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Saturday, September 23rd

The return of David Price is analyzed by the Midnight Rider and callers as the Red Sox continue to dominate the National League on their way to locking up the AL East. John Farrell praises his players while David Price gets a bit testy when asked about the Red Sox thoughts on the Yankees nipping at their heels.


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He sees Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought do you bite town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody can you tell recap. All of the Red Sox and the reds. There's a drag their right they know what exactly is gone throughout the middle devers a three run homer on. For the home run stroke is back in the Red Sox now lead at five the form. Dial 61777979837. Red Sox rookie on Sports Radio WEEI. Didn't seem like it was going to be this way the way this one started tonight with the Grand Slam from scooter Jeanette out of a record sell over the red sites. Do what they have to an aid they rally and they beat us. Really lousy team in the reds the reds can handle a little bit but don't have any pitching and a very young team in the Red Sox with a 54 win. Over the reds tonight in Cincinnati. I'm John Ryder this red sex we are taking up until midnight loved the affirmative course at 617. 7797937. You can text us sets up and running. At 37. 937. Last time was when he was last Friday and never gets beyond red such review that's because we didn't get out here to load after about 2 in the morning. With that fifteen inning game. Red Sox complete a lot of extra inning games this season nick and I I. Kinda had the feel that might have of course there was only one running game. Red size or doing anything offensively in the one thing you worry about his agent started to show would with his reds team. Is that they can hit a home run and that's actually kind of a band box and plays as a bad bikes anyway they are the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. Joey bottle one of the more unheralded superstore is in the game it scooter Janette who at the Grand Slam. Earlier on a couple other guys who knows Suarez and Scheffler and Duvall I can hit it out of the park into the tunnel morons. The reds have this season of course it seems like every team has had tunnel warm ones as he's with the exception of the Red Sox. Set record setting year for. Four home runs in Major League Baseball but. Read zeist end up getting it done and it's Raphael devers and it was good to see him go deed because it's been a wild. Since devers went deep it was August 19 against Adam Warren. The Yankees last time devers. Ended up going deep. Cores is for his ninth home run submitted it to a day off and then they and then the the day off the ball for the new the off day as well. Helped him but that's four in a row and the good news Red Sox the Red Sox and their fans is that it's also now a four game lead on the Yankees. Aaron judge it is 46 home run but the Yankees ended up getting drilled by the blue jays 821. Tonight in Toronto. Certainly feel like they've sewn up sewed up this division. Now what's the magic number six I believe. After. After tonight with a red sex when he in the yankees' losing we know. Resides in at least assure themselves a wildcard that they want they want more than that they want the vision. And I know who they face in the AL DS will be Cleveland will it be used to that seems like it's gonna go down on the wires from cattle but. Sneaky important four game ramp up to the season. Wonder how the Astros will love it will play that. Well they play some of the young kids are what are they gonna do or they go on for home field advantage here a game and a half in back of Cleveland. For the best record currently game and have that Justin Verlander is pitching you're jammed and I put the Astros and angels scoreless in the bottom of the seventh but. So that that seems like it's gonna go down the wired also seems to me of course when a team wins 27 of 28. And that being the Cleveland Indians or an action now and in Seattle. His or anyone's coming after the way the past month goes and I know people say well they peaking too soon. I just think you're damn good I think they're the team to beat now I think they will win at all finally this year the Cleveland Indians. You look at the rotation with clover. Caress go Bauer. And their their game three starter. Blue and power going for seventeenth win this season. Against the fort short would be my club manager. They did get injured Miller back. They've got to MVP candidates and Francisco adore who just keeps hitting home runs have laid Jose Ramirez is at an incredible season approach take votes away. For one another clover and a toss up between clover in sales. Clover might engine judds still although that seems like he'll go down to the finish and their last start as well. But I just think Cleveland's team to beat and I think that you know you. Right sexual have to face them one way or another probably because I'd be stunned at the they need stone at least reached the ALCS. Houston I wonder if they'll start Tyco or Verlander in game one. I guess through third starter would be though it's the colors and then it than need be they go to Charlie Morton I'm a Red Sox rotation stack up against that. Either one of those really. Or if you know so I. You know you give sailed just about the edge even though he has pitched in the post season before. And yeah and you know Palmer has will be their game two started still question marks from game three imports noted do anything to distance himself tonight Doug Fister has pitched well lately. And water Rodriguez pitched tomorrow. So that's still to be attorney you know I feel your game three start is going to be the data dented get the win tonight not actually starting the game. But we're sell all Fister Webber might be three innings and they bring in David Price and game three situation. Let's get to the calls here and again reviews six point 77797937. And you can text us as well 37937. A while you're forever while he. While you witness it while it. While you are on the year. I believe he has. Anyway will you can. We can we'll try and I'm amusing that we have a new phone system in here and now this is my debut using it. And so computer high tech will strive Wally yen. This is great live talk show anyway. Let's is good to go and I was papers she tells me it wallet. That was said that you they went and had some we've finally beat the Yankees we took advantage of but this is a total team that that. But crisis price they crucified allowed by the didn't perform like he did tonight he'll be forgiven. It was a total team when we needed that. Bien Mexican modest Cincinnati with a five game lead. We don't have any MVP again as we don't have any day of the distance itself melodic grip and I think in the last six to seven than. Now well now that's twelve of fifteen that they've won and what you're asking for instance daddy like you do the most or zero before a sweep against this bad team but on the road. You know at minimum two out of three and get out the right store tonight and I was good to see price. And have going for he is get a base hit I was wondered if they were gonna pinch hit for a minute situation on just go to oh. And but he was good tonight and in also another. The tonight aspect of tonight's game was good seanez reed pitched Willis as well out of the ball. So. I'll I'll bullpen that night right has been lights out I think we have the second best. Open an American League but at least seems to become an through lately. Now that spirituality and they have a mean today again that's been the key really part of us winning streak we saw what ended up. Happening. And thanks for call Wally happening on Wednesday night with a sale. You know get to 300 strikeouts