5-4-18- Red Sox Review with Chris Villani

Boston Baseball
Saturday, May 5th
The Slammin Sox are back taking old man rivers Colon deep 4 times. Mookie is still sizzling with 5 HRs in his last 3 games while Porcello has returned to his CY Young form. The Bruins got screwed AGAIN by the officials as they fell to Tampa 4-3 in game 4 and are now down 3-1 in the series. 

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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. It was judgment exiting cameras didn't play again ultimately wanted. Who's behind. Capping the Red Sox win against the Rangers. Never hit one hard to right field again. To run. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox were you with Chris nobody on WEEI. It'll be somewhat abbreviated Red Sox are viewed tonight just about 45 minutes or so up until midnight. See which calls generally not but it's 61777979837. I'll say right from the Gekko the Bruins are on the table as well. If you wanna talk QBs after eight frustrating. Frustrating. Ford at three loss at the garden at both. TV's going back here in the studio watch in the Red Sox game watch the Bruins game and say they a lot of Boston new England sports fans been rock and split screens over the last. A couple of days in in weeks is these two teams the Celtics and Bruins plains of post season. But that was the brutally frustrating loss. And there were so many and I like to think it was Rasheed Wallace first ball and Bergeron scores the shorthanded goal although lie puck don't lie. Just a garbage call. That put the Bruins on the the penalty kill situation so to get that shorthanded goal. Felt like poetic justice. And then it. Just when it seemed like they had EU authority even things out. Okay get a bad break but hell you even make as much as you possibly can out of it scoring down a man. Another completely ridiculous in this case non call. That allows the lightning keep the puck in their own zone allows the and those two or in the bruins' offensive zone I should say a lasting and goes to get the third goal. Tied the game not go to overtime. And then lose on that tip and brutal. Absolutely brutal and the officiating is banned. It's not even if you like most of them are going against the Bruins but the more that I look at it. It just feels like it's been bad just across the board just a group of I guys have been officiating in this series and maybe in the post season in general that are really struggling to find. And I don't know if this is just the benefit of having seen it being the most recent thing I don't know this is. Atypical of the seas that are we really thought back and look back over the last years he say now. There's just a lot of missed calls or things are magnified more in the playoffs but whatever it is it feels like the Bruins have gotten posed. Multiple times so far when it comes to calls when it comes the officials and I'm not blaming it all on that. Certainly the bees had their opportunities tonight even without. Some some things that went against them but you look at the iPod very soft hooking call on knowing Charlie that sent out. Oddly enough to shorthanded goal by Patrice Bergeron but the put the Bruins on the penalty kill in the third period. And then the no call I know what was a very blatant. Penalty rate behind the net and that. Just let stand goes take apart basically he scores. The third goal and ties it at that point and in that sequence they came about five or six minutes apart. Really just highlighted. The the frustration from the Bruins fans perspective from the brands player's perspective. I know a lot of you know lightning. Without their lightning fans it's like in players but I'm seeing a lot of that I Twitter. Pointing at Brad marsh and and again yet another late tonight. I put a quick Twitter poll out there and then tail lights these are really put my pan off and it did one now thoughts on the Marcia and linking. Love it hate it or neutral it's pretty split. 41%. Heated 34%. Love it to 45%. Say they're neutral. I guess I'm in the neutral category and the only thing it's driving me to the neutral category away from the hated you they do think it's a little ridiculous. It was kind of funny the first time it's losing a bit of a luster for me now. And it's getting to the point of being a little bit embarrassing. But the only thing it's driving me kind of to the neutral category. Is the over the top reaction. From the people we're just predispose to heat the Bruins are heat Brad marsh and saying that this is something that should be game misconduct he should be thrown out ten minute penalty suspension in any inquiry. I mean it's simple unsportsmanlike. Conduct. Two minute penalty would be sufficient for something like this makes that's the only thing it's kinda making me neutral about it. Is Howell. Ridiculous people of banned in all overreacting. To. And because of that. I hate a little bit lax if that makes any sense. But my knee jerk reaction is it's embarrassing it's gross. It's weird. And it's