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Friday, April 20th
As the NFL Draft nears, the depth of talent available at the Quarterback position is the best we’ve seen in a while.

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson dive into what Pete has seen after months of scouting and offer an in-depth perspective on as many as

10-12 Quarterbacks who have a real shot at having an NFL career.  12 Quarterbacks are featured in this pre-draft conversation that will help you get to know

the strengths and weaknesses of these young Quarterbacks.  After the draft, Jim and Pete will assess where each is after learning of their new landing spots.

As the Patriots likely begin the search for the next QB successor, there is plenty of opportunity in the 2018 class.  Learn more right here…

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Everybody can hack. Well guys you back and do you know Friday morning at the April. We're no less. From NFL draft you kind of large conversation they'll ask to be OK general come received a lot of paths while it. Quarterbacks now to do a little bit deep dive on the quarterback position which. Is a fruitful at this the 2018 NFL draft I know you agree with me on that. Yeah I think it's I think it's the best QB class we've seen is a long time in terms of that is that the entire class. I mean I think the first round talent is is. Above normal for sure but I also think that the depth of this class pretty impressive. Yes you know I think that's of people amiss in the focused on the the names we've heard you know since. Do you isn't it like December of last year Donald Lee hill Jackson Rosen Allen those the guys have been hearing about but deeply based on. Your recent researcher of the collective research looks like that on deeper class people what you forecast. No idea ideas for media I think it it it goes at least. No lose ten or eleven deep. In terms of guys to have like a legit shot at being a pro EU. You know I think depending if he talked he might even add another neighbor to a there. But you know I. You know I've got a broken down into tears and it. You when you get into my fifteen year. Indeed these are guys with with wood good film based talent though. Yeah I'm I'm really excited about the class of excited to watch them play overtime in CO many of them make it but this is. And by the way this is something new that I talked about all the legal back in the fall in the old problem for. But you know. Is it whether it's luck or skill the patriots have chosen a pretty good time to need a quarterback. Yet they have an aide that the thing is we talked about an upset will get a total of the year off Mike I should say but. You know they they didn't need has been there for the patriots since the brothel which are okay Belichick isolated himself. Specifically from being in the situation. And yet they find themselves and it and if you believe any of the smoke that's been you know lurking around. Ups after his appearance on. Harkin Callahan earlier in the week that you know he hasn't yet you know declared that he's you know coming to camp. I think a lot of people present company excluded that being made at their new president not over but. It's early declared his is a rival anyway but I do think that one thing that's changed since. A couple of years ago when we sat in the studio we're talking about it. You know I think two years ago we have what's your over under I said three and you went on there I said I buy on the push it three years I think three years is actually looking like a push to get there now because he looks like he's figured you'd immediate past. And a lot of pressure domestically shore and in a given I'll. PS it's been surrounding the patriots offseason I think it's you and the numbers time's up it's just it's it's lingering and looking shorter than it was so it more than ever this quarterback seems important. His wife is worldly wise and you know they're they've got a lot of money and they have a lot to live force you know it's it's all Gisele Ottawa power play of football either and that's just. So rational plot to get down to serve digit territory here that but you know if you were filthy rich and they are. You know the only increased playing for this point that the display his love of the game. And I'm sure it'll offers fairly is probably right tackle them for the games so it's. Obviously we knew one of the greatest all time it's tough to walk away if you think you can still play at all but. You know. For those of us who remember the way my tennis career ended this way Aikman's career ended. There you know riding off into the sunset which your faculties in your game intact as the dot. So that this particular rush sob acted it you know parties and a long. Last like that guy's done it right away that people out there are stupid. Yeah Princeton student and much now. Although it in there have been a little thicker although here Abbas to reduce your errors and there's a lot talking about use Kordell accord l.s office is the voice you hear lots and make every decision right. But he got to keep it a decision about his football career Cubans on health. It's it's I think. You know I think Brady I'd be shocked that it played this year and and that would be huge sucker punch to the organization of the fan base but just don't seem greedy doing that. And beat you to be as a fan of the an unforgivable offense by him it really would be you cannot. Leave that don't increase available but I. Ice futures saying it's. Against it if you if you spectacle opera thing out of the mix a problem. But if if he did deleted sort of push crop blowout and then quit in the eclipse itself. That off. While unforgivable. That is I giggled and. Beyond I don't some very somebody un hum side of this equation is giving him good advice like you know economy. Did you do this every time drop all the throws touchdown pass. People going to be dissing you you know like you don't you don't want that. I think we're more Goodyear had a brilliant and he's fine that I bumped I have confidence in the organization that they're gonna draft one of these. Quarterbacks and the good news for them is there's a very careful guys repeatedly year or so learning the good pretty good. Yet in the pot and the good news for you and I and for everyone listening to this podcast and our show is I think everyone's in play. Like the NFL draft 2018. Is in play for the patriots and has been in play very often in I think they're there and play. From the top of the quarterback lists all the way to the bottom is that's it's gonna make I don't. I don't think they're play for the number one heck. But I think it's I don't know if there's necessarily any one quarterback who can't slide. So I don't know if any one particular quarterback but I get tickets are probably Dore Gold yeah. Who doesn't seem like she can't get out of a top three things like subway you'd be in the top two or three no matter what. I agree and I thought I would put mayfield there as well. In the Iraq. I would but I think you know me tilts. Just over six foot quarterback and served as he if he goes in the top three got to be the first time in league history that a short quarterback is gone their eyes so. You know I think you can make. You can make good arguments for why Rosen could slide yeah or why Ellen could slide. Why won't why Jackson could slide. And mayfield I think as well now I'm not saying that these arguments. Our arguments that I would make. I'm just judging NFL history and how these teams it's skittish up. There's an air legislated that could pick it up and we we've seen this we've seen this many times. And big guy I think who could do Rogers flies is rose. And again. Did you know at what it budgets to seventeen or something like yeah I. But you know obviously it's not it's it's not a slight for a quarterback to go to the middle for round but. A big bed at about steak it was ten or eleven EU. You know so. The bottom line is you've got probably six guys that I have either broad one or four in round one grades. In the wave we contracts were these days you're afraid drew one guy you probably adopt only. You litigious it TP is all that's spot on. But with suggested to me is when the media wave gets behind something you know so you and I last we talked a little bit about Mason Rudolph and he seems to be climbing. It's in now at Tyler Josh Rosen who if you like listen nationally look around nationally. His stock does seem to be tumbling just a tad but it's amazing what the wave does. Come drafted like the emotions totals like Wall Street like you know like some bad news hit and then things just plummet it be interesting to see how. Far. He does drop Al sober people are when it's time to pick up you know. As sometimes. Like substance that has absolutely nothing to do with the way if it's just did this so called experts. Didn't have what they get ourselves thinking correctly yeah. You know it's an if they like it I'd move I think for the most part when the draft shakes out that's pretty much the way it was always gonna shake out. And how that is an eighteen to listen to the media. In terms of what could pick in the draft that it obviously any team that does. They're only gonna have a rough side of it as not a way to do it yet that the blood. That erosion thing