breezing through that. Heading into this one. The red sex pitchers have allowed zero runs in their past 26 innings when they gave it up tonight right the first and back heading into this one as well as the local over so my notes 157. Opponent batting average. While he mentioned the true. Relievers. Last fourteen and his does include tonight one point 27. ERA. Back to because we go before you get the break here's AJ and he April AJ. The goal in jail we. Good. Pick your brain. I don't really hear much criticism. Court or solo as much as I feel like he's deserved until like this year's been major let down. And it's. Underdog kind of that this that it was brought up by Cora this actually. On on his podcast age I wonder what your idea it would be on policies and stark reports silent eloquence. Should start in three. I'm in my opinion I don't really think. He's marriage swears by it the same time no one wants to. No one's argument start crying so I'm wondering if it's personal price combination. Would be the answer. Just. Yeah something like you saw tonight you know I feel like. Even if I mean if they have no hit stuff out there and any more about the first inning would ports LO it's been such a problem this season but. They're gonna be on a rare very short leash whoever pitches at game three whether it's or sell or Fister I feel like. It's going to be the makings of something like tonight even of porcelain goes out through three squirrel as they go. Right you did your job let's go to David Price for try to get four out of him that's why I feel it's gonna go. I would just be more comfortable just starting price and that was similar team toward maybe shift around the all time toast. I don't know I'm not. No I mean I'd be interested and it doesn't look hello good prices going to be part of his starting rotation I mean there's nine games to go on. It I just and I just feel like they're gonna go that way you don't even this school in some weird way. Ease the pressure out David Price he loves to point out that he does have. One post season win and his courage granted that was out of the bullpen. May be the fragile David Price feels more comfortable in the situation like that starting ethically and in England three units. Well it seemed lent to me that he. I don't know the whole day all the time off maybe he'd been poor in the postseason before because. He's been playing the whole season but now that he's had this kind of office. From what I've seen it looks but he he looks like he's pretty strong right now in ports are just doesn't seem like he had together but she's not to like a lot of that. He's just been getting a lot of credit because that's Cy Young. Yeah I kinda good guy and Cy Young but just a down season and it's been a weird season too many home runs those that 36 home run he's allowed. This season tonight that Grand Slam and and thanks for the call. So yeah it's it's been kinda and has been a good season let's not sugar coated your media and a good start to sell last start at Tampa Bay. But he's really good pension kind of mirrors of me heading in and I'd won his last three road starts he array under tool. In those and those of course tonight the no decision didn't pitch well. You know one thing enact and I am encouraged right price that is typically look at a team like Cincinnati. It's in the basement its last 88 games while he should pitch well against them but. Well their problem all season has been their pitching they they can actually hit hit for power at least so that was good decision. Writely for break John Ryder red sex abuse six point 77797937. You can text us as well 37937. Red Sox win yankees who lose. We're getting really crunched down here in nine games to go down what do you think about the makings of his red sex team heading into the post season get into that. And the the rest of the American League herewith you up until midnight room the other four lines 6177797937. You text has. 37937. John Ryder with the Red Sox view more activists. Because helping him and and that's that's the beauty of all those all the workers put into it to get back to this point. And then we went ice still. I don't say marvel put in the when he comes on throws strikes and quality strikes. You know we're talking. Nearly five innings in the last two months. And it's impressive to see the wages and members. But sex marriage John Ferrell encouraged by David Price they're coming out of the bullpen including tonight Andy did pitch well priced too into the words. Scattered three hits no runs has settled things down long wanted four strikeouts. Forty pitches 26 for strikes. So good things for David Price tonight and we didn't know they're for awhile if would ever see him again. At one point put to have itself the elbow seems to be finer at least is healthy right now would. Look good tonight in Cincinnati is a red sex beat the reds. Five to four John Ryder with the Red Sox review as we take capital midnight 61777979837. You can text us as well. 37937. And now back to cause we go and yours Boyer in Maine he Blair. Although Russian ahead pedigree after this this another win. We're getting closer and closer I think to clinching the play I'm in clinching the division I. They are Waller four games ahead of the Yankees right now was nine left to play so it's it's you know. I mean crazier things have happened but I I think they're gonna take the division. That's great you know every time the Yankees lose hit it or raise it at her age get paper saying you. Yeah. You've got to be happy tonight what he is losing good. Well me on the big admittedly a local guy in the Red Sox fan you know try to be objective here but yeah I mean look you know I don't know. And thanks for the call Blair I don't know how deep run. As red sites table may commit it wouldn't shock me if they got knocked out in the division series. They wouldn't stood it wouldn't stun me if they reached the ALCS in fact I kind of expect them to reach the ALCS and then get knocked out by the Indians. That would be what I think is gonna happen. I think it's it's I just think it's the Indians Jeremy who does it now at this point I mean I know this is easy to say team that's won 2728. But. Dodged just feel what's been since 1948 the last time the the Indians in the days of Lou Boudreau won a World Series but he you know Francona. A different manager you know I was thinking about this somewhat recently the you know they clips VA's winning streak. There and that 2002 ways team had on how is a manager. Many get to four in the post season I think Francona. In terms of his approach any purchase every player differently knows how to. You know deal with the each one individually is such good manager. I don't think he lets their team get too high on themselves no winners of 27 to of 28 how many straight on the road. There's. You know that I I think that would be a major upset really I mean the red sex are stacked they've got higher payroll. I just think the density and it so. You wonder what's connect come out was gonna come out of that nationally I mean wouldn't it wouldn't surprise here. If through the cubs are playing better will they get back there role of the cubs and Indians port till. As don't feel with the cubs this season Jon Lester hasn't pitched that well would terrible Purcell. Give up the tunnel runs. Wacky animal feed factory in some out of their rotation but in the post season but he's given up. 36 or 37 home runs this season you know another gather it's given of the title runs in sees as an actor. He's given up 36 this season so more around here. Give a Grand Slam the light hitting Ryan go ones in the blue jays 81 win tonight of course home runs are a percent of mentioned across Major League Baseball. But I I just feel like it's Cleveland's year. They'll probably end up taking you to walk on Washington or aboard the Dodgers even those Dodgers have