10-08-17 Red Sox Pre Game Show From The Tilted Kilt with Bradford, Drellich, and Picard

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Sunday, October 8th

Rob Bradford, Evan Drellich and Danny Picard record live from the Tilted Kilt to break down Game 3 of Red Sox vs Astros.


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What's not we. Live. From the snow that well. And Fenway. Omni and he got with rob Bradford and Evan drill what's up boys a black as a unit it up. Scopes Oprah. Problem. Wrong yet few of the deal that but he that's stupid question. That you do you. Recruit others. Yet I average date we recruited places like the deal. Agassi that I know this. Well you know it's you know it's the theme by this team atmosphere electric gear it's crazy. It's. The I guess it's available to other car is not. Not anymore today by her Callahan had an interesting week. Prisoners but the done. You try to buy ticket yankees game it's a ticket and it's the gap. Shall. It's huge. And it's what slept on the sidewalk for tickets for playoff game. That I. It. Operative he makes the catch Pittsburgh duke college 1990. I'd get my habit rife with the other guys beat down the sidewalk like a lot of other people and you keep the property. That's stores. This is that I'm really all of 45 I operatives you go to I don't. I notice that the outside that's used to there was a way to show up early next in the line. All. Well the fraudulent they beat one yup it's data remotely yet it was like rise you'd like you say you could if the line to. Thousands more than they would not a result I remember coming it to finally be in my Frederick is gonna go to apply around the area and we walked. Down and tumbleweed rolling. I mean we are threatened box office lecture on which it and we get a ticket this enters the game and they said when you wanna sit. Which it will pick the cheapest ones we know it's right field you know it's solid. That's saves which ever meant to them with. Sixty now with the game they're still trying to get on electing people we eat we bought tickets and room and and that's why we waited. A little bit but it wasn't like it was. I get old I get a ticket to build. I imagine that there's some regret from Red Sox Twitter account of weeding out that it tickets and you can still buy that's why I asked. There's no way they can make enough big bit people were enough people would go and try to find tickets they want them. The sellout because what happened is what is what is the biggest story leading into the game. It until all the out there and Russel Arnold. So obvious and it's this not a great look. Don't use those as well do it. To view from that's illustrative but it did what well they can doctor write tickets sold for a dollar suit. The colts went up I. That's what I that's why liked meted out. It it it's that are trying to fill the understand that we that's a bad luck regularly look at the mentions on because they have. Tickets that they try to sell them they wanna make the right well that's well okay well they they've sold out today today sold out you keep knocking on line. My take tomorrow you can't what they do the exact same thing tomorrow if they'd tickets. My guess is no because they learned their lesson we have some of the external box through the show sure wanna let you do a good via. A outlook has asked if you're out you're out there if you had to pick what you could purchase that. Today's game we're coupon which you try to make it into your paper Red Sox have a chance to actually win this game they would not based on the on the and but the weather is not gonna be a factor Carolina and ran it. No more rain barrel barrels that by game time should drive because I think the last thing that you should want if it were it's not just for this game to get rained out you do not want this game to get rain. No tomorrow yeah. If if they want that it was L I don't all right well that's it and then and then. Okay this plays out thank you mother nature you went today you have no game tomorrow you its tail and game wore these stark Craig Kimbrel and he implies. Q I am I'm only half joking it's just like everybody pitched to await jumper who's. You'll have even it was going out game because I don't think it's atom to that's the so unorthodox to be the right thing to do. We've seen it until I got here is right now. What this I mean that's helped it to the rain out tomorrow. He gave for use it to him out now are all all users are about you know like that got right now not because you always guilty. If any at W quitting all the postal. Yeah they'll use that as if that was stupid argument what was that whole thing you Whitey you cringe. Why earlier Y you what we'll look at the people don't like Austin it's early in the quicken you because you be hot what you behind but what three run this time for people with either way you view you could hire what you well there was no. Spot there was no law. Just volumes about the game and you have Carson Smith which is on the roster to do one thing to get righty hitters that are right so why it. I understand is that it's just rank with bases loaded into. That what was up died listen Carson Smith should be ready to pitch out to. If if you have a if you wanna bring that aren't bad if you do that you pull our brands that the guy that you should add and pitched it or you wanted to. Out to vote for space out not have minutes I'm what did we do. I would be absolutely no question. What happened a lot it is confusing decisions from the manage in this series lead up to five questions with the roster I have questions with the lineups but the lineup we'll look at today. Inquiry must win this is the line of pitcher that does not game one but this is the right one game. PH moment at first base that original lineup this is the lineup. Into new audience. Exit yeah I mean let's I mean this screwed up. For the first two games that we go down a list of ways it's a new against things you say simulated game. But it's just such a terrible terrible law when you're saying this guy is going to be a really good player for us. And the first time he tries to run to first base I understand the tents these different but. It's not. That different it's just not a deliberate MRI yesterday for the middle of the there's some war damaged beyond them Lehman that was initially in which they're gonna look terrible because they with a bullet. All else airs every illegal yeah it every every that well. You always do you think you'd think the player even when they go to Eduardo Nunez and I'm sure you want it all right so it's up to the plate you're talking about free agency and you're talking about what's important. That the play here is going to make that decision the players going to say hey you know what I don't you'll write about this because they're going to be a free agent. The team they don't care about the free agency at least where I don't talk about you know about the players that don't further risk right Jon Stewart if two different conversation if you did not know because the team shouldn't worry about it free agency. Shouldn't worry about the player. That's delivered in this. There's no further wrist injury that he got injured for do you think he was this late. That they were emotionally then. Two different conversation if your talk about free agency the big box that Eduardo you need to think about what you're talking about the any thought about that lies about that lineup and say we think that are Eduardo Nunez is going to be the player at the eat it. Or player that he was before. Without any sort of picked up. That was that was a complete mess absolutely but I will say this if you thought that if you thought wondered to give you can be good player. And I don't have a problem that want to because it mayors are shown me now. And this whole like motivated in the what are the most telling quote from John Farrell I thought was before game two. When you there though. When he says it being gates UB when he said yankees motivated aiding gates all of my witness tells the story often like in gates. Are you can. Well let me tell the other night we don't want the on the eyes will be. Like that what we understand that you prepared well and helping the company to. The first place yearlong story line. It's done there'll finally. But it toward we knew this was. Without enough. Well in regular season's crop production. If you're talking about a guy having to be gate in the playoffs and that being one of the issues then that's that's the problem it would agent says it. You know guys all night view that if they'd stated there. Talks to people in the picture of just throwing that out it's an informed and yet he's. Not the clubhouse. But he talks to fill oh absolutely it though that's where that can't let. All that's said you can agree that right now obviously. In this lineup today this is the lineup decision on number one on this is the best equipment out without a coded wondered why yes. But what you have I don't think that I haven't I'm not talking about don't have a. You said but this is what they did you said this should be in the game one lineup when that light of it now and we were on the impression Eduardo union votes. 