6-8-18 Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy

Boston Baseball
Saturday, June 9th
The Red Sox waste a brilliant start from ace Chris Sale against his former team and the Warriors claim their 3rd championship in the last 4 years. Everything you need to know is here.

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. This will be here to Seattle light feel on the run is probably won't get it. That the player confidence bounces off the black. Think so right her candidacy. For ground rule double we. We capping the Red Sox loss against the White Sox alliances and fighters but to throw this one on. Line drive base here feel one nothing Chicago dial 6177797937. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy on WEEI. It is Red Sox review right here a Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy. Got you guys until a midnight tonight. As always the number to join me years 6177797. 937. You text the program at 37937. Environment on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops acts in Gilroy. On hoops and now the Red Sox they have lost two consecutive games against abysmal teams if you guys want a react to it. We can do that here tonight and Red Sox review its games like this that and make your stomach turn a little bit you don't want to overreact to a regular season loss but. When you lose a game to a team that's twenty games below 500 that's one thing. When you lose a game to a team that's what he gains below 500 at home that's another thing and when you lose that game with your best pitcher on the mound. Giving you eight innings of a strong work giving up just one run ten strikeouts. Actually hitting over a hundred miles an hour one time in the gun that's an entirely different thing of Red Sox fans are upset tonight you lead in the game. We can certainly talk about that here we do you guys tonight at 6177797937. And if workers sale I just I wouldn't be. Happy you know the Red Sox Alex Cora deciding to do. JD Martinez that night off tonight I understand that you don't want overwork somebody he needs it is scheduled rest I totally get it I really do. But. Do you really want a rest somebody like JD Martinez when Chris sales element I mean Chris Hillis somebody that unfortunately. The Red Sox historically not giving him the sort of run support that that you would expect. And I don't know it's a mentality type of thing where even the even the manager falls victim to. Or is it you know Chris sales on the mound tonight he's got a he's got to keep us in the game he's not gonna give up too many runs if there's that might give JD Martinez. That I it off it certainly. A night when Chris sales on the mound unfortunately when you look at his production this year you look at what he's given the Red Sox to have justified but for record it's kind of sad. It they should be so much better than that when you look at their record overall. And then you look at Chris sales records it's you simply they don't go hand in hand don't jive very well it seems to me that. The Red Sox almost get up four games where you you've got somebody like Eduardo Rodriguez. On the mound Steven Wright on the mound you know they don't. Go Wally and offensively. When they've got. Their leader Chris Sale on the mound and and I don't really understand that mentality and that's is not a Red Sox thing that's across Major League Baseball. But when you're the Red Sox and right now you're struggling to score runs a bit. Losing two consecutive games late this. It seems that you should frankly beat eight there's no reason to lose. A game to the White Sox at Fenway Park with personnel on the mound you can lose the White Sox he certainly it. But not a home and not with Chris Sale on the mounds of relief at Fenway Park you wanna talk about that. We can certainly do that as of got you guys until midnight tonight at 6177797. 93 separate and typically what we've done this week. Is Red Sox review until midnight in their late night from midnight to. On Fridays they let me go home it's like my bonus that I'll be in bed tonight by 1:30 AM instead of 3:30 AM it. I feel pretty good about that I'm excited for that. I don't have to get up tomorrow morning it at 630 quarter seven with the kids through school it's Saturday I don't have to be in the shower by seven to get to the office so tomorrow gonna feel great. Get like seven hours of sleep and I'm I'm truly looking forward that. But what that means that we're gonna sandwich in a bit of late night into Red Sox review tonight as well. Because there's so many stories that really had hit us hard here in New England this week. We simply cannot ignore them as the week comes to an end here on W yeah so if you're still confused it if you still are. The really looking for answers more information if you just want to vent about what's taken place at Foxboro this week please we can do that here today because. Today was one of those days where. It's truly been handle it and thoughts are right now I cannot remember a day. Where the rumors were coming from such solid sources. And they turned out to be nothing zero T that's not true. There's something else going on with the new in the patriots. This thing goes all the way back to. Jimmy drop below. His trade goes back to the Super Bowl the benching of Malcolm Butler it goes back to you both Brady and rock floating retirement stories. This thing goes back to the core. I guess fundamental flight that's going on in this organization. Between its three headed monster Brady craft and ballots. And there are problems and fox borrow right now now historically speaking. What the patriots have been able to do. It is. Put all the noise that aside. Don't look the distractions get the best of them once the regular season starts it's all in on winning the Super Bowl and I give them a lot of credit for that that's not an easy thing to do but this patriots team has sort of mastered that ability that unique ability to put the noise in the side but the doubters to decide. With the media to decide and focus in on the task at hand. I cannot remember a time. Where there's been this much noise coming out of Foxboro. These this many rumors coming out of Foxborough and it including. The core guys on this team. So if you are to believe. What the rumors were today and they are credible people tonight reporting. What do but to tell you guys so essentially it goes down like this bella check. I decided to trade drug 'cause he today. He was done with a San picks but with everything involving him and Guerrero. Apparently because he's been sort of front running and having way too much fun this week as he's finally joined the team approach DA's spiking the football sort of lolly gagging getting out they're not doing his teammates to begin the practice. A lot of things that just simply Kirk ballots yet I think Belichick had enough. So the reports today are this Belichick had about a couple of suitors or. Rob Gronkowski. One of them being the 49ers. Did you imagine that it brought retreated the 49ers. Any teamed up. Width the Brady wanna be arrogant if it would have been a complete disaster here. It yet Jimmy Rob Lowe and Rob Gronkowski Terry things up on the West Coast so luckily that hasn't happened yet but one of the trade suitors. Rumored to be partnering with the patriots and Belichick today was the 49ers for the services of Rob Gronkowski and we've had very reliable. Very reliable guys that are rumor mongers guys are just. Twitter could bait that the guys reporting this news that there was something big about to happen imminently with the patriots. Yeah there's some truth to what it's only guys this is it just. Click patent BS that you here in the Internet. So all the sudden all the rumors got shut down that put away back in the closet the patriots sort of coming out a united front. Ignore the noise nothing's going on here or nothing to see here everything returns to normal. But as the day goes on more a more news starts to leak out of Foxborough and now. A report that's been circulating for awhile now on Twitter and one that I think has some legs because of the people behind it is this and imagine this scenario. You know how unhappy. You had your your quarterback Tom Brady hasn't been happy for the first time in a long time for the in the first time in forever. He. DA's. The first time it forever he's been very outspoken. Against the organization really letting his own personal feelings come to the surface. You couple that with the angst that he must be feeling and it is business whether his business is connected to the adult men. Suspension or not whether the the PD's came from TV twelve or not an Alex Guerrero or not it's irrelevant. Because Tom Brady's brand took a hit from one of his best friends so Brady's dealing of that. And apparently today. Just before this trade was supposed to go down. What I'm hearing is that Tom Brady had a conversation. With Belichick with Robert Kraft essentially said if trade drunk I'm retiring ramadi hear from Don. And Kraft shut the whole thing that. Shut it down. OK so crafty man and Puerto if you believe this story for the second time in a year. He is now trumped build knowledge I edit this is the case this is going to be the beginning of the end of the Bill Belichick era here in New England Belichick. It was very hard from the swallow. Everything that we heard last year ascension the Robert Kraft stepping in and saying I don't know we're gonna choose Brady over to route below you gonna trade around below we're gonna hold on to Tom Brady. And really the organization and Robert Kraft specifically showing their loyalty the Tom Brady and not to Bill Belichick. And now today if what I'm hearing what I'm reading what him what is being reported is true. That essentially Brady pulled the ultimate power play in Sydney trade drunk on retiring. And Kraft team to the defense of Brady came to the defense of prompt and let this coach out to dry and put the kibosh on all this. Bill Belichick is not gonna be happy guys. And then you wanna tie into this is really