5-25-18 Red Sox Review with John Ryder

Boston Baseball
Saturday, May 26th
The Red Sox win again after designating Hanley Ramirez for assignment, how will this affect the Sox going forward? The Celtics fell to the Lebrons in Cleveland to set up a Game 7 here in Boston on Sunday, who will win Game 7 to move onto the NBA championship? The midnight Ryyyyder has all your answers here on WEEI.

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. Everyone's. Told our cameras want to laugh yeah it. This club rant and and down series. Recapping the Red Sox win against the Braves security at both he goes and that's what I. Wildlife center there out. TI then we'll get it right in front of the web site when they gave us his wife Jacqui. With a growing. Worked the ninth rated dial 6177797937. Red Sox review where John Ryder on WEEI. Is so busy day here at Boston for a number of different reasons. First to get the news of. Of Hanley Rivera's and we'll certainly dad deep in the that is we take you up until. Midnight here in somewhat of a surprising. Both I don't think too many Soledad that one coming. So located at that but. As far as the games that were the Red Sox solid 62 victory over the Braves who are one of the surprise teams in all of baseball amazingly. Then at the Phillies. Grabbing headlines here at the NL east it is a very good young exciting Atlanta team with the some solid veterans as well but. Red size use of the power I had to get the job done 62 victory. Over the Atlanta Braves but. Also keeping an eye as well in the NBA game six ease files in Cleveland and there will be a game seven. On Sunday night in Boston because. That about a minute left here in the fourth quarter in Cleveland. And the cavs have a 10796. Lead. On the Celtics. And have been adapt to go banality two million vesting option for next season that certainly him he would of picked. And then. Second of all I I think dated want them to be an Ericsson now I haven't heard any word door. As far as I know is anyone else. In terms of a blow up between Handley and and any of his teammates who seem to get a lot of Weller Handley and manager Alex core. Former teammates briefly. But to. I take pages did want it to be Carrie Hanley complaining and griping and thinking about well I'm not gonna get the aid that's needed. For this option and get a B at now content I don't wanna. Be up there against his lefties. All the Red Sox have had their issues would lefties this season but. I'm not the first to say this but the he you have like many was surprise you don't usually see your adored I'd never to remember. Of first place team best team in baseball trading their number three hitter of again I would power now. The timing of it all for 22 with a walk over his last 22 after an exceptional first month of the season. They wanna get Pedroia back. I guess who wants why aren't part of his Stevie Wonder if they're gonna do it you know could they have waited a little bit in order to do this today. You know make a move. You know guy on the DL or I'm sure what these guys founded in order to. They groomed for mature and Allan knows why aren't was out of options but I don't think this was so much about. So why hard it's more about the the the vesting option but we can get into all that I'm also curious about potential landing spots. For Hanley Ramirez. Could the keys be in the mix you wouldn't think so initially. Mean you would think so although it can't have been roles being. The DH position now they're gonna get Greg bird back tomorrow. They're gonna activating him off the DL and he's been did constantly heard. Though activate him they've had Stanton at times it DH it but others at times they've even at record or at times is DH. When hicks is play the outfield. So. You know it and Handley has hit yankees' pitching well in the past especially at reds actually before. You wonder if they do that it merely serves or don't go in there once while against lefties. I think more at that the team that makes the most sense would be to use an asterisk. Who haven't had much production from the DH bye week and get into that. Up against a break 6177797937. It's John Ryder with the Red Sox view up until midnight red sex takedown of braves six to two. Cavs take down the Celtics 109 and adding that it's got finals so there will be a game seven. In Boston on Sunday that get your phone calls also gave trading Dow will be back after this era W via space Red Sox rookie. View on WEEI. We will vote our cameras on the left field. Facts and the well that's the whole. We capping the Red Sox win against the Braves he. 11 through it. Playing Tony. Oh. Leader for himself but all of them were seventeen. We'll keep just happen again dial. 6177797937. Red Sox review where John Ryder on WEEI. Yes it is as we take up until midnight plenty to talk about plenty on the table here. Up until midnight channel rider with you 61777979837. You can text us as well. At 37. 