2009 JFRT: Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke join the Big Show

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Saturday, August 18th
August 28th, 2009: Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke join "the Big Show" during the 8th annual WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. 

Be sure to tune in to our 17th annual WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon this Tuesday, Aug 21 and Wednesday, Aug22. 

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We'll have trouble talking these guys pay attention most though not don't play well we were just talking with some of the Jimmy find kids I have fantastic drive. But though we get too shy guys joining us up here on the up on the radio telephone. A course Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke of rescue me what this is worked out all right Michelle months. Did you know kind of worked out OK FC. She's for whatever reason we've we have direct and like 38 episodes this year and as I guess I'm a little lady I well something that I didn't get it canceled. You didn't know. Don't know him Gabriela show cancels this run anti its stern but I don't think broke like Kurt you know what the worst one was the worst one was the year you had the show on CBS coal mining. Right and you were in first place yet been signed Phil was in like 63 we have the war breaks out design film ends up number one enjoy the Kansas City Royals mathematically eliminate. Well you know that was the killer did some books George H. W. Bush you know George George Bush junior's father. He hated Lenny so much he said we have to go to war I'll die and Derek I'm nights I know I'm not yet but again. I everything works or for reason god knows why when he was canceled it but eventually. We find ourselves doing rescue me which I think is. You know it's maybe the reason your show did get him that's right now as you would have been a huge star you wouldn't talk to me an hour. I'll let you know what I too big for the Jimmy find out now IAR yeah now now now we know that I will hold on now you live in a castle someplace or Nicolas Cage yeah. All the good hang guy got hit to the valley have a mid guess his own country I don't have to Nicholas. My dad who died over to a castle about this electric missing is that. I asked where's Emery doesn't how old is Mikey and others 9192. Member blood studies both comfortably and beverage that's pretty serious stuff I played with the ads I don't guys 1967 Red Sox are home as a rookie in 67 to 220 and that was forties to do that forty years citizenry is 63 he 63 years old you know. Well he looks younger than you do I don't think. I should I tell people on seven hits like you might have frustrated I gotta tell you feel this update you look right into it I guess I do it. Talk about that a hundred but how does it feel going delight knowing you were cast this show during his brother. No I've failed. Every guy I actually like that was my. I first got here well. Well I'm not a solid earnings weren't ready sacked his dad all time yeah and I you know they were it was a Mayhew Jonas last year that he busted down some in the game a hard time in the sentencing would be great guy the Charles Durning was on the mama mama Finland showed Dennis and and rim of the first common sense is. Q what is we with a high school again as I Q we could see what he's challenged brother. I know they have been noted. Clearly dog for me a you know you're writing this show and fast and everything I do I I there's a part for Lenny and I'm not just the thing I can make it out. I don't there's always a part that pop W that's perfect for Lenny right thank you Dennis idea thank you Dennis the idea of Lenny. Who who what I've Nolan for thirty years now right there that Charles Durning who we all know is an Oscar nominated. And we nominated. Tony nominated World War II hero but let's forget that Dog Day Afternoon the staying yet on how we can. And the first thing they're both in their underwear in the senate and I'm looking and got bitten by the way it plays a part is that that forty was eighty years old he knew all of us like we did know any of not in other ballots cast into whether it's really to watch those two up to two at ten kind of pet monkey off. And I tell bloody ever seeing fewer Charles during and you buy you guys have a pet monkey. But showed that Cilic at 375. Right guys I like a gigantic yeah yeah and then of course live which imprisoned after you blazer you're only so much money I would wake did you lose I think if we needed to offseason is it a hundred pounds he was still. So that needs that caused the way god austerity he probably 405067. Nanny wrote the great laugh yeah I do those yellow light for the murder one diet yeah I don't look at. I think he actually tried a couple times to get out of this again if I can lose as well equipped with your prison time for all year got to lose the way I did I was teasing one day of my message give me like that affected him wants. Still I mean I can't I don't want to finish up but every night. We'll talk about that guy I got how does she stay. Back right it's not even Lenny on that island aha. Oh by the way would start eating trees cannot. I would not say that base I would be providing people on dogs some right now and I said this before I'll say it again. You know I have the every three hours