DHK - Blizzard, Snowmageddon, bomb cyclone, call it what you want it’s coming; Has Don Sweeney’s moves paid off?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 2: Holley met Jorge Quiroga at a bar during his vacation, and he bought he and his company a drink. Andy recalls sending a drink to a female and having it  sent back at him. Holley talks about his snow blowing neighbor. Have all of Don Sweeny’s moved paid off with the teams current success? Does Tuukka have enough good play in him for a deep playoff run


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Yeah. Palin Hollywood heat. Sports Radio WEEI. Kelly make enough terms for snowstorm talent that there's some blogs I've not heard before. This up through storm cyclone things in half. Whatever phony baloney name they've got four like it can't just be you know go get bread milk it's now your all gonna die idea for this moment didn't look at the things. I like that I don't know again. Eat it Getty and looking up but some violence there by that. I thunder snow we beat them under under Stella got to you that sounds tenth yeah it does. This is what TV stations any doors can't say the storm coverage of people can you have out there in the field everybody everybody from all the way to predict up there to get out there or make a snowball through the snowball that senate back costs make sure you have a nice station jacket of the hood Alia that hat like while I noticed channel five's got. Got their call letters now on their on the stocking caps are. Regards to a marketing you get that their store you can standards standing by the side of the highway is the playa wife. Oh and in the to tell you this yesterday speaking at channel five. We'll have a moment your I had a ball ripped through fifth grade at a moment over vacation. It's a walking down beacon street walking down beacon street now. Walk into restaurants called little big diner restaurant and Newton's that we banner op to show and walk in there and it acts that account minor. What achy dog at W yeah. How hey I view. I don't introduce not at you Campbell I don't introduce myself I know that. Hi I'm a big fan of yours and I think that it might not pay. This is why am glad he added I don't think you know obviously between active. And let's move. What these guys analyst movie was smooth impeccably dressed and starts to vote yes I've that a lot hat on and off o'clock appropriately dressed of the capital o'clock. Came back he's just enough that he said. And who you are all laid out that hey we needed you know me or eight point eight you don't got WCB Venus an estimated a secure agree it was. But he then I Sonoma now we're going back report these that he likes you from somewhere. I start talking about sports. Are talking like irony that trade now while the Celtics are going he's told you Steven. Does it I'm not. Are you doing a great job with an outburst did it down at the yeah others see it means and no one and a but it also principally guy you know when marriage or allies and we're eating. And over drinks now no courtesy. Call. On taking it got WCB mean. And a top as the crow. I think abruptly pulled the tables now that we can make it before. It now sees no role in the but it turned away a mutual respect there are two new minority Jorge may be in the running a great of those local losing national news you will raise my local my local best friend you met them I don't break any local news and read. I don't know words get so whatever war he says about the storm coverage he may be out there are we gotta get up there won't take it got WCB Venus and please. And it shrinks to the table since entries. I think pounced on business as nice and they felt horrible person that's that's that's injuries. Courtesy of your friends or a parent and I got here with a nice Reggie Jefferson drinks to the twosome Wednesday I don't think I ever have. Now. Now that is potentially not to and so there are lot. I always got that set them back yeah yeah. I didn't you reject the problem that I there's even ask that you know he's limited and lucid dream. For someone they rejected. It was someone I knew that I have been pursuing and she was familiar with me not interest me solutions not just that guy's Jean how could you tell. And yes there are Friedrich and take the drink back there aren't doing swap thing you know queen across yeah Gardner of the her back let me say there isn't. Last. Not now. What take you don't got WCB mean. And I was out dinner once on this without my wife we're just going out more for our old friends is this a friend apparently is the guy I guess they were there were just friends. But we met him at what you were told this and just all right so that it was like for a lost my wife my two others and then we saw this guy she introduced to me use another and the bar. He later. I'm not accept your during. You did that mattered in the district. And drank about a hundred experiment. Loans secured the side disrespect. You think so yes and yes yes he can't just met me he just met ma are you know my wife for a long time he'd just met me. At any sense the table drinks. What are you some big so yeah he's what he's trying to impress I'm not impressed by some like he has two promotions that he's. You know he's tough enough or well I wanted to ask. I'll look at it on Q okay it's gonna hold him out over good citizens drinks that yeah. It wasn't like physical bruiser