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Boston Baseball
Sunday, August 6th

Hour 2 of Red Sox Review with Tom Giles following the Red Sox 6-3 victory over the White Sox. Tom touches on the Patriots, Hall of Fame, and the Celtics as well.


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About Boston Red Sox are playing here. Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FM and HD one Lawrence Block's. Now but WEEI trending now. I'm Tom Giles is was trying to now on WE Yang WEEI dot com rods by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody v.s felt very tired. Nobody Red Sox winners over the White Sox 63 felt like part today completing a four game sweep that's now six straight wins. Or John Farrell's team. It was Chris Young with two home runs and and RBIs double five RBIs at all for the Red Sox right fielder getting it done today Eduardo Nunez adding a solo home run as well. And it was Doug Fister with a win on the mound giving up three runs in six in the third innings as Craig Kimbrel picked up his 47 save the Red Sox maintained a three game lead over the Yankees in the AL east after the Yankees also want. This afternoon the Oakland a's traded all star first baseman Yonder Alonso to the Seattle Mariners for minor league outfielder. Put Powell and Al policy animal food aid is returned the big leagues with San Francisco alas they went one for three with a double and a run scored. Not point this afternoon with San Francisco in the NFL the Miami Dolphins and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler agreed to a one year deal. It's worth ten million dollars plus up to three million in incentives so the signing comes falling Bryant Jindal suffering a knee injury practiced late last week. The same knee in which he suffered a torn ACL last season so looks like ranked scandals can be facing the patriots. Twice this season. Tom Brady telling my crease of ESPN Boston that Robert Kraft and the patriots had presented his mother was a Super Bowl ring. Phelan who underwent cancer treatments during the season completed or is treatments in June. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Taylor college he started in Super Bowl 51 against the patriots. Has been suspended. Without pay for the first ten games of the 2017. Regular season for violating the NFL's policy. On performance enhancing drugs. For any now again brought to sites out there tire weather partly cloudy 77 right now the low 63 tonight. That's was from now until EI WEI dot com. BC news Sports Radio 93 point seven. EI FM and HD one glory Xbox. I not to review which brought you like I was very tired for the best prices on tires nobody keeps count for your time Joba. Don't go. Six. RBI. Happening right now he's a recap of Red Sox and the White Sox won't read the papers. Just. You don't want drive doesn't matter whether it's state fan and not know. The point that. Okay. Along. Three run homer to sit still and it's not a lot of different twist beyond two offers that doubled he's not he's fine. Dial 617779790. Seven yeah. No one right takes a line drive on one not knocked down by a picture about Graham. So I went I think that. Red Sox reviewed on a Sports Radio WEEI. All about threats nicer view six was 77797937. I'm Tom Giles are taking up until 7 o'clock. The Sox coming up at 63 win over the Chicago White Sox and let's talk about his bullpen a little bit because. It through fourteen innings in this series did not about the single run. And brought it brought it up buddy couple segments ago last hour some time. Looking at the Red Sox bullpen how it matches up with a team like the Yankees bullpen if you're looking at a post season series. Red Sox have the best ERA they're open as a best ERA in baseball I get back. And they did a great job in the first half of the season. I just look at it and say. I think they probably over achieved in the first half of the season. And their pitching while right now. Just wonder. If they can keep that up to the final two months of the regular season. And if they can match up with guys like delegates it's it's David Robertson Tommy came. As a as walls are all this chatter in New York I think and even forgetting again it got so many over there. But crate Chevrolet Timmy has been the best closer. He's the best closer in baseball right now and he's been lights out he's been dominant. They've opened it today but his stuff is like Ashley fill the recently. And ads and read John Ferrell using him. And I leverage situations not just saying you're the setup guide the eighth inning guy here's the guy we're gonna bring in what are we need to get outs. When ring in a tight situation I would call today tight situation but seventh inning get a runner on base. When one Alan adds intrigue comes any gets the final two outs idiotic. At that point as a sixer ball game and any of that bar certainly ate that. This open has been fantastic in pass. There ERA for the season to wait nine. So they bingo it. But some. You know curious to see if that to hold up and a he also got a good start from Doug Fister today. Six and a third given up the three or Ron Cink Chris Young at the play it was just. That's exactly. What she needed on a day when he did a motif that's the day off. Who do you plug in right field Chris yup what does he do home run of the first RBI double I think in the third and then the three run home run in the fifth. Drives in five runs Korea five