Ivan that metabolism of a Nat and I'm on a plane and it goes down I meet in the fat people hard. I'm beat I'm telling you I got he's not gonna like a movie alive we're like the book where rove played really good at the people I meet is so I'll make it out at about three hours from now on meet somebody if you got a good news for us I'm sitting in coach from now because I know he's a person I don't for the death grip people at first class guy like him override joy he brought out the entire first class action does help just so people won't bother me yeah I. You like you are two guys it. And by the way we're gonna get to loosen humans just throwing out the first ball tonight which to go boy who the other I was gonna say we gotta gotta be prizes of course we've seen that now and I got labor has been this way it's not going to be Chris well you're one of those is wearing mom jeans like Obama did the I guess I like the guy what the hell is when those days I did not have conceived as a Secret Service guy I think part of your jobs would be god that's an okay. He knows the pants and I like to not bulletproof now because they're iron and their G and that's and I can't Lara. I knew I forgot my life where it wants the mom GR you may have been good I think we should sell. Money may give the Mike to Jimmy for a while I'm sure that way I think it's accredited but you two guys that have done an awful lot in the community I mean to pick up the phone yes when he for anything with a charity gays and it doesn't even hesitated just yet he doesn't even know what you got a minute do you think no she's intuit yeah he's he's done. And you've done unbelievable stuff of course the tragedy in your your own family Elton in Worcester with the firefighters in the work that you've done. Over the years for them so you two guys that have really. Given vaccine you know a little bit about what this is all about. Well we were just talking to somebody out in front beautiful we came into the studio here and they said what's the first time you heard about the Jimmy Fund. And I was saying millennia remember as a kid. There were only two charities that you knew I mean that you couldn't get away from hearing about red cross and the Jimmy Fund if you grew up in Boston. And it was all I think it was the same kind of event it was the Jimmy Fund day that they would have moved laying aside about the Jimmy Fund does size we have by a sudden you get on the side help make you know dream come by I was so sad about that I should not many people hit a real courageous to a thousand that's a regular manual deal this. Yeah Kryptonite to us how much you guys race. Bomb seventeenth our goal totals seventeen million since we've been doing this today or over 800000. But we gotta love automatic and before we put a bullet and Dennis by tomorrow at midnight and we need to be at five million mark because we need to keep the research can yes we need to keep the terror going we need to keep these programs going. I mean. The difference there of what we're hearing from these stories today. As opposed to eight years ago forget about the old Mikey guesses in your brother was 66 years old born July 9 nine looking up 43. Well I guess when I was that guy if yes can I say something I don't wanna get off track now okay. I like Mike Anderson I just met him I don't know anything about it now. I'd say steroids that's. H TH I think he's taken the same stuff Stallone is no fluff up until I'm 65 to at least forty exactly what I look at that had hail. Hey this guy he's taken. He's taken ace Jay just Propecia he's taken an a's DH for a pieces speed ball every day but I remember doing over these with Ken Coleman would put my kids use years ago and small little network around. New England and Amelie tell you something. That it was. The stories of so tragic and yet more story after another and they want heartbreaking because. You'll loosen. And it's not that we're not now while you we've already lost a couple from last year who witnessed that are no longer will those and I. The numbers are on a successor just increasing every single you will a couple of kids who met today what we you know that the Donnelly do about it but damn happy yeah its biggest smiles on the faces there was so excited to meet Dennis caused that and why must. They screen them are away from me but I. Don't know right they win out the case if so was isn't this a Bill Parcells guy that. So once said that the yacht when I was really fat as ever. Get away from you little feel like cancer and there's a mommy attempt failed to hold up all of course I don't really know what we got a hotline here and here I don't know how to get somebody on the phone line item. And we we have earlier out. Apparently these anymore. Yeah I'm guessing that you. I knew I just want to lose. Along with you your job a little digits Ahmadinejad I didn't get up and be very eloquent. What is wrong doing that all the time I ever since on the kid from the time I was gonna talk what is right. Well yeah because I had a Ted Kennedy tribute is on the television before we came over and then. They were talking about had Ted Kennedy and all of his brother and sister used to always call Jack Kennedy. The president or Mr. President and from the Molina can present even the mother everybody sit around the house call the president has like you know my house now the only time that we're