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Sunday, August 6th

Red Sox Review with Tom Giles following the Red Sox 6-3 victory over the White Sox


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Not Boston Red Sox are playing here. Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FM and HD one Lawrence Block's. Now the WEEI trending now. I was up some towels here here's what's trending now on WE IWEI. Dot com Red Sox get a 63 win over the Chicago White Sox there's six. Straight victory and a four game sweep. Over the White Sox says it was Chris Young with two home runs in the ball game this afternoon. He drove in five runs in all Eduardo Nunez also with a home run for the Red Sox his fourth and nineteen since joining the team. And Doug Fister picking up his second win of the week on the mound as Craig Kimbrel. Notches his 47 save of the season the Red Sox maintaining a three game lead over the Yankees who also won. This afternoon the Oakland Athletics are traded all star first baseman Yonder Alonso to the Seattle Mariners. For minor league outfielder. Put Powell in the NFL the Miami Dolphins have former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler agreed to a one year deal on Sunday sources telling you spends at a chapter. I wondered deals were ten million dollars plus up to three million dollars in incentives. Signing comes falling writes in L suffering a knee injury in practice late last week the same knee. In which he suffered a torn ACL last season in Atlanta Falcons quarterback jailing Collins. Indeed a ten game suspension for violating the league's PED. Violations side Tom Brady also told Mike recent ESPN Boston that Robert Kraft in the patriots have presented his mother when he Super Bowl ring. Phelan who underwent cancer treatments during the season completed her cancer treatments in June. Whether right now partly cloudy 77 degrees. Low of 63 tonight I'm Tom Giles that's was trending now. BC news Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I had a bad. Each. The Red Sox review written suction review was. You my town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody peace town fair tire nobody to do. Yeah I don't wanna drive that I have gone if there doubt Obama. Yeah. Ted Williams who. To win the fifth place it in the hot ball Chris Dodd will be six. Yeah ARP guys that did nothing Red Sox. It's a recap of the Red Sox and the White Sox fell three delivers its. You don't want to drive doesn't have to win that state fair and not go. Torre thing. Okay. It's a long. Three run homers are extremely excited about it there for Chris Young to remember is it normal. Dial 6177797937. You know 100 tickets on line drive on one not. Down my whole picture scrambled. I'm more fly ball. It sounds like it takes them through. Red Sox rebuke on Sports Radio WEEI. I what's up on Tom Giles this is Red Sox review Sox coming off the 631 over the White Sox in what six or morale. Doug Fister gets the W on amounting Chris Young hero at the plate with a couple home runs five RBIs in the ball game. Certainly played eighty getting to. As far as on his swing goes for the Red Sox and will be taking your phone calls all the way up until 7 o'clock six or 77797937. Wally in Fall River. Your first up Wally would you think the win today. If you look at this team right now we seem to a distance ourselves a little. From the David Price yes I'm industries really focused doubt they give our credit we gently and Atlanta because. Nokia today up towards inclusion in the dike it's two bombs. But you have to give also credit now I mean a lot of retention and I'm and we get a lot of contributions. From the little guys you indexes. It's excellent that I. Yeah it does and that's just day you know a lot of people talk about how there's no thump in the model this lineup but they are getting contributions from everybody. And die out and own sort of think that maybe that's that's you're able to make up for the fact that you don't have that big bad middle of the lineup. But I do. Does this famous husband got there really focus by cases we've got a lot of Osceola and these lead this team looks like it's it's. No geared up not to go on a stretch for awhile. Yeah they don't want they sort of folk all the fun to watch the teams this team's becoming fun to watch and a lot of people wanted to dismiss. Maybe the value of these last four wins because it was the White Sox in the White Sox honestly. Aren't terrible at this point. But they have won 41 games in its ought to go out there indeed you still have to compete and come up with the victories in -- they got the job done Tim's in Lowell Tim you're on Red Sox review what you get. Little boys played a heck you know like tickle I don't know yes there's not big topic. But he's giving his team a big topic type list over the last week. And he has done some put normal clutch hitting he seemed to be. Partly that gives sports sunny attitude of this team I wanna see this guy's stick around he's not going to be