like that man down there would like to you know the next round is on him rumor I don't know it's now gut the economy when it's on out of that sound yeah got no job that I got. Knock on great outlet I hit it I think for the period let's what did you what I deserve to defend uncle Vernon are now you're out you're out part of this a part of that. Served drinks over here that's different because I think the hornet is very nice to get in there he's a user that's wife was on our. Is not user alone. Am sad but no that's let's. Not that storage for return of course it isn't. What's wrong with him he's secure enough we can hang out by himself has done a good time just wafers tender date now are they up 20 he was just hanging out had a nice little I'd be Padraic lunch. Okay launched the that you ought to have them over the there was embarrassment factor adrenaline has its Dugard case and he died after I was the threat like single. I went out every bringing up we were speculating yesterday yeah. Yesterday yesterday or turns out not much that's at the day up original settlers in the scheme. Of the all of say it all planned on skiing or cold yesterday but you know I don't know if I've noticed that yeah we pulled the plug this weekend Ehrlich the poll. It's Monday to they're both going to be so pulled through and you know don't plan now I can understand they send your underwear watching Netflix and playing video game Shia are you wasting a year earlier okay you're here you are ski yet so this is something you do matter Cutler I try to go once towards the great parenting. And expensive as you wanted to go down that road but I mean like ski aus open or is it perfect antidote but. Just too cold does it put him miserable and I was calling it a cold snap. Makes its embrace of Tibet district and that makes it. In makes it cute things colts now are called somebody to about arm Arctic blast yes that's what that's what it is that's what they're saying I think that's our war activist yeah cold snap thanks Lucy and I gotta be honest. Everything is second place not a bomb ball Genesis there is. Which I don't know about it tomorrow and that's just too much humble Genesis. They're making up stuff to do to make us afraid yeah a little afraid. You gotta be little afraid of the storm it. Object here a couple of years ago had a slow and had the they'll broad band and we thought to drive into work for the because we are quote essential employees or whatever where are essentially are when he answers. A couple of years ago big so to audiences. So my neighbor who I have be fair to have known out on I'm not back and I hope our board were good were you better be our better are you really don't know if that usually humid out I didn't see gaps. That's awesome because of that he doesn't he's. These early but naturally in a disrespectful right now my other neighbor who run a snowblower at like 3 o'clock and went for 34 o'clock a vampire not even thinking about the neighborhood. So a couple of years ago we had those twenty plus and a little. Just trying to make small talk with mr. just trying to cut out that he's on a schedule some way trying to connect with them. Sounds I can't drink instead of UK has an object so it's not always uptight your naval. Our Ali al-Qaeda and other data now stardom and that it's up there a sick man. And have seen this much snow before what does he said. He's got he's got just want your marriage in jeopardy you're geez okay no one of those guys. I don't want an all night oh yeah are there really a blizzard said hey guys I'm not really take what I'm saying literally I'm just trying to hide sir hi. I call you sir because you still haven't introduced yourself some guests what's her name is. Going to be one of those guys. So I don't know what his deal's going to be yeah it's an along nicely because he'll probably be up to 33. So he's not lonely guy's name. And those are young enough that god that's also weird thing that when used when you see a person for so long and first. And you forget the name after awhile it's he asked right at the six months into those are measured like I see where every other day on Saturday. This article out that's unusual start in north Bob Stevens is that the normal from the Kafelnikov. You're standards do. I would get back to the calls that you guys coming up next 6177797937. On Genesis. You might sound fair to. In sports station. So the Celtics have earned and deserve a fair chunk of attention around here what they've been able to do. So far in the media rather young stages of the seasons and the other team that plays at the TD garden hasn't gotten quite as much attention. And yet what they've been able to do here lately. Probably should deserve some attention is as you woke up this morning the Boston Bruins were in second place in the Atlantic Division. They were ten points behind Tampa Bay which is the best team in the NHL. But they have but opened up a little bit of distance for instance there are two points ahead of Toronto and the Bruins have played three fewer games. There around. Eleven points ahead of Florida who's in fourth place and they played one fewer game in Florida. All of a sudden the Bruins have become like a hot commodity in the NHL there was say a power ranking that I saw yesterday out of Canada. That had the Bruins ranked number five in the NHL right now. It legitimate championship contender you think. I legit if