7-27-18 Red Sox Review with John Ryder

Boston Baseball
Saturday, July 28th
The Midnight Ryder has all you need to know right here on Red Sox Review; another Mookie moment in Boston as Betts' walk-off homerun in the 10th sends the Fenway faithful home happy. 

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These these Red Sox rookie who on WEEI. Do you want. When they're being shot and critter right they'll buckle. We into the. Capping the red. Red Sox win. Our kids the twins. Wild pitch Tibet's. Oh okay. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review where John Ryder. On WEEI. Good. So that's now at least a dozen asked to be at least a dozen dramatic victories for the Red Sox this season notable victories signature wins. And it's ones are gone nowhere but still out. You know in terms of this lousy let's face it American League top heavier Berkeley would inception of the Red Sox. Yankees Astros and the Indians. You know he gets mariners are okay but. Overall but still hate this he got to give the red says credit they continue to fight. They continue to clog scratch and they do it. Again tonight as they walk out with a victory over the twins 43 smokey bad supplying the dramatic spy well Raphael devers as well. In the 43 victory over the twins you know I had a feeling. That the red says we're going to be be able to tie the in my thought Fernando Rodney and and that's a guy who has been mentioned linked. To the Red Sox is impossible bullpen piece the 41 year old journeyman closer for the twins I don't want any port of bad. As has six blown save of the season. I'm sure the twins will send him somewhere but I don't wanna see him here at Boston I'd like to see someone else and you know. Again tonight. You know was a great win and quite usual plod tonight. We'll keep bad sort Raphael devers of the game tying homer in the ninth another outstanding outing for Chris Sale. In the cattle little hidden note near the squirrel us. Tenth as. Tyler Thornburg retired the side in the top of the tenth with a strikeout he ends up getting the win. But you know again you had that eighth inning situation and red sex really don't have an answer right now in the eighth inning and they you know kind of a guessing game right now so that's I'm sure what the right size right I'm not sure that's out there but. As Ford's anatomy just another thriller. At Fenway tonight third walk off win for the Red Sox this season so there three and two and watch cops this season's dancer. 29 come from behind wins are out there 72 wins Major League best 72 and 33. 29 come from behind even though they had to leave this one gave it back but then read sacks in throughout rod B. Canada had a feeling of threads I started they were going to be able to win this game especially at Fenway getting into their twins bullpen. Just of course will be the red sides opened the remainder of the way but. Did need it because bad sun and no one pitch. Of those high fastball or a slider that was left up there from the wild but Doug Betts got all that drilled it to beyond a monster seats. And left field no doubt or is he crushed that could see Jackie Bradley going the opposite way for his eighth home run of the season Raphael devers who scuffled with a bad. By hitting his fifteenth home run of the season as that was just our answer a variety. As he pulled it out to the bullpen out right field so solidly into the red sized I guess you know. Expect them to at least split the series with the twins have now take three out of 40 leg as would expect three out of four it's going to be interesting and Sunday when Nathan of all the makes his Red Sox debut on the mound against the twins so he gets his first Florida on Sunday. That is David Price on Monday. And I believe it's Brian Johnson had Tuesday to Florida adds her torso. John Ryder with the red sash are viewed taking up until midnight 6177797937. He attacks does as well 37937. Also another rain out for the Yankees had that's their ninth game postponed this season. The rain down so that they've got a groove or tomorrow even though they're playing the lowly royals have got a day nighter to moral. 1205 for the first game 605 for the second game tomorrow. And this has been you know the red sex haven't had. A huge offensive. Stretch of late world especially over the past couple games they get stymied by Kyle Gibson last night and and have scored forty died but. You have to dispel long week for the Red Sox want to make. You know. You know reverence because it will these guys made tons of money and they are but it's just had this that week has been a grind to me that Baltimore series. Now scorer talked about he had to win half hour rain delays so they. In and the postponement in Baltimore which will be made up in August. So they get home late they've faced the twins. You know right out of the gate. In the three game series in Detroit but he had the rain delay that made no sense back last