8 semi healthy was going to be predict it will produce like he did in August. I'll take that Nunez over this in the mayors the problem is guys they can't keep up. You can put it hit me and lets him he is gonna turn into a player that we have not seen at all this year they can. Keep up with a huge surprise the brawl with any discussion right now be the line of people pitching the argument you can always think if counterpoint what does that. Matter because after the assault went to bed in the Red Sox right click they have optimal lineup today yes a watch. There also the slogan hit five or moment that they. If and that's the that's the circular argument rob with this team is what the fix it right now to repeat. Oh they went to their idol they went to they were going back to Q that's the only prediction I hope Casey they. Today went on the winning tomorrow what would you do if they really gave Florida thing Wednesday. The question the big question is who would it's painful and I know you got to win it without her narrow with outer rain out with its tail on. They're gonna throw was all knowing that personnel don't. Office and I don't mix well. I'll tell you gonna tell personnel to know what to go with either a 38 home wrapped it up. Right here's the problem it normally I would agree with you. But here's the problem. Chris Ellis Chris Sale right now and we can't ignore that fact for the last few starts the big identical. And and Chris still to come out and say about it it's still my arm the walls off and I'm motivated in this and that at this. But the problem it's the last two starts you've got the exact same Chris Sale which right. The guy who these sliders only get half the time his location bad you look at the home runs he gave up the whole. The bright mid oh what does right mean duke he hit breaking balls down and it. Here near the breaking ball down today it out to make use a ball I don't care if it's 97 and 98 right in the heart of the plate. That's that's why don't that. We're walking about why you're overlooking the you can get today without writes that's like you have a right. I mean it. Let yet to get through it and you don't be able to like that. Watch how how is this road but I Google priced at predict Emeril. Does it never ever ever. You're going to pick beyond the fifth or sixth inning and it this year it's to re Kimberley Smith yeah. Wanna see Smith on the average I don't we. Presents. This eleven game. If you. If you replacement at Smith committed itself to bay and at eight the quarters if we get good numbers against the before and hope for the best because no one else can get out the guy that great but it would use carts Smith after that what are rickets. It's a different day today we are right now but we've seen these guys pitch and we have to say well that's maybe not the guy that I thought you going to be if so Earl says that this goes through as well. Which was at its rubble this this is that the right all figure the other one know what it them. Well it has I delegated to a new job job animosity really settlements in on the the meeting happens well. Let's talk. Police mr. bird ethical it basically herald with sinkers. I've got to be effective or all there was no fault with the golden. I don't know who that guy it were cells of your game four starter Rick rights yes. Oh yeah I think it every addict or you warm it up once you start the game. Another you've got to be ready to this with some of the planned all along and advocates with the plan all along no knowing you have the off that if there. If mr. Kim updates the prices can be while on month. And all the liberal outlook and I think you can only two days before we went into coming if it's about. I'm ruling out that Vista gives you quality stock Natalia write this post season track record if we're gonna put any stock in that. We have to put stock into. Doug business. Had an ERA and debris in the postseason appearances and his last postseason parent whose 2014. In the same exact situation as today the national down too well he took the ball it's Madison bomb gone accurate it was three years ago you know Obama got seven shutout innings. Now the giants want to win the series and win the World Series but he'd helped force a game or it's the same situation today. This is a guy who has that experience just like a spot it and it's an issue maybe sale all even bomber hands. You know get a little shaky early because it's the post season you know any thought this might not feel that. Might not allowed two home runs in the first thing which might give this offense in their own building which did not want to line up. A chance to put up some right against the guy on Houston's mom hasn't been very good at Fenway in Korea. I think bit I think that beat the blueprint is there that the for the Red Sox Doug Fister five or 65 innings okay. David Price up one witness I don't agree but this market everyone that worked up over the whole Chris Fields might be a relief pitcher. Chris Sale a few rademan Josh Redick coming up. If you wanna bringing Chris Sale the face Josh routing. Or to face that part of the lineup when you know that's got to vote right Loeb what happened with the one I do about one. What are you guys fun right so rice mr. price sale if you want it to great read Kimbrel won't there you happen. I mean it's it's not that complicated I think they know that it's just it's easier said than done. I don't think this team you're gonna see Abby you can go to the list of guys you won't see you won't see it but robbery. You won't see us now it's it's a couple times you know it you'll supports a locus they're probably wanna say. Who else is there to Joseph Kelly made adult maybe but don't go. In this case you know that Joseph Joseph Kelly is sort of dividing line here right it's guys who ever thought of you have you have mr. Price sale may be read him. If your apps and that's why they think if you ride or. What gave them this thought that this guy who can easily reveal a roster who took two months of that when you find it who clearly ethnically content over over and over. Good also in the post because neither team let's reverse splits this guy is better it gets right and left the tonight when asked if we elect these players bought it was all. Well it's one that made it okay you you talked about. If the guy blows up in the first inning right you be like yeah right okay so if the I agree with the up. But the problem is that he's tees but he went on this run. And then when the most important game came up and bowl he was terrible blow when this game came up he is the yards added that. That was a terrible look the other day when he came in and became a sort of in the balance that he gets us wanna talk about. And roll it's it's stupid because they'll look at a picture I don't clip well I think but the game but but. But the thing is not when it Robert Rodriguez came in that's that would of the batter you breathed in April banner but it doesn't. You have a better chance to win that game peanuts aren't they your target your better pitches early and got I don't know John Carroll quite gets and I don't know we're gonna see that today let me on got. I met with ads read that you can't I was forced to not happen if there's a chance at the space available with them sitting cricket wheels on this game girls gone tomorrow. It's the stupidest thing if you look at what point. But Adam let's be honest I mean. In games one and two. When you when it's gotten religion does that allows the home runs like that early August on the road with no offense like this it's struggled a tank top. I mean you documented team a chance to win. I mean you're asking this to get a chance today but I mean I think we should talk about this happens because maybe someone like Brad peacock is a guy that it's not get enough attention. With the fact that in three spots at Fenway this brings a lot well armed robberies repeatedly. Well he was good as last time audience I get a lot. The last game but that was a blow out right. You