9837. So here's what we have to talk about obviously Hanley Ramirez getting TSA does to betray his back. In the Ramirez era in Boston. Which was kind of up and down I guess to put it mildly. And that one great season two seasons ago in 2016. But you know overall considering the player in the talent. Probably not completely what you expected out of him or maybe it is. You know he's had the reputation at times of dogging it wherever he's been. And had some tremendous years particularly with the Marlins earlier on in his career. So that was the big news this afternoon. And adds that the Wright says god do they beat the Braves six to till and is a very good braves team a surprise team. Leading the NL east so they get the win tonight Mitch Moreland basically Hanley is a replacement. As a home run and a single as well Jeter Martinez going deep smoky bets continues to head. Losing the good to see Jackie Bradley junior with a triple may be now that begins one of his hot streaks may be. He still struck out again who's still batting just 177. On the season but. A lot of Rodriguez gets in five and two thirds which you know pretty much what he expects you probably take caddie and two runs over five and two thirds. In the bullpen was solid against had been a combination of heat every joke Kelly med boards and Craig Kimbrel so red sex with a victory. And then you've got the Celtics as well. Celtics center of falling to the cavs. In Cleveland maybe that's not a shocking probably should be an act I never understood this and you know and an NBA fan to follow the NBA throughout my life but. When it comes to former Rhode in the playoffs. Home court I don't know why it's such an advantage but it always is in the NBA it's not the NHL. Slight advantage in Major League Baseball but to. It in the NBA it's just. I don't understand and I can understand the you've got the crowd and maybe some other role players. Playing better at home but overall it just seems to be the case has been the case so far this season. He had Houston winning on the road the other united Golden State last night used to know holding off the warriors at all it looks like it appears as if there's going to be two game sevens well there's definitely going to be worn because the cavs beat the Celtics tonight one on nine and 99 to tie that series at three. Bill probably be one I mean I'd be stud. If Houston goes into Golden State tomorrow night and ends up beating the warriors yet especially we don't preserve all year with them out there's no chance that they'd be Eackles. Yeah hamstring injury and he's had hamstring injuries in the past and other ailments as well he had a very good. Game five but yet enacted and I think still Golden State ends up winning that series called stable taken seven. You wonder about Celtics now in this scheme said that LeBron James had 46 points the other other cavs starters had 27. Now I wouldn't be stunned if LeBron comes into Boston to game seven. You know that we what happened that fatigue I guess that fatigue underway for game five that wasn't an issue. But I wouldn't be surprised if he went in scored 46 or fifty. It's just what the rest of the guys are gonna do and a Cleveland team on a game sevens that Sunday night 830 tipoff. In Boston. I cavs over the Celtics one on nine to 99 tonight I didn't expect heading into this one of the Celtics would win it he never wanted doubt him. But Cleveland at home I don't think LeBron and what very well could be is. Last home game while he gets the files won't be but. Could have been his last home game in a Cleveland uniform if he goes elsewhere if he joins forces in Houston next year where he goes to Philly. Words he goes out to LA even though. I'm not sure about that that'd still have to boost their roster bit Paul George would have to go out there it'd be after yet some other. Things that would be have dampened. Let's Cleveland does some some moves that appease LeBron and he ends up standing Cleveland like Cleveland. Sending Paul George Polk Georgia. The heat it was third. All NBA team is here the NBA teams the only NBA teams coming out and stay at at that that was and headed down here. In Oklahoma City. It was OK at that yet I don't think he deserved to be that yet team yet I mean I don't know how many much people care about. You know referred all NBA team. But anyhow. Whatever the case. I as you've figured LeBron will go off but he did tonight 46 points in 46 minutes. Eleven rebounds nine assists after that terrible game five in Boston we'll see if he turns it on. These. These are gadgets very regimented obviously very focused and kind of what's the word I'm looking for here. I'm looking for work very tactical that's not but anyway. 109 daddy daddy cavs beat the Celtics tonight so there will be a game seven. In terms of the Red Sox and Ann Hanley Ramirez moving on from him late and he thought the obvious move was going to be Blake so why are this is more. To me anyway. But do you your thoughts six point 77797937. Or you can text us as well a 37937. This seems more about the the 22 million to vesting option for for next season. And also try to nip it in the body. Of him not being a malcontent if they wanna play Borland more. And and him legions against lefties and him he's got he'll find his spot he'll obviously find the spot they'll probably be with a contender. Houston makes the most sense it was mentioned that before the break. They've got a terrific confidence they've got a bad box of a ball pork. They're probably still be with the Yankees and the Red Sox and and it's great Seidman Jerebko went added the dailies but the Astros probably. Have the best overall team still. Would that wide open its staff with Berlin under control board to Dallas Geico. But to that would probably make most sense because they're not getting much production at DH spot