Sunday. You had a rain delay in the first game of the Baltimore series couple rain delays in the second one and then though lengthy is. The two and a half hour on Wednesday. As. Now when news of getting postpones hosting these guys with the travel and and everything right out of the all star break in and typically 20. If you know if they unity the average job every case may be sometimes when you have a vacation time off when you come back you feel like. I'll get right back into it here with you know right right out of issuance of times he could be a little bit low here lethargic or let's get to a fault call. Here and review on the on the lads who do your Eddie dad's from Fenway Park where every might be. After his dramatic win for the Red Sox 43 over the twins should give us a call. On the red sex anything Major League Baseball Panova dad's 6177797. ID 370 export subpar running. 37937. Let's get the calls here's. Chris he's in the limo and Chris. Page here on good to talk to you tonight. You as well. I listened to the games Evan Carl Cameron out he would act crawled by a chin tonight it was Warner bounced back burner along time. Yeah it was indeed know we're going home by you get the you got chills where it go gold. Nanos and no doubt there in I'm sure. You know with the reds ice. Kind of bit tired now an avenue win like that and coming back after given it up in the ninth and then taking a ride back was. Was big and now you must be driving a limo I guess yes yeah so I don't your passenger car the driver Eric. He would now on the driver I I I get it'd take around people learn and grow and I'm not alone and there are also took our stars the interest and some. Yeah yeah I'm in order books on the day there is nothing serious stories actor and I'm sad sure sure some probably not me it's really Libyan anyway loudly and actually years ago where in my key atoms locked himself in the studio I got on air and I was on the road and I would offer it is willing Bryant my LaMont Kamal it's utter. Well he's Greg. You so but it could created on on media and right Mott last night with the rain delays start I agree with you guys it's like. Major League Baseball makes such maps. I mean I'm listening and god so I'm stuck. Albert. To make people sit stand and wait for that game to us I mean I was that's just. He has a lot of Landry put on balls were a lot of blamed them put on Major League Baseball and that does seem to be cash grab for the Orioles let people sit around and you know spend money on food and hang out and didn't. Now and then all of a sudden call the game and it would sparse crowd that was there and against forest grads anyway go ahead. I sit outside are very loyal ally in the reds six reds are sold to a Soviet all my book customers say they sit and airing their Latin. Spend money in the nail at all. Cannot a lot of I mean it's an issue that Major League Baseball has to address I wonder in the future in. If they say in the next twenty years in minutes might be unimaginable but. That every ballpark. Has a retractable roof if every single one does them is hard to imagine near Boston. It's hard to imagine a Camden yards because I hadn't been there both from all accounts it's an unbelievable ballpark I'm not sure it happens with. Certainly have the technology in order to do it nowadays in this and other resources. And the ability to do it I mean I know that the players would like that and staff Panetta and stands for the most part I would day I mean you make it nowadays where it doesn't feel like it's you know domed stadium more you know. Mean some other designs in the retractable rules nowadays are incredible not Sally Field Ted's horrendous but to me. Acts and you talk to the other night that I was gonna say I did I heard somebody say that about the venue there was yeah no it was during one of the rain delays and Baltimore earlier this week. Absolutely and you are out Larry not cancer and I'm old enough to remember him by guys who. I was screaming hurry dome. Yeah I love and way amid it's beautiful but an Arab but I'm just say the out. Years and years from now wouldn't be as surprised him in the players would know exactly when they're playing and and this year there's a call Chris appreciate the phone call and you listening as well. But. I mean look at the Yankees in all the all the weather issues matches with the Yankees but. All the different issues throughout Major League Baseball early in the season and April and may mean. I'm the 1 team actually am shocked that doesn't have one is the twins. And they belted a recently new stadium and some outdoor stadium here's Mike at north Providence it might. I John human would with regard to. In other than bullpen I'm mad at looked at it and get a dialogue seek an awkward the Texas. But me like that you know our lefty but honestly I take it as just about you know fought finding. A couple guys or hot goalie in the postseason. And just kind of