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Saturday, September 23rd

The Red Sox win on the strength of a 3 Run Home Run from Mitch Moreland and a strong outing from Eduardo Rodriguez. The Sox continue to dominate the NL as the playoffs draw near. Mike Gorman, the voice of the Boston Celtics calls in to discuss his thoughts on the teams new additions and how well he thinks the team will do this season. 


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He's Red Sox were do you grade sucks review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beach town fair tire nobody Ito recap. Of those Red Sox in the red suspicion of war. Early numbers and dates right senator Glenn Beck did Gus says you're on a three run homer Mitch Moreland. His twentieth locally here. And the Red Sox limited or no food. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Good evening everybody Patrick Gilroy here Red Sox three view. Sports Radio at WE EIT you guys up until. 10 o'clock this evening I promise you there will be plenty. Of Red Sox talk this evening as your Boston Red Sox continue. To be scorching hot. I've nothing victory today over the Cincinnati Reds completing the sweep the Red Sox now five wins in a row. Eight out of their last 913. Out of their last sixteen games the Red Sox really turning things on. As they make their way through. The rest of September. And into October wanna talked about it with you guys at 617. 7797937. Detects the program 379. B 37 and you find me on Twitter. Act Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy. On hoops and hoops there will be. This evening I promise you guys that there will be some basketball talk a little bit later in the program. We'll be joined by his Celtics broadcaster play by play extraordinaire. And quite frankly the best guy in the business in my opinion mr. Michael Gorman will join the program coming up a little bit later on his drive home. From New York we gotta talk to Mike because the Celtics open up training camp next week. So we'll get into that will get into a resident trump a little bit later in the program. And really. You know the mistake that I think he made this morning. Dis inviting the warriors and stepped curry and the reaction across the leak it just hasn't been good I'm not quite sure why. While our president is sort of play chicken with North Korea but sure why and how he's on the times. To tweet ads stepped curry and the warriors but that happened this morning as well. But we're gonna talk Red Sox for a little while because this Red Sox team. Is completely. Deserving of our attention our tank. I mean this is the team we sat here. A month ago two months ago. And said this team is unlikable if and when they make the playoffs and they're not going to be able to do much because. Quite frankly their offense is nonexistent. Big board able to come through with clutch hitting this team. Who seemed allergic to it a clutch hitting for a period of time this year and they're starting rotation was a mess let's not forget. I'm David Price. He was a guide his team was counting on going into the season of course the he goes down with the injury he comes back looks pretty good. Has the that take up let's call it win. The media it in with everything that went down off the field it was ugly for a while Dustin Pedroia. Not really being the the lovable leader that we all sort of thought he was. He's headed up and down season both on and off the field something happened here. About a month ago. In this Red Sox team got consistent. And I think that's been the biggest difference between the Red Sox team that we're seeing today. And the Red Sox team that we watch for the first four months of the season it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is a Red Sox reviewed and over to join us here on the program this evening. 617779. Seven and 9370. Text the program at 37 to 937 and you'll find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy odd hoops again the Red Sox with a Big Five nothing wind today. Over the Cincinnati Reds Eduardo Rodriguez. The star of the game he is the story this evening Eduardo Rodriguez goes seven and two thirds scattered three hits and if you watched the game. Nothing was really hit hard off of Eduardo eight look. This guy is really making his case to be not only in this playoff rotation. But be a key member. Of this playoff rotation. And right now. He's very deserving of a thing would Eduardo is. We're not sure what to expect deem. After game after game from Rodriguez right and that's always been the thing with him he'll go up there he'll look great and then I'll get injured oral go up there he'll look great. And then he'll get pounded so right now. He's trending in the right direction. And the Red Sox they need him in the rotation right now. This is the Red Sox rotation that is steel despite everything. That we've set and first six minutes of this program all positives. This is the Red Sox rotation that is steel. Going to be relying on Doug Fister tomorrow Doug Fister gets the start tomorrow and I have to believe. That Doug Fister. Was not in the let's call it the that the offseason plans for the Red Sox and if you would told most Red Sox. Media guys or Red Sox pun against four or five months ago that. Not only with the Red Sox would be out trending in the right direction come playoff time. The beet red hot come playoff time winners of thirteen out of their last sixteen hit a high water mark right now. 26 games over 500 and they would do that. We've Doug Fister as a guided their relying on I think you would have been laughed out of the building. But Doug Fister is in fact somebody that this Red Sox team is relying on. That just tells me that there are still question marks for this team right. There are still question marks it's easy to get comfortable. It's easy to sit here and and start to feel really good about this team. But very scary and all that some of the issues that league this team. The first IRO 34 months of the regular season will eventually come back. And by this team in the ass when the games count the most or. Had to completely bought into this team and talking to my friends talking to you guys here on Red Sox W Yad Red Sox review two nights ago. People seemed legitimately. Confident in this team and it seems like the opinion has changed I started to get the feeling. That people had finally reach the body and to this Red Sox team I'm curious to see if that was just an aberration if that was just the feeling about one night or are you guys at 617. 7797937. Have committed yourselves have you completely bought in to this Red Sox team. Has this last thirteen out of sixteen game stretch in the improved aggressive play that we've seen. Has that better not to get you guys to buy yen as this team makes their way through the last week of September. And into October baseball it is Red Sox review it is Sports Radio WEEI let's go to the phones. Let's go to Bob Bob is in New Hampshire but your first up here on Red Sox review. Well I like to make it home and volatile Kelly was still you're gonna stop accusing Google leads late thinking sometime this civil release. Two innings and. I feel much more confident but I feel much more confident right now. In joke Kelly when he goes and it goes up there on the mound and I felt that him in a couple years and I think you're right I think it's because. For whatever reason this long relief role has it it suited him it's suited him well. Yeah how many total leader long was to be a legitimate shot of a long leash is good for. How do you feel weight when you go. Joseph Kelly's entering the game do you feel like a lead is safe when he enters the game or you still sort of shake and a little bit. Okay. Oh. Well listen Bob I appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program it is Red Sox review it is Sports Radio WE yeah let's stay with the phones. Let's go to Jim Jim is in Lexington at Jim you're next