6-22-18 Red Sox Review- Michele McPhee

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Saturday, June 23rd
Michele McPhee joins for the latest on a possible Hanley Ramirez drug ring connection.

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East is Red Sox rookie who on WEEI. One ball two strike pitch from accounts CO. It's on the way the latter event intended. One man who will then there is down a senate panel about Ted. I never heard stories. We capping the Red Sox win against the Mariners didn't. He didn't want to prove a thing. I think I know of now. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review. On WEEI. Fenway Park that continuing nowhere mentioned that arch painting bringing our last they'll wrap up that CU on the Rio Taylor the post game show in our weather for tomorrow Saturday. 64 degrees occasional rain in the afternoon alt rock you by march painting. It is Red Sox your view until Eddie fourteen to ten win for the Red Sox tonight the shall look like they were down on two occasions but he stuck with them. It paid off for yet but the big. You know stories in this game for sure. The bigger story the Hubbell the the buzz if you will the drama was so all coming from me tweet from Michelle McPhee. But our soul up. I spent an hour half were first pitch tonight. Michelle tweeting Ellen of course Michelle a tremendous investigative reporter she was very instrumental in helping to break that Aaron Hernandez story back with us and Kirk and Callahan. Couple years ago now. But that she tweeted out the team Ramirez is being guiding connection with an ongoing federal and state investigation. And we are gonna have her on here momentarily with the further details. And its C. It's a bizarre story f.'s from what it appears from what we can piece together I can we do of the shell on the line. Right now Qaeda to stick with us here through the post game. And I know she's out with some of friends as well try to enjoy some doubts on Michelle but some of oh silly things have been pretty busy for your last couple hours thanks for coming on. But it never act happy you're out at a bar. Exactly well I guess let's start with your tweets of from back about an hour and a half before the game began in arrears ID connection with the on going federal state investigation what can you tell us for people who want and missed the initial report though its latest. Unless a parent I wanna credit Kirk and Callahan you know these guys I think cabin on the story from the very beginning. And that map on it need to call a lot of my court that they are able what is it on top. And at the tagged out. Brad can turn near it was a behind the Red Sox. I need to gain passage. It was a very questionable parts are they call at a wal. And we know that it would than active. Adults he now on the tantamount brain age and arms. In New Hampshire what US attorney. And guess I am not like he gave I just wrote about. That have been wildly successful so that your attorney got it back to the that's what acting and lock up at 45 people haven't been brawl get out of merit. And it was me and means belt the Rodriguez who got caught it yet big fat okay now. Well now we have any morning eaten federal prosecution. As it partly BDA. The FBI is your attorney doctor and aptitude at the US attorney got a New Hampshire. And I'm nanny out EO Rodriguez. Arrested. In. A car stopped. And then at the box. In the vehicle. That he is dragging Dermot car. He held the pop hook him you can start my conduct not a problem for you can't look at that box. Well of course that immediately he made that the cop why can't look at the box on the box. Along to. Can't there marriage. Of course the sleep with skeptical here and what is this aspect do that he. They had with him there merit. Immediately recognizable. Since they've got it does not equate foul what does this mean that could mean I can't hear American in any way try to act. But it certainly put him in the round of this ongoing. You know multi jurisdictional task force that looking into a bit sprawling and I'm right at operating ally Massachusetts. Michelle. Well I think big you know Latin American and no way to predict. In any way way aren't happy go down there parents he had not been charged with any crime what the water. But I you know that there's deep I'm gonna teach in prompted. Eyebrow raising from federal in global alarm clock and indicated a hard want to look at the connection he had hit the suspect who was on June heat rainy. On charges that he had won it dirty side ran back and Allen hit the national law what are okay. So when you have a drug that's fact that the eight time. Whatever attacked by air. I about had blocked out in May have learned. Pursuant to a search warrant thinking at all I think that. It made a lot of questions. And the Red Sox today you know. Never attacked our great back in eighth and Kevin Gregg deadlocked you know our decision to cut. Handling her merit at actually I think you're not going back in Vietnam like yeah but aren't aren't as it. But I applied now it's time might as. Me. That part that's happened on May thirtieth in inner Aaron definitely let me start universe. When he was designated for assignment may 25 but correctly finally cut him loose. June 1 so I guess there was a process that had already started but. Yes the timing is very interesting say at least. While attending and you're saying and I think you know. The fact that the read our what in the very Smart organization. Would eat at fifteen million dollar contract for about making her parents. It helped now. I generally there's any question about it'd. You spoke to the Red Sox in that baseball is also weighed in saying they have