from Evan Gaddis. I don't think he can never allowed the Yankees. I know some of mention the Mets are I don't know about a National League team for Hanley Ramirez. Some of bitch in the Rockies as well. Ian did their first right now the NL west. Ian Desmond is struggled really had a tough season at the plate at first base. As for the Rockies showed that could be a potential landing spot by IC board so. An American League team for Hanley Ramirez. Indians right now they have Yonder Alonso Edwin Encarnacion. And played the first Bay's DH role so I don't see that is a possibility. It Terry Francona their Cleveland. So the team though make the most sense to me in picking up Handley is rated it bad that TH position. Is is the Houston Astros six point 777 at seven daddy 372 text as 37937. Soledad for the red such beautiful night for baseball at Fenway hope your. Enjoying the start to your Memorial Day weekend Chad Wright with you read section view your WTI to the phones and here's John in Bedford. They job. How did you on how I did you talk a little bit about the Celtics tonight in. No no surprise here at the increase in had to win this game or what their bet bad day I looked around. Pull out the blond now at home. And in that you had something mentioned about the possibility of LeBron. Gone to a couple of other teams in and what I haven't heard mention at all. This week last week when when it was forced talked a ball on an apple places ESPN is that. Supposedly loved ones scenes hustle these fourteen evidence in Asia coal that he's possibly looking up and Kevin Durant. And possibly doing the Boston Celtics now off the end which say that's crazy kids. And the wind we have a creek in Catalina on the teen mom lady who want to give away from LeBron James no. How it outlook now what would you have to do. Sally wise to even bring him in here. Yeah if at all possible. Well first off I don't rule out anything when it comes to the NBA or even sports these days John. When it comes to the player movement or transactions. We assess what the surprise move although it wouldn't even. I mean LeBron going to Boston would would definitely eclipse what happened here today with a hand Ramirez but. I I don't see it happening I mean I I understand why there's there's there's some talk about that. And I'm sure it's upon rumored to we you know it's a this blast it it's seemingly. And you would think any way you can pencil in the Celtics. For the next few years. Barring injury image Jason taint of his incredible he's just gonna continue to move you you get to Jalen brown as well. Carrier Irving if he comes back healthy. Lou with the following issues in Gordon Hayward will see how he comes back after their gruesome injury. Yeah I don't see it you know I don't rule out anything when it comes to the NBA but it I don't see it done LeBron in the. I'll see you back and we get them just slipped back that was talked about on ESPN I mean that's what got my antenna wrapped that. Knowing him bark and even heard about this until I'm mentioning Nikki they get. It gives people counting that means for LeBron James who allegedly involved he will use what allegedly has said this system within that circle. I mean that action to actually get at least some thought on that he says that he would he would be willing to actually grow pot it is. His quote unquote. But that's what Cleveland. Even though he's definitely after this year was. I will say maybe doesn't you know and and and thanks for the cause always job appreciated. If not I could see LeBron having interest played with the Celtics. I mean LeBron like many of these players is Canada pension he's you know you mercenary hell it'll go anywhere to try to win an NBA title. And he knows how great the Boston fans are. And what's funny about it too is in there would be death Aaliyah a contingent that would heated but there'd be a large contingent that would love it especially if he's put up 46 point performances. He's just a machine I mean is it tight end out there on the court he can do it all. He's still the best player in the game it probably really should win MVP this season considering what he did. Would that Cleveland team James Harden is gonna win it. But I think James Jordan had a better supporting cast around him with Chris Paul claimed capella who's a very underrated player. And also Eric Gordon coming off the bench there with the with the Houston. But I just don't I don't rule anything out but I don't see the Celtics as a as a landing spot for LeBron although he's had. You know. Did he age is willing to do just about anything to improve the team so you never can rule out anything he does or how he could surprise you. And LeBron James you don't know what's going on in his head he'll do anything to to get another title shot what's the best chance at least in the east. To get a title because I think Golden State stick around for the next few years. You would think getting way boring any significant injuries. And an if you the worries really have to worry about Cory going afforded those ankles which has been a problem since his days at Davidson and college with. You would think that. It it should be the Celtics and Golden State for the next few years which things can change so quickly in the NBA. If you wanna get in the something's satisfied with me cavs beat the Celtics tonight by 101 on 999 LeBron goes out 46 