years six fronts. So the Sox would. Six straight wins and now a three game lead over the Yankees in the AL east intake or call 61777979237. John Ferrell. With his thoughts after the game let's go I had not. TD John Farrell's post game comments those are. Our replace I think anytime getting guys don't on the mound every fifth day and pitching is effectively is true his little runs allowed. I thought tonight he had a very good curveball and the wave ask you blocked numerous curb balls he threw that pitch with a lot of confidence. He was it'll put away a number hitters with it get back in counts. A couple times what's human 22 outs couple men on base he was able to make a potential quarterfinal optional. He's he's thrown ball extremely well he feels good physically. NN another quality start and as part. Generally hasn't played over the last five games in the streak is this about as much momentum and as you think this team has had all year. We're doing a lot of things inside the game you eat you look at a couple of defense of plays and he makes one right field any throws a nice strike to second base of Brock. Stayed with the play at third to record the out. So the momentum comes from the way we've executed late bogon or or in the later innings so last night was a prime example may eleventh inning. I tonight note a couple of key plays so. You you know we get a couple of big swings early on a couple of two run homers but and after that point it was it was spending so. The other some momentum I think there's a lot of confidence. Our on both sides of the baseball right now. Was Sander has it been a noticeable difference with his swing since he's come back after the union south you don't he's he's. More than anything. He he's not missing pitches that are employing I think prior to taking a couple of days down when he gets his prints she was found some. Some of the pitches he typically squares up in his column back. That's probably been the biggest thing I use my whole field once against in the battlefield he gets it. You know nice going on a ball out front for the two run homer to get us going in and retake the lead. Books. Yeah. Couple days give them a little breather but you don't use to make an impact of impact on baseball or no. CNET and this is going to be the team blood. Went up and begin to repeat that tuna cannery. Talk about the team's identity before the game was and this was going to be beating them blood and Judah with a home run ball flew it over the past like fidelity got 1450. This the fourth straight game with multiple. To think and they're all in have been pretty good spot to just talk about kind of tired of this. Just that he you know we've beaten the timeliness has been you know in this in this stretch has been. It'll you last night in early game against clean or rescue it's a Big Three run homer. Is so you don't know when they do come. You know they're they're always a boost to. But suit I don't know that we can script that when they do come about output to. I think Mitch more Owens were sort resurgence you know in the bottom third of the order has really going to lie about what. Power with the impact Jacqui obviously tonight once again. But we've had a number of things says the calendars turn we've got a few things turn offensively as well. I says John failed policy as that was last night's press conference from John Farrell talking about the win that they had over the White Sox as a again elbows another went it was again when I was a winner which drew Palmer has put out their game equality stars Jon talked project rather Jeter had two run home run and prevent any two run home run as well. Suds and Allen six overall. And die complete the four game sweep of the white socks off day Monday two games at Tampa Bay got Chris CL pitching Tuesday. Yacht Rick or sell go on Wednesday sell. There's there's too weird to your guys sale has been a stolid. The offense helped him out in his starts on this past Tuesday in which Cleveland got to a little bit. CPU bounced back acting at the bank. And that's Etsy opt is yet an update Thursday in three games at Yankee Stadium this weekend so big week coming up this Red Sox team. That dumb. You know still maintains a three game lead over the New York Yankees. Repair business but as I mentioned a scheduled just gets it gets difficult. As this month goes along here in August much yet to attempt a three New York. Many yet. Three more at home against New York for four Cleveland a bloody games mixed in their plight. Six games coming up with the Yankees five games coming up with the Indians. Comedians. To me. Our our turn the corners well. They lost and hated yankees but eight they're playing pretty good baseball their pitching is coming around in the get back healthy at the plate as well. I think we get John Ferrell now from today does that today's John Farrell. And Aaron out top world we're getting its. Played not messing. You know whose citizens Eduardo come here he's been part of that. Surge sort of speak about today a big day for Chris Young obviously. Knew you had some decent performance against Paul Freeman and it showed up again. I'm here today. But it's there I think more than anything we win we talked about. It's getting back on track he's been in the mix here with with a home runs is also. And we're pretty good place right now and in the you know I think it's pretty apparent when we do have a couple of weeks out of