picked up in the long run I'd like this here's the Iraq I don't know exactly what position the play. I do know this go I'm not a patriot is in the ball bats but they keep them very overrated player. It at bats he's an average shot stopped by the reduction below average and right now this swing. This apartment batters as you can pass. He sees in it and I just. Not that I'm just daughters pull mortgaged future being a style like gumption what a lot of people are right I actually. Think it would be a good idea that not look at trading in the realism not. But I watching known as stick around at. They got to put some whale. I just don't know where they eat better unbelievable plot but it looks on as team. They've got to find a way to keep. All right and I appreciate the cult and they so much as far as Bogart's goes. I agree that his swing doesn't look like what it did last year even earlier this year and I think I honestly think it's due to injury to some regard because. It was right around that you know Tampa Bay what he had hidden hands and you look daddies but this guy is probably going to be out for. You know a pretty good stretch here but instead he was back within two days. I. If Dorsey defensively he's average may be but ostensibly mean the guy's won a silver slugger the last two years 2015 hit three wanting. Last year it to a 94 with 41 homers 89 RBIs the power hasn't been there this year and I he's right at 280 right now. But this is also a guy who's not. He's not going to be free agents all 22 point so he carries a lot of values of this team based on the fact that he's Macon for a half million dollars this year. In value goes out in the open market and I guess it depends on what years coming off of what he's going to be making up route fifteen million dollars a year even based on what he's done this year and I know we also but. Stephen Mansfield who wants to talk buzzer Bogut Steve what's yet. Can I I'm not big on the edible America either and also his agent let's not forget it out for a room you each reside in the shoot out in nineteen. It's probably going to be hammered Jackie Bradley that exploit our goal with Jackie Bradley. Because Jackie Bradley are looking at the bottom of the lineup that kind of wouldn't be on the behind him to protect their IDs well that turned over a lot bigger what you saw. I do like Jackie Bradley junior towards the bottom of the order and died face of the phone calls these. Jacqui. Last year when he goes go through that hitting streaks if you're number eight when we get up to and if it's 49. It was it was in the upper twenties they're Jackie Bradley junior and he did most of that the bottom of the order which. Two things about that one. Sees. More likely to get one last at bat. And the guys at the top of the order so conventional wisdom would be if you wanna help this guy keep hitting streak alive you get in as many at bats as possible and move them up. A John Farrell maybe did a little bit there's towards the end of any street but. He seems like he's much more comfortable. In the bottom of the order if you're gonna hit Moochie bats and lead off. Then to need you need to have somebody in front of him that can get on base the Jackie Bradley junior's about as streaky is anybody on this team. And if they can get in hitting and get him hitting in front of rookie that's the end I think that's gonna get moved he donors large and rookie had a day off today but. I I like him at the bottom of the order. Are we like Kevin in the car Teva what she got. Hi guys anyway I just wanted to say that I thought Doug Fister pitched really well today they scored those runs until she kits and when he started gonna get cheaper it's gonna look. Are bad but I lightly Lockett down afterwards and didn't let anything happen you know that's remarkably decent pitcher and I like the way to the lineup is hidden pages get on base and get on base and get on base. You know in the relentless yet and we missed that we missed Big Papi bat OK but I think what they're doing right now work and I just wanted to hear hear your thoughts on that except per day. I think so much yet and yet. Here's the thing till about the last couple games of the Red Sox in Farrell talked about it in his post game. Last night that this team is you know kind of been opportunistic in the way that they've scored runs. Today they had six runs on eight hits the White Sox actually out hit him today. I'm pretty sure they out at the Red Sox last night as well Matt enough for all went for boss and they did Chicago at eight hits last night Boston had just five. But they want that game portal once so. Lately they've been very opportunistic in part of that also is the home runs I mean it got multiple home runs now I think in five straight games. He didn't have that day at the beginning of the season this team was near the bottom of the big leagues. Bottom of Major League Baseball in home runs for the longest time. And done it lately. They've they've certainly changed that mean it's