points in 46 minutes. Facing elimination so there will be a game seven on Sunday night Boston red sex cruised to a six to two win over the Braves tonight at Fenway all those. Close there for awhile. Red Sox only had a and it was tied at two after four innings they get that home runs from JD Martinez consider Bogart's in the fourth to tie the game. He's had a feeling they'd get to Tehran. Julio to run the Braves starter eventually. Was just taking forever to work out the year and hasn't pitched well this month. And then they tack on run in the fifth. And and get some insurance with a bookie that's two run shot in the seventh his seventeenth of the season just continues the amazing. The other thing with him until it JD moratinos was a flop so forth in Boston wasn't working out. And he clearly heads and that he's exceeded expectations. So form has been fazed by the Boston spotlights whoever now obviously bookie that's putting up the numbers he has. Mitch Moreland having the impact he is so pork. And I don't expect Moreland to continue with the 318 batting average in over 1000 OP yes. But I still think he's a guy that can he hit twenty home runs and maybe add at best drag you in seventy to eighty runs on the season. But if he's split out are on a regular basis. And I don't expect those numbers to continue the way they have but I think he's very solid serviceable and he's beyond serviceable their defense has improved. And obviously Borland gold Glover few years back taxes will get that solid defense. Question it is. They've you know had they issues against lefties this season. They have enough thumb between debts and Martinez. And and I guess even Bogart's when you think about a from the right side of the plate. And so that's the question mark. There wasn't a move I think I expect in the was movement that many expected. John right with you read section view up until midnight located back to Fenway as well. And hear from some of the particulars. In tonight's victory and also a manager Alex Cora after the Red Sox beat the Braves six to two would love to hear from you whether it's the Handley move. A game seven for the Celtics and cavs after the cavs with a ten point victory tonight LeBron at the big game. Or anything else who wanted to Edwards is tonight's game if you their big crowd tonight at Fenway as much expected beautiful night for baseball kick off this Memorial Day weekend hope you're enjoying it. John Wright with the red sex abuse six point 77797937. You can text is 37937. That more of the sport. We do feel offensively we're going to be better. There's certain guys that. They screw in the first part and season mode there were no matter than they're getting better you can see the progress and Jackie obviously when Dustin come in and it's gonna help. And we thing offensively. Them are wrong but it was an outstanding job and played them. We feel that we can do about it. That salad score after the red sex 62 win over the Braves tonight at Fenway would know Hanley Ramirez and Hanley Ramirez era over. And Boston. And a chorus to let's look at this team. There they rank near the topic in the majors in the American League and in most offensive categories they're second and home runs it for more tonight. It was JD Martinez Mitch Moreland to a smoky bats of course. And does Sander Bogart's doing the damage so that made their seven hits count four of them home runs and a 62 win over the Braves. Kennedy family get into tonight's game also these core obviously and understandably excited to get Dustin Pedroia back in the lineup after. He had bill left knee surgery back in October. There's been down at the target now is coming back and expected to be there at second base in in the starting line up tomorrow be issues and to see where he hits. We'll be in the eight spot will be the ninth spot it won't be in the second spot because they're key well he could be maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will be because I ordered Ben attendees stores with a lefty shot nukem going to Mars so you know a bit attendees that in there. Although they seem to be hitting it more against lefties of late but if if he's not in their. Pedroia might be. And that second spot but at this point I mean you would think that Judy Martinez is the regular DH you know it's a place and somehow feel we'll see on the line up. Looks tomorrow John Ryder when he read sector view taking up until midnight also of course. At their four rated good talked about is the Celtics gaps that cavs with a ten point win. As they force a game seven back in Boston on Sunday night but let's get them to the phone calls here's. Barry in Los Angeles Dave Barry. Since I get to me out a very. Ago page on how aria did a real. The longtime friend of yours. If we were in terms together channel 5600. Years ago. While we are. Yet again that that was awhile ago. Little long time you have is that mid mid ninety's in. Yeah yes that was so close now I live in L it. Good for you dream. Yeah. Watching the Red Sox every game I gotta tell you what these cheap. Judy Martinez and marquis or right handed hitters really that great swing. Yeah well he had every JD Martinez tonight even on that slider was incredible. At first glance when I saw that errors and too. Can really step back almost doing an inside out swing instill parted out to left field and it was incredible. And debts makes it