is compelling is that he's not he doesn't seem to be slipping for any football reasons seems to be. He's got that outside the box personality he's you know airport here you don't think I was in the sense that you don't really like that. It's funny I've seen several people. It's such the world is decreasing it that I mean you just can't say anything anymore. Well he can't to take its own works they're well every day WEEI it's hard to. I mean I basically I can remember what expert was saying or what yeah it was somebody if about the big voice in the media but essentially they were just bring up you know NFL teams may not like. Allen's persona. Excuse me grosans persona. You know they don't like these guys who are outside the box thinkers the whole big thing was about he likes to ask why he needs to know why. And people were jumping on the guy who said this it's like dude if he's not giving you an opinion he's. He tried to profile. The decision makers right into the effort yet to separate things get something you wouldn't it grows and he's saying these dinosaur mentality GMs are going to be afraid of right. It's it's it's it's amazing in this diet and having to defend and so it's like. What world they live than here. But it was so quick to judge it was so quick to punt the boxing gloves on all the time let me particularly sentence out. We Libor a Twitter if you're articulate task we agreed that we several times yeah sure you have at this little guy on extra. I think then then do what you can do but. I I think that that take a rose and could conceivably be accurate you may have achiever to. That says. Are kind of guy. And and that could cause him to slip he's getting his physical abilities are top ten pick in the NFL but I don't think there's any question. You know and at a and I like to trust I mean he's he's. He's good prospect now is to do I with the jets trading at three in the taking Rosen no I don't. Just if he's got a could've gotten without getting rid of all those draft picks. Well that's the bodies that be ironic element of that is if you move up to get them in any squad right does its jets I suppose but. My thing is if you the jets and you'll you're gonna roll four picks in the war and now you have in my opinion you have to make sure there's four there. Like it you know that's that's the thing that gets done is they've got all it yeah it would be calling you need to be right. When we talked last week that you know if I go finish. Holy well. Right well you know what they have to like if they go all in again like Donald there or baker may feel that makes sense but if you gonna stayed or moved up and gotten Rosen around that you really why did you move you know Internet. By the terms of staying because teams can trade and human and I I I get that and ended you know the jets history is. They were sitting there waiting for Favre have all their lap and they went right somebody traded up jumper at the front of the falcons and they got them. And the rest is history. Obviously the jets passed on Marino who went like one pick later but can O'Brien O'Brien. There's a lot of there's a lot of near misses at this position for the jets historically. Did you know and for me even if it's High Court player but I don't know what the jets the committee field so to me the jets the jets fan. Just sort of sit there going god please don't screw this up I I guess what one of the high floor players because of the jets. What if this pick that because of the way they treated immediately with the sex that's bad if you give up 32 routers for the raked away if in addition to the six tactics reeled in diverse settings so back after dec. No doubt about it yes that's that's that's that's my issue with what they did it click OK you can do which did its gotta be right now. Right into the upper and yet you just removed the security heading from under the trapeze. And you know look let me looks mark for the summer long while possible while we're afraid I would let you know very early outburst as. It. Let's Christian convert again. Don't start so anyway which let's look at the top tier my doctors startled me yeah that's what type here and a. Got a very little separation between those two players I really like them both. We console would startled I I love his mental make up I love the way. He has no memory whatsoever one of the most incredible treats for quarterback is to have no memory that slows. Yeah I mean he you know would be because you know he comes out first pick of the third quarter team is down he's gonna come right out and keep coming at you. Now. There is sort of achieve this Winston element to believe he continues to push the ball into tight spot yeah. And he doesn't need to learn but if you show me a college quarterback who didn't have any more alerting to do you know I get a at a bridge also. You know Tyson Marie are committed to learn let me Sosa marine always a good college quarterback he wasn't great the great. Great vision and an insight into what the player could be nobody could blossom into. These all this the guy who. Had decent college coaching and it wouldn't troop great coaching switch yeah yeah at the pro level social surely knew he had yeah. And and unleash the crack in. They want. You've ever you know one of my all time hated players on the exit absolutely slaughtered. And the patriots a Tony Eason who was the thing that the crack and would eat. You already had an hour toll on the guitar right about Sam Donald let me he's one of those guys that looks a geek and a I don't see if it's the suit is because in a jokingly but he does to tackle boxes mr. You know the actual boxes he's he's got he's got the required side he's got the required strict. Smallville it's mobility. He's got he's got he's got enough mobility I think you know I didn't really feel Google+ mobility they're not they're not going to be running quarterbacks but. The other mobile enough to do some things. Protect themselves to buy a little time. You're the only thing about Donald accuse me significant pause. Is the way he drops the ball he's got a full keep throwing motion yeah and I don't love it and I read below to change it but. I think is when you watch him play it doesn't cost them much. Maybe. Maybe on the pro level like cross little more we'll have the but apart from that there's really there's so much alike with this kid he makes so many into the throes. He's got towards the hard part because. I I absolutely anticipate rookie year struggles. If he played a lot but I think he's trying to kid who can learn and build from that first is being. Torn down by it yeah and that's an important distinction I think some guys depending on where you are the developmental curve or where you are that. That inner confidence curve. It can be damaging to play early and did that and that's really why. Mayfield and Arnold there at the top of the class is I don't think they're players you can destroy. I think they're too strong from the neck up they will take their lumps early they won't get their eyes knocked down they'll learn what they're supposed to learn you know to go. You if you Jackson's. This is lucky to anybody that it. Even if you Jackson is there a country that's that's actually a pretty good standard chip that but yeah I think these guys can survive future. That's lots of silly reality TV show for Opel. Now that's a big statement I mean you know kaczynski's he's gonna be a great position to ruin some. Good young quarterback potentially and. Yesterday with a little totally off topic right now the only explanation I can come up with four YT Jackson is still the Cleveland coach is that they had some sort of set up for next year that couldn't be done this year like they've got a nod and wink deal with a big name coach. I can't come up with a not a rational explanation for why they would keep accurate. Well it's it's worth investigating right to see who listen. Contest Salmonella checker could accurately the but it's the only thing that I can come up with that makes any sense for what they did. And that was taken out what is it like one and thirty in the past two years. He's won two games in one game in two seasons and obvious ones are not successful in his first stop as a head coach. I'm not saying if you Jackson's not a good football man but. To me seems like Peter principle kind of guy you dessert he should be offensive coordinator quarterback coach. Still guys. And he did he did tremendous damage to Kaiser and don't capture kids around like that as anything he didn't even duke Kessler he favored. Any favors in that your before he he has this. You know he he sees what he wants to see the prospect that he talks the prospect. Put the prospect of peace and there when you don't get when he doesn't get what he thinks he should get. He believes the prospect right. You know. It's not brilliance I guess if you can get away with it it's good business but you know it took me you'll only get to do that a couple times before I start point the finger you. Yeah he's seemingly making a living out of it so it's it's kind of an oddity until the Donald debates of the going to be ill have to credit storm. Not remember this but the Cleveland me I remember a press conference when they talk Kesler in the media was saying you know you really think Kessler of the guy he