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Saturday, November 18th

The red hot Celtics have taken the NBA by storm and the fans love it... Sir Charles Barkley does not. Gilroy gives his thoughts on this team and how they are perceived around the league. 


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Please use late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard for athletes getting going with Patrick Gilroy. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Sports radio and WB yeah I. The yeah I late night Patrick Gilroy you're would you guys once again taking you up till midnight tonight. As always number to join us your 6177797937. It takes the program. 37937. Find me on Twitter at Gilroy I'd hoops at Gilroy I'd hoops and hoops. Is where we will start and we've only got two hours so I promise you guys this we will talk some patriots coming up in the second hour but I felt like. After last night being here 0:2 in the morning we didn't have time to sort of recover recuperate from the Celtics win. And then really come back to edit without with a rational thought I think a lot of the calls we took last night a lot of my reaction. From last night was that of an emotional reaction. I think that's natural I think that's on the Celtics clearly going out there it is their largest win of the season it was funny and interesting year. Is the last five times the Celtics have played the Golden State Warriors. They've won three out of those five so there's this sort of Seve argument that I Europe there that the Celtics are pretty good match up when it comes to the Golden State Warriors. And there's something do that so we'll get to that. And I want to unions view. The national perspective on the Celtics vs the local perspective on the Celtics as well and that's what I wanna start the show tonight because. I really I did my homework today last night driving home from the station I listen to a clip. Yeah out back and forth between the two sports stations listening to the national perspective. On what we just witnessed here right in Boston. And the national perspective on the drive home last night was very similar to the perspective that we brought on the show here on late night last night. And it was that the Celtics went out there and had this weekend's victory right and this overly emotional. Response people work incredibly positive about the team and I thought that. The positive duty end this whole talk about the Celtics being the best team in the Eastern Conference a potentially playing in the June was just. It instant reaction. From what we witnessed that the gore last night. People would sort of calmed down today and the national perspective would be one of it you know the Celtics team is good they're good story but now that this team isn't widget. And I couldn't have been more wrong. I don't wanna talk about what you guys are 6177797937. And I couldn't have been more wrong in a good way. I went ahead and I listened to. The national shows overnight it was and a local shows in the Bay Area today online I listened to the local shows in Cleveland today on line. I listen to the local shows in New York today on line. I Bennett and wet and I read all the national papers and then I saw Chris medics is article that he wrote for Yahoo! Sports. And there was this collective discussion. Around your Boston Celtics and their ability to essentially represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals and I couldn't believe what I was here. But these national hosts these people that don't cover this team full time these people that probably have only watched a handful games. When the Celtics have been on national TV all the sudden. They are buying and they are 100% buying in to the Boston Celtics it and saying that this team was the best team in the Eastern Conference hands down. That was sort of the perspective that I got. From Nat that all the national outlets and I couldn't believe what I was hearing I couldn't leave when I was reading because that I would flip over to be too local stations here. And it was the complete opposite so for. People that cover this team full time people that watch this team full time. They have not bought all the way in they are reluctantly buying in sort of would it tempered enthusiasm. To what we've seen here now. It's not sustainable right the Celtics can't win fourteen games in a row fifteen games and are twenty games in a row it can't be sustainable but. Candy level of defensive play. Be sustained in this team legitimately go up there and contend to win sixty games which I think is just a it's a gigantic number but a sixty game. The sixty win season would represent 810. Win it decline from the pace at the run right now. Right so would that be disappointing it's there's so many little stories that go into what this team has accomplished here throughout they're for sixteen games. I I really wanna leave the air tonight with a better perspective. From you guys as to what. The ceiling is for this basketball team again because nationally. Usually nationally is where you get the negativity usually the national guys are the ones that have the tempered enthusiasm usually attack you know LeBron James you'll eventually pull it together it's still the LeBron show in the Eastern Conference. And that's not when I got its what I expected. But it's not like dot. And I am getting the tempered enthusiasm from the local hosts you know from Glen from Lou from Kirk this morning from the guys in the other station. Sure they're happy. That the Celtics were able to pull off this victory. But they're not enthusiastic. They're not buying in completely they're not saying you know what this Celtics team hands down they are going to win the Eastern Conference this Celtics team is now the favorite. To represent the east in the NBA finals on the same they are on saying that as the dialogue that we should have together and maybe. By the end of the show tonight at midnight will all have a better idea as to exactly what. This Boston Celtics team is what their ceiling is and how best to enjoy this team moving forward it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 617779. Is seven. 937 you take the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on hoops coming up a little bit later in the program. We'll be joined by former Celtic point guard former NBA all star Kenny Anderson and I'm excited about talking to Kenny. I've wanted to talk to him ever since the Celtics flipped Isiah Thomas. Or carrier ring of course any a great point guard into himself one get his perspective on the trade. His perspective on who was better in his opinion Tyreke or right seat. And it's perspective on the Celtics team don't forget Kenny Anderson. Was part of a Celtics team that went to the Eastern Conference finals and eventually got blown out because they weren't good enough very similar. What Danny Ainge did last year 53 wins Eastern Conference finals. Blows up the team because they are not good enough one of your Kenny Anderson has the say about this edition of the Celtics in a key if he feels. Like Danny Ainge did the right thing blowing up. In Eastern Conference finalist team for the second time in his tenure here as general manager of the Boston Celtics. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night nobody joint it's 6177797. And 937 let's go to the phones. Let's go to Tyler Tyler's in Westfield Tyler first appearance Sports Radio. WEI. He didn't button and you just gave me a class action on the reminder that wouldn't look to change our. We've got the idea changes probably put our more than I don't know. And to see what he put together. Put in perspective that this early pharmacies in the new group is playing so well the number one he says would point to love Oklahoma City soon. And when you have your browser and when we lost our. He declared it would injury but the big surprise that this early on in the season. We should work that is that this patient being young were less injury prone and that he world just you geeky just like we're doing. You yeah you're right about that when it comes to. Not being injury prone because of the youth the one thing that concerns me though when it comes to the youth is. Jason Tatum is used to playing what 3035 game scheduled pops so he do you fear that inevitable rookie wall at all. Absolutely and when they hit a lot this symptoms that they need to recognize our time and and the inability to you know validate an art that's when you pull them out that the injury. But consider how long season and it is a shock this early hour that he's and I don't think anyone expected. This much of winning streak in B and number one he censored group. That doesn't happen overnight it would be seen as take continue to lenders garment. Well about the same aging out together they have the most arms of their release distracted and most well this. Let me ask you this Tyler before we get shot here clearly your Celtics then everybody Indians do you feel like this addition of the Celtics could represent the east in the finals come June. Absolutely and reminded me and there are no Jordan Pippen who would you look at RJR has come up. Quickly and you look at look at every doing it discloses what they get. At a young age imagine and June 2 years what they're going to be doing. It's gonna be exciting and tiles and I appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program I thought that he was gonna go Jordan and Pippen. Wind died Jalen brown and Jason Tatum he mentioned Tyreke. But last night I got a call and it was somebody that said this could be the next Jordan and Pippen and essentially saying that it would recording could be. I can't go I think it on the road I'm not gonna do the jordin that in comparison this guy did last night. I allowed my mind to go there momentarily and then I immediately backed up. Because as optimistic as I. As much fun as this has been to start the season it's gonna take a lot more a lot more wins and a higher ceiling. Per Jason data and Jalen brown to be the next jordin. And pick and help I'll take it if that's where they get. I'll take it but I'm just not ready to go there yet right now I'm trying to convince myself that this team is the favorite. To represent the east in the finals I think that's the first step before we start talking about. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen quite possibly the best 12 combination of all time in history. Of the NBA it was they were the calls let's go to Blair Blair is a main player next appearance Sports Radio WEI. Strong man and Larry don't. It. It's totally and we got that seemed let's do it you know. Would Julie Guy we do it goes stage I'm sure there ain't right up there one or two. And the NBA and I only got the ranking is yet to make it sort of play out depending on what your rain. We'll listen went where you buy in because you up real quick do you buy yen. Two regular season wins Blair. The slide built by what they're reading it's totally because. You know he got to be right totally stick. Like side. Or you know you want to be rates. Pretty good and make to make a good spot Szczerbiak Coleman and you wanna be reached. Right there to get home pregame he ought to be a given that you're not going to be hall. Though you're right Blair and right now. If the Celtics were to it to start the playoffs today the Celtics. Are the number one seed overall meaning they would have home court advantage throughout the playoffs and into the NBA finals. Yes very get them let's stay the I wanted to get LeBron. We can't do it we just make no mistake that's going to be tough and it just being difficult period tonight that the the clippers up like nobody like Chris Paul tonight so no indeed LeBron and I think a person. They don't Chris Paul unfortunately Blair is now with the Houston Rockets listen I appreciate the fall called OP a stranger the program momma I'm up against that your little bit. Blared so it seemed a little bit a little bit off his game tonight. Yet the Celtics are clearly remember Blair usually brings a little bit better he seem yet on week is enjoying its Friday night you know I know absolutely nothing wrong with that. Look the Celtics right now. Number one seed overall in the NBA I mean that that's something that you know I I'm not quite sure that's what we'll finish up we are only sixteen games in. But the whole point of rehashing this one more time tonight at least for the first hour program. Is to sort of compare and contrast. What I'm hearing nationally vs what I'm hearing local. Because here locally you know this is the media that covers the Celtics this is the media that at the garden this is the media that watches the games. We have a about a much keen eye on what's taking place on causeway street. Then what the national media goes but all that being said the national media completely almost overnight bought into what the Celtics team is doing. And I have a hard time wrapping my head around the rationale is it just an emotional response is it similar to what we are doing here on late night last night. You know giving an emotional response to the game you just saw because I have a hard time believing that you know here we are 24 hours later the same people. That we're seeing that the Celtics are the favorite to go to the NBA finals would feel the same way 24 hours later. Because at the end of the day. You gotta take a look at LeBron James and I hate to say this because I despise the man I'm not a fan of the player. And I think anybody that's listened to be over the years understands that. His numbers are as good as they've ever been if not better he's a more dangerous player right now than he's ever been in his career. I keep on waiting for that back nine happened in for the eventual drop off the inevitable decline due to begin to happen would LeBron James and it hasn't happened yet as a matter of fact he's become a more dangerous player. He can legitimately play all five positions right now. No I know the rest of the cavs need help. But if there's one guy on the planet they can put a team on his shoulder and carry them through in NBA regular season and carry them through sixteen victories come playoff time. It's LeBron James he's proven that. He took a team we've Larry Hughes and boom begins it. As as 12 punch next to him to the NBA finals. And I hate to give the guy credit is that drizzle Gus is at the time was the best teammate LeBron James had ever had. So I'm still very reluctant to go 100% in. And say look the Celtics you know they've surpassed the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference I'm just not. There yet let's take one more call for the break. Go to Joseph Joe's in the car joy units up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Yeah hi how light the night driving my car back called back by about eight awesome college also kind of excited yeah. Well yeah I I think the Celtics. To a large extent. You know this success will be sustainable. Because. Of the intensity they have. You know the unit that this is the team has. I make a much high school kid basically you know just out of high school in their maniacs. You know they they apparently these guys and play hard to the bitter end and they don't know that project. That that that might take on these guys. You know they just gonna apply to all over the place there they there playing with this it's ridiculous intensity. And I think it's sustainable because. Not a burnout because it's so young and they don't know if they approach and I think they're coach is gonna keep mention all the way. It's an interesting take it you know there's sort of going out there and not realizing what they're accomplishing because they're so young might fear when it comes to that. Joseph is that eventually the age does become a factor eventually there is this rookie while we sought to when Braun hit last year the hope is that this year he's able to avoid it he learned from last year. But a guy like Jason Tait and the Celtics. Are leaning on Jason Tatum that they're depending on Tatum begin to give the team production game inning game out. There is gonna come a point here this year where Tatum goes through a rough thirty or 45 day stretch where he really hits that wall it has to come out of that wall come march or April. Well yet have a salary don't tell tell them they'll work to do that and if they're able to work to I think there out. That nothing but destined for the great thing that that I might take on if they able to you know would he handle lulls. You know throughout their. You know throughout the piece you know because they've got before five of those games where everybody's. Stop playing well and have been able to you know sustain that and rebound I think. They'll be the true test that we too matter. As a guy I appreciate a phone call listen they'll be a stranger to the program. Awesome stuff here listen the one thing that I I do want a leading guys on before we go to break here. Is that yes it's great right now it's been a lot of fun watching the Celtics team fourteen wins in a row is really. Exceeded everybody's expectations but if you wanna be. Ultra optimistic and really hit the next stage of optimism regardless of what this team accomplished is this year. Whether they Bala literally in the playoffs or represented the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals. They've got Gordon Hayward and all start coming back next year and the potential. Four I don't the second pick in the drought the third pick in the draft fourth pick in the draft or this lakers pick pans out assuming. It's not one or not beyond five they've got a real opportunity to come back next year with a another high lottery pick. And essentially picking up Gordon Hayward. Adding those two studs to this team. This team that's just reeled off fourteen in a row another infusion of top tier talent is just mere months away and back. Is what should get you guys excited you're Celtics fans what has me excited is what's coming up next. When we come back we'll be joined by number seven former Celtic point guard former NBA all star Kenny Anderson he joins us here on late night we come back Sports Radio WEEI. Until late night until fox Sports Radio guy. The Sports Radio W yeah. W guy late night Patrick Gilroy you're taking you guys up until midnight as always number to join us here 6177797. 9370 takes the program a 379370. By me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. At Gilroy. I'm who've pretty excited about our next guest here on the program of course this guest and all guests of ruts you by JBL. The official sound of Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics and the NBA. I'd like to welcome former Celtic point guard former NBA all star. Mr. Kenny Anderson of the program jedi. Thanks for taking the time tonight. So what are your dorm where it's another day in paradise you know and sit in here. It talks Celtics basketball. With Kenny Anderson and really you know what's better than that. Yours there. Well there are New York while Bob Bayer. Want to call war which means it will blow up I stayed up. I appreciate you staying up late I gotta I good as yup the top Kenny I see one Twitter rock in that Celtics shirt quite a bit. Do you still consider yourself a member of the Celtics family. You are at Alamo Bowl for the filtered our. There where it's. What we'll call the Johnny Joseph sold of a three gaga to weird. Are forward. To Rio almost sold to whom he sort sort of chilled should you'll look. That the product you know shorts shirts what about the bit tricky. So you know they're good at balls low you know long you know the routine you know weird stalker who entered the day. I love bill beloved players who are cold regardless. All are so great moments. Go home. It'll have the blazers. Golden Retriever couple minor political athlete code software limits sorry. And older in the world almost and so what the Celtics. A rodeo of patrol because there that you can guard that through periods left but of all we're seeing. That always good at all would look at what. I wanted to ask you when you bring up the old regime the team that you were part of that was early on India any changes tenure here he gets the Boston he decides to blow up. The Eastern Conference finals Celtics team and then last year. The Celtics once again reach