2011 JFRT: Avalanna Routh paints Gerry Callahan's nails

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Saturday, August 18th
Aug 31, 2011: The inspirational, courageous, and beautiful Avalanna Routh joins Dennis and Callahan along with her parents during the 10th annual WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon. The late Routh talked about marrying Justin Bieber and went on to paint Gerry Callahan's nails. 

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Let's bring in misses Justin Bieber here. And I've been I've been really really looking forward to talking to Avalon raw. She's five years of age she should Miramax and she's joined by our parents Aileen and Cameron and psychologist Corey left got. Welcome everybody hi Avalon how are you nice to see you again. How we do and it says what did you do last night you were up late or jail. Well I authority you were bowling for how that will would you go bowling with Avalon Carol both our growth and I don't pull Josh Beckett Josh Beckett in the red suns him way back. Tim Wakefield tune now warm but he's your favorites on Playskool. All. Faith tour. Got to me or does jump the visual area hospital or Heath long did you bowl. Who are cool little nor will. How long ball you did bowl. What you pretty good bowler Laurent born in nice to knock down some pins with the big bottle full black and employees. The food the food more case Lisa told me a little while ago. You know. I. That's all and she's warm up now full exploration hormel now Hillary got the finish. Would it what does he she pulled you know what she bull with someone who's. Almost as pretty as you and Laura Wright won't. Alamo probably had my troubles Heidi Heidi multi he how he won Washington. You know him. Bring ad campaign alone. Yeah. She's this. Did you do her nails. We now know that she need a manicurist and nail polish I have no. But she did you could do that for her right format and I'm getting more scroll ball won't warm room. Roll a little more grown up maybe national John Cho just able on the show John you nails in his debut of those are very nice day. Now are you gonna do Jerry's nails this year. Or we got this he needs it he needs help plug or slower and what color we do when I'm online doing company can't own the bull. Purple or yellow and green blue green blue that's a publicist. Definitely Tiffany Tiffany blue the line I heard you're you're actually a manager at this bond now are. Or norm. I. Our ER the role that I am mobile. Britney song that I can. And they're trying to do more and then thank. I Perreault didn't don't good what do you do know many that I saw today and I know how to manage your. Deeper pool out you do your don't think that's the end of the act they picked it deposed you wanna pick my toes. Now all eleven nightmares this. And then don't fingers here we can only warm formal you can. I think that the you know the customers pick up the colors. Blue and we are good at that you know I doubt it and the arrows now you don't. Laura and I don't conflict and our Reynolds fluoride plants are so. Before we get to everybody else what would take the Mike away from new clues into we him meter less. I listen mom mom tells me you've been riding horses. And coal iron and old yeah I. Grayson wanna bowl. Army tank hold your partners can all learn I mean that ring bulls at temple. The Minneapolis something inhuman and you're going to be Irish populace in the Irish music or. Galore like he has old owl can't listen to your own bruising. What it. Let's get to let is that there is a follow alana. Lisa told me a little while ago you got married to react when they are very little walking me down did not want you got married to Justin Bieber. Also your missiles Justin Bieber or if and how the wedding go what happened at the wedding. How old am. I ten and won't. And he knows full body anymore and won't pull seeking to whom and will. Actually tell you want PM room one. He was there music that long days and Karl good decade I get the absolute control. He can give rural town here comes the bride you look on the guitar form where their flowers. Laura do plowing two hours although little movie moon you'll. Wow like Luke duke I didn't reindeer aren't cool. Yeah did you or did you have wedding cake. Why don't tell me that Paul and I plan to think again I might Latin. Out walking graduation. Heard she's mad at me for something I wrote what what was what was wrong. I hurt my eighth. And yeah exactly the Indiana. You felt and that means I won't bring back fool me more fun and no phone don't ring. You know. I knew it was just something that Jerry vote in the paper that you must talk to him about. Well I just saw he acts. Why did you say he's not I don't think if you are a little bit if I don't want I don't. I don't know her fat no salt and kicking the ball pretty sound. Yet your notebook who could think he's heard girlfriend Cooper who go to Google goggles