just gave them the trust me. You get trust. Tussle with you're with your record like so now he's throwing all of he is. Things into Castro okay that you need to go make me look good. Whether it's realistic or not yeah. If he was a kid who could have really benefited from time he needed to build up his body a little bit. And it ends up the opposite things started happening he got beat up early he had to keep playing and eventually did get him out of there an advantage that can serve up. To Jacksonville productive you know they end date they sold Kaiser. For less delicious as well. Choked you know. He's definitely the guy who just in my opinion because she's so impulses he ultimately ends up lacking wisdom. Because that's a great yet that's a great point that that makes sense that it it actually answer some questions about. A stupid his decision making has been. Yeah quarterbacks. If I overuse this this movie quote but you cannot force open the petals of the flower. Flowers have to blow yeah. That that's the way it goes sets overall goal from the three amigos. And handsome horse opened the UK enough force so the total flour and Hugh Jackson seems determined. To be the first got to do it. You know the truth of the matter is you get a good young quarterback with a lot of skills need to bring him along. Until the point where you can kick him out of the best thing to actually fly east chicken little birds out of the nest and they're dying. All the good the pats have a Brady wearing yeah when he replaced Bledsoe when many years back a lot of well its horizontal throws it was until the end of the year that you some kind of throwing down the field and but when he turned in to say yet to make. You pointed Brady's victory is a classic example where you have a kid who clearly had. So the ability to clearly had a a pretty decent arm but he isn't as NFL body he didn't have an NFL body of work. So what do they do they bring in minutes old the body they put them behind the pro you can learn from and they teach them and then. After roughly year. And a full NFL offseason. They had the guts to say hey you know what kids better real bad at it and they were right. And I know as a suffering from Bledsoe at the time but. Hey it's tough business. I think it tell you from anyone of those venues and it was the right thing now. A little place well played aren't silly way he's startled to music I wish. I think underrated feet you've got some footwork stuff that could be cleaned up and you know hopefully it will be but. There's so much to work with there. It is my biggest concern with him is that you know didn't have that many starts. So I do think time will help him I'd love to see him. Get September maybe part of October just to make sure he's got the full playbook yeah and that's the underrated. Under estimated issue with these rookie quarterbacks is they have left side at least. And you know the idea that you're gonna come in and learn everything you need to notice started at though games for an NFL team. In August is just stupid. In the NFL ready to him because not only had to get all that stuff and a shorter window but how much faster the game moves when they get out there like. You look our human being has been simplified while NF LQ and has been intensified. It does feel like being in the middle of an avalanche you know any when you've got like. When that first when that first. A break from scrimmage comes and that rush comes. And they're bigger they're faster they're in your seasonal that you can't see anybody open both last. Quarterback should see it all the time they're playing too much with their country Smart right you need to get a lot of distill that needs to be gotten to your left hand so you. You can think what you right here yeah. I didn't mean muscle memory and all that kind of stuff is huge and it yeah. You can you can be learning enough things under fire in the NFL you can head to head of your conscious mind. Working in the scheme you need the scheme embedded yet. And it's honestly it's that time. You know Peyton Manning played pretty well his rookie year he's sort of a standard of rookie you're playing in a lot of ways but this so it really was great his rookie year through a lot of text dissident. But he had enough time back then to get this it means you're talking about so it sucks up the information probably is woven quarterback in history. I mean this to duplicate coach on the field dependency. They work did you like to use of these film rent you begun to grinder and a lot like Brady's yet no limit to how hard is going to work so. And he was a guy who was a little behind the curve that we're all going to be no matter how good you think your rookie quarterback is going to be fighting for Baja. And you know people talk about Roethlisberger that Billy bring up Mark Sanchez. The opening up Russell Wilson as guys who had some early success but look at all three of those guys they all were drafting behind running often. Yeah you know they were out there as option awards they were out there as we're gonna have this guy's throat as little as possible. And they've they've managed to train tracks a big difference between doing back. And doing whatever Roger's done. You know and by the way Rodgers two full years color. And a guy who didn't have that who actually you know it kind of got better Reagan about a situation and of his own was. You know Drew Brees at the kind of come and then there. We got thrown to the breeze is the perfect talked about when you're talking about me field because. You're looking that you guys very similar in size up you know I think I'd actually having this discussion between this morning I its arguing and mayfield side I think they feel a little bit better. In terms of movement that criticism and Brees he's not a level Wilson but Wilson came in lighter the breeze and mayfield they need a little bit shorter yeah. So you don't it's not shocking that Wilson a little bit faster quicker. Will also also just has really good street let's speak about it. I'll talk my head I think you've got a 45 to a 453 to come by which quarterback is great X models. Depth but you know mayfield is. Gosh what in particular at 44 story slug it you know peace peace. He's got enough speed to mobile quarterback is not going to be when these guys running all over the field. But he can extend plays she can buy time and incident Drew Brees Drew Brees to go back to is early careers very mobile quarterback. But social mobility with the knicks the typical QB paradigm he wasn't on running. Order of Aiken is gay but he can make things happen Lucy churn is vision. There is advanced stage she's still do yeah so on and so you know. The thing with baker mayfield is if he really does go the top of the draft it's gonna be the first time any little bit server is he getting to be the first time. The bit anybody's ever taken a guy who's less than six foot one. That high in the draft. And there's reasons for that you know. You know it's if I think we may have talked about the last week's Ottawa repeat myself too much but you know people's self breathing shortly also short being short doesn't matter anymore with lower though it does. But those are all want to be sure those guys are allies sued three exactly so when you're predicting that mayfield going to be a big time quarterback you are. Predicting success for our choir and it's you know it's. You should have some respect for that element that I took I just think that this detective. Well let me ask you this is he he's a guy that hadn't seen alive. Money. By the way just for what it's worth you know mayfield got a camp and yes he does. You should you know and I did you know I think a lot of people don't realize just how strong arm mayfield yeah that helps. One thing I've been noticing about him a little worried about this is totally intangible but. In on quantifiable other than earth history okay. Still a lot of him you know pre draft. On TV. Which worries me because it makes me think of the US olympians. Dan and Dave makes me think of Eric Lindros. It makes me think of Brian Bosworth and makes you think of every bust. Well I got out front. We're rhapsody just wouldn't do that body was lindros felt because of concussions lindros was great. It was his slow roll he he if they if they were the positioning him as like the next but you know Gretzky LeMieux and and it never quite happen that leveling was damn good. But I don't. Us was onto it all fame. Two without concussions. Yeah it's total but he got there but the you know a little bit reluctantly upcoming quick thinking very young. Maybe not even that. Yes but that's a point like the the bad things happen and I'm just seeing a lot of him getting a lot of it exploit our. To ask attitude is is a mild concern. You know grabbing the core options. Planting the flag and you know all this nonsense you know. I think it's it's less than ideal yet. But I don't know. He's a college kid could operate and yes you do and then three years that's a great yeah. I my anticipation is that he's going to mature I mean. You people think that jump and extra trapping me until comparisons now look if you can prove to be. Or even show me then it's likely that they can be if you get substance abuse problems now we're talking about the whole thing saying I haven't heard