the game it's it's pretty astounding. When you look at the win loss. Particularly the whether our pitchers have thrown a baseball. No I. Didn't know that I can't say that there's been anything that's been wholesale. Changed with. And you don't pitches we're looking for we've gotten some good counts. But you know or drive and a baseball more frequency. But Chris young and being in there today that turned out I worked out. You go by me again what Milwaukee's needs were I and then we started with a lot of together and you see we're curses had decent success come into today's game against Pelfrey. I and it held true to form. You know they intensely welcome I want Benny begin Truman that ends up being you know on the swing. Of the game the three run homer that just stayed fair. But it was more bouts that combination of factors that history between the two and looking in the day off. And it's done Nunez is always gonna go there but. Which is this homestand like this is particularly good part for him to hit and in terms of the story hits the ball where in the bill I think for right handers that you don't have a tendency to all the baseball this is a good ball ballpark went. You know he's coming here be it you don't what looks a lot of success among score position. He's got a lot of hard contacted to certain types of pitches. Put so you know off the bat and they ought to know the ball's gonna get out here because of the wind blown look like it was knocking balls down that were headed towards left field but. Still and don't. At least from what we've seen in the time in the in the week that he's been here ten days has been here. Oh yeah his ring plays reformist ballpark. I'm not an expert by any means but it's Christmas we. No there there might be some subtle differences. And whether that was too. You don't a conscious effort on his part that I can't say I thought I think he's always had tremendous bastard who's only been a very good fastball hitter. Notoriously been very good against left handed pitching. That's somewhat reverse is your where's channel right handers with a greater success rate. I'm so whether it's. Are you say that a conscious ever on his part our I can't say that is to attack right handers and and a different way. But as he has gone back into the Sarah Lane actually type of breaking ball. He can keep his hands back as we saw him on the you know on the final swing against golf remain at your home. I suppose John Farrell from this afternoon's game. Some good commissary about Chris Young in his ability to doctor for the Red Sox in this one drive in five of the six runs in also. Able to give rookie bets a day off Mickey Betts gets essentially you know to back to back days off here resides Red Sox were an off day on Monday. And it's nice when he didn't. Take take him out of a lineup and put in a guy like Chris Young who can play right field in hate clean all for you any literally cleaned up. But as Red Sox team and got Doug Fister is second win of the week. The Sox went 63 I'd like the way John Farrell he's the bullpen today by bringing in Addison reed. In the seventh inning with a runner aboard. When his team up by three runs. Anyway it's an app bars in the eighth we have seen joke tell joke Kelly activated from the disabled list so still interested. To see oh look at a Joseph Kelly were gonna get we come back and the other thing that's interesting about that is that if Joseph Kelly pitches in one of the next two games. They'll be in Tampa Bay which is where he was the last time he pitched. And believed the Sunday before the all star break. Els the last game Joseph Kelly pitched in which he gave up that go ahead home run to Brad Miller. And before that he had been absolutely lights out. He gave up pickle at home run to Brad Miller and we sound on the disabled list died shortly thereafter. But I thought maybe you'd want to try to mix him in one of these two games. Just get his legs underneath thumb and back at Fenway Park. But. Joseph Kelly pitches and Tuesday it was his game lead right back to drop where. But we're always on the last time that he was on the mount on what your thoughts on loud Jon Farrell's the so far this season because you know the criticism on perilous kind of let up presently. Well the winning games might is that it's it's durazo. I I think it's probably still there are Bristol tones and it. Some underlying tones of of that as far as John Farrah goes but. Right now the way that they've managed just line up and gone through some injuries and in in David Price being on the DL once again. I he's done a pretty good job I don't want the head lights throughout the season. Is moved you Betsy inning leadoff I've wanted him in the three spot. On put a minute to all compromise he can put an air but I didn't like for most of the season seemed rookie best hitting leadoff because that meant that. Much of the year he was hitting behind it's guys like well let's just say the third baseman all the third baseman. And before he got devers in Nunez your third baseman struggle at the plate but it was Guerrero. You know holt a little bit policy in a bawling when they're given him cuts up there to Whelan go to LA and also lead was was decent but yet. Point being yet moved to that sitting lead up behind your third baseman who weren't getting on base. Ends before they enter catchers in the lineup and you know they've started picking up of late but they were