look so easy and that small frame buddies. So quick with the bad quick with a wrist in and and that was an absolute bomb. Well all four all four home runs tonight weren't so rockets. Yes and you know. This team reminds me so much. Close the 2013. Team in the way. Not so much of the home runs but ships there are. Yeah I think they have a I think they have a lot more talent in the 2013. Team amid a 2013 he added David Ortiz in the middle of the line of clearly but to they had some grill over achievers on that team no one expected them to be winning the World Series and they galvanized together and clearly after. The horrendous attack during the book Boston Marathon and I was a special team. That team but the but this team gathered there does seem to be some unity and they do seem like one another. They do hate John it's great talking to you could talk to my home town and a we'll have a great night. Yeah I YouTube Barry thanks for the call appreciate it. Let's get to Wally and forever a while and. What's up Knight right back. As far as apparently don't know if you will move shot with you know the music sites such sway would be you don't want to go. I mean this gives him a stay of execution. Of long lived JBJ I think JBK done Charlize. But I you've really got to let Mitch Moreland stay in there for awhile. Don't you know they just don't clear on what does that say this in my division basement and that's it gets left and as a right and is sidelined this sort of look. Well that it could be interesting to see what. Move dumb thoughts you gonna make next I'm sure he's gonna do so before the deadline but a dispute that's going to a little bit and his son. No you know that he did it so we ms. Alley we mishandling. Yeah you're gonna hear that if they go through a stretch where they're not show on too much power. Martinez heard bats. Easiest thing you know what those two though you don't expect him to go through wide scuffles JD Ashton has gone through what. One for his last eleven I believe entering tonight. Lead but. Overall you don't. Think that I still don't know how much playing time so why hard. Is gonna get they said that you know he's gonna start taking some ground balls at first that I could play more on every day one thing our score is done this season. Is you know he gives some guys arrest even if they say they don't need to rise to give the day off but yeah I think more. You know for the majority of the season Moreland even against lefties is going to be in there as the for space but they'll get a blow you'll get rest. Here in the air. But you know you wonder how much tells why aren't. When asked me more than it has been because we've hardly see it. But you know what the guys back and night right away that he fought the bottom and you're gonna have to pick it up I mean you're just look at Milwaukee. Which is seen these haven't you had any kind of decent at it at the bottom of the audit into the city to forty. Guys have that it would have at least fifteen more RBIs we don't know that. Yet they're hoping to joy as well oppressed I concede Pedroia hitting out of that ninth spot sometimes. You know urges we would bats almost seven to lead our theaters. If there you know hitting in the same inning I concede that. Bradley will you know I could see him being moved potentially I guess we all could. If he gets on a high street the one thing the right sides don't have. Is they're very deep minor league system that's one thing was they don't have after the moves including you know the the trade the trades they've made for some of their bullpen pieces so that's one thing that they don't have been. You know I would still think that they're gonna and before the season's out look for another right handed power hitter or got to at least be given some punch it would take from from the right side of the plate. Call one final question I write it is Jason would still look. If he's still abilities of create. Which Jayson Werth. I would cut of that guy isn't. Beat Billy but they're equal at the 85. I think he'd be good addition to this team is let's get Fenway Park. Is he still with a Washington nominees been banged up so much haven't thought about him awhile. And always had some injury issues and he sets and down seasons of late. Right down right guys I'm sure it did deadline you can pick up cheap you know what I have in the to give up. I haven't even seen worth in the Washington lineup whenever I was sentenced to different things. Hell I IE I. I hadn't seen much playing time for him I would I'm taken he must be on the DL right now we'll we'll check on that. But yeah I'm sure that probably thanks for the call Wally appreciated probably. There's no right handed bat again at some point 61777979837. He could text is as well 37937. Not too many people it seems and in listening to the afternoon showed today heading in people were I think people were surprised by the Hanley Ramirez moved but. Maybe not you know. Two completely upset about it I'm sure there's definitely a a portion of fans that are. You know our current kind of idea is still somewhat surprising but. Don't think they do that if there's that that tip 22 million dollar vesting option. For next season but it still on and secure and I don't know I don't think I've ever seen it before heard of it before this is a first. Where a first place team not only of first place team team with