anything like that them. So you know there's always. The junkie yet but the saying you're now you're leaving you know trails of drugs in your way yeah that's a whole new problem and you know again if if somebody can actually show me that they've so got substance problems now. I'm going back to the drawing board here but. Strictly quote from the standpoint of playing the game. But slow the game he's got incredibly advanced footwork for college quarterback. And that's what you're writing poems of our PO stuff which makes a deal that makes for work sort of difficult used but she's really good at it and I don't think you connect. You know have to do much of that approach anyway. I mean he's gonna have like a lot of these kids. They're going to be spent spending more time under center he's gonna have to learn some true you know some drops and stuff like that. But you know it's it's when you see a kid who is good technically is particularly feel. Diverted Tony BQ can accept coaching at a high level it's beautiful work like Israel ordered aircraft so that it just born with quarterbacks footwork. So with the talent force but not the actual footwork. He strikes me as a guy that he gets in the right situation you can you can you can flourish if it's on the wrong one he could disappear. Well that's rejected the problem for such a brutal lot of careers so. No I suppose the upshot would be that. The best quarterback in jets history was a really cocky kid from a major cop could have crept insults yes that's what the jets needed a guy like mayfield is gonna come in and just not take crap from anybody look you know. We'll have to see. I can expect a Rex Ryan as a coach or maybe that's the best. Recent footprint they've bad he gave him a lot of swagger and was wagon and talent and made some things happen. And then if you look at the other major success the jets of Adam was with Parcells Belichick and the guys with a lot of football slack up. Yeah I mean it as a jet fan having an outsize personality I'm fine with that. Yeah it's most of our positive history you know what little there is others. Well it's beyond. You know what that that type of guy has been successful for the jets in the past so yeah I'm on I'd be very happy if they took mayfield. But I'm not I'm not blind to reality. May mayfield going to have you re calibration phase when he comes into the NFL yeah probably gonna struggle. Let's put like hats I looked at like eight games he's gonna have an eight game win the work he's gonna have to redefined himself. Yeah that's right I mean look at some of that is on the greatest quarterbacks in LA always struggled for like Jesus in almost two years. Bradshaw struggled terribly neat and that's. We are struggling to lead them loss. At. Yes but yeah under arrest in Europe but that's not his fault I mean look. I'm not talking about me about it but the jets struggling project its opportunity. To you know. And I'm not I'm not about starts in the Mike mechanic and suddenly go. You know. To find the stroke of service say but maybe I'd understand but just may still gain I can within needs some time. To learn what can kids do in this level because unlike guys like. Startled the stick with startled you know he does not have that protest prototypical size or he can just stand in the pocket and see the field. You know that now the good news for mayfield is he's still a little bit for the breeze which is gonna help. And if you played Oklahoma complete breach played at Purdue which a decent college but the Oklahoma line definitely is bigger than the Purdue up so back. That but you don't but the spirit you know a little bit of let that that helped me feel a little bit. It it's it's it's hard freeze say negative stuff but as player keeping his films really blows me away it's. He's got wonderful timing and accuracy in anticipation. He really knows what's going on he knows every single player on the football field what they're doing and why. It is exactly the kind of quarterback that succeeds. That's critical for a quarterback position though those things those alma suggested that the key ones. Yeah well I went over the bridge what are they like at the switch between years and he's a guy who can be your engineer your team. Just like Tom Brady in a lot of the great. The now we covered colonel mayfield what's that moved out of the cure to the Jews were sort of gets interest. No this is this is a fascinating to you so and you have Lamar Jackson. Josh wrote and we talked about in Josh Allen. Back to patriots I don't think. I don't think this is where they want to get aggressive these guys are playing for them yeah and look one of these guys could be in place for the. Well the interesting thing is like if you go back on the combined time and I know that yo Mike Jackson didn't go it was it's been back to back. Time period yet in. It's at that time period where his stock was probably the lowest. And now he's big he's at the top of that second tier for youth that's exciting Tennessee. Listen here at the top of the second tier for a few reasons first all the fancy guy so just get to Dick since the agency terms. You know if if if what Mark Jackson gets the right Linux by legal right to talk much port number one. Usually yet profanity yeah. But if he can't you know you're you're you're offered me a guy like that profanity there's no way am I hesitate but my pre draft rankings are a little bit more. For it to towards justice. NFL only. So for the NFL east third behind two very very. I would write prospects for me relative to my rankings. And you know the reason I have to lower it could I just feel like. Even though he has talent that's commensurate with the two guys above him I think he. Lamar Jackson needs. He needs nurturing no question I do it if this guy is playing anyone I pick it hurts his career yeah really do if they are now. To go up there with football game right away. Maybe because he's an exceptional athlete and I think a lot really berate him. As a quarterback in terms of what's going on from the neck up. I think he's pretty good from the neck up look what I wanna see from him is I want to learn to protect his body better. I think she desperately needs to learn to delve into get out of bounds yeah it's really important for that playing with his body type. You cannot be just throw his body around it was a quick victories that he's done that he he he he he's on the injury list every week where it's. Sore shoulder partially separated shall concussion you know. You don't want him following that career path. So for me this is a guy where. I'm investing in him early so I'm not deal in the all kinds of issues late. So to me one year at least. More than a year would be ideal keep I would look at. Every surface and you talk Lamar Jackson who England with the New England honest I think you'd be amazed. Well tonight. They trade of of that 23 pick guys side as Switzerland said the myself tantalizing because I know. In the game yeah approximately yeah if you slide into the teens that you actually have to choose to go get a bit of its. If you're so inclined. But you've done. A good job convincing me that the patriots really could use all of these decks because. They've got to hold themselves so. They need to be got to get a lot they got to go left tackle they've got to fortify that defense that very important positions you know linebackers specifically in a quarter. They've got it got some polls you know and and it doesn't end there soul. I think com. I think. He's a if they're really confident their board which they often are they think that you fill those holes throughout the draft or at least like three major ones between the first four picks they have in the first 63. It isn't your biggest holes that you think let's tackle and linebacker. As a class a draft north tackle. Does like to and that's my you June 1 from nickel linebacker now he's down settled in to us and some interest thing. Yeah it did I think I'd welcome you're right both we don't know how much they may or may not like Jackson but if they do love him. They may be in the position again that that that's solidly and at and the other thing is saying is it would be a lot of fun. If Tom Brady your tires and the patriots coach from Brady to Jack and I mean. It's funny that would be like like a cup of coffee for the candidates you know. Meaning it's like an energized wouldn't let it go to Red Bull but until it's like oh wow really did miss Brady but this. Yeah. Well with the image that made the Jacoby percent reference when. He had a 35 yard scamper for a touchdown on president football when he started back nursing percent no I don't I don't I don't but but but that vulnerable in the look of just pure delight on Belichick's face it may be one of -- at some point it 65 years those analysts at switch gears a little bit in terms of how it operates often. Definitely a lot into one expression any interest at some good Japanese so expressive list. It's not let you don't really didn't answer Arnold had an absolute what's going hey on a volley of a letdown and I kind of tentative you know to you know all the time to. Lamar Jackson for me but I foresee for it is I wanna see him as Bill Parcells was always been about talking about the dark and then when the lights come on right yeah. Time in the dark is