OMF - Tomase draws the longest straight line in the history of radio; Willie McGinest on Pats' personnel departing for bigger jobs 1-3-18

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Wednesday, January 3rd

HOUR 2 - Patriots fans are used to their team dominating every poor group that has to play them in December. This year has been a little different. Willie McGinest joins the show to discuss what the offense has been doing this month as well as which coordinator is poised for a new job somewhere outside of Foxboro. Also, WEEI dotcominator John Tomase sees a connection between the Garoppolo trade and the deflategate punishment.


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 this was not in negotiations. I think that. They woke up that morning and made the decision however they did good. They're gonna trade. You figure out what and I believe we as civilization hopeful called the Bay Area Georgia to drop below. Yeah OK to joke okay. Not turn over complicated with Glenn flew in Christian until Tom Brady's gonna fall off the Clinton now what you're falling from the heights Tom Brady is you passed the rule ordinary units before you hit bottom did not blown yet but it's the ordinary and this isn't just your average January snowstorm experts are using terms like Bob bode Janice likes to stay home and we can't even add up with thunder snow yeah. And it's. The UK and he yeah basically it means less than a monster storm don't make yeah. Right now. Sports Radio WEEI. I know whatever holes all of them felt wanted to get this would join us here in the half hour will be as successful as it sounds thing. A lot of people Chiming in on that one but. Quick look over here wants to what's the site a while John it's a mossy peace and WPI dot com. And I just read the headline and that was enough to discourage me how to flee case. Cost of Petrie junior dropped football the flaky caused everything and then I guess all remain active and has every right right so. So it's enemy doing Yemeni. So mossy Gary gives it is that the quick version right where I was at work version of its failure to lift I don't know what I learned that when you Q when you right back at you guys differently this to mossy. Bear with me on this on this is my conspiracy here and posted yet as. Putting the finishing touches I've got let's tease people just my opinion my opinion yet but. So automate back clear hour ago I say if you go back to. I've Kravitz original story and Brady comes on here the next morning sort of brushes it off and then two days later more comes out his then eleven out of twelve. And now all of a sudden it's a big deal and so. You know Brady and Belichick to their Wednesday press conferences contact Condoleezza to Brady's been asked about football's. Brady does that we we tended to push this one out of our memory and I have to admit. That adds I was writing this only candidate come back it's like. Oh yeah Brady's first press conference on the fleeting as wildly uncomfortable he was like coming for you lived in a way to run the right now is differently to any minute he's a DB on Borges and all these people parted with your questions and at one point. Steve Burton and I think Kasten is Tom Brady I don't know it's nice as the noble peace which was not the strongest answer probably any given tight anyway. Then my little heat on Saturday compliance and now we get to Sunday it's beneath the bull on you Colin loggers things went on the record Virgin Islands golf equipment are definitely will crack about world Sunday. So craft lands on Monday and Arizona is really into the epidemic this point read this formal number zero yeah. And there in a major that we just found a way to who's been through it is usually throw at you speechless there constantly looking backwards and all of those numbers are true and sort. Out there. It's like you have to force in any media they need and changed into it implement a week he wants them. And Arizona. But after the famous actor I don't know about you also have to take a pass and not to be there will still hasn't stones governor Arnold and it's about the irony is presently on Tuesday. As the ambassador. That's I don't bastards it would hurt out and as fast as they. Yeah I'm probably the people. He's articulate and in Iraq to get my way into the 32 owners stand on its home to Dallas. So I don't get our confidence but when you might. And getting. A top ten yeah yeah. We got kind of I pulled us through this might might might yet but broke down after four minutes of this long without the growth all along was for five minutes. Now all we like a doctor about 3:30 AM OK so notable that deadline that was a must be on it and it be in there working on his craft guys that he is so pretty easily. Does the elevator speech that would be. Craft guild the deflate the it's now blinding him to the truth that it would have been better to keep drop low entry pre outs that all all of that it. Almighty god is good that was mentioned twelve so Izzo my guys feel about it at eleven and because he's thinks that craft a field as they have Brady's back now that he. And repay Tom it's the forever tree growth that yes since he's that he didn't believe in trust him. That there no matter how badly hurt the team. He's never going to go get Brady yeah after hearing an explanation without a ten page article five minutes what you don't get older and yet I guess he was noodling on it and he actually had put let me tell you what I thought what I am organized this year it's the era and posted yet she's. How is your damn well. When I saw this headline my first thought was. OK maybe but he went somewhere else when I searched person how flaky Costa papers to meet