what I wanna talk about would you guys that I. As we can talk about the Red Sox game as well as everything happening in New England with the patriots because I believe that this story is just getting started I believe. That next week is going to be a huge week. For the patriots organization. They got to somehow find a way to put this thing. Back together because it's too important you're running out of days here running out of time running at a years Belichick is not young Tom Brady is not yup. Ron has been injury riddled throughout its career Julian Edelman is gonna miss the first four games of the season he's coming up a blown knee he's 32 years old. Robert Kraft just because he dates thirty year old he's pushing eighty. And there are many years left would this team together as it's currently constituted. And if they're gonna capitalize. On their greatness and winner of the Super Bowl or two they got to find a way to put all of these issues to bed and instead of them doing that. Instead of them working together. To find a way to put their issues to decide this team it seems like it's getting worse before it gets better. But you go back Q what happened this offseason. And go back to Josh McDaniels essentially. Spurning the head coaching opportunities. Walking away and coming back to the patriots. What does that tell you the patriots had to have offered something to him. They knew something. Was gonna go down they knew that there was a chance but Josh McDaniels would wind up as the head coach sooner rather than later whether that's this year or next year the year the year after. The inevitability of bill Belichick's final days final years was. Finally being seen here Eaton maybe for the first time in a long time people stopped considering telecheck sort of like a lifetime coach year in doing. And they essentially pulled. Mcdaniels and they said here the writings on the wall if you can hold out a year holed out two years although three years. The keys to the kingdom will be yours and I wonder if craft in the organization. Had an inkling that Bill Belichick wasn't happy you can burn Belichick once may be. But if what's being reported today's true and that Robert Kraft and Tom Brady stepped in and put the kibosh on a drug trade. A drug trade that apparently Belichick was behind that's the second major move inside the calendar year. That Robert Kraft has stepped in and pulled away from Bill Belichick Belichick is not a happy guy that's the case and I don't think political stick around for this. He's wanted one thing for his tenure here that's total control. And at last twelve months they haven't given the man total control of Sports Radio WE guide Patrick Gilroy it's Red Sox review will talk Red Sox. As they failed to support their ace tonight. As they failed to go up there and give their race what he deserves very secret sale goes out there gives a dominant performance ten strikeouts more than good enough to win. Actually hitting a hundred miles an hour on the gun he was electric. In the Red Sox offense was anemic we'll talk about that would view as well as the patriots and all the news coming out of Foxboro today. If your patriots then you can not be going to sleep feeling very comfortable. About the state of your team we'll talk about it next rate your Sports Radio W yeah. He controls I can control and he did an outstanding dubbed and that's. Is on the velocity knows. Auto brand the change of the slider. He was great to see this announcement different styles. Nice seven. In 937. That it works well Lester so harmful thing it was more soldiers suffer in the last couple times I don't like losing I was. Not a good loser he deposed in the first place. You don't wanna win the next one that's listen for you so. So coalition sort of fell way. Plus I have a couple of days we'll look for work and go home together and become the world's. Red Sox ace Chris Sale right there. Clearly not happy about. Losing it and if you're Chris Sale. Yeah I understand your veteran player you understand. Why guys like Judy Martinez. Get them off you just wonder does it have to be on the night that you're going up there Chris Sale would two additional days of rest. Really was absolutely as electric as I've seen him in a Red Sox uniform he was. The stuff that he had today it was just so nasty so filthy so dominant. And it's unfortunate that this red sucks team continues to be anemic when he is on the mound a sensibly now you got a situation where. He's what five and four on the season yet the Red Sox got the second best record in baseball now trailing the Yankees by the way by a happy game but it seems. Almost mathematically impossible to have sale potentially game over 500 meanwhile the Red Sox have been historically good this season you would think those two. Don't go hand in hands meanwhile guys like ports sell low and guys like Eduardo Rodriguez art or seven in one it's crazy. But that's the way it goes sometimes in baseball sometimes when it comes to your starting pitchers their record doesn't tell the story that certainly is the case. For Chris Sale as the Red Sox they lose tonight one nothing. At home at that way. To the abysmal the Chicago White Sox leaving the game you're home you're pissed off about the Red Sox lost you wanna talk about it is that rough 24 hours for the Red Sox. Losing two games back to back to abysmal baseball teams we'll talk about it would you guys at 6177797937. Also. The other big story of the day and just to correct a couple of guys and it's excellent. I'm not reporting anything I am a talk show host none of what I'm saying is fact I am simply telling you guys what went down today. And some of the stories in the could be conflicting reports yet everything is a big conflict right now. Nothing is set in stone nobody knows the absolute truth coming out of Foxborough you guys in the text like I don't. I don't the guys on our school though Tommy curry does not Mike Reese does not nobody knows the truth. All we can do was talk about everything that we have heard and put the pieces together I can tell you this the facts that I reported on. Simply work the strange offseason that's taken place a year going all the way back to last season when. You got a a second round pick. For a quarterbacking grapple low that everybody thought was worthy of a first round or maybe multiple first rounder and suddenly you except the second router. That began the strange set of events that's taken place in Foxboro over the last calendar year. That everything that the place mcdaniels this offseason those are opinions that's not a false report I mean he had a head coaching job he was locked up he hired assistant coaches. Right and then suddenly made you'd tourney came back to the patriots. Guys generally don't turn down head coaching opportunities. Especially when it's been known for years the Josh McDaniels have been looking to get back into the head coaching game but he did. So you wonder what the patriots said to him what the patriots might have promised him. And then all of a strange wacky stuff that the places offseason again these are not my opinions these are the facts both drop in Brady threatened retirement. Neither one of them showed up for the optional workouts. For Tom Brady guy that is preached. Like absolutely preached that the reason why he has been so good for so long is that he does all the little things he out works everybody he is somebody that is proud. Of the way that he works the example that he sets no matter the fact that he's a first ballot hall of Famer probably the best quarterback ever to play. He was the guy that would show up first to leave last. And show all the other people on his team all of the lesser teammates look at ice above doing it you should do it to you lead by example for years and this year. He acted like primadonna quarterback again that's not me. Reporting anything that anybody does not know that's taken place this off season. Entity it was a total S show okay that took place in Foxboro whether it was an Internet rumor that exploded. And had no basis at all or there was some facts Meeks the and I don't know. I don't know because there are trusted people killing two wildly different stories on both sides. But trust the people that know that organization inside and out. Were in on this reporting game earlier today when it came down to is imminent trade of Rob Gronkowski. Guys that I listen to guys that you guys listen to trusted people in New England trusted people across the NFL. And whether they're back there or not I don't know who might assay. Our trusted people tonight are telling people that I trust that there's more to this story. But then I see pictures of Belichick in New York today so it Belichick in New York walking through Central Park with his girlfriend. How is he at Foxboro trying to trade. Rob Gronkowski a lot of it doesn't make sense it's typical patriots. Smokescreen stuff they're better credit than anybody else on the planet. But where there's smoke there's fire and there's been a tremendous amount of smoke around the patriots organization this offseason please don't tell me that this is business as usual I understand. That. We live in new England and that we protect this team we protect our quarter wrecked we protect telecheck which nobody else I totally get it they deserve it they have earned it but c'mon. Right where there's smoke there's fire and there's been a tremendous amount of smoke this offseason around fox girl talk about that you guys today as well. It's 6177797937. Out of the phones Toledo football polls in the car pull you first appear on Sports Radio WB yeah. All right my first time caller that the usual a year ago injury and pulled it back from satellite art. Very let down very frustrated law. Have other people are it was then I'll really lack luster off at the former head. I want to do not much pop that away from this game great yeah a question about. On the edge lit up a lineup so you I don't know yet you are I'll first question let. Swire you've been a couple