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Saturday, January 13th

The Patriots focus on their upcoming playoff game vs the Titans even with all the "controversy" surrounding their MVP QB and Hall of Fame coach. Are Patriot fans and the team overconfident? Listen and find out.


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Weeks he's late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah as Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Friday night here Patrick Gilroy would you guys. It's till midnight. Tonight we got a lot to get to in just a short amount of time so we will take your phone calls as always at six wants them. 7797937. You can text the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy and I'm hoops it and we're gonna do a lot of patriots especially in the first hour will this play a game tomorrow tight end. I've got a few things I wanna get up my mind when it comes to the patriots and the coverage. Of this playoff game against the Tennessee Titans will get to that in just a few minutes. And we will talk some Celtics in the back half of the program. Look the fact is this we have to touch in them if things don't go well for the patriots tomorrow and I fully expect they will. But if things don't go well for the patriots all eyes. Will then focus on your Celtics your Celtics right now believe it or not more than halfway through their season. More than halfway through the NBA's regular season your Boston Celtics are sitting there at 34 in ten theory is not being no other team in the NBA. That is more victories in your Boston Celtics right now the Celtics yet percentage points behind. The Golden State Warriors for the best record in the NBA the warriors 33 and nine so we'll touch on the Celtics in your expectations for them as they embark on the second half of their season. Coming up in the back half. Of the program but until then we're gonna take your phone calls on these patriots on what we've heard here this week on WEEI. Again the beauty of coming in immediately once twice three times a week this week like last week you guys will hear me tonight. You'll hear me get on Sunday night so you'll be getting your weekend and enjoy your weekend with me. I'm just giving you fair warning if you're not a fan you don't have to listen. This here's the thing I listened all week long. And I've got a few things I wanna get off my chest when it comes to. The patriots when it comes to this playoff game. When it comes to the overall coverage all of your New England Patriots in this playoff run because I get a little bit angry I'm a little bit pissed off as a patriots fan. As a new England sports fan. I I feel like we're we're losing touch here we is what we're doing okay. Instead of talking and I get it earlier in the week there was a lot to impact with the sec says Wu well wicker chimp story I get it there was a lot to unpack with. The whole thing with the patriots and infighting we talked a lot about that last week. But how many times can you dissect the same store how many times did you guys give a different. A different view of the same story world saying the same thing are we are all saying the same thing except seeing it differently. We have rehashed that story and then other writers have taken that story and given their take. Oh we have milk that story for a week now every single day. And whether there is infighting or not at patriot place. It doesn't matter anymore we are less than 24 hours away from playoff football. You've got the entire offseason to figure out of there's infighting. You've got the entire offseason to sit here and worry about Tom Brady's age and what the relationship with the red arrows going to be. If the patriots were to lose this game there's a whole off season to deal with that and shocks me because usually when we've got stories like this. They they sorted dominate the week leading up to a game but then in the 2448. Even 72 hours prior to kick off. The focus tends to shift to the game itself. And this week that has not happened the Pope is did not ship. To the game itself the focus has remained on Guerrero and on wicker champ and on Brady. And I don't get our people forgetting that there isn't a game to be played tomorrow night I know it's the Tennessee Titans I know that people. Are afraid of the titans I know that people are shaking in their boots because of the titans are coming to town. But it's a playoff football game in the NFL. And although Tennessee is a vastly. Overmatched here. I wouldn't take them as lightly. As you fans are taking them and if the patriots take them pat is lightly as you fans are taking them the patriots will. Run into a problem. There has been very little talk about the football game itself. Everybody is too consumed with well is Tom Regan a play when he's 43 years old. Who cares who cares of Tom Brady's playing at 43 44045. If he doesn't play better tomorrow night at forty. He's had a rough five weeks a year as any and whether you wanna blame that those rough five weeks on Tom Brady the player. Tom Brady's age. On the lack of access or lack of the same level of access to Guerrero to debt in the receiving corps being hurt. You the offensive line being hurt and not doing a good job protecting him there are a million reasons why you can point to Tom Brady struggling in last five weeks. But go ahead and point to them have a conversation. About them. Don't sit here and assume that because. The lights are gonna turn on a little bit brighter tomorrow night at Foxboro that everything is gonna be hunky dory and K okay. Don't we know better right now don't heavily watched playoff football long enough around here by announcing know that that isn't always. The case. And are the least bit curious to see which version. Well the patriots shows up tomorrow and which version of Tom Brady shows up tomorrow and for all you people out there that have spent the last week or two. Really legitimately it sounds like legitimately worried about Tom Brady and his psyche because of his. Changed access level to Guerrero or Tom Brady and his potential injuries or Tom Brady and this is my favorite one. Tom Brady is a little bit crazy goes out he's got off the rails the he reminds me of a Scientologist and Tom Cruise. I mean we have spent the last two weeks really. Really. Changing our two and when it comes to our love affair in New England whip Tom Brady. But at some point you're don't we have to take all that BS putter decide. And focus in on the task at hand on the football game that is less than 24 hours away that's what I want to talk about would you guys tonight. Right here Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy you what you guys until. Midnight tonight as always taking your phone calls at 6177797. 937 you text the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy. On hoops and you know it's not at all about. Tom Brady either that's the other part of this whole story this whole week or two that's fascinated me leading up to this game. The patriots are lucky first of all they've earned their way to that first round bye beaver in their way to having home field advantage. And they've never needed it more than they needed this year. This year their margin for error is smaller than it's been in years past that's where having that buying and that home field advantage really. Really comes and makes its mark makes a big difference. Because that margin for error is smaller. But I tell you what. The distraction level this year is different as well because this is an eight. A sort of self implicated wounds this is not a cell implicated sort of distraction that the patriots are facing you know in years past the patriots that sort of look inward and say okay this distraction is my fault it's our fault. This year the distractions are coming from outside and the beaver very curious to hear and to see how the patriots handled these distractions. Ease Bill Belichick really going to be. The genius that we all beat each can be. And put the noise to the side I mean I am still hearing very respected writers on this station people that are much more connected with the patriots that I AM. On this station suggesting. That Bill Belichick is not the source for the wicker Sheehan story is a very close source so to speak. To the wicker Sheehan story if that's the case and Belichick isn't really that angry. We are he's not the source directly he's at least leaking the information to the source that how. Did you expect demand that the that is that angry. That has an article or column written in like that. About the team that he is coach for the last eighteen years and he's gonna put all that and aside and focus in on the football game. Seat that doesn't make a lot of sense to me so I'll never really bought the fact that. I think Belichick is the the source effort some really. Really well respected guys float that idea I don't buy it I never bought that I don't think telecheck. Is the source at all I think this story's been really blown out of proportion. But I think that people here in the stationed in on the other station on TV all week long of really big milked it to death it's been a free ride for them. Because it's it's great material. Right it's great material. People. Always loved the demise. Of a champion it's been something that we've enjoyed through all of professional sports you can't tell me as a basketball and I thoroughly enjoyed. Thoroughly enjoyed the eventual breakup and demise of the Chicago Bulls in the late ninety's. I did I'm guilty as charged. The ironic part is when Michael Jordan came back three years later with the wizards. I didn't miss a game because at that point when he was 3940 years old. I really appreciated him for what he was. But while he was at its peak at its prime he was keeping the rest of the Eastern Conference that day I couldn't stand the guy. Because after a certain amount of time. You get sick of looking at the same winner's face over and over and over again and that's what you have with the patriots. But I certainly hope after listening to this station all week. Listening to the other station all week I hope the patriots. Are a little bit more focused in on the actual football game that all the other garbage taking place a realm the patriots that we talked about all week long right here. On Sports Radio. WEEI it is WEEI I am Patrick Gilroy take you guys up until midnight tonight. Right here on