you know given all the guys try and just you know. All week so on catch fire. Yet it and I wonder Mike if the answer I mean the answer might be one of the guys they picked up if it's of all the is in port of the rotation. And a playoff rotation of the red sides do indeed get into a playoff series is you know. They don't win the alias we know is that one game playoff. Right now it's looking good but still playing baseball bloody games against the Yankees but you wonderful ball the would be that guy. In the eighth inning where you ordered some of the as part of their rotation. I mean lashed just just last year in the playoffs. The Astros lean heavily on. They're regular season's starters out of the bullpen. You know so I mean insist that is that about a possible what happened and I think it. That may have I might have happened with the Indians to a certain extent to a couple years ago but. Another point I'd I'd just like make it Jackie Bradley. And you know Jack. ECB. Well all over the monster you know for a home run today I think that he is making the proper Jody. Actual swing the other way. And I eight days now he's actually start used that. And he's a especially in bad way going to left field and going to let sat there a lot or just even stay at the metal. Because he won't cut it these scenes that I am so well quite a bit when he tries to pull the ball especially if you try to pull anything that middle. And this home run today he had a home run over or you know the opposite way in Detroit I think that any got a lot of double collapsed banner. Lately that's that's what. Successful and and he doesn't need to be increased safety not yet need to be Milwaukee. Hey I'll take with the respect the Seattle take 250 with his defense that he plays out in center field I mean is on one of those hot stretches. Right now for the most part you know. You know very good month of July for the most for at least the beginning part of July so. That's good avenues it's a good sign especially at the bottom of the order had a couple minutes to nine and and also his speed leading way to debts I mean so. That's what you wanna see you know the defense is going to be there and I think all the people that text in and in the trade talk about Bradley's not happen in this season. You have is that doesn't own. I can now be able to knock it and particularly because I mean just the money right now. But it's one of these things work and he had to directly you know plus one know a lot of ball. You know he's that you slowly ease it when he was really really shortly is still draw a walk and he's very strong and when he does catch a little wall EX rockets. Yeah well lazy. Nice top fit yeah glad my concern. I'm just sorry just it's a circus and matter of making consistent contact or consistent enough and you know drive and the ball. And like those states a sample or just be good yeah good enough what good enough. They had Mae's top fifteen an exit velocity of not a huge exit velocity gad Ben and I know you're into that might you called before but. You know still I mean that there's still I guess is something to say within days and it's the ball ours so and say no it. A lot of his home runs maybe not so much tonight you know sometimes their bombs and he does have some rockets when he gets all the. Having tea and eat at some real tape measure way over the bullpen all yes and that I. Equity does that he is sometimes it takes a law and indeed I think by just. I think he's standing III. Page eighties were among it seems to make these academies and addled talk to a stand a little war. Kind of like war anger treat junior like a wreck that the that the when he's when he got there and that ought not makes a difference could. He's just you watch the news is always a little bit off a little. Yep that or I. Thanks a mite thanks for the golf circulatory but there are take care. I judge John right it would be Red Sox are viewed as the Red Sox take down the twins of four to three watt got fashion. In ten innings tonight at Fenway. Another thought you know we're talking about the red size in the in the bullpen maybe it's just say I do think collateral lever I do before Tuesday and if not Tuesday and I'm guessing they will. We'll do it somehow through waivers maybe they do it again then I mean. Dave Dombrowski is not afraid to make moves that's for sure I wonder you know I was tied vote of all the and let's see how he pitches in the rotation year. Down the stretch for four I say might be a bullpen piece. I have studied in the rotation which is possible what do with the Yankees to the policy and now they've added. That rotation but as the good guy you know Sonny gray has struggled as one of the reasons they added. Red size killer but I wonder if the Yankees in the post season shorten up the game at all. And would the bullpen pieces they have I mean they can go array is a rout really if they wanted to. And in it they can go and they say