clutch situations where Larsson scored position. It doesn't. Want that backward almost all Coca he'd all but not much com. Italy side batting average drop underscore what you want he's. We got asked about. Jockey Robby under 200 look we got great. What about the outfielders ever let. A lot of in the lineup and why couldn't we get somebody off the bench it's Abraham and or runners. In the late innings and yet to honor he struck out and that. Third question I couldn't outscored. Judy Martinez how on the ballot in that this situation that you really. Now we can rest if you really don't know what situation. Could. So anyway I don't audience does what you happier for comment. Listen I appreciate the phone call quality and you actually answered your own question with your third question because it already you know might instincts. The answer would be Judy Martinez OK he's got the night off but the Red Sox are struggling to score runs they finally have runners in scoring position. Later on in the game why don't you pinch hit with JD Martinez I can tell you this guys around baseball guys that have covered this game for a very long time. Will tell you that Alex Cora because he's a former player. When a guy gets a day off he wants to give them the day off. That's the way that he operates that's the way that. He wants operate with this Red Sox team he tells one of his guys especially if veteran leader like it GD GD Martinez look it's her night off. He doesn't want a surprise him and say you know I need you now. Some managers go completely against that philosophy. Alex Cora is a player's manager and he gave JD did the night off and he wanted to honor that with a night off but I. I wonder there's something else going on there with JD Martinez but let's quickly get back to something that I talked about a week ago two weeks ago here and got crushed sport. Because at the time the Red Sox red hot they were scoring runs left and right and nobody wanted to listen to what I had to say but I was so dead set against the Red Sox releasing the FAA and they are Mary's at the time and you look at Hanley season he had a really good April a terrible may and that you look at his career he's an up and down player he is not a 35 and a hundred guy but he is a twenty to 25 and eighty guys. For the most part. And maybe he wasn't gonna be that guy this year I don't know maybe he wasn't gonna get up at bats this year. I'm not sure but he did have six home runs the route his part time playing status essentially through the first. Month and a half of the season. And he's somebody that can get very hot very quickly and now you look at the situation the Red Sox are in. Continuing to deal with the injuries from Dustin Pedroia at that need still not right JD Martinez getting some extended rest and of course. Mu keep that's not back in the lineup yet and you wonder if this this situation where did they get rid of and your merits a little bit too premature. Because with Hanley you gotta at least an additional bat he can plug into the middle of that lineup. Without JD Martinez to sort of be the glue that holds the middle of that lineup together it seems like. Not only is the topics potentially worth but the bottom especially. Is that potentially worse and we don't have JD moved he bets the top two offensive guys they're two guys bring the most power. And guys that literally pitchers have to pitch around and they make everybody else's life easier at the bottom of the order. You are missing a key component to what makes this Red Sox offense to. But maybe get him there there is would that that falloff wouldn't be so dressed. And maybe Hanley was a luxury that this team could no longer afford I still don't know. What the underlying reasons were for his tray of fur is the FA. It lets it strictly financial and it was about him not getting that magic. At that number to trigger is one million dollar option for next year it's got to be strictly a numbers game strictly a money game. But now I think when you look at what's happening to this Red Sox offense going cold it going anemic finally this team is not able to continuously overcome. You know weeks without rookie Betsy can overcome. Five games six games seven games what we have to go to consecutive weeks and weeks without again late smoky bets. That's hard to do. That's eventually got to catch up the teams eventually going to affect teams he could possibly expect the Red Sox to continue to get away from that unscathed. And again if you consider the Red Sox as I do. A true World Series contender you got to get have a guy I speak like Andy Ramirez may be his numbers are disappointing. Maybe he's not the guy that we Yelp he could be maybe he doesn't live up to his potential. But he still somebody who's gonna knock you 2845 home runs and give you seven need to 85 RBIs and he still somebody that has to be feared and respected. In the middle of that lineup weather's cold or hot is irrelevant. When he's in the middle line up. And he's out their thirties playing and he's swinging at a decent bat. The opposing pitchers regardless of his numbers they look at him differently. He's considered a power hitter and he's respected as one wrote Major League Baseball and the Red Sox had that guy and I got rid of them for nothing they did reduce your ticket prices. They can reduce your beer prices they just wanted to save some cash of Sports Radio. WEEI threats such review talking Red Sox. As well as New England Patriots as it was just a total. As storm there's no other way to put a complete a storm that took place over there at Foxboro today may be it was all fake. Maybe it was all rumors maybe it was Internet trolling at it's finest. I don't know the stories are unbelievable you could write a book about what took place simply headache. In Foxborough we'll talk about it you guys next write your Sports Radio WEI. Red Sox were. On W. It is Red Sox return. Write your sports radio and W yeah Patrick Gilroy beat you guys until midnight tonight. As always the number to join us here 61777979837. Detects the program at 379375. Me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy. On whoop your Red Sox they lose one zip. After a dominant performance from Chris Sale. Just an absolutely anemic performance by the Red Sox offense. It's unbelievable how they give these guys sale such little support if I were Chris Sale it would not be a happy guy at five and four. Despite the fact that he went out there he was absolutely electric tonight. He pitches well if you could address the starting pitcher to pitch. And the Red Sox gave him absolutely nothing you leaving the game your home your angry wanna talk about that of course we can bet you're together it's 617. 7797937. The other big story of the date the trade that was not the rumors that were not what do you guys believe. Is the truth somewhere in the middle what is happening fuel your sort of ignore the noise New England Patriots what what's happened to your team that is known for. Out working their opponents. Outsmarting their opponents all led by the head of the snake in Tom Brady and in brief setting that example. That each and every one of his teammates. From the best to the worst in everybody in between yup you're on the practice squad and your dog and it. Eight NEC Tom Brady the best quarterback on the planet. Showing up early showing up first showing up to optional workouts that's called setting the tone. That's called leading by example and Brady's done that for so long. And this year it's a complete. Complete 180. He is acting like a primadonna. He is everything that we don't like about LeBron James he is everything that we don't like about Peyton Manning and it pains me to say this about Tom Brady. But something has gone horribly wrong over there at Foxboro in if they don't get it right. They don't have the luxury of going through this again. You can only ignored this kind of noise for so long so if you guys are getting frustrated. You just wanna talk about what's happening over their Foxborough we'll talk about that would you guys tonight what as well 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to Wally while he's in Fall River while you're next up here on Red Sox review. What's up Patrick yeah. As so he picked it out of the night. I think god has allowed the team night and party uniting them in last place in the and his central. But. Well it daily into the habit I would not applaud. I mean we could've scratched out a couple of runs but it Lou we just couldn't get UK India as well but you release and they pay. Pedroia gets. Will he get him now lives and live bodies elliptical all the Labatt is I'm not dependent on the dry area. I'm not dependent on Blake's wife was when he averaged. Brad Leo Leo and look let's get hit by that I achieved as the biggest need right now. Right and you know Judy Martinez. Had the tight back last night so he had to leave the game early not playing tonight. Alex Cora essentially is saying he's giving him that I that's not back related but. You have to wonder here this Red Sox team has been hit by the injury bug really hard. If you're rightly double Pedroia in years past. If if the Red Sox are going through this sort of anemic offensive struggle like he did tonight. And Pedroia was on his way back we could look forward to. Him helping the offense up at the fact is Wally when he does come back we have zero idea what sort of contributions if any he's gonna make offensively to the baseball team. But if you get a car would it infatuation. Arrested but I'm really got into the best play it then and now. Well you know is that maybe Clinton up by and put these other guys in there. But like it's a domestic you know the Yankees there's seven guys in the wake up again deeply regarding his instead and then we just don't have the firepower. I'll let everybody contribute like the Yankees. You're absolutely right Ali and you would hate to see what we talked about all week long happen here with a Red Sox win a hundred plus games. And they are forced to play in that