the Eastern Conference finals they went 53 games at one point Kenny in the playoffs last year. There were only three teams left playing and the Celtics were one of them. It takes a special type the general manager. To have the stones to blow up a team like that only four Celtics from last year's team remained when this season tipped off a month ago. How what do you think when Danny Ainge for the second time in his career blew up a team that was essentially a final four contender. We are they're great you look at their Cleveland Cavaliers all of our league east. You'd think he could. Complete another year can still affecting a lot. About it Larry Woodard I really do believe. It will go all fifty you know what are the problem that it'll come about create. Albany that the period a lot of money and then it'll without. Kyra read without fear or to be treated. It king you know warriors. Eric there actually. Require real cute you're trumpets and Arctic. There will be no point of view also all of their work for the cars we actually. Crippled probably. Albeit comes commercials created. What payable on quality ago. They're going to reduce this talk about state. A bigger better and better for the future. This year it's great with their school right now very would injuries what I read there's no wonder what but it went down it would go to Europe recent period of their daily grounds. Process in order you to all. They would Boogaard. These people would not pick of a back seat could be looking so you don't open the way to beat out everybody had their well. And I think you know I'll offer content where Corey year. All bigger cargo chemistry and you got to walk Gretzky it's a book called. Oh. You've really build also seen their he. Because it's critical decree pull quote. Let's go back real quick to what you just said comparing. Kyra your adding to Isiah Thomas as they of course having just incredible to would have your run here in Boston captain off last year. Averaging just a tick under thirty points a game king of the fourth quarter everything that went with sort of the Isiah Thomas experience last year here in the city. And you know he gets treated sort of shocking Lee fans were ready for Isaiah. Wasn't ready forward. But as a former NBA all star point guard yourself. What's the difference between these two guys because numbers based on the numbers are very similar to. Robert your via this period that contract on the though. You know there are parents at bottom what he would targets are yeah obviously you do you want a small point guard adults or like that'd that would injury. Go to with a bit of its Arctic under The Hague where worker. Should you know Walt the wonder a bit difficult for water championship. Currently collier written not right now are you then beat you in that in BP compensation. All it did to me this is a no Lardner. Great seeing you weren't. I'm lover okay what are this. Are really what ritual they're picking Gilbert. You go from being reported golf. General and I think that's a little bit you look at that also wonder what. Or their black record they're they're they're a contract you've got to actually. We agency you know. He market but we're glad I didn't know what they want to back their old one in it and that's what their their own good. Because of the eastern apparently the great player. You're you're numbers boy are they can't recoup he saying and Lou. Bigger bigger boat oracle. When it went Isiah Thomas eventually comes back and and stories today he still a month six weeks out when he does come back. At that point you expect Cleveland to its a sort of turn a corner and look like Cleveland again. Virtual. Are you the great player but also on the blog page you don't look bad system but I'd like he knew where you would you qui. If you got a look at a couple moved a cold or a market could not print column moved. Brad keep its lovable coach of your you. How they've played well at beaver river differences in years. Google where basically he would hold office now you know we've got to pick it differ somewhat. So would big league got a very old or older and well there will be peace. Our weekly ineffectual play legal Wimbledon will accept sort of their policies. What does it will be orchestra I pictured. Including. A mogul who sort of like you did at all. Sports Radio WEEI it's WEEI late night Patrick Gilroy here with you guys on the line with us right now former. NBA all star point guard former Boston Celtic point guard. Kenny Anderson Teddy when you are with the the nets you played with one of the more dynamic. Power forwards of generation in Derrick Coleman and I look it. Today's. Power forward in that position how we changed how these guys now stepped out to three. And I feel like Derek would thrive in today's game. When you look at a guy like. Al Horford who only gets you and I say only on paper he's a fifteen and eight guy and there's a certain segment of fans and media. That think that he's you know an average player he's he's not an all star he's not worth the money when you look at Al Horford what Eusebio on the numbers. You need to go Gardner Ankara would be true it's very hard RQ. Oh you don't look great you know what will be constriction of the week that put global war you go to court the next match. Certainty that it certainty. All that's what actually you know in her murder asserted in their particular they got it right out of agreed. They got a garrido home. You know lost supported cart world where you can play the week is important. And I think in order to keep track it will great success before pre game which. It all your years in the NBA have you seen a nineteen year old kid like lake Jason Tatum come into the league and looks so polished and so already right out of the gate. Also Walter unabomber who were indicted her dad that you write him the rookie QO Lugo Richard Rick Warren right away. You're waiting or more are in order is that comparison detainee. It would hurt their apparently you couldn't see you two played a little like at all. Group of liberated all of the great war. All. Flasher. Their goal cushion to read real steady. Deborah you'll see your swear to rush. Earlier. You have very well. Some great or the bulk of the secret game that is all from the pew looked. Nice though there'd been abandoned or how orbit the plate with a great court ordered card in Europe would one extreme action in Britain grew. All the barrels of a once great you know losing your. Of course you're too quickly they're they're waiting in it'll sort. Yeah you could be equate will be principal. Not sure if you watched the Celtics game on national TV last night but if you did I'm sure you heard. Charles Barkley comments he's not a believer it in this edition of the Celtics he was a contemporary viewers you guys played and you know the same generation. Heavy anybody do you think that this Celtics team can contend at least to make an NBA final. Our WP. RRO Margaret I'm although you can call for debt and right now it's is that of the what about the fourth brigade would retreat which is great what it's early though but it definitely can compute. Or I I read it are already told a great portrait. So you old tree. It aired by local grocery you are just people vote they can match up very well with. And go. Abbate they're practically one good about the scope to that stupid he birdied all. They regard at all it was spokesman David Barr. He's got great you would pay lip got lit it could bury all city they're well coached a cookbook especially at all. Under it all the pretty it will be played at the knicks. You know wide hole big loop that there are so there are very special to me to do what they're brought. What do Albanian. Three with what is being raped her. So perhaps you can call it what trump yours is very tough to enter it and it is it is better. And before we get jot here you just said it's early social thinking back to your playing career the early days with the New Jersey Nets compared to L later on you career would with the blazers. Was there a difference in your approach as a younger player would you play harder earlier in the season as a young guy and sort of week. It until the all star break isn't all the player or is that sort of an old wives' tale. And it's not true. Luther and play basketball yet got our our support. To where you're decade and especially. You're so excited to yeah outfield corps played in low. In this so blessed to blow up late fort street is that in. You know you just gotta play you go about it a lot of the two will now warned school is also. Skated nervous market stall played injured so there aren't too. You know while they're trying to patrolman minutes when our leaders the leaders that are rooted. It's over you're reviewed the bitter two year. Bobby you're deeply regret because of the war every page you were Burkle honeycomb in the lot on. Bill. The way back to back in play reported subtler sort of argued over reps. We didn't have a better start to ask this court Google could. Torturing career. Two communities you goal. At the top spot like that don't are. All the video statement that so yeah. You go full for a guy in the ago which is out there will say category category police. It only make a lot of audio lot of root out leaflets. A group pre could make it look like between you you're very it was typical route where Guerrero what are. And pretty easy to 82 was to mitigate. Welcome to gain so there's very registered yeah or recently the low. Guys like you that sort of miss the big payday by a decade or so deep he would do you feel. Jaded at all about that you feel like you you got the short end of the stick see and guys like Timothy mas god go out there and get 65 million dollars and there's Kenny Anderson with a. And could that they're not go there and a little. A plea I have all of run yeah are buried a lot of quality hitters they're secretary. On the local support to your normal picture and open it gave their gun understandable. Qualities are being made the older you date or body for pleased with the lesser known god it's. That was what particular certainly. And that we'll gory life so he uses is straight left. Real quick you 47 