I read when I read the Nazis had line. It may be go aha maybe he's got a point is that was that gets them with which he went. Was not what I was thinking I would do it it doesn't make sense.