they you know sabathia. Their little bit worried about they only want to go three innings they could do that would that team and had they paid they could they can go. Sabathia. Leading into amended Chapman's LT leading into. Britain and Robertson and probably like green after sabathia but some sort of accommodation. All the way to Chapman with the amount arms they have on the ball and they could do that the post season are definitely in a one game playoff. And there's no question about that when apple then writer's market early today mark. Didn't you. And the driver out of fun surprise because. To look at what you can negate it and be any problem armed. You're looking to offer it. And I was looking between. And in my mind I thought well this like Pete times forum because if you if you mention before all the rain and all the stuff from ball morally scoring a couple of runs. It just seems to be quick application judgment I have relatives that Campbell he's gonna have a little swap the big deal you look at a first pitch strike and then boom. You hear back he would have whacked and then we'll go one goal yes Obama almost all of the park tonight I nano second yet. I don't know how tiger what exit velocity right yeah. I don't know what it was up to dampen all I know is that was out there and Horry. Yeah that was a great surprise and a great and I know at least think it's bad when your ninth inning reliever comes in on the eat it seems that. Bad things happen like what the leaders you cannot. Yeah and in any you can tell to deny you could just tell even in that eight that he didn't have a tonight and and Kimbrough I mean he's converted he's heading into that each of his last 23 chances. 32 for 34 on the season second in the majors in saves. As at the stats in front of me but. You know you could just tell with a curve ball and he did have the command tonight especially would occur that it bounced a few. Other those were unusual and different baseball fan for so long it always seems when a guy in your clothing your Internet bidding I duplicate Lyndon B eight. I don't open metal I think the biggest. You know a lot of times yeah it's tough a lot of guys just do something about it news such creatures of habit most pitchers are well especially starters and closers and this is something about it I mean. We. Saw John Farrell in the past has did use Craig Kimbrel for those four out saves as the big sticking point talking point last season. And I don't have anything against major shows that they do need someone there to quiet down Eddie's Danny and there's so many guys that have. Showed glances of that of the ability to do that Joseph Kelly earlier in the season when he was on that I stretch. I mean a man born at different points but yeah he's hammering at different points now it seems like there. You know Leno little bit on Ryan abrasion has been effective wasn't great tonight so. I guess what we're saying years they still don't have an answer for that. What my my fears that are heard these rumors that need each Jackie Bradley junior will be treated for an eight inning. I don't know that can do to keep that they're not gonna do that and eventually. A nine innings and you know I guess I just out there are offline but it I what's your take on into what would be put the odds. I don't think Jerry I don't think that they make a trade off the Major League roster from player on the Major League roster. Right now thanks for call mark appreciate it yeah I don't think that happens Amanda I I think they'd. This team can get a reliever. For a middling prospect I mean one of these guys are couple prospects depending on the player probably no one of these guys from the Marlins or the Padres that are under team control. Through 20/20 year 22 when he won that they've talked about but. They they can get someone and they probably will some journeyman reliever but I don't know if that's the answer the eighth. So it might be one of those things really patchwork of the rest of the season and they can I wanted to restore orders and the eighth inning. You know like I mentioned pride were late for the break here but still have power to go to Red Sox throughout this thriller for three in ten innings John Ryder with the up until midnight. 