okay yeah. It's a good gonna cuckoo dollars and all of you on having to cope. Also joining a serious psychologist Corey Luka and more you should know that everybody who comes to the Jimmy Fund clinic is assigned to a psychologist. Or social worker. Lorie says she was lucky enough to be paired up for the Rauf family tell us about that. Yeah and I'm we're really lucky at dean if Favre Eric's shoes we'll. Yeah. I'm really excited and I'm cool to be able to get everybody assigned to psychosocial provider news we have a philosophy that cancer doesn't just affect the peace and in fact it affects the entire family. And in order to provide that support having. People who aren't doing pokes aren't doing medical exams are doing. Anything to the childhood and being a support playing is an important part I think of the care that we could I ask. Your role with the level honest changed to overtime as a not in academy where he was and where it is now why that happened so I met I'm alana when she was nine Montel well out there wasn't a lot of therapy gallon you have really let. I had the opportunity tags get to know her parents and and provide support to that. I'm around what's a very scary experience to hear that your child has a brain tumor and that there are about to undergo. I'm very toxic therapy. And on over time atop a lot of has developed I've been able to do more and more with her play therapy medical play. Helped her adjust and cope to the clinic which doesn't require a lot because she's a wonderfully well adjusted. From. And Jack over the past year we've been having meetings and we talk about feelings and all are who we have blank books that get filled up. With stamps and stickers have feelings great. Seven gas trouble coming members shall we just know we've been working on not a lot of fun to distribute nails one that noticed she's very focused on the books and telling me you know how she's suing an eight. You know one of the things that came lap band recently was she's we are going through some feelings as to why I feel thank file. And I civil what do you thankful about and she said I'd be thankful for my family and I said who's fat and she said were OK and Charlayne. You Christine Betsy who Robbie elite Martha and I realize that this is why we do the work that we do right we are part of the family were part of who she knows and we're part of I know this whole experience for her and I think it makes our work even worse. Actually talked about occurred about this a lot when does it become toughest at what age it. And obviously when you in nine months old right you don't know what's going on you said they lean you told me that she stuck in the figured out which makes which is another added. Element to your struggle here she knows. Closed it's it's harder and harder to protect her from. The harshness of this reality. And an up until now we've just I was given her fairy age appropriate information. That she's curious since she's as Smart as a quick he's so we really need to. You know we have to talk a little bit more in code you know we also. If we wanna protect Christmas weekend and I can that is allowed her have as normal a childhood as she possibly can. I ask you what kind of questions she asks you guys what she's curious about what she wonders what she's not happy about because she seems as. Corey said very well adjusted and in Brighton kind of happy. She says she is happy and she has questions about. Yeah I am right now and and you know and other. Other things you know not being able to keep up who in terms of running and jumping right. And then missing a lot of school wherein we still have a lot of therapy and continues to therapy have to fight skiers. And she does that allowed of jury. From the clinic and she gets led to write from she was so excited concedes Jerry hunts edit yeah. You know at the Beck the most juice meeting the with the players or sadness of the kids last night and what she was telling them as I would see Jerry it's my mom yeah. It was very Al and a loud and scary and Islamic sure he'd got these flowers and he's nails painted boomers and it would it today and and days like this there's so important for Avalon and loudest so important to the clinic and for people to see. What's really is going on out there Avalon a starting kindergarten tomorrow. Congratulations. From her and I mean that he's my entire day there where she's very excited. Her new backpack yeah her new outfits and how hard. Bully energy level at kindergartens going up tomorrow and I. Yeah our best friend is going to be in our collateral another nice. Think I think what we have to remember is that she is where she is today but we still have our have Alanna with us air to frightful years of treatment and continue to be in treatment. Because Ogden a proper and because of the Jimmy Fund clinic and and we need some people to donate. Two today to the telethon since the Jimmy Fund clinic. And and it