late night has always the number to join me here is 6177797937. With blood to the phones. Go to blared layers in Maine Blair your first appearance worth radio W yeah. A guys who live TV on California. Two to shout out of place. Shut out of my mouth Larry Smith and Rangers sent Margarita California. So I'll see you in the best man ever rule would ever meet where you salute he manages seven my. Where is California. That's. They don't. Who is patriots. Don't we will learn each actor Patrick Kilroy. Don't be wearing my. We're gonna do it this year we're taking it all the way that they had taken together in an awareness and football how the parades. Up and it. From what I cannot wait what why if I'm wrong and there certainly. Glad I tell you what I you know what I I hope you're right I think is a good chance that you are right but I would rather Eddie we are 24 hours before game twenty hours before the game. I'm glad that you're calling to talk to me about football because I couldn't see your for the next two hours. In dissect and analyze that weaker sham peace anymore it's been done for a week straight that article came out a week ago I was here. When ESPN was teasing and I got off the air at midnight. It got released an hour later at 1 o'clock in the morning. It's been a straight week of hearing that thing apart breaking it down trying to figure out who the Leakey is you know where the truth lies where the lies are. I got sick of it blared at all. Yeah yeah I think it's sort of I'd need is believed to telling the truth right now. I cannot believe yeah ESPN's story but I'll let the quarterback. But what about that I believe. He's a true story you know that your story of the patriots I have read that guy he just. Looked all he kept while married for God's sakes. Yeah that's a great player to believe that crap that's out there to not believe that captured until relate I'm serious. Playing stop believing that crap. A blessed that I appreciate the phone call that says animated. Of the layers I've heard a did you initial for a little over a year Blair calls each and every time I'm here. He's usually very mellow lake Mary chill. That is play up mode Blair right there reality yet hyped up as yet budding now it was you try to show up for his friend okay which we understand price to show up her friend again he did little shout out but I like play out there if playoff book Blair could ring like that each and every show that we did. I think you'd make a collar hall of fame that was animated Blair we'd like. Animated Blair it is Sports Radio WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy taking your calls up until midnight right here on late night. Free line for you would 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go with go to Joseph Joe's in the car Joseph you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Yeah height thing to take my phone call holly and I let's let's do let's go to London. Yeah I'd like to know which is just a thought again focusing on the football game and have yet you're here to focus on the game a typical at all the other non bank. If you thought I mean it seems like the patriots to extremely well that the hard up clock and and it'll be easy. If you look at it disappeared and I quote I don't have the statistics to back at that. But it appears as though when they keep the defense. And keep that matter on the heels while they do and the hurry up offense. They always successful early so it appears that heroic that's all and in an incumbent. And in that a couple years ago they were doing it consistently. And they were doing it extremely effectively. And then if it appears as though they've they've really given a shot. And then they just can't have it all all the breaks off. I think at that point Joseph but a minute and to tell you why because the hurry up offense is built on two things that built on trust and it's built on speed and right now you've you've got you've got trust unfortunately the guys that you need to run the hurry up at its best. Julian element out for the year salmon dole is not operating and how to present Hogan's been. Injured on or off all season long so without having your guys that you trust operating at 100% it's really hard to run an effective our apartments a lion also hasn't played as well that's a great point Jeff. Preacher called gentle be a stranger to the program it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick gill right that's Joseph behind the last tagging and with the offensive line doc and that's yes that's John sorry it dealt with Joseph on the line just behind the glass. And that's what tempering the show offensive line talking I appreciate that we'll despite my side Patrick nose guard. We really yet we can talk more about that later in the program one of these shows that we do till 2 o'clock in the morning that last hour when he's in good guard talk when you wanted to weigh him. So we're gonna continue to see your breakdown. Your patriots titans game try to stay away as much as possible. From everything that we've talked about all week long because it's done it's over this game is going to happen. And I think I think we all know we're gonna expect from the patriots. I do wanna talk about the alternative here though at some point the program tonight. We all know that this column came out. We know that it is suggested infighting and a potential breakup between the Big Three sooner. Rather than later we also know what our eyes have told us what we've seen from Tom Brady in the last five weeks of the season and hasn't been stellar classic Tom Brady. What happens if the unthinkable happens what you guys think about this during the break. Would have the unthinkable happens in the patriots go there tomorrow and alienate. Tennessee comes in here and they beat the patriots. At Foxboro. And Tom Brady has a rough game. What are the next steps for the New England Patriots and will that be the last that we've seen of Tom Brady. In eight patriots uniform it's something to think about. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. As always is room for you would 6177797937. Back. Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio telling. We EI. It is Sports Radio WB yeah. It's only like Patrick Gilroy you what you guys until midnight tonight as always. Taking your phone calls at 6177797937. He takes the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On who is continuing to talk patriots and titans in this this thing finally finally finally. Is here in the game about nineteen hours away kick off tomorrow at 815 from bought our. And I'm glad it's here it's been a long couple weeks it's always a long couple of weeks when you have the privilege the pleasure you are in the right to get that first round Bob. There's always quirky stories that come out because. While there's free time on everybody's hands right and these news reporters they have to find something to talk about now this week was a little bit different. Then years past in this they patriots team that has certainly known distractions over the years they've had to deal with the distraction of the plate gate. The distraction the spy gate. You know last year you had Tom Brady missing the first four games of the season because of his suspension. Then on the personal side he's dealing with his mother that was she was much sicker than anybody realized until we saw her. At the Super Bowl looking as Elise she was in this year of course. Tom told everybody the story after the Super Bowl just how sick. His mom was so this is the team. That is done a trip to terrific job over the years overcoming. The distractions. I don't think the distractions this week were at the level. Of the distractions that we've seen this patriots team overcome that being said. Woods did pretty is it was it just one that distraction it wasn't a galvanizing type of distraction either it's not like spy gate or deflate gate where. You've got to galvanize the team around the fact that the whole country was calling them cheaters. Believe it or not those types of distractions can play a positive role have a positive impact. On a team because it allows the coaching staff the ability to sit there. Have the entire team galvanize themselves around the fact that the country was skating on him calling them cheaters this is very different this is. Not just one writer not just said Swedish and this is multiple writers sort of getting year old little. Tidbits of this story and wicker chair and tried to put all together under one umbrella under one roof essentially saying that there is. These systemic problems over there patriot place that are getting worse instead of better. I don't think that they are nearly as bad or as catastrophic as they've been made out to be this this week. I think that people get ahold of these things and he really played them up as it does last week I'll say it again. In any eighteen year relationship there's going to be ups and downs in eight any eighteen year marriage and he eighteen year employer employee relationship. Where people are trying to achieve the same goals. There's going to be differences of opinion on how you achieve those goals how you reached your ultimate goal right. All that being said. There's certainly have been distractions in the last week ten days. And these distractions are coming from multiple places and none of them are really galvanizing type distractions where the whole team can center around. Being called a cheater or senator around a seek teammate or center around something of that sort this is multiple distractions. From multiple sites. And what you don't wanna see is a group of teammates sort of take Tom Brady side. NS and another group of teammates take Belichick's side and still another group of teammates take craft side then you've got to split locker room. I don't think that's going to be the case I don't think that's what this patriots team is ultimately I still believe that. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had complete control. Of that locker room but what I believe doesn't really matter right what I believe is irrelevant. Will all come to find out tomorrow will have a much better idea tomorrow. Where these patriots threat mentally. When they take the field because on the field talent lies they should wipe the fields wiped the floor with the Tennessee Titans. But Tennessee is gonna come in here fast and loose and with nothing to lose and that does scare me just a little bit just a little bit because all of the pressure. It's gonna fall on the shoulders of doing the patriots. 