it's I think it helps played at Fenway Park you know for guys like Chris Young. But some you know to have multiple home runs over the last five and has helped in the three more today would Eduardo Nunez getting one in young to more so. Yet 88 they're getting contributions from all over. In that again is huge I think for this lineup. But it's also this Red Sox team being opportunistic in cashing in when we get a chance. Kind of shows you how valuable home runs really are you know he saw so many people being in the season says how all know they don't need to hit home runs to win they still leading the league in doubles but. When they hit home runs they win the big games. It dipped. They Dylan and they're also coming up with a walk off home runs right how many walked up on roster we have this week Christian Vasquez on Tuesday Mitch Moreland would another one on Friday so this team. It is coming up with side some very timely hitting and some some big thump till. Throughout the lot which is which is good job as in born. John you're on red site's review what you get. I'm gonna pop more write up. An eye on public awareness. So not power and more each stage of but he she ED kooky. And they are out alt pop a lot out at improbable. The plows will be mostly angle hit or scored due out. But Bob built for. Spine when I wanna you know spot. And it's trillion of these guys really in this lineup top to bottom outside of maybe move keep bats. Maybe Internet attendee once he gets little older are going to be guys are hitting 3040 home runs. In their mayors certainly has a capability he did it last year bite you you don't have the big bats in there and needs you are relying on. As you put it station to station baseball. Except were icon I just think it's different from station to station is how aggressive they've been on the base that's in nine. Some respects. Too aggressive this Red Sox team has been and we've seen him get thrown out. I think just about more than any other team in baseball whether be at home plate trying to go to third base and he died yet Chris Young. Getting thrown out trying to stretch that double into a triple on the throw home. On the RBI double he had. Which injured and attendees scored so he had lost and out there he also object ravaging gets not trying to steal second when you do have some pretty good speed. This is I think one of the fastest. Red Sox lineups as one of the better. Teams as far as trying to steal backs you know I mean you've got some pretty good speed out there so that certainly helps and I wouldn't call small balled yet to stop short on small ball because this team can't bonds. They beat camp on. We've seen that time and time again and boy are right date their ticket they're kind of a a team that's gonna chip away gadgets just that over the last week. There's been pop they've been in some home runs part of it's probably competition and some of the pitchers they're facing but studies have shown the ball to drive I'd shown the ability to drive the ball. Out of the ballpark which giant is a bit refreshing as well we've got Ruth is in the car rooster on red sex review what you have. I I would call good morning talk about Edouard note at one neat yeah yeah yeah Yankee I would always. Disappointed when they let out and got it done. Really well. I hope not want a. Yeah and I I don't know if they will Ruth broke Lexus mitigate he's been on the line. At this point what do you think's gonna come away with the dailies because we're here in a lot about how much the Yankees loaded up with trade deadline of the Red Sox are the underdogs what does it look like from your point of. Well I'm I'll get out there and cook looks to me like that I I'm going to be. I mean I grew up on the electronic about it oil. Coming technical. I think it's going to be out. I really. And I I tend to agree rated space of a tolerance. That. I think these will even out a little bit here in another a sizable to three game lead in the AL east the Yankees just won a couple games and you do have a big series coming up. This weekend between those two teams down in the Bronx. Her point about Eduardo Nunez. Let's and I even heard anyone. I've heard anyone. That's a fan of this Red Sox team. Say anything bad about Eduardo Nunez yet nothing. People understand that defensively he's. Not greats. That you know he serviceable defensively in the fact that he can place second third short corner outfield. His versatility is certainly applause. Well yak I look people are pointing out that he's been refreshing in May be he's kind of the answer they needed in the clubhouse it's not just what he's done on the field but. If he's get it done in the clubhouse at these part of the reason. That this team has turned things around and if he's injected some sort of energy. That's invaluable this point absolutely. He's been huge. Whether or not take him keep on for next year that. That I. I don't know that's kind of a wait and see approach right now daddy spent your ninth inning games he's