know it's like you yeah of these tweets why you railing in the pitching life it really meant hitting well we should rail on open. Let's close in early. Everything that you can take anything lightly events and the other thing to do to run. He had it in went become to Brad peacock that's reflects offense. If you look at this Princeton offense it's it's it's the first two innings of last game with perfect it. OK you got submits all right you did okay. But it's it's it's odd to it rudeness yeah I mean you have to have a couple hits and then may be a wild pitch babies stolen base and then. Maybe you'll get the two out hit and then Houston comes involved at the two run homer at this whole idea that you cannot live without home runs. Let's look at the and I told him he was supposed to be the guy who hit home runs but they don't have him at this is something if we're gonna look at next in the. People used to think that people who line offense might be advantageous in the playoffs wrong Astros. Have a blue one. They had the that's the offices of Red Sox don't strike out that the advantage in the Blue Line off that if it's like he would argue with a ball like just what he doesn't put the ball in play. It's don't know what the Astros the Astros lineup with like it's like the 2013 minutes I'd like to do that Sandra tonight. I sure do they don't strike hollow and it also when you have a lineup where every single one of the guys in the lineup it's better than every single one of the guys the other line up. It doesn't bode well. But here's what I think connection helped the reflexive to the district number one he's the best ground ball right on the ground also you're not playing in the closing minutes. You know little cooler I hear probably. You wanna look at the that a meeting can help keep the ball the ball market that's what you need to do now also today before them me how many balls we. Just the post season overall yeah it to them. They succumb to the good the other night and up two long runs in 32 they choose the post season ball board I don't know legacy ought. The regular season ball result most home runs its. The my guess is three vaults him result concede type of baseball you what does it we go through this for the Red Sox seemingly every other year. Are they ahead of the curve to be remembered when they got. When they get in the pop low it was well now people are prioritizing back to go with the cubs did a prioritized backs. Everyone else before with the treatment bats we Wednesday ahead of the curve and then bolt that turns the three a lot of pitches bird back. That was a thing now also and John Henry get up in front of everybody said well maybe we are seeing too many pitches so. What they've word was it was a mistake to not. Prioritize signing Edwin Encarnacion that was eight back lol yeah I just wrote a column I agree that an Alley. Belt while it was thing I republics in the larger and larger tax threshold that you look at home today about how this game means a lot to many people when I want to happen to their own. I will get we'll get to John Farrell would get some phone calls right 617. 77979837. 61777979837. Your Red Sox calls game three today it's a must win worth dope that dope in Fenway. Sports Radio WEEI. There's you know there's no doubt that that way don't need it got with Davidge relative rob Bradford. It is epic game three it helped me yesterday and the weather out there and there ain't gonna be slowing down they're gonna get this one in 72 degrees today. A little drizzle somewhere along along the way but not this letter bush I've always look. And throughout the. I would never do that brought to you by likeable well that I had I heard you got a good experience guides I did I did say buddy icon returns by switching to Geico. I'd like to have happened if there are better times want the whether it. Right for the playoffs but what is clear penalties I don't they tell us at the U with a big winner for Geico Geico speak with right now I took the bus and hit it but. That in all but ultimately no parking passes and a little pocket that. The I don't know. It happened I don't know what happened to fly I still wait for that and the building a real hot now. Though it's. Always the front that's now and I think I'll update now on. All the buzz me is that a not security. It's an app don't know it yet I actually made it Everett I'll be used to. Work now Houston's only solid these days the new and used him this year at the group movement it was I'd be admitted her. Right that you. I believe that they have control of them wanted to get to where officers could be wrong about huge issue go back to 2005 world that is violent adults really need them. Open the group they want it closed. That right if one there are critical diversity yet in the but that's cute with some mountain bank Reinsdorf. What a beautiful day when the only with do it with the temperatures will now. 82 William I are just tell our viewers in the EU with great art that that that. It's there with the controlled with all due to which. It was yucky you'd. Want them I'll tell us out yeah absolutely I mean it was rock yet. Not a lot TV it's on look at Cleveland. Didn't leave will last well now what's in it don't give it a crowd it was a it was seen last year where. You know it's of the difference Thabeet will be used to crowd was. Why the pitchers were on Red Sox were upward to you know it's read about the baseball game there was nothing if you have to happening. Quiet. About it. I remember that. In the year. It yeah. If you let them. Out wolves like you gave Red Sox routed them now. Still distinguishing itself him videos of who's line. I. You know it territorial thing that real well out no I know I thought he beat it sounded as loud as you can Google on our. A lot of Latino friend or not it was a train but I average everyday Everett I'm not you have to listen to me because I'm not saying this don't often. Don't you have to listen to. It because I'm not talking about the replacement the regular crowd in game three last year with our worst that we've. And I would be surprised if there are worth it used. You run there are factors that play I mean. Well happy I. Agent I know let's say it will eventually be lot of public advocate oh yeah just the Red Sox needed like Ramirez to call up at the hands in the Lotto. Always try to do too but that's not good news. Like because. Additionally parade cheerleader on here that exit visas like so car sales that all the right things right Matt's quote that the does all the right things when he got to deal of the day before that start and everything that you would want me here. If they were bears eat your breakfast get ready we're in Atlanta get the crowd behind. It's all of this I don't care not all of this is what stock. It is not too much it's as if this isn't about pocketbook if you a couple of in this we're gonna say we'd apparel but if you couple way. From this game like he did for the first. Then it's isn't. The reps like the whole Red Sox tight end its stated in Everett talked about the that I wrote today it was just like this one gave it normally should be this way but that's what game. It's going to be eight to hunt for this organization and I remember I always default the Claude Julien remembering it did the right down here we any. It in there are hot game seven against Montreal the year they went with him beat up on what's been beat up. Yeah gave them in Montreal they are saying if they lose that game. Coach Julie was going to be fired right. There was that sort of narrative they've won that game to Montreal in seven that he was out of the got yeah out. This is weird it's weird at places that are defining this guys existence my my what is Italy's that if I was worried that you just. Sum up your ball real quick there will outline your wealth you. The way they view things they way they do things in terms of this whole approach without hitting home runs. Over the line you know we don't need that guy in the middle of the order or those guys in the Ramirez. You know it I. It that's what I almost wrote but it begins may be for another day. By you were bears if you have a bad game today and he ends up his season like this. Okay you're 42 million dollars in forum next year of investing and it. That's going to be picked up he's gonna get. Parents if you get the played terrible what is your head at seven points out yet to pass the physical right now. But you know upbeat about the Google is going to be you need to be crap well let's that's physical like these aren't a lot of them yet all of a first throw it into. If you don't