struggling for quite awhile suits me just I didn't like Jack. Now that he's moved Jackie Bradley junior backed down and line up he would ninth in the lineup last 98 today. There's a guided there's that that's a pretty bad to have in front moved to bats and it starts make a little more sex act in Nyack and live with that. If you're putting guys in front of them that can get on base. Moves you that's still as I think eighteen home runs on the season. He's still want your best home run hitter so in order to means just simple math in order to maximize and overruns you can score. You. Have guys who get on base with high on base percentages in front of the guy who is most home runs on your team. Now if yet and it appears as like in their mayors it's clean up or wherever he does he's dived this ball out of the art. Rates are quick break its Red Sox reveal all your phone calls 677797937. It's. We get back my two little football talk is well. Because there was one roster moves today by an AFC east team. And other patriots. Likely licking their chops. At the news that Jay Cutler. Will be joining the AFC east so the patriots will be facing. Smoking Jay Cutler. Well I had that coming up after the break into the act. I its Red Sox are ill take you higher phone calls and taking up to 7 o'clock. 6177797. ID three set and I'm Tom Giles. And Sox got going today 63 Doug Fister got the win on the mound Chris Young got it done at the plate Craig Kimbrel picked up a safe. All's well in Red Sox land right now but again if get a tough stretch coming up Tampa Bay two games this week in New York three games to close out. The week all on the road as they have a three game lead over the New York Yankees. Wanna switch gears a little bit here and I did it to some football soccer because. Before on that red eye skin starts today. Word came down and we kind of saw this come a little bit it it sort of evolved over the last few days Jay Cutler. Signing a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins coming out of retirement. Jay Cutler. Was set to DTV the evolved tonight I think it was a fox three man Booth. So the 34 year old. And get a chance to. To reunite here without and gays who he did spent one season weighed in Chicago case was the offensive coordinator in Chicago. In 2015. And that was Jay Cutler's best season. As an NFL quarterback if you wanna with a passer rating. That was his best season in 92 point three passer rating at 41 touchdowns eleven interceptions. In fifteen games in 2050. Last year he regressed. RA and went without case as gays came over to Miami. Meanwhile gaze with his quarterback last who has rights in hill Dana let nineteen touchdowns twelve interceptions in thirteen games 8935. Passer rating. Tony compare those numbers pretty close between Cutler. Into an -- A's got some good weapons yet Jarvis Landry Kenny stills Dovonte Parker. So I don't know maybe Jay Cutler case may be in and somehow get the dolphins and a Playhouse there's no way they're gonna content for the AFC east. Did you see the other names they're considering. What was the flaw was the way. So pro football talk just about the list in its its pretty funny so they have called cap it obviously is is one they were considering and Kyle Orton in Tim Tebow no god now. That was that's that's the listed they're considering yes yeah that's and I guess Tebow is there because piece was the quarterback coach in Denver when when he went on the run. Dominique. Oh boy. Florida loves Tebow. Yeah I know I get that a Kyle Orton my. Is just like the definition of a mediocre quarterback adjusts. Our makes my header and welcome. College happening should have a job in this league somebody should take him up I can understand in this situation. Why the dolphins and out and gays wanna Jay Cutler because he's worked through them before. Anne's yell right channel goes down with the injury you've got Matt Moore who did start a couple games from last year but. The Daiwa's most familiar with the your sister coming your most familiar win. And any think about it even though your there's still four weeks away from the start of the regular season and might even be five. That's months and months of preparation it guys getting in the playbook that. If you bring any guy was never betting your system he he he's starting from scratch coming in right now. So I can understand I don't after Jay Cutler. And they're paying him ten million dollars five million base salary five million in bonuses and there are also. But it's tied and he can make three million dollars in incentives. But here's some numbers for you for Jay Cutler. Against the New England Patriots in his career because of Jake colors the starting quarterback. In Miami dale faced the patriots twice this year and take Cutler's healthy enough to play those games because I don't think deployments a later in the season that the final third of the season Jay Cutler. Is all when three against New England with four touchdowns five interceptions. A passer rating of seventy point five that's not good. But here's the staggering number. In three games against the patriots take dollars lost by 34 points he's lost by 29 points and he's lost by 28 points. He has gotten crushed that's an average deficit. An average margin of thirty points per game in three losses to the patriots. And that's his comedy. AFC east. He's 34 years old you know is ready that. It out to hang about. That's it take out