100% of the pressure Tennessee has got nothing. To lose so if this patriots team really is a team united width one common goal to win a Super Bowl and will be no worries. But it theory is that fracture there is that infighting. Sometimes a team like this is when that small fracture. And sort of explode and become a much larger break sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy there's room for you would 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go. Let's go to John John's and you and John you next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Hey pat I don't I'm living the dream job as an amendment I am living the dream to you know. I will likely go into the future they can look up future. Because of them that speak to invite you to route that their Olmert would take my titans. Oh that's a bright sunny outlook for your life on the month well no you know despite great gonna retire that might this. You know. I don't remember what Larry Bird come cut is Wallach. Back in the eighties I remember going public ought to come out of Molly growing up not in 1990. I don't remember talking like this about like I don't know about like when the plot he would knock it. We we won so many. It ships though the Pentagon that track the debate. I'm so glad Doug I stay on the line and I'm so glad let you finish and I'm so glad you brought up Larry Bird because in the in the break I got my little notebook here and I've got to a little tab that I wrote while Larry Bird and I said you know compare what we're seeing from Tom Brady at forty. To Larry Bird 89 through 93 while yet you Chile's in the Bakken he's lying there on the garden floor unable to travel just playing home and in constant pain he was 31 to 33 years old. And his body was cooked so even if even if what we've seen out of Tom Brady in the last five games where he hasn't looked like Tom even if that is the beginning of the end. Do people realize how blessed how lucky we are to get time he's forty years old Larry Bird was cooked when he was 32 you like eight additional years out of the goat that you got from Larry Bird. Cock with no luck yet he. We I think we're gonna repeat that so optimistic I am not that. I think they have the best patriot team coming in connect yeah I think this year it's. Advocates say a lay up like. Our game show everyone we all see what it takes to win a championship. Pittsburgh gained it you know if you're an actor I. Deputy. All that we're going to be OK I've beat Tennessee and look at the hole at the end there are no radio. It's a well. Money so. I call you the man out in the golf and him having that caught me. With Bradley and laughed. Now when you call what grade do you feel like you have to talk old belly going to be OK would you bet I all right. But I can't think boy enjoying it not column body went to Washington. Check out all the talk is boy is that a lot going anyway let's get it. And I don't think about the loud rap about. I think everyone's. Everyone's gonna repeat that in a minute than. IGoogle avenues open detained and I toll in this being that like it at all. A jobless and I appreciate the phone called up you straight to the program I will say this you know you brought up next year you bring up. You know what this team possibly could be next year after watching week one of the NFL playoffs last week. Unconvinced more than ever about one thing even if Tom Brady has begun to slide a little bit. If Tom Brady comes back next year in his 75 to 80%. Of what he was this year than the patriots will still be more than good enough. To contend to win another Super Bowl because that's. Just the abysmal state of the quarterback position across the rest of the NFL that is the abysmal state of the other teams across the spectrum of the NFL. Tom Brady at 75 to 80% of what he is today is still more than good enough to keep the patriots contenders for the foreseeable future. That's how far and away better he is than 90% of the other quarterbacks out there. I promise you this there are 2546. Other teams out there that if they could. Look at their crystal ball. And know that they could signed Tom Brady for the next three or four years and Tom would slip no worse than 75%. Of the player he is right now. They would sign him to the richest contract. In NFL history. That's how abysmal the quarterback position is overall right now and that is a larger story here that's why fans are so disappointed. That the patriots ultimately had to say good bye to Jimmy the Rob Lowe because they knew that GB looks like he could be. A damn good replacement and those guys are few and far between we've seen other teams struggle year in and year round you heard the story. Tonight that it looks like Josh McDaniels he's in the running. For the out for that for the colts job but part of the contingency. For a to take that colts job is understanding. That health. Of Andrew Luck. Because there's no doubt that Andrew Luck had all the tools had all the talent but he's been unable to. Get healthy the last couple years and it looks like Josh McDaniels making a Smart decision. Wants no part. Of going to a franchise like the colts if Andrew Luck isn't able to come back and be Andrew Luck because getting a quarterback. Is the hardest thing to do. In the NFL. The patriots have won and it Tom Brady hit 414243. Can be 75 to 80% of the Tom Brady that he is right now. Then he still good enough to win super balls in today's NFL it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy continue with would continue with your phone calls at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go let's go to Mike Mike's in Beverly might be next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Mikey there. All right that's enough from Mikey waited for 23 minutes not to say anything let's squeeze one more rain in the before the break let's go to Scots guards in the car Scott connects up here on Sports Radio W yeah. An ally upped its not going on and what knowledge it was finally good to be able to talk maybe a little bit about the game or are we trying to addition. Let me play this thing about radiant and I take so everybody's just. So enamored with spat and stuff like that that they've declined. Now. We take element out as well pictures and write a Democrat. There's only one place. That the absence of settlement is gonna show up and stops. And that's going to be on Brady. Yes so if you can last five weeks it settlement tattoos. Ten or twelve passes and we're not talking about the decline lumbered. Because those stats on like they you don't mean I mean there's a lot of reason why the past five weeks like they were elected were critically the last of which would be. Dickey is critically declining. I mean I don't see any when you watch him play you see anything physically there is declining or you're just to cut out a few bad weeks as stepped. It's a combination of things and I don't think necessarily it's physically that he's declining here's Scott you're right it's it's the elements or the by the way it's probably been the least talked about major story. In new England sports this year you know whatever they got hurt we all talked a lot about it but then Tom Brady and the patriots are so good they made us not so much forget about settlement. But the patriots were able to move on without him surprisingly well. Right now wouldn't want market quite critical of breaking down. I mean will people say there's no way we can just games Saturday and you know the Pittsburgh game commercial where we yacht where it really. Replay away or one ref we call away. From and be a whole lot different so when you place and yet we get talent. We could on paper it looks like we should blow about what we are seen as funny things happen in these playoff games. Are there one called him a step out of bounds we have a fumble in Europe you know in naked on that being cute so. I'm not a guy to sit back and Jane I didn't I don't go to war reached out they I mean. I mean I'm open program camera. Competitive game and and hopefully come on the winning side. It's got to appreciate the phone call it peak at the right attitude to. This is not a patriots team that about relating to money I think in most light has moved around here last week it was thirteen and app I would state our weight on that line. It is what it because you've got a team that's fast and loose in Tennessee that's gonna coming into New England with absolutely nothing to lose. And if there's an early early turnover or release score for the titans are gonna feel really good about themselves look ultimately I believe the patriots gonna win this thing and when this thing. By seven at ten points but I think that Tennessee is gonna keep it a lot closer than people are expecting them to. Especially people here in New England I sense this overconfidence of sensed that for the better part of two weeks here and and while it's good to be confident in your team. Overconfidence can be dangerous and and that's why am glad the patriots are a veteran bunch they're led by veteran leaders that have been their before. So you're not gonna have a team idol that you're gonna have this patriots team show you don't show up and decide. While talent alone is gonna get us through this game I think they're going to be mentally and physically prepared. And we know one thing about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick led teams. When there is an opportunity. For them to sort of put the noise to the side and shut up the rest of the country. They generally do that so I am looking forward to see how this team responds how the patriots three act. To the noise that was created this week by the whole set set wicker shared story and all the subsequent stories that came out. About the patriots what really pisses me off though and we'll get to this on the other side of the break what pisses me off is. The personal attacks that I've heard this week on Tom Brady and again I wanna get into this would you guys because that's really. Really makes me and I don't understand right so I understand that Tom Brady has. Adopted a lifestyle that most of us here we choose never to adopt I understand that Tom Brady has not only embraced that lifestyle on the field. And in his personal life he's embraced