OMF - Patriots Monday with Bill Belichick and Matthew Slater

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Monday, September 10th
Hour #3 and our Patriots Monday regulars are dropping by our studios.   Bill Belichick breaks down all aspects of the game, and then Matthew Slater stopped by to break down some of the special teams gaffes that plagued the Patriots on Sunday, as well as an amazing punt to pin the Texans deep in their own territory to help seal the win.

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I'm back here and all of that finished patriots Monday were alive down here at Gillette Stadium it's time for us to talked to the coach. Bill Belichick being brought to you by mass general hospital cancer center every day amazing by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively. In men's sexual health. McFarland energy Frazier. Engineering and buy your Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealer. I don't know congratulations. Where Columbia thank you almost always good to get that first for sure it's right out of the educate you never know what you're gonna get on the first one I would think count. You know whether some on her usual situations in the canyon mine and it was a good situation a football and that there's been some things out that we have seen them. But it makes adjustments to so. Who's a good. Can could experience an opening controls so this. Disarm Watson. Personally I solemn matter unbelievable game. Obviously coming back off the injury. Were you surprised. They looked a little nervous maybe below skittish at times. We we did you were you re surprised that it deceived how easily not easily but how you guys were able to corral and for the most part. Well he's our got a handle you know him out of committee could play on the third and short scramble. He's in Sweden we've seen him. And pre season. If you put his I think he's back to full strength that strictly. Plot emphasis in trying to contain them and and herself on analog articulate his place before it's over. Your ability in years past it almost seems that guys like that out of pocket it almost seems that you just look at contain him keep them there that you guys put a lot of pressure on him as well as in without blitzing all was that. Part of it was it just win a one on one battles noblest in the front four are surprised I was especially foot. You know that's which you know you always try to do Rio is trying to put pressure on him and keeping contained sometimes it's. Little easier said than done. That's we try to do them for which but competitive Java wasn't perfect but. Yeah you don't want Muslims stand back there are not running. You wanna force the issue vote still run. You know a big part of that seems like the cheered defense lineman how important there. There are I guess have their pushes and you know being sound in that area seem like they got a good push. And the guys on the edge weren't running past them which. I selected deepens tackles and get overlooked when it comes to rush in the past I mean I get there but it seemed like those guys are affecting the play. Right no question you've got to have both components of defense of the inside players don't get. Into the pocket and quarterbacks that's a and there's space on the the outside a restaurant passed that create space suit so essentially of six deaths with fire line right. And so if for rosters and six to oversee kick animal covered. See you just have to be able to chart put yourself in position is not too much space and forget that you don't know co written and it definitely that from Russian equities for them. You know I see in the passing with with mobile quarterbacks that can run. Sometimes it looks like you guys have had a good blitz package. That it's that specific to that guy that sometimes you just rush three rush forward to play coverage. Was there anything that you saw with Watson and maybe in the past. From last let me ask Clinton that decided a consumer's gonna rush four and we're not gonna blitzes much. We'll take digital everything that you know open if you wanna give him on the offensive line or. Billy O'Brien the same look on every single place so we try to mix of a little bit and we had some different players and they're created different matchup so. But we've we get a lot of that was certain that a lot of form and Ron Washington. The players that a great job of Russian to be disruptive at the same time. With a payment. Go to the other side he's got a lot of time this week talking about your dating Kwame JJ watt commercials and the guys. What the job that Trent brown did on the left side Marcus cannon on the on the right side better than what you thought you gonna get especially with Trent brown ran out of the gate. Well let's. Again a lot of the a lot of steam offences get the ball out on time as the receivers get -- itself and so on doing their job and vote we've been pretty good job of that overall for the first. Three quarters they got a little bit couple times or fourth quarter before the final drive but. It's a very good lie and hurt block that a lot of good players. I thought our guys hung in there with a pretty well. So Trenton a good job marks that it. LA all over current is on the edge. There. Is it different for you from going up against a guy like Romeo sort of known for so long respect him. Is it you know what he wants to Dubya he knows you as well as at a different type of game as opposed medical against the defensive coordinator you're not familiar with. Well I think we know Rory is gonna take away the things that you do so. How he decides to do that that's that's a different story. He's article up against because you don't he'll change from week to week plan and give it different look what she got us. On several different looks yesterday. Their time package from their coverages. So. That's that's always challenging Roma's one of those defensive coordinators Italy's so it's always tough to go at them. Earlier Bryce Pickens will be in Houston for not calling a timeout. Because there was no challenge out of New York initially. With. With a crock or catch. And we're talking about this earlier when you let the process the way it works now bill in the old days I see the old days a couple of years ago. The official would stop the game he would make the decision on the