problem at first thought was. If the plate gate never happen. And Jimmy problem never saw the field and an NFL game. Would it have been easier. To sign him to an extension to keep our base more so. That's. That is where I thought he was going to got announced that it is because nobody was seen on other than you in other pre season games. Nobody knows what he can't do we don't have the Arizona of the Miami do regulate wall. In that none of it. Soul is their chance they're going into the she could with the dog needs to listen to I don't he wants to play but a lot of markets can be out their form but. Well off field that I know usually go off feel like their old Bristol pillow contract I don't know we talked before 78 in for a few years. Would have been easier to keep him if he never showed it. Deflate and he might have been boards still no guarantee that gas in its its immediate like as far as that makes more sense would loosen me it was only like you and your years in the movie sliding doors. Well OK you race. That these companies out of foreign would you like it's awesome arsenal a cable way back when our Jeanne are literally files living in California I don't want my bite. Alibaba Baghdad. Yeah it's so don't feel about becomes you know the movie is basically about you know how your life changes based on how you go through 11 door opposed to another movie base about one altars and and she misses are trained. And since she misses are rising this whole course I don't events after the people version it makes a train if you presently trying to. Right so this base what is the plate gate doesn't. Resign now now I. Her. That he's. That is the case. I do remember you know and now I'm a whole idea that sound confusing there's a time. It's okay to so it's what you can they would be able to hold on to rubble for longer appeared by the hand they pay me back ups that dame back that money. Any neighbors spectacle much money for a backup but not this 25 million dollars and the takes it appears he's got no other option to Google yet there's still would ever seen. So that's that's where the plate he actually might have. Yes that would make more sense to guilt thing I don't buy an apartment guilty by the guild thing about it Gil thing but I do provide the yeah if he didn't play. Then there wouldn't have been in this only god look what they keep it. Does there's a difference between the Joseph Montana what San Francisco did with Joseph Montana. When they unloaded him vs Brady. Montana was not winning the MVP that year OK Tom Brady's at that point already each forties when he can MVP. I don't blame craft at all looking at him being the face of the history. Of this organization. I at this franchise. He's just won a lot of how does not want him to play in Denver somewhere helpful to you don't have additional. I think some people don't go to Mike and it shows odds go to my didn't New Hampshire wants to add or to Tomas these conspiracy just over unique. Hey guys size as well weird part about Judy Meehan and how we lost that because I played those one act scheme that either in law. What happens if this injury wasn't that bad habit thought it wasn't the patriots circulating the rumor that he wouldn't play because of his injury. Reality get the blood out the other. But doubt that you as a top player he didn't actually wanna get in there and get it done because that is one allude him well at all. He looks too good at striding adult apart so we can't let him play the next two games. Otherwise you'll be clever and formidable figure out how to let him go. A six years thinking that they held him back. And they played Barcella he wanted to play and he said no. Did they're saying that he could have played but there I ought know he does not the way it Adrian and batter made that training that pulled me shouldn't play good there. Your injuries too bad and and that you probably would've played if they had let him but it took hours a surgical means that. It was a day game decision remember it was like two hours before being played with one quarter veco right roster correct. Data via. Anna and them out by now a tinge of Natick HM. I would go out. Dual I'll say it out. We knew we looked over think things. I think it's I think. Simple it. They did not want to get critical rock allow it to go back and look at. Before that he. Spotted eagle rock quote it can't we're excited and I'm looking at where you're an adult maybe he gonna go. And they then trade him back then because they didn't want him to go out and once. He didn't go. They are I guarantee done you that you're not gonna be able beside him. Got the only one money. Now Brady at a point you're you're you're by the united something and you got to put that at that time in the future. And as much as you thought maybe like Brian Hoyer. Why in the heck would they go to and ran their second round pick which. Belichick not afraid of anyway because they get that the paper route money. And at the same time you're out getting a backup that you need because. Well you gotta get that it has no. After her first of all don't let him and I don't confuse the first and second round draft pick the deal would rather take a second and first as you do that when he would take the horrors and deal of the blame it. He would take the first and deal delay we'll get more. Actually. Well and hang it it also comes down to camp ended and I mean they are you ever look at protected absolutely. But the other thing is. We keep saying O Brady's contract he could actually about the contact they are not done beside him to another. Yes yes they are in this they aren't they will absolutely Bruce I'm unable. You know they are gonna re sign him. I guarantee