like if you're at if you'll if you'd think if you think it in the bears Abbie you're like this year you have to at least entertaining things to you later. Because it comes down to well do I wanna pay 44 or twenty department that your outlook out of this terrible it. Let them I don't know what that's it's. You probably at an area. If you look at it that become so that becomes another craps or at least sitting here doing nothing in it becomes distraction. If you're gonna if you're gonna if you think that you might turn things around. You have to cut made them. It's barrel on that was. The parents know they lose and leave the how they leave. It feels that way it's yours that they were with an exhibit goes back to the clip you Olympic not write. It both ways but I. I sort of like I wanna go to game more I picked LB gets fired at least. Until. I think if they've I think if they lose today I think that they have to make it all the decisions that have been made the last. Three of what gays from not just everything that that that you that he's on as a manager at. You're in spots these moments the front office US look at what do you agree with what it is not a bad job it's not. This is now all of them this is now on the manage its it to make it to you that he's interviewed. Like when the division you and I had a news here I think that he added that he than people give him credit OK so. It's been a good yeah I think it's bad for him. As cheap as any Major League manager I've admitted. Average all right so one of the things but averages not good and this not get swept two years of the relatives. In the first round average stock when it comes issue comes up he's not a thing what are the things that I sneak it past. Is it nine note that people say they say stuff but the the next day between your mind. Dave the browse the day John Farrell has done a great job after the last in this seat. So if that would be the first question if they fire but it does and expect them to say don't use the velocity up right now what a great job well. How great. You know that mean I completely on his hands. I don't know by. Did the browse this goes a bit rusty he is Smart enough to the week that way around saying things whether it's telling the truth and not only through. I would say this to you guys agree to get the call them right now. But if they you fire them this is the go back to gloat too this is Terry Francona this to me is it that saying you've done it terrible job this year and it's. Read you another voice. Right more than anything that even like what is David Roth. Protecting himself oh what ultimately this is about the round this team's failure about their old news. But it will I disagreement. I disagree and Nebraska did I mean he went out guys it's okay. Already make little bit but that he went and got great girl ready they don't barely control the national book that's who. When I wish you got him and got into us you know and you guys you've got a team on a daily basis and him talk about why it'd make that move I mean why. They make that. Money it's quite an electric creativity and if you wanted to come from money so it's not the checklist. On them out if it's just about monitoring technologies and what. On the rapidly because he if you want to get recruits want to make space on the rocks you could probably well it it it is he would do anything about money. Look at ownership public at. There and ball and I believe I believe it's about money it's about like three tax even though they would never go down that road totally. But what did the prosecute the winner weakened at foxwoods says one of the reasons we didn't. Was and we wanna blocks in Travis what the problems. I guess its budget by lights in France's attitude and the way he played the game that he's gonna be a Major League hitter not a this team because he cannot hit home runs anyway we get a good. Because you have to say this if you're Collins you have to be good. There's a lot of callers 17777937. A year ago Peter JP. Our return and keep your eye opener. I I think some of the Pentagon. Did burger. The general manager because. He did not replace Dave reverses 38 home runs and a hundred clinics of America has figured did not replace their paper Mitch Moreland. I think you did pretty terrible that it's going. And it filters through the whole lineup. Without integrity to be everything. He will lose the rock of the club. And they don't have that. So I I think you know I think we're in no conflict. He didn't regret those two those two issues. So I think. You know a lot of that is on him on him. And our incur you know I think what the native. You know big improvement. And I'd thanks for your effort. The crowds he's not look it's hard to populist dissident. The president not to be able to hide behind I don't think the writer's opinions count them look and say even for all the sport that. Done girls become the joy for me it righted the manager for every little thing even if it is nothing to do with. I don't think people are gonna say getting rid of failed him to the team we see the difference on offense. Well OK so we've got to offense the are gonna replace starting pitching Altman was OK one aspect of also that they have to look into. Is the the make up with a team. The club I. Those those terror by use today was the cut the crap quotient in that club that's martyrs Dortmund. One thing with the way you put that into words anyway yes I try to do it again for you. But it it is there is there at the very low cut the crap. Emotion in this clubhouse they all like each other. They if this is in the toxic clubhouse but. In the club houses and really this isn't the manager it's the former boxes and boxes. Okay that the good club buses that they've had its name the four corners of the clubhouse. Four or five guys you talked about Mike I cut the Mike Napoli Italy is hear about their clubhouse exit. If not the manager Adrian Beltre run that clubhouse that you just mentioned David Ortiz OK we knew David Ortiz was leaving but. What happened there that that cut the crap quotient with every very nonexistent with obviously David Wright being the prime example. What you look at the people in the club house. That's the place where. It's a personal bonus babies huddle and told the the greatest thing OK yeah at least ahead. I think there definitely that said don't. Have to be realistic and they had you David Ortiz hit a much people want to replace him and replace that leadership are gonna do that overnight. You kids. Let's a veteran should be able to look but vegetables but. The group book that it's that we talk about that attendees that. Out yet is. Involved and that. You know these kids as the development of. Right play is oh so you. He's not a town. First while right but a case of Chris Young is that guy Chris Young that's the spot where you find the David roster Jonny Gomes that whoever. And what you had the other day. Was you know Chris Young you were there because I was not happy with play. You have not happy with being painted war and you talk to some people over the Houston side they look over the Red Sox side. And they don't feel like the high five him in everything else it's it's a different vibe that it was due out there. Well I don't apply it to be I thought that when you get the crap out all right no but you know what it means I mean as I've got a cat crap kicked out of another team it's just. I don't know what the attorneys because you have to err on the side of talent every single visit Brazil shows up again want it doesn't look at three home runs through five innings this might be different compensation and with that liked you Joseph that you let guys show up it it right that's what. Yeah I agree before we have a typical Uga degree that there at least have to beat week. Do you look at you were and who can if you knew that I don't care what rattle tiger's brought him here. The way. To help them work out and look at the places that. Don't really. From. Both where does that. Millen Georgia. I don't know I think it was at my phone calls itself. Homework and all big camera this feasible to have that that the Barclays in the game Wyatt and neatly popped up all of its older and the photographs about it. Threw a curve for rocker because the other girls than anything it lately. But why are the good. To go to Chrysler. It's a good question barrels asked about a report in the answer is that the pitcher catcher relationship they feel like the EU. To have a strong start to cut they'll start it right well I noticed that you need all that student what you want the fifth and that's not yet that you