you get goaltending like two is giving you right now you're always a contender in Iraq took out there yeah I I. Let me ask a different question do you believe that Tuukka. Can sustain this for an entire season it was a dozen trophy winning go I was gonna say he has signed a reminder if you believe. That he can do it now. Because if you believe we can do it now I can answer your question for. You believe that this is sustainable. Then I get ready for a long play opera. I think part of this is that it's not just took this isn't just a goaltender stealing a bunch of point oh god everything you read that yes I think typically is playing that good I can sustain it yeah. You've got me and I say he had study I think he can and I also think that you know we've seen it. What he did just last year when the Packers are so bad you can play any doubt at times and back come back to bite you and so if you don't have to play him all the time I was a few years ago yeah I think seventy games. If you if you can go less than that and have him fresh. It still be competitive still get a chance to pick up points when he's not out there hammered over the playoffs and he said. I don't people will point its specific games and there's been times in the playoffs for has been great. But his overall numbers there are strong when he ego and their and he can have some good performances. So yeah I I think he can to keep it right now and is as we go into action tonight he's third in the National Hockey League in goals against average 2.0 nine. He sixth in the NHL in save percentage 925. He was named the first star in the league for the month of December in east 10011 in his last eleven starts. The reason I ask that question is if you know how I feel about. To grasp Joseph Hagerty was saying last night that Tuukka. He would become a winner on Tuukka palace at one point assistant personal avoid man this is really above and beyond. Criticism on Tuukka Rask you say he can't he can't maintain it everybody knows that. He responds well when the pressure is off but once the screws start the tightening you need him. You know save a series for you or do something big and it went a big game. He melts. And solves wondering what your hockey guy. And hang out with hockey got some your best friends are hockey people. And I've never lotion on any of them well not yet gotten out that you're that you're willing to go at all lacked a a did you think that's fair criticism of took its legitimate. Based on his track record act I don't know issues with us on this track record yet he has had issues in the past I got no issues with. When bringing that you're some of those close out games that end but see the difference here for me as again it's not just him. The Bruins have kind of snuck up on people and and put together one of the best young defense core and in the national hockey late. And that's kind of a buzz around the league is you know you've got Charlie Mack a boy who's a legitimate rookie of the year contender you know Matt Chris slick has sort of come out of nowhere for a lot of folks. Played its way into a spot where Adam equate kicking in the lineup anymore. Has grizzly he can't take him out. You know you've got Brandon Carlo was still only 21 years old or whatever it is and Torre Kroger is the old guy among the young kids on the on the defense. And he's not very old either. They are third in the National Hockey League today in goals against. They are incredibly hard to play against right now. So you say it's not just took up but it's it's it's the defensive. Effort from the entire team pursuit is defensemen which is what what's the argument I made all the time when people criticize Tuukka. I while you know you gotta gotta get more of a defensive commitment from the entire team can just put this on to go when the defense is sub standard. That's not fair and so flip it around now the defense is doing well you things not just Tuukka. I think they go hand in hand and it's probably two got to have a talented goaltender to take advantage of a good defensive effort from retain. And that's what you've got. Right now you've got it but you and it's as we pointed out he has won a vezina trophy. So he has done it over the course of the season. If you wanna talk about well known in Los that the IRS game and finally it's as if that was somehow all his fault. But if that's the route you wanna take you know feel free if you wanna talk about the fact that he was sick and couldn't play the last game of the regular season when they needed to win and it's. That it was badly at all admitted absolutely it and yeah I Joker I go crazy the Olympics. Now they probably will. Like if it's your country you'll go crazy over but this in terms of what he's done for the Bruins. That was I think that's legitimate criticism last game of the year. You expect them to be there I can't help but if you if you got. He got the runs got the runs and we can do about it but it's it to look at. Look at what he's done throughout his career. It's been an excellent goaltender broadest group one thing he hasn't done is what Tim Thomas it. And if you wanna knock him just keep doing that he's got to be it's a first time we'll put Ron Amadon in and Tuukka Rask in the same sentence but. To have that Ron Amadon thing. Sylvia and Steve young's was saying when he won his first super walk up a monkey off my back because everybody compare and Montana. On