only has been your lesson two weeks so. We saw a long way to go couple months. But it's. You know John Ferrell has talked about how we. Is get a need to keep Eduardo Nunez on the field when Dustin Pedroia comes back absolutely John yeah any realizes that. You're getting get Dustin Pedroia back this week looks like he's probably gonna begin to go Tuesday when he's eligible to come off the DL. And out Pedroia comes back. It could mean that you're seeing a rotation of off dates for everybody. Personally I I think that does enter Bogart's played a lot of games and I think he's. Played through some injuries and he could use a few days arrest so if you can get unions at shortstop I think that helps to air. If you get devers a day off every once and awhile that's not a bad thing either for the rookie because he's got a level lot fear after terrific Sar but he's going to level off that's just. It's a lot averages. In Nunez a level off as well little bit but right now you need you need him in the lineup because I think you provides more than just the numbers that you're seeing. Which are jumping off the page already. Losing Cape Cod and die I think you want to continue a conversation we started having last night regarding this Red Sox pitching staff as we had to depose season lowly what's got. How you do wonder. You know my my question is and you know my opinion might be a little bit odd but you know. I think forget David strikes in on the policies and I think we're got to go to troop plumber reacts you know he's got the heart arm and arm. Totally glossing over Chris Sale but you know that's notwithstanding. It. You look at Doug Fister I think you can make an good point for himself to be a number three and then. You know with our. Grow without relief pitching now I think we're statute the pro C and I just want to get your thoughts on that. Yeah I Doug Fister to listen he's got two wins this week he did a nice job. And dye is certainly is come through when they've needed to guide to fill out the rest of the rotation but I also think that Doug Fister is is a stop gap here. He's Phil and avoid Korea appreciate the call Louis but I I don't see Doug Fister factoring into the post season rotation whatsoever. I mean. David Price we have no idea what he's coming back. But if you had to pick between the two you're going David Price every single time and I agree that operates his pace his way into the rotation again we get two months before. Any decisions have to be made and a lot of games SP one before the Red Sox even have to worry about it. But I could see Palmer raids over at water Rodriguez Rodriguez has pitched pretty well. And then it's cut it just depends on what you do with reports so you know how does he finance editor your top four as far as the post season rotation goes. Trying to figure out who it's going to be Doug Fister is going go he's been solid he's got a job on his last two times out. But. That's exactly what they just need him to do. And I'll give I'm gonna have to be to die in this situation rice say Nielsen data today against the Chicago White Sox in this line up really doesn't do anything to strike any fearing Tia. What's more your phone calls coming up 6177797937. It's Red Sox view on Tom Giles got micro now finally glasses while and now we take your calls all the way up. Until 7 o'clock quick break right back. It's okay. Holiday every day. Some always. My benefit from. Olympics. I didn't feel great yesterday so. Together. That was Chris Young. Who led the Red Sox to a 63 win today over the White Sox it's solo home run RBI double and then a three run home run of the game was tied at three. For Chris Young this afternoon. Got the start the four spot hitting cleanup. Played right field is John Ferrell was able to give rookie bets a day off in the Red Sox didn't miss a beat with Chris young and there. You gotta love that when you've got a bench and he got guys who can just plug in and they produce. Employing may end to the cleanup spot. And they produce. So Chris Young gets it done today and that's it seems like it's been a different guy. Throughout during this this past week Eduardo Nunez has been pretty much a constant. Yet another home run today but otherwise he had a number different guys who have all contributed to this six game winning streak in the Red Sox keep and that three game lead over the Yankees. In the AL east this is Red Sox reveal. On some Giles taking up until 7 o'clock and taking your phone calls as well at 6177797937. We got Alex in South Hadley. Alex Jon writes us a view what she got. Alex out on man you know you're. Not too bad how are you doing what yet. Good I just want sorry about Dustin Pedroia and then I really think. I would like to see him pick opted. Out macabre game as as a leader and ordered him. I I I guess they do what what you want him to do differently. You know I'd year. I think. I wanna see him pick up his leadership a lot better. Then what he had before bomb. You know demand Metropolit issue. Com I idea