want the catcher most comfortable. Well no in general I think it's a niche and unique to earn that right to pick your catcher but in this game today which you you have to win it all okay with. Hey I feel more comfortable this guy OK let them. We'll go back political activists of last year I mean baskets with in the lineup and then. Less than an hour before the game he wrote that the question is why it's so obviously they were there with the priority there'd obviously that was Doug Fister saying. I want this guy catch against and that kind of err on the outside every time Buick. While more call before. Allison became details are right. I do anticipate the roundtable with break. Two things into Power One 115 minutes. I'm half and half ago I don't want young kids brought up not knowing how to run the big tax getting the first that it didn't step up and I think. And none of the injuries. Don't there is no different when you're gonna protect its risks and haven't American officials there's definitely would not happen. That was really been no decision not to do you people of the people perhaps. It just actually come up and it's not been happy with Mike is leaving a bachelor. I think even more openly about until we know that this team wouldn't attack that needed Johnny. Johnny Damon back is opening. I you know what an alpha bank's. But thank you we we talked about that guy you know a guy would bring back is new yet assuming that it's not captaincy. You know out bring back unions do not like I I would when he got that club both it was that's the kind of guy that you want to the rescue movie etiquette Greta yeah. Davis is that that that. Yeah replacing personal. Yeah it's nothing it's not something like that does that mean to me that we don't get on low lighting. Evan knows it's a big guys come in for a happy for a couple months. If you can't you can't exact that he but the above the Jayson Blair remember you like it's quiet guy the next time be showed up with a guy. And you get to. Arts excellent 777979837. Neat phone calls coming. Where until Red Sox breed and and throughout rep and avid relic aren't any god from the bill that to help that that way back at it. 77979. 370. The phone calls coming and we all live from the Jill McGill that that would get you ready for the game great Red Sox Astros to AL BS you know that is all right I'll. Red Sox got to win. The way to long do they got to land of blood tomorrow Stuart all out. Next little while everybody else they had all hands on deck on it and get ill yet it's got to be you know holds barred them. Had to know that. 2009. This situation. This is what this vote we called the clay buckled game. I do doesn't nines started he was this crappy news man than me you it is now there yet and it you remember. They had 200720082009. So there used to be in the playoffs. It and after that year they go out after they lose that game which is the close gave apple bought actually little. And they go outside Beltre the all time Lackey. Though they've makes a move but still I felt like there was we've beat that we make the playoffs every year. We want the World Series we elbows with the world's leaders we made the playoffs it'll happen to them that. Last year. It was it was a close game. But if the Bogart's thing. When Bogart says he's more confident this time around than last year I know you gotta say that. It's booklet. He actually believes. That bag up the B Rebecca could not remember what it was like. I wise sing and and try the other day is saying non confidence doesn't matter right now we get we get up let's game. Because that's how they use this sort of crappy product we seek less market but. It's with Bogart well as its arable lands with Bogart's it's it's. You know you facing Josh Tomlin. But buckle to be pitching well you're the best offense in the major leagues you know you felt like hey you know Cleveland at Cleveland school coupled Cleveland by. They don't win one that may go on their merry way. Under this bill. There is no way they witnesses. That could affect the rate. Cut throat. It into quite a bar if it does get right out right well whatever it. We warned not win in Houston thinking line with earlier with his that is the way. Yeah the court the nature baseball this they watched that are now that we think is not a high and land use and that's a public. She'll have hypothetically. I would skip it if it. But it will that add it all the weird thing is with Verlander like Verlander. Did it if you had a couple more bats they'll line up. That was that like oh my goodness you can't hit him Mike Hooper was last year that's with a everybody right now. I know it's weird to think what I was just ask what what's that legally like underwrote more than half of the stars Abbie good lasted what happened last went four innings. Throughout the bossi yet com where you had did a long lockout Diamondbacks. Up four runs before he even got one out in the first inning and didn't even come up with a second. Yeah so it blew that out yet aren't really crank who's going to. It. It's. I think because I'm not I just tried I think oh I'm doing my best to Roger whimsical you do not you do. You can if you. It is let's go to John in Medford not a that it's not. That we got there yet John about our guys hey John how you do want us out. Wow wow let me give them in my notebook yeah I think it's obvious. It's like playing the first line is that one and I don't know why you want to cry also going to be I'm gonna give you I want a good about. I I didn't mean them the day. John Breaux is Alitalia. Unemployment Ryan might one day. And they've got it and yet the that I am that morning miles the. John Carlos isn't who it's okay. I bet. Well I think it's not known how well they should be the negev from what it really doing. But. That's. That's that's the hair. And on the back. John Carlos Jimenez and well from what I heard our a couple of times this week on the MLB network. Haven't seen it in the ownership over the that it won't ship may be looking to happen move move. I happen not happen. Thanks for the call today not this roster they had not gonna get Stanton what you write what you have to give up if you don't open it up now. He'll dress or the mob money that he's definitely got off well. Well they. I can't I think the market is gonna go out now by. About it all up with egg on our nation I don't know exactly that it. If you're the Red Sox would you keep an open in the world would ask if that's what happens with that rate we put the warmth we'll put it this way. Gee it's gotta be somewhat hands on when it comes of that move right. You'd equity. They sanitized next viewed it and then you know you can't think that he's got a sense that the Red Sox with fifty cents on the dollar get it can why because they wanted to get rid of his contract that. This is the only way to oppose. All the that it did is always a guy like this used to be and be back in like you'd ask me. And that it was Adrian Gonzales before they actually ended up getting them there's always gonna hit. It's not a big enemy that. Ultimately what an economic growth with court it's not the guy you meet if you think about who. Go out and get someone like Austin this. That when you. Neglect of first. If Bryant's body away I disagree with that you can yeah you can get up first. Yeah right up to be running that show what they do right ate it and you get you couldn't get a first timer who can take control of the inning. Outscored. The right if it's a great guy knows your buddies practices. Johnny quid patty Hughes. With. It it. Six point 777. And 7983761777. On seven I need to resettle gonna take one more probably what are we gonna do a shot at they want to. Moss all before the break out of I want to make the call after the break 6177797937. What broadcast live. From the Celtic yelled at Fenway back up this time all. On Danny cannot here's what's trending on WEEI WEEI. Not on game three they'll PS between the Red Sox in Houston Astros is today at Fenway. Used it leads the series two games and on and Doug Fister will take the mound for the Sox try to prevent this week. Right Brad peacock makes it's not the Astros first pitch at 230. Regain begins at 145. And all your right here on the Shaw's WEEI. Red Sox radio network. The lineup for today is out is the Red Sox lineup. Oh god Pedroia up and it can be matched all of the Ramirez that is. Leon at Bradley junior also likely we'll try to sweep of the Yankees in this game three in the Bronx at 730. And it's all NHL news brutal acknowledge our is expected to miss six weeks after breaking his left index make a lot blocked a shot. Thursday night Bruins play their second game of the season. Laurel at 1 o'clock at the god it is 72 degrees and cloudy in Boston. That's what's trending now. Didn't live with that in relative brought grab that we here at the joke that guilt and that way they show rejected by now allied. Take more of phone calls there until 145 that's when the official Red Sox pregame show is he told dominant 617779. 