super Rask is continually compared to two Tim Thomas was able to carry this team. For long stretches to the 2011 Stanley Cup and took hasn't done that prolongs. Stretches and so the entire time that's it for long stretches. Oh he sure did yeah and I think people also I don't they still go back to was to grass first. When he was the starter and they lost the unifil expires during an army you're going back seven years though for about one but those are some of the ones that still. Whether the flyers and Blackhawks that sticks out to you may be. You you forget the fact that he does have a winning record in the playoffs and you know his goals against is really strong in the plan to save generally good. But those games and that's what you'd have those of the takeaways you know I hear a lot from fans to just disease from a style point of view. This team is fun to watch. There at a young guys they're often very fast. Much quicker than we're used to seeing a Bruins team they are not the big bad Bruins anymore they're not gonna go one pound you into submission that's probably not gonna happen. But they're they're young they're fast they're skilled. The the young players on this team playing at a very high level. And some of the grief that Don Sweeney took packed when he was first named the general manager in the aftermath of sure rally leaving. He had to do undo a lot of things from a salary cap point of view that he got some grief or time out. And picked up some young kids. Look pretty good right now hey I don't I'm sure Don Sweeney took that as much grief as candy leader. Which I never understood because it lemon and welcome what I'm saying as everybody thinks that came nearly making all the right personnel decisions and he's not. So this is what we wanna give somebody credit for roster construction we should start with. When we swing just I was like yes. He's the general manager Kim Il as the president also when he is the one who moved up from glowed Sweeney is the one who decided audacity is going to be the coach. Sweeney made the draft picks thirteen and had the 31 round picks back to back to back. I would be shocked if I mean is there a coaching decision and I bet they there's a discussion. Between the tool woman you would take there's always of course there's that they're first to keep home but at first and then to let go of those revolt discussions there but as far as who they're drafting what they're signing either trading for they. Sweeney should get most of that clinic or it was Don Sweeney's decision to make Bruce Cassidy to head coach here. I doubt it looks like at least a decision that's when these decisions and move on from Gload to yes not not can't help. Now again of course there's discussion between the president of the areas and owner it's in all of our thinking about yes what I wanna do this is lie but ultimately that decision rests with the general manager. The general and and putt way past that. I got on the huge Claude Julien fan as you guys now. Folks in Montreal are all all over him right now. Now he's got a team that is struggling in and you know but they're talking about upload is trying to win games 00 UWR and very hard Dallara it. His team is 1620. And four. As we sit here right now they are 28 out of 31 team NHL. Claude Julian Montreal Canadians not going over well up there. He's got a big county answers out even after he made it to the year by the and he will almost faster right exactly given you know how much money that their pain and but I think that the Bruins may have snuck up on some people early on when everybody had written them off and and I kept saying I don't know what they are. They had solely guys out of a lineup so many guys hurt I didn't know. Once she got everybody back and you got everybody back right now the fact dorsal helping the animals quite can't make it back into the lineup he's been healthy for a week now. But they're playing so well they don't wanna mess with a anything. You know they look like they look like a eight strong playoff team in the Eastern Conference. I mean like a two or 3 seed in the Eastern Conference that it would have college championship contender granddaughter was was with her hesitation it's it's just little early for me. I'm I mean look as as it sits here right now and as sweet as we look at it right now the Bruins have the fourth best record in the Eastern Conference. The second best goal differential second only to Tampa Bay. They're good. They're only a point behind New Jersey for third three points behind Washington for for second and they played fewer games than anybody else in the late. A lot better than people thought. Now the Celtics have gotten a lot of attention and show it because they want out of the gate like a rocket they started when two and haven't it feels like they don't lose you know hardly at all left. And their championship contender. The Celtics are here. Seattle and many mogul Irene hi how well how well you're Italy disciples are foreigners have I think I think that meet the caps but I don't really read the words if they can beat the cavs. Get themselves to the NBA finals. Yet we've had this argument before that would let with a semi sixers played the lakers in wasn't too thousands as the ones you know look at that that's a real chance to contend Allied Nevada and they won the east because I didn't really respect him in the Eastern Conference and other