years old last summer I watched a 47 year old Mahmoud Abdul growth. Really to paired up in the Big Three look. You know run our test that just declared that he's gonna play metal world peace and Paul Walker told me last week I was on a podcast south side EDT the home easily in the gym. Trying to get back yet it LB Tennessee Kenny Anderson in this c'mon man I'll go or out of room and are aware of auto. And. Order. I answered that he would play your own race. I'll Google well. Mar all our level player of the old are your article to decrease you don't want to create archery. Quote create picnic let. Although will livable world record. That's about our Lovelace who were ten CU is the movie they came out and won seventeen. Mr. kids' money tell people yeah where they can find the movie and a little bit about it can. You're about what doctor Richard mr. Boehlert longer although a lot of great Britain. And certain route. So what it means all of you to right now last treatment therapy. At a coal. All he could go go watch fear alone. Got over into the war hopefully that lyrics are sort of well although. Or networks to pick it out. All of that this great earner is truly rule book the last week you their own. A good record on the patrol post album and our user. Our greens being low to a certain equality Utah the muscle. There'd and so note this article about there'd be a kite and call it. Or whatever album like. Recruit to a mile route repeat your solution to all. Every culture of these characters cute it was built just to see you go. What do they are too well. Mark I gotta tell you is that. 010 to get that sort of Celtics team now the good the new guard in that time was. About 67 years old the Celtics were in the midst of essentially a thirty year but Kenny is that team that went to the Eastern Conference finals the team the subsequent year that was still. A very good basketball team that was the first experience that was the first time. For a generation of Celtics fans to experience what it was like. It to be a part of a winning basketball culture in Boston Yorvit part of that man. Near Barrett our luck will also so mobile Austin's electoral votes on the ball or the sport. Sports city. New Yorker the only real way sort all the Belgrade he took over what goes into their rates and so there's it's always great ribbon here. And though it will dribble and harder. To go all the old burns as well. Close thirteen years ago. Too bad record you have one more year it. Try to maker of the world for actually you must reap what I have one more year left and I actually you don't expect you to you know. We talked it was so well there have been two of them. Indo. About bitter as that of a much loved so. Well -- get a trichet is staying up late with us and oh yeah it's past your bedtime and and look we hope to like catch up we began as the Celtics make their way towards the playoffs come springtime and got darker are your are calmer side there is Kenny Anderson former Celtic point guard. Former NBA all star point guard is always Kenny Anderson brought to you by GBL the officials sound of Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics and the NBA. That's a more obsolete night. Which Patrick Gilroy fox Sports Radio WEEI. The lakers to their. You know wide hole they've looked that there are so there are very special treat to do what they're brought. One of them green I doubt he worked within the European picture. So perhaps what to go through what probably years is very tough to do. Once again a big thank you goes out the former Celtic point guard former NBA all star point guard Kenny Anderson for joining me. In the previous segment here in short the interview with Katie will be available on WB yeah I dot com coming up shortly. And looked Kenny is one of these guys have talked among a handful of times over the years he's always incredibly raw and truthful and that's. Why I wanted to mark after what Charles Barkley said last night. A sort racked my brain is that who can I get on here that that's not gonna lie is not gonna give me. Sort of Celtics beat because that's what I'm here for on the green Seaver in the room we don't need to green team is in the room I'll tell you the go to the NBA finals if you want you're. But what party you're from somebody. Who really doesn't K okay he's a guy that's gonna be raw and truthful you know. That's what I respect about him most yeah he's been one of these guys it that is. Fallen on tough times posts NBA playing career as a matter of fact when you look back at that. 20012000. Into sort of Celtics team the team that went to the Eastern Conference finals the team that came back the following year but eventually got. Got dismantled by Danny Ainge. Go up and down that team Rodney Rogers he got paralyzed from the waist down you know and a horrific I think snowmobile accident. Antoine Walker lost all his money Andy Anderson lost Ellis money Eric Williams is homeless that he really. These did not go well post playing career for that bunch sticky and the city of Boston so much enjoyment it. I'm happy to see Kenny and answer one for that matter. Really rebound from there load times rebound from the lowest of the low I mean at one point Kenny he was suffering from PT SD depression and it's all spelled out in this movie mister kids encouraging guys to watch it it's free. Available for download other TV guys via the update later on how when we are to get it. It won all kinds of awards earlier this year all kinds of film festivals again just like any himself. It's really a raw. Picture raw portrayal. Oh who the man is how he grew up. The influence is in his lives that led him down the right roads and the wrong road so again if you're an NBA editor is Celtics fan then enjoyed those early two thousands teams. It's something that I really encouraging guys to watch it is Sports Radio WEI it is late night nobody join us here 6177797. 937 takes the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops later on this weekend we'll continue with the Celtics nostalgia. Sunday night sometime after midnight will have about former Celtic power forward Dino Raja. Join the program until then more your phone calls or 6177797. 937. And you heard it there you heard what Kenny had to say he said fourteen game winning streak. It doesn't matter when it happens in the season it's a big deal he also said that he believes that this Celtics team. Hands down can be an NBA finals contender now let's leave the warriors out of the conversation let's leave their ability or inability. To win an NBA championship invading the Celtics out of the conversation. When you're looking for. Right now is the celtics' ability or inability. To essentially. Surpassed what they did last year so last year the Celtics go to the Eastern Conference finals they got waxed in five games. I mean realistically speaking after Gordon Hayward went down. I along with so many other Celtics fans Celtics pundits Talking Heads around here had to. Sort of look at the expectations. And adjust them on the fly and I think that's natural anytime a team loses a twenty point A game guy and all star. He was the celtics' big offseason free agent acquisition. EE temper your expectations and you move on I don't think anybody could have. Sort of force seen what this team is getting from guys like tila brown Jason Peyton even guys like Sammy usually. Erin Baines. Terry rosier. Shane Larkin this team is getting contributions. From guys that quite frankly. Have no business being in the NBA they boarded a league last year. A Larkin played overseas. Sammy was a second round draft pick use these days Daniel Tyson the guy that played in Germany defensive player of the year in Germany by the way. But these guys are giving the Celtics solid contributions are guys that nobody ever heard unless you're absolutely basketball hoop heads. And I think it's fun and it's encouraging wall isn't chain mark in Mary's on the exit as some lineage right there in up and has gone now he had a cup of coffee in the NBA -- a couple of stints in the league and then. Found some success and he was on the verge of signing. One of those Stephon Marbury types of deals overseas before he gave the the NBA one last chance and look it's worked out for him worked out for the Celtics. So far but again what I'm trying to accomplish here tonight before we get off the air at midnight. Where it's OK to be when it comes to your expectations for the Celtics team. Because again you know I courage everybody eagle Reid Chris man X today. I encourage you yourself expand to go on the Internet and listen to sports talk radio from the Bay Area listened to sports talk radio in Cleveland and Cleveland. They're panicky right now. They repair making today they they firmly believe that the Celtics. Eight if Cleveland State is the way they are the cavaliers team stays it's currently constituted. But the Celtics will eventually surpass them this year and represent the east in the finals I was shocked to hear that. The other part that I was shocked to hear was remembered here for the last handful years in Boston. How reluctant Danny Ainge was. When it came time to pull the trigger on moving one of these Brooklyn picks you know Denny got crucified for. Whether it was a guy late it Jimmy Butler DeMarcus Cousins you name the trade rumor the Brooklyn pick was involved in the rumor and Danny never pulled the trigger it drove Celtics fans crazy. But in Cleveland right now. Moving that Brooklyn pick is all the buzz it's all the rage because that's really. The only big asset that Cleveland team has right now and they are in full on panic mode. They know that if they continued to disappoint LeBron James is all but declared he's gonna go be a Laker next year. They know that they need to engage LeBron James. For that seem to have any sort of a future and right now LeBron James is dangerously close he's teetering on disengaging. And that's what they're afraid of in Cleveland so for all the Cleveland sort of heroes on Twitter. Right that they continue to tell us that even the Cleveland hero's hero and he EI in those host know who they are. They continue to harp on the fact that they believe just