up you're on Red Sox review. They should take and they call it a one that's fine and OK but I spent time. Cautiously optimistic I am really worried about how are hitting and keep out when we get and so playoff series vs except pitching Cleveland or Houston as. And we score runs. That's the question right so right now and we're starting to see some. At some improved play offensively from a guy like Mitch Moreland who had another home run tonight he's going to be a crucial part of what this team does when he hits well. This Red Sox team seems to win baseball games but when he went through that miserable slump after getting injured. About two months ago the Red Sox offense sputtered they need this guy. Yeah so I'm worried about it and that's one thing that Australia on my mind in which an incident today there are past month. And look aggressive pace tourney but I think where where crops in the line we we got a lot of cultures in the first and third out at third base. In and Richard did it really matter all lot. But that's in a matter a lot in in a play dusters in those China's that they stream mistakes and I don't I don't think Butterfield sent them. That's their decision on insight and strategy third that to a back and less than three or four over the past three weeks that worst where we need to first to sort out its search. Let's just like aggressive but a little deeper repression but the line a little too far. I sort of feel like I like the aggressiveness too because I feel like this Red Sox team because they don't have David Ortiz this year they don't have that Mac share. In the middle of the lineup they need to make up for that and other ways and I think once they realized Jim that they weren't gonna have a guy. You know Hanley was an illegal appearing give you forty home runs this year they just weren't gonna have that guy they got very aggressive and I think they sort of need to be. An aggressive team and sometimes it's gonna hurt them more than it helps them. But I like the the aggressive mentality overall they're finding other ways to win and I think one of those ways is being a very aggressive baseball team. Yep I agree I realized that aggressiveness but I just like that tone back just in Arabic to better position on the basis while were were scrapped in in the two to one game vs Cleveland or Houston. Where we can't afford to make that kind of mistake that you're right Jim and I and and I'm I'm love what we're seeing right now. Let's and I appreciate the phone call there's one. Jim right there he is all in on the Red Sox the question is are you guys all in on the Red Sox or. Are you sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop in this team to go cold. Once again I can't is it. As a fan I can't go all in yet because I sit here. And I watched this team all season long right and it's easy to get wrapped up in what this team has done over the course of the last twenty days. Over the course of the last twenty calendar days this Red Sox team has looked great. I mean they've won thirteen out of their last sixteen games. The Yankees have been one of the hottest teams in all of baseball over the last month. And the Red Sox have somehow increased their lead in the AL east over the Yankees where it stands at four today. But just tells you how hot this Red Sox team has spent. And not only have they been a hot team they've changed the style and in the approach of which they place lightly and they become a more aggressive team. In their team right now where their relievers are really what's saving the day for this team you look at this team and you look at a guy like Smith. And read and Kimbrel and Joseph Kelly and you say okay. Okay this team once they get into the bullpen they've got a clear advantage over most. Other teams at least in the American League if not all of baseball. That's how good their bullpen has bent. It's been something that's really been a strength and they played up to their advantage but. You know this team come playoff time Jim was right. When you've got a one nothing game or two to one game and it's a tight tight game. Is the aggressiveness that we like so much in the regular season because they run into and out they run into and out at least they were aggressive give him a pat on the back you can't do that. Come playoff time right you just can't do that so they'll have to pick and choose their spots. We will little bit more smarts come playoff time because you can't be giving away free outs. And this team is very very close the play outside here we are September 23. There is just one that we. Leapt in the month of September playoff baseball is going to be here. Before we know it. Look I'm excited for this Red Sox team is gonna go up their their second straight year. Making the post season this Red Sox team is in my opinion it looks like they're going to win the elite that believe their magic number is down to five. Mean this is all good stuff. Especially for a team that we've been reluctant to go all in on this season. Mean I worked here. I listened to the station. You know I'd I do other freelance stuff across the country both live on the radio and through podcasting. And it's not just here in New England where we've been reluctant to buy completely in. On this Red Sox team it's been and national bank don't forget the Red Sox. Have fans all over the country right this is it it. It's incredible actually when you go up there you Sar today. In Cincinnati the standing ovation for the Red Sox at the end of the game this the team that's always. Had attention had fans. All over the country. We talk to those fans no matter where they are in the country. People are been reluctant. To buy yen people have been reluctant to sort of give their hearts to this Red Sox team because they sort of feel like. Maybe it's not gonna work out so well. And I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that no they don't have David Ortiz and David Ortiz his presence alone instills confidence in people. But on the field that they have certainly missed his bat. But in the last sixteen games they've come through with clutch hits in the last sixteen games they've come through within aggressive style of play that is really betting tearing. To the fans it's been fun to watch that's one thing this Red Sox team has become in recent weeks it took a long time to get here. But they've become a fun team to watch once again it's enjoyable to sit down for 34 hours and watch a Red Sox game where earlier in the season. It felt like he chore and I know that I'm not the only one that felt that way because I took your phone calls here. On WEEI all season long it doesn't now also we've the most. Extra inning ball game. You're right about actually millenium they'd be you know there's a good is it good stat and I'll look it up in the in the break. There's a good stat about that and I think the last four World Series winners were all top three in extra inning wins. It's definitely a good. It's a good statistic because it shows that your team has the ability to go up there in win close games and for a team that's lacked clutch hitting. Coincidentally they've won clutch games but you're right it's been hard to buy in and commit yourself to what a five hour game six how long you gonna sit there and give this team. So it's been difficult to BofA and this year because sitting down and watching these games has embedded in joy at all season long but it's become enjoyable. In the last three or four weeks and a lot of that not only has to do with the winds and asked to do with the style of play in which this team. Has got the wins and I think that's the thing at least for me from my perspective I'm gonna sit down and commit. Three or four hours of my life to something I wanted to be enjoyable I don't wanna watch the game because I'm going to be a be on the air this weekend and I need to see what happens. I wanna enjoy. And it's been enjoyable to watch Red Sox games once again I wanna get into this would you guys on the other side at 617. 