they will not doesn't. A training Brady. They're gonna let them play out their contract and maybe you'll want you expect that he and what he's forty to the knock it until he's forty or forty I've. That you've got that contract and read the salary cap the only book a million under the the salary cap right now for next for current 2008. We're ready at 22 million. Why would they side horn here for the exact same leg got Brady's contract expired both our quarterback despite what ninety. But it won't play pick and besides Brady. Beyond. What in nineteen. Don't OK but they're gonna have to do that if he plays real well Anderson and right and the end they've got holes on the the defense in front right now how they're going to get players that they donate that money. We're gonna get players they need personnel right now. On the defensive side of the ball talking about the defense of the ball well. Maginnis joins us government next. He ice patriots playoff coverage during the march to Minnesota he's brought to you why they ERS restoration specialists and now. Mass. General cancer center. I back yeah always and if it's done for our weekly get together with so patriots all the same though what is the name again happy new year my friend. I'm doing great very happy new year everybody. What are doing great who couldn pure enough and in New England but there's no wild card game he has no wild card game this weekend when it would be about ten below. And sure you don't like playing tenable. I you watch the patriots for the last five weeks it's up in the same Tom Brady at all there won four of the five games. Do you have concerns. I mean you always gotta have concerns weapons perfect court for the playoffs and I'm you know in Watson. Watching the team and watching defense and and Tom of course. They talked a little bit better execution and and and and timing of certain things and you've watched plays like argue that you wanna that played back. You know and that that's why it's so important get that first slump. Hum the team you're playing you've got to play and it's very important but it's even more important to walk on most things. That you need to work on that routine to get better techniques that adjustment. Some of those middle errors you could have been. It gives you an extra week just to hold me in and get better yourself before you start game plan for the single player. So really some who watch this offense you know announce that they're going they just. They it looks like something's missing you know and they edit yes they they keep winning and they keep putting points up there. But I said I look at the Miami Dolphins did this team. And they and it feels to me like they don't have. Like it and get started dry starting time wide receiver guy that does that Troy Brown role Julian element it's the same slot receiver role a quick route. To meet everything now seems like it's down the field or outside the numbers. Well they got it figured out in you know other patriots game planned community spirit teams know what they'd like. And for the last few years they've like those underneath routes boat design. Where there's a crossing our option routes. And teens understand they're sold amounting to start to try and take that away and forced the tapes of those ball outside or throw the ball down the field because they. That's something they haven't done you know on a consistent basis so you know a lot who would game planning and without the kings are trying to take away so. A home you know for me more as more than time decision decision to receivers in the and thumb on the same page. And you know the ball get out on time the protection. And a lot has to do with that you know a lot of times patrols were rushed or does that some service beaten throw the ball. Hum because of the pressure as of late part. I'm not worried you know automatic you have two weeks I expect a lot of those present levels they're squaring. You know well people look Ronnie AFC. You go away and that there's there will who who could possibly not the steam off I just look at this team because we're so accustomed to seeing them. That final quarter of the season playing their best football and they're just they're simply not. And it it just it does seem like something's missing bat I don't know if another team if she can knock them off the do you feel like I was missile this thing. We'll keep you can you tell me a team and they assume that you look at that you watched you'd like I'll read their fire and also does. Occupy. I I could say that for every single scene from Pittsburg got to talk about the defense. And there's some big plays they give it up with a second period and now they have some holes like I said the bug Jacksonville. About their quarterback and how he's played any consistency of their offense you know the last two weeks. You know they grabbed 250 yards on the on the on the ground melts on the 87 yards and and Blake borrows there's twelve and two touchdowns and five because but I can go down each and every. AFC team and say the same thing. And if it. It's not. It's not we're not a consistency that would in the wiggling your right. We're accustomed seeing him in local and out scored 3035 points a game fire on all cylinders everything looking crispy clear. And you don't need to maybe. Pick out one thing here and there what we're that accustomed to seeing that put you know there's a lot of turnaround on that seamen. And yet there's been a little inconsistency over the last five weeks. You know. Offensively also the defense got better visibility given up fourteen ports that. As best in the NFL play some of the plays we watch where this in the running game more. Or couple