wild card game can you imagine having a season like this where they get off to the incredible start. They get off the best start in franchise history. Literally. Record breaking pace for this to the start of the season and then. You look at what they've done here in recent weeks continued to play very well up until last night at 115 out of their last point. Just a dominant performance through the first 63 games of the season. And imagine if they essentially missed the playoffs because they're unable to beat the Yankees out in the AL east what do city that would be. The plane that one game wild card and lose it after a season like that. Not having a chance to compete for a World Series that's why. You know when the Red Sox went out there and they beat up on the Detroit Tigers those first couple games of that series we praise that I did late night only this week we praise the Red Sox. For winning big games that they need to win. I hated the Shaughnessy take the Shaughnessy column where. He essentially criticized the Red Sox are beating the teams that they should be. Saying that they haven't proved anything yet by not going out there impeding the leak at the same type of torrid pace that the Red Sox who beating up on the sisters of the four. But now you've lost two games two consecutive games against teams like that and what does it done. Now the Red Sox are subtly in second place looking up at the New York Yankees and in most seasons you wouldn't overreact to such a thing but in this season where two the two teams are both. At this historically good pace one of those teams is gonna potentially lose out on on an opportunity to compete for a World Series. More than likely it's going to be one of those two teams playing in that one game wild card game. And you would hate to see it be your Red Sox if you lose decade one bad day after a season like this could destroy the entire season and that will be an absolute Saturday's Red Sox review it is Sports Radio. WEEI root for you at 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might do next appear on Red Sox review. I Patrick yeah I didn't actually about the Golden State Warriors basically the particular magic trick that the Poland and the NBA everybody right now. It's Friday night might do it every one. Yeah it pyramids direction with the warriors do. If you there everybody not mean curry green. Thompson and Durant are that's been issued in almost 70% collect. Yes it's like that like to. They'll super. The word pay attention these guys meanwhile these other guys are completely cutting your Toro. Let me when you look at that look at the supporting cast though might in LAL you finish but. Andre Iguodala was an offensive leader in Philadelphia that he is a finals MVP with the oh with the with the warriors you look at Shaun Livingston of course he had the devastating knee injury. But he's been healthy since then and he would it be a starting point guard on at least half the teams in the NBA that team is loaded and it's more than just they're starting lineup Grassley right. Pay some one of the things it is keen and it's guide accepting the role and basically late. All of that it was a good shot like Livingston came into the game should thirteen fourteen on the field on the series. And Asia. If our pulpit could learn a lot from that like guys like Marcus Smart listen dude just take good shots. That all the right. That we have real scorer on the team to take a lot of shots and then when you get a good one you can take it but markets goes and Jack a lot of bad ones. And somehow it seems like it's okay whereas a car he's gotten guys like your standard really good players to buy into a system. We're very hands and meanwhile the four all stars get to basically be all stars. It's it's it's a really good point Mike but yet when you wanna compare market Smart to Livingston for me that's hard to do. Livingston had the devastating knee injuries right so. He his career was nearly taken away from him so his perspective is very different from market smarts but livingstone's mentally for for a decade now markets mart for four years. Marcus my it was a number six overall pick in the draft that he still believes that he can beat an eighteen point and I got he's never going to be that guy but if you ask him he thinks he can be that guy. So if you're the Celtics. And you come back next year we've Europe but would you top four players so decent data Jalen brown. Carrier being Al Horford. And Gordon Hayward a top five players their right and and that's your starting five. A centrally where do you wanna put them one through five I don't care it's irrelevant to me it's irrelevant I think that added to the coaching staff. It's not important who the number five players they don't play traditional offense with a total lie and by the way that was starting lineup this year. So for people are worried about I gonna play Tatum and brown. When everybody comes back that's how you do the same way they were gonna do with the start this season. But that to me is a team that's got a real opportunity to contend for a championship you gonna need to add some veteran pieces that are willing to accept. Those reduced roles coming off the bench ala the warriors you think that that awaits Celtics and look at the guys coming off that bench PJ brown. Formerly a very good player in the NBA he had been retired for three months the Celtics brought him back Sam to sell. What a history Sam could sell it had it going all the way back in 9495 season. With Houston winning championships with the team allies joined with Robin or Horry and then being a part of so many good teams. Over the course of eighteen year NBA career. You're willing to accept that role that backup role to Rondo somebody who can back up both Rondo and Eddie House as well as backing up somebody like Ray Allen. You know that's a guy willing to come in and do what ever Doc Rivers asked him to do just grateful for the opportunity to be there and when you look at a guy that he would dollar and you look at a guy lake Livingston. You got to leave those guys are are willing to accept what ever role. Steve Kurt it gives them. Because this is the place that Iraq in their NBA careers the Celtics on the other hand biffle young guys even guys coming off the bench. When you look at what the Celtics did this year getting the sort of production from guys like Sammy. Said he allegedly. Second round pick on it seemed at 155 games and went to game seven of the conference finals. A guy named Sammy flippant or delay that nobody had ever heard of literally got deemed changing minutes and a game changing performance. In that first round series against the box there's an argument to be made that without said he usually you lose to the box it was set me don't you late getting in that game and getting in that series giving. The bucks and giving the Greek freak a hard time that changed the entire look of that series. But he's a rookie. You know of the Celtics team was bring rookies off the bench and meanwhile you've got Golden State. Bringing veterans off the bench and that's a big difference those veterans. They've been their before they are eager to win a championship they are eager to accept their roles because they know. What the game with a game takes they know what it takes to get this far they've been there before the the Celtics teams simply. Didn't have the experience to draw on like this Golden State team that's. So my opinion when the Celtics bring back the full complement of players next year. If this team needs to bring anything. In to help them as some additional help let's assume that LeBron James is not that additional helping you keep the starting lineup. As it's currently constituted he got to get some veterans come in here if you really get away championship. You need veteran piece is coming off that bench. I wouldn't mind to see a 36 year old Tony Allen come back the Boston guys like that guys that are willing to accept their role. And thrive in that role whether that role is eight minutes one night and thirty the next. Or sitting out for a week in and suddenly starting next week whatever that role is that Brad Stevens deems important. They need to be ready to accept it and contribute that's been as much. Obama he contributing factor to what the Golden State Warriors have achieved over the last four years as getting guys like. Kevin Durant and stepped curry give halt in performances it really has these guys coming up the bench the role players they've been critical without Andre Iguodala. There are at least down one championship he's. Responsible for one of those championships coming to Golden State it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review but it's a bright and it sort of brief role here root for you guys tonight at 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones go let's go to ray raised in the car or your next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. They don't need one tonight what's a Brit. Hey I just want to talk about the patriots fiasco and I hope when crap looks in the mirror he realizes this is always walks. How is it crowds well they're treated like they'll do this job. Bill would have traded away Brady got a boatload of picks. What had Iraq ordered to take over and you know everyone said while we don't know what their apple is well well well well when he won with Brady we did know a radiology. That's who I trust you would have been comfortable re really trading way Tom Brady last year. Yes see it and I am not sure on the air yet and there are a lot of the patriots fans there are where you especially as this off season unfolded it really. I think re emphasize your point but for me. You look at the performance he got from Brady last year people that were at the OTAs this week where Brady was guidance defied the aging process. But to meet the from the you have it is somehow some way it's Brady it's Belichick and Kraft. I think it's all three of them their egos of what's getting in the way now to what you have to