I think. I think this team could really. You know get more behind him. All right Ed appreciate the call Alex. There is also about Dustin Pedroia. He carried them through July. Nicky is close to leading the majors in RBIs in July. And he had the the knee issues who has been on the ten day DL. But he's not your raw rise. You know. Type a leader in the clubhouse so we had a David Ortiz over the last fourteen years to guide you knew his youngest step up and say something that situation. From everyone I've talked to that's spent it's not a time that clubhouse I spent some time there myself he he's got. That kind of guy so epic and a leader and it's. Analysts say. He's a lead by example type guy and what better way to lead by sampled any did in July. When he was basically the only guy and this team that was hitting when they were really struggling through the dog days of some. Got to get him back this week. And died at that's a guy you want to line up because he goes out there any bosses ass every single time he's on the field. I mean he is EU always going to be diving all over the place. Giving you maximum effort every single time but he's on the field and you want him out there. As far as leadership goes in and if he's not gonna change at this point site and it changed Shui is. Self. I don't think he's. His role is about their lead by example and and he's done a pretty good job of that at times if you wanna go back to the minute which auto accident that. Yeah I didn't I didn't like that either but I feel like we're past that now and I feel like this team is past that. And as you pointed out an epic and Eduardo Nunez is also somebody that. You're looking yet is could be a voice in that clubhouse. And realize vetted ten days but it is someone I can inject some energy in that sort of way then. And then it was a great trade by Dave to browse and he's made some good ones that never wants to point out the balances in Travis Shaw. But I think that the Eduardo Nunez Rauf failed devers. What they've been able to combine to do over the last couple weeks is certainly soften the blow on what Travis John's doing in Milwaukee right now. And the fact that he's able again as in reading hearing TV some bullpen help. There's also. Help you look past affected Tyler Thornburg is not going to be pitching for the Red Sox this season Auburn of course was the the piece that they treated for. In Milwaukee. Given up Travis Sean Murray's you'll do bond. He did get dry vacuum you're gonna have more depth there and I don't know it means for guys like brought colts. I figure holes probably sold gonna be around year these utility guy can plug him anywhere but. John Farrell's get. I am gonna be interested to see what he does to creatively. Keep these top bats in the lineup. Get Pedroia in the line up also have Nunez endeavors. And and also Zander Bogart's. And again and I'm. I'm kind of a fan of Clinton's inner voters have a couple days has displayed a lot of innings and I think you played a lot of those innings hurt over the last month. Sully do you look at this infield they've got some depth there and Jon Farrell's got some options that also means he's probably gonna have to be creative. In order to a move some guys rounding get the map bets. Getting back to Doug Fister by the way as well this. This is a guy that. You know looked. Absolutely. Done. In a pitched in that does Seattle extra inning Damon. Who weight came over the velocity just wasn't Ares cannon in the upper upper eighties low ninety's. By. Did a nice job on Monday just a good Cleveland team and got the job done today when they needed to do with David Price on the DL. And I think that's got to did this is what Doug Fister is so right he's. Legit volley ample more starts may be pitchers throughout the regular season may be. But. He's helping your right now so on the ballclub and that's pretty much liken it ask for from a guy that value and I'm just just grabbed and game shot we don't Blair remain in now Blair wants it's awesome Red Sox player on Red Sox view what's happening. Hey it happened much tape decks history in he finishes he did great today he's got the W at all in early count as a W right we got it. It was direct toxic gently guide has six game winning streak. And we come in with the blue jays and we make it happen conscience being ready. Yeah and us senate better. Yet they're coming up they get to the bay come up this rats I've seen dozens did then you know things yet. Pretty difficult you have by the Yankees coming up as well Blair thanks for the phone call but yet I agree good win today. This is a team that some. Yelled found. A part of the schedule. That they can take advantage of and they did with his four game set against the White Sox are probably team at a very good time. But to get a day off Monday. To against Tampa Bay get a day off Thursday. And then three in New York. Not not that we're looking past Tampa Bay because they've certainly had their struggles against the rays and the rays have a