want it. Yeah you have to iron out there that I did respect them all that much and I know that their team that team you're talking about had ai as a scorer and had no Dikembe is dominant player in nine out combo block the shot to about George lynch is Eric Snow there is not a are really no way. I think this austerity package it added that. Aaron McKie did like everything. They acknowledge your Aaron McKie in college at temple yes let. I think this Celtics team has more talent than those teams in in the new Jersey's assailants opened the warriors of my as my things like they have four. Legitimate also I want guiding the Celtics are are an improved team and I like him a lot. I just don't see them beating Golden State seven guys here are just about the Celtics in words from played this year we kept on behalf how about half and and you took that game today is they can't beat us I do they do beat or at least seven I. There overreact at the hell yes I well that's yes you have. I am not apologize for over react though I watched him yes let's get back to the calls of you guys 6177797937. Jerry's in Framingham hate Jerry. The capping a year thanks very. So I want to talk about Cuba but I like to take a quick shot and Michael I need to adopt something to you yesterday it's a little bit imported. I would have expected more and actually I wouldn't you know what you're talking about the heart and swooping in the house. To look at the base that would out of. And like John Kerry it's. And I know our college's Jerry the only thing is it's again it's a good point out I continued to do it. Then then then I would expect my grandmother to give me away. I did it once now I've got a lot. I didn't want it and then I learned my lesson is all mine Jerryd these dogs do not learn over here he users so frustrating. What makes it that different you know out of them are. You. Think that's it wouldn't between the pipes under Ben. While the beneficiary. Of aids according to McNeil. Otherworldly. And they sometimes argued that making it look like a ship. That's the nature of that that I should be population gets in sports alerts. What about why you wrote a goaltender defense. They're different and it's that particular that could go there and click goaltender is one political about the hit a bad. They mixed up and say hello when the world you make stock. A lot of a lot of good joke about it. And it's warm heat get up and like Smart he's far and abundant under the pipes that are lower all the renowned and give. Shocked I won't call you out. What that. One notes due to normal and they're the called it can happen. I know why I met each game that we liked how how he may say that's the difference between a bookstore. And it took out. Both your style Jericho and the butterfly her words ago I wouldn't I wouldn't I would and that we can't drive that play out. Almost back you know this article at the trade up you know kept the head I mean an editor prince doing business right. Could Olympic bear that out. Thanks Eric H a little solace to duplicate or I never. Should take two days of treatment I'm not and a half. You know what I hit the days are ultimately allowed Ayers and Loveland was wrong. There's something I played good eye level myself. We're Greenpeace. Nice. Nice but I. 6177797937. Matt yeah next on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood keep. Hey guys that can hear thank you Matt YouTube. You get to talking about the reasons that the turnaround and while the Bruins are to play against daily chart the defense. On the defense I could give a couple things that are hosting an open and keep them. I think Kevin Willard emergence over the last year and a half Judy got a lot of attention. I mean a lot of people really written in March and at least that was his career out of the pros use. Just over cheated out of the way to rated game at a return I just accused kind of until we wouldn't go give a lot of talk to. Adding captain gets should get a lot of the credit. I'm on the offense I think David Backus of its intangible leadership. Doctor Michael and that's is in it's his guy yeah yeah yeah backers such an article on him last year. I did I didn't feel great I thought this is just going to be a disaster and then beginning of this year. When he's out for a while this comes back early. It comes back early and starts playing at a very high level me. I don't have a problem with the way he's playing the contracts not so great but he's playing and playing them. Pretty good out. I agree I think is they overpaid Ettinger rootkit but cute he is an elite player in this weekend certainly wasn't achievement last year was just. One of those adjustments coming and the support but but it you know a lot of people thought that. Did that he didn't need that leadership thing and they don't have the Bergeron in charge they're just not. Vocal leader does not how they do it they needed that guy and the and the Chesapeake pick different but the biggest difference to me personally it. And who don't think you can find a way to keep too good minutes out to pay is that analytical and all the steps. Quite to that but you cannot keep and they can we can work and that in years you're just not cheat sheets. Above average and that's where it. Eight do you do bring up a great point and who Goldman has had a spectacular year he has been really the difference maker Keefe talked about this is wealth. If if