sort of work with what you got or is Belichick sort of entitled. To hold this over Kraft said and hold this over Brady said and really punish the organization. Because that's what I think he's doing at this point. Although I doubt I'd bin Laden and right now I understand now. But what what I'm saying is a crap that let him do that job. Peter traded away Brady needed got a boatload of a draft pick up. You got a good quarterback into Iraq well we're still had the same team coming back on top quality you're up next. And you would have put us in the position of being in contention for another ten years. Which on the end with picks and bright future and now we got everybody's wobble and then and now Brady is a primadonna he's trying to run the team. Bitch is not a control and and I hope bill. Doesn't quit I hope don't hang in there until we got fires them. So he goes somewhere else and come back and haunt them. Analysts and it's got to be a problem here because when you think about Bill Belichick and you think about his personality and you think about. Probably the most important demand that he has when he is within organizations. Is he wants complete control he comes from the Parcells school right so he's got to come in there would have Parcells famously seats 820 by years ago. If you gonna happy. Cook the meal I gotta go buy the groceries up at the groceries whatever something like that back in 96 when he exited. The patriots organization because ownership couldn't get out of the way well all nighter that a similar situation what's interesting to me is craft. When he first got here with the with Parcells. He did get in the way he was one of those owners like Jerry Jones that on the sidelines with a stopwatch and he learned that that's not his role and he learned to eventually make its way up to the owner's box. And only sort of be a part of football operations when needed. But it seems to me Dallas twice in the last. 8910 months whatever it's bet between the Iraq Los situation and what you hearing today that if there's any truth to the rumor that there was a ground trade on the table. And the patriots were ready willing and able to pull the trigger on a drug trade and crafts stepped in if that rumor is true. And that's twice in the last calendar year. That crap to stepped in and make something that Belichick deemed important to the team import to the franchise whether that's right or wrong it is not what's up for discussion here. It's if that's happened twice is that too too many times for Belichick to be comfortable with. And at some point here is telecheck gonna walk away. And go take over the New York football giants it is Sports Radio W the guys read such review one hour down one hour ago Red Sox on the table patriots on the table. And help you wanna makes it a little bit LeBron to the Celtics why the hell not it is Friday night in and it's Sports Radio. W the east is Red Sox review on WEEI. This will be here to Seattle light feel on the run as a whole we won't get it about the play profited from just off the track. Okay so like turn into the seats in a ground rule double recapping the Red Sox loss against the White Sox detail why. Lions and tigers have to throw this one on. Line drive base here that feel one up in Chicago dial 6177797937. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy on WEEI. Our number two Red Sox review regular sports radio and WEI Patrick Gilroy with the guys until midnight tonight. As always it over to join me here is 6177797. And 937 detects the program at 379375. Yeah on Twitter. At Gilroy on group's ads in Gilroy. On hoops continuing to talk about your Boston Red Sox and their difficult time giving Chris Sale run support. His record at five and for every time I look at it I have to second guess the question it. He's been so much better than his record indicates this year and I know that with starting pitchers it's tough to it to judge their performance based off their record. However. Sometimes records. Are just backwards I mean when you look at the records of a guy like you were you think that you rods record should be Chris sales record the Red Sox have been up to. A historically good start this year yet they're best pitcher by far. Increased sale is essentially a 500 guy doesn't make a lot of sense I don't know it's a mentality thing I don't know what the reasons are behind. It was the baseball thing not just the Red Sox thing but when your best pitchers on the mound the offense doesn't come through with the same sense of urgency. That it does when you gotta support the fourth guy the fifth guy and rotation. It that frustrates you guys the way it frustrates me we'll talk about it together at 6177797937. The other big story today that we're talking about all the noise essentially coming out Foxboro today. At one point this afternoon every major. Patriots reporter was reporting an imminent Rob Gronkowski trade. And there are all went away who. Patriots PR but the to bosh on it's that no truth in this nothing to see here move on you know the truth. In these situations sometimes most of the time lies somewhere in the middle. And all we can do is sit here and speculate as to the reasons why. This patriots team would potentially look to trade Rob Gronkowski doesn't make a lot of sense. It must of course there's other things in play here other factors at play. And there is better enough smoke over the last twelve calendar months where maybe there is some fired if that's some fire that you guys wanna explore we can explore together because nobody. Except Tom Brady Bill Belichick Robert Kraft Rob Gronkowski those guys on the inside they know the truth. Tommy current he knows a lot but he doesn't know it all might Reese he knows a lot but he doesn't know at all Adam show after he gets it from one side. You know these guys. They'll get one sided information. But there's multiple problems here multiple ego problems here with this team feelings have been hurt. Egos have been trampled on. And in my opinion they've got about a month it to sort of repair the relationships here otherwise I don't see a guy like. Belichick apologizing. I don't see a guy like Robert Kraft apologizing and I certainly don't see Tom Brady apologizing I don't see these guys at this point. Saying you know what my bad guys sorry there are hurt feelings here. I just don't. But I do see. What I've seen in years past. There is a unique in any ability of these guys to go to work when the workday starts and when that the season starts here and when these guys report. For the exhibition season in training camp. I fully expect if they're all here in here together. And much sure they will be but if they are expect them to put their personal problems to the side because that's what they've always done before. And maybe it'll be different this year but until it is I have to believe that they'll still be able to put whatever these personal problems are to decide and get to work on the job at hand and that is winning football games we'll talk about that with the guys who went as well at 6177797. 937 until then we'll continue with your phone calls let's go to Jason Jason is and saw this case in Europe next here on Sports Radio WEEI. They say do it. I think I very much octopus group I think you're overreacting to a small sample size when it comes to the FAA can't hurt Eric that was absolutely right. Jeanne this first in runs scored yet. There first in batting average their second in oh yes so for all the talk about the under Yankee lineup he offenses are very comparable. Well listen Jason I agree with you I totally agree with you my problem is right now smoky bets continues to miss games now JD Martina is that with a tweet back. Dustin Pedroia is not back yet he came back and had to go at backed away and rest the knees some more so my only point here when it comes to hand your mirrors the same point I made I was here doing a show of the night that he that the FAA. I don't expect him to come in and be a forty home run guy like those days are done. Right but he's somebody else that could at least come in and help sort of stem the tide as these guys work their way back with out these guys in the line up. Their their offense is anemic you're giving me stats that were formed we these guys in the lineup they're not they. They're about not really how'd they do against the Astros over the weekend you're picking the berries balls using a small sample man. We'll also utilize ICQ you're using tonight and sort of spring. Spartan their attitude their argument you're talking about last night against the tigers that. Well slate that also not on the Arctic they just had one of those nights where it was every art almost right out. Right well the bad attendee double play the pitching proper if that's too which have hired a two run single and a completely different game musically it's neither great play I don't remember seeing the sort base and he took great police new key point collapsed latency that's a lot cents swap. But let me ask you this but let me ask you this Jason clearly you pay very close attention of the Red Sox so let me ask you this. Right now and we don't know what's gonna happen here but. Generally speaking on the Red Sox are we're very corny when it came to rookie that's his injury that they don't wanna call it an abdominal strain they were very adamant about calling it aside injury because. A double strains can keep guys open extended period of time it looks like he's gonna work its way back. And rejoin the team very soon here. If they were to miss smoky vets and JD Martinez for three out of four weeks are you confident that Nat. Sort of period of time that their offense would be strong enough to carry them through. OJ working as he says that's going to be back tomorrow so I'm not anticipating him missing and expand the I. You'll if they are missing will you remark that nobody key player but then again you're gonna. Any team that is an MVP player during the same problem right you had talks are unique to that. He had the luxury of a