7797937. Also we have to talk about. The column that. Evidence relic wrote today on CSN any because it talks about John Farrell. And he says look John Farrell either needs to be extended long term or John Ferrell needs to be fired. There is no middle ground in Edmonds relics world for John Farrell. And I have got a problem would that it's Sports Radio W yeah. He maintained his stuff all the way through you know seven plus innings and the thing tonight. He gets a couple of key defensive plays by bending left field. But his command of his overall pictures of the use of three pitches to both sides of the plate. You know he's got a point or he's using all three is not eliminating anyone could stay in the left handers or right handers. And it's just good to see him. Seemingly taken that step in and in his maturation as a pitcher. Sports Radio W yeah I. It's Red Sox review right there you heard Red Sox manager John Farrell. Talking about Eduardo Rodriguez Eduardo what they have very strong coding this evening or this afternoon goes seven and two thirds. Gets the win tonight gives up just three hits and looked he looked like a bonafide. Playoff rotation worthy starter. And that's something that. Look I'm excited about it because this Red Sox rotation needs somebody else to step up bright they absolutely need somebody else to step up you've got Chris Sale. And then what. Rick horse LO. I mean I know he won the Cy Young last year but you can't tell me that when Rick porous LO. Goes out there and takes the mound you're feeling overly confident right now about his chances. Of going out there and getting a win. And and you know drew comrades for as great as he's been this year. And for his incredible record as he has. I still I hesitate when he goes out there as well he's been great this year but he still doesn't instill. A tremendous amount of confidence in it maybe he should maybe that's a Patrick problem right maybe that's my problem. But it's something that. I gotta tell you I don't think I am alone. Would you pom rants takes the hill but I'll I will say this I'm feeling better of late knowing that a guy like it watering Rodriguez can go out there. Indeed this Red Sox team quality innings because they're gonna need somebody else he can't just be Chris Sale. It was supposed to be Chris Sale and David Price we all know that ain't happening come playoff time. He's just not David Price may play a large role in this team's. Either success and or failure come October. But it does not going to come from being this team's number two starter so we gotta get that out of our minds. He got to look at what this team has got to throw out there right now. And the fact is it's Chris Sale and I think. I think right now you've got a real opportunity to make a real taste it watery Rodriguez deserves to be the number three starter come playoff time I mean I am I wrong. Am I wrong in saying that right now he's got to be the number three guy. It's got to be sale. And and then why do you hope or sell low at three or do you go Eduardo at three. It's Canada it's awesome run some people grievances fester but do you really feel confident. Well I don't feel confident this there while one of our callers he just hung out like he was bringing up its act. That they use or sell last night from center for a man running and David Price could it possibly do that in the playoffs would you feel comfortable that. I don't think that's almost having them in like the injured Miller type role. The idea that it's something to think about isn't it I mean this Red Sox team you know what what I do like about this team. Is that there's been a lot of questions a lot of questions about this team all season long he's been little problem after little problem. And for all the crap that we give John Farrell he's found the answers right we see here we take call after call after call. Season after season after season of people that hate this guy I mean. For a guy that's won a World Series for guidance going back to the playoffs and again for a guy that's about to wind. The AL east and the Red Sox won their ninetieth game today. No I wouldn't. It was sort of stop at that are out here it's not it's not accomplishment I guess so no easy perfect now but I dare you guys out there listening. I dare you to watch another team. 460. Some odd games you'll buying flaws with that team's manager as well the only reason why we highlight the flaws. That we see from John Farrell is because we watch him each and every night. That's it that's the only reason. Managers make mistakes teams run ins outs teams make mistakes and you'll be just as critical. Of another team's manager if that team was your team and you watch that team team in. And game out that is just a fact it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is a Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy Tiki you guys up until about ten. O'clock this evening the number to join us here 6177797. 9370 takes a program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on hoops coming up a little bit later in the program we will preview the New England Patriots. And that Houston Texans tomorrow 1 o'clock kick off at Foxboro. And we will talk about to be Celtics as well coming up. In the 8 o'clock hour as the Celtics look to open training camp next week. And we'll be joined by Celtics. Voice Celtics play play by play guy and a guy that I think is the absolute best in the business. Mike Orman coming up at about 8:20. This evening until then your phone calls a New York Boston Red Sox. Have you bought completely in to this Red Sox team 6177797937. So look Evans relic. He goes out there aren't CES than any and he writes this this article you write this column write this opinion based column where he essentially tries to stern deputy says. Look there's no middle ground for John Ferrell the Red Sox should either decide right now. You gotta fire him or you know extend him long term because he is going into his his walk year or so to speak next year. It's the last you're his contract. And he doesn't think that his Red Sox team needs that distraction. Hanging over their heads. And look to that I say well why what's the hurry what is the rush year. I mean I think people wrote to meet and it ma right decision and my decision alone. I would I would extend the guy on the shorty gonna find somebody all that much better and look I know the people hate him and the people don't want him here. And the people are tired of him and he's made a ton of mistakes on the field. He's made some mistakes off the field. Although some people would think that just hammer ends not a mystic I mean good for him a guy in his fifties. Just Marines. Oh look there good group effort and I mean if that was your body you give my height five no IC how it's a distraction. Or could be a distraction. We need to take a step back and just chill out a little bit don't we. Guys are human being he's made mistakes off the field he's made mistakes on the field but you know what else he's done he's won. He's one and he continues to win and he puts up with a all of our crap. Where he sees his fragile players that. Are able to put up with the media is crap and are able to put up with the fans crap I mean how many fragile guys have come through Boston over the years. And they simply can't take it. They can't perform. In a city like this where the media gives all the attention that the Red Sox yet. He you name the guys you and Carl Crawford. David Price you rename the guys who did visit public become the Boston they just can't hack it. And I'm sorry John Farrell has received. Just as much if not more criticism that any one of these guys over the years and not only kitty hack it. He puts up with the heat takes it any gives it back and I like that about. I love rich people not rich heat for years worked for them up and yet PA New Hampshire