of explosive plays. Being you know we we won and they pick because we used to seeing them play at a certain level for so long so. Of course you're worried and you wanna see them play at a certain level you wanna you know if you're dispersed over you wanna see them play at a certain level port you know at the end of the day. That's why you work hard to get that spot again so you include those things that I'm not really worried about those two teams are those teams. Our veteran teams they got great coaching and they'll make adjustments as the team that don't have as much experience. Bottom of the award. Parliament asked about the experience consume when you look at the NFC you look at Philly you look at Minnesota and two Ramsey your top three seeds. They probably had the least of post season experience that I look at New Orleans Carolina and Atlanta. They have all been there before is that a factor over there. I think it is not being born in north of local place that's gonna happen this next week. I think understanding. Home what you need to do you know you can make certain states airplay is certain that you can't turn the ball over. If you've been there before you noted you know. The emotions don't get you don't get too crazy and start hyperventilating in those different things to forty game. You wanna say you wanna treated like any or any other game but not in the other game missed the playoffs in the if you don't play at a certain level could throw the ball over and place sloppy football you'll end up better hope so for those teams like you know like you mentioned. Gordon they understand how you have to take your game up another level are you how you have to eliminate. Certain beings and how you got to play pretty much four quarters arm four the other teams but let us say get it to peak not put. Is that is that you know it it's something new values to unite with the ready for predict you can predict it is by. You know a lot of people say maybe that's a good thing they don't know what they're spoke with a squad played football okay. I was so what's more likely to happen okay. All three of the most suitable as a citizen what's more likely happened because aerial map archers and Josh McDaniels all leave for new job or only one of them. Why are all there are more likely. No I was I was thinking about that. No I don't think Nick's been there and experience. This probably that was god position that's been. Home. Groomed in there and has done a great job and I don't know what makes a picnic leads yet this big picnic and a great doubles simply players and teams are working with Bill Clinton. I mean he brings so much organization a lot of people who don't know the story of what goes on what he doesn't actually get out here. And being a part of the so he understands what that team needs so. I'll wonder jobs rather acting jobs have have held off. A few years just look at for the quote the perfect situation. I know we interview last year and so little bit interviews and situation he felt wasn't right. From top to bottom so. I think there's a couple of teams for him and that hum that's probably good situations. That's understand what needs to happen from the top all the way down that's gonna give him. That you know that that I latitude that power to go in and make decisions along with the GM. And have say over you know the roster what need to happen farce the entire football operations. Because that's how those guys worked out probably learned it learned of the dollar check so they have to be in control and have their hand in every single aspect. Of the football operations not just as much as cool and I'll be here. Call employees in the air put together you know a team a lot of these coaches don't understand see him get him over their head. These coordinators when they return head coaches there's so much more to be in the vehicle so. But being there's a couple situations that they could possibly lose to balance. You know way out of the last week as Rodney commission said the pages and regret. Almeida mistaken trading Jimmy drop below you look at what point do you think this is a regret what they look back at him and an official at this to go. You have to make the decisions are made it was it was either keep it was it is little leaf or use what they keep changing. I mean you have to make that decision and the way Thomas playing now how could not keep. And I know everybody everybody have expiration date we ought to. You know everybody is expendable we saw that it optical we've all been through but Amir's is soul heart. So predict how a certain guy's gonna play over certainly that. And synergy did not have that experience of that sample size and still even though it's seven games and he looks great in you have to tether so we sort of play. That way consistently put you really don't know. You know with Tom's gonna keep you know what Tom precipitate or in the classroom you know there are working to look at it that he does you know all those different things. And it he's still playing that MVP level. How can you do shipped them out of there I mean that's the toughest thing you're not gonna pay a backup quarterbacks. Like one as one of the highest paid guys in the league and that's what you would have to do which in EG. You know what leave France out what you give my long term building being. It sort of sit by public that's not the cubs right no he's got a really have to play so you've got organization and as a coach you gotta make a decision. Bad timing that's what we call it is bad timing it is that none of the calendars can sync they'll put each other what do you do that's it. Symbolism. Hope that you got to recruit and find another guy out