because his name is LeBron James the cavs are gonna find there way back and beat. Not only a threat to the Celtics but eventually surpass overtake the Celtics and defeat the Celtics in the playoffs which is still very much a possibility. But it's not the definitive fact that I think people assumed it would be just five weeks ago. And I think that speaks volumes as to how far this Celtics team has come and it also speaks volumes to how far the Cleveland Cavaliers have fall doesn't it. Mean a cavaliers team just five weeks ago was assumed to be a law. Puerto NBA finals especially. After Gordon Hayward went down you remember the conversation. Going into this NBA season it was Cleveland the Celtics and and everybody else a massive drop off. After the number two seed. In the Eastern Conference nobody could foresee what's happening now with the Celtics and nobody could have foreseeing but they should have. Sports scene what's happening. With the Cleveland Cavaliers Derrick Rose today it's announced that he's gonna miss the next three weeks or so would another injury that this the kind of stuff that. You should foresee if you're cavalier fan it if you couldn't predict the fact that Derrick Rose was gonna miss extended time. Now I'm sorry you just haven't been paying attention to basketball. For the last decade it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is a late night I am Patrick Gilroy we come back we'll continue taking your phone calls on the Celtics will also touch on. You're New England Patriots as they make their way to Mexico City for a date with the Oakland Raiders one hour down one hour ago right here Sports Radio WEI. Broke on the ball or to the sport. A sports city. New Yorkers only Torrealba were axle won't all be Belgrade vocal group about what those who couldn't reach its so weird so it's always Great Britain there. Least he's late night. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. If it from the wizards were on Toronto I'm like this it will also serve as we can be distinct. And Nestle comes and I would doubt they were number one but this team right here they could zero fear of anybody's heart. Miss and they want surgeon general you to get off to a home. But they would not be Cleveland they would not be Toronto. And how might you say the wizard. Sports Radio W yeah I. W guy late night Patrick Gilroy here for the next hour so. As always the number to join us here 61777979237. You text the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. I'm hoops again Charles Barkley there talking pre and post game last night on the TNT said. What was great about charles' comments were sort of the looks dictated jets' Smith and Shaquille O'Neal were giving chuck during this whole thing. And I'm not sure if it's a schtick for Charles or he really means what he's saying. I think part of it it just is a stick because if you remember correctly. After. Hayward went down essentially. Charles Barkley came on that night declared the celtics' season over. Are he said the celtics' season is done it's over you might as well packing up and go home they won't even be a top four seed. In the Eastern Conference and I think at this point he's trying too hard to hold onto his take. Because he's not believing what he's seeing what his own eyes and that's frustrating for me it's frustrating part for many Celtics fans out there. And what was really interesting was watching the reaction nationally on Twitter. Because again there you know this is the country full of people that despised Boston sports. We here with the patriots we hear with the Celtics if you're not a powder. Generally you you don't like what takes place here in New England you take that work cocky think that. We win too much paper cheaters and everything that goes width. Being a part of new England and enjoying new England sports right. But people were slamming Charles Barkley last night nationally because he just sounded. Is he sounded crazy he sounded like he was living in an analyst and an end usually. You can rely on Charles Barkley to give you some good sound bites you can rely on Charles Barkley that to be funny. But he was dead serious now he did change his tune a little bit. After the second game so you're still watching around 2 in the morning you heard him come off his stance. A little bit but again he does feel like Toronto like the wizards. Are just as good if not better then the Celtics and wondering you know what you guys think now that we've seen this team through sixteen games. Now that we've seen this team reeled off fourteen consecutive. Deal look at the Eastern Conference in do you say to yourself. You know Cleveland gesture we we know that they could potentially be a thorn in our side. But do you consider teams like Toronto and the wizards in the box potential threats to a Celtics finals run. And you know I think it's a little bit crazy that we see it here in November and talk about a finals run but why not eat I don't know when the next time is. That will have the opportunity to see here and talk about the Celtics reeling off fourteen consecutive wins I just don't know. The last time it happened in the Big Three were here it was in the early days of the Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Ray Allen Aaron it's been a decade right so. Yeah I enjoy it talked about it for all it's worth. In really happy to take the opportunity to say okay what it. Because I think that's what we're here to do we're here to say what it and what if the Celtics are able to continue to play a law down. Historically good defense. I don't think you can discount what the Celtics did to the Golden State Warriors last night. And by the way listening to the national take today listening to the local take today while the Celtics were certainly having heaps of freeze. Sort of put on their lap. The one thing that was missing I think from the national take was the pack the Celtics are disable the defense of team. Right I think that that's what was missing. I think that people really having a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that they held Golden State not just to under 100 points for the first time this season. But they held Golden State 290 points. And that is what sustainable about this. The most encouraging thing about what we've seen from the Celtics those far over the course of this fourteen game winning streak is at the fourteen games. It isn't the highlight reel. Attacks the basket that we've seen from carrier and it isn't even Jason Tatum and Jalen brown doing what they've done as a 21 and a nineteen year old respectively. The most encouraging thing that we seem from the Celtics team is a commitment on the defense event and is it a commitment to rebounding the basketball. Because both. Are things that the Celtics do have some semblance of control over. If you wanna be the best defensive team in the NBA short you need the tools to do what you need the players to do it but you also need the right kind of people to do. And I think that's where the Celtics have got this thing right. So when I hear hosts come on the air and say yeah you know Jason Tait and got to hit a rookie wall and I hear most among the parents take in a carrier that you doesn't look quite right. And I your post them on the air as Al Horford got he's a nice player but he's not gonna be the guy to carry you through all of those points. Are well taken. And there's some truth in every single one of them but the one major point the one thing that people continue to miss when discussing this Celtics team. Is the fact that they had become an a leak defensive team they've made a commitment on the defense event. Help they have become such a good defensive team pick powdery Irving the second to worst defensive point guard in the NBA last year. A guy that's had a reputation. For multiple years now of being an incompetent. Defensive player. Is now top five among many metrics in the NBA defensively. Is now viewed as somebody at least through sixteen games that is a very good borderline he leaked defender. Mean that's crazy. That is a complete change in philosophy and style for one of the best players in the NBA and that's what is happening here in Boston. So we savior and we talk about fourteen straight wins and how far can they make it and we talked about the fact that they've got to cupcake schedule coming up and is a real opportunity. But the Celtics team to extend the winning streak beyond fourteen all the way to twenty. Mean it's real if you look at the Celtics upcoming schedule. Unless they have a let down game is a real opportunity. To push this thing out to twenty. It all begins and ends on the defense event. And for so many teams so many markets talking about defense is incredibly cliche. Talking about defense is something that he had it makes a good sound bite but nobody really means it but here in Boston their commitment to the defense today and is exactly what is led to the fourteenth straight wins. We can sit here and talk about every other reason why none of the matter. We can talk about you know paid him and brown and the entire year being Al Horford we can do said he usually Aaron Baines and help we can talk about Brad Stevens. The freaking MVP of the steam Brad Stevens we can do that too but all of it is irrelevant. 100% irrelevant if you don't get the commitment to the defense aside of basketball that the Celtics team has shown. And to meet that has been the most encouraging thing so people asked me. Whether I'm on the air or off the air. When they say hey Gilroy how far can this team make it my answer is as far as their defense of commitment allows them to make it and that. To me it could be as far as the NBA finals it's up to this team effort wise how far they wanna go so young Charles Barkley. He's gonna have to really sit down. And watched the Celtics night in night out if he's gonna have a real opinion here as far as what's gonna happen to this team with Ford because clearly to me. Charles the guidance guilty of of not watching all the games and he said last night he's only watched five or six of these games. You need a smaller. I get very emotional when talking about the sort of stuff. Because when we talk about the Celtics team we talk about the commitment to the defense today and it's the thing that doesn't it talked about and I feel like that's what we have the greens here we have to bring something different. And the defense of side of the basketball isn't sexy isn't fun but it's exactly the reason why this Celtics team continues to win basketball games it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 617779. At seven. 