it to the point where he's made it a financial. Sort of part of his life where. His post playing days are over. He is going to be all in on this TB twelve on a diet on the exercise in the TV twelve senators that is going to be Tom Brady's second coming in life. Number 567 years ago there was a huge amount of people and people that are much smaller that I am that thought that Tom Brady may eventually going to politics Sunday. Becomes senator Bradley Jacobs senator Brady I don't think that's gonna happen I think that whole part of Tom Brady's appeal is gone. Tom Brady wants no part of that public life any longer Tom Brady wants to open up TB twelve senators like their McDonald's around the country. And whether he wants to do that because he genuinely cares about the help of the American public or he wants to do it because he can milk each and every American for hundreds of dollars. A month and then eventually. Build their HMOs and built their insurance companies and who knows what his motivations are. But because of that. People around here people they should be the biggest Tom Brady supporters. Sort of turned on Tom a little bit. And I think a lot of it's done out of ignorance because they just don't understand what Thomas promoting. Or why he is promoting it. Win he is promoting it like why did he give up there in front of the media and talk about. What he eats or talked about the of the way that he stretches and the fact that he doesn't want a lift weights any longer because it's all about. Our elasticity and stretching. Like that has got people. Legitimately show and confused the little bit when you listen to Tom Brady. Now hearing him being compared to Tom Cruise and science technology and how this is cult to each. This is your eyes and this is your guy this is Tom Brady this is Bill Russell this is Larry Bird this is Bobby or this is congaree who is still at the top of his game. This is not a guy that's gone out and Jeter and his wife. He doesn't go out and do drugs he's not getting arrested for intoxication. Or or assault and battery in a world where. Our professional athletes make mistake. After mistake after mistake be would drugs. Alcohol Antonio Cromartie having thirteen kids can't even name his kid's name's Shawn Kemp twenty years ago having twenty kids can't even name his kid's name is the biggest personal decision. Or biggest personal mistake that Tom Brady made was dating Tara Reid twenty years ago. Pressure opera American I pay him. Hey that's like the biggest personal mistakes. This guy's made that we know about yet on the radio for the last seven to ten days. All of heard about this Tom Brady insight apology Tom Brady and Tom Cruise how this guy's got off the rails how he's crazy. Your quarterback and what. Very he's doing is working whether it's because of TB twelve method or not he believes it's because of his method. Right maybe Tom Brady was just born with great genes Eddie's Benjamin brick and bought in because we use Tom Brady's videotape from the problem buying what he was drafted before he was drafted. He was a pudgy slow guy. G and slow okay now he is in and quicker than ever at forty years old so maybe he's Benjamin button. Any Asian reversed with little to no work. War. Or is nutrition. And his workout regiment worked and worked for him. Whatever is it has allowed us the gift. Of watching him longer than we have any business is watching. A quarterback of his skill played that well at that age and instead of just embracing and enjoying it. It's like Tom Brady overtime right we are getting additional years of the greatest quarterback of all time and instead of enjoying it. We're sitting here picking it apart. And trying to say well why well. Why did he sound crazy why he's turning me off with a he's talking here wise to charge 200 dollars for cookbook why it wanna sell it to Janice who parents. He's not forcing the pit jam this down your throat. My wife bought the book Tom Brady and eight dating come knocking our door and give the hard sell. Like we need to get over ourselves here in new England and stopped taking ourselves so seriously. Enjoy what you have. He is the goat and you've got a bonus time out of him. As a guy that rope a Celtics fan I would it kill for an additional 234 years of Larry Bird in his prime. Instead Larry Bird at 32 years old. We say good bye to the NBA meanwhile Tom Brady has every intention. Of being a Super Bowl contending quarterback. 42 years old. Why can't we just sit back. And enjoy. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I had Patrick Gilroy you would you guys until midnight tonight when we come back. There's still plenty of room for you would 6177797937. The patriot offense while they have put up the numbers. Tom Brady just saying this to justify my cliff prediction which has come true apparently what Tom Brady in the last five weeks has been very ordinary it's the reason by the weighted right now an article. 538 dot com talking about the clip. The point is that it very much resembles Payton and season when he fall off the cliff but development by the way. About it winning a Super Bowl win and off the cliff and I cannot for the pig it's still not picking them to beat Tennessee let's keep. Two more with Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WTI. Let's move on continue to talk about what's gonna happen and we left suspended for when it comes to the pages to go by we'll embrace the fact that they're the best team in football though they're gonna miss their outscored ago Mr. Big scored their. OK that's fine we'll talk about that 2018 season for right now in the post season. This goes the team with the ring on the finger and they have the advantage of being. The most experienced squad not just on the field were also on the sideline with coach or staff so confidence. Quiet confidence the patriot way. So I Nate Burleson right there from NFL today on CBS. Talking about the patriot way. And they're quiet confidence and has been a relatively quiet week coming out of Foxboro you have to give them credit they really had a nice job avoiding. The circus avoiding the noise that the national media really tried to thrust upon them. This week when the national media struck out a security guy in the other station really tried to thrusted upon them as well that's just. We're just doing our jobs. Right and if you can't get somebody over there patriot place to crack and two BD player impede the the coach. The team employee that goes on the record with some of the stuff then. You're a hero to make a name for yourself but. I think we've learned one thing over the years everything that comes out of patriot place is calculated which is why this story that painted. Bill Belichick and that keep positive light in the other components of the story the other two key components of the story being Tom Brady. And Robert Kraft inning not so positive light you can see where you could see why some people. May have assumed or may have come to the conclusion. That if Belichick wasn't the source the source was somebody very close. The Bill Belichick I still I don't buy into that I don't think that Bill Belichick would risk. The team's psyche. Risk the team as they hold risk losing team because if it ever got out. That he was the source in a story like that he runs the risk of losing his team. And losing his team the week old. Their playoff starting is a it's a cardinal at the cardinal sin that you cannot. Commit you're never here in 1996 for those of you guys that remember the 96 Super Bowl. I tell you what. It got ugly around here leading up to the Super Bowl because it was completely apparent that Bill Parcells checked out if you tell me that. Bill Belichick is out here being the source for these stories. Well then you're essentially saying that. He's not all in he's checked out we saw that Super Bowl ended and the fallout from that Super Bowl when Bill Parcells eventually left the patriots I don't think. That Bill Belichick would ever put this patriots team in that position I don't think that Bill Belichick. Would even think of being the source for a story like this it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. I am Patrick Gilroy continuing to take your phone calls on the patriots and titans and everything that is going into this week. And specifically. I want to hear from you guys on Tom Brady. And how might overall. Level of anger and am generally a pretty even keel person. But my level of anger and frustration with the fans out there is at all time high this week I have heard more calls to this station and the other station this week. People calling out Tom Brady and I I just I really think. That it is a ultra quick reaction. To. What people have seen in the last four or five weeks from Tom Brady I think it has more to do with. What they've seen on the field. And what people are saying it is people are essentially coming off saying they're sick at Tom Brady. Because they don't understand TB twelve lifestyle they don't like the fact he's out there pitching is product. They think that he is more into his company and it's product. That he is. The product on the field so to speak. And to meet that is just pure stupidity this guy is dedicated his life and his body to excelling at a sport. That your body is not supposed to excel that at forty years old and instead of us. Eerie New England looking at it is the gift of time. Right we have been given the additional gift of additional time with the greatest quarterback of all time we don't look at it like that. We're always looking yet all wins the end go to com ends. What's it for me so to speak like I don't understand what Tom Brady is doing their four. Therefore I I have to sit here and crap all over. Don't get that instead of looking at it is you know what Tom Brady's doing something right it is working for him and because he has chosen to live his life. The way that he has chosen to live it as a football fan we have been given. X amount of additional years of Tom Brady playing at this incredibly high level. And as a basketball band they grew up well Larry Bird. Who went 303132. Years old. Was getting ready to retire because he could no longer run up and on the floor if somebody had told me back then yes what. Larry Bird is gonna stop beating beefs up beating burger stopped drinking bud lights and Milla lights. And just eat salad and avocados you're gonna get Larry Bird to at