there and they're bound doesn't know there in the past the back of assumption that Libya. Have to worry about that he's been so durable. And so consistent that they're being on the field so you know you got to draft this year you've got to go as defined by new guiding whom you another guy for the next couple years. I was talking and actually just a wild card weekend have a good one Willie. All right you guys have to go. T illiterate index. You mentioned the the point that he was he was talking about where it's. With Cora ample and the thing is that. I always asked question had people this weekend called up after the after the game and that's all they wanted to portables grow so what is the alternative what. What would you live. Dungy. Do you really think there's anybody got a call up and say yes they should have traded the number. Mean I remember is that an option I mean they're really it was is what was woody was be more likely happen in the fact is that you don't have to leave decks. It's a deal on my guess he had an end in craft can. In this is this talk about legacy talk about history. Just can't do it now I think it's different and I heard people describe it to say. Well the Celtics should have done it with the bird McHale and parish web the three guys were falling port. OK with Mikhail broken foot 1987 they perform poorly yet burned about him back. Shut up just to speak to share this but yeah. Back not to. I tune up everybody's going to be lotion underground birds have always wanted to let you what I might personally I might rub down revert back the Los you probably it's probably I don't know anyone got doesn't have to be part due to anybody. Now Jane there's nobody going to Paris and be elegant but in this case when you're talking about great camp to the MVP. He's the MV all about timing right the one to outlast the orchid Google back to the offseason at the Super Bowl. When he was in his mountain retreat now and and Switzerland where it is. Wyoming and Montana we've got it guys only senator Alex which apparently a veteran and a month's end parliament and that's a kind of he's got adults eat out from the golf I don't know about you you definitely days that you would have though. Because immediate goes back to the philosophies of duel with rescue organization argue we had earlier in the day whether bill did or not track drop below ration shop and got more. Because the other philosophy is you give bill gets rid of players a year or two. Early this rather than late is that Tom is different again but still you still would add those people. When you when you have that kind of foundation that belief system people to sedate. Done it before. He got to get a guy that you believe it be that he's that good you should do it again. Das C I think I think in this one except that he's got to show that question what is the alternative the alternative would abundant trade to number. What are you gonna trade him at the end of this year. You gonna trade Tom Brady. You're gonna keep Jimmy go rappel. Tom Brady is going to be traded in a year he's in the patent and by the way Adobe team out here that is one player away that quarterback away from what. That's gotta go grab Tom Brady Tom Brady could have great success with that franchise over the next two years. So that none of the none at all the options are good options and you know it's so yeah that timing. You know it's going to be attached to that MVP this year. The day when he wins the MVP it was so he's got two before that. It'll be at the woman really dinner is a guy's got 300 he's added that last some you know there's a release of obviously that's going to be there's going to be old by the way. With that MVP it's it's like well there's nobody else all you like Antonio brag at Carson when he really didn't deserve resiliency in the latter clothes and. He doesn't think he did the troubles wouldn't be in Foxborough director at the your music. I I wanted to get this interview if I haven't said it has brought you by wind river environmental and by tufts health plan. A way to get your phone calls coming up next we'll get its of this all Isiah Thomas he is in town will be at the game tonight. Will be sitting on the Cleveland Cavaliers bench will not play. And will not be part of eighty video tribute. Told the Celtics in the Celtics are accommodating him by not doing we'll get all of that as well right here and Owen. More in the mid day with a bow and and a sport waive our loan in 48 months Sports Radio telling you. Well I think that was a music trading Jamie because Jamie is an unbelievable quarterback and a guy that you could build a franchise around obviously. He's going to be different says guys in San Francisco and I'm very happy for because you know imagine him. Being the backup behind Tom for a long time to go somewhere else and we might veteran state for the team entry I've yet of the I mean any time but outside of that caliber. Because Tom can play fifteen years. All right so we only great. It was a mistake that was dropped. Think it's lastly we all agree. That it's a mistake because we think he's going to be a really good quarterback and Belichick think she's gonna be really good quarterback who has the alternative. Well that was I think Tommy is all of the many fouled up and it exactly that said yesterday this is like. Will you really want. In love for him to stay here but the reality is is just no real way to figure it out to me the only way it would have been to treat comic in the year. Brilliant that's. You can't do that. Just can't do that you can't take Tom Brady as an MVP even at age forty. And suddenly throw him out where she can you can't I know and you get answers now you can't