field now what's going back to New York. We you guys smartly came right up to the line of scrimmage spam went applause. New York and river on never got an opportunity apparently to do anything in New York. Does that process work right now do you have to look at this thing differently. In the New York's got to make that decision and it's gonna take a while before they do. Well. It in that particular case well at one time outlook or music after that place so if you're try and a you're a two minute drive we're trying to build an oppressed issue where they stand there and and waste. Know what you did I am understand what you were doing but what I'm saying is is it difficult right now in this situation and that has to go back to New York. Well New York may be looking at multiple games as opposed to Wear an official. Could decide they want to look at it again. Well you have to talk to fish in a part of that you know the mechanics are new York and who's watching what support that's that is close. In a situation like that OK if you if you throw the flag you can't throw the challenge by challenged by inside two minutes if you do with a penalty. I easily see you know some coaches just you know throwing it maybe just because there bit emotional. Do you passively just take that flight ways you know that journal suppose they're gonna lose your cool. But how does I wouldn't want that thing near me just in case I had the urge to throw it and just for in a moment of a lapse of judgment you just forget what the rule. Give a flag guy. Yeah and we think. No just they got to be responsible for so which is OK I think it's too much. Is there around us when we were talking about just how them like how long it takes four of review crew in New York City. Too I guess I identify OK there's a play we need to review. It's in stat inside two minutes but coach ability he can do is call a timeout. Did you guys realize they okay takes maybe thirteen point five seconds of this situation comes up. You guys have twelve seconds to get your butts up there either kill it or run a play. And is that it because I know you eat there's a lot of a breaking down rules and he knows situations. Right well yeah first of all winners it to drive as you know Christian you don't know how much time you you just notices plays over that line and on the next play and kill as many places possible. There's a replay official in the Booth so. That doesn't mean. There's officials in New York as well there's a replay official in the Booth he's part of the crew. And so. I think are actually it's his job to. Called on the crew let them know there's a place he feels like should be reviewed. For example in that situation words. Under two minutes in this challenge alt. So. Could happen in New York I'm an expose it could there's a replay official in the Booth similar to that but different and they. Concussion. Spotter. So saying. That's the same type of process so there is somebody there in the stadium didn't dream been realized yet that each group has a replay. Official. And they have out there as I think they also replace assistant to a virtually to a home. But again I don't know with the mechanics are on the I know that part of recruit how exactly communication works. Between. The reverie and all his crew and the replay officials and so forth. Again I'm not involved in the communications exactly how it works well. They can all talk to each other in some form or fashion. Sign a fumble on the sideline and and have something happens on us and I ask our official. This near me to have linesmen or the Blue Line judge. On plate he can either kidney cancer eakins say wait a second which are so it's off find out who penalty was not on or whatever so. That there is a communication there again how exactly it it's. How functions. That's a big question you have to as the official. I don't know what to new rule did you think that was a catch. Now that you don't have to survive the ground would that be catch they've grown play. I thought as a coach on the field but. Catalysts that you know to payment put in ought but it is all it was knocked out every effort came down the little committees. The bill we look at the threat this system you know unlocked selfless as far as injuries scope a two on Bentley. 51 snaps and think yes the gas Rudnick of vicious to basically because he's from Purdue when he justice Marco Aurelio. But what what have you seen maybe just give this rookie 51 staffs and that much responsibility here relegate. What he heard it. As the older players are in the planning for playing time they get. Two months are good good trying to camp and what are plant on the gets here. Is that a few says he lined up a lot on the outside through some of the running backs around backfield. Depends on call the formation vote he he could be out there usually plays in the middle but he could be outside based on what we have called and were. They it. You know Phil or set seven target seven catches touchdown. Tom talked about him in the post game specifically you do a good job with option routes making the right decisions anticipating. Seems like the light has gone on for him. Have you noticed that also. Well I think Phil. As most players do and our system benefit at all from being your last year and then get off to a fresh start this year and certain. Oh with a year of experience that didn't have last year you came last year in September or so that are admissible training camp and I thought catch on to do extra learning game plan and so forth worse this year is it. You know learn from scratch work that techniques and villages still get a better understanding them and that foundation system they have last year and a stream of water. A lot of players that go through that process. I think he's way better word was last year he's on average of force. Kick off returns. They seem to get good field position how much of that was. Just not make him play and how much of it is this new rule now where you've got to wait you've got to take off is that a factor at all. We throw a little bit of factor when. But we've just got to do a better job it and then. Due to public kickoff. Coverage we have a coach better you play better. We can't give a tough position consistently put in. There we need to work on for sure. I random questions as to going back to the old days. And she