had no knowledge of the investigation and pay at least agent said that Hanley had no knowledge as well correct. You know like I did beating everybody back at a gas they did reach out to him. And ballet as I've ever heard back from have so I'm not sure what his gay kids Atlantis any hint. Is that he had no comment Carol Erickson and he EI first Powell. Public went where happiness is there's been a minute are attracted by not saying that Garrett and tightening. We'll meet me on air America where we are saying and that it was attacked actually directed I have very significant drug charge. And that aspect has. Very personal contact with him here America. And that current banking committee before you attack and I can drop you from that perhaps. Or you just look at the fact that act sorry that he Hanley Ramirez. But that's suited up it's. To an initial McPhee BC news' investigative reporter it's tight but is it Ramirez. On going federal. Investigation. They'll definitely Michelle was that the card slot was. Belong to him leaders that unclear. Die at all they would not involved we cannot manually connect with him leave the whole region actually in charge. According eyes are what elected in this state and competition which I thought we aren't what they now recognize. In their merit in the end I want to hear it here airfares that I any action the box that was either parent. It came. Illegal. IC so basically they'll sue Rodriguez is just quote unquote rolling on and he's accusing hilly of of voting box the we don't know what their relationship is really beyond that he's got his number on facetime. That's exactly right. Our port the cockpit spectacle you know you have a driver get pulled over at Ed what if you could there Turkey let the law. And in the swallow up if you can repair the vehicles jury in their vehicle he just can't search box. But he's name to police line do you mean her hair. The police are obviously got so old shore. Knocking actually kicking out there Barrett. Then their shocked since he. Got stuck back then eight time in her hair was immediately recognized at all. And it compensation on things. Michelle bit the power what guidebooks are not out right budget does it what was found in the box it the end. Kendall is the name thrown out this with the street names China white is that correct this is a pretty serious drug. You know what I don't know what the street and then all I know that and now have been blamed and that got them. 20000 arrogant in Italy. It recently aired. And I know that that it all the blame for our. Hundred the debt Mac widget that area I know that alarm was as pretty that it eagle apart aren't. But it did not know that he. You know try to be there's a very areas. And that is it. And I think there there is ballot in involving an act and I'll grant. We don't know why can't leave our marriage won't let them escape but now that he had been questioned why aren't fought that. Up about his relationship to this particular. And in the drug ring in question is based as did you say Lawrence are New Hampshire. It it Lar it was noted that federal hate in New Hampshire. Connected to a number of aspects. That are being. I say. It is there any Dominican connection all that's just at this point unclear. Well I don't hey I don't think I categorize it as a you know making I actually am but I can tell you that you it. Public you've been made available at our record that suggest that any of detectives are packed. Catch it. Firewall Michelle that surely you know you're gonna be a super busy this so the next couple days is this unfolds the ticket they queued up for the time and as you mentioned Kirk in Italian. Huge frenzy yours and you guys at the huge Aaron Hernandez story a few years ago as well so what. They're not warning everybody about silent on you know liking who live near call certain people from the blow but the first named Chad. Ripping me effectively of that story that your dad very. There's no question about it and and read it just gut feeling you feel like there's a ton more coming here in the next few days in this Serb it's just. We'll see what happens as far as the investigation goes. I want to say that investigative reporter. I'm somebody who is continuing to dig and I think that says a lot ought to happen. Michelle thanks we've perceived. Or thank you very much at night. She'll repeat their from at what she says. With a couple different. Organizations at this point but it primarily an astute journalist ABC news she doesn't work for Newsweek of course her book maximum harm. Which is was just outs and she's been investigative report sometimes so. Preaching self image try to piece it together it's it's basically one guy's word is what it sounds like at this point who's tried to finger Hanley but to the face time. You know to give him on the phone that's probably seeking to raise them. Some serious questions from law enforcement the last we saw from Hanley we have taken disagree opposed that believe he was out of the country. In the end as far as the timing goes if indeed the car stop was made the thirtieth. The DF fake team meets 45 so. But say they're could have been you know potentially some connections. If you wanna get on that so erodes the Red Sox forty aware of that they were concerned about. Against the for the Red Sox what you they claim they know it knew nothing about this it was purely baseball decision. So you know you can take them at their word on that. But the timing certainly curious and then. You know once the wheels were in motion it was it seemed a fait accompli that paley was no longer gonna remember the Boston Red Sox he had a clear waivers nobody was gonna pick them up he was a tradable