and look at them pretty great teacher adamant he has been. Really receive good teacher I had no idea but I always a good radio guys seem to didn't go from the beginning where he was much co host up in New Hampshire. Two areas now love the and I like the fact that he pushes John Farrell but I light that John Farrell pushes back. You know he doesn't just you view the typical media company light I love that he pushes back and he try to intimidate him shore. Have we raised Bill Belichick for doing exactly the same thing for twenty years course we have. I don't yet when Bill Belichick tries to do what heralded the keep we applaud him we laughed at that media member. Why do you bother trying to go after Belichick you know we gonna shut you out. Boy John Farrell doesn't know we don't like that around here is trying to bully a young guy rich keep calm he can handle it. On the eve can handle it is no doubt he can handle it. And John Farrell can handle it as well so when Evans relic puts it out there that it's time to make a decision on John Farrell I say OK Evan. That decision has the beat. We extend him because he deserves the extension he has earned the extension. His team is just won their ninetieth game of the season his team that lost. David Ortiz in the offseason didn't replace David Ortiz neo Nazis and his team that didn't go out at the trade deadline and pick up any of the big names that were available. His team that southern number two starter go down. His team that ride in an outside number one starter after the failed experiment last year bringing in David Price in making him. The highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball didn't work legal Utley doubled down they do it again. With Chris Sale that worked out this time. Chris sales he heard not I've you know David Price the hurt is the elbow jump to TD Tommy John. It looks like eight under role for him to contribute. You have to give the manager credit for that and I know people around here are reluctant to give John Farrell credit for anything. But right now the Red Sox have got the best bullpen in baseball. And I think you have to give some of that credit to John Farrell right now the Red Sox rotation. Which is not as we expected to be outside of Chris Sale. Outside of him being raked this year and he's been awesome. Outside of that it's all the put together sort of with with spit and glue after the fact. David Price. Gone to start the season comes back on again now he's in the now he's in the bullpen he looks comfortable. But to Palmer rants a guy that we couldn't count on for anything last year stepping up the way he has this year that's great but you add him rising. And your former Cy Young winner in reports LO floundering. You still finding a way to go out their win baseball games and to meet. To meet you have to step up and reward the manager for that I know it's not a popular opinion. But I've always liked the guy been consistent I think he's an underrated manager and I hate some of the mistakes that he makes he looks like a boobs sometimes out there. But you know what. That angle I watch other teams because guess what other teams on national TV what did it. Like well I watch other teams and their managers make mistakes too. If you pay attention to what's going on with other teams across Major League Baseball. You'll see that John Farrell isn't the only guy that makes mistakes it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is a Red Sox review Patrick Gilroy Tiki you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening then over to join us here 617. 7797937. He sees Red Sox review Red Sox review is brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody can you tell recap. Although Red Sox and the reds pitched them. I really hammers and deep right center laid back it does that is done on a three run homer Mets Marlins. Here's what you'll probably hear in the Red Sox waited for now the. Dial 617779793. Separate. Red Sox who review on Sports Radio WEEI. It Sports Radio at W yeah. Red Sox review. Patrick Gilroy you're taking you guys up until about 10 o'clock this evening number to join us here 617. The 7797937. Text the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops. Gilroy on hoops he'll continue to take your Red Sox calls. Throughout the evening you know why are you a fan of John Farrell do you want to extend him you know Evans relic puts the story out there today. Where he says the Red Sox really have to make a decision here this offseason you either extend this guy now or your fire now. Because this hole in between thing just isn't working says hurting the team. Hurting the players I'm not sure that's the case. I think these are all but two big guys you know they're they're big boys they can handle not knowing if there. Managers coming back the next season or not I don't understand the urgency that Evans relics trying to sell to a saying that none of you need to make a decision now. I don't think you do. Any you do if your backed into a corner and you do have to decide what to do with this guy I beat you need to extend him. I think that is the his success in the last two years putting aside. The World Series in 2013. Last place in 2004 put all that aside the cancerous I'd put everything aside. Right just look at the last couple seasons this team's going back in the playoffs. That is a team that won ninety plus games again this year this is the team that certainly isn't ending the season. As far as their rotation goes the way that they thought they would when the season began and there's a lot of changes that that this team is sort of gone through this year. And through it all through at all it through the ups and downs and they were certainly some down times. For this Red Sox team this season mean absolutely. People calling for the manager's head. People saying it's time to trade Dustin Pedroia people rate of below this team up and despite all of your the Red Sox are. Heading towards October. Just a week left in September they when their ninetieth game of the season. Magic number in in the elite to win the AL east is down to five. They've won five in a row eight of 913 of sixteen. Mean you have to take this team seriously. As they make their way into play off baseball and I think that if you're gonna give manager John. All of the blame when things go portly. Then when things go right you've got to give him some of the credit he's not degrading game manager there are plenty of other guys. They can manage a game better as far as in game management goes. There absolutely are and guess what there are better NBA coaches and Doc Rivers there are guys in the NBA that can. Working chalkboard so much better than doc needs look look here in Boston the moment Brad Stevens got to the Celtics. He was a better in game coach than doctor ever was look at the place that that Brad Stevens ran in that horrific for season that he had here. When the Celtics won 25 games. And they had. Almost no talent on that team and the one guy that they did have that was talented was Rajon Rondo with a shell of himself. Completely distracted wasn't a run of the when a championship here and await under Doc Rivers right so so you look at that team. But you look at some of the plays their rent I'm telling you right now that Brad Stevens Dave won the moment he walked through the door. At the guard he was a better in game coach than Doc Rivers. But doc is potentially a hall of fame head coach doc rate Nokia if you worry free agent head coach despite the fact. That he has not lived up to expectations. With the clippers he would be one of the hottest commodities and all the basketball. There are better in game coaches. Because that's not all of it dot can handle the personalities he can handle the big city he can handle. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen he can handle Chris Paul Blake Griffin the Andre Jordan. Do you buy that lamb whose team was matter of him. I'm bringing in zones on Austin rivers doesn't seem like. There is a few issues there and I know some media outlets are reporting that I bet and I don't think they were mad that daddy brought a minute they they were pissed off that he gave him a big contract. Because dot is running the whole organization right. So doc essentially. Paid his son one contract he made ten times the money dot made his entire NBA career and he was crazy he got big money now Austin has got some talent. But he certainly had an urge that contract at that stage in the history. So yet there was definitely some anger there but I just sort of thing to bring it back to. John Farrell here. We can't sit here and act like in team management is the be all end doll. Because that's not the case when you're a market like Boston with all of the attention that a team like the Red Sox get in this market. And the lights shine incredibly bright in a market like this. You have to deal with personalities like Chris Sale and David Price and Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz over the years. He got to deal with with Jack gases like me on the radio. Sorted judging everything you do from your Indian management. To who you date it is just it's crazy. But that's what it's like here and some guys can put up with a it and arrive and other guys can't. And there was a time a couple years ago where I thought maybe John Farrell wasn't one of those guys they can put up with it and ride but he's proven me wrong. Time and time again. If he didn't collapse into himself like a damn dying star this year. And he's not going to do because the pressure was mounting. This year the pressure was really mounting this team was not living up to expectations and the text or you're correct. It's not a surprise the Red Sox have won ninety plus games you're right because Vegas had them take to win 92 but two months ago. If I ask you this Red Sox team was gonna win 92 games you would have laughed at me for being for suggesting that the point is. That despite everything that's gone wrong despite the injuries despite the off field distractions. Your manager in John Farrell. Was good product manager the sort of rallied the troops and bring this team back from the break and make it a legitimate threat. As this team makes their way into October and I think that it's okay to give him some credit for that because I think he deserves it. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy Tiki guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. The number join us here 6177797. A 937 U takes the program at 37 at 937 you find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops. Matt Gilroy. On hoops. So if you woke up this morning and you checked Twitter and I checked Twitter deputy tech winner when you woke up this morning did you see what the president had to say. What what do you think when I ran that in last night. I was shocked us Italy's. I mean yes he has no business commenting on that but it's its strong it is struck bright and Tennessee when he gets in we shouldn't be surprised by the things that he says. But it. In a world that we live in today in with a everything that's going on right now. I just shocks me that he finds that not only the time to sit there and tweet that stepped current. And tweet at the warriors right if it blows my mind that he. Is so ignorant to the fact that that he's alienating so many people they doing this and then as a whole group of people who just don't care let. What are you doing here who is he appealing to right now. Because I don't even think that his base. Agrees with what he's doing right now and that that's the part of that I am a hard time with. And look the the warriors they released an awesome statement this afternoon to the warriors come out looking great in this whole situation. In their statement said you know what. You don't wanna of the White House were still gonna go to DC. We're going to engage the community we're gonna young donate our time participate in events and enjoy our time in our nation's capital. And I got to give them a lot of credit for that the warriors PR people are better then the White House is PR machine and had. It shouldn't surprise me but it does and look at these guys these athletes. Whether they are gonna raise a fist. Or the got a refused to stand they're gonna make their protest when it comes the national. And there are some of these guys that mean it there're some of these guys that you know it means something to them. And their other guys that are just sort of following suit. You know there's nothing we can do about it right now this is the climate in which we live in. And if you've got a problem with the so watch who cares you've got a problem when. Might ruled that these guys go all wanna stand up the National Anthem I hated the when I go to the game tonight I go with my seven year old sodomy ten year old daughter. Daddy takes his hat off and I tell my son take your hat up and you stand for the National Anthem. And you shut your mouth of the National Anthem and you show a little bit of respect for the National Anthem right that's what you do. But it these guys. These athletes wanna do something different they're not talking during the anthem. They're not disrespecting everybody else out there they're not there they're not being. A distraction to their team. You're doing what they think is right making their mark making their protest. And I LC a problem with that and I don't understand why people make such a big deal out of it. This is the culture and the climate that we livid in 2000 at seventeen get used to it it's not gonna get any better it's not gonna change anytime soon so it lets people are prepared to earn their TVs out. Turn their season tickets in and stop going to the games. EE got to let it go. If presidents. Where this. The incident in years past. Then this whole idea of world champions going to the White House would have died years ago Tim Thomas did he go to the White House nobody cares. Tom Brady did go to the White House and ancient tradition strongly believe eighteen hundred's I -- but people don't go all the time right. Stars don't go all the time I'm Britain Tom Brady had been sorely needed wanna Billy Mueller who cares right. Whether it was personal Obama or not it didn't matter and guess what Obama could've said. Tom Brady you don't wanna come shut it down no patriots are coming to exactly the same thing. Tom Brady the best football player on the planet blew off President Obama in an election year. You could make the argument that it's worse than what Seth Curry is doing right now. Right you could make the argument that it's worse. But so wise step curry didn't wanna go and out now the whole team gets going. But the ingredients on the dude in public charity event recently and they think it's armed shopping at I think I think you and I heard that he and cherry on a can be wrong regardless right it doesn't matter yeah it's freedom of choice exactly what that's. Where Americans that is art Arenas that freedom date you for saying that because that is the underlying. Actor in all of this. It is because. We live in this great country and it's because so many people fought and died for this country. That these athletes can make the statement that they're making to begin. And that's what America is and that's what America is all about and if you don't understand that I'm sorry. If if that's something that you just can't comprehend I'm sorry and right now I said my my daughter this morning that I. Think that our president. Is confused about what the president is he is the president of the United States of America this is a democracy not a monarchy and he is not that game. OK so just because some athletes. Don't agree with his policy and don't wanna go to the White House doesn't mean you shut down to tradition for everybody else in that warriors organization. That may have wanted to go. Mean this is a joke it's crazy. And get everybody else involved in LeBron James he's gonna chided of course he does he's the only thing in the equation. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is to terminals. And I despite knowing that he did elicit a this screens and lake and go crazier vis a vis a real calls on the line right now it's Sports Radio. WEEI it is a Red Sox revue with Patrick Gilroy ticket you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. The number to join us here 617779. 7937. Let's go back out to the phones let's go to Joseph Joseph is in Maryland Joseph Europe next hero and Red Sox review. Okay game and it just to an end of the night after the game. And looted talking about you know what do you do for the starting pitcher and I think you've got to go where it. What you know. And and track record unfortunately a lot of Red Sox track record of the pitching but opposed even. Is mediocre. To David Price and so he just kind of got to go with what yet. Have what got you there to decedent and so I don't really know that you can really look at our current and Rodriguez. And being you know. Second third choice they'd end user second and third most reliable pitchers there I don't see how that not out of. Yeah you know at this point I think I'm just thinking of that the number three starter your rotation right so right now. I think you're number one and number two it will put you happier number one and number two. I mean Pomeroy it sale 12 are not sure what order to put an end. And then I have you rod three years mean that. To me that easy. You know. Sisters hadn't done a whole season with. And he's been a little hot and cold little streaky. Marcelo for. Don't Carcillo for. I'm hoping to god I don't have to go to war at. And I mean that that that's and that's really the problem is that you know. Corso. Probably four I'd crossed work so warm for a truck right work but I knew that about right before they ever find and that's why I never liked the signing but acted on. It is at this point Joni B you know like Joseph and I I certainly appreciate the phone call will be a strange of the program yell what is saved there Joseph you make a great you make a great point. But I'm telling you Joseph the EU are gonna have to rely on David Price at some point here he is going to make. It impact either positive or negative impact for this team. Come playoff time there's no doubt about that aid not going to be as a starter it's going to be as a reliever. And coincidentally that is the only point in time in David price's career where he's Hannity sort of post season success is out of the bullpen. But as much as we want to ignore David Price and pretend that the David Price experiment never happened did did. If failed miserably but I've got a feeling at some point here in the post season. David Price is gonna have a huge impact on the game be it a positive or negative impact but again I would that sort of contract and that sort an arm coming out of the bullpen. There's a story that is yet to be written about David Price and we're about a week or two away from that story. I don't know getting underway its Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox reviewed the number to join us here 6177797937. Sports Radio. WEEI. Red Sox review. Patrick Gilroy take you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. As always the odd numbered at join us here 617. 779 and seven a 9370. Takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops it is called Red Sox review what we've already talks about the patriots I promise you guys who would do. Some Celtics talk is the program moved along quite frankly because. We've got Celtics basketball just a couple of weeks away. And a guy have been trying to connect with all summer has been generous enough tonight to let me some of his time on his drive back from New York. Play by play voice of the Celtics Celtics broadcaster and a guy that I grew up with the best in the business. Mike Gorman thanks for taking a few minutes and I joining me on your drive home this evening. More of my pleasure that it could be Latvia. I appreciate that might so look let's get right into it because it's been it's been just a hell of an off season to put it bluntly right. It all carry it on your years of doing this. Have you ever seen a team that won 53 games. A team that went to the conference final and a team that was young and it is this Celtics team could've continued to build on what they did last year. And it seemed to ferret down and build it back up again the way to Danny Ainge did a lead in new players. Now knows anything like that and you could add to that. Let's elect decent conference finals last year and a majority of people that I speak to think they're gonna be better this year. Which is mind boggling to me at one point last year one thing I like the same like it at one point last year the spurs were eliminated. There were three teams left playing in the celtics' one of them. And that that team has lost 80%. Of its starting lineup. It's crazy. No it did it it's it's crazy but it. If it goes back to the point that Danny is driven to win championships he's been given the green light by the ownership who feel the same way. That they don't want just make the play outfield why just make Eastern Conference semifinal and final they want to win the whole thing. And they named it judgment which I think is a good one that is constituted last year they weren't going to be able to it now. So I know Mike you love you love Avery Bradley. How painful was it for you to watch Avery go. Very that he was. I. Got to know Avery right away when we first came from the team and we're talking about sweet talk and returning. We text each other ones allow. And I just got very closely and I like to become a father for price over. He's just such a good kid he's solid case. And and I think it's still hadn't played that spectacle. He's getting a lot of money at the the reassignment to turn it. You know you look at Avery though you look at what he brought especially on the defense of and then you look at Jae Crowder and what he brought on the defense event do you worry at all that this team defensively. At least a start the season. That was one of their identities you worry that that identity is going to be completely gone next year. Well it is on me if you just pointed out. I do think they're gonna win a lot of games 115200. Nate as opposed to 101 to 97. They're gonna have to make a lot of shots because they. They've been reluctant to best defensive players I did see because what markets Smart and function the other night and yeah if you haven't seen him if you're going to be very surprising to see him he's twenty to 25 pound fighter. They like to give a play out last year. He has convinced that he was carrying around too much weight and getting him back problems. And so he just went forward to. Laughs at herself from the united took a double take when he really has slimmed down that's going to be interesting to see. I'm sure they'll play with the same tenacity in these places in the past. It'll be interesting to see. And how it twenty pounds lighter player. If he's able to do some of the things that he did he bully people last year. Defensively contribute to see how that works and so. As you said you'd you're allusion to that defensive plays and Avery. Pick I would be considered in that defensive group markets it is different plays twenty pound fighter so yeah a bit there's nothing. To make you think of last year's team executing sought to play which I can't wait if you've got to play. Yeah it's going to be fun and I think that your ratings on CSN any perk for pre season games I think there's only for them but for a multitude of reasons. It's gonna be your ratings are going to be incredibly high for pre season games because everybody feels like this. If this is going to be one of the most anticipated pre season openers that we've had here probably