79837617. 779790. Grade seven brought you figure out the computer over there all of Columbia what are we don't go. I you does that in itself during the. Don't believe we have done that before usually don't ordinance. Johnny Roy. What do you mean by live like this if John Quincy was going on. You could literally just what it even distant dream that. Just before the break. And then we can get there and you know like I said we should actually I had just don't think it's got to be able to. Well I think we need to keep people up from that you do. Was that you were price and if you would. And deepest demons that you brought we children. Add this guys mumble and socket yeah. Read about gets someone else like how does resign. I don't multiplex and they always put words about the music out there ought to I could be here but he put wurtman yeah. They were surprised I was David Price if people say we you to trade it might put him apart in this case that's the only guy I thought okay. Bullets right now. I yellow. So I don't know the big thing they've right David Price come back next year it well short you know opt out. The prop nowadays is like this incentive for him to show up next well narratives but that he wants it. There has not let that happen as well you pinch you it's great. You it's great lot then quit your. And you have to have a physical. Then fourteen had signed them and that magical oboe is talking about the little what he got them. What's going on. Well I don't know if your is quieter. That made me and it reflects the company's nominee now look there. Looked it up the tickets right now of advertising Hollandsworth. Made it to the available. Let's knock knock on creating a lot of that is the theory block at the box office we want is set man if only ever see thoroughly. Certainly important to Allen. Wrote about nine dollars an iPod guy able to fit next evidence to press. That's is cheaper than Bruins right it was that game one. Any art Paul was going on. Are we don't go to if yes it got. Oh guide to god do you guys convoluted I don't blame it on barrel I don't landed. On the general manager don't growth either add this to me it's purely a performance. I mean we don't throw Ella Garrett heat related that he had the lap we got beat at these blades and polling and and that the pinnacle looked the other night. And while I'm grant bail them and that and thought it could figure out how much anymore how it got that hit this ball. Can't pick up here in theory could make a guy that's one. Maybe it's 1%. On the players not performing the the level of that nature and they are expected to war. I can make up most of this is on the lawyers I actually agree with that I've said that the last three days on the station that most of it. Has been on the play is I mean when you walked in I didn't want to use him. And for sale it's a back to back home runs in the first inning and that's up three home runs through five innings. You know don't give it a shot that's the credit they jump on his right it's what you do you can't tell it in a woman's makes it. Don't think you let them manage off the hook because it. Dirk mentioned to her decisions that he's made out at all this I have met. This comes down to it to me it's not even about these decisions that we got that down the list visit the city Mitch Moreland. Four Chris Young was I I there's no way to explain that. With the events he is holding lefty hitters to 111 a matter again made that move made no sense but you don't fire a guy has it that. You're umpire Joseph Girardi because of what he did well but but I mean Clinton's imaginative that would happen if that happened hit that's about it. When you grew that the bids every LB Gary does not see that. It thank you but you did not. And if they fire barrel it is like you said it's going to be clos du we have Terry Francona is that we needed different voice because the overall need. It isn't listening to light like him like it. This dude too is he going to be okay rock at the time Iraq now. Well I'm a little quiet ride a bike you hear it it's not the player. It's harder pretend barrel you read anything about about leadership. About how about guiding you seen being dumb pick your professional baseball say it all falls on his shoulder it. The duck unbelievably bad decision making and gay okay but you won't win. It fit it knocked out you know been able to look for that whole collapse or hear it here so. That hasn't changed. At 80818. Summit in spite of him. It opened. With accurate and all the parenting coach and what what happened that that these guys commit here and political are under or one guy he he has. Yeah all the players accountable hey you don't think that car. You know what that they adapt quickly right it accurately on the plane and it Eddie eagle on and act but it was done. The guy with the guys in the afternoon at at it was at. Yeah if you know they have but if that was given an apology he really didn't get the wet and you know there was nothing at all. As we must win game they were talking about right actually have a blank I mean. And that's what we do to block. The game made it never complained they had its parent you wanna talk about the blankets but we just hit it. Well we're at this point it was about that he'd be Rocco went down the list of things that people identify when they don't like John zarrella as the manager. Believe me there was a lot of flaws that argument. But they'll play it drives me nuts he touched on this and I heard rich keep white like a lot I like rich keep the law. But he said this earlier in the day and I I almost had switched to acoustics sunrise. It's less lives. Was hey John Ferrell used to be the basic page out barrels a manager Kate kicked John Farrell makes for sale isn't he that's what you spoke to do. It's such a lead the argument is Bill Belichick nope no check was supposedly the best events coordinator well I. And they get crappy defense that hey what's going on kick Bill Belichick because that's not how things work. I don't know if point a. The players who simply. Opposite. It just does not want to go with the flow and that's always go against the grain could be the best spot with manager. Type person and keep your personality. You can still lots of what is now world food it's always good to try to mess things up to this idea that a 100% Carroll didn't think it was that. I'll I'll get a high percentage but you can captivity that we're that nobody could draw that's the question I have moved it to be able to get the right. Keep in Somerville I don't keep. They got I think they are all if it was sort out name essentially replaced for our earlier. It's going to live repaired as you know what I think but that you know respected name. I'm respected player captured you can make pretty good manager. So I deported they'd I think you get with the park was needed in his injuries have been one of the major issues. To see. It's and what we get sick but at. Well I'd I'd eagerness at all. I agree with Nunez thing but when it comes to Varitek is an ex manager. I mean I've beaten laurel they would that Al that I think I would have been talking about it last year at the posters are taken the player. It would get its youngest yes but it. Would you talk guys with this goes back to our club bounces. Let's just bear tech was the hero that you with any leader of the team because of the way he played. But he was the leader of the team yet how we communicated with guys or how he got in front of got throughout the guys to do that it worked he's been one problem. Discotheque was never the guy who do we communicate with the other guys so I don't is Jason Varitek the Manger thing I don't. If not able gave its reality we were the manager particularly in this town there is the beauty colemans and I think if there that we despise. Taking the question every day at any of them having the second guessing at the chronology you don't think you want I don't want I don't think what that element of a particular. It if you want it why would be beaten with Eaton right now it's pretty. Special assistant jobs going. Now it's just around help about where they eat it with his life so the point. It yup the coach of the event to have somewhere to idle the conclusion for a particular captain. John Frey began raids on. OK guys the last two years demands the Red Sox John Farrell. He led the Red Sox keep. What the manager and still lives in 93 wins hollow. That's not too bad is it he had his two best knowledge that we do with a bat late can I just finished before you got up. Dale and Palmer into well rested. Before the playoffs not so he means that perfectly Dylan Palmer and well rested before the playoffs with the extra days' rest. They came up. Zero. I think that he Farrell got knocked you out a plate this year. We zero. Yet our management in 93 wins is no veteran leadership in this whole battle on them you get these. Berry counted three outfield do when he dances after everywhere in public they do that after a playoff win please you know. Really can come and keep these guys and I'm on our you wanna pick on John Farrell really. 