that you won't let you won't you okay I'll give you that but if you're Bob Kraft. And this is your franchise this is pure brand Tom Brady is for ever going to be attached to the spring he's gonna be back. Year after year after year he is part of your board and that he has built for you. You have a lot of golf. You're not gonna have Tom Brady coming back as that at Denver bronco for the final two years if not why I thought that that was more likely to happen. Not. What I was born Christian and what if that is done if you overall if any way of thinking is applied it would have all of that stuff could. A rock below was in the second year of his contract then added two more years of his deal. And his two more years just happen to coincide with Tom deal being up. Tom wants to continue to play. They're like sorry you know it's two years from now which is that it didn't work out that way timing you go back to you could say I'm. If Jimmy grapples and a second year that he price you'd be the next quarterback gathering of patriots yet but he's on his fourth year correct talk trying to move. Too bad timing that is it is bad time I don't know what else you can do in this situation it is just really pissed or time. But Brady is your MVP this year. And I know that I've heard this from some people who say well you could have done the same thing and win this year next year and year after that would drop below. You don't know. You do not know that you know what Tom Brady is capable of doing you know what he does in big huge playoff games you've seen this time and time again. You have companies you saw what he did last year last February in Houston. You've seen us you have no idea the crumpled and others that you know Dick rock lol looks like. He's got the potential to be a really good player. Let's go to world bully can a car Blake. I. Guess maybe kind of. I personally. Believe that this. Quote and it took a break. It. You can. Look at this picture it is all. Content you can't. It's important. Going away. Why I really isn't a total. I'll I'll give you that. If Belichick tried to put him any good position with a good coach good coordinator and a good organization. He might have done it on the a of the little wink wink wins Don Yee and with Jimmy drop below don't subtle long term contract. Let them franchise you for this year. Then next year and then the year after that if they have to but you gotta kick a couple to go along with that and pass some hundred million dollar paycheck. On the leak which is forgetting is now his property the giant Rio of the 49ers right. And when the awards when he wasn't playing there was a lot of talk what's the say that San Fran doesn't trade into the jets. Can't control. Is deploy it paid this he can't control he's not gonna end up in the jets or Miami somehow can't control niners to trade him for second OPEC. Eagles signed Kirk cousins mirror that when he wasn't playing. That was the whole thing made the not a as a good just flip on inside cousins Y can't control the flip flip your division. Then. The only thing you can hope for if you don't check is that. San Francisco does not have enough confidence in you and I don't know why they wouldn't after the five games and then not willing to give you the big huge box is have you done your whole little for the big huge box. They franchise you and and they do it again like they did with Kirk cousins in Washington but you notice that's done. You're already hearing it from Washington zealot Kirk cousins that I can do it again right now it got to two years they're done they're not gonna do it now Kirk cousins is gonna either sign there. For a long term deal or is gonna sign somewhere else now they think they can do better thinker cousins. And that's usually the way it is so. That are going Kirk cousins is NFL quarterbacks go he's good. He's great he's not LB he capable of winning you. A plant official why isn't grapple sign in San Francisco. While Williams and his Russian side. Shortly said that's what they said in the in the press conference when they originally had the press conference they were hoping it constantly Barry says yeah it is an outlet that. Happened at that's business and I know you are you gonna franchise tag union of a window into work on long term extension was implanted into you do if you don't get along don't agree on the numbers franchise Amerada what is now part of. Of course we were the franchise and this don't question them friendships but. Because I think what's going on here is that done and he is looking at his guy and saying my guys 23 million dollar year quarterback. Of course he's starting Cora and if you mission operations got a girlfriend and if you're San Francisco you might be saying. Will believe he is for next year but we still have onslaught Ernie subside and we wanna. What do we wanna Gerri you and 6070. Mile that's that's Smart play why. Why not just franchise and let's see what he is capable of doing that's different here went out earlier because you say you you can read into as many different ways as you want. And that's not say franchise franchising a guy with Adam on is not a canceled. It's it's not a slap in the face their dirt there are deciding to give up their franchise tag they're gonna put on you and repaid over twenty million dollars. That's a big commitment you know get their biggest need more information doesn't mean they eat you immediately to it it franchisee blow you're near you don't play again there's to a million dollars. Boy it again it's that you know Anderson it's important advocate happening to blow a lot you indeed hurt. The unity Kirk cousins you could say okay basically what he's done is signed two year tort