can just look at these few guys still get out game balls for wins like errant individual guys individual performances that's still a thing with you guys. We would recognize. Different areas of performance. Weekly yes I was I was curious. Is it do as good as a coach nominate a player I guess is the one of as one of his position players as it is is it do you guys debate on Dayton is it and just curious how that. And it goes down. Because it you know because a guy like talking have a good game six weeks in a row. Very good have a great game you know or maybe. There are Holmgren and only one offensive player got a game ball when defensive player got a game ball and that was it. But you guys do it differently he's from from wow is there like if he could be three office of guys. Just curious how that process works for you guys or can someone to connect player nominee himself. Not players at the lesser. Extent. Outside it works and they say they're wit again we have different recognition for. The game the week and so forth and it would just depend on again who we feel occurrences. It's not necessarily the it was the most yards are the most tackles or whatever but just overall performance and the jobs that he had to do owe it to them. And other things that might taken place during the week and so forth so it's not a aside it's a formula that. We have ways to recognize players individually for what they've done well. That doesn't override the team performance but it does. Say. Recognize it and and give give. And actually two guys who have done so than specialists in performance or more of those things that we talk about. You know the guys that put through Dawson Leon are you activate Riley McCarron obviously ball security is a big part. Of what this league's all about what you preach. And carries get young kid who's out there nobody probably feels worse than he does for for mopping a floor build upon how do you. Sorting did you gain confidence right kick off his back into the kids is just thought people feel that he's already voted off the island you know I mean he missed that pumped up how do you. Try to regain confidence to a kid that has a moment like that any game. Well look well Michael on states and if or from the Turkey working hard for so. Everybody's really category every other player and coach that participate in the game we can all look at things that happen in the Cayman. NC things that we we can do better so that's our challenge is to. Identify those so work harder Kurt Coleman and do better next time you give another shot next week. You'll talk about the whole situation obviously we've got to. You know look at players that are available on Roth what are British rolls and so forth each game's different in terms of our game plan we don't have the same players active and the liberals aren't so forth so. You know we'll see how it goes. Yet a tough defense yet to go up against. In yesterday's game get a pushover defense next Sunday in Jacksonville it should be that should be easy going up against them. Problems they present for him especially coming after a playoff game. Well it's very talented group there. They're really pretty strong and our position on the front on Becker's serve our fast and then if the corruption coverage players. And if you work for every yard and they turn the ball over they can. They take away from cancels. Stopping it and if the ball. You know on downs that and they gave colonial way hers strips some. That Paulson strip fumbles and interceptions for its own restive ratio of all security that is last week we can't. We can't be terrible for three tons of cocaine and think that that's gonna win force that's just good good form so we're able to. Overcoat against Houston but that's that's not or won't they. Begin for Matt Patricia today. You did serve a bunch of services that place gets the jets. It's gotta make you happy have you been able to reach out to him or and or we we helped him to leave you know busy workday for you. To get maybe just pay attention to how he's doing how. Just how he's coaching that team of in his first first try. Yeah well. What he says the Sunnis generally sees in reference. All the stars are a lot of there yeah talk yeah. Of course who have tomorrow. What do you what do you just curious you know first year coach I mean you've been there before you read other coaches leave and go other places. If there is one piece of advice he would give you know first year coach in his first game as a head coach what would be. Now on all seven of trouble Estrada and coach our team generally word that everybody else. And everybody's team in situations circumstances are different. They're challenges are different so. Well than than bush and somebody well on the the strike did gusto like candle or better fails to. Try to muscle some good advice. Mr. we real quick last thought from me we we heard we saw earlier this week that you you had a new dog named Nike. That it seemed in this special that you're pretty adamant that he probably should've named jacket and mysteriously quiet moments do you still call him Jack what do you go by night. Got over it Mona. Welcome to the club officials. Fact of the Avis have neutered dogs there's nothing let reported some car it's the night it is are sort of wrap things up with our Mercedes-Benz drive of the week coach your favorite drive of the week. A. Well it's it's always good to get on the board for so. We're able to get to turn over on the first play on the on the read option. Kyle come penetrated in there and look like a miscommunication between the handoff and the keep them. And to be able to convert than a touchdown with them great play from Tom overall catcher on the goal line. Catcher rob stance after the sound bounces go display so. I was. Those are good drive we'll we'll put that woman for. Candidate practiced those is that Wednesday for what it did yes must be somewhere and I haven't seen violence that must be somewhere outside my side. Erica at after our drive of the week was brought you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers and numbers and the conversation with a coach brought you by Putnam Investments Putnam investments in new wingman patriots prop partner's committed to an act. Active game plan. On the field. And off. One down fifteen to go good luck next week down to Jacksonville