struggled. Here I can still see them getting added the nationally without stacked team. But I just think it's Cleveland's year your thoughts on that concerns are strengths weaknesses. Whatever for this reds I steam heading into the post season and they're gonna need David Price of million that that three starter. Inspired. Really ought to question marks a mean just thinking about right now obviously that's really pretty much is that the means story line. Heading into the post season for the Red Sox is that third starter. But you know sale does have any policies experience but I don't think the post season lights were low. Bright lights of the in the big spotlight in the post season will bothered David or were brother crew itself. Jim Palmer it seems that of course the car on the big smooth he has pitched the post season either. So what what are your makings what are you thinking of this of this roadside Steve I think that they can get past used it. I do we or Justin Verlander seem to leverage. Re in big game or big paraded their with the Astros you get to. Dallas guy who can pitch well but. And they can head Todd and who sailed to evade MVP candidate to get George springer they've got guys who can hit it on the pork on that team. But I just think that Jeff I think Torres says could get past the Astros an instrument of division series you like to see. You know Red Sox facing Houston rather than Cleveland distort things I've been weird way to wrap up the season for the red sex with a four. Against Houston well after this the series the remaining gave the red sex three game series against Toronto at Fenway. And in for against Houston at Fenway so nine games to go. Finally cat at the finish line here with his Red Sox team 6177797937. You can text us as well 37. 937. A couple of interest in story lines heading into the Cincinnati series injured Ben attendee who is a native of the area. It is a mayor would all the pomp and circumstances. You know visited and that's good I mean you know it's understandable. Is. As high school which it is is twenty minutes away and so for mile from the ballpark here in Cincinnati. But. Just a huge contingent on him vetted candy tonight all for three with a walk in tonight's game. And also Luke Farrow is pitching out of the reds' bullpen he's bounced around quite a bit this series started with the start with Kansas City got let go by then the Dodgers picked them up. And he was like go there at the reds have them part of the bullpen will probably see him at some point in guessing. During this is series even the manager Brian Price had been. It like to get him into a game and I'm Sri Whelan in the reds are going nowhere this is a just trial tied right now basically for the Cincinnati Reds. Any shot counted so Eduardo Rodriguez will be moved to restore order I don't think there's any shot. And I just don't think it's happening I think he's and other large man out of the bullpen. But he probably I guess would be geared. Yeah he's gonna be logged in no matter what he's going to be alive because even in. Even when they get into the ALCS if they get to the ALCS and sure. Will be Fister being in the fourth starter but don't. Even though Fister is the post season pedigree and he's pitched well in the past in the post season them with Houston with the rather Washington. Don't you feel like because support Seles season last year. Fister started dip here a little bit dead dead Farrell's gonna go port so game three new short leash that's what my feeling is. And even if you get into the ALCS poor souls will be three starter than Fister will be the fourth starter that's my feeling another city where it. Love to hear from you room feel good factor open open for Wednesday's six point 777 at 7937. You can text is 37. 937. John Ryder red section view up until midnight. We'll mix things up as well does have to strictly race I've stuck we can get in the patriots Texans matchup as well. I'm on Sunday. At five spurs who to get into that and we'll also hear from John Ferro and some others as well before you exit. At midnight are at 6177797937. John Ryder with the Red Sox or view your WEEI. Red Sox over the reds tonight five to four more after this and yet. It's been really worried about in first place for. A long time now. Balls and our court we win we're fond of weren't. Known and we don't we don't care what communities to. Just go play our yeah. As David Price. Not care what the Yankees do I have a feeling that those guys check out the standings and check out scores. For feeling there I don't think dissident an absurd question from that reporter there. Well praise. You know can be. Bristled there with the media will although that are out here especially after what's transpired this season never a dull moment with a Red Sox. There's always like a few things that happened. During during every season. And of course price with the you know the whole Eric thing highlighting out there are at least as some of the oddities that happened in this roadside seasonal price pitched well tonight. Can't complain about his performance on the non side two and two thirds scoreless. Scares the three year it's watched one strike set for forty pitches 26 for strikes. In those two and two thirds perfect innings. In his debut on Sunday. And as old haunt the right Tampa Bay Red Sox take it tonight over the reds five to four John Ryder whether it's actually we take up until. Midnight and six point 77797937. And you could tell instances well at 37937. So I guess going over tonight's game import seller didn't have it. Gives up the foreign the first that saw aliens of giving up thankfully there was a retired school threads but scooter should have with a Grand Slam 27. Home run of the season Raphael devers good to see him go deep for Stan since August 19 the three run shot. Which was the key offensively obviously to his game and had four run for a fitting Red Sox really quiet offensively. After the fourth inning. But price says stop the bleeding comes out of the bullpen. And after a single in the sixth the ends of striking out the side seventeenth that was gonna get will be shaky Gary get. I believe was the first pitcher Billy Hamilton to fly out in this evidence that goes or it can of a seeing eye single and any wide to Joey bottled. But Denny get discouraged and strike out and Addison reed came in and I was also another story line tonight an inning and a third scoreless. Fareed and and a weird way to end this one Craig Kimbrel. Ends up getting the save his 34 of the season. But he that ground ball force play forcefully double play with a rundown with some kind of an odd way to end this one. Also just a note not that we're gonna get screwed tee into the reds here. But feet earlier this season. Haven't had a chance to mention and of course one of the reds I see the reds it was 2014. But scooter Jeanette is. I'm sure you know earlier this season for home run game. That that's one of the most impressive feats. And baseball bat in the perfect game of the two most impressive feats and you guys hit for the cycle. I mean no hitters are impressive but it's happened quite a bit of four home run game hasn't happened now much he's also go for Koreans for he had it right it's arrest record yet we. It's on my knowledge step red sex or worse still the Balentien hit doesn't hamburger incident that the opportunity for ones are yet they. They have the they had the opportunity for one of the first that was another thing tonight to go that was a huge squander it was a huge squandered in the first inning. Sal Romano. Who showed some jitters out there and understandably so he's Connecticut native but grow up a yankees fan. And and he he said that he went to a lot of yankees red side schemes whether it be at the stadium or at Fenway Park when he was. Kid growing up in a seventy in Connecticut. So I think he was at some nerves