invaluable. Because you can it's really hard or with the lights yeah once you're in the stadium actual fans the idea that you're going to be learning anything in that environment. That's tough self censor you did you did experience the experience like. And then going back to mayfield mayfield that's what mayfield needs spiritual needs to be in the game blurred. Because he's learned all the techniques stuff yeah what he needs to do is understand the difference between NFL throwing windows and Alex throwing windows. An NFL lines of sight vs college lines of sight it's gonna take him time to learn anything you can only learn on the field. But for Jackson. He needs to fix is basically a link is based social and narrow base wage too much. It's going to be to his benefit to get those feet cleaned up a little bit and then the other thing it's he needs to find. It's sort of like a Bagger Vance kinda thing with the book I don't know if you're perceived to have his uncle wants less you know he teaches. Damon is. Trying to Uranus roses in June is the golf and it June us tuna that's it. Right so if he's guilty he Djibouti to find his true swing yeah well I I Jackson in that same kind of boat he's got several different release points. I don't really care which when he settles run but he's got to settle on that he needs is more important thing about an NFL quarterback is that who. When all things are equal in you're throwing. It is in the same now obviously to run around you sometimes you gotta put your back foot sometimes you need to find weird arm angle for sideways and backwards whatever. Some people flourish at that like Flutie for instance. Right but when it's clean you wanna definable reputable. Throwing motion with a consistent release point and that's not something you learn under duress so he's a player or I just feel like. Time invested who really paid dividends. So I don't get that yeah column just pretend it was well that's good Bagger Vance at the he comes here but someone's gonna have to be. Patriots who or what it's been proven over by the patriots are good coaching staff yet they they obviously did some good work with percent they obviously brought drop well. All the way to where he needed to be yet I have all the belief in the world and the patriots were coaching stempel itself. You know I don't know you could I don't know that you could do much better they're going to two is the college of Belichick yet why don't you. Yeah yeah we've been through this so it's yeah show. Are so. That's where the Jackson lot of that the prospect physically he's just off the charts yup really fun to watch kids play as a lot of heart and again. The pretty Smart quarterback for the vaccine it definitely makes multiple leads. It's it's it's not that he couldn't handle it mentally it's that physically I'd love to see him get. Where he needs to be before we throw able to execute that that's. That government and erosion. It wasn't for a lot alike but there's a lot to like if you just throws but I slot at a football. My thing with him is I. I'd I'd just and I think we talked about this last week but when things go off script. I feel like his level played drops you have this year and he he he's another quarterback right really feel like. Time would benefit him greatly I'd love to see just goes into the season and not get through the walls. In terms of throw the ball he's there he is there. You gotta be it through there it was a big ball it was a beautiful ball he's he's able to Perry's speech he's got touched he can sit there and there. So I heard somebody at Twitter today compared to Matt Ryan which actually wasn't terrible news but you've got to think of Matt Ryan with a big roar. But I tried to get an arm. It now this guy here at this big odds mister. I am I've never been a big man regulations that's attack on the but I think it's not a bad comparison because right at the same kind of thing to keep and get him moving side to side. You're pretty good shape. So rose and a guy who a needs to learn decline in the pockets purses. Grab bag and then B I continues to build his body up I think a year in an NFL strength conditioning program would be really good for you. So. You know policy but that's what about frozen. My comparison DeRozan is probably in terms of just. The level. A prospect he can lead to dirt car area to look at. Where I really well yeah I I definitely have a positive view on him. I would love to see him not to rush. Cut it out there enough there are really. He he really you know. Yeah I saw a little bit better it is not perfect comparison yeah it's more unlike. Where the white way came out of one to ten scale up at a rate about it that's 75 area with with their card a card doesn't have. Course probably got 95%. Of the but Rosen doesn't have the agility strengths that car. We'll cover all Suez is written house Rosen with grit. Yeah cause I heart I like turn our immediate erupt here last year but you don't generally I'd I'm I'm fit their cars. I'm sorry I question. Heard he's got great you can see it on the field and you know of that out of wondering about Rosemont and I'm here I want he does won't help. How's it Rosen of that cat has his 12 in his. You know I and I think I've had the benefit of watching our political games for a few seasons now so it's easy for me to say that rose loot. I. I'm not gonna take on all that I would say he doesn't have that. You can't read some as hard as I don't ever read on that's why ask you know. I think I don't think he's fine that way nobody deficient in that way much my problems with him are a little bit worried about him holding up so I'd like to build body yeah. And I do I want to see him in an offer its course he knows everything cannot be thinking on the field. Because he's gonna need every ounce of energy. Physically. We did it because he doesn't have a great movement in the village you I don't want him swimming when he is on the field yeah. I want him to have all the advantages he needs and into the field and it is because to a crappy keyboard that. This stupid indicated its protection. You know rose and is the first guy on the list so far where I'm very concerned citizen protection. Yeah and I wonder if this is what this is the mystery we don't know and I think it's. Exit door open mayfield dole and Jack and those guys all should have good protection sure all courts there you have it. But but but to be rodents can sort it needs it. Yeah I think physically amendments is a question mark Rey what what will the beating duty him does that ruin him you know and I mean does it. I get up. Eating has multiple. Multiple sex until quarterbacks there's two things to meet two main things that you're not happening for slots destroys their general confidence yes. But it was little it would do three things. Destroy residual confidence can get them art yes so this is that bad yet as to the other problem is it knocks terrorized them. And once you duck quarterback guys down it takes a lot of coaching. To bring them back up yeah. And it did that we've talked about this before we showed you don't want your rookie learning the wrong things. You don't want your rookie learning survival tactics yet. You want him learning how to beat the other team not how to live through the gate yeah these two separate things we've seen quarterbacks we went. Because they're just out there trying to survive. That counterproductive it like it to the jets. And you draft Josh Rosen and that's interest throwing him into you sewing account into that not Rosen yeah yes. Yeah that's the way it should roll that. So you know that's where I met with him. No brutally Jackson it's somebody wanted to take Rosa rejection I don't promise that I personally. I got a little bit to crush such acts of. And this fantasy guises the such upside there if you get. We've seen it sealed a lousy quarterback like Tebow can do things on the speech you know. It's. Well let's keep those big African rattle record on the Dinah you're innocent since yeah let's go to Joshua Allen is the last guy in my second Q let's. CIA is very interesting to me because this is the Johnny Bravo guys you know he's bright fit this. Here are so I don't know it yet. I'm not trying to kill just throws Josh and I get my Josh is confused with just. Yeah no problem that this is the guy 237. Pounds the east on. He's interesting he's a very interesting Larry. He's he's if he's economic I. I would have a lot of fun would say that he had become such hot button issue yeah where it's almost like as if you were to go to the the beautiful brawl that analysts bar a Spezza chipped it that's the question if they answer the bouncer to go and what you think you're just jealous and he. Yes it's it's it's that he is the hot button player out there but the position right now which is amazing when you consider he's in the draft the total makes people. Don't know Jack asked if he's interesting he's an interesting. Our little group in terms of opinions are all over the place on this course. But anyway so Josh Allen who I think that everybody is and so intensely into placing their bets on this player. I think we're forgetting the big picture. In and the question is what did he wore bright yeah go to live on draft what does this guy who wore out when you're willing to take rights so the question