least 35 or 36. That is something I would've signed up for because as a basketball then I would have loved the gift. Of additional years of Larry Bird so it's football fans why aren't you people just embracing and enjoying. The gift daddy is additional time with Tom Brady at the top. Of his game it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night is room for you at 6177797937. Back up to the phones Vigo. Let's go to nick Nixon hooks that nick you next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Say you know we've noticed of course with Brady hasn't done so well the last 45 weeks that coincide is that net with his Achilles injury which nobody has talked about. We said he Chile's is that the hand does well in the league thoughts of another one of the injuries. Or what he had an outlet wants. I I know we got to hand put that. Okay. So I'm I'm concerned only about the utility is acting out the hand. OK maybe that explains why he's thrown ball side but maybe between the two of them. That hasn't been that great form that. On defense you know this guy Derrick Henry ran for a 165 yards last week for Tennessee. And they're great back. In the college and and they've kind of brought him along slowly we got to stop him. And I think they're gonna say look we're gonna we're got to stop them and will bear Mario to beat us I'll betcha that's a strategy that. Well I'll what do you think what do you think Tennessee's strategy is going to be are they gonna put the ball in Marietta Santa and essentially say here with us became or. Do you think they're gonna go for ball control controlled the clock and give the ball to Henry because that's the way that I'm leading I think that's the way up through there got a tape again. Absolutely they're gonna they're gonna do that to keep the ball out of aren't of course. Think so but the other thing is you know. I don't know about all this talk about you you're saying about people aren't appreciating Brady. I just think that circle of friends is that is an appreciating and being around Islam. I just think if you listen if you listen to the stations say what your work all week our whatever it may be I think that you're starting to get these people calling the station right that are. Genuinely frustrated with. Tom Brady being out there essentially being a pitch man for all things TV twelfth. And I think people thought it was okay people but it was okay when he was playing in an MVP level through week eleven of the season but I think people started to get. A little bit annoyed with it the last 45 weeks when his level of play has dropped and I think it really came to a head. In the last 24 hours when it was announced the trailer for his new documentary on FaceBook has come out. And I don't know if you heard about that are all but you know it's called numbers this time. And I think that people really really started getting angry when they saw the trailer for this movie like what is he doing. Releasing a trailer for a movie the week of the playoffs starting. Yeah well he weighs only retired to release it is probably not gonna take off so bingo last question for you are you related to Matt Gilroy. Do you defenseman. I am not I know Matt I know all of Matt but I am not related to that he got all of that side of the Gilroy is that all the athleticism. And that's why am on the radio he's on the ice. Ted appreciate the focal. The orchestrated the programming is Sports Radio W yeah let's squeeze one more in before the break was gonna buy jeans jeans and Turner's falls James Kurai next appearance Sports Radio. W yeah. Hail to gone with the James. I'm much youngest one or talk about. Tom Brady saying the floor is yours my friends. Are right thank you so yeah this guy is given so much. This organization. And the antiwar wing then I don't understand. White people are so high about all of this. Eight spoke. And TD twelve. And you know even though he hasn't been playing at a high level. You know we can always count on them in the playoffs so. You know basically. I just I just don't understand why knowing look and or. In the way they are. You know it's because it was and him I appreciate the phone call it's because we're spoiled and there's nothing wrong with saying that it's not. A product of us being New England fans so to speak of regionally anyways it's because. Any fan base that experience is the sort of overwhelming. Success that this fan base has experienced in the last twenty years is gonna feel this way it's almost this incident that comes with. Being a fan of of a group of teams in a region that is one as often as our teams have won here in the last fifteen years. I think though when it comes to the patriots it's especially highlighted. Because they're the team that has been driving the bus the racy of the patriots or driving the bus and they keypad the Red Sox come along for the ride. Where their World Series wins and then especially got the Celtics. And the Bruins they each got one apiece but they'll get grouped in together as part of this overwhelming. Decade and a half old sports success as we're going for the ride. People are too busy consuming themselves would win the end is going to happen. Make no mistake about the end will happen yet happens for every sport every dynasty every team. Look what happened with the Celtics the Celtics had their run of the new Big Three they want a championship cut back to an NBA final nearly pulled the thing up in game seven. At one or sorted gifted a year where they were just seconds away from going back to the NBA finals. Nearly pulling out the impossible. And beating LeBron James in the heat in 2012. They dismantle the whole thing and here we are the patriots are still in the middle of their run. The Celtics had their run they for the whole thing down and here they are halfway point of the season with the best record in the NBA starting a new run. Right so just because the end happens and it happens for each one of these teams. It does it mean that the team has to stay down for as long as these teams have stayed down in years past you think about the patriots. In 1996. They went to the Super Bowl and lost. Right they wouldn't Super Bowl lost and you lost your coach you lost your legendary coach Bill Parcells. Five years later. They're winning a Super Bowl again. They were down for all that long. Maybe end can come in and come very quickly beat you don't necessarily get stuck with what happened to the Celtics post Larry Bird. And before the new Big Three got here if your management stays in place your leadership stays in place and you go about things the right way. You can get back on top relatively quickly in today's sports you just can't seem to Celtics knew it. I just gave you and example with a patriots have been five years from losing the Super Bowl in 96 to winning the Super Bowl. In 01 suggest because the end comes it doesn't mean that the end has to come and it has the last decade. Two or even three decades like it did for the post Larry Bird Celtics it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night one powered down one hour to go we'll continue to take your patriots phone calls. You're Tom Brady phone calls I do wanna mix in the second hour a little bit a Celtics here too. The Boston Celtics there are more than halfway through their season. And no team in the NBA no team. As more wins the annual Boston Celtics are they legitimate title contender wanna talk about it what you guys write your Sports Radio W. Yeah thinks he's late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night right here Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy we. You guys for the next hours so. Continuing to take your phone calls at 617. 7797. At 937 he takes the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy IVRoots continuing. With your patriots phone calls talking about everything that's taken place here in the last week or two cents the patriots regular season ended. The patriots had their bye week last week they finally finally finally. Get to football tomorrow night as the Tennessee Titans come to town. And look I. At the general consensus here as far as football goes get to hear from somebody on this program and I've listened TE guide just about all week. I've yet to hear I don't think a single caller called program and tell me why or say the titans we're gonna win this thing there is this air of confidence which is okay. Good to meet the is almost as smug air of overconfidence. Surrounding the patriots right now which I find interest thing because on one hand. You've got this era of overconfidence. Surrounding the patriots in this game tomorrow it and by the way. There should be overconfidence Las Vegas has this thing as a thirteen and a half point differential between the two teams. Right so Las Vegas feels like the patriots are far and away. The better team and on the field there's no doubt about it the patriots are far and away. The better team but this is this the game right we've seen weird things happen in these games before. In the only part of this team as far as on the field goes that gives me just the tiniest bit of pause is obscene enough of these games. Over the course of my life. Where you've got a team that comes in Lucy Lucy that's got nothing to lose and that's what you have in the titans they just don't know any better and they've got nothing. To lose and the patriots if they come out just a little bit tight. You know there's been a lot of noise surrounding the patriots in the last couple weeks. Maybe this team comes out a little bit too eager. To prove themselves maybe Tom Brady comes out a little bit too eager to show that the last five weeks hasn't been. The clip board the decline that Max Kellerman been talking about for a couple years and he throws a pick or that what happens. In other patriots suddenly find themselves down 710 nothing. They're gonna be a very tight bunch for a little while in this game and again tennesseans got nothing to lose of the patriots that's the one thing you've got to control the year. Yet to come out in the first quarter and established dominance of the patriots can do that early on in this game no problem game over move on to the next round right. That in my opinion is the key to this whole thing but the longer you let a team like Tennessee hang around. The more susceptible you are open yourself up to something crazy happening. And this doesn't take you