there and in the Red Sox let him off the the hook there in the first and eventually ended up getting to him in the fourth. But this is a team and they're pitching staff what this young pitching staff are such good questions team. Offensively and there and we know read such an important up a lot of runs so some encouraging signs not so encouraging more encouraging. They're not in terms of tonight's game. But a couple of guys that are big time slumps Moreland I believe it's all for his last seventeen. Another role for for Jackie Bradley. Who. We know how hot and cold he can rod but to you know he's been on one of those called streaks. Mode he bats tonight with a double he's been hitting the baseball well what are revelation cannot unsung hero Christian baskets has been this season. And at the catcher position. You wanna see him in their IP catching any time other than as sandy Leo and catching Chris Sale of I wanna see Vazquez in there. And it was good to see Hanley Ramirez with a sore biceps and sore shoulders and everything else. Have a good died on Wednesday in Baltimore pinch hit tonight in and handed DH obviously played in Cincinnati and the one out the warning track. In left field. So really the key is I mean. It in the red sex have to do it collectively offensively in the post season if they're gonna get it done right. I mean for the most part. Woods you know now Cleveland that cute. Cleveland boy that lineup and attacked abroad and Jay Bruce's well I mean that's another nice addition for him and it's its board game but. You know how can we do in the post season. How old debts and his second go around in the post season also this team you know needs Eduardo duty is back in almost forget about then I'll canyon. Donte'. He was supposed to originally at the beginning of the week. There were talking about tight beam tonight that he was gonna but he still haven't some issues were bad knee injury. So if you're a red sex your open he's able to go because of plug him at the top of the lineup also you know the speed on the bases as well. And so he's he's you know that's an important piece. For the red sex to get back before the before the post season begins all signs indicate that he will be back. I John Ryder a bit here. With you one red size review and get distracted. Textures so glad you're back and I am and I'm back in and here's thank you 6177797937. You could text is as well. 379370. Doesn't after strictly be Red Sox admitted his red section view and obviously loved take your baseball calls love art baseball but. We get up patriots game coming up on Sunday we get an event anything else sports wise anything amiss and anything you wanna talk about final me. It's gloomy Friday night weather wise here in Boston but. Love to touch you here on this Friday dad. I'll get into that patriots Texans matchup a little bit and along and continue as well with a Red Sox talking a Major League Baseball talk. As well for the next hour 6177797. That is 37 you can text us. 379370. Also gave back Cincinnati. Here's the extended versions of vote what John Ferrell and David Price had to say after this Red Sox 54 victory over the reds tonight they rallied to do what. Comeback win for the red side since their 41 of the season so this is. Team has shown the ability to. Come back this season so 41 of their 89 wins. Have been. Come from behind fashion this was another one tonight. All right back to your calls and backward more here on red sex view on WEEI after this break in trading down. They see some Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody Ito recap. Of the Red Sox and the reds. 10 my blog at the first round. It's not that I think that it back on Bartlett wrote down about art that's when he backed at first let's get right. Can't wrote that bit dry the right to give out ball game over. Not the worst double play that the Red Sox went they had now I have a short game lead over the the American League games. Red Sox beating the Cincinnati Reds in the opener of this theory mind you war. Dial 617779793. Separate Red Sox rookie on Sports Radio WEEI. It is indeed a red sex really Jenrette awaited taking up until midnight and take your calls it 617779. 7937. Ya on weight and procedures for the play by play description from Jokester Leo and Craig Kimbrel gets Joey bottom to ground out Mitch Moreland is really good first baseman always former gold glove award winner. He steps on the bag gets the idea they get to oppose hard in the rundown. Some camera wasn't days in the week his forty ordered aired in the ninth but it went quick dissection was was a fast game. I don't know what the time I'm sure it could calculated it yeah I noticed unknown ESPN's box scores they don't have attendants her time of game anymore. Mlb.com sites down. Sports crowd tonight it's insanity here the attendant says sixteen just over 161000 all the reds going. Nowhere but that's pretty good baseball town in your figured there'd be some insured up to at least check out the F. The Red Sox passes they're gonna have vowed ceremony I believe. Before tomorrow's game. Honoring Bronson Arroyo there and since I remember him. On people he's forty. He's retiring hanging it out after the season the angels won there yes. They did he did good for AM making all that money overall those years in. In different spots a couple of different stints with the reds but. Seven I guess he said even of the reds wanted to bad for next jury wouldn't come back casinos through rebuilding mode and their. You know and starting over again and I guess after tomorrow night's game they're going to have he's gonna have a concert there. Now. It. Will be listening to that are checking that. But red Saxon get it done tonight they get. Get the win over the reds they should be this team they should take at least two out of three into a couple of techsters before you get to the the phone calls here. And there's been a lot of this this season as texture. Thanks in from 413. About this red sex team manager is not exist nonexistent personality of David DH that doesn't realize the game is stored and did until it's the fifth inning. No charisma. In terms of personalities. That this text for can relate to. I think it's been kind of feeling within the departure of David Ortiz and and look we've been blessed around here with some great Red Sox teams as we know and I think that down. You know. Import of it I mean this is missing David Ortiz the lack of home run on this team. And I think a lot of fans are let me just check what this team win when the post season. Happens but I think tech people amid there in the ALCS people will be paid attention in the root for this roadside steam. All right let's get to the calls and first up is. Alex. Colin from 13 area and Alex. Alex and get goalie is try to call back your your phone seven some difficulties let's go to Darryl a New York. When he's ready they Darrell. Had to go and want to longtime listener first time quote you have show and he really. I thought you cold I heard you. Remember you from a month ago and Hawaii I can always remember callers well the course. And New York talk I hear you with the royals equality issue for. You are the royals fan slash Red Sox fan from New York which was the obviously it's not donors. So flesh society says that me and you I am the memories her odd things in that good marriage thank you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we wouldn't be easy is it is if you can just immediate take a look at 25 minute rock. Started to give indicated. Today to give him being in the keeping the cabin and he'd cut these. Pomeroy and say oh. Kimbrel read. Yet I mean we know it I'd say oh yeah you know I think it and when it comes to. The roster. It's really the bullpen guys is an add on AS new you know position players is some question. You know will rise. You know I also wonder. In terms were right handed