is dumb but Adam's case able league coax a matter retirement. And giving him ten million dollars. To tell play quarterback. In a division that pictured the dolphins is basically unwinnable. There's no way. No way the dolphins are gonna compete with the patriots in the AC east. But I think it the same time that gays is also looking at it as. Nady were good enough to make the playoffs. Actually yell scratch that Adam gates is believing we're good enough to make the playoffs. And Jay Cutler. Gives us our best chance to get the. I'm. I'm not surprised by this move today. As soon as the NL went down in you're looking at who could possibly you know get the next call. As he met yet tampered make on that list you know RG three. Another guy out there is still freeagent. There's some quarterbacks out there that that. You know have had success in this league. But Jake color just based on. The relationship that he had that in case. The fact that he had his best season in 2015 with gay says his offensive coordinator. Gays having that familiarity. With Jay Keller right I'm not surprised that that's the guy they went with. I'm just a pretty interested to see how. He stacks up here now. Especially comes to new England's. His take Ehlers good television even though he does nothing like there's no almost sounds based whatsoever and you know that there's all the means out there of late. Smokey Jay Cutler you know our people just like and a Photoshop a cigarette into his mouth as he knows just it just fits perfectly but. How public the naked picture he put up when you're tired. I I don't believe I saw that one or maybe I idol I don't think it's on at once just him. Naked from behind are now looking off into the right yeah yeah. Yeah he was it was while retired the pits at all right bet but no it doesn't look like he's on the other kind of wisely diet. I think he was that it was a retired at that point. It a little error. Jay Cutler. Man. I like. I'm not saying it's unrealistic for them to think they can make the playoffs and Jay Cutler is the AFC. At some bad teams there. I can double beat the jets twice as the jets are doing everything they tend to tell a giveaway this season. I sedate suffered another injury today Quincy and a one year. You went down with a neck injury. The jets are just I don't know. Who's going to be left on that cluster says two wins right there for the dolphins. Oh probably. I would they don't want against the bills. Tyrod Taylor violate a the second best quarterback in the division. Still a dual threat. He beat the patriots in Foxborough last year but then again now as the patriots would basically without a quarterback bid to Kobe recess starting with. One hands not his throwing hands in that game. My goodness. I I it's just nice that it adds a little interest level to the AFC east at a Jay Cutler there. I just the expectations. Oh boy and those numbers against doing lack of believe they're that bad. Lost by an average of thirty points in each of his three starts. To patriots. It goes back a big one of those starts was when he was with Denver in the other two were when he's with Chicago wanted to dozens and the other 2014. The other thing. Going on with the NFL this weekend jas we had the the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Taken place and Kurt Warner. Spoke for 3132. Minutes. Palaces hall of fame speech on Saturday night. Jerry Jones actually the longest a 36 minutes but so glad I didn't see dat. There's 36 minutes that I kept. And grow says there's 36 minutes on the project that has 36 minutes I kept 31 minutes though there it's even it's over that raised for Kurt Warner. Wondering when Tom Brady goes into the hall of fame. How Long. Will his acceptance speech beat. His top sometimes being you know very. Arm. You know some say it's it's at a point. You know it could be five minutes. Or maybe yet at that point in Brady's life you know to still been retired for a few years. Maybe he goes 35 minutes. And he's going to be giving an acceptance. Speech. Aged. Some series how Long Will Tom Brady go on his acceptance speech exit polling gives it dot 6077797937. The other question coming out at the pro football hall of fame and and guys don't into the hall. This weekend in which he talked about this on TV on Friday Donnie term bottom up. For all of the success of the patriots have enjoyed over the last 1617 years. How many guys from those teams. We'll go win as patriots in golf game. Nobel attacked Tom Brady. And Robert Kraft got to go as well there's three Rob Gronkowski. But then after Rob Gronkowski is start to wonder. As the patriots let anybody else which. Speaks to. How amazing this run is. That they've had just a number different guys contribute to win these five Super Bowls that it's there you'll definitely out legally there. Dave Vinatieri is morning Anderson what in this weekend so fine Adam Vinatieri. And he'll go in as a patriot I don't even know at this point he's probably been. With the calls almost is on he was for the patriots. Seems like it yeah I think almost longer now to be honest down but the winning team with a new England's. The super walls came into England the three of them so. It's. I I don't know who else is gonna make that make that list. You know Julian elements had some good seasons here but when you look at the numbers probably not all camera. It was not yet but Wes walker at some good years but. Out the key is quite there you know Troy Brown's not in the Richard Seymour was guy thought OK that guy can be all fair but. LL. Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison. Bruschi. I don't know. I'd Arnold out of the keys and so it's just crazy to think about that that they've won five Super Bowls. And don't we'll have the owner the coach the quarterback. Coaching quarterback best of all time. Owners probably putting his name in their Taylor you know is. That's a great things like he's I think he's off camera and and the tight end Rob Gronkowski who's also gonna go down as one of the best tight ends in history. But after that. Because searching a little bit. And how Long Will Tom Brady's acceptance speech be buried the lead how Long Will build knowledge Saxby. I think he's getting great Bill Belichick. When he finally decides that. You know he is ready for it made the agreement. Now he great. You can call it six was 77797. ID 37 a shows Red Sox review where Nixon and a little football because. I had take Allergan side today hall of fame weekend as well also deity Amendola returning to practice for the patriots. On Saturday said it's the best he's felt in a long time another encouraging sign for this team. That seems like it's loaded although at the wide receiver position last week they were. They're kind of hurting as far as numbers go because. A little banged up. But getting didian adult back and healthy and there's a team first guy it's taking pay cuts at the key to last three years. We're we're getting closer and closer to. NFL season starting actually this week they've got joint practices with the jaguars so that's gonna make things interesting as well doubted Foxboro. Your first pre season game later this week is well. But tamale of the joint practices of Jacksonville. Finally get to. And and it's tough to really is Jacksonville's measuring stick. But finally get to go up against somebody else. And meanwhile Tom Brady just proves that age is just a number. And I contend that. If Jimmy go Rob Lowe was not still here. We would spend much less time talking about Tom Brady's age. But because Jimmy drop this year in their reports that the patriots getting on a hall and it trade for Jimmy problem but they decided not CO. And Adam chapter you know said that. The pacers believes that rob blows the successor. That's why I still here. Is because it acts Tyler sang along priest forty we got to take a look at that guys biological clock he's younger than Ben Roethlisberger. Probably younger than Eli Manning. He's younger than most quarterbacks in their mid thirties and has leaked just looking yet. The biological clock early is all his body does it man is to show other aggressive doesn't look forty. We talked about it because. Jimmy drop blows here. As far as camp goes. The forty year old guy's been dominating. All reports. He's in the act. Number tends. Add a slow start to camp so far what she did last YouTube but. I tattered remains also focal point down there. I'll makes it your phone calls as well 677797. ID 37 Red Sox are view atop Giles. A break right back. But it is Eminem and drank to block is too much to talk I just all that and Alan Light amid threats are Zedillo's tough sell things at seven cents and ignites and ignited resentment. Otis. I don't know stated. We got it some thought on that last segment because the dolphins sign Jay Cutler officially today. So is he. Said. You don't think he's gone more than five minutes when he does is acceptance speech. Which would be very short. We've seen. Some court Brett Favre went forever Kurt Warner went more than thirty minutes last night. So Tom Brady. And Sony also saying that you predicted doesn't retire after the two point 11 season. Which puts a Mets. Or he for rob port or port five. I would be even twenty years. This contract's up in 2019 but again I don't think we're talking about Brady's age. If you don't have the reports and out of chapter saying that the patriots believe that the successor is Jimmy drop below. Parent to think we we terror Tom Brady's forty right now Tizzy doesn't look for it. Meanwhile also try to figure out what other. Patriots would be going to the hall fame yet the owner the coach and the quarterback per share stake Kraft Belichick Brady earring robbery task is it after that. It's awesome tax for Vince Wilfork Ty Law. Double guys who could possibly Randy Moss. So. Some names out there. Guys he caddies Vince Wilfork. Re longevity. There for a long time. Lot of fun tale. Love to see Vince is speech. And a lot of fun. Settings on the table your Red Sox or 6177797. ID 37 we got Paul in Milford. Lost to weigh in on not a potential sombre hall of fame speech what's going up ball. It dumb argument tonight and they don't is only one answer to along pretty speech is going to. And it's going to be 28 minutes and 32. All. All covered through the bloody eighth grade. He's got a timed and absolutely perfectly he's gonna have to have a clock in front of on and just you know he's getting. You can wanna get all the thing it's easy to go on and on a high note. To do that tenure as they do it at him yet yet I do that almost perfectly. Oh. That's it's a good call by applied I appreciate that your pick is don't what do you minutes now. Yeah. Received the phone golf ball. 48 to eight minutes and thirty seconds. The polar pelicans. God again patrolled by the saints now. What. Of what's at what is it like the