not in any way shape or form part of hockey. I and lasts. Against it on unless fired up about it because of the people were equating it to you. Somebody smashed his stick over somebody's head no one's weird. One's probably a penalty it's certainly unsportsmanlike. Probably should be a two minute. The other things that people are comparing it to that you be game misconduct or suspensions are things they can and careers put guys. Out for extended periods of time. And they are completely separate from what marshy it is deal. Not the biggest take away from the game which is something that began with getting a lot of reaction on social media. And just in that sort of jumped out to be there's the Bruins. I definitely on the table here for again this abbreviated Red Sox review since it is technically Red Sox review. Just a couple of quick thoughts on tonight Burt involvement what will keep bats is doing is absolutely incredible and without a home run in the sixth inning. I was five home runs and ten at bats. And that's what you do little leak. The best player in Little League hit the home run every other back that's not typically what happens in the major leagues. And that's what smoky bats did after that fifth home run in ten at bats in the sixth inning you four and five at bats. In the the previous two games so I'd this they got solitaire right now one of the best players in baseball right now. And a driving force in the Red Sox lineup it was interesting Tim never chaired this. During the broadcast tonight zero conversation with Alex Cora. Yesterday. Any asked about moved keep bats that this is gonna come up as that continues to you know all of Brian's as he shows the power. This season. On a different level what he's shown in past seasons. The question of moved he bats moving down in the order in being someplace where he can potentially driving more Ryan's. Is going to continue to circus and it was something that Tim never asked. Alex Cora about yesterday. Gore's response was. This is gonna be the last time we talked about this this is our leadoff hitter marquis that's his hourly optic. And to respect core I don't need to be the last. Tammy talks about it Tim may not ask him about it again. But this is not reported be the last time he talks about it. Because bird. Bradford all boats that he would definitely be talking oh sure you know other media as well there's no question he's got to keep getting this and is it'll it'll especially magnify and a Red Sox send. I spotted a little bit here in the past couple weeks gather six and seven in their last thirteen games by. If you don't get production from the bottom third of the order which typically has happened the Red Sox struggled at the bottom third of you order. And there's a lack of power elsewhere sustain power elsewhere in the lineup. That second part hasn't happened as much. Devers is crushing the ball. As in her Bogart's is back in which certainly gonna help against left handers Katie Martinez had a home run tonight that second part isn't happening quite as much. Like the whole Houston Astros. Thought process here the George springer thought process from which Alex Cora the bench coach last year's Houston derives. What's happening now with with monkey bats. It is all depended upon only fitting that lineup. So having said in 89. Producing. Having those guys on base so there in a position for move keep bats. Inning in the leadoff spot to drag and that's what it's all about. So. I light in a vacuum the idea of smoky bats leading off because I like that spark at the top of the lineup. By eight he would just be about who keep bats. It's also going to be about what you get from the bottom part of the line. If you get some consistent offense there. Just guys on base chance to drive in runs. Then it can work and it certainly worked that way of last year in Houston but the lineup has got to be lengthened extended yet again. Guys like Jackie Bradley junior you know sue way to win when he was out. I'm contributing a bit and getting on base the bottom line up those the types of things he need to really make this thing work. Otherwise. EU might get a lot of what you had tonight. Which in Paris was happening up and down lineup guys batting driving in runs with nobody. And their mirrors as the only guy that RBIs tonight. That was driving in somebody other than himself or solo home runs for the Red Sox. So the Sox get a win at the Bruins got a lot will get your call 617. 