guy that was capable of at least getting hot and I think people forget and it. Does surprise me that people forget you we want to remember Hanley for all the bad things that he's done for all the miss cues for although the bad weeks of bad months that he's given your team. But he's also had incredible hot streaks over the course of three in four weeks where he's been the best hitter in baseball over the course of a month. So I understand the Red Sox didn't want him to get to I think it was 400 an idea that's this year they still had some time they didn't have the DF they win they did. The question for me wasn't so much was that the right move to DFA him what was strange to me was the decision to do with when they did. Well tonight's first game that you can really point to where you can say okay payments and we tonight. That's one game isn't really were paying twenty million dollars so one game. Idol thanks so I understand I understand what corps is doing is thinking long term yet a huge Roche will make on the horizon and he'd rather if guys are starting coming road trip anything against the two gamer too and it gets really bad teams. And so when it was it without risking my 100% I yet it. I understand what you did what he did art is completely understand and listen. I get your point but I sat here and I took phone call after phone call after phone call after the Red Sox went ahead and they won the first couple games of the two Detroit series. Because Detroit's the bad team right a very bad baseball team. And phone call after phone call after phone call of Red Sox fans ecstatic that their team was going out there and winning the games that they should win. So we're gonna give them credit for winning the games they should win I'm sorry we ethic and come down on them when they lose back to back games against teams that they should be beat. Especially with their race on the mound so it did have it both ways if you want to give this team credit and not guys like Dan Shaughnessy for not giving them credit as Shaughnessy holding into the higher standard. That the only wins that matter are winds against the Yankees if you wanna. Really not Shaughnessy for that take. You wanna give this team credit when they go up there and they beat teams like the abysmal Detroit Tigers that you have to call them out. When they lose back to back games against the tigers and against the White Sox to the worst teams in all of baseball I'm simply just trying to be consistent with Sports Radio. WEEI I'm Patrick Gilroy room for you guys tonight at 61777979837. Let's go to Allen albums in Florida. L units appear on Sports Radio W media. Yeah you know I'll take one thing that you write about on the on the vote discreetly. Because two of the worst teams fact that it it's just incredible. But you know what I am I'm getting them excited yet telling me you know yes surprise because it'll record. Yep yep velocity today and by the way when he needed eagle at ten strikeout when he needed one. Against a one point three it did strike so 40% of the time he got it yet you and the force that is lasting love what I absolutely. We putrid he goes forty pitches in the first inning vehicle more than five innings. Qwest Field record is five and four and that's where it should be I think he's one of the biggest disappointments in this team yet telling me how. Yeah I am so you agree ZE. Right now I. I think your in the minority Allen and that's okay minority but I think I know. Wielded by job they don't like job. You know what I do you arrest at a Florida I'd probably irritate my job today come on. You know you wanna you wanna be like that and take it I don't care. Come on send the tape the Joes are vital complete my job otherwise we can sit here and have a discussion but if you want to be in a Smart ass about it amounted to do it's an. Old phone lines are lit up up and down people wanna have conversations. What is Smart ass at a time you guys tonight at 617779. Seven and 937 its Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy let's squeeze one more in before the break. Go to Sean John tonight a coach on units up here on Red Sox review. All of their blood they don't they might call my you know I you know let. It happens with every pitcher you know I'm gonna tell you know I agree would be okay looks sale. He's got a few bad start cicadas every eight in baseball have these games I have good days and bad days yes your ilk. And you know assailed did everything that he is in the game what I'm disappointed about. And I when I called me and you know I was that's what I wanna talk about we'll be up then. Fiat and to really really not playing well JBJ and why harder absolute disappointment. I'm like I'm really getting concerned because look like like Red Sox if you really want the AL east division at George to win but right now when you're losing games. You're given the Yankees wide and the Yankees are now Baghdad the only reason why the Yankees are winning. It's because the home run ball. Bail them out it's that simple I mean that the Red Sox need to do is get out streak and keep playing their small ball and start it yet. I mean sale can't always before increments OK remember last year there were games that he's pitched so well. And he kept them in the game and the opposite was so. Org or are we relaxed and homeland. And that was what it reminded me of the items like it's one bluffing or against either zero chances to get runs across from the double play turtle last night. Rexrodt seriously they've got to get this thing taken care. Huge road trip is indeed they think about it but to go to Seattle got a big four game series coming up against the Mariners and the Mariners. Art good I would hear in court Elaine and I can tell you there a lot of optimism with the way the mayor Richard client violate the acting they've happened. And play Ken Griffey junior. So I'm like you're you know the Red Sox probably can beat the Mariners just elated with the Astros you know what. It can't always be jail all I mean they'll have a few bad outings but. A lot that has to step up when good pitchers he thirteen in the game and and that's what they'll be denied. The lack of options need to be blamed for sure eight and other bank that would injury. I agree a 1000% John this is two years in a row now. Well Chris sales not getting run support it's frustrating to everybody that watches and it's frustrating Purcell you guys heard the sound coming out of the last break Chris Sale. This sort of stuff frustrates him and I don't blame him. Yet he got a guy out there pitching his ass off tonight yet it's old news he struggled the last couple times out of the most part since he signed with the Red Sox. He is by far that their best pitcher he's been their most consistent pitcher he gives them their best chance to win post season baseball games so is he gonna have a couple of speakers throughout the course of the season yet. Is he more deserving of run support he sure as hell is. It Sports Radio WEEI we come back we'll continue with the Red Sox thought you Chris sales thoughts. As well as what the hell is going on in Foxboro with your New England Patriots we'll talk about all that next right here Sports Radio WEI. They rely on the wouldn't keep. TV is he saw. A hundred times better plus we obviously have have guys are capable to have this we never really well. But the guys that have been you know forceful. Obviously showing off. Arnold wants to get him back we'll we'll be all the Volvo which anyone else. Zander Bogart's right there sort of telling us the obvious here Red Sox offense is just completely. Different. Without JD Martinez in the middle that without moved he bets in the middle outlined a czar you know I'm not the biggest Hanley Ramirez guy in the world. But I am gonna be consistent again that was that was here that I that he was the afraid I was cute the next night. And the Red Sox at the time their offense with roll so people. Generally didn't miss it and they're their offense continued to rule for the most part so people haven't missed in the Ramirez but he's bent. Too important to too critical to this team's offense over the last few years for you to simply walk away from him. And not miss the net points not saying that he isn't needed member of this Red Sox the what I am saying it this and it doesn't take the baseball genius to figure this out. Yet basket that's why our DH last minutes that's all you need to know baskets and swipe card. DH last unity cannot tell me that this Red Sox offense would it have been better off with in the mirrors. At DH rather than baskets that's why that's all I have to say yup you know eat. In a perfect world. JD Martinez is gonna miss any time in a perfect world move you back to the gonna get hurt. But it's a long long long baseball season and people get so caught up in the hearing now and in tonight's game and in this week's games in this month's games. But you have to take a longer view and you have to understand that. You gotta have injuries at the most inopportune times to the wrong guys at the wrong times it happens and it happens each and every year. And this Red Sox team had the luxury of a guy late Hanley Ramirez did to bring off the bench as a part time player and yet guess what. They could use him right now it in there is no business. This Red Sox team to go out there with baskets is why are as your starting DH it just doesn't. Law they don't belong not when you've got. Probably the best offense and I'll baseball. And today college point earlier when you recited me the numbers yeah. Even I don't know the numbers you think I don't know what you can Google and go to baseball reference dot com go to espn.com. It doesn't take a genius to to look it up online. The numbers are the numbers the right there but those numbers were born from and born out of those guys being in the lineup they're not there right now. The Red Sox have lost two games that's it Sports Radio. WEEI it's Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy would you guys until midnight