6177797937. You could text is as well. 37937. I see up there on the phone lines of get right to want to open lines but we'll get right here cause those lined up there right after this break. Check swinging strike three. They're striking out hundreds. This walked on the field that has 100 pitch he did strike out numbered and swingman shot left center. By the wall it just looks like it's off the wall want to underscore here. On wall ball double by any Lazare you know. 793. Setters. That was a good sign that tens and 94 with a big break moment though those concede when Tyler. Brian. Just bad luck today. Barnes CPU approval oil so we got options is number. We were panicky and announcement we have to scramble for rounds we we have cable guy's just a matter of you know we we need those guys have struggling right now to truth we went to fix them because I do feel that there's a huge part of what we tried to accomplish. Let's outscored dressing the bullpen after tonight's 43 Red Sox win over the twins. At Fenway Park on the bookie bad swat cop former artist for his crew walk off home run which is great to see the excitement and joy knew that was got to write up about even told us. Jokester go into endeavor in the post game show that. It was a bomb to left that hit the top of the back railing of the monster seats it was just about out of the pork. So the red sex take a BS the bullpen. Some good and some bad image Tyler Thornburg you mentioned tonight scoreless top of the tenth. And he's done in the past would Milwaukee. As a dad has been a key bullpen piece that's why they made their Travis show I'd trade but you know out of sight out of mind for awhile. Would that thoracic. Injury in the shoulder injury a tougher for thoracic outlet syndrome I guess what they called it. Kate Craig Kimbrel is not good tonight gives of the two runs over an inning and authority they went to him in the eighth after borns get two outs that. Kimbrel watch Logan Morse and get Joe Mauer was pitch inning to fly out both. Was a disaster in the ninety didn't have the command watched a couple of guys and then Eddie rose RO twins' best tutor. With the wall ball two run double to give the twins a 32 lead at the time. Ryan abrasions I he had him as Kepler it's kind of a ground ball double live opposite way and some defense issues there Bristol gives of the one run over one innings he's kind of a guy that's come out of nowhere there's in the past in Japan. As with the angels for a little bit dated Tommy John surgery but he's been kind of a revelation on the bullpen not a ton of appearances but just one he arrayed. I'm still not sure he's gonna emerge as the guy. I'm not sure they have the guy we'll see if they and abetting someone and I'm sure they will and will that be the answer. Our job right a red sash view with the up until midnight 61777979372. Text as 379837. Years. Wally and forever they Wallach. That I was certain that Greta no we really pollution came out of verify. We you know we wouldn't be as happy as we have a more more keep building itself. Whether you look at the twins are pesky team. Didn't get the police so Menendez element receded. But I am curious with the Yankees they're going to be without judge that three weeks without Gary Sanchez so we're catching them at a very runnerup. Whole multi window lined up decide as powerful as it was before. So I think is a good kid we can at least 83 out of four or whether as far as the brought to you know he's gonna get somebody. I mean. At a lot of run ratio it takes a long time and so you really want to throw him in a bold plan to simulate comrades you know he be given at Dodd attacked anytime. He's out there and I have eleven situation. But I think that brought you definitely has some something than mine and innocence until the apartment soon. Yeah I think day does that mean I'm sure I mean there's a relievers out there it's a buyer's market there's a lot of teams selling right now twins have decided be sellers after waiting. Going thirteen and five of their last eighteen and Ian and I winners of four straight to account of someone in the wildcard mix but are obviously selling stuff off would the move they made tonight. Dealing Escobar so. It they'll be able I think they'll be able fighter leverage is the question is is that guy gonna be the eighth inning guy is just another one of these guys I mean that's. As square as you write about the Yankees to a me. Then to get that four game series coming up starting next Thursday at Fenway. I mean I'd think you'd like a split and the right now there haven't Stanton batting. Second while they were going to have stand that second where judge normally batsman Ed stand right field that I but. They still have enough firepower that team and it does Sanchez. For died eight yards thanks to call Wally Kamerion background there but. Yeah and it could be catching the Yankees somewhat at a good time right now. Mean who knows the only mistake I thinking of all the move is what the reasons why they made the trade amid the Yankees and Astros. Have really hit. Left handed pitching good this season well this season and and they've struggled to mortgage right handers orders which deadly with the Yankees has been the case in the past but is the case this season. Or as we continue with a phone calls here's Justin in New Hampshire a Justin. They're all out there gonna knock you could hear back and the on the airwaves here I ask you to be back thanks. He quickly it will be a very downer. You know I'm just looking out at you and you know even things that have great quality at very. Are the nit pick about out of Brooke