know some sort of sports genius to figure out here but things like injuries happen right and the longer you let a team like Tennessee hang around. You're almost in bugging. In injury to take place or inviting in ill timed turn over to take place. Of the patriots your loan jobs tomorrow is to come out and establish dominance early on in this game. And I think it's gonna be fascinating to watch which version of the patriot shows up. It if the patriots are true be able to do what we've seen him do in years past and that is ignore the noise. I can only go by what I've seen this team do in years past I don't I can't speculate on what's gonna happen. Tomorrow I can't speculate on what's gonna happen at Tom Brady's arm next year I can't speculate on what's gonna happen to. Bill Belichick next year I can only go on what I've seen this team do. This season or in recent seasons the Tellme what I think is gonna happen tomorrow. We've got the entire offseason to figure out what happens next but I'll tell you what that offseason. My god. It's got to go one of two ways. Imagine if the patriots were lose tomorrow you think doubt wicker Sheehan story made things explode around here you wait and see what happens. If the patriots were to lose tomorrow and Brady were to struggle. Then what then you've got all of those dominoes that will still lead the fall. And who's gonna be stuck holding the bag who is going to be stuck looking like the Yediot. If Tom Brady goes around struggles tomorrow you lose to the titans again no longer have Jimmy go drop below there the sort of save the date for next year. See what happens here you see why people had been getting up in arms about all this because there is that doomsday scenario that plays out just like so. Patriots go out tomorrow they lose Tom Brady struggles you don't have a backup quarterback you can build your team around for the future. You're just like everybody else you're just like the other twenty some odd teams out there without a quality back up quarterback without somebody to build your team around for the next decade and people have really. Got themselves up in a Tizzy over that were it might might mind set is I wanna worry about that when it happens. Right I'm not there yet. Because Tom Brady is shown me that he is still the greatest quarterback of all time on one hand we're sitting here talking about what's gonna happen if the patriots lose tomorrow. And what the patriots build around in the future. On the other hand we're just weeks away from Tom Brady being awarded the MVP for this season right so you're in this really really really unique spot. If you're the patriots and your patriots fans that's what makes this story so fascinating that's what makes this team so fascinating but I do get angry. And we'll get the calls they're a second but I do get angry. Listening to the station all week long listening to patriots fans that have supported Tom Brady for the last 151617. Years. All of a sudden I'm not proceed turn on time but all of a sudden start to question Tom Brady just a little bit. Because maybe they're not understanding. The decisions that Tom is made in his life. To prolong his career or to. Increased the likelihood that he can play longer or stay healthy as the man longer after the game of football is done for. Right just because. He has got enough will will power to walk away from cheeseburgers and ice cream 100%. Of the time. Right because that's what he says he does he doesn't eat this stuff ever. Right most healthy people will splurge once a while for him there really is no splurge and but whatever he's done has worked. I'm going to be 38 years old and three weeks I look like them to turn 55. Right he's two years old that I am and he is reversed age I don't know how he's done it but it has worked physically. He is doing things that he couldn't do when he was thirty. You look you look at a picture Tom Brady today he looks better and younger today that he did ten years ago. The god bless and it's worked for him and he's trying to sell your product because of it so why. It's up to meet whether wanna buy the product or not he's not jamming it down my throat. He's not going door to door trying to sell me TV twelve products. And so what you want is it's up to the consumer to buy the product or not. And I held a lot more consumers. Are gonna buy that product if he still looks like Tom Brady 24 months from now that's the view of the whole business for him. If he can be forty to 43 years old and still look like calm on the football field. You watch and see how many people buy in to the TV twelve method that. Because at that point he's standing atop a mountain that no other quarterback has stood on with him right now. He is a mom. Elite company he is but he is at least among some companies there's been other quarterbacks at forty years old better performed incredibly well. Warren Moon has done it. Brett Favre has done it so Tom Brady is not standing alone right now he's got a little bit accompany. Tom Brady's personal goal is to stand alone atop that mountain it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night there's room for you would 6177797. To 937 back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Paul Paul's in west field all units the appearance Sports Radio W yet. Treatment like yeah and actions I gotta let would you say you're there you go unanswered he wouldn't talk about what would look like that rattles those and we are in league legalized. What I. Then I got white haired gray hair grow and into my beard you know it's. Eight are aging rapidly that's all of my my kids are killing me my wife is killing me an aging rapidly meanwhile. Tom Brady he doesn't look a day over 23. True. I think he could slip and fall or I could learn you can get by about you have a family and a joyous times so if your agent you but. Those are remembering that you could last forever and a mullet guys this that's that are on. Your body hey pat let's take a quick review these fairways being you know. At democratic doubters flatly that we were looking terrible argued and so apart. You've got the most points to Beijing in time at that point had strong the most yards to compensate it's how he survived all the facts that would lead to ready. And I was at a conference finals that's the body of work out of age or whether we lose tomorrow. Yet no you're right about that but it if the patriots were to lose tomorrow right in this being more to come to an end tomorrow how would you feel how would you feel going into next season would you still have confidence in Tom Brady as your starting quarterback at 41 years old being bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Well let's instead of smug arrogant look at good attitude and I've seen it before routine you have nothing to lose they lose that absolutely possible but. If that happened again I would dissenting judges where he gets worse this year with his numbers he's been booted far wrong at the page. Of course going to be around for years you. Well patent that anyone's heard about sites like the greens while people are angry and bitter that it might darkness or. Adding to get at 42 or are you really good. Forty Jews that dip. You write anybody can get her listen I appreciate the phone call that set things right so a fluke injury can happen. To anybody out there here's the difference at least when it comes to everybody else in the edit bell. When Tom Brady went would the ACL. At 32 years old when it was ten years ago. At 32 you come back from that within a year without much of a problem. At 4041 years all the few good Allen and ACL NCL or you ruptured Achilles. Coming back from that debt post forty years old. That's hardly ever really been done before just as David Ortiz eggs exactly exit so it generally doesn't happen you know once Larry Bird at thirty years old ruptured his Achilles he was never the same player again he tried to come back and play a couple of years. He was never the same player post ruptured Achilles at thirty. So it's not so much about the injury itself or the likelihood of getting injured because. If you're professional football player each and every time you take that field you run the risk of having a catastrophic injury. It's the recovery from the injury how do you bounce back how long does it take to actually physically recover. And get your body back to where needs to be and then once you overcome all of that in your body is prepared to go out there and play your sport again. Who argued the comeback is the same player that you were or at that point at that age is it impossible to come back. And beat the guy that you work look no further than what's happening with the Celtics right now. There was pictures that circulated the Internet couple days ago. According Hayward in the pool he's walking around but no brace he's out there with swimming races happening right now and again. The top pick up again of Gordon Hayward potentially being ready at least. To have the conversation. To come back in place sometime in March or early April. When your 27 years old eagle dealt with a catastrophic injury you can bounce back pretty quickly. It Gordon Hayward were 37 years old and he went down with a head injury I promise you there would be no stories and pictures circulating on the Internet. Of Gordon Hayward trying to come back and played this year. When you're young your body does miraculously things when year old I don't care how old you taking care of that body. It doesn't bounce back the way that it once did so you're absolutely right collar injuries happen. Fluke injuries happen it doesn't make a difference how old you are. The patriots have to do a better job protecting their number one investment of said that all season long. This team for as much as they put into Tom Brady right and you look at. Robert Kraft and Robert Kraft allowing Tom Brady to a wrecked the TB twelve center on his property. You look at everything they've done. Or Tom Brady over the years. Essentially giving him the keys to the kingdom. Tom Brady is the face of the franchise Tom has done so much for that franchise and in turn the franchise has done a tremendous amount for Tom. But then on the field. You would think that they would do everything in the air power to protect. Their quarterback and it seems like each and every year we have this discussion about the offensive line not being what it needs to