The 5 most important Boston Celtics players; The "Average Al" Horford debate; Former NCAA head coach Pete Gillen gives his picks for March Madness

Thursday, March 15th
Rich Keefe and producer Jason Rossi discuss the Celtics' undermanned 2OT loss to the Wizards. Keefe believes injured Marcus Smart is the fifth-most important Celtic, and that sparks the debate of who the top five most important Celtics are. Former NCAA coach Pete Gillen joins the show to discuss this year's NCAA tournament.

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He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything season. Mostly seeks though mostly c.'s podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound appreciation teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get tubes which keep an. Please podcast. Think sincerity in another episode of mostly CIA year post your old. Rich I knows that that day. Michael Holley I heard this move or or that you guys. If maybe the biggest low ball as he won't be doing both of these once a month toward Jason Roth is our producer he gets here. Yes if that's what everybody came to let's. So or it won't be just one voice on mis speak that it goes get a little boring monotonous. We don't have the big name appeal Michael Holley vote probably don't daughter turning off. It's very true but the big name a second yeah. You know you have eighty. Eight games that he youth that are there with her net game Jason. Michael Ollie identity was he was the game that role viewing the most species. Hopefully give us another shot hopefully Evan on subscribe just yet that's well that's that has popped up its auspices. And we're trying to give it to you more regularly than. We had in the past that tells a story that a school Jason. Michael Holley was always super pumped through the podcasts know if I could peel back fourth wall. I want IE became part of the show and Beasley was tasked on let's be honest. Yeah and not a party your original deal now I'm nine big contract guys this is an extra bonus that I would come in had to make and I thought Michael. Wealth of knowledge is just a special vastly guys have great basketball east of the excitement and and you wanna do it tomorrow he looked. He gave me it everytime I think it was kind of like if you ask somebody like. To use like one guy bar fifty bucks right there is that what looked like. It it's like I don't wanna sing well. And occupancy costs just waiting hopefully it you know but forget about you know. And and Michael you don't need to get it together these guys it was a part ideally have a good time once we got started every wanna commit to a lot of votes yet sad that you even as well the can I say one last. I think like about the cohosts sit out the Alley out there and third share on two parts. He. I was it I'm not holding out hope we want him on the spot really occasionally. There's a chance he could do more at the gas that he ever did is they I honestly believe that absolutely done about that since I've been here it was twice a month. Since I did November dissent it about eight. A night is it into class and with a lot of text messages about not the most. And two month last month but we are back and better than ever although it's weird it's one of those situations where I think there's always Celtics conversation he had. However were all kind of feeling the same way get these guys healthy and gets in the playoffs and it probably going to be the two seed out of it kept in Toronto. The number three seed he fascinating hopefully the caps and up as the four or five and you don't have to face them until a conference finals on. I think there's such a gap there that even with the injures are going to be okay watching the game last night were recording this on Thursday. So watching the wizards game last night to get up to that huge lead. Who cares that don't have carrier rate. Al Horford Jalen brown markets Smart. Obviously the prices. So the cup for the season. It was a two part Burt also didn't play. Like that are headed to an active or Billy played 99 guys I played nine guys. Last night and it goes that double overtime of course sleek there's no way he could manage minutes there. Entertaining game and I know popular they had a look at over the house scrappy what a great fun team there that no other good players you're up by two point. Is that what you gotta win that game up to one I mean it's the wizards they're good they're not great. So I was a little disappointed that they lost because because if you topic getting it tonight and it was by one and double overtime while what are what are what are effort. Border watch the game how do you just. The bullet point point leads it was it was hard to watch it I was refugee pavlik out race like you or way out what and then like I don't you upon the idea turn an ankle yes humble and on. You're up twenty and and it got down to seven halftime it was an ugly lead analyst at apple he certainly didn't feel all that comfortable but. No surprise you're gonna steal with a all these guys being out it's gonna retire rosier and Marcus Morse those two guys that are not afraid to shoot. That are wrong often that a lot through them. Maybe it's gonna give other guys an opportunity that maybe this will help rosier in the long run because it feels like. They're gonna have to be prepared to play out Marcus Smart. And I think that's. Pretty significant yet in Bret