pretty good team down there as well. Yet Chris Sale and rip Marcelo going Tuesday Wednesday the Tampa Bay's got Austin broad on Tuesday Jake -- easy on Wednesday. Many have an off day before that very. Important three game set. Against the Yankees. To speak at Fister not really sure what we're gonna see him again it might not be until. The following Tuesday. I think right now it sets up with the days off they Alessio don't Tuesday and then probably coming back to pitch Sunday. Which means there's a good chance that you'll. You'll skip Doug Fister in net Yankee series when you're gonna have. You Roger Palmer Hanson and Chris Sale pitching in those three games against the Yankees who there are scheduled to counter with sub. I'm a Garcia Luis Severino CC sabathia and we severing has been really good lately. So Severino Palmer raids that's their pitching matchup on Saturday that series it's an idea. It's a big one for both teams I think it's a bigger one for the Yankees right now because obviously their trailing the Red Sox in the division but. This scene is got a tough five team. Road trip coming up. And then they've. America all over the place for the homestand with the make a game against the Indians couple games against colonels and in the Yankees again before traveling to Cleveland so tough. Stretch. Coming up this team which is why you gotta take advantage. Of a four game sweep against the Chicago White Sox. Johnson a guard John raw Red Sox review what you got. You know that pretty much sums it up you got the ball game sweep that you just knew that there have real or you got lucky accountable. Don't get all backed by principle laid looking Kyrie and then Litton. With Tampa Bay maybe take him on eye of the New York changed city. Don't take two steps back that the team needs epic world. To support. Look like on the head of the snake and seal the division as much you can in the next two weeks make our. It all possible summit of the matter what happened at the end of August but you've given it felt that much of a cushion now. Every game went out unless you gotta when laid up and that's gonna prompt the dusting capital that's what C. July I love the fire I love the energy and you're right. They've got it. But he did take care of business is that 3-D get the White Sox and yet these are huge gains got up against Tampa Bay new York and we have seen his team before you don't got to give one away here and there. In these types of series. But John bring in bring it on that one I love that. Yeah there's still two months left. So you do have to you know it it it feels like. Is starting to take control this division but again that's scheduled come up just off. And let's be fair to you know if you look at that schedule your thinking that's eagle 500 against those teams and that's new and. In William I don't know if you take that but. That's not what you what you're looking at just because look. When we get to first place teams playing each other. Like Cleveland's. It's you're gonna win after games. There's a reason their first place tip and there's a reason the White Sox are in last placing getting worse is because they stink and that's why went out and got the four game sweep. And that's why you know when people tell you know it's stored social include bosom group or you have to beat the White Sox have to take their business and they did that so. You know a big load of credit is to go on their director for at least doing that. I Marta phone calls coming up. It's a quick break its Red Sox or view a Tom Giles. I'm zodiac. You. About its breakfast you. You know just yeah. There isn't and that doesn't. You know I can take a backseat entertainment. I know is Doug Fister. Who took a bag it is and it's nice meal Tom Giles dug for us to get the job done for the Red Sox today's six and a third innings gave up three runs in the top of the seconds. But. It'd lights aren't basically just. Going nickel dime there would die kind of scrape together a few hits that's out ain't got those three runs off a Doug Fister but a pretty good outing for him. And again needs. As two wins during his six game winning streak he got a started against Cleveland on Monday. I think that was pretty unexpected. And even today. Somewhat unexpected. Soto what do we expect the next about the dark mystery guest is what you have to ask yourself and not exactly sure when that'll be a mean looking ahead to. What they have out there as potential. Pitching matchups against Fister Tuesday August 15 so that means gold. Push him back so they can get Chris Hill throwing Tuesday at Tampa Bay and then sail against Sunday. Against the Yankees were to be a big game obviously and on sale throwing in that series there's that would. The sisters Xbox rotation would be next Sunday against the Yankees with the Red Sox with two days off this week they're able to kind of move things around and deckers sale throwing. In stamping New York. But Doug Fister gets the job done look David Price. On the DL Johnson mosque he