77979837. Will start with Ian drew hit April once talked ruins here in Red Sox review a lower hander. That was going on grass you know I'm talking in more than anything I've played hockey in I get depressed tonight I mean. At the tough way to lose. That's a tough way to lose a hockey game I mean I thought could draw got a little bit of that convoy that was our what you Becky play. Like you can't you can't goes in the high slot readied a onetime. A leader slap shot in the back of the net like you let Ricky play. Now you're right and and and like I I I thought that was definitely a look at that was definitely a penalty which are points now and I'll marry you can't just hope especially the way these series has gone. And you see some of the miss calls out there he can't just hope to get bailed out by a whistle in that spot. I really did seem like the on a couple of guys quit on that play and scam goes that was it's weak UEZ form. And that they would never call quickly get their a couple of bad call they had in games one joke. And at the act campus order a couple of outlets like I know. The official like mission called but you have well. We'll continue playing and you have to continue executing but my main point I was Rick Nash at each other personal. It was a plot where abortion and the defensive zone he misses it won't turn over. In the back and act in scores and you know I Enders like soul. Don't let that guy what can we get here. As far away from my keen as humanly possible. Why do we expect. Anything different from this guy after what he'd done for fifteen years. Never produced in the playoffs he never but it. Playoff we still expect some different nation would go off Asia and the Venus got that Egypt isn't he he's just not that I. And we have to realize that sorted that. Actual turnover was unbelievable because I mean that the cliche but if you turn the puck over in the playoffs and not in the backyard that nine times our act. And it was in the discussing Canadian obsolete every match ceiling. Yadda I don't think you're alone in that body enter and I remember when this trade happens. The one of the reasons I like it was mainly because of the return what was going back. It was not compare Rick Nash to. To say eight proven play outperform market he's not he's never band it was comparing him to rank Spooner. Right and he's comparing and then map olasky. So and then immediately. Brian Ingrid is a guy not as much on my radar is those two guys and yet there's added late round draft pick in there that man who cares what every depict. That was why I like the deal but immediately. The concern. That a lot of Bruins fans raised was well look at the post season performance. And this is all of sort of bring it back to the Red Sox a little bit this is something that was brought up when David Price was right. Guys ever won as a starter in the post season. Always have to be careful with those types of track records because there's so circumstantial they can be based on a small sample size. So they could have happened years ago and that's certainly the case with that some of the post season experience is from a long time ago. All that said what you're looking at right now. Is incredibly disappointing performance from match by. Maybe it's just one injury sets. You know if they eat quarterback gets beat. Time and time again by the same receiver. And Alec we've seen examples that recently but the quarterback keeps getting beat by the same guy. At a certain point it's stops becoming the quarterback's fault. It becomes the coaches vault becomes the general manager's fault that sign up player to begin with. Because he's showing you time and time again he can't do it. Does false. He keeps showing you time and time again that he can't do it. You knew basketball tell me to docket how many do analogies golf or sports here that's what I would like to do we hit for the cycle. And tell me you don't get I can't do it if you keep telling me to dump it keeps telling me to do it I'd still not going to be able to it it's not my fault at some point I'm short on athletic. So if Rick that's she's showing you. Consistently that he is not eight Rubin play out performer. After how many years you guys 33 years old it's not like he's got that a short track record in the in the NHL or in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Maybe it's time to just taken at his word against. Or just take the example that you're seeing that this guy can't get it done in the post season. Or at least can't deliver. Total level that you would expect or want into in the post season. And that was on display a little bit tonight. So a frustrating loss and it a lot of Bruins fans as frustrated as the injury is right now not just at Rick Nash but. Acts you know Mac Voight good example they're giving up on a play late in the third period Bruins had not angry at their own zone and Tampa. Is a very strong team in terms of puck possession much more so than the Maple Leafs elites are all about. The stretch passes get it out in transition but they were not a team that really possess the pock. Not like a lightning him. And because of that. You gotta be stronger with the puck from the bruins' perspective can be more physical with the times they are. I quick update by the way on the leaking quick people. 40% 8833%. Levitt 27%. Neutral on the Brad marsh and linking. It's a 55 votes and added that's solved sample size that's. 55 registered Bruins voters plus or minus 3%. Will college basically a statistical tie it 61777979837. The phone number. He text data 37937. On Twitter. Chris Maloney 44 it's an abbreviated Red Sox review were taking up to midnight for the Bruins are on the table as well. We'll get your thoughts on it between now at 12 o'clock Sports Radio WEEI. It. It's. Yeah. Nice seven. 