tonight. Let's continue with your phone calls let's go to Bob pods and Andover bogon next appear on Red Sox review. Yeah thank you Patrick. Person all. Love you Joseph Kelly comment. G news but all right thank god Florida at this no word his it was how can he say secrets tailspin. I wanted to gain tonight. Expecting. Crist might struggle a little at the beginning he has every cent but it really expected to great night out see some friends. Easily. He went. And he more than exceeded. Expectations. I personally don't understand you know I don't understand it. That the offense. Is in there. You know how does Chris. Deal with that got to be really frustrating. The second. Obama but he'll be one thing Bob if it was a one off right. We want the if if you know they just didn't come through tonight with the bats for recess but it's it's been two years look at the lack of run support that he's got. Since he joined the Red Sox you know it's almost in Pedro went through this to a certain extent when he was the Red Sox ace going back fifteen years ago. Ari when you've got a guy that dominant on the mound it's almost like. The bad day. Have this mentality where they don't have to bring it offensively because you know you've got. The best guy on the mound but that's not the case so many times it comes back to burn you offensively and if you're not locked in at the start. It's very tough to get locked in in a midway through the game. Yeah absolutely you mentioned. Sense of urgency. And go back a little ways to. Win. The Red Sox left. I believe it was beat the angels and they were hot they wanna to Oakland. It was a Friday night. Chris Chris Neil was on the mound. And the written Red Sox went home. Yeah lost in fact I think they got shut out. By a guy who is. Awful numbers to happen is that night and it's almost like there's mentality there that. Eight war also that we don't have to. Work is hard you know we're coming up against an easy team. Doubled its exactly it almost like you don't have to work as hard Europe against an easy team and you've got a race on them around right end yeah I can't get in these guys' minds on the could pretend to know. What they're thinking. But all I can tell you was what I've seen. Over the last year and a half and what have seen as a Red Sox team that is capable of being just dominant offensively. But for whatever reason when Chris Sale goes out there they're not and it's got to be something more to it can't just be bad luck you can't just be coincidence. You know I just think that they. Almost like a more. Lackadaisical approach when he's out there on the mound because they feel so confident that they're gonna get a win because he's good and he was that good tonight. He certainly benefited from getting the additional two days' rest. You side I think it was once maybe twice where he hit over a hundred miles an hour on the gun. He was electric tonight he wasn't perfect but he was electric and there's a difference between electric and perfect. His stuff was electric. He did make a mistake and you know gave up Iran. Andy made that mistake to a guy hitting I believe 123117. On the season it was a bad mistake to the wrong guy all that being said. He certainly pitched more than well enough to win the game tonight so it's frustrating for sale it's frustrating for Red Sox fans and it's frustrating for everybody involved I'm sure. You know you lose a game last night to a terrible team yet your race on the mound tonight you expect to get away. When you don't get a win with the ace on the mound against a team that's as bad as the White Sox are twentieth below 500. That's cold they wasted opportunity. And again we were here. After the Red Sox. Beat up on the tiger the first couple games of that -- and we all sat here for multiple so before our shows that we talked about the importance of winning games against bad teams we talked about the importance of getting w.s regardless of who those wins are against the specially this year. With the Yankees and the Red Sox so cute and neck in neck and it looks like they're gonna be neck and neck all season law. We talked about how critical it is for this team to have the additional wins in their pocket. They're for the end of the season if they need one of those wins they have one more win the Yankees and avoid that wild card game. Well then that's what you need to do right so we can't sit here and do multiple hours night after night after night. It giving this red sucks team credit for winning those games and taking those games seriously when they went out tonight and last night and they completely failed. No it if you dog one and one these last two nights that's one. You really should never lose a game with Chris Sale on the mound against a team its one game below 500 winner at home that's my point and I can't sit here. And let the Red Sox get away with it after giving him so much credit. After beating up on the tigers that that's the guy have to be consisted of nothing else it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox revue with Patrick Gilroy. Review guys tonight. It's 6177797937. We got two guys till midnight tonight in out in our final segment we will talk some NBA as it looks like the the Golden State Warriors of putting the finishing touches on winning yet another. NBA championship. This. Cleveland Cavaliers team how pathetic. Was their second half effort I do wanna talk about. They're second half effort tonight because it was abysmal. It reeked of a team that quit they were in this game. Through halftime and they came out. At home and completely later date an embarrassing effort. By LeBron James is a group of cavaliers here and I think that this sealed the deal if LeBron was. Undecided about what he was gonna do this offseason if his heart was still in Cleveland. I think that. These two games at BQ sealed the deal for LeBron James because he looks around and he sees his teammates and he's is on my god they're all signed up long term they're here next year. This is Mike is my squad this is my group. Any looks next door and he looks over at the Golden State Warriors and if you listen to what brought his said over the last 48 hours praising. Praising the warriors but not just praising the warriors praising teams in general that have got Smart management Smart ownership and great players. He is setting the table for his next move. What that move is going to be I had no idea I'm not gonna be what these guys that preaches and pretend to know LeBron is gonna do I hear a lot of Mya my coworkers. My colleagues telling yet he's not go to the Celtics I know that well you know we nobody has any idea. Because it took us all by surprise when he went to the Miami Heat back in 2010. And took us all by surprise when you're tactically and anybody that tells you different is mis remembering history. All right so the fact is nobody has any real idea what his next move is going to be we do know that it's the Celtics are in the conversation. We also noticed the city of Boston is very much undecided on whether they want LeBron James here. The Celtics team really captured everybody's imagination everybody's hearts this year and people really fell in love with that team. And the thought of taking those two guys and data that brown and adding to bonafide all stars to those to those guys eight in Gordon Hayward carrier ring to go along side. Al Horford. Mean that's an intriguing line that is that the Harry intriguing situation. And to have Brad Stevens were really running the show would those guys there and then bringing quality players off the bench I'm of the mind that those five right there. Are good enough to compete with Golden State right now. You know there's an argument to be made it says none of those five right there to go to win the championship as is why mess with a but on the other hand. If LeBron James is interest in coming to Boston I you ignored that and it Danny Ainge is inclined to get creative and assign injury situation. And you only have to lose one of your Big Three to bring him in here then isn't that something that. If you are if you're a responsible NBA general manager. You have to explore that possibility so I do wanna touch on all of that as the Golden State Warriors are once again your NBA champions. And you know I think it's a bad thing for the NBA I really do. Because right now there is no other team acquit. To put up a fight against Golden State. That's the problem it if there was another team or two that was better equipped to put up a solid play gets a Golden State Warriors this wouldn't be so bad. But right now when you look at this team you look what they've done. You look at a guy like Kevin Durant he took a two year deal at 51 million dollars and while that is a tremendous amount of money I mean it's a stupid money right. But it's far far far from what he could Max out. You know that's what 26 million dollars a year whatever it is one point five and a half million dollars a year. You know he can get thirty to 35 if you wanted people deliberate egg exactly what he did and if you listen to what he said this week. He plans on opting into the second year that deal again he could pull out of that deal it's his right to do so. And he could go and get himself a 160 million dollar contract over four years. But that's gonna hurt his team. And then they won't be able to bring everybody back next year and his team wants to come back in continue to win championships with Klay Thompson with stepped curry would dream on green. That that's what he wants for teammates he wants that to be his squad he wants to run with those guys so for them to. Actually get what they want for Kevin Durant to practice what he preaches he can't go while they're max's deal. He knows that he's willing to do so while I hate the fact that. The NBA's got this super team and there are no other teams better equipped to compete with the Golden State Warriors ultimately I think that's bad for basketball bad for the league. It's hard to read and not the warriors win. I think the best player on the team again leading by example willing to take significantly less money so they can keep more talent around. And when staff curry. Dream on green and Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Looked at their left right now and they realize that they just swept LeBron James and as Cleveland Cavaliers. Here's the difference LeBron James is a great player best player in the league. But there's a massive drop off to LeBron James and Kevin Love and JR Smith and George Hill and Kyle Korver and unfortunately. That's the reality that the cavaliers will get the highest payroll in all of basketball and it's not even close are dealing with right now meanwhile. Golden State has got. The second best player in the league the third best player in the league and a top ten and top fifteen guide clay in Fremont. All willing to take just a little bit less to keep the group to get hard to not that when they're willing to back up and practice what they preach by taking slightly less money. On the other hand it's the Celtics then it's tough to swallow that knowing that this super team is only gonna continue to potentially win championship Sports Radio. WEEI we come back we'll of our final segment Red Sox on the table patriots on the table NBA champion Golden State Warriors on the table and how does it affect your Boston Celtics. And LeBron James emitted freeagent decision we'll talk about it next Sports Radio. W ya. Nice seven. 