coach partnership until another go wrist infected. Bill Belichick right here on OMF. And that guaranteed lowest price and counting offers more free services than any other tire dealer for the best prices on tires nobody. Fair tire nobody now. And 48. On Sports Radio go. I'm back here knowing that we. A lot of down here Gillette Stadium was patriots Monday in our conversation with Bill Belichick let's go back to something he talked about his. They're talking about and a lot of around the league that certainly talking about it. In Houston because of bill O'Brien is to come off like he. For not calling a timeout Conner away how you guys felt about this I was under the assumption and I'm looking at online now and and there are numerous people that have written about the process of the National Football League adds. When you are challenging a play under two minutes supply. And everybody keeps on writing it comes directly out of the New York office now over rawness to warn the controls that there. We'll bills had somebody here. Is in control of that for this game know every every state every game has a guy not just are just one guy no I don't know the point of making everybody has a an individual there's a person who was here yesterday I can give you guys out. It's Luna is ever. He was the official output in the box Tyson. Don't say they've batted out of my argument is glad I'm in glowing blue. You can only address their. So he was the one that should have been able to call down to them and say children apparently elected not to do so parents of this guy. Can make a decision that it's challenge people and in New York a look at right nobody hears we've all gotten all of the candidates they'll just needs to stop that's it. That's all these new just like. That the concussion protocol. Just like those guys you have you know a guy atmosphere that's watching to make sure if somebody gets dangerous on like that they don't stay in the game if they get their wobbly. And the rest just happen not to see it. There's another set eyes up in the stands watching him. Protect him from so here's the question I would have Kirsten did this lunar Zorro. Decide because we're all we all believe it was a catch that Bill Belichick just said he thought it was a catch specially with the specifics now of the new rule. Okay where you do not to survive with the grounds of the ball can't be exposed on the ground. And it's still is a catch Mickey alone is Arab simply said that's sketch. Or eleven on what I call our enjoy our Jill no or flat out missed it or slowed up about that even I don't think he can make a mistake we're talking about Riley McCarron. You know make it a mistake I can easily see this guy maybe didn't have the right ankle. Furcal credit the patriots credit that that offense Josh McDaniels. For haven't you done the right awareness to say you know what let's get a dude in a hurry. No flags no penalties. The situation was perfect execution was right on cue. It doesn't matter about not deceive Sutley newspapers are shot putt section I do know to let. It reportedly run do you remember who played on Rex can I think granite I think reseller was. In do you think handoff do you in my colleague and how would they do that but you have as your running to lie it's just like her as it's like a two minute run play it's. Whatever Ozzie Ozzie a camera zebra whatever it's an off tackle play yet or run he'll kill kill forget it we're gonna burn it down. He'll be second attack a second attempt but at least they'll give up the we just need I live or live or die another. But it was funny the way that you know Billiton. But it is explanation was we only used up what his side will Wheeling it one time left I do we really race until the ball. But in reality that was beyond that was the reason because if you one timeout left for stuff they had to go and at one time on game. But if you if you are worried about that you would run a play. You'd run down there and run play you wouldn't just root for a quick snap run. When we knew it one time I hit and run the ball and you don't mean. The Danny called timeout after the Berkett. Run for that final decision yeah yeah yeah Findley was o'clock yet let's get the feeling he wanted to answer the question. With Hughes side is that because she did not want to get involved like Mozilla write a list title while we so quick to the ball is it lowered to interrupt. But it he ran the ball well pack. And then you call timeout at eight. And you don't you don't you don't wanna so unloaded until the Illini can easily understand how gala billed Bryant that's right it's not some just chuckled noting. That is not bright note that it doesn't does hasn't been in these situations. Because they're really good Smart code is her and you know I think I can you but but at same time. There's a guy and that in and out in the boot watching specifically for this reason yeah I would say in a close game like this under its like two minutes. You're on the road. You know you know what I doubt I'll just press the button. Just press if they don't stop it stop play blow the whistle we need to look at that because I really get a good look at it. It happened really quick and by update these patriots and Brady the life so damn quick is that with a shake a ball you know. Where are all off on the south I think we are sorry I'm sure there are. I think we all agree that would have held up as a catch yes it's just didn't win the patriots are on their 41. You know in April 20 yards to you looked 31. That's a game changing play this a minute to go 42 seconds or whatever was 45 seconds. That's it that's that's the game changed into the half all right that's a thirty yard pass in the mill the field then. You get three timeouts left and there's like 45 seconds ago. Would you care about burning one of them it's 45 so. I know I add this yeah okay what do you think wait a thirty yard gains potentially even auto that you what do it's worth it. It's worth it at that point time in the game to chance to take that risk regardless of what you think you know Brady and Josh are gonna have more time to design a play. You also have enough time to design defects may be emitted from back in May maybe as such and who knows maybe they're not all or because Davey Bonnie it's like Trent brown. Our one of these reader gets through it tier