gonna come and been involved in my brother with the president so who do you think you are honest legitimate president. Yeah if I think that's the way I was in my house actually we had done he won't burden on the line are really he was all of this earlier today. For like twelve seconds and then his own wins out and tell the law's brother's phone right and we did not like I'm up. Harm's I got ties amid dialogue or no easy and nice guy great I've mellowed out of Africa great dad great back up his right -- know his brother is the bigger star but. In the end I in the he has brought his brother's turn it something that was terrific as his brother's a really good actor and his I know he's a fantastic and committees that. He's great character recruits we've he's gonna work the rest of his life he plays out that he's in six sensibly tuning up your guns any like knocks the ball yeah he's he's good and he lives wiped and yeah like thirty pounds and say well it doesn't have I said don't let nobody knew lost all of it was like I still think but I he was nice of the book be in that shall we shot the TNT all right red dye he would he was amazing. Yeah he's out of that event great guy to. Well the other thing I love about him is that he. He's one of the he's not a fraud Hollywood guy he. It comes back here another gift helps here get gives gives to charity he's a real sportsman you called shows every once and why don't just call soft bill sought to explain that night is a big game what you call us up Palin let's get let's just get hardcore about it I mean here it's two kids stitched. Right that as one guy was in a boy being wouldn't mind any other guy was that was white rapper right I got pretty much in doubt if you're in those two careers. If you started fourteen and when you're eighteen and you live you're lucky like that I talk and look at those guys to turn themselves into I don't know and and a boy band thing is still going to Hugh junior we never got to be in the boy band I'm starting the way we are hearing where W unclear if today there are hoping to Donnie was going to be here live that way to formulate battle that would decides before we start doing here's a guy and that they are undoubtedly go up after your place sing my new show you wanna make made if you're lucky mark what do you be Breck connect glass down right down nine about China Joey MacIntyre look easy is just knowing that it Joyce there was that by the word. It does know them. No deaths so we're throwing out the first pitch both of you together as a -- inside synchronized Dawson yeah I'm up to young women who have begun its you have watched this did you Nevin I'll look at that Camille Avery get get real players to catch and hit it you took the premium but the little ball -- earlier than that lawyers someone get a get well yeah I agree we should get a cup I want my kid does he call you scripts to the volley off like everybody get out and the possible Mike gin. From I careful I'm I'm still stand by Mike we all are you announced that he you know. Amended that is the same picture birth item is Richard birth they're much exactly the same you're the only difference is now wearing a shirt they've been simply the only did a hell of a second baseman so and so no you don't wanna you is that we've met people. On the show before who that night are going to walk through the first pitch by. And when asked this question have you practiced how's it unlocks a lot of easier guys assembled a lot of Asian and first time that we did it which is a few years ago I remember that. I I get him up out of bed and I go we're going down the park down the comment and I and I measure up ninety feet in the outfield right might sound of them nephew my with me. And we start thrown he's got this seems awful farm bill this is the distance this is sixty you know whatever he can I go well run I like yeah this tape drought and withdraw a truck that we get here we've got to demand they announce us and we walked underneath us. Eli dementieva doesn't it look easy. Okay it's. Then no got to Friday as I tried to my states. While this is better than any dream I've event I can't thank you enough for USA. What's the front of the order along I know it's no I don't know what you gotta have somebody that was one you know I used to come here in his speaking Mikey enters. Who I hate now. Because you look she literally looks like you know Dorian Gray like he's never Bobby's gonna be we're all gonna die he's going to be you're still looking get. Angel pilot when Isaac on the last 67 Red Sox we Camelot that year you know because as the season went on there will be coming down the impossible dream world. And my old man and I would come in and we did we always gonna get like a late in the day seats my father would say this guy has seats because this Red Sox are selling out by mid season you know. And so. If my old men had been there the day that we did that. First time with for a while it's and his head would have exploded the idea that we would be on the field you know there remind like talking to Mike in Bruce. By the way I can tell Tel plus zero story yeah what time when I was a kid. Let's Vizio. Back in the big bad Bruce days puts out the first officials just to the street hockey equipment. He comes does Ayers and residents with a resident and I didn't have my idol I got buys that item off its comedy is theirs in Worcester