937. Takes the program 37937. Defied me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops. Gilroy on who finally the last real Celtics take your before move on the patriots. Is this whole thing would mark is Smart. You'll mark is Smart he is this big enigma right and the Celtics have got this major decision to make coming up on markets. Am curious to hear you guys have to say are you guys a believer in market Smart because the Celtics are gonna have to extend him. If they wanna keep him now you you saw going into the season. They had an opportunity to potentially sign him in the opted not to he's going into restricted free agency we're seeing this size. And monetary size of the deals. That these guys are getting out there right now market smarts going to be a guy that will command. 506070. Million dollars in free agency and I don't think that that's an exaggeration. No is one of these these glue guys any one of these guys that always seems to be in the right place at the right time making the right play. But again market Smart goes out last night in east Oprah from the field. He's got one point in the game can hit a three sensibly takes two points up the board going into halftime you all for seven from the floor open three from three. One for two from the free throw line three turnovers and because carrier being two points with a bone headed play before the half. He say all those things right. But to four point game the Celtics outscored Golden State by fifteen points with Smart on the floor so this is not an easy decision to make it through the Celtics. And it's one that they're gonna have to come up on here relatively quickly and I bring it up because it's not just a matter of going into the off season. And saying OK do we extend markets are not. If they've already decided internally. Not to extend markets Smart and to let him sort of walked in free agency. Then there's the strong possibility that come the trade deadline come January February market Smart could be on the block. Because that we know one thing about Danny Ainge is that he's gonna try and get value for value here. And and I believe that there is. Any number of NBA teams that will be ready willing and able. The pay market Smart what he's looking for you know there's got to be a fan base it's got to be a general manager that says hey this guy it was a number six overall pick we can teach him how to shoot. We can see we can fix the offensive side of the game for market Smart he brings everything else. But if you remove Marcus Moore from his basketball team right now what do you have is this team still winning fourteen straight if it mark Smart were hurt. And Terry rosier in Shane Larkin were getting all those minutes with this team still be as good as it is right now that's that makes major decision. That's gonna fall upon Danny Ainge has got football upon Brad Stevens and the Celtics ownership is what you do would market Smart. Because again if you listened to the hot cakes today on this station on the other station yo mark is Smart is this enigma any. Very divisive character because you've got. 50% of the people that love the guy. And think that he is a player of the future here he is a core player he is supposed to grow up with the guys like Tatum and brown carrier being Al Horford. He is gonna be one of these glue guys here for the next great Celtics run. But yet another portion of fans that hate the guy. But look at them and say cheese is offensively. He hurts you more than he helps you and if in year four he hasn't learned how to shoot the basketball is ever going to learn how to shoot the basketball. And it's frustrating right because. You know we all go to the gym and and heal people think their act shooters and and look you're in the NBA the Celtics are certainly willing to pay a shooting specialist the amok a guy like mark price. Is hired gun he goes around the NBA during the off season and teaches people how to shoot. Couldn't the Celtics invest in that I'm sure they've offered market Smart every shooting coach available. Right bullet for whatever reason he's been unable. To learn how to consistently shoot the basketball and it's frustrating because you look at markets clearly he put the work in. His body is incredible right now losing twenty point plus pounds and you see it night in night out his ability to get to the loose balls the 5050 balls. He is jumping. A lot higher than he has in years past. He ease getting up there blocking shots he's no longer just as beefy guy that's he able to defend in the post he has become a much more complete defender because he lost weight. But again he's unable to shoot the basketball and I am reluctant if I and the Celtics to make a large financial commitment. To somebody that is unable to put the ball in the basket it's just two key part of the game right. So again you know you talk about market Smart. You talk about the decision have to make here and I would just love to be able to step back and plug it into a video game and see what happens. You remove markets Smart from the fourteen game winning streak you can just minutes over the Larkin and rosier. Does the fourteen game winning streak still exists it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Patrick Gilroy never to join us here 6177797937. To go back out of the phone's gonna Cody Cody is in the car. Go to your next appear on Sports Radio WEEI. Go to. They Abdullah was a remind them. I think market guarded secret example. Hit scored all our. I want to eighteen and I'm not paid a boatload of money. Well that's a thing right what made Crowder so great here when he was a Boston was he had the best he was the best bargain in the NBA. He Leo you'd get a 35 million dollar deal is naked. Nearly seven million dollars a year you tell me that you can lock market Smart for seven million a year I'll do it in a heartbeat but heart. But you don't hit the market smarts can get twenty million a year he's going to be fifty million a year it's crazy but you look at a guy like Evan Turner. He got 75 million dollars code. And that's not a good thing. You write a book but you make mark Merkel prepared Phoenix he'll make Oakley for Portland collectible plates or. But you've got animator Britney. They'll my question to you Cody is right now this fourteen game winning streak the sample size you have right now. If you remove markets from from this fourteen games to the Celtics still reel off the fourteen wins without Marcus mark. Now and that's the problem here right because again you know you look at what he did last night he's all for from the field. Literally took a bat took up a basket away from carrier serving but somehow he still plus fifteen. That's defense the defense of the court as basketball team Cody so code other I'm writing all this down so you are in the no column when it comes to extending market Smart is that right. All right there is Cody in the car we appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger. To the program it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night let's squeeze in one more before the break at a joke. Joseph was in New Hampshire Joey makes up here on Sports Radio W yeah. And I go about with the job. Hey I just want to say arm. Markets are certainly had one of those guys arm like what we had a championship run ball it Tony our kids quality quality outcomes are back to kind of commands the second unit. I understand that she will never right now but I mean Tony Tony Allen made a living Kirstie while these turbulent Baghdad bassist. I wanna try to say is. And that he understands. That in brat system under Brett coaching that you that this group. The players so I think if we try to preach that you have more data chart that creeps and then that he'd be willing to take a hometown discount if you can get him. Under fifty billion dollars a year you get hit it that 1112 kind of a beer optic artist starting at beer jockey kind of deal. That could be a lot of value for the south. I I don't disagree with the at all jealous and appreciate the phone call I'm up against that I don't disagree you can somehow. Get market Smart to buy in and stay here for somewhere between ten and twelve million dollars a year I think any signs in the that deal immediately the problem is. There's got to be a team out there who's the kid in port in eight in with the wizards that got a hundred million dollar deal is is a Otto Porter wasn't Bradley bureau O'Donnell Porter on a Bradley deals worth the money Arnold borders with cutting shooter exactly who was coming up on the end of his rookie deal entering. That rookie period for restricted free agency. And he signed a Max deal hundred million dollars for Otto Porter and he was irrelevant he was MIA proportions of the Celtics series. Against the wizards again at Porter gets a hundred million dollars. How much money does markets market it is Sports Radio WEI. Was the difference between this team last year. And his team this year Boston Celtics do you pick because it. And we would say that the same theater you probably had last isn't saying you have this you know don't buckle and it would legit luncheon damage due to a club December it. Is there a difference back a team but they still got to the Eastern Conference finals. So is there a difference. Lesser team was better than this to okay well that that's what I've got out of him than to ascertain relevant as Tigger. Patrick Gilroy Iraq's sleep now. I'll watch Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio. WB yeah it's Patrick Gilroy here. It's a mini mini edition of late night we do want Fries only go to to midnight and I love to say no we'll go to 2 o'clock in the morning or not. It's meant I don't know why I would love to see here and talk to you guys know too I told. I told Matty the marine last night that you know if we could. I would like to stay here through the night of the vehicle to here here's the challenge radar on nights like Thursday where a hero 2 o'clock in the morning. I don't get home to three I gotta get up at 6:37 o'clock to start the day with the kids and go to the day job. So why not just been the whole night here and just go from here. Go home take a shower and go to work at that point. Why not Andy muzzle state live local for 24/7 we're so close and that's what I can't figure it out like we're so close to being live and local one report seven. Why not just go all the it. I am ready willing and able mr. Zambrano if you'd like to go live and local. It until 5:30 in the morning to you place and best of the NC and have them take ought ANC and have them take over. I am a happy guy I'm happy to come in here. And take care of it all night long for you taking your Celtics phone calls taking your patriots phone calls I do wanna get to the patriots before Unita year. I get a problem of the whole Mexico City being. It's not a clean city at all there's a huge pollution and smog problem there. Just don't like unfamiliar setting I don't like the unfamiliar conditions they worry me a little medical get that it will get to that a little bit later. In the program continuing with yours Celtics phone calls here it's 6177797. 