sense Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen got here. Yeah I think you got direct and and that's you know and had selected the any. The rhetoric nowadays with the anywhere yet he this before that it was made. If if I would. But. So didn't have accompanied. Bird rights and trade and moos has sent. But you're right ancestry came together. And I remember very much a person preceding games he played recently. And we played Toronto and I remember. Seeing Garnett for the first time the Celtic uniform and just being stunned as oh. Dominant he was in just dominated the personality point of view is on this skilled point of view. And I I ever walking out of that first receiving game and center it was going Marshall who has two incidents. I now I know produce a longtime. No it's the first pre season game. But these guys here who really could. The it's. And that's sort of hoping to see. Next week. I hope he could have I think that a lot of good things with which you know I don't like talk about some of these guys that. With which I highly coming I think it which could Haywood and a terrific spot to all the pressures are. It is they would know tightly. They're detritus about pressure aren't going to be very guy. And now I think he can move into the second spot there comfortably and I it gets big benefit him and and getting carried the it is. She carries special I mean it was. I treated in the backyard that nobody and I had time to Celtics have have you like Isiah Thomas had. And and I meant that because all it happened to him outside. The game of basketball throughout his place inside here and ask. It was just an amazing. Performance that will probably never be duplicated his performance in the fourth quarter it was unmatched by anybody forget Celtic history anybody in NBA history. But that says we get the better player if you turn your special. And yeah Tyreke is special but the question becomes Mike how special is he I asked that because when you look it. Guys like James Harden you look at Russell Westbrook. When their situations changed date it was another year that they had and they were confident they had that year that that next sort of layered jump into. Does tie rehab and other gear is there something else that he can do is it's 45 point game guy he's an NBA champion. Is he capable of giving 3030 winds Olympic. Yes so you to you tell me though Mike because you've been doing this a lot longer than I have is there another level. For Qaeda reader reach much like James Harden and Russell Westbrook reached other levels. Well. Again it. Without the block around an entirely being the focal point of the offense. Look see very quickly whether he has another year I don't think. That's kind of the issue I. Again he he does special players it is that one of the best candles in the game. He can score from any place you can take involve the basket. He's bigger. Then. Think he has remained has a tendency I think of realized and I deeply divisive carried probably. 62 of these extremist probably legitimate six to veto the farm. So he's doing it must be a player and I think. And again and again he's 25 years old that means everything that we do you would. Can't get longtime NBA observers if guys really hit their peak between 25. Point nine. Sir he is knocking on the door probably three or four peak years. So we'll we'll find out if he epic about a year and I think you probably that he may have a couple of years. It's Sports Radio WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy ticking you guys up until. 10 o'clock this evening on the phone with me right now Celtics play let's play the voice of the Celtics. Mike Gorman Mike. You know I you're also not only it big Avery Bradley guy you're a huge Paul Pierce guy and Paul made his way back to you organization this offseason. A sign the one day contract he'll have his number retired. Next here at have you. Have you talked to Paul at all recently and you know what his involvement if any he's going to be within this team on the court come training camp next week. I don't I'm hoping to get the other opponents week. Kind of more of this sort what he's open to do. I just know they want him around and I know UV he dearly wants to be around. So. What what is responsibilities will be I don't think he'll be too much. I don't think you seem necessary out of the community I'm just guessing now and that's really what he once he's here and he's here to get involved. On the basketball side. And I think that's probably look at the practice. When you look at Paul Pierce and you see that you know. He didn't play much last year with the clippers and I I do think that if the we're given some more minutes there was still some production left in his body but you know Paula made the decision a year before to toward sort of take a step back make its torque. And walk away. There is one roster spot available Mike is there any any shot any shot that there's a PJ brown after the all star break the Celtics need a veteran presence. Is there any shot that Paul Pierce comes back not just to have his number retired. But the play a few games for the seed. I don't think so. I don't think so and big about the pieces that fit the credit to try to put together here and and and and make the team that everybody thinks they can be. It would be cruelty is certainly in February so politics. Because the quality quote. I just don't think that that's going to happen. I am very much for people to. This ceremony with a retired number I think I think it that occurred after Cleveland game right. It's it's on my birthday it's February 10 a Geithner at and I only know that because. My wife came to me she said I know you're gonna wanna be at the idea do you wanna go as media and work or do you wanna go is a fan and come with me. And I said I wanna go is planning that we now. I absolutely bombed a cry and I don't wanna cry and put on my colleagues gave us the idea that the whole thing. You know we look at this. After being hit a very emotional moment for me to. I've I've always had a very soft part of populous. And we we we talked we've talked a lot there are lots of respect that we we were talking him and I again. One that really that is my job outside of the effectiveness and there the contrast is right Kelli arena and talk about the outlook 2000 home. One of the bright lights as you really get to see. Kick him out of college twenty kids who watched growing demand much to it must have at least. And and so are. Seven have bumps along the vote could possibly do it. But he came out. And it all very very well he's got a great family. He is solid guy he was much better by the way. On TV that I have participated if you do without him out of practice. I diluted well. Last year for ABC ESPN. I don't know whether they didn't try to use him more. This year and how that would affect your assembly could do consult with. Long term of people watching you both want to Campbell the passable but once they invoked the Celtics. My little secret before you shot here you know one of the things. That people when they come to me to talk about the Celtics in the people are all very excited the celtics' Big Three. Potentially good enough to make an NBA final but the one piece of the story here that I think is being underplayed might is that. To me anyways at this point outside of really market Smart there you don't have. Sort that middle depth that I think teams need to win a championship. Brad stevens' job this year is one of the toughest jobs. In the NBA he's gonna manage those Big Three personalities manage their minutes and get them primed to perform in the playoffs but he also has to continue to groom. Jalen brown Jason Tatum. A slew of young guys on this team so is there somebody parents here. Is there somebody in that group of young guys that you expect to step up. And become a 25 minute tonight rotation guy that this team can count on game inning game out. There. I