93 wins 21 place finishes its all his fault right. Help me out. Now I've already told it's modeled his faulty talk about district agent in your right it's ill bomber as they didn't show a lot of and I think it would be different promises to write op if they did. It's a result based business at the same time. You know manages what you said about just the boys in the club most but I think that brings me if you get away from the manager for second. And you talk about maybe play it vehemently and could comment and replace Ortiz is pleased eventually. All right a lot of people talking about Stanton. You move and that the most likely move it's probably sign it's like Erik because now he's 27 years old. Yes playoff experience he has the World Series ring gunning it 25 home runs this season. What do you all think Posner and it is personnel here is leadership that would argue maybe that's got you could bring him that would be able to provide that leadership is somebody. We should focus on more in the off season than anything else well. But the problem bore you with one paper town talk with guys just small market. I don't know Watson right team that night and the committee if that round talk about the crap like that. Don't know how that one city. Talking to the media out there will be immediately used to be there. Because they expect it to Brooklyn to treat political arrived in kick this thing in the but. You need to be the oldest fine let's look at the caller is not wrong John Ferrell the little. It happens here we'll go on a raw deal in substance. And into the your book. Announcement that about whether I want to fulfill my now to wait months while he will be durable recovery right response. You can you can get a grip because despite all the crap that went on. That's bullets in 19 intersected that your not to prosecute that war. The fact that all the crap went on you know already working at that I don't want without that perhaps it's just let it affect rep went on him all how to handle itself. All the way and the job done built at that point public since he made the cut. But you know we're human. An eagle to reveal the whole mallet. Economic. And real quick before you met the colts. You know another thing we haven't talked about about coming off of today's game and what's going on are you guys did you pretty confident archivists are going to be here. Right we'll keep beds Jackie Bradley. Theater Bogart's. What might miss independent and are those guys Raphael that is like that would probably include up talk about guys who've been here for at least two years so those are your guys. Those are the guys that you say we're gonna run with these guys have to find out what they can do. Abate kicked in in Dick dale like today. Are you know that you don't have the big box where the milieu lineup you know you need he's got the warm so are these guys to step up. It but I'd just like we try to step up to. If you look up and down who. That I mean once odd moved it from Albany on what we're at that point the old and I hope that if talked about it now and. Today in the U that there we'll let you refute that Kevin do you think Kevin that this is the a representative Dustin Pedroia it was a right now well okay. I've John. Well. Robin New Hampshire it he and Senator Kerry Democrat cake let's go. You're here if that's on trial court I remember exactly what is America or Toronto and that there were computer batteries that we got to work off route well they'll. Now it's not a well worth it when a World Series. What triggered what a World Series the division are or what flight are almost too shabby. But my biggest question is your article is what the matter your coat whatever but that nobody has yet to replace them with. And I and that can be particularly look look terrific future look let him means that we want every every pitch count. That's not prepared out of fuel quality of the people. You know our government. I think part in the 91 an accident who you know he's got stopped at. But it duplicates so it would be the better and better fit. I don't know. We're it was a close. Yeah I think thanks to all you wasn't trusting the well we've met for another name obviously been thrown out there's succeed. And we we have no idea how scared he says he would be the neatly into what we do know how he was as a Tripoli manager. The talking about the cut the crap caution policy I don't I don't know he's Hedo was a guy more than an avid we hear when he was. Record. Yes to my memory I'll buy it. It was it was a guy who was talked about how likely it is to these players more than any other major players major that I I didn't know that. Been brought in a little bit and oh my goodness bill Brooks Bogart's when those guys are down that right my wrong. So my question you'd think that their wounds that. Does I don't know I'd I'd I'd had a hard time he can't do that right now and I. I bet that maybe the children right and I've had a hard time getting off a whole boat. The dynamic at these are seen on this team because we've Lavelle you always view of mellow out in the clubhouse interacting with players and everything else. What we've seen can receive more on the road is usually they're hiding here. I didn't see merely that I think that he wasn't doing it behind the scenes I I just can't get a handle on what he was likely open their. Was to look at other people outside or you want what opportunities we got the job not see them too bad job that he was an excellent fit with what. I think that this ability act you're talking about who was the sense that looked so with that in itself a little slower at that scene I would agree that right so. We don't see that but now there you just that. I'll let you know you go on the road in the clubhouse about you part of the bed coach's job is being built between the players the manager wanted and it what you saw you saw what Belo. Interacting with it it it just because we are not seeing it as much doesn't mean it's not happening on this thing that I am I do think that maybe. They went to this would you say a few minutes at a lesson. You know stay away from media little bit not as though do what it's by north. It's a big maybe it. Where where I don't think he did it I think he did just write about obedience. 61777. At seven I. I did 3761777. On 79837. Real live. From the built the built in Fenway brought to you by Miller Lite. Board of phone calls at this time all. It brought to you by Miller Lite. On native got with rob Bradford and haven't relic that you ought to Red Sox every game which we did that 145. Birds that today at 230 to miss that. Burress grabbed the clock and the rain has stopped we're gonna get this one and a if they're a force a game four tomorrow the question is will they get that one and brought the. Yeah not too sure. About that if if they get the game tomorrow yeah you don't think that was going to be like tomorrow. Not so quiet tonight no way no way I know by tropical storms and and I know that balance Calvin. Today you look at the weather no way they haven't view is that it market. What do you guys at the top of the show it's not immediately it wouldn't have been so bad about right now they've went to want that that this. Because I think then what do you do with your own rotation. Little more time now lets me get to that statement posted on right now if you. About Vista with having no but mr. with the gonna go anywhere mr. that is a lot about me regardless. And you know it in so Leo that if the show on the road that would still if you could edit that it appears to cut bait here would be the line. It's so I tell you guys if you do they went today. I think they do I think this gives an equality is not I think they add