937. Truly as just regular people on that moment lately there's just a mix of his pitches that changes obviously. This isn't going. The location of the fastball has been able to establish down an angle up. And then and now he is understood as a visionary that's vigil there. Alex Cora belittled Jack Apple's O Neil there add both Chris Sale and David Price though I think it was more civil latter that was intended to be recipient in that. Two guys have to strike out pitchers are striking guys out. And that a lot of praise or reports solo picked up his fifth win it tonight two point 14 ER a after he throws. Six innings allows just one run. In what we're sell low it's not just making one adjustment. I topic Bradford about this for the show it's out for the game tonight it is. About making a lot of different adjustments and it's not really even one thing he can put your finger on. But you sop we're cell mixing it up a lot tonight through couple slow curve balls but you don't usually see from him. Through he's changeup effectively for a strike use around the plate constantly. And did efficient with his pitches maybe could even stayed a little bit longer but. Worked the six innings in the Red Sox. Gave him more than enough runs the bullpen wasn't really tested much eyes he came in and indeed each job. With fact Kelly. And body pointer finishing it up as well there Matt Barnes with a twelve pitch inning in the eighth so a lot of good stuff from the Boston Red Sox tonight. But yeah a little did you have a price little bit there. And and I guess sailed two and price has been bad over these last five outings and he point 22 ERA. In and it's starting to look more and more. Like maybe those fourteen innings against Tampa it to start the season were an aberration. In this was something that was sort of laid on the Red Sox as a team. The first three series of the year. I played Tampa twice in Miami in between. The first eight games so that was something the people looked at that well and come out yet they're winning but really. Look at the teams they're playing and I I don't discount what the Red Sox did early on. Because number one they think they're still arguably the best team in the American League number two they are. Team that he certainly in the small group of paths that's playing with a large group of have nots in the American League so. Even if you think the Red Sox are. Bolstering their their one loss bonafide tear by beating up on some of the weaker teams in the league well that's most of them. Most of the teams in the American League are a lot closer to Tampa. Then they are added to the Yankees but in the Yankees are back in the division fight now down by game it's probably going to be a slugfest the rest of the way between these two. The thing though they they may be your throwing away. From that stretched out the Red Sox entire performance. But you look at David price's first few outings and a different light now because yes I'm able to find it anyway she performed since that. Got roughed up last night. No command whatsoever either in or out of the zone. And it's been the story of his last five starts again each week to ERA. The last five times taking the mound including not getting out of the first inning against the Yankees and not getting out of work dating last night against the Yankees won that. I know it has tingling fingers night by putting that aside okayed the Yankees. And New York's legit they're gonna be one of the best teams in baseball this year. The Rangers stick a caterer majors are one of those teams it's a lot closer to the rays and they are in the top bully. There in last place in the division there effectively mathematically eliminated already that doesn't matter did that and theory bad team 377 year old pitcher that I hate they have a lot of good young talent but I mean yeah like Bartolo yes exactly half yelling Mazar and gal but definitely a stack the line. When I used. Donnelly used to be an atom bomb home runs left and yet this is gonna be eight year that's in there like a lot of teams are trying to build towards something and maybe sign a big free agent at some point. Maybe that'll be that they need to shave some payroll Saturday free agent next year. Bye for now. Texas is not a threat. So to come and get shellacked by that team had nothing against them last night. Old concerning and it's eight and it felt like Al scorer was needling. Price and to a lesser extent Chris Sale at the very beginning there. He says get to strike out pitchers that are striking guys out and that's the biggest issue price he's not finishing guys off. Last year. I know he's an a relief role and kind of working its way up into. The starting rotation never quite got air of the season ended but he was able to finish guys. And that's been exam