Stephens said he believes this could and disease and may have to go to that second opinion you to be really wild about that because that usually means the first period it was shut it down or certain. We're talking with a middle march though. Any kind of surgery or any kind of you know six week injury or whatever it is. That that's trouble addict if you're looking at all the guys on the team he's probably the fifth most important. So Smart yes that's out right so it with our our every obviously brought us the carrier goes down you probably lose in the first round but that's just how good he has. The second most important player is Al Horford. Now I know he has been a huge topic of conversation the last really month loss and people are on to our different sides and it. And I'd I don't think it's as simple not to relive the entire. Markets are Al Horford they right now but. I don't think it's as simple as he's awesome and you know basketball. Or he sucks and you don't know basketball at that. I had innings and twittered you know it got you right up on Twitter even with extra characters now that is the best whistler boil it down. But no long story short he is the second most valuable player he's not gonna score twenty points but it. What he does defensively he does that the ability that it knocked down outside shots who he gar again these playoff series. You might guard pensive and that they drop filly in the first round you might draw the Greek freak like you all these different guys that he can guard so he the second most important. Third is probably need Jalen brown or Jason Tatum the focal point when you either one of those guys are both have good games. They're both gonna have bad games in the playoffs that's just the reality. And that may fit as Smart but what he goes up prevention and has the all find out I think in these next few weeks it's gonna have notes in a brown rice they're more like not have any market Smart writes so is Jane brown and ours Jesus Adam yeah acting out iBook and those guys you know or I were to see he's gonna have landslide victory last night it was an up and down for him alternate shot definitely was he missing cool the clutch free throws inbound inbound passes embarrassing to watch out. You gotta talk it's like to have them over her body overthrow the that is now it's frustrating but like. Again it's it's a loss and I think it's maybe a worse loss than people may may lead on but at same time like. A pretty big learning experience for Tatum and rosier revisited some of the younger guys that applied Tatum played 46 minutes to play 48 minutes and that that's not happening on any given night right apt five most importantly correct but I think. I don't know how to push back already done that I don't sort of elect rosier a lot guys think smarts overall game I think. He doesn't start but he finished a lot of games he gives you something off the bench where a stretch actually he and rosier had a stretch go back a couple of months. Where they are hearing the office off the bench with a tool or worry getting you know. Easy double digits they're both getting in the high teens for awhile. And then back cooled off Smart punched the picture frame. That he comes back now he's out again Sosa bats that's the whole thing. To that I have guys like Marcus Morris and Greg Munro. Who has got a lot better at the upper house ready of doubt I got the first four games of that forget it this guy stinks he's slow I don't know I doubted them. But in reality. He's been pretty good with the NATO Tyson injury it's a huge. Bat that's the worst part I think that's going to be Hungary injuries but the Celtics before going to plant that he was playing solid minutes now giving you quality time. I don't rebound it just. You could see a little bit but Alison that's about last night you know he said. Monroe's gotten better but he isn't quite the level I think that the pattern yet right exactly but. I think. It in a weird way debates get everybody back there's still a pretty good spot in the east is pretty open where's for the last. Seven years. It once it's but I guess one of those heat season the Celtics to seven games of the close the Garnett pierce for towards the end. But the broadest of the final seven straight years does he make it again no. I think I don't they know this. Right every game whether you take Boston or Toronto what if you're taking Cleveland vs the field is the first year of the get the feel really good about the field. Late Toronto leafs. Aren't they got it odd that you know making it don't playoffs going off the back because that's been there because if you could they have. The talent but the Rosen even better than many span. Larry's Connecticut they got bigs. What's that all the teams are released that facing a team like that. They're good and their their home record off the charts and have a real home court advantage and their it was crazy in the playoffs anyway if they're pavlik Chris Bosh teams. They were should use your pick in Toronto romping to Toronto's as a hockey and it is the big O. Nuts for basketball at law and there I think it's just play half as addict yet it's the Canadian culture they like love at the White House yeah it's it's yeah I go back to even when. Vince Carter was at night. Three point her away from the finals back crowd was that whole series they were saying they are going knots and so they. They're already good