that all seem Travis I think he'll be on the outside looking in. Some of the bullpen I knew Carson Smith beat portability. Well they have us semantics I think there are definitely are some interest in questions I do when it comes to towards the end of his roster. Who's out there definitely you think you will be yes yes I actually social politics. Yeah no I think it's curious when it comes down to rob always fascinated by that kind of like the last certain guys. And there's always typically maybe one's surprise on every team. When it comes to the post season roster some guy that you didn't think was Suze is you know on the bubble are not gonna make attendance of Vietnam there. Do you see Derek Rocco making the rest of. It and that's a good question any. You know he's got the versatility. If he did it right in it becomes dad to hole. DJ and Guerrero. Loud and Guerrero is on there. Where is that could be there. I. Hey guys the guys be as good as deep as CI utility I did ID. Platoon third baseman defense replace. Yeah I think Cole will be on their before Marie early even though holds had a terrible season. They really NN I know it's been a struggle forma meaning yet is that the vertigo and they concussions and it's tough and rough on a buddies. He's not that it had a good season if it. You know given that he's more of a veteran and her her whole would get that get that spot. But I think hold Davis probably are on there in and guys like currency and Travis. Probably left. You that's my guess and I am. I'm well mobility and medics. I think he should be on there you know I don't know how many pitchers they're gonna carry. I'd like his stuff and always just a young kid. I mean I that's I have more faith in Austin medics and I do med boards or he's an amber. And as Ed edged as to why aren't a bit but did between eating out that it can make yet dramatic and you have. Manic and and caused dismissed a wall along with the givens. That means that you document has. You knock you have broadened its guidance. And out Scot named Bree and abide. And I don't expect. You know he'll. It seems Ferrell you know loves net foreign soil probably try to fit them in there somehow. But I'd rather I mean I'd rather see Austin Maddox and that board to make the Gibbons eventually called Darrell appreciated. Addison reed is going to be out there and obvious we know Kimbrel and yeah I mean I guess warns will be on there probably even I hope they had Austin Maddox is part of it in court and of course it's been that would expect. Book as we never. Expected to see. The city of Carson Smith who knew member of the longest time with the same games the simulated games. Who's going on forever seemingly with Carson Smith. And and of course price. You know taken headlines with the with the elbow injuries so to relief outings for price hasn't allowed a run in in four and two thirds sitting so. Good sign tonight. I'm sure we won't see David Price positive vote tomorrow evening of Eduardo Rodriguez struggles earlier in Rodriguez and other gadgets and a almost forget about him he's gonna be on oppose his roster is along in Horry or whether to come in and out and another guy just forgot that just popped in my head branded work and so where we might cans allowed us semantics. Would probably be the case. But. Reds expo opens pitched well. Of late any need good bullpen. To win a World Series we seen that time and time again it's a rarity when a team as kind of the schedule bullpen mounds of one in the World Series. You know if it weren't for that. The Indians said I give the Red Sox who shot here's Summers say that they've they could see the Red Sox overtaking the energy I mean it's not impossible. But I just it just has that feel to it the long winning streak. The 27 out of 28 now heading into and I may have their bleeding again they have one nothing lead on the Mariners in the fourth. In Seattle should have all the makings of a great post season they should anyway. You never know what a one game scenario but I do expect the Yankees and I wouldn't. They're going to be able lighted up I'm sure they're gonna have Severino pitching that wild card game. The twins in the post season are never able or even just in general. The twins aren't able to beat the Yankees the angels always beat the Yankees in the Angel hazard. To what I have Packard to Lourdes now three I guess after the twins one angels player right now but. Angels always seem to beat the Yankees the blue jays always seem to beat the Yankees and what that's all about but and they're not going anywhere but just saying tonight a one victory. But. So it's gonna be Severino light and if Minnesota ends up getting in. But it is should be have all the makings of a bond of five aces. On each of the three respective American League teams. In the National League as well. I'm in some of the best pitchers in baseball Kershaw assures her Strasburg. Sale obviously clover Soes should have all the makings of a very good post season looking forward to a back to cause and we can take these calls it 6177797937. You can text us as well at 37937. John Ryder with the Red Sox revealed. Here's we take you out until midnight still getting used to this new. Call screener we've gotten here and as we return to the calls here's bad in Westfield had been. And got. A good been only. I wanted to check in with yeah. I feel about that Gordon Hayward. While that. Yeah I mean especially the addition of carrier Irving I don't see how you can not like the celtics' offseason it's and it's been tremendous. And I think this is the team. You know really there this Celtics will be the team to beat I'm sure in he's not this upcoming season but the following season because. I doubt LeBron will be sticking around in Cleveland didn't. Broad beyond Laker land though wouldn't that's what ever once say in any way and I wouldn't be stunned by that so I love the addition I think this team is built for a long run for awhile. That question is whether artery can leave them. Or he would say back seat I'd like. I can't. And that. I think he can. Was and is and against attack. Yeah I think this is going to be one of Brad Stevens biggest coaching challenges since coming to Boston I think it will be his single handily biggest coaching challenge. And so far it's all love. You know flowers and candy and everything else between the two everything's great but. Will see if for no carrier ring disagrees with a month some. You know late game play that bid to that Stevens wants to run but I think that helped Irving will be the Alfa died here in. For the most port Stephens will allow him. To be the alpha dog to an extent. How could you not like it I mean in terms of this deal didn't really have to give up a time now I am a huge Isiah Thomas and but it. Carrier Irving is a ballot top fifteen top arguably top ten player in this league. The terms of the point guards in the NBA you'd probably have to put curry as one and Westbrook had no 18. And somebody did a good point guards but I'd put carrier forget of John Wall. You'd probably have to put two reveal what some forgetting about somebody Europe the top my head. Probably is the third best point court of the NBA and terms they award he doesn't have to be the man he can kind of slide in there led Irving do is staying. I like to move amid terror every kid. Played defense Hayward to play on both sides of the ball so I like that addition. That they have pretty much stacked I think for the future. We Jalen brown Jason Tatum sort of like the makings of this team a good time around here again in Boston sports if the red sex in the post season again. Patriots had to get out the star we expected for the saints stink again what are they doing there in New Orleans. They champagnes been there for awhile. What year was that when they beat the colts in the in the Super Bowl chip Anderson's always on top of things