is. What are the idea hits. What are the odds it bombs and what does that break out two in terms of what pick if you were you know. For me he's a little the first round crap kinda guy you. Like I would take him around where the bills start EJ Manuel okay. Which was terrible tech terrible because Manuel did not have the upside skill set that out hasn't yet all the problems for. He should have been like a third round today. I am fine with EJ Manuel the second round and that the bill did with EJ Manuel. What what to check stated. Which. But it's Josh hill was. You know receiver took the State's Stephen Hill big tall fast receiver with a lot of potential but this will all be on board yeah. So majestic in the second round which is defensible. But at least I'm weak word yeah which is completely idiotic yeah. If you do that it was job number one is when you take a project you need to know he's a project. And the success. Of the bulls built at the same thing with manual they overpaid and in the somebody says it will treat it overpay a player so now you're you're cute it's a double negative which means you pay too much for the guy and you aluminum. We've been ruined it. I mean he may have had a he may have had the ability lately if you could give enemy year. He had to have okay explorer had a big heart good to. But you can't just he hit just throw all. You know a couple of these rookies when they're not ready you can Egypt and Oscar do so. And the guy where if you just sold out their challenges. Yes I think you're asking for trouble. But you know having said that if Cleveland is actually telling the truth. And they're gonna draft though that number one and let him learn for a full year behind Tyrod Taylor. Well. Yeah I mean part of that because it. People hyped up about his completion percentage but what's more important than the percentage itself is the underpinnings. Why is his completion percentage well. To me it's there's like at least three factors with his completion percent it would is that he's not particularly accurate. That is a factor. This'll questioning into active that's the biggest knock on them. Is that if that is indeed what the bottom saying it is that it's. The 56%. Is indicative of the deaths of a guy is not tremendously accurate but it's also indicative of an offense. It doesn't really get its quarterback watchable rhythm yeah they don't statin scheme their receivers open very well at all. And then you compounded that the guy can't separates or perhaps even open they're really getting open EU okay so you just throwing in debt it's. I heard one guy is wasted a lot of old enough to throw the play your windows in the NFL level everybody goes it was just gets smaller would do if you wanna try building. It's culture throwing in the news we both did little portal to leadership. It's like every single throw it to go through are. I think tired. It was a very it was not an easy offense for quarterback play and so I think you need to be fair about that so. He'll give the player a little bit of you know a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. On an annual physical flaws that can be corrected any he has some things to be cooked can be corrected first of all it needs to. Just like Jackson needs to find released what stick yeah that's what. Can this be need to be cleaned up to speed very consistent over all over the place I mean isn't as bad as bleak portals was no. That in the portals. Do you think Teri flack from best in show at his feet plea portals. And that's a pop up up up up up. Oral presentations courses like if it is please don't go to Eugene Levy Cecil we just say utility closet that's it's such an underrated movie dream. Lynch was so good at that them all. But anyway. I would think it where if you give him the time to clean this stuff up. He could end up really good yeah so I I think that sort of dismiss the fact that this could end up being truly special player. The question is wondered if you become a good risk reward opportunity I don't think. Number one that's certainly spot yeah it's a little. That's the trick for Cleveland right a couple of tackles for. And integrate into everybody's hailing the giant. And they're killing you for taking sykora Barkley and just sort of one of likes what people wanted to do but haven't taken it yet. And it is that in the evident running back and really long time aggressive like he can and I think it's got. Practice today to commit two personal right but. I mean I really do bride. If you know. The US let's look at this rationally the giants are sitting in the Q all right. Did it would feel they wore a quarterback. Well Cleveland sitting in the won it before and it looks like they'd love to do Barkley and the quarterback yeah. Also the giants are you gonna sit there and say you're taking the quarterback. How could I knew I didn't sit there and and broadcast to everybody on the planet. But you don't wanna quarterback might suit. They did it take Barkley because you will encourage teams to either they'd trade up to the war and to give Barkley. Or for Cleveland to say hey let's take. Let's take them on QB first in the QB second you know gonna go right. So the majority just playing that well actually you know what let's just say that there's a good chance the giants had just playing games. So I you know what if they actually sit Churchill would take Barkley call I will sharpen up my four and I'll go after just like everybody else. But I think given given targeted the right thing yeah urged. Hated as far as they're taking a non QB. It's now practiced stick to and do it. It's an epic we talked about the first week but it bare minimum you got Alex slide back to with the jets at least. You know invading yet you don't need a lot to do it because if you did you if if you guys are actually taking Barkley. Wolf why not take the jets' third rounder flip and flip effects yet. Did you know they're not taking Barkley right if you're the jet fuel paste something to make sure no gets up in front. But given up on the jets can you call me today. Give us something the job open for it you know and bullet holes were spot to view and in the jets' comeback with. Clear particular guy we're gonna switch should you got architect the probable calculator or called buffalo right now by. But that. I don't I don't I don't. Vote at an event that you haven't. So it can be enjoyed it as you at least decent that swap object bare minimum do that holds the line thirty. I think Eli is 37 seasonal thirties. It. I'm not much is obviously relies on their way personally. I think I I you know I think if here's here's a day. Introduced into the quarterback in the NFL last season who could have lost his number one number two in the number three receivers. The cities and function well. Yes adults in no running game horrible towards a porn star as a code. That's an insult to exercise that report was so looking coach Wright but it's that the book that the buck naked haircut you know. Very there was so much stuff going back to Lester the I don't know anything if you put him in the right office can still do it. Poor little bit longer that's. The potential that some giant. So situations that would the I mean how many chances you're gonna get to trapped for interest QB. Well it's it was only then I mean. They can they can you know they're pretty. It it's in the can bounce back and play well they're not gonna be in that position they get the tree right. Is now you're talking about. Who quote that's where concession for the giants like if their attitude really is. We want to win right now. Okay that that I concede that because you're getting a loophole you're getting a bill back to back and you get an impact player at the two. But nationally to maximize that you know question. You still need to get as much as you can that to protect. And then miles behind the Eagles too by the way I mean they're nine. There is tracking this incident several miles. They're there's a gap for sure. But here's the ordeal pivot to guide it and I don't think it's the right thing to do but. If they actually take Barkley. Whether they move back with the jets or not. If they actually go out there we corn picture. And they're putting Barkley O'Dell back on an editing room and actually gets a lot of talent as little adults alike. Talent but it's a unique combination I've never seen a team with anything. Even approaching. And that type of match up. Just nightmare leave because Ingram is impossible. To match up. Beckham is a field kilter yet. And now you got Barkley who can literally play receiver running back almost equally yeah. If you put those three guys in the huddle and you're sitting there trying to as the defense could lol what our personnel going to be a crude block EU. Are you Belichick could be like wow what that they ought to fallen. It has a player is it is a played a win strategy and there's no question offensively. I doubt it's a good idea all I'm saying is that some of the stock in the New York television market. I'm excited to watch. And say yeah that would be fun to watch so little. In that I could care less adjusted so that stupid. Bring on Barkley added that it should yeah I could do what they call Barkley ever so yeah on the presence of the yes and I mean for you right there and here's where contention with