said today during the pregame show that. I can it sound like he he personally doesn't really expected price to be back before September. And when that injury happens. You know couple weeks ago. It sounded like it was just going to be a quick trip to the DL. Even though was the elbow and I was yelled they kept him out for you know a couple months coming out of spring training. Why had a late start this regular season. Price it sounds like skinny down for a little while Aziz posted on Friday didn't supposed to go on Saturday possibly here there's no updates Saturday and at this point doesn't seem like there is. An update on David Price which means you're gonna need a fifth starter Doug Fister. Get the job done right now David Price tries to recover in and get back to 100%. Particular phone calls it 6177797937. Gays and Peabody Danny you're up on rats are Serbia was going on. Good. Ideal man what's he got. Wounded in order to name. Was up. We didn't want it and aid or anyway. Okay date basis folk all armed. Sox again this 63 went and yet to give credit to Doug Fister in and his woes that Red Sox open as well is he had. Regularly get assays yet as in re coming in and seventh inning with. Around Iran gets out of that inning in an in the eight inning John Ferrell goes to our map barn sue. Had a perfect eighth inning so pitching wise everything kind of took shape for the Red Sox today and everything went according to plan and Chris Young also the reason that. They're able to go to that open and an ad that lead late in the ball game as they were up 63 is Chris Young drove in five runs with a couple of home runs. They're gonna get guys back again we get here in the urban areas at some point acted it's nice BO again some time here is you know with the oblique issue that kind of came up on Friday. The united that ball game in its moral and ended up going in again lock up home run. And then nom. You also had you know Dustin Pedroia coming back on Tuesday so there's some reinforcements coming. You've got depth and John Ferrell as sad daddy's gonna keep Eduardo Nunez who is the hottest hitter on this team he's going to. You know try to find a way to get Eduardo Nunez at bats and and try to find a way to get him as as a regular everyday play. How does that I'm not exactly sure does that mean that Rauf failed to Amber's. Plays you know maybe three out of boring and Nunez gets game at third Dustin Pedroia place three out of foreign. It is it's game at second in need do the same thing with Bogart's seat you Bogart's a few days off here so that. Eking out some time McKenna. Heal up because in my opinion it seems like he's been he's been deemed out since he got his hands. Against Tampa Bay now worries about a month ago and now he missed just two games. But to me hasn't quite looked the same since then. So Eddie do Zander Bogart's limited time often though Eduardo Nunez it short there. A tattered remains to be seen we're gonna find that out this week because now. As you headed to these games against division rivals in the rays are you know they got a went today a walk off home run from Steven Souza junior. So they got back on track. But there are still in playoff contention distillate gonna wildcard spots they need every team they can get you get the Yankees or chasing you as well. And the Yankees say look at the difference now between what it was. A few years ago when you only had one wildcard team. Is that the two wild card teams play one game and that's it. What team can be six games better than the other in the regular season but it comes down to one game and all that game play out. I I mean I like it. But not if 5 am but on the losing end well I don't title that it's or was this like. If the Yankees finish like five or six games better than the rays bowling game back to the Red Sox in the division. But and a plane there is. And it's probably not in Tampa Bay and polity. Kansas City or Seattle factoring into that to Seattle making a push now. It'll probably you know one of those teams but. Did you imagine being just one game out of first place in your division of being like somehow six games ahead and it's wild card team what you lose that wild card game. Ends and you're dot. It was it would seem that you know and I doubt that's how we're sighted solutions woman I daddy I'd get a but if I get to secede they like the Red Sox get to that one game wild card comes down to just one got one pitcher. And if the Red Sox he set it up so Chris sales on the mound. And alleys and Chris Sale but. If your team that doesn't have a horse like that. That's that's that's awful that's a tough matchup their posting their electric they are. Elimination games on it's it's just another elimination game. The wild berries SE give pretty tight in the American League with Seattle finally did they made a move today for Yonder Alonso. I try to be contenders here. I think just Felix Hernandez though just what the the disabled list not that he's been the feel it's a bold but directed their