937. Sports Radio W yeah I. Final statement here Red Sox review. When we talked a lot Red Sox a lot of patriots and Celtics in NBA sort of like a Friday night free for all here there's still time and still room for you guys at 617. 7797. At 937 and you know now that Golden State it's officially. Won their third championship in the last four years with a 10 wait to 85 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The LeBron watch is officially on ends for those people that are holding out hope. That he remains in Cleveland here's what you need to know. Over the last two NBA final he's averaged 34 points. Nine rebounds and eleven assists a game. He's won an eight in his last nine finals games there is no way in hell. With numbers like that. It would supporting cast as for diseases that he staying in Cleveland there there is no way. It's got to hurt him tremendously. To know that he's put it all out there single handedly carried his team to. The NBA finals again Eddie now we swept last year lost in five this year we swept but imagine being LeBron James and those numbers only winning one game. In his last nine finals games that is gonna sealed the deal more than anything else there's nothing that time who can say to him. There's nothing that Dan Gilbert can say to him there's nothing fans of Cleveland can say to him because. I don't like LeBron James I'm not a fan of LeBron James those of you that listen we over the years know this about me I've always respected his talent on the court. This is something about him that that irks me and I would much rather see the Celtics find a way to. Defeat LeBron get past LeBron and watched LeBron have to mope off the garden floor that's what I wanted to see this year that's what a wanted to see for years now. That's what I'm still hoping to see. But the reason why the Celtics are coming up in conversations. Is because. LeBron respects the hell out of the city of Boston. He respects the hell do you guys he respects the fans he respects the tradition he is somebody so many of these young. NBA superstars today have no idea. Who Larry Bird Magic Johnson really are. Let alone guys like Bill Russell and John have a chicken Bob Cousy these are all guys and bring up their names because these are all guys that. LeBron James has referenced in post game comments over the years he's mentioned all those guys. So he understands. The history here he understands. How valuable winning a championship in Boston is it's also very valuable valuable to win a championship and a city like Los Angeles. Or a city like Chicago where sports matter. Even Philadelphia we're basketball matters so I think. His next stop were averted he's gonna want a couple of things he's gonna want a real opportunity when multiple championships. Because that is the next logical goal on his white board that he's got somewhere to his house. Where is sort of put the check mark next to the goals he he's either reached the mall. Or is going to break all the records achieve all the goals assuming health. The one goal the one thing that it looks like he won't be able to reach. Is matching Michael jordans six championships he's going to pick is next destination based on inability to compete and truly compete. For multiple championships. Pitching and in order for him to do that and be unquestionably. The best basketball player Waldheim he's gonna have to catch Michael Jordan to appease. A tremendous amount of the NBA pundits out there it's just the way it is it's. He could have all the records in the world but if he goes down with a only three championships. There's a lot of people I might you want them. That will be unable to consider him the best because of his finals record and because he's not able to come through consistently. Or its teams are able to come through consistently in the NBA finals. If you think about all the years he spent in Cleveland the first go around another second go around and the fact that they've only been able to get one championship. Out of a decade plus of LeBron James it's a sin. He's been the best player in basketball for the better part of last decade plus and he spent a tremendous amount of that time in Cleveland. And they only been able to put. A team good enough to win a championship around him one time that's a simple LeBron it's a sin for the city Cleveland if your cavaliers stand if you're from Cleveland eight and you within. Listening distance tonight you got robbed. You keep your city your team it deserve better you should had more. But if you wanna blame somebody you can blame two people would blame Dan Gilbert and blame LeBron James because LeBron and I hope that wherever he goes I hope that he learned his lesson. He is the greatest basketball player on the planet right now he's a terrible general manager you know you wanna compare the Michael Jordan while. LeBron might be a slightly better general manager of the Michaels then without with the hornets but that's about it Michael's an abysmal general manager. But he's the greatest basketball player multi LeBron James is a guy that's got out there and he's essentially been the de facto GM. Throughout the last ten years telling Cleveland to go out there and get Larry Hughes telling Cleveland to go out there and pick up an aging Shaquille O'Neal in Drew Gooden and you go up and down. That though the list of guys and now the problem is. This year. It it didn't work with a Isiah thomas' didn't work would Derrick Rose it didn't work with Dwyane Wade so that left him with George Hill and George heels got multiple years left on his deal. So LeBron the general manager has simply failed and ultimately wherever he goes next year I think he's starting to get it because he mentioned yesterday and mentioned it again today the media. That wherever he goes he wants to be around intelligent basketball minds intelligent basketball people. So maybe get 33 years old after losing yet again in the finals he's come to the realization that he needs to look at basketball people do the basketball things and he just needs to worry about playing. And it maybe if he plays for a team that's confident. Instead of a team that's incompetent he won't have to worry about that so much you know just trust the people that are in the positions to bring in the right place. And when you look at what the Celtics team is that over the last five years you can see why LeBron James and wanna be apart of but I'm not sure he fits I'm not sure the Celtics need him die I think it's not that I'm talking like that because. Again it's a total conflict as the Celtics then the opportunity to bring in the best player on the planet only makes sense. But the Celtics then I look at this team a look at the team that they're gonna start to see the season with the next here and I know that that team assuming help. He's good enough right now to give Golden State. An absolute run for their money and potentially be the NBA champions next year Chris medics are respected basketball opinion just as much as anybody. Probably more than anybody else's Chris medics said yesterday that he believes that the Celtics bring back the starting lineup that we've talked about. With Al Horford with carrier thing would Gordon Hayward Jason Tatum and Jalen brown that next year they are the NBA champions. Right so if you have a team that is that good and ready to win a championship as currently constituted. Why in the hell would you wanna mess with a but. Are the Celtics more likely to win a championship. If let's say you come back with the LeBron James instead of Gordon Hayward so it's got to be Gordon Hayward and bit them. At invoke our rights of you gotta get rid of Marcus Morris nickname whooped. And a draft pick along Gordon Hayward. To bring in LeBron James. And now you're starting lineup you've got LeBron James assuming he can get along with carrier Irving your team is better because we'll run the better player than Gordon Hayward. Is it that much better late tee half the screwed what you got here it took this team years to get where they are right now. Years this wasn't done by luck it was done by design. And it no point in gained his wildest dreams that he think that LeBron James was going to be somebody that would say take Boston. I'm looking that you. Now Danny just faced with the ultimate the ultimate question. The ultimate conundrum. If you leave it alone. Forty take LeBron call because it in my opinion I think LeBron is calling you in a popular way around it Sports Radio W yeah I. Enjoy your weekend programming I'll be back here next week for more late night fun until then abide.