and snacks are you got to get in line for like four hours and they tell you when you get up yet seven seconds with us proceeded to take a Polaroid picture of and get your things I do you wanna talk to write the whole talk for hours my my dad's going to get ready to ask what you gonna ask him like a list and this is like that's a stupid they don't ask I'm not asking some mouth I kept coming up with stuff finally we get there. That they say Phyllis is merely walk up my father starts talking. All of a sudden pictures taken we're done I never even set high for us I'm. Well aware Goodell noted that darn easy was too busy talking a big advantage to run fast I. Boy you know I was set a one night John Henry has become simple and I'm sick when Jimenez. And my mother sees me sit next to John Henry. She calls my sister and a phone birdies turn on a red sex game you struggle and is about to be arrested. Do you what are my take home over that that was here at all. Oh god we don't wanna give up an article before December who writes I can we should. Carbon get a job that so I would get a job salad token I'd sit down watch in the game and then I get five pounds maybe popped on the ice that's they can and in 1967 bucks. I snuck into 44 game six at the end of Xena was a picture me it would do not let this get in and I was wilder saw that picture someone attachment. It and I would freak out and run and. By the way that's the reason Mike injures in 67 only get paid 101000 dollars is half half the people smoke again. They weren't paying the full admission I was gonna pour Yohei wasn't going up and I was important case like I was gonna put him. I how long you will you wanna continue but doing rescue me ordeal for you one of these guys that. Gets antsy and says okay this was fun but. Yet another juices and I don't know. Not that it's that my favorite show of well my two favorites as well time. All the family. I love that show and and the surprise right. Now you throw out the honeymoon is into the mix the honeymoon is as we all know it's a limited number at Georgia because they only did the brief time right. And you did do some of those actually live a never yeah I -- the actual I don't like ours right do one next though a network so The Sopranos which was seven seasons and I believe I love that show so much. But I wasn't ready for attend the if if they put a movie out I still I mean I love that show. And then you take. On the family because that turned into that did RT RT show and have overstayed its welcome by about three of you every night Martin balsam I don't wanna do that has allowed the little girl in there right change the hole so we start filming next week and we're gonna film two seasons at once and that's the end of it it'll mean. That next year you guys have another seasonal watch and then a year from that another season watched. But as of this time next year will be finished her work was final two years so when they do there don't just take a Mormon Roosevelt bra a broad laying right over order episode America. Larry at that point what you do you wanna mention your other show. Don't know I'm glad I ever showed another show on fox right now. Call raucous night and although actually you know you were black boy I'm not as honorary life on the only white guy and an all black show. And I'm kind of like a racist cop from Cambridge. That know how to talk about the Alamo in the in the how whether it's Apollo great yup Michael Strahan and Daryl chill Mitchell. A GCH from the from the shields. Promoting great reward and an amazing cast and I don't have a lot of fun doing it but I'll either Aussie Shiraz awesome yes she is a great shot a rug get an award for social hole that you. Apple way and explain your character because. You're married to a guy I don't particularly give a black man but I love black women and he's married to now married to do's how would his wife's system. So it's it's insane then Apollo creed Apollo creed terrible I would say that but that's really mean to me right now I am right now I'd go famous decreed it why wasn't I. I left him a few draft by the Oakland Raiders and I know you let me yeah now he's set to resume lending should maybe I can live up putting wanna sit. I can't believe a look at the Apollo creed I don't say how much did it take you should you know that Iraqis should 27 days less than a million dollars he should you realize. I didn't make it to Philadelphia until rocky three. Itself edged I had great strain amazed again I don't I think battered by how well my tickets you wanna go to work. Just need some nice guy gets really into. Using these announcers good good and very funny very charismatic general he's gonna make some money to visit to the TV thing last year didn't seem to work from my it was going to be anything less pleased with some kind of throws and a false I was playing himself to play you guys that's a different everybody to an animal everybody thinks they can do what you guys do. Like we did I did Mike and Mike in the morning with Lanny last week heard that I like I'm a huge sports fans get. You get in there and used realize it's like watching a guy do play by play when you guinier realized when how to do this and this is way more difficult than. It looks right and it's a skill and you have to have. The ability to keep. You know the information in your head and that took place at the right