reform a 44 million dollar deal basically with Washington. And it's all Garrity. Has the franchise that wants marquee franchise response for it just me three times and I don't care but he had a good year to year. I so and that's of those risks don't know each year and I don't upright but I'm just saying if the unit two years as a defeat two years ago signed 96 year deal for whatever hole to guarantee money be. Fifteen yes he just made 44 right now is a free agent again. Sobbing and you can look at the injuries that huge risk I get it but some of these guys that say you know what. The person's point I'm making 2122. Million franchise mean next year maybe 26 franchise that's two years at 48. I sound longterm deal making did Erica fifty Arkansas billiard. Softer this is it possible that Bill Belichick to call all of this in the consideration because I don't Dickey and handles this stuff haphazardly. That he went through all of this incident what. San Francisco. Dungy they've spent enough time would dungy now to know where Don he is with this Klein. They know that Don he is going to hold out for maximum dollars for this point and Belichick says you know the senate to San Francisco. Could hurt Coachella appearance Kyle Shanahan he's good with quarterbacks that would be that would ride down an Atlantic he's got a bill something. The Don he is going to go here the year has gone and he thinks he's got a book the book the book guy here that's gonna get 150 million bucks. And you go to beauty here for the next couple years and then maybe sentences are little chilly though and he's available idea. Greed that is a possibility but there's a difference between that's the plan. And that is something that actually could happen it can't be that was dominant regular at a trade him way they know that there are gonna bring it back and that's the play. No that's I agree with because you don't know what's gonna happen in the future you could settle out they're dealing him to get him back BA's old by the weight some deals. They could play. I'm not saying it's a plan doesn't reasons why you do car but it may be one of the reasons why he goes to San Francisco when that situation. Okay that Belichick might have been well familiar with the fact that cal Shanahan is in love with Kirk cousins treated as an opportunity. But you're right you can't plan for. But you can think that may be if I play it right and Belichick is somebody who's a chess player. Now checkers player thinking three moved down the line says is there a possibility. That I can get go rumpled back down the road let me play this thing out and see how it plays out. Can't make it an awful fully fledged plan and I agree raisin Revere erect. Yeah they're the third option that paid him and in every get inflated. Beyond. But Belichick rejected an order back to him at age eight at eight of them had been journeyman but yet. What do you do after a week ago at the unicorn. The other guys could be a any corporate jets quarterback OK you are after realized that it really. Stroke pure luck. Throughout the right guy at 200 batting average on. And then the current corporate HI value perspective that the equipment in the league valuable franchises yeah the bulk of the second vote. That's a three billion dollar valuation. He black and look at the 49ers. Middle and go back hello all a widget back it up your original premise. They should have kept them both financially how they do that. It creates does Barack already taken idiot. 4046. And 46 million dollars. At one position in only one of those two guys are playing right now as of today. You had thirteen million dollars in the cap next year so another words what are you gonna do you're gonna unload hope. Gonna unload twelve players fourteen close. You can defer my you can you can expect got a little remote is that we've heard Belichick say it you could manipulate account. The ticket and have consistently. Spent in the bottom ten in league hard caps spending they had. That's that's deceiving that's deceiving because over a five year period it's not that way so. They have in certain years yes. The lower bottom feeder and you're talking about a billion dollar in market capitalization. OK and that that's roughly. The appellate second beer radiate created the crap. Above the average team Indiana. That's a separate argument that's a separate. Argued you know you can only do they Melissa long. I if you'd have a mediocre for HR with the 49ers did you're basically given a billion dollars enterprise value of collided. Ray I understand that you can maneuver and manipulate and do different things we're doing it with 24 million dollars to restore. You know I don't mean like me you manipulate six million move this Rommel veteran. 23. Million whatever how it's gonna cost of breezed point two. That's that the minute you especially when you go and indeed helped offensively next year. You know really our unity health defensively upfront and you don't lose Butler so you're not gonna be able paid Butler she's gonna need somebody else that position. I'm not sure I think they probably did look at say is there any possible way. We can bring both of them back in America or thirteen now. Thirteen right now via Mattel had that out yes to what color it is it's totally it's totally number that's what they're capped with their cameras yeah. We're look at it look at it not a usual thirteen for next year's three million right now three is for a million for the ages three and added that the kind of figured out of the road. But I feel my pain and I 750 grand next year ate half million dollars for Brady coach yet. Eight half million dollars I don't thousand are receiving a either you pay me to