beat. Especially to start the season edit it were me and I don't know all that much of a stupid I guess especially compared to Bill Belichick but it army. My number one offseason goal each and every year would be to upgrade my offensive line make an offensive line. As powerful and strong and seamless as possible to do everything in my power to keep my franchise. Up right. And it seems to me that. This franchise has allowed. Opponents to get to Tom Brady. Well a little bit too often this year like it happens too frequently and to lofted. So it's almost like they're begging. Karma they're they're saying OK you know what how many hits and you take Tom. Really just how flexible is that body. Flexible as it is it really all alas the size the way the U say it is because we're gonna test your TB twelve meant that each and every game. Is your go down. You're gonna be rushing your gonna be sacked him unity sent to the ground the question is how many times and Tom Brady get back up again and miraculously. This guy has found a way Andy's got back up each and every time the theory is. And I think that's what the call was talking about the theory is one of these times. What if he doesn't get back up it is Sports Radio. WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy continue with the when your phone calls on Tom Brady. I'm Tom Brady in the TB twelve met did the patriots the titans and of course on the Celtics more than halfway through their season. Seriously guys. Had your expectations. Changed. The Celtics right now are sitting pretty at 43. And and Arthur 33 intent there 43 games into the season. They've got the best record in the east there'll be percentage points behind. The I'd Golden State Warriors for the best record in the NBA nobody has more wins and the Celtics. Are you starting to consider yourself picks that I am struggling to say this because I can't believe I'm gonna say. But are you are Boston Celtics legitimate contenders. To win the NBA championship. And this year and if they are. The Celtics in the any age have to make a move before the trade deadline it is Sports Radio. W yet you reluctant to late night. It is Sports Radio. The WTI. Late night Patrick Gilroy you're you guys the next half an hour so. A Sadie Quetta city to never righted here don't understand why lately coastal 2 in the morning. All week long that might shoot fury got to leave it. Midnight at the I don't and it's Friday. People stay out on Friday in people wanna call in. And talks sports on Friday and I wanna be here so it Jolie is probably not loose balls to them. That it was one to talk to you back fairly key toss our opponents sometimes depends on them earn their talk is talk reports yet but we'll while some units from what. I've done the 2 AM shift as a Philly guy you know other times so like I did it after 1 o'clock. Essentially like all all the rules go out the window. People. He'll need to call sports talk show about just about anything between one and two yeah. Is why I really enjoy doing that ship. It's a shame that I got to leave here. At midnight when there's so much to talk about you review guys will continue to talk about it you would you the next half an hour so it's 617. 7797937. Continuing with your patriots conversation your Tom Brady conversation. And again you know just to reiterate. It bothers me a little bit as somebody that grew up here. As the new England sports fan right so. You know Tom Brady is always been held in this incredibly high regard he's always been one of these guys it's on your quote unquote mount Rushmore went up and had that conversation. Eddie Immelman had a conversation forty years ago and that's where belongs but. Tom Brady's one of those guys and in the last couple weeks. It's really been bothering me that people. Feel this need to call and sort of trash Tom Brady a little bit because they don't understand what he's doing and comparing the way that Tom. Treats his body to sign topology in a way that Tom speaks to sign psychology it's 88 this is its offensive to me because. It's not the case at all Tom Brady is doing us all a favor he is taking care of his body. Therefore he is giving us the fans of him the fans the patriots. More time to enjoy Tom Brady. It's already Orel there like Brett Favre. But that's not the lifestyle that Tom Brady is chosen Tom Brady has chosen to leave this clean lifestyle that has helped prolong his career. Thus giving us the fans of the New England Patriots more time to enjoy the goat. Edit we're gonna call and complain about that that I think are priorities. Art where they need to be it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Patrick Gilroy nobody joins me here 6177797. The 937 back up to the phones we go let's go to Mike Mike's in Boston might be next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. A bachelor. You know you're in the old hat with your last comment there. Basic level on talk about it. You know people so people don't like what artists and don't really understand it you B twelve method that well and everyone like they're not here and they all everything. And then got Guerrero I'll make or you know that they don't get. And lucky that you do not the paper giving up and Albie. No great years of reform it is that it did. You know I I don't get the ignorant you know hide them though that that negativity. Well listen right. You know at the satellite ever listen you last year when Tom Brady did what he did in the fourth quarter that's who rule he was 39 years old. If you go by past experience that most other 39 year old quarterbacks they are not doing that they're for the way that Tom Brady takes care of himself. Indeed all fans of the New England Patriots. An incredible gift last year if the patriots were to lose it out tomorrow in this whole thing came to an end. You've still got what you got last year at 39 years old the greatest comeback. In Super Bowl history and that in part is thanks to the way the Tom Brady takes care himself. Now solicit. And you know what that thing broke quite you know about it speak for video what what forgot about last night remember name. Was it was last night Roemer was last night Ben Moehler. It would Roemer a degree I know back then if now like Reimer but you think you're just knocking. Sponsored Libya I would say the warrior spirit spirit. And you know the way I look at court I've got to warrior spirit you know like. You know. Professional athlete who you know making records left and right. You know watchdog that every the of course Fabrizio glorious story what do you could eat you know it. Was it like anybody I appreciate the phone call for anybody that has ever been on a diet let's say or anybody that's ever given up. Alcohol for sixty or ninety days anybody it's ever decided to give up our pizza for six months. It's really really hard. To do things like that it's really hard to stop eating and drinking and doing things that we enjoy it but it's never quit smoking. The being know how hard it is to do something like that right. At least for now. Now what Tom Brady does what he's fifty years old and this is all long behind him I don't know. But at least for now it and for a long period of time now Tom Brady has had the ability and the power to walk away from all of these temptations that world surrounded by each and every day. Be it food be it alcohol be drugs whatever be it sex I mean this guy is surrounded by beacon that. Any lady that he wants he can have any food that he wants he can had anything that he once in light. Because he's Tom Brady he can have all just has to ask sport and it's Hughes. And he is seemingly putter all day. To take care of himself. Take care of his body. Therefore prolong his career and so what if if a product of that is building a secondary career that he cashes in on after he retires so what white people are so much. Like if he has discovered alongside. Guerrero what they considered a fountain of youth right and he wants to go south so watch. In a few wants to be the living embodiment of that fountain of youth. And he wants to be a walking pitch man and a walking billboard for that fountain of youth. He wants to charge you 200 dollars a month to go to the TB twelve clinic and take advantage of that fountain of youth. Who. Nobody's forcing you to go. If you are intrigued that you have the money go for if you don't wanna go if you think it's a scam don't go. Last time I checked nobody's taking you might force the TB twelve clinic in raining you're checking account. So why can't we just sit here and realize that whatever he is doing is working for him and get to the biggest beneficiaries are of what he's doing. Yet in his teammates but also us as New England Patriots fans as fans of the NFL you guys or the biggest winners here. Because you've got to get bonus time. With Tom Brady still at the top. Of his game it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Dolan let's squeeze one more before the break. Let's go to Alex Alex is and hold and Alex units up here on Sports Radio WEEI. A new apartment what's about element saying England on the dolphins when you sit knocks talk trash about peaches. But today Tyler well undefeated against poverty in 2017. That is tonight at quarterback a at a point there is rather it is like let's hear them a prominent just what the point that out this project. I'm sitting here in the standing in the NBA. And that's our agency now the lakers are the second seat now I just wanna like sit back in just think. How crazy of a tree that was Jordanians he he treated the first day. In the draft and bet that the lakers were going to be worse than the maps so you could dish that variety. Imagine that pay it off it will all time. Yet that trade and all that satellite beacon on talk about this we took phone calls here on this station. At essentially the night that that Danny Ainge made that trade retreated down. And people here in Boston had convinced themselves that Fultz was the guy there was going to be a way to put him in IT in the same backcourt and the Celtics would add this while the dynamic backcourt with those two. And people didn't understand. Just how good Tatum was because Needham for everything that he did the last three of four deems that he played in in its collegiate career. The first he was hurt in the first 70% of the season he was hurt he didn't look like this thug that he has now Danny Ainge knew a lot more about Tatum that anybody who. Well what's what's written about Caleb is coming out of the draft they saw the two biggest weaknesses where he doesn't have a three point shot. Just explain iso midrange. And I do not I don't have an athlete in their column Obama athlete. Any idea pads some of the best dunks on the team this year. And for a while he was number one in the entire NBA not for rookies but the entire NBA from three point percentage. Get the region. He went heard any news that you can get a third that it can go down as one of the best trades of all. He went third and the Celtics he allied with a and other top three pick imagine this offseason. They're gonna come regardless of what happens in the playoffs this year they're gonna come back next year they're gonna at Gordon Hayward and a top three pick. To what this team is right now. It's incredible was that I appreciate the ball called up against that Alex it is Sports Radio WEEI before we go to the break Alec brought up the standings at duke to correct him. The a Brooklyn nets although they are drastically improved from where they were last year they are certainly nowhere near the eighth seed right now right now the Brooklyn nets are sixteen. And 4610 games below 500 they are six games behind the Indiana Pacers. Four the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. But one thing if you wanna take a quick look at the NBA standings one thing that brings me joy and I'm sure will bring. Some of you guys joy as well you look at the third place Cleveland Cavaliers. 