a couple big hits from one of the veterans. We try our Hanley today I think they get I think they got a couple hits from those guys that would in big spots. I think you've got a right price did you 23 innings and yet it is you can't relate with you when it's days. You haven't seen the F truthful then that's yet rob we know pulled. Out I think you have to pull the that you read it with his partner Ricky ready. Yes that loss. We dropped off at the author of important it's likely killed and twelve flights out. But I doubt we'll reported that experience that this is the pool that wealth of experience that we're. Not surprised first postseason apparent yeah. Let's not this bill that. At that we are. Let that one out. That you might have a little that it is that your your view sorted that he meant it. And again we talked has let up twelve earned runs in three career starts at Fenway combine that with the postseason debut today from him. The Red Sox it's time for them to put the opposing pitcher on the ropes early right it's not really. That's the problem game is that they actually have had opportunities to wolf we're currently during title and especially game to. The difference about what it's about seven Guerrero those my point is it. It witness could be optimistic read the excitement will you should be optimistic because if the federal lineup to a you look at that lineup look back at that line and it was there with a what he's doing. Do we would never rat race you're talking yourself into government red arrow being in legitimate Major League hitter. In a lineup that you need every single that it. It that you made the bird catcher whatever but that's activity first and third nobody out. That is the big part of that. Well played there. That gives Michael that moved through the tee it up cycle from the left all your objective meant to you about the good bet it would look good at that critical for everything slot. Locally so it's likely that you'll. Never. Want to hit somebody write that they found this one thing. It double date like Tripoli right basically doubling the whole year deal with trick or do you. Because I hope not exactly out of nowhere and and you know put in the lineup. And what else I'll say this is that the gate before you can say it. That oh well you know let's they were pitching to him they were elevating him chasing everything else why like that at bat against Verlander. Earlier there was elevating elevating elevating and then what time yet the opportunity to put the ball like he did. He gets the sacrifice fly and he they get one of the few runs so. He's not a perfect situation with the Everett might agree with that haven't been this guy who could potentially hit the ball off the ball. And also the one thing that jumps out to be with debt is and it's jumped out since he came off its first game. He doesn't seem fazed by the big multi role as Jack did not pleased by the big moment so why would you ever think about taken a model lineup I don't get it. I'd skewed to Stephen in the car eight David. Page I didn't expect my call our Obama percent cola from duke to Rhode Island would struggle aren't. On my wife and I had not looking envelope was stuck in traffic renounced putrid the economic giants yankees and and I was to do that every day and I listen to the moaning about. John Farrell and and that Nancy made them that they think that what killed Iraq I'd like I did not tell my wife. Yankees I don't go to run the Red Sox picked off like that all our our quote you here I really believed that. Guys all fallible. I haven't not it'll I didn't think that. I know that like pulled you. Well we got the job well. How will that help that I. Oh well. Is it do you want. What your body didn't last any thoughts about what 78 pitches he was present in the sixth match of screwed you'll. At that sale we don't actually think that part of your body to osu was that really want what you would want. Don't know about you. Was cruising I buy it but this is is the closest birth right juicy argument once again. Girardi we can agree before the playoffs are it all will eat at they have over achieving. But don't like the Yankees disputed Q what they did he he had them over to the efficacy could be said for probably a lot of years that you. Me to yank its. That's it David. I know I loved I loved Girardi all I I want them to keep them but right now all my record yeah it's. You know they want who want all the guys that do you rate you're very. Open wheel while wanting to be it would Yucca Farrell. LL a lot done in Iraq I know I work at what our thoughts aren't. Exactly again and this point have not yet been released and let him relax. Scottish open keeping what mr. Alla on. And you know he's gonna break out I'd be tired I really don't. I think all in all the calls that they were it still that didn't lose this. Laughter. But. It. Like. Look. Guys. Now. It. We were like that but if if needed bill gets hill this morning in the playoffs needing that aren't just it would be the opposite of me. It comes down to if you that argument that receive it becomes bowed down to one now. Ed Whitacre you know this isn't just picking a guy in it railing on them. It is because they showed us that everything. Was lined up perfect and what the argument that they might have. As well look at what do you do it first if we could flavors like we wanted apple cares play a Nazi on out there first in the first month every Woodward's reading if you slow starter. But it's okay if you take your time getting him the other part it was that important to have that built the guy and I. Recognize that when they put the Yankees for the first time what was. Like to get through judge in Sanchez in the middle of that order that dynamic. Brad. Once this year with the Red Sox. Hopefully the results well no no I have a blaming him for that but I will say this I give. The gloves picking movies that is about a tremendous amount of credit for going out and pulled the trigger fail weave them hip would've done that and number two. If that the season moved trades days routes to and. In new yet old apple has worked out where the war. If a little wary when you would have guys don't edit the regular they don't win the division without new yet yes or no. Okay we look great all we would pretty much has won the the let it but my point that doubled it's it's silly double me we're good morning. Right I have. Without those moves in Ottawa county right of course like this all. Out immediately obvious. But your options aren't there you ought to diet and fit the option. Raw ability that. But it operates. So riled now piled up. Followed with rounds at Tennessee. The browse the argument to me corporate partner that you put OK average. Evidence ever and Everett are evident in its big news today even today in the action that they blocked laughter. Who do you blame more the route your fair. The browns. And this is a reason that's an I don't know. You. Growth and acquisitions that played all right. But it's. I don't know I cannot. Roster like that. Is what to look at what level what it. Besides deciding that guy I don't look at what what well what. Ottawa and Ottawa I wanted. I was a commitment through the line with all the wealth. But it quit on. Seven. It. Right but dug by you about it see you as you just went for what they put it up. God boils. Yes I'm good with your con my thumb is handling the marriage. Just before that ended this season they went on at 81 road trip which for me how many get back to back I have. It's. Life has worked eight ineligible that was one too many from me I don't I think we don't need this act this guy who spent cockpit. Neat if you have been engaged in anything that you can play in this league. Ed off at stake for the colts got it you know you gonna call him the owners who. John you know that's right now if you don't know who wouldn't want to. With the right place. Old school guy right beautiful lobster fishing Jersey he gave up our public advocate the guys in here and so what does it. That is what it did take it away yeah if you're about managing the club on it right at the podium really to be looked round. I'll he would he would say hey that the ethical this view we cut the crap pollution would be very high right so it's it's unfortunate. With that he lost that who. Yeah way to lose that with bullet about it no doubt he lost it with David Price and David Ortiz and it's not it's not a mystery. Ohio well we got to go all get wrapped up brought nice job and I still did it everybody has jobless bags that nobody yelled accidental head. Enjoy the game Red Sox Regan is next CN.