at home in the regular season from the playoffs that's going to be a really tough place to play and it looks like Ali and his accountants those that are going to be the top seed. Pop so let them in Cleveland Plato in the second round and the Celtics could be there not that it's going to be easy you know get now the first couple rounds whether they got a base. Philly or Miami or Indiana doctoral people's kill them up on I don't wanna play and I mean but out of the palladium it and Cleveland. Yes I haven't I'm missing that he might just receive. I don't want to play. And it paid their impressive and have a saint old people is the equivalent. Like a baseball player who was good and it hit like twenty homers Nelson hit fifty homers. Like. I guess that we have that it employs about slowed or illegally in Orlando he's like that next guy went out to be next guy gets treated to Oklahoma. And he was terrible. Maybe ten days it's right or wrong but eating come like when he operated nearly that's all they got they bullet the flow at some bonuses kid for Paul George like that is not a very good trade in the old economics author team. He's been grip I used the second pick in the draft go back a few years ago. Not a great draft but still he was awesome and Indiana. And then he's been kind of finally an okay player in the day that's up than just flip this year and he's the man idiots kill the Celtics and once again. But I still think. Again hiring needs LP. Horford I guess just six and he'll be there in Jalen brown as an article that it. Or hurt you can't play as you say you're out and they'll average out congress stage I think it's fine it's given the Celtics like a little more. You know to be talked about your boss and yet here with something but at the same time it's like our. You can speak what you want about it but don't. Games economist is what of the sniffles here yeah yeah at the altar yeah as the guys. Hosts Oakland or to the updates for most of the update can entice up its act out over there. He's he would say he's now with the city's. In which it was a great way of putting it layers of Adam Jones credit for that Tuesday that would stay at these and how many times do you miss the game. Dude that way and yet everybody else being hurt but again their at a spot where their conduct. Just kind of cruise into the the post season if he can delay it fails get hurt so it's not the end of the world let me ask you do you think he really as sick eating at him open arrest. I knowing what's. I think he is. Asked to be because the FDA they'll save rest while de America I felt that I thought they should they're really trying to pull that in well rats and now. Any musical game the last any chronic could have played at their views out shoveled snow a couple of as it was very easy access and I had a Jim baca razorbacks a little slower thanks for asking yeah it's not great shoulders cut off and the dead or I'm a lot on the straight that are really not afraid to now I opened the day is just the real real mess. But I mean as far as picking them to win the east and there's still. Probably am I mean that's just me being a huge Celtics fan by the way the season's gone yet. It's our friend out this promise is very scared everytime I watch and I'm like we be able to beat them and said yeah. Inspiron 84 on its net particularly at a steel won the idiotic yet take care of home like that it's going to be tough although I still. But do you really see what's wrong raptors in the NBA finals. I can't get any year this year it would because I'm looking at it if I don't believe in Cleveland which I don't are beautifully neatly and if you don't. If you count fully a 100% on the Celtics it's on the injuries who is. Yeah it's got to be trot that I don't think that Washington teams now are now. It's it's it's a three team race in the Eastern Conference now. Doesn't mean one of those three teams could lose to one of the other five wicket in the playoffs by the ultimately. Getting there at face in the warriors although to their injuries. Just like at worst the Celtics right now they just have bigger profile names in the Celtics up and down across the guys that are part of my game last night Michael Lewis. Imagine if it was rockets raptors in the finals. But I've ever cause him to the broad restaurant curry. Well actually it's DeRozan Harden. What evidently eight an addict anybody listen to this would be on board that a puppet that sees the body differently. But there is something about having all the best players in the world McCourt wants and what you just edit who have been more you know Toronto is an organization hasn't had played out success Harding. Hasn't had a ton of play now sales are last year on the performance of all time brutal it was out liberal at Toronto Osaka merit an ardent. Obviously got to the finals once his career but I was as the third fourth option is buried him off the bench but. That was not his team there in Houston. And also deal with Mike did Tony like oak was Oakland city he would expects a positive over the they used the third guy. But now of the aid Houston yeah obviously hasn't gotten there Chris Paul. It's not talked about it off but he kind of sucks in the playoffs but that he suffered its team record in the playoffs is not great he never even made it to the conference finals the clippers. Isn't stacked teams those are the boat dock is the missing piece that got