is looking out for me as we speak. And it was a while ago now ensure Brees has been there for awhile the boys and their defense had them rebuild mode for a wide time defensively. At a lot of offensive weapons but to 2002010. Seems longer ago. Dozen dead does seems seems like I love that had its most de around here did. Moral especially after hurricane Katrina and then. And then beat Peyton Manning and the colts and that to have an answer global. But a lot of injuries earlier for the patriots which is struggling you always have to be concerned would gronkowski he's gonna plays saying on Sunday but. You're always worried or at least act you know when he's out there on the field and they need it desperately. I mean there's no more we know entitlement. An image Dolan to two guys in extremely talented especially grind but health is always a concern. You've got all this Malcolm Butler stuff that's going on trade rumors and said Arabian nights starting a they'll be curious to see Europeans of storing. On Sunday against the Texas I've a feeling he'll bounce back he seems like. I mean he's had to work hard to get to the point here is it just seems he's gonna he's gonna start to put it together. And I still think killer to be in the top corner on this team and I don't think I mean this is a team going through this horrible they should trade him for draft picks. You know you would think I mean this team this was supposed be the best quarterback tandem. In the NFL would would Butler and Gilmore. It's crazy and I know it's sodium early as two games but as a group the patriots rate 31 in defense but she's quick to see. Now I towers bay doubt that Alan Branch hasn't played well. Those who kind of odd beginning. But over the last few years it seems like the ants ran around week six week eighteen gap in all sorts while that's what he can't really get to go yeah yeah. And I am might be the case where this team when they get used to this Sunday then eight the impact back home games Carolina. Kind of a tough game follow that on October 5 at Tampa Bay. Jets did it get Denver in November at Denver's strange things always happen there that's always a tough please for the patriots to played. Also kind of another just a footnote number kind of I can be at times instead he'd. But I think it's interesting a little interest to note for for Sunday as well. Would just China Watson going up against Tom Brady. You know that the only other there's been only been one other time that the reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback. Who's taken on the the reigning national championship quarterback Chris Watson winning the national title of Clemson last year. The oil attempt 2011. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers against Cam Newton. In the in the panthers'. Green Bay won by 7323. But. Not a good sign for Watson that rookie quarterback. There's never won a Bill Belichick coached team as a visiting player never happened a pedestrian when the continuing. Here's as we get back to calls. And to be installed and Anthony. I don't get mentally. And as well talk about Malcolm about com. I think you can probably you probably get a chance to start the week yeah you know work that rhetoric edit view doubts or bill ought. About what lucky about you know all about what type of player is you know you no mistake he made a co op plan. The level he needs to be and I think that he really figured out what. He's probably saw it in and be in the number two corners Stephon Gilmore as preach a major athlete out key. Yeah I've never seen anything like it hit a piece that uses very cynical a lot that people create the I don't know. I don't know if you can be your number one corner air he. Army wanted on a as I referenced that again with these two guys like it's not a bad problem happen I agree with you and and I think that's a good point you bring up. Saying all the right things this week. I think it's humbled them a little bit not starting there. And yeah I I I can definitely see him starting out Gilmore this week. You know I just can't see row you know really Ian yeah besides Shaq beatle maybe you went. You know Hawkins but I don't think that's really gonna be at issue because there are no more public BR does are typically a quiet like that in site check. You really get sick at the bottom so it. Yet. We'll see a much playing time to Jonathan Jones gets this week he's the other quarter Ernie played well. On Sunday if you tell Belichick I'm really well super good DF we added the energy and then he he yeah. No idea what it is what what spell check and being able to try and the you know. Middle of a power cornerbacks and really just developing. A really phenomenal. Corners like at the deceit deceit the F audits of abuse thing. Well I mean I mean the Butler thing is the bigger surprise what so west Alabama. The I mean Jones went to Auburn so I mean analyst you know. But but but still you write an end you know how excited you know Belichick well I mean he's a defense of guy anyway even loves. You know these young upstart corners women especially guys that can you know get to the quarterback as well. But but he also loves and you can tally loves develop and and get these upstart quarters ago. Yes creative and again like these young kids do that why he's so used absolute animal and against the saints like what was it two to accede to actually was all about the middle of outlined it was crazy. Yeah no I am Amway yet and I think that Barbara allowed bonds backed insured artists this Sunday who. Who is Houston's receivers MED Andre Hopkins obviously is the guy other it's just a bunch of guys will all know what about lead but yet it's an ally on. Yeah Watson's always targeted Hopkins development understandably so then Lamar Miller back yet as red as the running back and they get cute Vermont. Texas as well though take a DI pay formative performance were pretty so but they don't have much out instead they'll contain Watson though. I expect them. My my concern I guess in I think Brady will still put up solid numbers I believe this the first time that he's ever facing JJ watched in. Has done them before but. You know I think at times they might struggle a bit out I still expect them win this game win by a comfortable margin ten or more. I had no thanks appreciated to anti John Ryder with the red sex abuse 61777979237. Text as. 37 nanny threesome hobbies T Red Sox baseball calls but as of Friday night. And you know a lot of people patriots on the mind or anything else we've had a silver skull find would be where everyone it's our vote for the set next half power. So a room together for like 61777. And 7937. Red Sox beat the reds five to four tonight in Cincinnati for up on the Yankees. Get pounded by the blue jays 821 lead more of next year and W via. John batter with the red sex have you read says comeback they beat the reds five to four tonight in Cincinnati and the Yankees get pummeled. By the blue jays a 21 in Toronto mosque say here it's not gonna get hit hardy gave up three home runs arid judge got a mock to a good start with the first inning home run his. 46 of the season to that Ryan go ones with a Grand Slam a couple of home runs as well for Toronto in that wind tonight. Just couple of other notes we've talked a little bit about the patriots as well and we can continue to do so on with the Red Sox or anything here for this final half hour. John Ryder lead media up until midnight here a WEI a. 6177797937. You could text as is well 37. 