Manning who clearly is not what he was. But but you're playing late in the UI's strengths which is. Read it see it get rid of it. And that mitigates the offensive line issues. So this is it its interest. Similar to the patriots QB it would be fun to watch. Look similar to the patriots are offensively with a minute to get in the quickly. As there you know the blind shake up as the problem. Right up the difference in the patriots have been morphing in and out of that type of scheme for decades you. So it's it's you know for the patriots that's just like pretty. It's it's a turning switches and if the that this does dirty there. It is in equities yeah I mean like like it is all the pieces around Brady like the cards dealt in particular and and Brady knows exactly how to play every game. So he's like well we have problems of the tackles all right let's get the football out yeah okay you know yeah. They'll be doing more short aerial route still be spreading out more. Don't be looking more like the patriots. Of the past. That's look at. Yeah yeah the problem of this sued Ford if there's no tomorrow and Alan this is the guy really wanna get to as the next guy he's in his own here at love people like that. And you want Allan that you wanna kind of died in to a. We movement doing it we can do a whole show and every single one of these quarterbacks yet. Yeah we'll we'll we'll revisit Allen in our post draft landing spot they. I guess who won the one mentioned thing about that was where they'll get ago. I kept. So what are out through photographers after the draft could be anywhere any one of those teams tonight. I don't mean it is less everybody get their wrongs don't want. So we'll let you going to be mentioning ideology it's your guy here I noticed. Yeah I'm Mason Rudolph you know this I like this guy he sees the climbing a little bit is exactly like him. You don't want him I'm like yeah he's climbing. A mortar he's climbing a little bit too far for the patriots get there but IE. We're here I wouldn't worry about it this is something here. I think people know it needs time. He's got. He got back foot issues I don't like just positioning I think a lot of this throws the tips are coming through the shoulders are getting caught up with the rotation. And see a lot of balls coming out a little pokey and he's also got small chance which is gonna affect. You know he's moving to was right sometimes throws a bit of bird in the sort of he'll lose balls to the right. But whether it's small it's all. I don't know oppressed and I'd like the first what he's a big quarterback an in. He's got all the benefits of being a big quarterbacks. He can stand in the pocket concede it feels he can. He's definitely read defenses you I'm I'm afraid of Mason Rudolph but even notice right. It looked to see him get at least a year and so he definitely fits the patriots. You know for him to commit alert by Brady is absolutely. I think his best case and there's. Is that those things that like that attracted patriots fan you know in the Brady arrow which is you just said it you know in his field vision. Is it is cut and that's so important in the office that the patriots historically. Rock you know in the in the ten years the Brady Aris so that's a counterpart. I think he throws a laced deep ball yeah it would everything's working right with them deep ball pretty. I it's. You know if if if the patriots play in Mason Rudolph without trading up and can get to where you're gonna Brady that's pretty good. Nice that's pretty good scenario yeah. So that was moved out of the next group could I think now we're getting into the patriot group. Right this is does this is the tear that it just and we we. It definitely is a good chance to go to delivered. But I think the X group also. Yet chip in these guys a later in the draft and in this is it justice of the guys we've been hearing I'm sort of well. We call it a little thing like you know we have a great round. Of group it is a guy just said that that early Thurmond is that that's where I think a couple of years ago. If the pats are gonna jump that was good quarterback class too with car and a drop below in the whole game but. You know the patriots had drop low on the draft board higher than most they took him in the middle of the second rounds a lot of these people looking at like Kyle Aladdin looked (%expletive) you're thinking third round. But if the team likes them and I've noticed that you move Mike went up a little bit from western Kentucky. If they like them. Then again bill higher on the board so again yet it could be early third or could be one of the usage spots to those 22 round picks that they have to. Yeah white's mentioning player I think it is mental makeup wise he's got a complete pretty soon yeah. Bride he's not a guy you would provide about offensive line so. It definitely bite order this year my ma you. You know Mike White is not mobile. And when I say not all the war talk about 509. In the forties we're talking about 27 inch vertical. You know this is the this is that the stationary quarterback. So you know. He's a guy with the patriots really I would. Hopefully Scarnecchia can stay around for three or four per year you did and so really look at. I think he needs an offensive line even more than Brady does. So you know. What a mistake I would agree assault having said that he's got torn apart and boy if you make throws my light explode yeah and it's I mean just tolerance of yet so he's got a guy keep keep them clean given the given the good look at what's out there is gonna make good throws. Is accused vintage pocket passer it's that guy right. Yet not yet that's exactly what is. So you know. If that's what the patriots were I think he'll be there with their second second round pick and invented and it's a possibility. Or let I have really. Right there with like little bit different yeah mobile. I'm definitely a little bit better actually. But that too which is shorter than white yeah. But in terms of bulky Italy a couple of pals behind and so. Won't let it definitely open to keep it on the short side but you know. That's the suit for the most part. As the trial were you at all coming out of Richmond is that we're yeah. Across and I it's you know that the problem at and so much. Richmond. It's it's that you know until I like apparatus so I feel a lot of things that are good and I definitely think he's developmental prospect to could make it. I just. I guess like big things in his garage closed sort of the standard yeah and I just don't see Jimmy drop below what I look at Kyle we'll let you I want to. But I just don't. Because Jim dropped or had a couple things that. We're just really off the charts. I don't know if you remember the conversation you and I. Hi Rick Alice that quick release. Equally great I feel television and to have a great act on the ball yeah. That the justice if you can't really over value those traits that the NFL level. And that we saw second half last year like I think some people expected to be good but I don't think many people expected to be that good. Are married and then Miami in that first half Michael while it's all coming together it's all coming true he looks so yeah. I think that's I think that's the thing that you know Belichick maybe doesn't have as much heart this. Some people force but I think drop was one of those people who got in there a little bit. Oh yeah I think I don't a little bit of a father son thing going on. Yeah yes it's still a little bit that I got this what what I nailed this war yet you know and I think you know they're watching their practice they knew what they had. This thing is you can't convince anybody who wasn't in the room Buffett. Right yeah so way less like that in the way the patriots could maxed out value drop below would have been if last off season. Mcdaniels should go somewhere needed a quarterback right. Then you've gotten a first courtesy. Right as you would have seen him. And right at they had right. Particularly well I don't need to see this kid go to them to put. I think I've been in the room with this kid this other guy yeah but you know it's as much as separate system may have liked him. They didn't have that kind of inside information. But Ellis second and everybody in intelligently and did yeah and I do believe mr. Brady did they'll. Left to do. He knows you know question right it was such a date there was such a level jump in the pre season games like I remember. People really wanted to take a look it even Hoyer when he when he and it took him out of Michigan State. And that and that and then zipper and or Ryan mallet you know all those. If and it just looked terrible in castle he looked terrible that was such a level job. When the problem got it in the three seasons like that's a quarterback looks like in India right. Satisfactory yep yep I'm an intellectual castles. That's alpaca you know Belgrade with Belichick went up against the battle of the discussions yet. And Neil Mallon it was a guy with a lot of arm talent but still he managed to. Didn't process well and hit heavy feet. Stone dead. And it did just things a lot these guys Mike White prototypical. Pocket passer Kyle a lot of shows a lot of the traits there's volatility and thought we talk yeah lets the guys and gets it is accidentally clipped. To me this