have million dollars no. No on the cap no. And we're finding out that Julian Edelman has probably vastly underpaid because when you've taken away. From this offense. You do talked about early we're early there's it's a problem from nature and position that the position duplicate the positions slot perceive resulting you know undersized little guy and now but it's an important position. In this there are often in this office panels definitely not even Dallas Dallas has worked and into their office as well as Bruce in Chicopee Abrams. I don't own. I don't tax reform try to get that by a water mark bought the old Iraq lo couldn sang and I am so. What do you say about straight period. Drop below goes to Washington and cousins goes. San Francisco. Yeah and now. Now and I'd think there. I think they're pretty satisfied. It definitely wasn't satisfied I don't know what about Orton or talk about I think Washington pros love did you drop below you know exams physicals route probably realizing that can be seen what the outsiders with the success and well. He's certainly Kirk cousins and good core of it we there's ceiling there I think the intangibles would drop or two too good to pass out. Now I've I've been in 391. Back in the glory days that's all I'm pearl while solid at Taiwan a little biased and white I'd dump touching on the. And it's. And that's where you got it with the snow about it. That's right just purposely looked at talked about the story today cannon talk about storm but could somebody please explain to me. How we have gone in the last two weeks from Marv Lewis saying that he wants out the successor for other options to fifteen years. Not winning a single. Playoff games over the last two years winning seven and six games. And so this weekend and they beat the Baltimore Ravens they keep. The Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs congratulations buffalo OK and job well done. And so Paul Brown sits down with Marvin Lewis and it comes to an agreement that. Great terrific job this week and against Baltimore. Give you a two year extension. To continue more mediocrity. In the continent offensive coordinator nor'easter. What are they came to build some special. And never let the coaches like Mike Zimmer great coaches within their organization who leave to hold on to Mark Lewis. Pay their their vehemently like ordinary. If I averaged below average and they love almost making. Either expectations if your Cincinnati dangle for an. How can you have any. Trust in that organization it's just status or all admire the guy and we want to sock but we just slept yeah it just does it what does that it's a little yeah Saturday is that's their that's their stopped. A little bit so they're not like terrible. We got good players yet they still can never cannot meet the admits that the plant would never won wind it had good years great years but. They're never gonna be the Steelers instead like any quarterback is that there example here. They're ready and it's halftime but went the red headed quarterback. Of the gave seat. So pathetic it's it's pathetic you know I just think he's been there for fifteen years aren't so. A lot of interview even for successful. We've seen that it's that that's just time to move on. Mean but he hasn't been successful. Mean police he was a 16 or seven games the last two years yes and yes he had been successfully what are the what is changing why would you keep this guy. We said before this this this guy what's the alternative I don't like alternative has yet. They get Mike several working more than ten years ago it three years ago weird mentality you can't you can't see people in your organization. Your coordinators are really good and maybe it's time for us to move the court date and move more out if you're behind. A mark the lowest is fifteen years is the hard knocks episode the year they did hard not zip along until after battling for the longest tenured coach. And he the one not a single out one way I'll bet you that is in this thing needs that is insane insane. You haven't won a place try to find me another -- of it he loves you witness tells you what they're satisfied with getting to the playoffs is just good enough between the cities and pundits and what about you can't find another coach Christian I'm sitting in any sport in Cincinnati. Amazed in Cincinnati and here the theory is that they got excited Paul brown and he organization got excited. Because they knock the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs this week but that team a good job that's paying for the past had had some. Reaction. To bringing Mark Lewis back for two more suggestions advice yeah ravens are going whereas in Paris. And it it is it is embarrassing fifteen cities are most most of you look at a guy that's been able to survive. First Rick that's worth about survive it's it's a results driven league that's what is. That's Jack Del Rio said that's what every coach they don't get all upset about it. It's it's it's all about success and most of results and go look at the scores the most of those playoff games blown out in most of them. Blown out not even in the game I would actually like John mossy route on this earth and another person do I actually draw everything all the lines lead back to call Carson Palmer didn't hurt. And that first playoff game they blew out his knee out of the end of public again to make. We getting for we're getting as Tuesday we get a get to this Isiah Thomas story he's in town. He will not play in the game tonight. The story here is he is forced the Celtics to not. Give him a little video tribute will get all of that coming up next and your phone calls it 61777. On seven and a threesome.