937 let's go to Charles Charles in the cartels have been waiting patiently in the car next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. It. So. One stalk or aren't as Smart and so I just asked the question. But I'd like it not only saw you were brought to the question I don't know that I would let's talk. I also saw on our Smart that they have. Some excerpts from is she. That's Smart basketball late Jeanie does go both ways so what did you Wear light up or down. I don't I don't disagree and I were on the same page there. True I would like always joking and as long. The NFL stuff I'm so so look I don't have a problem with a I think that these guys. What they're doing it is exercising it in their their of their rights. There are American citizens in a through Google all they're into it they've got to within some people that's okay. But this is what makes America special. Because we can go out there and we can have a peaceful demonstration as Americans whether other Americans agree or disagree. Is irrelevant right because that's what makes America special and the moment we lose that the moment we're we're unable to. Allow and respect other people that have differing views the ability to go out there and express themselves then we start to lose what makes us American. Exactly. Darker my. It was it was Mark Ellis and like what we call you and key words talk or I'll need it will be there atmosphere. And holy. Have a conversation with them anywhere total cost I've. We have our. And able to scrap it. Well John and I also outset I'll say this okay. Months on. A lot you'll have your opportunity to it to get back with mud at some point here it's a very personal tape I think everybody feels. Within their hearts differently about this eighth it's just how life feel it I don't see a problem there. Look it's peaceful the moment it becomes something that's not peaceful if they wrote their demonstrating in some sort of disrespectful. Violent way I'd have a problem with it but their kneeling trying to get a point across that's what America is man. Satellite dish sitting there sitting customers oracle racetrack and they tell us about that. In all the house old days it got so I want to them and that's because it certainly. This shouldn't be sitting. While. It is being played. The government is doing just basically trying to blink so Larry this question that is update our art. And an end and getting to hear more are hurt big challenge here and speak only talked about it I'm just like wow. Did it in the light. And got any. Other than that tells you are. You a U black Charles. OK so let me say this I think what what they're missing here is. Look these guys can go up there and they're demonstrating on your behalf. Because Charles as as and nice of the guys you may be whatever you do for a job if you go in you Neil tomorrow your job you're never gonna garner the kind of interest and cameras and yeah. National. Use that these guys get so they're using their platform. To speak guys like you Charles and I know prominent. Yeah because like I was trying to tell more. I am borrowed 27 year old actor Burt and I. Put it out I'd I'd be sorted fourteen elections. Think what our. Because of my last name it ever solidly driving in the car. Didn't feel it necessary or any African American who happens to not cheat. Any athlete. More east borrow some sort to be able to have such a I was told once we're. Both options are probably speak to be cute or spoke to aren't quite well obviously Caucasian and ask her. Everything our biggest joke we don't. Yet at look this this is the the part of it that I I have a hard time going down Charles and listen I appreciate the phone call hero's welcome here when I'm on the program I can say this I'm here every Friday night and here other days in between you've always got a home here to talk to me but I yanked it into. The minutia of individual experiences. With police officers. I've got police officers and my family and a tremendous amount of respect for them. But when it comes to dealing for the anthem. That's a conversation unwilling to have because again as somebody that covers sports a part time for a living and I've been doing this for eighteen years. I have an opinion right at I don't have a problem I've got plenty of friends that you have a problem with the but that's what makes America great again because we can go out there and have a difference of opinion have a debate have a discussion. And at the end of it that should be the end of it. A sharing of opinions and ideas as long as these. As long as everybody remains respectful. And as long as internment caliber exactly is burning things which is exactly as long as the demonstrations remained respectful. I'd nonviolence and and the players are taking a knee. And if they're doing it truly to represent Americans. Like Charles in the car there that don't have the platform. That to sort of garnered the attention that the players have. And god bless and go for it. I'm all for it because that's what makes America great that's what makes it special not Donald Trump. And a slogan on a hat. What makes America great special is the fact that we can do that. Without the year. Of being locked up without the fear having Kim Jong-un drop a nuke on your head because you're disrespectful. To the officer is faced adversity. This country that's what is the greatest part of this country and somehow somewhere along the way. We lost that and somewhere somehow along the way. You know we started to feel slightly as look on the guy that that should feel slighted according to the new America about 37 year old educated white guy. I'm lucky my leg is great I want Charles late to be great and it Charles feels better about. His future prospects or the prospects of his potential children. Because. Athletes went out there and essentially. Had attention drawn to them and Charles have happened who might speak against that who might get in the way. And it's funny that it they that this conversation was gonna happen again I thought it was over like a month ago. But apparently and again this is where I might be out of touch compared to somebody like Charles clearly he's been chomping at the bit to get his opinion out there. May be it is still front and center on the minds of some African Americans I don't know. It hasn't been front and center on my mind. In 456 weeks I've been enjoying the patriots or turning it back around looking more like the patriots have been. Fully immersed in the fourteen game winning streak the Celtics game the Celtics have been on. But again maybe for guys like Charles the whole National Anthem thing. Hasn't died down yet maybe it's still does have a point that is yet to be proven to be Childs is hoping that in the closing weeks of the senate bill season. These guys continue to demonstrate on his behalf it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is a late night number to join us here 617. 779 a 7937. We've returned a moral late night here's Patrick deals. It is Sports Radio W yeah final segment here. Shortened edition of Friday edition. Of late night there's still time and still room for you with 6177797937. He takes the program. 37937. You found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on who you guys can bring it with the Celtics thought with the market Smart topped. Didn't have a chance to get too deep into the patriots talk and really. All I wanted to bring up here is the fact that. Yet the patriots have looked a lot more like the patriots as of late and that's been great to see. This road trip is no joke this is as substantial. Over road trip as taxing on your body of a road trip as you're gonna see here back to back weeks you have the higher elevation in Denver. And then the thing that hasn't been talked about here is the fact of the elevation in Mexico City is even 2000 feet higher. Than it is in Denver right so how many times every year the patriots go to Denver what you hear the elevation elevation elevation to the team go out there earlier used to be elevation the errors that are. We heard we hear year after year after year. But we haven't really heard that in regards to their trip to Mexico City. Where the elevation is even higher minorities in Denver now I know the patriots have been out there acclimate their bodies. To the theater hair but as of yesterday at practice players were still talking about affecting them. The other thing that happens in Mexico City that this team just isn't used to. And they're gonna have to get used to hear before Sunday is the fact that not only is the air thinner the elevation higher. An unfamiliar conditions and unfamiliar settings they have a huge huge smog and pollution problem there. They outs and that's a problem because now you're combining the