one relegated to later in the game against. Sacked Mason and enters. So I a bit of rides gonna get beat up for a because they know they had a time out they'd recognize the reporters recognize that. He had a way even even with that said he had a way to stop the clock and he did he. Use so the way the Bill Belichick described it is even though we have the people over broad and others in New York. Watching a zillion. TVs like they're the Buffalo Wild Wings OK there's it and I think. I I know him that. I get it. Think in Vegas should go to Vegas Nevada plus they brought to you watching your game every search screaming you like life neatly past and you realize that just ticked off him. To return for touchdown lick the screen layover there you know that's setting like what do Macdill. I'll see it's either that or just the opposite where. It's like a regular site where you know one guy has his hand on a book on the button invites got headphones on all real quiet all here's Pete. We've edit it and need it it's unique quite easily use you know you you know you presses but a green light goes on and they rush you a Levy what do you need separate does that present at all. Either way that they guided boosted bailed should have been able to bail. O'Brien now while that took no Stalinist go to the process is that here at the stadium that somebody upstairs in this case it was so bluenose sorrow. He's the one dead lets New York now we got a problem here you know and at that point. They stopped the game but they didn't do itself the question I think we all have is this Hazara done well. And didn't man did he think it was a catch. Or did he screw up they just too much done Gillis makes you really do Smart and Amanda playoff I like fifteen seconds remaining. I don't either don't know or not I don't know what happens quick he catches it everybody recognizes. I forgot to do with a code word is but whatever. You know hurt I don't know what it is but it's obvious code word alert everybody gets a line of scrimmage hurry up fast paced. And that is who's their bodies that your your call that run play or just kill it. You know what's the what's the what's the shape too in all the talk of vote you know whether O'Brien should call timeout it's just the pictures of Rob Gronkowski and we decked catch which I think would have been of catch this year under the new rule. The other catchy hadn't seemed to you don't even the fumble you know yeah I'm sure you elect to secure the ball better but the first touchdown. We haven't seen much ground we heard how he feels great. You you know that this team we said coming into lucid you shut down Rob Gronkowski. There were times when they try to just didn't matter. But that he is such a beast such a weapon. You know it's not so simple to just say double 87 and we could figure this thing out so it's not I mean. Ian Ian Brady here insisted that there is the same page that that touchdown pass. Was accused comfort and it just didn't matter he just knew we had to throw well. But even that's the amazing thing about it even the catch though McGraw and post game. Post game was talking about. You know you know as a receiver route as as a receiver whether your opener or not he's got two guys hanging all over on. It got its obvious and he talked on the post game they act I did you know what he was doing didn't. Know. You know I was advice to guys on me and I saw the ball in the first and it was time thinking her. When that Paul isn't there I had like a guy grabbing me because like I just got gulf war can't let can't let them it. Can't let them make a planet's just went up for it may be catching up. I didn't make the catch on the problem to the ground I mean I had a stable than my hand so it was definitely kept retirement line really quick just make sure got. At the playoff. Which was niacin. Love. Heard there president but as a wide receiver ever had a ball in question a catch in question it's ever since I didn't catch it. Who club drugs like to catch as they left my hand a clinical and its people but he is such. It's it was just out there for everybody to see that's that's why not these that's why he's got a legitimate. Argument yes is also players talked about he's get paid to sit tight end when he really should get paid the same went out wide receivers. And because he is that big weapon so you go and yesterday's game where we talk about for the last few weeks receivers receivers receivers now you take Julian element of the first four games. Wool we look at I don't know if this is the worst receiving corps Tom Brady is sad but it's one of the week as Steve said maybe owes it to maybe thirteen we're all of that. Everything is on the line now for Rob Gronkowski to go out there because all it's gonna be is double 87 double 87 that's what you gonna do any upon its gonna do that. And that comes out of that game and has. That type of production. That's pretty amazed retarded eight times I think it's just that a yes and pretty they build or set 7% of yeah. But he has done that seem and they throw the ball up high and I don't care who's defending him gridlock. And you know what you can hear them after that doesn't make a difference. Well I wouldn't go that far I mean it's always a really special that ball hit the ball down goes negative punch loosely following the last time we fumbled with like five years ago it's great. I'm really quick but he's gonna happen actually clump that's what they don't know any nearly as its general Ramsey and I didn't go to bed unaware. Abort the wide receiving group you know me I'm just concerned did you do that there's you sort about the watch you go about your week one. In not in a week five veteran comes back and everybody's healthy. You judge where both dealt that way but injury and Bob and doing what everybody gets injured so it's against the good secondary and actually can be a big challenge that's a challenge or even military that is filling a role that we didn't know if anybody wants yeah so you can't you can't disregard seven targets seven catches. 