you are not. Clobbering. Tuukka Rask with our game after game after game and by the way he's not the only goalie in the league like that but you know he's one. He's pretty good. What did you think. And that's the only thing that that makes me a little skeptical. What what did you think of of cast city's decision. Two goal and had the public had back to back games was Ottawa and then Washington. Yes art so you play Tuukka vs Ottawa law as Jack Edwards would draw and then you play who doberman vs Washington. What would you flip it around. Ottawa weaker opponent. Go with it go with who go over there and let. If if Tuukka or the whole team was eleven or twelve straight losses to the twelve now twelve straight for the capitals. And I can look like you're doing pretty well erupting there nothing you feel good about south then they lose that the shoot out. But it would be better. Just to have Tuukka. Confront Washington just like he had to do with Montreal. Confront that team and then you get a win if he would pull out a win it does wonders for two okay and your team. You think they were trying to protect him because. Or fact from psychology of facing the capital. You had a honorable for India ought to laughter and they're not great submit your thinking and just take the points that are grab the points three more you know you can get evidently did and it's a bonus at the end of getting a point against Washington with an open debate that was but the follows. 6177797937. Is the telephone number it's dale and Holley with teeth. Sports Radio WEEI. Weepy eyes patriots playoff coverage during the march to. To Minnesota he's brought to you by ERS restoration specialist and an. Mass. General cancer center. Today's it's just what everybody that has he has limited. Don't be typical victory that. I don't give a big goal there only itself to be tempted so it is tough conference play in front of them and make plays. Brad marsh and after last night's win 51 win. The Barkley center against the New York Islanders islanders are really really good home team. They were like thirteen five and three going in the last night's game with a third highest scoring team in the NHL. And they and their top line might be as good a line is there is with Anders Lee and Josh Bailey and John Tavares. There were combined minus seven last night. Now they had nine shots generated not on gold but at least attempted public roads to shut them down they shut teams down right now. And they're scoring. I got a text from somebody last night. It's a death sentence fighter also an excellent Iowa polls. Watch dale last that's trying to get your that your words in there. It's up sometimes hard with them well last night you did all right yet they had Billy there and in new dale 2018%. Idea Billy was way. The hope authentic. It shows just throw to me asking questions you get into what I actually said are you gonna let me read this reliability and very very was senators like your plan everything got very go to Monday can come back. Jump in there come off. As I was coming into work today and it was coming from the parking garage and through the crosswalk and car stop which I appreciate it always. And as I thought the law that I don't and is a go to present is optional somebody's yelling at me out of the the front seat of the car it rolled on the passenger would and it's. You work at Michael right. Ms. Jaffe. I'm sorry you are he's had I'm just delegate you are in his head I saw a bit ago about Johnson LB allows you like to match probably stuff. It was up to do a little bit the level you walk in the crosswalk by the way you seek fifty feet away he owns guns yeah I beat you. To go pointed this or why are they or they intentionally pretend like they don't see you like a look await from you briefly yeah. Sorry officer it didn't see him there. On the give and get that body out of the crosswalk. At that. We attribute that they think there's a got cold in the middle there there's like as well there are signs the cone still it was ago. Flying. Back to the calls raise on the cellphone hey ray how you don't. Good thanks guys what's gonna. From a fan's viewpoint it just seems offensively but are staying in the are and have grown more than I've seen it before. So that they eat the expense of then just seem to be you know. What it does get in the the two met at the state that long I don't statistically they're up or shut down goals. Compared to previous years at all or that maybe took about getting many shots on goal compared to walk. Well you eight years your observation. About you know their fort checking pressure is is spot on. They're they're young and their energetic in their quick and their relentless and they have done a much better job of of applying pressure at you know. A 180 feet from duke is net the best way to play defense is there to keep down air tickled to find out at this end and they're really go to that right now. Now that we slip ups they'll they'll stumble here in their old teams do. Right now though. In the second best team in the eastern con. Yeah I'm thinking about its vote this time last year. So it's on January. Of 2017. They were they were struggling to cope was still the coach. They were up and down and eventually. About a month from now let's see what February. Early February 17 they made the switch from from close to the Cassidy. Do you think that. That Sweeney was forced to stay with close