Buchanan managed. Or the trade deadline that the matter is it that when you get an act in October. He went. At this point. Seeing it probably. The ticket we all week but and apparently a deal late David Wright this giant lot ability. And I feel like in order Underwood in the quote beaten and go all the way they need to eat there. I really big big dispute that cut their lock the mean how are gonna show it edict or people winning a playoff game. And I don't think Yankee and a organ that equity give you any indication because there would judge and a couple. That I'd make it there. And then they made some nice acquisitions mean I don't know I don't think. You know I. I still think dead mostly the strength of the red sex team is their pitching or starting pitching especially with Chris Sale but yeah you're right I mean of course. You get David Price has to do with a post season as a starter not as a reliever. Meaning well maybe as a reliever who knows maybe has sought out of the end for them or who knows what ends up happening there but. You get Eduardo Rodriguez. And still on the mend and who knows if he's even going to be able to combat disease or what kind of role he's gonna play. Or silos seems dependable but yeah I mean it all goes back to their starting pitcher which I think is their strength during the regular season the question is the post season. Yet it yet remember cute on all of the baggage that are occurring I mean. The year charted he got them around question that night or our game we note that none order. You're only these ridges. And I think he's got to take it slow as weak. Chris would all that stuff you know and and in don't answer questions that snot ass don't bring stuff up out of nowhere you know don't be my advice to him. I'd like you all all these acquisition that really he would have gone by Joseph Kelly. They got it on a mile an hour and he's straight he was striking out on ever more wired a nine inning. And a lot appeared this year a couple of bad but I don't see much. I have Bruno is a but I like the move considering emanating give up much in and Jalen being so wasn't even. You know top rated prospect until. She's some things pretty much towards the end of last minor league season in this one as well so. I don't have a problem that Leo we'll see what the volume and I don't mind the movement especially you know the right in his starter here's Mike in Connecticut they might. Asia was trapped somewhat. The big rule. General what should get more and that was a key. Not only eat you know they need to look terribly or eased back to or is back to being himself that was achievement for a toxic gas. In our receipt date yet and neither really. Creditors nobody that you can count on the Internet and I know he said he won't get what are Bradley by. Correct side windows are very limited terms they have only minor league system at all. They have a two year window there are poll are Malden records or for this year. Yeah I don't know if I mean I think that looking at the yankees' package and what's what they gave up the Brit news a free agent after the season. I'm not sure that Baltimore would be as interest student Jackie Bradley and a couple of the Red Sox prospects for Britain as much as they were interest in with the yankees' package. Even if that was a possibility. But you know torture and I don't like for a kicker rob Bartlett terms or holy church pictures can be absolutely. That Campbell are quite content to the character of our overall mental state utensils or bullets he's practicing and virtual when it comes with the Turks. It was no presentation title are controlled sort. Yeah I'm not sure why the decision making on that move Logan Morrison left handed batter the next guy out when he took him out. Yeah now and you know global pop in the bat I guess who's thinking maybe a game tying homers possibility there I don't have brightened for enemy Barnes. And numbers against more ascend but I'm I'm guessing that he was thinking that's what the thinking was there that. He was concerned may be a Morse takes a deep to tie the game as the only way I could think of it. Won't you know more Chinese unit to approach what are your goals from a band box a plane and two walks are beautiful children sort tribunal more toward. And right tools stopped it all Robert Robert parks pictures I don't know the Miette that will remain an important search pictures are. Yeah no I understand that Mike and thanks for the call appreciate it I mean obviously didn't work out but then and of working on the end. I loaded up here on the phone lines appreciate all via phone calls was there one more in before the break in here is. Justin and Drake it it just in. Just genuineness. We'll put him on an. Old and will go to John in Palmdale. They John. The patent out grand struggle for me you don't consider among the most closely at what we're going to garner tells or obstacles are it and listen do you