the best record in baseball is of trading their number three hitter JD Martinez in the three spot tonight Mitch Moreland. Was batting cleanup. With the lefty going tomorrow China nukem which is a great story. I nukem local kid from Attleboro mass sexually grope about ten minutes from where I grow up I grow openly told town over. He grew up in a middle abroad he's making historic for the Braves he's had a terrific season so far five and one. Where they 239 ERA braves one in surprise teams action exciting team did. To watch this season would their youngsters at the the top to Carolina Bob. All b.s in the Kahuna. As they become the baby braves but anyway the red sex with a 62 win. Over Atlanta tonight we get into that some more than Hanley Ramirez move and the it's been an odd tenure with Hanley in Boston to say at least. It you know could be a handful at times of those scenes teammates seemingly can. No 2015. He would was pretty much a disaster especially out of left field that the played as well added great 2016. And then it you know constant issues would both shoulders. Last season and never really put it together and it terrific start to this season. But the month of may has been a horror show for I'm all for two in his last 22 with a walk and now he's out there on the market. Who will sign Hanley Ramirez he will be with someone that's for sure. Right 61777979837. You could texas' well into some of those 37937. Jenrette with the Red Sox are viewed taking up until midnight. Red sex or the cavs Celtics game what everyone to get into one more segment to go here on rates actually. U a W via the way in majors when the madam the way he plays defense. And it is not about this here. It was a good players last year to put this team I think his numbers so version because of the injury. That'd job I did feel that the rules were about to change. You saw the other matches against. One of the business lefties in the big leagues now the two balls the other way round of news he's put in about lefties. He seems like is hearts and in the zone. You'll I think it's a small sample size but he's been known for awhile we we felt that it was gonna improve our defense to. So bills where we were going we went there. So she's she's. The reality she's trying to do everything we can't win and lose our opinions Scotland at the plate at this point and why else. Just thought it's time to play more and more and that's one thing I will say Alex has continually said I'd like to get Moreland in the lineup. A little more but you know we have we have a solid club with a lot of versatility out there and it was one of those assistants OK it's time to do in my opinion my opinion now. For the bigger surprises today at the dame Nebraska David biggest surprise of the Dave Dombrowski press conference this afternoon when they. Announced to make room for dust to Drake coming back that Hanley Ramirez will be designated for assignment that it was Alex corps' decision. You would think that this would be a money situation with a 22 million dollar vesting option but they said it was a baseball decision. And it was in order a new and now score was one that brought about seem like Dave Dombrowski was destined. Is to make probably a minor move concerning place while hard was out of options probably make a deal. Maybe get like a minor league pitcher in return something like that in I'm not too much and richter and hasn't done too much of the Major League level. And that's what I expected to move today. And out of date headline grabber like it was with Hanley Ramirez being designated for assignment. That was probably the of the more shocking development now. House or maybe wanted to nip this in the body well he was pretty transparent he didn't really. Shy away for many of the questions when asked. Today at Fenway. You know about the decision to move on from Hanley Ramirez who wanted to get more and more playing time wanna be it's why already near. A little bit more liking the bench the way it was in. Probably worried and and said there was no issues with the with the Hanley Ramirez in terms of no combative nature anything but I think who's worried about. How we would be you know accepting a role weary was really a platoon got a guy that she is. You know facing left handed pitchers and getting in there once in awhile and some. Maybe some late in shooting at bats and and that's about it how we would take to that. Now he's he could be that guy on another team in May be accepts that role better another team and a change of scenery. So that was the big news today concerning the Red Sox as for the game itself the end of beating the Braves 62 denied at Fenway very solid game. All the way from all the way were were around from the Red Sox. Who strung together together some runs late to get the two in the fourth in the one more in the pertinent. Two in the seventy tack on another in the eighth. And water Rodriguez gets the win let's get back to the cause we give us call 61777. At 7937. You can text us at 37937. Matches Red Sox also Celtics fall into the cavs 109 to 99. Tonight in game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals back to the calls popular in Los Angeles or second call from LA United's core what do name. They Garth. I don't undermine their message are we see this column that I saved that android package assuming he's. Tell people that look at that you're