66 yards you know I mean you look at when you look at recent gig James why it was not a guy we figure factor in nine targets for catches it seemed like they were in on that do syndicate. We got to take away white out of the backfield. You know and and they'll draw pick it tried just didn't work he's a beast. But Philip door said Scott elected sex factor with this offense right now. Now think it's Hogan and it's filled doorstep and right so if you take the seven were catches. Off of Dorset and you drop them down to two or three suddenly a lot more dog on the on the shoulders. Of Rob Gronkowski. Quite six point 777 I 7937. Matthew Slater scrimmage artists and abet or find out a little bit about those special teams and more. And your phone calls at 6177797937. Oh and the staff we return no more of or way Merom Loney and Gloria on Sports Radio WEEI. I bet you're an old am halftime for a heart conversation with Matthew Slater so brought you by New England fat flash good to see you sir good to see. Nice win yesterday it's always good to get out of the gate nicely so let's talk a little bit about special teams. Where I'm sure when you look at film today things were not going so well night. Let's start with the the fumble on the on a punt return you can and knocked out of the way. And in that soccer what what happened what do you say to a young guy like that who. Has it knock off his face mask. Yes it's always it's a situation. Remember. My first game as a pro line it's a similar situation column you just try to. Continue to incursion. He's really done a great job for us all pre season. He's a guy that we love and our locker room. You only got to do a better job of trying to keep Gunner awful on it and making noise and have a clean kid so. You know male makes a draw on board and and nation to lead the we do a better job and the full Mosley. Is it seemed like he had the ball. Per second at a batter most did I mean it seemed like battles he took it away from them was that what happens. You know you nobody is the bottom the most miles. You know it. Doesn't really good job to get on the ball I couldn't really see it from my men's point because those. T Kalin over the top oranges I'd take. But you know. Yeah I don't know what have been the bond that Powell's tough to see on film he's just Tennessee is scrum for the ball in my coach always says it's about. You know the guy who comes out of the pilot the ball and we edited their zone Qaeda and. Speaking at the bottom of the pile yeah I'm sure you've been at the bottom of song for whatever reason tackles fumbles whatever you know each fight for. What's the what's the craziest thing you have done is try to get sold elect oh the football. I shouldn't be honest your god fearing man good father boots on but this is a different side of black lags. Another sneaky desperate situation got to get that ball back. Mandated there's been this and stuff they go on the long now Blount. Just give me yeah yeah yeah yeah it would look at look at him any differently. I don't pull some more days. Pulls them arms. Driven my forearm into the decent chance to and neck areas eerie he got to gather solid ball so. Staying above the bills both young and I'm always gonna be above the belt are to understand them for everyone now knows there's that was the one here well knows someone would let go all the Italy one area we would state if don't like you can. And there's always the guy out there in his London ask them always I'm not saying yeah I definitely have their be that guy I don't know why I've gone back. Think let us build the question was it was an execution or is the new kick off rules as far as spacing we're is that still an adjustment for you guys. Well you know that there's certainly no excuse for than I think you know we've got to do a better job Lou with our boys in our spacing in. You know how we see it return how we relate assume in regards to. In our responsibilities you got to play Barrow our hands enough blocks Nana. Be better against double teamed. And I think that the Alice's falls on us for that we didn't do good and I was out there yesterday. I think it was the first time. That we general whole group play together and and hopefully. We build from there certainly don't want though. South from Morrone SA so there was a lot of correction today and you know hopefully that's on the newly cleaned up this week. Bet you we know how it works down here if your fist round draft pick and you suddenly get an awful lot of playing time like to want Bentley got yesterday. Coaching staff loves your and they don't play you an awful lot Rob Ninkovich raves about this guy cause she's might be a little biased. The Purdue thing which you referred to him as Jerod Mayo today. He's Jerod Mayo. Itch. There's only want her on Mayo let's that's clear that a for the record but I think he he shows and trays are really remind you him drugs. Probably been the most influential teammate other hand on my life personally as a man as a player. I mean these are world in the bud he does some things are really reminding user that. He's getting unique ability Lee's got a unique ability to be himself in a locker roomful of you know established veterans and there really sticks out and you know he's he's been a camel he's been. Productive he's been consistent Shauna be in the same every day on how. To fill soul. You really appreciate those things in my anybody at this levels got phenomenal athletic ability or whatever can you know as a veteran when you see some of these young guys commence. Special right there that this something deeper. Than just his physical ability. He gets it he understands it. Certainly and it and I think those things a lot of times that you can't measure that come on us on the line that I think. They care drew demanding an end who he is and what drives them what makes him take. The intangibles that he has whether it's intelligence leadership. You name it those things tend to jump off of Asia early. And say you guys apart and as I said Iran was that way as a captain are saying here. And you definitely see some of those cared purchase with the abundantly. So with what Doris said he's getting a lot of attention because you know receivers new young guys old guys free agents regardless. Yet they come here and there's always this let's wait and see can they figured out well revealed adjust wolf will pop trusts them. Seems like what's with source that. A year is really done a lot of a lot of good. Gigi now you're paying attention obviously. Is there a moment in time and one of the practices we said well maybe went one media wasn't there during the summer we set up he's