937. Some kind of in this Sunday's schedule. In the NFL there are some good games coming up on Sunday along with the intrigue of course with the patriots in the Texans. But there's definitely one major Dodd game on there that's for sure the browns in the colts. And the only reason I I mentioned there's. Is that I saw where the browns were actually a favorite the browns Arthur was the last time the browns. Were favored both teams 02 and oh the browns play the Steelers tough. In their opener. But how far have the colts fallen. I think that pulls away and Jacoby you know he's only been one all over yet and now you're sitting around and it's great and it's it's basically a income. Image and Kaiser going up against edged Kobe Brusett. But boy the colts. I know eventually they're getting injured like that but how well he performed come aback from that shoulder injury. He's never really lived up to the expectations in any any thought he would after he knocked out Peyton Manning. And the Broncos in and that was on the road to Denver a few years back. Has made we'll get the job done. And Irsay is a wild and anyway the oddest owner said he'd it the in the NFL. But. I mean. I'm feeling I have a feeling I mean big of a feeling the browns are gonna win that game. I am I think so I mean I could very well be right you can be right Jeff Anderson run they expect here but. At. Some Al Gore on the road biggest says that knows something installing them as a favorite. You know wanting ever want to pick in the so is something something funny there what some of their rams niners game last night some of it a lot of points on the board. Brian Hoyer surprise seems to find a job boy there's so many lousy starting quarterbacks. In the NFL. Here Gore's son speaking of colts still kicking around and a big game with a with a niners. I say it's always funny to refute. You know you kind of forget where guys Sander and oh yeah he's still around and he's with the niners now via. It's always interest in. But right now. It is weird to see. The teacher Miami Dolphins who have only played one game the arcade. Leading the AFC east I don't think that's going to be long before the patriots. In bills are no longer tied for second. There's it is on east land might take us take. Are played exactly. Toughest division easily is the AFC west committee got Denver Kansas City Oakland. Joke of the the LA chargers. Would. No one going to those games it was it was. It was weird their own course in California and there's like no one there. That it at home game they played on on Sunday Yankee shown a psychic teams drama here. Parents had Kansas City and they should be there is solid team but I still feel like Pittsburg is to as the chief rival in the team to beat an Oakland. Coin flip between those two you wonder how much desire Ben Roethlisberger has I guess will be the question would Pittsburgh because. You know he's been toiling in talking about retirement and probably maybe will retire if this is using this as a final season Allah I do I do I think it is yeah. And they just get somebody weapon weapons on offense with the it's audio Brad and lay beyond ballot marked Davis Brian's played well as on news he stays out the week he'll be fine and you know perform out there. And then in Pittsburgh so. But I just that you're seeing him and would his prize all said and done a FC championship game again news Pittsburgh and when when I mean that's. Wouldn't stun me. Boy did you how with the giants or went to. How bad was that offensive line and I'd Monday night loss and you could tell Bob Mack adieu and Eli Manning do not catalog evil America these post game comments there would would. You know not conduits Brian on the Bosnia and if he gets only slightly and that never happens nowadays usually in professional sports for the most part. Where as coach or manager throws anyone under the bus opens here there but it doesn't happen too often used to happen time not too long ago but nowadays. That doesn't happen well here's a sadly. Four is speaking of that as we bounced back to baseball. John Ferrell doesn't throw many people under the bus that's for sure. But it a lot of positives. Tonight mostly from the Red Sox in this 54 comeback victory over the reds obscured pharaoh had to say after tonight's win. Judge could come from behind win here tonight we had the opportunity in the first that they find a way to to minimize it to just one one run our partner and they came right back and we knew going into the Sears at left handed hitters in this ballpark. Can be explosive. And it played true to form the first inning. You know there are no more able to put before an inning herself it's good to see Iraqis went about you did tonight. Amid a couple days down to him a chance to kind of regroup a little bit. But after that point it just felt like were were in the lineup go on the David Price. Against the heat or order. In the end is visible punishment pitching that was another six strong or five strong uninsured and I can use them to vote principle. You. You know I don't know if that's the culmination you're always looking at that's the way it turned out tonight. I felt like you. After the efficient two innings of work on Sunday David was good for forty to fifty pitches. Hopefully it was gonna bridges to Patterson it did just that. So it it worked in our favor you know I just solid. With the left hand and David has gone against things that or was it was moved to make an over didn't want to come out of the game and I fully respect that put. One when everyone's fresh on there and we have that those pitchers to go to. It worked out wall tonight. There's an. Probably require them usually closes mentality he doesn't panic with them scoring position and controller running game. He's gonna put who has got a couple put away pensions and he has been. Everything we could hold particularly in his last two weeks. Actually didn't. The room. You know he's healthy and and that's that's the beauty in all this all the work to do is put into it to get back to this point. And then with which I still. I don't honestly marvel put in the when he comes on throws strikes quality strikes. As you know we're talking nearly five innings in the last two months. And it's impressive to see the way he's in command as well. Well when he price inside part if he's not available than you make the move away from where you know not likely even with the extended. Ewing were were probably looking at you know maybe having to piece some things together there. But that that's the reason. You make the move is said to have someone throwing balls well as David did down in Tampa and hopefully that was going to be the case tonight who worked out. How do you since returning would he have trouble with tonight. Purely on you know I was just and always pitching careful towards a bottle and then the first person to get that you know he's trying to send the ball Donnelly from and a pullback to in her half of the plate. And it talks about the last ten years as ballpark. And he showed what they're capable of so he did settle down. Even their own you know he pitched best he throws up Hamilton which is not that uncommon occurrence two record and their output. He battled tonight. And you know I'm sure he's gonna feel like he settled in and was was well on his way to pitching deep in the ball game. Read says manager John Farrell after the red sex beat the reds have five to afford an idea that. Grand Slam by scooter Jeanette that was a fastball that looked like a batting practice fastball was tracked down the middle of the plate. And egg Jeanette was just saying sitting on and no doubt heard of for a spot where it right away. And endeavor as it was of no doubt her as well the three run shot in the fourth inning you figure is just a matter of time before the Red Sox piled it on. Sal Romano from a southern to Connecticut the growth Ph.D.s fans looking for the start against the Red Sox but he ends up getting lots but David Price. Was. The biggest story this one to a two thirds growth solves what a base hit as well so he's now three for 48. In his career. At the plate he gets the slash singled to the opposite field there then quickly erased and deserves Bogart's bounced into a double play after