time. We restore the mast and we're we're gonna go drafting of that that we have interns with headphones that we yankees came right and that we had built a little peaks in the other room here's Elian had kind of an opinion -- -- -- you know -- really couldn't believe -- how how excited they -- when bill -- -- I don't know I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- about -- -- -- I I -- here and I didn't hear -- -- but I did hear about it. Then that they were looking shocked that some of the questions that you guys that would have been thrown and all I just eyes were sent. As a fan OK as a football fans as that but let's say does that as a fellow sports. Anchor is that we callers to a college guys I was anchor of the show that they are gold equivalent was offered a job right so in my journalistic. To. I was had a big word to throw he air journalistic. Crap crap right I thought that was it just this is the question I would ask if I was you know behind the scenes. She's pregnant. Tom Brady's wife right and and are due dates December let's be honest her shut off date. Is probably like early October late September so we know what kind of mindset Tom's going to be and is that gonna help her the day I think that's an honest question. The dollar cost sabathia didn't want to answer go to she's she's very nice when I've been I was. Hi is it is what it is I don't get any us that's bad that's married and has had to let knows that there's that when you're when your wife is pregnant there it's a whole different mindset and it does affect your work affects everything about out of a village said well don't you think he's gonna be like a pat Dobson I need kick in the Bob Dole about. Exactly does that sound I did say no that's I get a guy I don't want to pay a buck. Most of the type of questions we should be asking you know check on Monday don't event I was becoming and I think he's on every month so anybody just doesn't know I feel like Donna Bill Belichick is one of the smartest guys and may be one of the smartest coaches of all time again and Ali Tomei every kinda be right there I may do believe firm for a minute that he hasn't already thought secretly. Okay time is really gonna be out of his mind come October 1. That's I got to control that that's either good they are bad of course he's done it doesn't wanna save on the resources publicly I'd give them any style that's how I felt like I don't know Tom Brady on the matter much and Gerry these organized guy but yet terrific but guess who is friends with Thomas Allen hangs averages out not me and Buddy Carlyle and I saw there like he's like I Tom's you know Bob Beers that I was amazed he's an amazing how when he is just. He loves everybody and everybody loves Cynthia did I mean you know he talks about sitting in an popping up when TV with John and we can't tell you how many tons of looked in the crowd support music there's lining. Ploy is well I don't wanna postseason record I. Larry King I'll tell you especially now because he's done all his charity work to make up for all the evil things he didn't know they know a lot of them telling their a lot of ice block and what good golf and I I don't appetite diarrhea I was there and I did some bad things but he made us do that a guy I regret like Jesus will come back eventually when he comes back I'm guarantee like his second question is going to be hey where's Lydia. Yeah it was like around. I want I want to talk to Al Ali it is a excel two to excel Pixar wanna really go I looked didn't Galarraga Robin got a Levy a lot larger excel loaded like march I don't know I'd probably have to go medium or small what drove. Napster and create awesome denied that his throat. I didn't know you guys have beat this is awesome thank you join Michael hey can we Wear these tonight we thought Dolores pitches that is right there's double the Jimmy Fund caps is well all representing the united Jimmy thought I just I really appreciate you it's fun he's got I mean you're in your own schedule receive I see every once in awhile but it's great that you came here. I know how this caused as you know I always thought this is a cause that obviously you know it's the first time we've been able Vieira live I think we've called in before. Yeah it's an out and be included and you know do you guys view I know you break seventy million dollars and I know right now with the economy the way it is it's tough. Object you don't have to give a bunch just give something to federal and give something. We'll be right where we should pay 89 violated gonna show us that's so true and I I've said it before and others charity things that landing in iron involvement and it's really true. Five dollars up you know if you take five dollars and you multiply that in the end makes a huge difference everything adds up in enemy whatever you can give. It doesn't it 500 dollars image doesn't matter it's all worth the same thing once it goes into the hot item again Dennis thank you very much and you. Always you're the best lawyer outside of you for a ride thank you was not my genuine unity and he's not as I know you'll get may have unlocked that she's excited. God love ya I you know I love we love you people we're sorry the Marky mark's Nadia. The definition let's you know what each clock and I want with the WTO Joseph Jimmy Fund were already out double to right that the days of unbelievable.