is a guy's got a little bit of both of what those guys have little interest in play there. Yeah again not not not a great athlete but maybe a little bit at the sneaky athlete he just some links he can definitely be a pocket passer. He's got that Tom Brady and actually went off key reminds me of Tom Brady but number eighty light. Sure you don't say yeah he's a number eighty style. Quarterback. But he is. You know. He's like a Camaro debris. Well he's kind of got that he's got that that rhythm kind of accuracy they write a problem as a failed in of that. Little bit and out of Brady can get ready when Brady's think system. The talk is that he is defined as closure offenses were running downhill. I'm just not sure what he's gonna be like I don't think he's got the ability to sit there take hits like Brady used to have yeah. I think you know you constituent about Tom Brady that there were some times where. He took a licking and kept on ticking no question now is less clear to probably my opinion he doesn't get enough credit for that. I'm really tough. Quarterback and now for all this like dumb B. Belts and backup of the vote for all that he stick his lakes in the key absolutely accurate if you go back he'll get the AFC championship game with the sport you know any mean and eat. Well let's go back let's go back a look at some of the really great quarterbacks we've seen look at Philip Rivers what they do gets pitched the plastic plate on one leg yet. You know it to Joseph Montana at his back broken in half came back with a Super Bowl. He'll Peyton Manning and nick fused together. Came back what is suitable Brett Favre was almost killed. In a championship Kimmel would hear and you're still ended did not leave the game. This is a trait among the great players Troy Aikman. As. Well yeah. He got. All his rookie league killed. Yeah do you go again John Elway just off the other word yet so when you go back through the great ones. There's a recurring themes always do the right this is something you want out of your quarterback and and Brady's most definitely it. And then we've built this and the many times but this is where drop below is a proven as of yet. Is the durability yeah. It's their right its you its durability yes and the ability to you what you are now. Once you've been you don't yes. And not have your level played drop dramatically. You know I mean Rogers last year Roger. No way should it definitely he's still got out there playing but I couldn't he brought the field it's just it's it's. It's part of the internal. Saying that these great quarterback that sounds. Literally it lets related back to the thought of the so he's got kinda he's a little bit on the leader side right in and night to Canada. Yeah I just I just wonder if if I I don't know about him running around the pocket making for a yeah he's. He makes the rose from the pocket well he can step up and make throws. You get him moving laterally I think you got problems. Little and that's approach that's a that's at let's say throwing the football program Washington State to ninety. No doubt he can deal volume thrower but it's got but it needs to be done and his terms which sort of be my way of explaining it so I just think he's accusing its protection. And here's the other thing. Kim can you do what Brady did write these tin can look flock come in the in two years from now be ten pounds bigger. And stronger. Right at that you lose we all know what Brady looked like it Michigan right we've all seen the pictures with the white T shirt. Provide. Are you like Cusick skinny fat. Right so I mean clearly that is not the guy who took the job from Bledsoe now it's business not too different to do differently yeah. And so you know I think Faulk would also need to make that that the transition. Yet but if that's the point that that's a good point. It is you move into the final here that you have the. You have to let the guys they did it are some of the people are artists you know coach coach turner the guy yeah work which for years lately scouting with. A bomb. If he's a guy we just both well. Just because we love do we please. That the problem wolf recite it looks if we can't get. The deal we want in terms of Albania actually is used but he listed at 61200. My gut says he's got a final at 198. Really small it's just tight I think he's probably on the small side which is the reason I wanted to get in and suddenly popped and I just couldn't. Quite do it. Lovely place he's got some baker may feel that he's got a hood of Drew Brees and hit you at some moxie. Yeah I I think he'd be a really interest things seventh round or free agent pickup for the states. To bring him and an in group in the as a backup to you are back up to whoever takes over for brings to I think. He can run their offense and learn from the master yet struggle is really good guys really get timing was a nice tight accurate ball. But might be. I think projects are pretty good NFL back up but probably not and Morton just because of the size of a game and the other two guys in net here. For me Riley Ferguson is a guy where we are really worried. That he wasn't big enough because a lot of places said Ferguson list itself 200 pounds going into the Columbine you got that really turned me off because again. You can speed up in this league and at sub 200 it's just not gonna work yeah but he can become by it to twelve and six to. 62 point six bad spot to Baghdad citizens this is so if Ferguson who put on a rather. Say 58 pros it's. He might be able to do it and he's the guy who died frozen as all. He you know. You know. Somewhat athletic unit that doesn't straight line speed but. You know he he he read a sub 73 code he's got to that point assistant and he's got wonderful timing as passes an accurate so. He's definitely a guy who's got a shot. Immunity are dark horse candidate this kid from Texas Tech who I'm so alcoholic who just love this conviction should the next. Outlook. It is not enough soma listed we do we were not able to go and fight every single Claudia Mott have. He's a guy who got benched his senior year. If there's all countries have to give up on him. But boy. He is a big strong kid who throws that's not out of pocket he can throw that thing any any really spins it. So if he strikes me is a wonderful. Seven through project the kind of could actually make it in two years yeah. So I Timmy he's worth knowing about just because it's got so much fiscal ability legal and he could stay there the pocket and throw darts. Before you go for eighty yards down field if he's like a seventh round project what's Riley Ferguson. Like that kind of time in the draft as well. Probably also is just throw god but not a project yet Rick Reilly Ferguson's close yet. He's close to being able play. Like right we're right and actually talking to coach yesterday arrested you know who Ferguson reminds me of it's actually order you. He can feel he can have a Brian Hoyer career. Commit Yankee game and it's it's at. This way it did. We're humiliated if all the stars or any can get a job at some point do pretty well and then. You know everybody has got the bad and then you know through this distinction sort of out of action nothing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder cup record just in case kingdom something like that. You know he's he took me. Potentially that level of players in the exit from. But you know we we just talked about twelve quarterbacks we did Ted I think died of home. Really are very legit legit. So this is a good quarterback class. You know obviously there's so many things can go wrong. So we came through required players all the time yeah players shoot themselves in the foot and they'll obviously the industry's example guys who do make it. Like Teddy Bridgewater. To hurt you aware of meetings yet mid August so some freak injury so his ability award reasons why these guys. Still have a long way to go. But I like. I can't remember the last time I like the top six this much. That's draped because that's like 83 that that great. Classical platforms but maybe like that they can I would like. You know the well let's Eli rivers class was pretty dip yet yet I don't think I don't know if it's that had a little discussion that could. But who knows maybe. That the some depth there what Pete I will do. Is we will bubble wrap it all up after the draft we could to get to the landing spots and how these guys might project. In the places that they get drafted which is going to be huge huge huge huge. Component of all this and making it worker not make it work. And then the next week we'll get into the running backs tight ends of the receivers all for you before the draft right. Yeah we got it. We really were very active over the next couple weeks for going to be hopefully you are gonna do three putts together next week up are all so I I think 90%. Billy Crystal are working and trying to get together next weeks we may have a pot and Eliot equal. Weeks on and then pushed draft I mean how many do is sit down would have and so look awesome. I'm also gonna do is sit down when you were gonna do landing spot so. A lot of good stuff coming up. Well come at a catch us on Twitter that road of on an admirable on AXA will make sure you know about everything that's coming in thinks the tournament. So long everybody.