26 and sixteen they are three and seven. In their last ten and so Isiah Thomas coming back certainly did not help that team at least thus far. And what's beautiful about what we're seeing with the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. Today they blew a 22 point lead to the mighty. Indiana Pacers. LeBron James imploded at the end of the game and right now you're your scary team in the Eastern Conference the team that. The Celtics are still very wary of trying to get by on their way to the NBA finals they look like they could be coming apart. At the scene city's Sports Radio. WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy still a little bit of timing yes just a little bit. Over Roma or for you with 6177797. And 937. Patrick Gilroy is talking cat socks b.s in season right now are. EI. And his Sports Radio that yeah. Patrick Gilroy here final segment only tonight. It's tragic and a can hear you guys. Crying in the distance right now I got good news for each and everyone you. If you're that upset you that traumatized by the fact that we're gonna switch over to we gonna go national radio or best of jet when this thing's over. He has been ESPN radio in this thing is over you guys can always if you miss me or you miss the station and you wanna stay local. To go W yeah I dot com you get replays of all of today's shows. Mystery got the wanna listen to a Kirk and Callahan from this morning lots of morning show drama taking place. We talked about Tom Brady at forty years old and what does he have left in the tank. Question really becomes at this point. At roughly the same age give or take a few years what does Kirk minute hand but have left in the tank if Kirk is to be believed. Not all that much he's talking about taking some time away some time off from the station I don't buy it usually when somebody is at the top of their game. The way that Kirk is you don't just walk away but. You know if you're interested in that sort of stuff check out W yeah I'd dot com when I get out of here was in the morning show from yesterday you listened to the morning show. From today and decide for yourself what per minute and is going to do next Otis Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night let's try to rush through some of these calls here I appreciate you guys all waiting patiently to talk whether it's patriots Celtics Tom Brady whatever it may be we've got a little bit of time and yes a little bit of room for you would 617. 779793. Sevens let's give it a start let's go to Erick Erickson the car. Eric lead us off here and our final segment. Absolutely yeah so just just where I keep hearing about how are Brady struggled last fight. A splendid dismissed that. They were the first I don't want their opposition. Yeah that is that is true and they went forward one by windows vibrate so when how and how are. Division games at last I mean they are well I. Can you really expect it to be a lot about. You plan. How how you know 2030 point to explain. Well no it ever listen I I I agree with you to a certain extent I don't think that the last five games are an indicator that Tom Brady is you know falling off the cliff for that yet that the end is here but I think that it does give people that. You have that viewpoint certainly gives them in any easy out an easy target for them to say okay look at this. And America. A time like I am impressed that you place where division in. Pittsburgh we. Can. It just not just not there aren't I think. Are you gonna play. Probably about half or so but they're they're a little rusty haven't quite happy about great second half an ability a region which. Without question. Everybody. About it. I appreciate the confidence I appreciate the folk Aussie guys like that you know you go on. Your book good history it's happened you've got 1617 years at Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things and somebody like that I think is an intelligent and where they just say okay. I'm gonna draw back into my book good history here made book of experiences I got a pretty good indication as to what we're gonna get. From Tom Brady meanwhile you got another group of fans that are looking at the last five games and saying there's the clip there's the end it's right there in front of your eyes. I will say this if you wanted to get snapshot. Of these five games in general you can find five games snapshots up and down the last 1516 years. Where Tom Brady has pretty pedestrian numbers you can do that for each and every quarterback. In the NFL over the last fifteen years it just so happens that Tom Brady's forty years old. Right and I think once again because he is all there. Loading the TB twelve method and trying to sell you 200 dollar per Janice and trying to sell you a monthly meal in the box and trying to get you to buy cookbook and trying to get a mile lifestyle book. And yes a lifestyle app now he wants you to be a member of the TB twelve senator paid two girls among the policy Alex Guerrero. All of those things right. Are making people look a little bit harder at Tom Brady and his performance in over analyze Tom Brady and Tom Brady's performance because. Tom Brady has taken he's already had he already has eight giant target on his back anyways because he's the goat right. But now he's asking for it he's got a movie out there called Comverse is time he's essentially all thirty telling the world. That he is the one that is found the fountain of youth he is the first person. To defeat father time. So because he puts himself out there like that of course he's opening himself up to. Additional criticism it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night let's stay with the cult but at him teams into rake it Tim you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah I. How we do that wasn't him. At the much. Pretty capable technical college as so you were talking earlier about you know. The the fact that it'll have you buying in that TD twelve that the you don't have to use your hat that. You don't cut the by the pajamas you know that the by the book gives the app yet yeah that that on its face you're absolutely right but that's not. That didn't go for the and the intelligent scene in or he regular stand or someone who take full fall for what is at CNET opinion have a significant percentage Austrians. This you know Eric city or execute it Petrie had to lose. That are out there. Our 115 pounds of weight by Jarvis. Now forward there at four and I hated it ill. In a small way they are probably scientifically. They do help you in fort he. All kind athlete not the guy. He called around twice a week it is you know her art and golf week or are pleased beer on which. Now it is certainly a percentage of the people go in each well. Or buying the book or buy and return is that they have no business that are not buying that net but he still shelling out that money. Because they're standpoint. Just because just because somebody is a fan boy it was and I appreciate both Coleman against that just because somebody's a fan boy. And maybe doesn't make the most intelligent decisions where their money. Is that Tom Brady Salt Lake is it Tom Brady's fault it is it Tom Brady is sending. You know his goober to go pick somebody up and force them to go to the storm by the Janice. Right but for years he is advertised. Boots and TAG Heuer watches to the more expensive brands you can buy out there he's never once forced people to go. Where the thugs or goal by a tag Hoyer so I don't see how this is any different the only difference is he puts his name on this he's not voting somebody else's brand right now. He's coating. His own branded his sports radio and WEEI it is a late night let's go to Jack. Let's go to Jack Jack you're gonna be last up here on Sports Radio W yeah I'd be quick man within your mind. Okay we'll you know I just wanted to make comments about Kurt meaning and or at my druthers and I called him Kurt many men. You know idle I don't know why you guys stage. That this guy is so great on the radio. We outlined him very annoying. To listen to EEI because. I hear the only worked our radio station in Springfield Massachusetts. So there was another sport that review in the morning we would not be listening to many. Was and I appreciate the vote college Jack I get your point. Listen permitting and he does one thing he delivers. Ratings historic. Ratings are many headwinds Tom Brady wins in a parallel there. That's what I'm here for. Tom Brady hurt many and they the same guy we'll talk about that on Sunday night when I come back here Sunday night eight to eleven at that point we'll know a hell of a lot more about these New England Patriots. And where they stand in who and there are photo it is next week or. Is the dynasty over is the dynasty done we'll talk about it we you guys coming up on Sunday night enjoy each. The playoffs everybody the best time of the year.