make it a push. So deep Larkin of the division is huge it is absolutely 100%. Giant it's bigger than ever before since they wanted a five. Team play enough about the fighting playoffs but since it was too wild cards. And that's why this series coming up against the Yankees. Is is massive and they've gotten I think three more series with the Yankees so far this this season remorse series of them over the final two months. New York print out a two and a half game lead over Kansas City who locks up the who's right now tied for that second wildcard spot with Tampa back. Did the Yankees gave. Maybe not a playoff series. One game playoff so if you did get them in a one game playoff which you wouldn't because split it if you if you where to put them in a one game playoff. If the Packers CL on the mound I'm I'm feeling good. But. Anybody else and yet it's off one that's that's going to be tough one game play out for New York. Carolina. Is seems a little streaky and air judge had another three run home run today Jacoby Ellsbury had a three run triple and l.'s Barry's basically their fourth outfielder at this point he's not even. Necessarily a starter. Already Yankee scare me you know one game playoff is their bullpen. I think great liberals of better closer right now that a role this Chatman. But outside of that. They've got. Delegates chances. David Robertson. It Tommy keenly. They've got arms in the apple open. Annie get eight it's it's like the Cleveland series last year. And that Cleveland series he got to the sixth inning and they go to Andrew Miller Cody Alan. And Terrence Austin have a chance against those guys. The bullpen is just so huge in the post season in the restaurants opens. Pretty good but when you match up with those TO. IDB AT's the advantage even though Kimbrel I think is. Edit of a better pitcher than. Almost administers been better closer. But that's one. That's when things start to tighten up in the post season when a match of the apple pies and that's why one game playoff for the Yankees it could be kind of scary. Just hope yet Chris Hill that day and he can jump on the Yankees. Starting pitching. I would take your phone calls a 6177797937. Its Red Sox review would get Chris in opt in. Chris Roberts interview it's up. Yeah you know we talk about the sock puppet you blow it dries up which is used to repeat the crap out of power. Last place team what you wanna deal. Exactly reconcile. That bishop Ryan I and I admitted that their dignity their business that's what they need to do. What are what are the West Coast last time. They were terrible. You know every time become peril just about whose job the guard pull it out. I got Ed I've I've heard that before and did you you can certainly Xeon that dies I I get that I get that this team has managed to kinda. Stop the skid at the right time and in turn things around the right time but there's going to be ebbs and flows in the regular season Chris I mean we're gonna have situations where you lose games and you win games. It's a long season or two spots to go to great I'm not criticizing. Disintegrate. Court compact it's a meeting from your seat per Troy it's only patter over 300. You know to make these were talking about this I mean don't countless numbers show is of interest picked up tick from a technical. Yeah you know it from Austin. I note from my home yet this guy the guy knows baseball personally I think pitching at 66%. 78%. Always predicted from a clinical all's well. Yeah I appreciate the phone congress and like yeah that's they're supposed to be the White Sox again temperature also beat the White Sox today when Doug Fister. Okay. Boris Doug Fister two months ago did anyone know he was in Major League Baseball I mean I think he wants. It they sign it's like a minor league deal. Right so you wanna gain. When Doug Fister on the mound today because David prices on the DL. Yes he did what you're supposed to do but you also. Did it with a guy who you know came over here and at acting before a start on Monday easy Ari was over seven. Your best player to you you're missing dating him Okie that's either a book that's is that lineup. And he got contributions from the guy who took his place right fielder Chris Young. Maybe you don't even when we do without Chris Young. Drove in five years six runs. Two home runs RBI double. Yes you are supposed to be the White Sox. But to say they're supposed to go out sweet bomb. You know protect parents fun you know after you're supposed to sweep anybody. That is a bad baseball team on the other side. But. If you don't get the job done emerges Kennedy senior complaining about how they blew an opportunity it's a bad team. Not say in their gold the World Series is this what the White Sox and saying. It took care of business and now they've got a tough stretch coming up and that's why it was important for them to take care business against White Sox. I take your phone calls it 6177797. ID 37 its Red Sox are viewed Tom Giles. Quick break we're right back.