saints. For whatever reason there don't they they cut it does seem like there's a little brother of the patriots. And and by the line of pelicans. Suspended the first thing games this season for violating the NFL's policy on PD is the big loss as a u.'s loss right there. Would that be like the pages is not the Butler Stephon Gilmore. Your top quarterback man oh they play some good good teens with some good receivers do get a deal. Yeah I do well if Kelvin Benjamin comes it comes down a little bit this. Talent management I haven't seen her recently but mainly had him in OTA's few months ago in huge I mean facts. But some weights now to Odyssey from a wide receiver necessarily. The falcons. You have situations like that in the hole like. Whetted their of their slogans like embracing the sock like it's just I don't. I I don't wanna believe. Bet there and have a Super Bowl hangover is that think they're good team and that'll be good match up patrons played in the regular season but at the same time it's. The signs are point towards. And haven't someone of a setback here. I just want to know whose idea was to make it in the race the socket that that's got to be the worst freeze to pump your team up of all time. At a doubted I'd idyllic into written. I was afraid to Google that wanna work. But. Now. That's the falcons. I like to quit Ike is good head coach. His dad at he knows how to bounce back from it's a Super Bowl loss before it does he was picky he was still with the Seahawks. When they lost to the goal line and knock them Butler accused the defensive coordinator in Seattle so he's he's been in the position before laureate you're right there in. Watch the patriots take away from. So maybe that experience help stink when in the situation. I don't know but losing Jalen calls just doesn't doesn't help your cause. So again it's a little bit at a felt our tears also. That it trusting this weekend you know yet Isiah Thomas doing is basketball camp picked out busting university at EU and us Steve Hewitt of the Boston Herald was there and Thomas told that. Is helping it feels good and he should be good for the started training camp. Which is great news for the Celtics. Because I think it was even. A month and a half ago when now Thomas told they sure obliquely. Out of Vegas during the summer league that I didn't really pick of the basketball yet still kind of recovered from that hip injury. So if he's healthy ready to go for training camp. Ray is a Celtics. Who ESPN projected would win 49 point four games this season. Which is. Crazy talk it would 53 blaster in the attic corny you're de Los Avery Bradley but the adding Goran you were acting Jim Brown's boys have big here but. Isiah Thomas healthy certainly helps I think job. Raised the bar that they would more than 53 last this year what they got last year. So Isiah back in town. Basketball season right around corners well for for the Celtics and lot of high hopes there. 49 point four when sales Adam winning the Eastern Conference is Cleveland is still. On someone of a mess. All of believer. A lot of people LeBron but I'm a believer that he always finds a way to get things together. If you know he brought people together Miami brought people together Cleveland then even when the cavs a word. Don't through tough times the last two seasons where you're looking at that team and there with that kid. In March. LeBron always gets. Texas teams play in the highest level in the boat ready for the post season he'll still they'll still some finals. Right the Celtics though can compete with them in the Eastern Conference files I think that's going to be competitive series. Unlike what we saw. Back in May when the Celtics were able to take the game but. Isiah Thomas healthy with Gordon Hayward. Little more experience. I think they'll be competitive with Cleveland this year. At this point the way I don't act and a I would ogle on you and Jim Brown though to buy a really big on him for the upcoming season. He seems like a guy that Saddam. Mates and stats swords into last year. Didn't always got to factor into delay came lineups for Brad Stevens but defensively. You know he's. Is get defensive player but I think is offensive games coming around. It Jason Tatum I don't expect him to be huge contributor but he'll be able to contribute right away you're number three overall pick. So I haven't haven't Isiah Thomas. Healthy. From the jump. That's good news and because he had this much depth to write I think you're gonna see this is gonna be weird for Celtics fans maybe a little bit but you're gonna see some teams where. It got Isiah Thomas actually. Take it a a night off here and there like receipt from Cleveland. Like receipt from San Antonio Greg Popovich you know attempt the first one to do and always did well. Oh the Celtics are good enough that they can do that rest their guys. Give corny were to breather. For Al Horford you know. They're techsters that it though we came back onto box I was produced by Eminem now. So partially credit Erica partial credit partial credit. The get a try to get cooler between now that I San we do this. As reds are to be reds are scattered six through it today. It was Doug Fister got the win on amount Chris Young was the hero at the plate still three games up on the Yankees it once it straight but it's it remained a New York next weight. Cigarettes are straight face Michael noble I'm glad some Tom Giles. And that.