people like him. Doctor Jordan so one time if three guys make the all NBA teams and they couldn't make it to the conference finals. Not win the whole thing thickening of the conference files though. That's pretty wild so attic but still it's the orders to me unless those guys are efforts that accurate arm the east is much more wide open the east is. Jason it is wide open as the NCAA tournament. Yes Martha Raddatz at that point and I pivot point when he gets adapted it. You have to do you apply it. I'll have to act or my podcast that gripped by other podcast this is also a podcast which I care very much about but the other podcast hash tag dork. Is a weekly podcast on TV movies video games comic books. We just an episode on the worst movies ever get a little tease. You mean like 11 of the worst movies after people may not expect to be Ellis. And what not the cliches Cilic Heatley. Is on there that's like. That's like the average out again. Galaxy also we also those who went through all the wrath award winners out worst picture that we had a tomorrow so we have our own or. Worst I've ever seen highlight it and European hormle. So poor movies. There's very little in between rightly you know like that's great we need to see it or holy crap what a piece of cards and also comedies are similar to that. If you like rotten to motto just look at that does the critics were lights that. You know sometimes it's though if you look at rugs on a scores. Some of these comedies are Hormuz early either 89% Ehrlich below theory it's I feel like people are very and it's can it's O. Opt your personal opinion and so somebody's or viewers in the movie the year dot com yes it's the worst ever it is yet athletes on that thousand early 2000 or those during the era of like anything that can be an object is heart like obvious cholera that one yet one well one missed call prompted because news. Take it on 2002. So after that late ninety's or below but also vote to elect. Like on the Internet like dot com like that the different day at the movie it was even or was it the sitting on actors to do it as well as I Antarctica and it was like wanna be. It was like that it's coming out with that ring with them as a great it's like yet don't watch this has happened offered a con don't go to that website that website. That the pit and there's some comparable reason to like. Guess Atlanta. You know we didn't match that we should. Stick catwoman. Very. Fantastic four with a new reboot would Michael B Jordan. Howard the duck. Yeah. Really it's. There should it's a bad movie but it's like not meant to be. Well I hope that as we sort of debated yet the IT but we also talked about how. Like to roll too for example is a bad movie bought it re watching it and tell people want it there's just something kind of endearing about it so it doesn't like now. It's about we become the worst we've ever seen that the worst he's ever seen. You're like I just wasted an hour and a half two hours of life. As a Davey Michael said if you experience is zero joy watching it. Like I was I was just always that hang over theory to me that stands note. As that one movie I stopped just couldn't finish content of the race that never. Yeah. I'll hang it if you watch law and the horror genre along I've seen more bad. Odd next week on door to be doing Jessica Jones season to double like halfway through Africa right now so. My opinion forming. Odd couple weeks you're going to be part of what we're doing it wrestle mania thirty or pre share so that card almost finalized the yet we're just about it hurts us all this up as a beneficial like. The graphic and it's a match they pick a song yet it's typical but of course Opteron going to think. Well they market. Yes we seem to while yes so on the reports that and a big one thing if I could speak on we didn't talk before this. I really should do a poll for this she. Or something like should we keep doing it yes or no at all. Mo that I don't wanna know the and we don't want the results because I know you'll be voting in many of the a different Twitter account as president. To make this quick yeah that may do we decide if I know when there's another guy here that's sort of legend in respected and possibly tuchman doing like. Looking back like in 199790. These gas and then maybe maybe pick any help when we had a beat report for the team I think we just be more comments maybe move over the past three years to start something to get my days interviewing of kelp teachers. I think I'll be very interesting how our content right. My heart had to get a visa branded bath yes like that yeah ran a pass on. We cut her to start he's not great but that's the important for a 102 answer. He's the best I can speak about longer answers in an interview. Yes they Egypt's great Segway we are able to catch up with the laws against mostly c.'s so March Madness is here so let's give you a little bit on the target we get a chance to catch up with. For college basketball coach for Xavier for Providence he was the head man Wendy what he took profits in the elite eight what got him god in Austin Croshere. And also coached at the University of Virginia that you know other than gala. Pete how are you. Outside or what a year for your former team speed get to number one seeds there at all three of the teams are are the dance that's going to be quite a year. I feel good and I was just sit in at Villanova two years so. The