so. If if the car stop it happens may 23 I think he would he'd be even need more of a a red flag that this was directly related. To the situation in the possible connection here but at this point it's just not it's not ironclad and who knows what they'll steal Rodriguez and then the relationship with the inhaler mirrors is but. There's no doubt there is a huge curiosity it has it would not even these rumors as to watch the Red Sox released Hanley. And at the tail end of the road trip will be offense was struggling. It was starting to be brought up more and more as wild can't leave the Red Sox let this guy go 815 million dollars of his salary this year. Of course there was financial component to next year they got out from under the vesting option. And not I believe that was you know the primary reason. The value through this in the Nixon you sought to scratching your head already had a pretty good start to the year he definitely had a skid. It was you know two to three week lull. And it's a hefty price tag to be committed to for next year. But when your team like the Red Sox who were in a tight race for the Yankees and every at this point every game in the standings matters otherwise you can and Capital One game playoff year with a team like Seattle to see in front of you. They can give them some problems and it got her. And they've got guys that. Give the red such issues like that our expanded Nelson Cruz who did get tonight for seven RBIs yes the Red Sox came back and won it but it one old boy got all this going into. It's a stunning baseball though really it's. But the Red Sox to release him Ramirez. When they did it was stunning and it's even more study and he's not popped up with any other team now potentially. Now that the traffic stop happens. And Haley was in faults. And law enforcement. It started to connect it to even if Haley insisted that late scare teams away from going out signing Italy Ramirez. The cheapest he would be you know he can pick it up for the better good of an at this point. Teams look at the pick up that. A huge contract that Red Sox had to eat but. You know if there's if he's a potential character concern not just in the clubhouse but you know he's going to be bringing. This kind of attention national drug ring international drug ring will win over the possibility years here is this. This Lawrence based ring which stretches and New Hampshire. And there are a lot of tentacles it seems like albeit. Then you can see why he was picked up so. It. What would be curious now the is what how this plays out the Red Sox are now with Major League Baseball. On the record as saying we knew nothing about this we were unaware Elise agent also telling Bob nightingale Haley has no knowledge. Or had no knowledge of this ongoing investigation which is kind of murky I guess you can sort of play semantics with it. But if later it's spelled out. That indeed there was some knowledge and your organization and there's enough. Rumor mill stuff going it's hard to think that nobody around the team do little to something that this was possible because at least the last three weeks. Since Daley's departure there have been you know. People that have been floating things out that have been unsubstantiated reports Michelle the fees it would get on the record some blood. Law enforcement sources which confirmed that there is some kind of connection to the so what you thought started 6177797937. What do you make of what Michelle McPhee had to say. And haley's connection. Two X. You know it's big swing here if if haley's vault definitely. If he's not at fault I guess it as far as what she can honestly say to you but let's revisit the daily release. Do you buys it. There's a possibility that the Red Sox released nearly Ramirez for baseball. Purposes only for baseball decisions so I think the skepticism and that was Null its financial trip. Party financially shipment particularly next year they won out from under. But. He was scuffle bit VA Haley were back on the team right now. It's world would not be playing as much as. You've seen him. But they've got other issues now were you looking out to at a right hid that trade deadline so obviously give up a guy would be pretty derided that a habitable for you on the bench whether or not. Forget about this drug ring association if that's a true whether he would have been willing. A guy willing to sit on the bench and that would be a good team guy. It seemed like he was he joined a self this year in the he would Alex Cora had a decent relationship. And not the case now but Alex Cora did buy it was asked about this report by Michelle McPhee in the post game all he would say about it was I hope it's not true. And saying that that he knew nothing about it so there he in the Red Sox are very aware of the report right now and certainly we're gonna. The up and pick it apart speculation over the so the next 44 hours if not longer so. 6177797937. What sense do you make of the shell which he report and looking back on it now the release of Hanley Ramirez the DF failed may 25. Eventually cut loose in early June this traffic stop on May the thirtieth with a guy who facetime Hanley. Didn't win yet position as Michelle McPhee said it will black box that. He didn't want searched and said that it was Taylor's property later found to have drugs and it fentanyl. And that lit I think that the connection there is the sum larger staying. In the you know the federal investigation of this large struggling so. Allow the kind of digest there to quick break you back the Red Sox through with the until midnight tonight fourteen to ten the Red Sox win it over there is a tailored to listen to Sports Radio the media.