always strike out pitchers got a strike out over 200 guys of the season. This year he has not been able to finish guys Peter's been able to extended bats and you wait for mistakes he's made a lot of them. So the Yankees series is coming up after this one and it certainly bears watching. T get more of the David Price we see in the last five starts to those first two starts against the rays look more and more and more in more. Like an aberration like the exception rather than the rule for price this year. 6177797937. I promise you mix in some Bruins Dotson Bruins calls as well trained in Texas. As thought on the b.s up next hello Trent. But I. They're saying Michael another big game tonight I don't go to are at Williams or who I got it and. Cologne is beat Tom Brady. MLB pitchers usually age our response to that was yeah he looks like he's on the key it will broke off 400 counts of them. Yeah and I don't think he's a lot more the resistance bands but hey it works for hammy is forty right now he Ian Brady should not be in the same sentence in India any category. I mean I think it can't block in the back here are people talking about. Rick Nash turns back to lay. Obviously to grass. I think fifteen probably should have been eliminated I know. I think that pat won two really good game in the playoffs in that game two against Toronto. Basically sloppy most of the time if he would stay in the zone they can't get their cycle in Billings. And it just too many turnovers. It's frustrating to launch team that dominated the regulators and come into the playoffs and. I. I. Yeah and eight NA database of phone call Trent the year. Percent that is that the Bruins game tonight I was even thinking Trenton Texas of course he was at the Red Sox game which is in Texas. By the way to India to globe life marked as such a let down. Does the fact it was called the ball park it was one of those still cool name stadiums and it's not smoothie king arena in New Orleans but it's a little closer to smoothie king. That is just calling it the ball park but yeah of course terms of the Red Sox game tonight. Yeah really does feel like now that you're watching the Bruins play Tampa that there were a lot of things they were able to get away with against the Maple Leafs. And I don't I'll I'll go so far as city should have been eliminated in that series at that there are clearly the better team relative to Toronto. I don't know that the series should gone as long as it did and that's the eight product of the fact that there was a lot of sloppy plays right about that. Yet he was wrong about how many teams. That they played well the first game in the Tampa series it is in mountain Cadillac so it completely around about that and that. The Bruins are definitely a better team. Yes Sidney police and maybe more top end talent but as far as a team from top to bottom the Bruins were amazing and and I thought if he's played well in game one of that series tale absolutely. So yeah it's it's a little bit of an overstatement. They should've beaten Toronto they did beat to round it probably should be in Toronto more economically faster then what they ended up doing. By some of the aid in this is where I think trans right. Some of the deficiencies. They didn't pop up in the Maple Leafs series are rearing their ugly head now. Because you got a better team a team that's stronger on the part a team that's willing to be physical and it's a team that is. Able to finish it's not just. They they do you sort of this idea that the lightning based on. Reads it's kind of like a Jeff saying a minute ago what you think Rangers you think a bunch of big lockers right you think his power hitting lineup. It's different now because they've got younger guys they're sort of being remade with the lightning the immediate thought I always sad it is. Five goals in six goals in league offense. Great great forward lines they might give up five but the score six they'll give up orbital scored six built the beaches that way. They're not that weighting where at least some really good goal scorers they can still light job but they arm so much stronger. On their own side of the ice yet when they've been a recent year was Hedman insert a chance to exact on I mean you go down on its yeah. They're stacked from top to bottom it's it and that's not how you would think of the lightning in recent years. I mean even going back to your 2011. By AA it's it's sometimes those those traditions especially when teams are successful over course the number seasons. But if you were expecting. The Tampa team that would be sort of like the Maple Leafs very fast. Rate goal scorers. By EU could hurt them in their own and no that's not what you're getting from this team and I don't know if the Bruins were expecting that by. That is and the biggest struggle in the biggest challenge for them. Is trying to deal with the team that is very very deep and strong on its own blue line at its own and the ice. And he's also able to score is also able to finish. As they did tonight picking up the sport three victory are we got that few more minutes ago 6177797937. I quick dealt by the way. Albert pool says. I hit number 3000. There. Waiting for that. It is a a new record against its fourth straight season. In which a player is reached 3000 hits. Alex Rodriguez did in 2015. Ichiro did it in 2016. Adrian Beltre did it in 2017. The last year and an Albert pools. This year baseball fame just tweeted that out kind of nice interest in little nugget there so a number 3000. For Albert pool side of Los Angeles art 617779. 