more of it which I have made it good in my book by its lady to be get a top five of the. Seems appropriate pretty good plan. Now what are you looking at the number one seeds again teams you're very familiar with Virginia. Xavier Villanova and Kansas which of those teams do you think has the best chance to get into the final four at which team you against the worst chance. Well I think Villanova has the best answer to that is well there. Thought play you know and that combination of Jalen Clinton and the Calvert is unbelievable. Side I like Villanova yet it is those killed. Shoot the ball so well I think that it let hints a goal in the air. I think it is going to be. Were among the schools here Xavier move on form but I activity up when it get to the sweet sixteen playing did target. We've played last year in the elite eight Nicole Richie. But that didn't get help world where they did that limit an epithet that indirect positive side and then. The Virginia also the third or an unbelievable job and I don't fairly well. And I think they get a great hit but I think they get a run at Arizona. It is sweet sixteens at the Arizona because of Aden the big guy inside in that Alonso through in all it is their forwards I think. Arizona they're not more so I think. The but it is is Villanova the public it's a big bowl. Eight yen Virginia like you're not the alt well I think in our book that we need. Yeah OX 360 certainly did via a tough matchup for Virginia what about the second round it could be Arizona vs Kentucky I think by the both those teams look like date they could go pretty deep I know you like Arizona there but how how tough a matchup could that the. As a great matchup. Kentucky's honor right now what in the SEC start of the late great young guys had blown up they're athletic. They have been at the target these young guys so I think interpreted the yet being the big seven order. I think you know it's about the have a tough time with him. Architect and have a real go to guy but that we're playing great right now it's a technical and so has caught. I don't Arizona with a pilot because of ugly in the big guy inside and no wins Alonso Trier and roll all. A couple of teams from route one your former team Providence that the other the University of Rhode Island Providence a ten seed opened up the Texas they'd have a RI taken on Oklahoma. Which it though seems to think has the best chance to advance. I think Providence I don't like the flyers I think city. Exactly well in them in the illegal and also I would say that it's a stumbling block pot right playing great economically yet. Backcourt right for the flyers. Right now and I think. Photos typically towards Oklahoma and I I think. Flight of that is its advance but I think they're gonna let into atop the North Carolina in the second round and a bit surprised deductible then. We're talk repeat Dylan is there a double digit seed you see out there they picket advanced to at least the sweet sixteen. Yeah there is one. Yeah well I South Dakota right they can digits. Knuckle up policy Ohio State within the words in targets title I think that topic though. A team that I could go far is and it goes state. I think there sleeper they're very athletic at them a couple I think it's the point source Houston but I think seriously because you're bigger in the air longer more athletic. And then that I think they could upset Michigan which in a bailout of the employed note was two weeks elect athleticism Michigan you know but it is a city or state that. The knuckle that I think that's why one sleeper in over their bailout and I think that he'll ever. And if Horry gets out here Pete the potential sweet sixteen matchup between duke the two seed in Michigan State the three seed. Who'd you vote alike and Mac game that potential game. But yet they can say sure. Luke's got more holes than Swiss cheese and is no notebook so poetic about the book what the Puerto stake in the yes semifinals of the the easy part of it duke got the most Pamela. With it just don't like to keep it at the go to his own Bentley on the bag at third might be the best player country what it is a scorecard in Michigan State. Do the job it is so I think it's going to be a great game but I go to spartans. Because they're better defensively. Then that you can read books all the freshmen and you know so they this struggle sometimes does threaten offensively so I'm medical mission statement when Rudy got one in the whole thing. I got Villanova I get the wildcats coming out east. The bulletin regionals or you Oakley didn't get to see some of that ridge I think that it is skilled. The combination of their guards Galen incident at small forward with the bridges airports and so. And the big guy inside Spellman is a good player inside with the while and so. It is the toughest part the pick and all this is the public servant depicted in I think there's no great game but I think the best team is Villanova by an island. All right so thanks so much to former head coach Pete Gillen for joining the podcast here at the mostly c.'s podcast which you can subscribe to on iTunes or whoever else. Podcasts are found that the guy. Doc well. He's doing the podcasts other couple times a month though I think that you think if you. Drive if you would have to have those individuals the playoff fool around with me. Or like you regularly. That's our report for work but thanks to our producer.