got it I can tell. I think for me dislodge him during the offseason. Yee the offseason was sold a friend in. The way he prepared himself. That consistency. Was she wore to each and every day. It really. It really jumped off the page in that. I think dad builds confidence in you know the quarterbacks on the mauled whom those confidence and a coach is that. Announcing the rest of us as a team fell. It's really great to see Philip. He's really worked his butt off. To get two ways it now. You know you've been in this thing long time I'm sure you've seen it before I think in rapport heading in a phone network that Jeremy hill torn ACL. And I mean he comes in the camp he's got to fight for this position he wins their jobs on special teams he blocks that part I mean that's. Every year you go to see some like this we Archos Africa management team. Is crushing. You know how martz can guys put into this the sacrifices required. Not only from the sells them from the their families. The physical toil in the middle pull that time. An ad that had been and it is truly devastating for us all and you really feel for Jeremy who's who's really came in here in in body and will he do Conan from a different program and Cincinnati coming here. It was really smooth transition and we're really thankful to have them. You are braced form there are a lot of rooms to support him whatever he measles and have his act can be transformed them and wish him nothing but the best form. I imagine Greg senior thanks guys actually is on the first play good luck down near Jacksonville Matthew Slater joining us all brought to you by New England fat loss. And that was the report Lou was reading that it does look like he is lost for the season with a an ACL. And so yeah. It's normal you look at. I'm looking at some of the transactions write down and guys hurt there's only one person. Did you go out there and get injured and then rise strongly that the red note here and no no no go beyond harrah's and I'll. He rose from the dead plus night on food I'm I'm watching Twitter. Then on I happen to be watching the Red Sox game at the time and then suddenly Twitter lights up Aaron Rodgers yeah. Aaron Rodgers did it won't know for I don't I don't he wasn't moving well at the end of that game looked like you start to stiffen up on him. But that that second half. Is is a filly is way the offense should be for Aaron Rodgers you know ready you know with a ball you don't it was in the second half. Tom Brady was get rid of the ball and Tom Brady and NFL I connect even before you get hurt you watch you watching throughout the years and Mickey's first looks never open. Secular never open and they went around like a fool. That makes a great pass but it's like that this first look is never open then all of a sudden second half that it is late to ball a little bit militant Qaeda and what it was bush. Look at the offense that that is guided. It is the ball quick Otis who sit there were talking to bill about it OK so you have a quarterback like Tom Watson. And what part of your valuation he say okay we're not gonna blitzes. We're gonna rush for guys you have an idea of the same that but you know they were reduced and twist on this side and whatever but you still brief four guys. So for the most part you should be able. To take care of it. You know for the most part right. But you don't blitz and so the same thing with Aaron Rodgers you don't put some. You let it sit back to government the last time the patriots played him. There's a couple plays he was he was active like fourteen seconds and I'm just pat the ball weighed. Wheaton the slain bodies from what I'm still when you look at these guys just not getting open. But again to a terrible bill and then you know I think most mobile quarterbacks you know they don't get pressure on but the reason why Asia don't give pressures just the other day to spring for. The difference in this game was at the the four that they brought dot pressure. I know the used to line was was slow would beat up no question about it but. You know they still didn't blitz a guy like Watson didn't have to blitz a guy like walks in the usually don't against these guys that move well. Because then after they just had four adults and teenagers they're put some what twelve hits three sacks. I mean that that was that was nice I don't care how much they're used to line was beat up by it was still nice to see. So I thought he was. He was Tom Brady units and after they gave me yeah frustrated with mobility through a twelve by twelve square you know that's what he did. And he didn't have to go outside the pocket and you're right Lou we unload the ball away Brady would fumbled the ball. And he found guys and let's face it they're they're playing debaters. It's so we have noticed you caught that game winner was right you can put as good as as. Clearly Matt was in the first half moon a huge dog tired of the condition he got to have a second at bat affect. He kind of backed off when he had an app to get Rogers on that on the game winner. He backed off and then he actually chased gob down down the field and and and never got to but supportive it was the bears what. I he's an eight it's funny it's so when when Rodgers got hurt of it out here you go again you know they keep pushing Roger's to replace Brady and he gets hurt again get a little logo well the wait till next is that he he is the only Danica Patrick in the I mean Hollywood you wouldn't speak to so zealous actions Erin Brady got hurt remembered Jessica Simpson looked there for all morning rolls on moral or Romo always grown adult. Will did down now. Now president agers thing though that people on line. Either love Tony Romo or he Tony Romo does not like in between there's no is good but in all sometimes touch a little too much or there's none of that. Okay you're still love him or hate him it's like. Just Mendoza last night. Talked about does not advance seat at Fenway stadium orange scroll to the stadium effect and they were little antsy not a bad seat I saw growth of 151000. Seats and everybody said last night of DC he knew that Sanaa but Iran announced the Red Sox are gonna go only as far as report self Aaron that without this zero it it was stupid I only as far as written or sellout the game four starter and in many gets and jam is asses out. That guy what what was