7937. Hawaii with the up it's a big united Sports Radio WB yeah. You. You know we're doing good job with strong enough pitches strikes and balls and hundreds of travelers life. This came out of hand isn't as fast ball understand somebody knows it's good to him and you know its disappearance of let's say did and knows you know again it's what we focused on coming into the season was commissioned centers down them and we are using matters to throw off speed pitches off and. Reports LO talking about get a few more strikeouts this season and the ladies and is on speed pitches but he just mentioned there. The very end the back side is noticeable and getting strike outs at the breaking ball didn't strike outs changeup getting ahead. With the off speed stuff kind of working off the fastball does have an overpowering fastball by. The way that he's able to is sort of uses off speed pitches to set up everything else. Has been on the displaced so far the season and aunts but a good one a very good one. For report seller to this point. This is a little interest to note that down day that your pensions it during the break. Becky Emmett is going to interview for the Milwaukee Bucks head coaching vacancy. She's the scene Antonio spurs assistant coach the first female assistant coach in the NBA. The Bucs have already met with her once that was last year. She was interviewed for the general manager vacancy she did not obviously get that job no profits experience. Just looking at the candidates mean maybe she blows away in an interview but it would seem like she has an uphill climb is there's a lot of candidates for this job it's pretty good one. Monty Williams is on the list he's a guy take coaching experience in the NBA Steve Clifford. Is on the list might food moser. Is that there as well now there's something to be said for not knowing with somebody who's tried and failed someplace else. And I do believe in that black. Will see with they aid team day. Really didn't seem to edited. Have a coach that got the most out of them this year I mean they fired their coach meats seeds in that go with interim coach the rest of the way. And no matter what it seemed like that team never played the level of its talent. That Timmy feels like it's a reflection of coaching for some reason not getting the most out of that group. It seemed like Milwaukee may go with the guy with a little bit more of a veteran edge to win. Somebody who has coached in the league as a coach before but just getting the interview. And in getting into that conversation. Is certainly a positive step for her. And this is also what happens with spurs right you work with pop. You get head coaching opportunities you get gigs and help if this one doesn't work out for. About Philadelphia. Which takes prep Brown's job. Because that's a guy who looks completely and utterly overmatched and other former popped out by the way. A guy who based on he is woeful performance last night not calling a timeout as the Celtics came back to mark his team at the end of the second quarter. And then saying afterwards while I called time out I don't think anything would change. So you're telling me your timeouts are useless you're telling me there's nothing you could have told them. What are you even doing there at that point I would use a guy with a suit on the sidelines and with what what does your function in life. Time how would help anyway okay great. How about not putting band Simmons back into the game when he showing you throw we talked about athletes the show you they can't do it he showed you in that. Game he couldn't do it. And yet had a Heidi endowed the air you speak about you put ads have been backing it didn't file the end of the game season that's so it doesn't work out of Milwaukee. Becky enemy wanna think about looking at Philadelphia. Gonna be a talented roster and end on the sixers right now. I'm really wondering if the guy that brought them through the process. Is now the guy that they could trust to actually win and have some success now they've got a team the ability to do that. Are around here are Red Sox are you tonight. That Red Sox baseball tomorrow will be 720 pregame EO 51 pitch. Gonna be a beautiful day get outside enjoy idol but tomorrow my name's crystal Lonnie. At AT&T asked the rest of your weekend everybody sick. Endeavors as one hard to right field again this is the you're on a two run home run game four of the film there. There has not to utterly tired and it is Ford.