that but. Good news for the Red Sox as well as winning was the Yankees losing so doubts four games up on New York with just nine games to go. And after this all games in the regular season for the red 63 against Toronto in four against Houston. I think that the Red Sox will end up winning the alias two is to question who they will play in the AL DS will be. The Indians or the Astros I'm guessing you'll probably the Astros a Red Sox career Red Sox Astros. And out series which would be a first between those teams. We've seen this concerts and seen plenty of the Indians over the past that's for sure. And a lot of comeback playoff wins against the Indians. But to swept away last season who think the I think he needs of the team to be obviously you know and all of a Major League Baseball. John Ryder with the red censored view we take you up until midnight look at some more of these types as well one text appoint known as measurable and it. 41 text don't forget about Joseph Kelly to. You know. He will be on the rostrum is always so many spots on the roster but he'll be one of those guys and sure probably. Part of it so meaning some of the young guys us to medics others probably will not be blowing like mad excitable and I will will roll on here Rossi here from David Price whose final segment. Coming up and would like to hear from you as well 6177797937. John Ryder will be read sector view on W via. John Ryder with the U roadside sure you can subsidiaries bumped for no no no it's not changed all sides there. The beginning it was on to describe it tight charm right Whittier and Spicer viewed taking up well we get about. Ten minutes less that. At 6177797937. It takes this as well at 37937. Read sites knock out the reds of five to foreign comeback fashion tonight they just all the nationally don't take. Let's see this season against a nationally fourteen informed and they've been really incredible. Since its inception. For the most sport just beating up on a National League teams whether it's on the road or at home. So. Another win tonight this team they should beat this team they should take at least two and three from. And they and of taking the opener tonight so we can discuss that of course. David Price pitching well. I could I forecast a man Darryl how imports sold four innings in a post season story and and praise coming in for three. Something like that I concede that very well happening. In that in game three of the division series here coming up so red sex magic number is now at six Saudi. Feel about this team feel you know good a bottom solid that they could knock out. The Astros and you wouldn't stun me if they are allowed you know quickly and in the first round heard they'd end up knocking out the Astros in the meat and oblivion needs but I just. I I just can't seem more overtaking Cleveland I just think Cleveland. I think most people unanimously would feel that Cleveland is the team to beat. In all of baseball. We bounced around a lot of different stuff with type two Red Sox we've the Celtics call there with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and some patriots tied to as well another note I mentioned how. You know this is the only time a reigning Super Bowl champ quarter owned only the second time machine said reigning Super Bowl champ quarterback is face national champion quarterback. Our reigning national champion quarterback in a game the other B. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers beating Cam Newton. In the in the panthers'. That was back in 2011. Also wasn't as well. Three rookies have made their first or second story of their career at New England since 2001 all three of lost. And the others public these for means geno Smith. Tyler telco and Matt win. About it that hodgepodge. Of names. And they were all dreadful. Tyler pal co a Q I mean and our geno Smith with the jets. Was that Matt Flynn was you I'd guess who's with Griese was with Green Bay at least orders grew agreement he still holds the record for touchdown passes for instance that that it's incredible weather and Aaron wreckage they edits right arts star dad and that that is one huge game. And a few a few good yeah got to pay big time by Seattle and never did tell of how it goes with the chiefs ranked the here. And but those three. What a trifecta combined for three touchdowns seven interceptions 121 total quarterback Brady. Against the patriots so Bill Belichick is usually. Had rookies numbers. In store it's actually there has been a couple of times and I was stuff from ESPN stats and info. The since 2001. Quarterbacks rookie quarterbacks. Making the first or second storage of inquiries have gone to an eight. Against the patriots. And how about the two the two winners were Mark Sanchez in 2009. And Brock costs Wyler in 2015. Would Denver. I remember that I was his only a couple of years yeah but it draws both on the roads and yet they both had unbelievable entrances. Yeah and both were on the road as well. All right as we can ship things back to baseball David Price one of the stories of tonight alive with a Raphael devers. In the win over the reds five to four let's hear what price had to say after his solid outing in Cincinnati. Those good. Good morning. Johnson who's impressed with how effective you were as soon as you Iranians you know that you feel about those who have to do it. Time and there were numerous rarely put more employed. On phone calls so long computing. Industry contacts we do a lot of outs. Yeah specific reason and experience and you didn't use the curve ball this time. A lot of its first pitch strong us. Doesn't that play very well we. It was at what it is and we'll go through does that. It's been just really worried about that in first place for. A long time no no balls and our court we learn. We're farm and weren't. Known and we don't we don't care with the Yankees to. Just go forward yeah. So far reduces. Which is because of the difference for pleasure to. No it's no solar is right now so that's what's gonna win. And play meaningful baseball means you can view last year and you know it's. The past couple years and won a World Series teams has been a wildcard to maintenance. When they're playing meaningful baseball games for. Undersea storms these two games in a lot of ways it's. Edwards Ford disorder so. It's no different. That's a given into a single to sort of this institutional felt the rest of about his education that inning was there a conscious effort for you you'd be more powerful. Four alone. But room also play after that and then in the first has grown or four for. Trying to make pitches. And things can always. So let's David Price reds and getting the win to a two thirds squirrel is the Red Sox over the reds five to four discuss admitted here but. I keep hearing. Heading into the Cincinnati series about how great a city Cincinnati is I've never been there. But I don't know anything about it but I've never heard of it as one of the great American cities. Nothing against him maybe it is but. A if heard Dave O'Brien tied it about did all of Dade but to you know they're looking forward to going to Cincinnati great restaurant cities probably right. Tim never was time awarded grey and I'm sure it is I've only been at the airport the air. And it was years back. In the airports Paisley Kentucky in the I saw Carmen a lecturer in the airport loses since then heated at the time she is dating be real. Of Cypress Hill this is years ago but she'll look I mean that was when she was in her prime. So that that was a good site. But anyway that will allow wrap things up for red side tribute don't know anything about since that event sure it's five. All right that does. No luckier repeat jokes here and EIW. Right thanks to Jeff Sanderson for running things back there. Hope you have a great weekend John Ryder signing up here Red Sox win. Have a good one it's W yet.