it was it just right after a entity like oh yeah. What happened was not on sex on the brain he was immortalized in his little bit with more war bore him resented that he was. It it it. But getting elected just Mendoza did you notice what happened beat some people were where were slamming what are you talking about you never shut. Since it's still so much fun just to walk around. Even early yesterday. Sent him four different seats around the park and do you think about what this team. Occasionally play a lot of romanticize it. As they're all out there and at the Red Sox bullpen. That's never that you seek all right field corner you you're not you know it's meant Lou you know OK you know just got her tightly well I don't -- article once you know just look on the other but guess what they need the PC police were very quick to say but she's a wonderful analyst does a great job. And they he's not taking on all they were quick to defend. If not tonight I don't like it when they do games because there's so ought to get it would start well it will keep batches up the play U2 for 22 doubles. And she's a keynote. We spent so much time talking to vote smoky back the other VP candidate is coming up in those exact vote his defense. And what he brings to a team defensively but I tell you offensively you know what I tell you. And they're chanting MVP I am at. We talk about his defense but it should be the conversation to be the other way around it shouldn't talk so much of a way does offensively. But its defense commitment in dollars we doesn't based passed she started with. We talk all the time but his defense which you know it's his offense that he was a cookies online. I don't think I would tell I would say this Lou by the biggest problem and you're right about A-Rod where he was coming up with with where cell be in the difference. What concerns me the most is that Ryan bridge year who apparently was the guy we were depending on the other than Craig Kimbrel. Yeah not so good these days a week and am I now port and all my faith and Bobby pointers now what I'm doing no I told you right to OG I ST I told you they had people and you. Basically you don't like this if you got a right idea they can take it eight hitting guy you know I mean no but bullet he's going to be a tell you what let me rates and acknowledge the bedecked. Fifth inning or sixth inning guy NC here's the ball. You keep pitching until I take you out. And maybe you hand the ball off it last night we do two scoreless. In the ball off the Kimbrel. He might beat that guy and heard people wedged debate over the weekend and you could only one on the roster and my real wanted to roster he's like. He he might be you know you might not liking but he might be the answer for you all for your team sixth. Seventh and evaluate where he is in the situation and yeah my hand the ball off to great gimbal. I simply we're talking about this and that at this level right now that that's what we're looking out but I think you're right borns her now what do. It innocent this 'cause I know and nobody was talking about much about the bullpen. This week they were talking about the swagger. Of the Houston Astros which right I would give to you date they committed here than not scared. That Abel a sooner. Is pretty damn good even though seems to be a miserable human being in the other guy what's his name right Presley that they got to get him from Minnesota so right he's pretty good. They're pretty good but I'm more concerned about what you've got with his bullpen right now than a night which is this. Think we'll be talking about a five mile we're gonna finally figure it out it's honestly this is this is the only discussion that's worth anything don't pay the price I. Don't you Brian or Ryan debris your guess that was the theory browsed he told you that or patella. I got a great story. I still think racers it'd be an important piece. I felt like Friday night. Alex even though you're playing Houston was still in phone call experimental mode or not because when you got first and second in the seventh inning one out. Who has been the guy that cleans up every inning with guys on base who was well rested he tempered. Instead you would break here why. Because he knows abrasion and start cleaning now he wants to put him and other situations you want to put an exit. What's he like with guys on base and it didn't work out and Kelley didn't work out that was a frustrating on Friday night you guys with the old ball well. Look what we did and here now what's really they're pissed me off. It's now with this latest struggles whether it's you know it's note Alex old Dombrowski whoever they don't pin this on to Matt Barnes not been available. That that's what they get inside the on series and I'm in US so I don't you tell us again but it's gonna walk your bullpen struggled at a loss of med boards really gonna help with the loss of Matt Barnes guy's got a 93 ERA in the last nine dollar a month Saul. And negative pitted on that while the sale now you have an elegant and noble has little thin and that's why however some issues there a little excuse like I'll begin with the considered it was the reason they deserve and I never was and balloon like that. I agree with you it right from the get go and we've been talking about this now for four or five months. They did not have that type of depth in the ball below the restaurants struggled their bullpen what they do they get Presley you know sooner sack the Indians weakest link most of open it would have been hand. Now the Yankees opens load that went to Britain. You know it's a self valuation problem they think these guys are really good guys have been inconsistent now selected data showed up here at the globalization. All of a sudden I could just flip the switch should be consistent and be good come playoff time mark my words it's not gonna be any upon. None of these guys every it's also good it's gonna be Stephen Wright indicative vaulting and Craig Kimbrel. That's gonna be you are leveraged bald guy at the same first of all united as soon from Toronto anywhere they're not gonna have to deal him within the division acceptable if you do low. We would have had a month and a half two months of shows about getting him out he it would change the name back yucky ways threats abstractions. It says 7777937. Right here and Elena.