for a little bit don't they know I don't I think it was his choice that was his choice in the thought. But it just seems like all of a sudden I last year they move on from clothes clothing. That team in the like it was going anywhere on the team make the playoffs. They compete for a while but they had some injuries they lose in the first round of the play out start off slowly this year. But what we're talking about in a kind of continuing on what we saw last year under Cassidy it seems like Cassidy fit the vision that. Sweeney has a lot better than close did and I'm wondering why when the code in the first place was it public pressure. Or do you really believe that OK this is my kind of guy cloaking get these players to do exactly what I wanted to do didn't seem like. Having every time UAE have yet to ask that question all time and fire Kosher who's the next guy and will he be better. And Claudette could you talk yourself and do well in no. They should amend the playoffs those two years that they didn't they were right there at the and they lost one nearby tiebreaker he still. You guys who won a cop he's gotten back to cup final. Who else are you gonna get there we sit in in a vacuum all the coaches in the NFL closed my top five guy. And all of these had two really bad years how much of that was on him how much that was on the players. It's I don't know Sweeney was was pressured into a plus can you and our staff reports they they hired him from another organization. He came minutes and the eyebrows protecting fair accurate I think it's like that. At this Keith I mean it took him detainees was like fifty something days before he decided. Load though as we don't so to your point as a we're frustrated right yeah I hope you know your voice I. Hey you're an outsider from the organisms are from the organization I gotta gotta gotta get a chance to meet the guy got to the Alley runs practices you've is proud he's not the real hard I don't. So he's our coach for now. Yeah so long to and I also understand that they did. And maybe never wanted to go abroad he kept them for all the wrong reasons. Sense Bruce Cassidy took over as head coach of the Bruins his record is 4018. And set okay. Since now next just regular season playoffs they were two and four but regular season record since Cassidy took over. This team 4018. And sap but is or as part of it you're looking to the future and you say if you walk in day one in you fire. This long tenured coach is very successful coach you fired right away that's you know who's in charge. On the one yes but also are you better or reversed or going out as what you wanted to do but there's no common room for growth are there are you get a day's a New York players in severe drafted players and Samir free agents. Because now it's what once they fired Julian last year. So okay your go about your new direction and what did you do about the same time some of those young guys that are have been playing for first season to. I will say in a text or said honest question dealt serious question with the Bruins beat playing this well with Clovis coach. And as much as I love cloud I'd have to say now. If there was a knock on clos. Valid or not it was that he wasn't as comfortable with younger players. Cast and he's been very comfortable with younger players he needs and most of his belt he's had nine rookies and they're NHL debut this year. Close comfortable when we're younger players it but they just couldn't make as many mistakes. They could make as many decisions some of the veterans he was comfortable we'll put him out there but his his leash was short with them. But yeah did you play an outperform and Brad marsh and was younger player on all well and I didn't say that Edberg Iran of clone was necessarily always accurate. But Cassidy has been willing to use younger players last night was an example Bruins have won nothing laid branding Carlo. As one of those three stooges mishap where he falls down beside the net. Jordan Everly takes the puck puts it past Tuukka Rask ties the game one. I'm not sure branded Carlo would have seen much ice time after that if you're playing for close Jolie I'll definitely buy. Bruce Cassidy kept Rolen and out there and you know what he played well after that. He made a mistake he screwed up admit to physical mistake he fell down you know islanders scored the tying goal but the coach in runaway from. Quote might not have been his patient with a mistake like that that's got no tolerance for that kind of stuff in Iraq John's a New Hampshire hey John I don't. I'm John John. Guys like that it didn't renew your you to. Take because it is it'll sank and what it was oil. I think I'd jog your your your apps that are specially fiercely dells are going where he got out. A seven year deal forty million dollars guaranteed. I don't always know you're right it in terms of I'm just thinking about it if you just look at. Music and our station. And talk about people who hockey hot and it could really who you're really breaking down I mean that's the guy right here. It is. So what I want to say is about two Connecticut a playoff contender. You know I agree with the the previous caller. Talked about Doby and you know how many minutes he's taken away from to go on playing well logically and helped. You know come playoff time. I don't think too there's going to be that guy eat not again it's an Olympic Games or. Yeah I look