smog. And the pollution with the ultra thin air so this is gonna be a very difficult. Atmosphere for the patriots to play and physically. That is my primary concern of Woodstock and about football I fully believe the patriots are supremely better then the Oakland Raiders mean that's that's an easy take. But as everything else that goes into this game it's the extended travel it's the thin air it's the pollution it's the smog and everything that goes into. The patriots being physically ready to go out there and compete. On the highest level it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night still room for you at 617779. Seven and 937 welcome back out to the phones and Mike Mike's in Boston might do next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. They're lighted on what's up Mike. I just wanna give you my take on a mailing I'm. It you're not knowing. At this in my opinion you know don't don't poor you know not merely because of your rights. You are narrowing because of the men or women that have I. Can give you legal rights and maps to separate thanks. Well yes and no because I don't think that's how it all started and I think that's where we get lost in the minutia of this thing right because. Donald Trump. Is the one that turned this into. Something against the flag he turned this he turned it into the war against the flag not the players the players were simply looking for. The best opportunity to garner attention towards their cause and again if we're gonna live in a world might where you deny people their constitutional protections. That's the opposite of what we're trying to accomplish here. Why but they're untouched that's exactly what I'm saying it's not a constitutional. Thank you I'm yelling because of the men and women that if I absolutely right those those guys think because of your constitutional right. Correct I misunderstood you experts like you're absolutely right about that the men and women that have died had given the rest of us the right or the opportunity to Neil if we see that fit. Yeah. Why you become such an issue yet now Mike I totally get it and look I wasn't. Expected or prepared to coming here and do this to make the hole and the thing it really died down in recent weeks. Especially here locally the patriots selfishly the patriots started playing like the patriots again. And the Celtics are in the midst of a fourteen game winning streak right so when's the last time you heard anthem talky Ernie yeah. Aren't you don't mean but listen I appreciate you sharing your opinion you're always welcome to share your opinion on the program. Don't you stranger that that's all I can say and this hole and the thing. Isn't gonna go weigh in it's it's gonna be here. For a long time and I hate to say that in less and less the NFL comes out and somehow strikes a deal. With the players union and and they decide on a peaceful way to settle this thing in the offseason. You're always gonna have players that wanna stand up or kneeled down for their rights and the rights of people but they consider. Like Emeril like minded or or fellow African Americans and whatever. Whatever they're trying to represented and unfortunately would you agree when they're disagree with it. The subject got highlighted again this week when Colin freak are you freaking tapper nick was named the GQ men of the year. And I think that sort of brought it back in the spotlight as it had been fading away. And everybody was eager effort to fully fade away and unfortunately GQ brought it back into the spotlight let's stay with the phones. It's gonna Erick Erickson New Hampshire Erica next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Stockholm was a dirt. Just strictly just talking about the won't have an accent is. Whole scene and saw a whole lot better if she sounded like just straight out important right elect someone match that it. That you spoke out you know Kenyans sather and certain down on the L a after the first week among common notes ultimately that he was shot. Yeah I mean let's listen Erica I appreciate the phone call don't be a strange of the program not sure where Eric was going with that in look. I don't wanna do the hole at the thing I don't I'm glad Steve's on the phone's gonna Steve Steve's in Miami was stuck patriots CB except here on Sports Radio W yeah. Seats back. Victor Clark actually be up a lot I just the other day. I struggled that you. I hear that happens there's hat is chairs get. Greatly. Awesome. Voice chat at the bit outreach. Well it is a situation. I I boasting about BLE. I can't help but it bikes. Comment that I post that I got like block I acts. At night. That's something that should be getting both actually whether. It's gone out of not just the fact that. I'd be very big recognize these two ladies at bait you it bites. At about preserving our architecture. I'll write that. What's race at I'd gotten that out so it's not about our side. We battle look at that negative all the controversy. That great. Something about advocate what's. It it absolutely is and look that's what you saw it in Brooklyn should've been highlighted more that should have led national news the next day if only for ten seconds like a fun little clip you should've seen it on ABC CBS NBC and you didn't. Beckett can conduct a bit not let it. Steve tricked. It out that not all that leads you know I'll gladly. Possibly yesterday the military and all that it had not exactly what I got this look at night that. That is. Terrible that not all that happened or that look at the negatives and fortunately that are somewhat that is. Yet torture I've. Ron Amadon before we and I do wanna sort of close this subject Philly get to the patriots but. I just wanna say that he if you listen to the words that these athletes have been saying all along it was never about. The police would it wasn't the police it wasn't about the military. He was sick or or the flag it was simply about capitalizing. On an opportunity where all cameras all eyes were on them so they could highlight. They're cause that's all it was the singer and he olympians that. So are so correct that this I doubt it shot past at the end of awestruck took everything. Without a doubt he should. Actually gave it much more. On this story then it wouldn't do it. Well I'll tell you this what we can do a full two hour show some bail to a special. On why I think trump did that I think trump did disagree high led to this and he turned it into something that wasn't. Because a sour grapes twenty years ago he wasn't allowed in the NFL he wanted to buy a team is USFL failed he lost a ton of money on that and he was black balled from buying a team in the NFL he tried to by the bills. And this is just sour grapes in spite. And that's what he tried to bring the NFL down have them lose value have them lose money put them in a negative light this year and guess what he was successful. The NFL's ratings are down 8% net cost them money. Well I think it's also saying that you try and get. Good ratings from the people who believed. And what he says. This in the military and they should be fired that's so I think it's true. You know situation here that yes he's trying to do something yeah work against you shutout the ratings and I didn't realize that. I can also be negative but I want to talk about the option supply deals do I'm getting a little bit there are now pitches I would have that next man up thing. I would have to have the next two and a now why don't had a great game I mean you demon here bought those aid. Basically during the game. Against the Broncos are open now where there's engine's most hated man has effect won at Andrews house. And they're turning and I guess. Cat person. You don't hear. Prospect. It's laid out goals are playing better not be back. Yeah I mean Marcus cannon and David Andrews are out of the game and he did have already been declared out so it that's 22 fifths of their starting offensive line. Yeah and it's just hoping. That. Back and apps. Brady doesn't get killed. I have to trust them. The issues they've been doing better edge and what what they had so also export. Video that dole ad. Julia element. I hoped lord there's trees sees the floor. God. Yeah. A visit to Mexico City a black. I did loan. Playing about skateboarding and I'm hoping that that was not just recently got I have to beat it out as a a deal. As the day went on the day went on vacation together in listen I'm up against the the show's ending here appreciate the phone call as always don't be a strange in the program and you won't be no that was the two of them went on vacation after they won the Super Bowl. And NFL network team down and they they sort of shot video. Of their vacation. And no I promise you Julian Edelman is an out there with his injury skydiving on a skateboarding doing everything else that. That he was doing out there I could see other would catch you off guard your patriots fan. And you were familiar with the pact that they vacation like ten months ago. And that's when the video was taken so look I. It's unfortunate I didn't wanna go down that the anthem road tonight I hope not to go down again I'll be back here Sunday night doing the post post game show. For the patriots game in Mexico City I'm really looking reported that. You will be from 11 PM to 2 AM coming up a leader in that program so sometime in the 1 o'clock hour. Will eventually flip over Houston Celtics will be joined by former Celtic power forward. Diaw Raja coming up on Sunday night after a couple of hours of patriots talk so so look. The lawn of the short of it is I think we've come out of here tonight. Feeling somewhat better about the celtics' fourteen game winning streak at and we've agreed that nationally. At the national media says you know what this team is prepared. Ready willing and able to make an NBA finals locally I don't think we're there yet Kenny Anderson and on the other hand thinks the Celtics are right there. So you know who knows canyons and also appoint our topic is workforce until Sunday night guys. It's been a lot of fun thanks Jeff Anderson behind the last thinks all the calls all the listeners have a great weekend doctor but he on Sunday.