watch old arts. We have the best record at least four people like walking out equipment. Well what state in the book for our Christine. We've seen a lot like the 2013. We get along like each other we find ways to win all agents that was for example you open has messed up so open and so what you cadavers should come smoky. We're in the team we get past record of baseball I'm so tired Red Sox he she just losing the will tell poor. And run being well look at our record to this he. We have passed Opel in each house of the nation's. Blood. We have the best record in baseball we're pre disposed to beat in your words were so. I don't know look at all of those things are accurate John but the thing is an at a nowhere Palmdale is now I know where it's in California that's nice name for a town would make sense out there but. You've probably and I understand what you're saying but remember how it is here in new England and Boston. When it comes from Red Sox I mean even if they had three losses on the season would be getting some sort of gripe about something I mean that's the California a beautiful. California on dale layer getting dearly you're not here is a gritty New England. Any more of those beautiful out here right now at least today but to. But you know that's the way it goes you know that I mean Noah no matter and the other thing is to a lot of people look at yeah well that beat the twins have beaten the Orioles are being the tigers whoever. Yeah. Yeah well I mean they're doing what they have to me that's the difference. You've got. The Red Sox who have dominated Baltimore this season where the Yankees are somehow just around 500 against the rules of the season. Right around 500 against Tampa Bay so that's right that's really the difference in the division one of the differences. So. Your successor beating the teams are supposed to be. In which you which is important in winning the division I mean you know you don't want that one game playoff against say Seattle and in where they might be able I ended up. And as James Paxton you know so. Where the Red Sox are grounded out with the Yankees and you know. Chris sales start on the final day of the season dude to try to win the division so do you wanna win the division. Exactly and adored that we do everything we need to do it as closely reds actually aging. Beat Brad they're playing great he's got to play well together and somebody always steps up and out the side. All right thanks for the call John out here in California appreciated John graduated. Red sex for you one more segment to go couple opened full line 6177797937. We'll continue what your phone calls also here north. Hear from Craig Kimbrel what he had to say after a boy in the saved. Tonight but the red sex and have taken at 43 over the twins Jennings of the bookie that's blocked off home run will continue with the reds I attribute your WEEI after the news. Non my. Good reaction some first baseman because among those who played. You know he had time movie good transferred. I mean. We've sort of person. It. He's the target I guess. Do. Jenrette back with you read section B one segment left it's going to be quick when we won't be able to get to Craig Kimbrel or cannot run a tight here who completed a phone call yours shine and I'd go nation on. A little amber good evening thank you take Michael out here meal yeah begin loudly RRE perpich. Yeah you know I. I called and doesn't end. What I like what the last collars that this team is doing great yeah how to grind it about it figured out ways to win but yeah I mean I have every right to call it that frustration with Campbell. I mean it seemed like he wasn't in it or something somewhat distracting him Normandy was too much pressure. I'm like a guy that Ilya OK if it comes down to the playoffs and like it game by hurricanes. And you won't say like that I mean metal products that'll that'll hurt. No no question Amre I would I think the pressure and Seattle and that the pressure would get to him in you know July game against the twins at Fenway I wouldn't. He just didn't see is curve ball was there percent of the fastball tonight and an end you know it's he's had an incredible season so. It's hard you can't get on his case but he has had a few of these where it's kind of been like are right well he does completely have it tonight you know. Well yeah Alex Texas a couple weeks ago much remember game four of the 2017. American League division here we all remember. Yeah no shot and I'll be windier tomorrow night if you wanna call that was get ten seconds left the show thanks to Jeff Anderson for producing tonight to know getting hit hard out here. John Ryder red size we will be back with the tomorrow night and for the series with the twins and Red Sox at Fenway Park to enjoy the rest of the united. Thanks to Jeff Sanderson for producing. Lyles pitch to bass. Swung. Where no I don't. It's. OK okay. I feel like that's another movie moment.