at his previous he's got a great record in the play out of one yeah you know on the pressured them. How many times you can talk they'll who has glove marauders are at aegis to use the system goalie. He goes as far as as defense takes them. I well look I don't. I don't know what system a lot of guys after about that who who is who was not a system goalies of for example in a case took it as a system goalie who's who's good and it is not a system goal. But look at what it can talk. He played outside of. Somewhere in a pack it in front decrease in supply at a discreet to make these crazy they just don't see to do just that and yet. They're the trial's start. But they but I would say tax the big thing under Julie it was Ali they they place such defensive minded hockey dad. They're goalies are always in the top of the league in goals against are always gonna be rip their towards the top. It eats out when in some of the regular seasons that Thomas had some that grass gets just because they play the puck differently. I don't think makes him want a system goal and one not a system only. Sure any had a lot of success right now order capacity to win and he does things will be different. Right where I just like I don't see too grad school and Alan. And they can those crazy days and he Lloyd TDs these talks leaked to Rome and he just he just seemed to crumble under the pressure. But like it that I I really hoped he'd prove me wrong this year I think we have a contender yet it is too early to talk about. You know ten games supporting evidence he was. I'll Comerica don't play for the halfway through the season god I don't go to war not too early enough get her to do Ellis got too early come. I think that there are some really solid so Marty NHL it's the same way Michael I'm not willing to to say that I beat the Celtics. Our championship contenders and they are it's like 830 and and we played and it adds I'm ready there's at least one other team in the league if not two or three. Or better than what you could say that the but that's and that's what any picnic so I think that there are several other early NHL better than the Bruins got the talent. Think that's not an early it's too early to say that that is a OK I look at Tampa and I think Tampa's mortality and or or the penguins whoever you think it is in the NBA could say the warriors or rockets. Where cavaliers. Why that's the one thing that the Bruins have goal for the the Celtics don't is that there's not a Golden State Warriors in the NHL. Tampa Bay's pretty close to Frederik good but I I don't Wednesday that there that they have got to win something they gotta I understand but they have they look really yeah sure. And unfortunately you know their in the Eastern Conference with the as well Thompson when imitate Tom I don't. All agree on one in rich guilders on on it right we are at right now. Or. There are org. The lord our air shark avoid. Sure they're quote that you are now one game luckily I was at the game we heard this or a lot that'd. The group that targets here. And actually and they were all worked there. I I think I think they're a little bit off I think beat you there there's old to be quite liberal to take care of that and local. Look I I've. I understand that they beat Tampa Bay in the same way that the Celtics beat Golden State. It but if I Astra right now if those two teams played a seven game series who do you think would win. Are all right towards a broad. While they wouldn't have home ice is best known art of its work to do on the after. Like I I am. And yes on any night anybody can beat anyone I understand that Celtics who played great against Golden State when they've done at the last several years they've beaten Golden State. I tickled states better team right. There are better team I'd say Tampa Bay's better team the Boston right unbeatable this category and readable is Golden State unbeatable. No both state maybe because they go to image of the little things yeah yeah but it. We were last they feel unbeatable bumped out through their ridiculous. I've thought I've local organizer healthy. I would sooner. And you know maybe that won't be maybe that won't happen at right you know I think laster is all came together and in. And Durant wanted to fit in and see fit in seamlessly and in in the finals he took over. But you know one more year in and curry if I had a little article again is a weaknesses just with those those ankles ankles. This entire enterprise sign that. Confident that for a conference rookie deal. Video traffic that is quickly for me I hit it. Did it does when he draft astronaut yes so if you look at this. The psyche Gretzky was the chief scout at the time who said this is the guy you want to draft so. You got to give credit for this not just related team the team is playing right now and the fact that he went with Bruce Cassidy over over close Julian. Draft pastor knock at the 25 pick in the first round. That's that that tells me if you're seeing and so they thought are you and you pick Charlie Mack at fourteen to fourteen Mac reported fourteen and Pasternak in 25. And he didn't doubt he's as good droughts in India behind and when you can work rounder to get those guys at 14125. And they can turn into a franchise type players. Not inaugural. And I got to give them a really you have to democracy in the world for that. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WE.