doesn't have to be allowed but we have to remember that only 3% of the national cancer institute's budget goes to pediatric cancers. And the rest is funded by us you and I and other families out there. So it doesn't take a lot to make a difference that you have to help Avalon and all the other little kids and we do this for Avalon a bit are also in tribute. To the children we have last on the way. And our dear friend Charlotte O'Shea and all that wonderful kids that have. Passed this year and the year before we needs to fund its York. I don't know of its logical or illogical that the parents who were stuck in this nightmare are the ones who want to do and are compelled to do the most in terms of financial giving. As opposed to the ones who have kids aren't too afflicted with this and haven't yet and I say yet had cancer affect their lives. Wouldn't give I mean the people who who are like you seem to do the most I guess that's because you understand the reality of all this. We send the eyes a bit also it seems very SS. It just at regular citizen that that didn't have a child with cancer prior and I didn't even know the Jimmy Fund Bosnian she thought it was a front man didn't even know it was clinic. And I think there's a lack of awareness out there and also cancer seems very far from your door. And suddenly it's in your home within a matter of 24 hours and you think will never affect heal and it does and we need to be. And proactively getting that message out there and getting funding for the clinic and fruit for treatments. Viewing the at least know that you're in the right place or enemy you at least know that if there's any chance at all. This is this is where it is happening this is where you have your best shot that don't. No open we print media outlets like dad let dad say so yeah I'm in no question there we oh win ally was first diagnosed we do a lot of research in. Looked around the country and and I says she's not she's eating the nail polish. And it's it's flavored everything. And we looked around the country but this is we are fortunate to be in the right place we didn't just come on Jimmy Fund and and Children's Hospital. Because it was local we've we've. Came in because it was gave that one of the best chance and treatments then didn't the fantastic support has been awesome. Really we we couldn't have gone to their mission wears abortion to be can you tell us what she's afflicted with. Eight TRT it's very rare disease only about thirty children. In the US. Are diagnosed with this disease. Until the eighties it was misdiagnosed says bill must always most common. He's a pediatric brain cancer. There is no cure for this disease there there were still looking for things to work and fortunately the treatment deadlock continues to go through is at least. At least contain the disease keep it stable. But you know what this is one of the reasons why it's important to donate his diseases like this just don't have cures and and additional researchers require right you get to and when it's so. Rare it he gets overlooked that's absolutely I mean thirty cases years so the so clearly there's not going to be a big shift in funds for this disease are a lot of other diseases as well. But the same time in particular obviously were parents of child aids charities so it's some very closely but. There are other illnesses like aids charity that need. That they need attention and HE RT we're doing everything we can there's. Jerry TRT fund has been established to try to direct funds for additional research. And again at Dana Barber's been excellent and make it's you know it's it's. It's small it's a disease doesn't get through the funding in the larger diseases get but it is getting funny things that Dana Farber. Cameron Aileen Corey. And I'll alana. Thank you murder very much good to see you again I think she's wrapping up work on Jerry's fingernails are they turning out over there although on a house jury's still luckily Hewitt. It's. Microphone I lost my ass and they don't like us. With the fact that. The Milwaukee. How juries nails turn out why did you use all three color last night. And that you'll be there yeah I'm sure there are purple and yellow one. And Tiffany blue. It's a beautiful job. And angling paying on one hand yeah I'd like the other hand Avalon yeah it to see only has males on one hand you've seen it like that before your life. Why not I don't like to learn more tomorrow morning you know. Very nice to see you go we say hello to you next year I'll look forward to that. All right you take care for me. 8777381234. That my friends is why we're doing now and the 2191000. We I just double our knowledge we doubled it. And after listening a lot of please please give anything you can just gotten kindergarten on the same day sale at any just morass exactly things are far from home they're really not really are this is the WEEI Nissen Jimmy Fund radio telephone live from Fenway Park.