lucky look at bill that big old target at a news. Well that's that's been discussed and our score is said steadfastly that he's not gonna move that standard bad slice batting lead off and I understood you know. I can understand. People were talking about that now being good discussion point. I have no problem hit him in the leadoff spot especially if you're Judy Martinez amoled lineup. And I don't remember them actually to garner some support and opportunity and he's. Building I don't think this all let me technically a case that got the guy that walked out there. Like eighty yet reached the spot on our. You know eagle I would like his no no no no I'm have a look and find would. Would any idea and I don't think it's out of lied. But I think it's you know if it ain't broke don't fix it I'd like to see a little bit more production. From Bogart's endeavors in terms of some power. That's who I'd like to see some more production from. It took let them open ever and a sparkle back. Did not file again but look at Europe appreciate it a. Yeah I was BIU two Garth I was about to ask him Dijjer solid noise in the background. Yes and only going in like yeah yes I had a provision was at a construction site are it's sorry about that it's right. But I was it was woodpecker back there or something anyway. Kind of distract me but yet that's been that's been talked about much this season moving beds down in the order I'm fine with him batting lead off. And the production is the air. Yes it probably have some more RBIs but it did and that's where it where he likes to hit. In coral ice and it sold. There's there's not an issue where there right now so I don't think you have to make drastic move and as you said we need more production out of Bogart and especially devers from what he did last year what he showed us he seemed to be chasing too much outside and trying to pull the outside two years and spray it. Yeah I Bogart's is still hitting for average but I'd like this to see him hit for a little bit more power we saw that tonight that was an absolute blast. Out of left field. And as they say in baseball the warmer weather approaching me now. You will see if those guys pick it up but. Those are the guys you know are they Moreland will be what he typically is you know oil hit eighteen to twenty home runs I'd like to see some more. Out of Bogart's endeavors and and immoral and with his eighth home run tonight is second in the past two games that was a clunker last night in Tampa Bay to finish of that surge very sloppy game. But tonight was very solid. The defense was solid really the only mental mistake out their for the Red Sox tonight was devers when he was picked off first base. At that there was interest into idea I heard that on the broadcast for the television and the radio side were devers is getting a gift certificate for fifty dollars. To one of his favorite restaurants. From Alex core for each time he draws a walk. There's more patient at the plate. And Dave O'Brien had a good line and interestingly Google SN rafters picked up or Jerry Remy said no he's gonna give that gift card back. Any out at a red sex over the Braves six to do Hanley Ramirez I'm now curious and landing spot now. I should say they still have seven days in order to trade him but that's laughable that's how can happen so team is gonna. Pick up that money when you can SATA for the veteran minimum for the rest of the season so. There will not be true I mean that would for me that would be one of the most stunning things. In recent years have if Hanley Ramirez they ended up working out a deal with a vesting option and also still all the money that's owed to him which is over fifteen million. Still this season was 22 million Hannity and boy those paychecks imagine those every few weeks. But. That that's not gonna happen so ago led Debian. A free agent out there released and be able to side with anyone you know there's been so many different landing spot. And so many different. You know I was reading on mlb.com. One writer was even saying you know he listed a bunch of different teams he involve the twins are there. Now the twins could have a need Jo my hours banged up. And there and the mixed with Cleveland I think Cleveland still obviously takes that AL central. But. Eric do you see Hanley wanting to play for Minnesota. Who see that I think that he'll. You know have his pick of teams they'll definitely be teams looking out there for that right handed bat and feel encouraged a change of scenery. And he'd given some pop. You know I think that the team that makes the most sense and I said it earlier is Houston there is stacked team. And he probably would be their regular DH he probably would be penciled in as their DH on a consistent basis. Down there in Houston they've they've got everything else that lineup that would make. The most sense I never rule out the Yankees because he's tortured and ended and that would be really something with he great drama if he ends up signing with the eighties. Well they did need Haley tonight they got the offensive production they got the four home runs they beat the Braves. 62 were denied at Fenway Celtics fall of the cavs have a big game seven on Sunday night in Boston. Based Geoff Sanderson for running things back there on John router it's actually all be with the pregame show and posed for the Red Sox braves tomorrow. Here on WEEI.