bet I've ever I think yeah I would think you can be a very good place for a long term. He's very confident kid he he learned a lot last year he got better as the year went on to he's scrappy defensively he is complicated. And he comes from very difficult upbringing it. They're able to get through it cleanly it. I'm a big senators and I think he can be. I think he can be a factor in seeing what the fact is that as you say people like this certainly. Look at for the other guys is. Aaron babe he he can play. I was but I do the Olympics this past olympiad at Stamford Connecticut. During the games done on a monitor we have a lot of yesterday adequate for platinum and he was he was very very good player when he was given time to. Shall we can do and we all know if NBA experience is Santonio means he played them Popovich which means it will happen again partly. I think they ain't gonna be real tactic. For the Celtics rebounding is something. It I talked to Brad about this for the the other night and we just have to do by committee. That would be too wide areas that I figured I would have improved in just about every area executed because with the exception rebounding. And and that that's. I hope that doesn't raise its head that was a problem for them last year and if they need to particularly to and I think he. You'd be a minus one or minus two rebound game has kept him minus 567. Big antiseptic. Number possessions security has got to feature so. That if something happened to have to do. Morris maybe it helped that. And I think Payne has left a lot of things when people I. Imagine you're an optimist you'd did pick yourself that you hit it take the Celtics out over Cleveland a couple of years and hope in the playoffs. Eight like an optimist. That I would go tosses. But I'm here in this team that you just can get dot. That I just. And I'm sure. Candidate you guys really think the only thing that you know. But I'm just tired. All the people who spend other places William long was certainly saying not enough pool that you price acutely game and so I see it. Well attack they'll Vegas and what the heck on Thursday. Vegas says that the Celtics have the second best chance chance of winning a championship behind Golden State and they say the got a lot. Well percent chance of winning at all so so my thought it went ahead feel right now 56. If he had. Yet because they're gonna struggle I think in the first two months of the season I think you're right I don't think this is going to be our. That that's probably just got to get used to playing with each other that's a bit away including would you open season Tuesday night. If you play Cleveland. And then went that you play against degree creek in Milwaukee's first game in Boston and infighting that you opened the season particularly. Felt that could go to a one investor to do real well. And it didn't get it could be 12 after three games as people think what that's going on here you. I can get grew to a content take. Then I games get this team who wouldn't want to be I think lastly four games this season looking routine because. Pretty intense Comerica. He can be that good once they get regular feature of. So do you think it will what's the shot it would what do you think the chances are put a number on it that you're calling basketball games in June this year. Probably Akron emblematic of negative not gonna call the mine yet but you'll do studio stuff I think I caught myself as I was ended with a. At north then. I I think that can't divert their I think who get. Repeated Eastern Conference finals and it as a lot will depend upon. Is Isaiah the Isaiah that we do. Most of the years you guys daily to Beckett. You have to pay it back out I don't know this to be true because that if they did say to me that people economies he hasn't. So much as Ryan that'll play basketball. Since play out and. Yet you know that's I heard the same thing. That the debt that they did post the picture at practice the other day you know it looked like I don't he had broken a sweat or not but look like he was out there. With the complete team at with the cavaliers don't know what the participation level what beetle I don't know if you saw that photo or not Mike. That LeBron James we did you see it. Now episodes LeBron probably are the best of our. Look I begrudgingly I do because he gives me great contact. But a player as the the thing that they'd be happy is in that picture Mike is that. Kendrick Perkins who was in the picture and I don't think he'll make the team but he's there working out with the team as a training camp in mighty he's been trying to get back in the league for a couple years. So it made me smile deceit deceit perk getting another shortly. There. Probably have a better shot put them back it and pop. Thought. We're gonna get to item I appreciate it I don't be trying to do this all summer I look forward to to what to do this season and but may you you and Tommy are flat out the best in the business and I I truly hope you have another twenty years looked at us. Contact Patrick appreciate that good luck with the show it. Thanks so much Michael thought Houston. There is Mike Gorman Celtics boys play by play guy mr. Michael Gorman most of us that are my age we grew up with Mike and Tommy he is all I've really known. Growing up there was Mike and Tommy. And it was Tommy includes Tommy and coups we do road games. And over the air TV on TV 38 and Mike and Tommy did the games on Comcast sports net. And that. Those three. Mike Gorman Tommy Hanson and Bob Cousy. Had made up a menacing 90%. Of the Celtics games. That I've watched in my lifetime to throw in some Donny Marshall you throw in some Brian Scalabrine but that's about it and we're lucky to have Mike he's about. As good as they did it is Sports Radio. WEEI. It is Red Sox review we're talking Red Sox. We're talking patriots on we're talking Celtics and we're talking TU we come back right here Sports Radio. WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox review. Patrick Gilroy take you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. Talking Red Sox the toxin Celtics will get into the patriots in the 9 o'clock hour until then more of your phone calls it's all on the table for the next hour guys you wanna get back into the Red Sox you wanna talk about relic. And his sort of ultimatum that he put out there for John Farrell. You either need need to. Sign John Farrell long term right now or fire him right now I I think that that is just. A relic looking for clicks I think he's going for the extreme here and I don't think you need to do that and if you are forced. Into going extremes would John Ferrell. Then I think Jon deserves a contract extension and I know that I'm in the minority when I think that but. I just think he deserves it this team won their ninetieth game of the season I did it again today. And this team has had a handful of difficult personalities on over the years to say the least. In this team's rotation the most important component. Any successful baseball team is you're starting rotation this team's rotation at the end of the season looks nothing like it did. At the start of the season and when you look at the pieces that John Ferrell had to use and you look at the guys he's getting production from and getting success from. I think you got to give manager John. Some credit. For that it is Sports Radio. WEEI the number to join us here 6177797. 93 sevens go back out to the phones let's go to Edward Edward is in Hartford Connecticut Edwards you're next up Europe Sports Radio WB yeah. Sorry I am living the dream Edward results. I guess you. Probably yards. Whatever. Actually in the editor some sort of love him I think he's one of those instances this. Or is just terrible. Some of his swing and release. Not that as far as I'm thinking about. I agree one I think he's I think he's an average at best. In game manager but I also think there's a lot more of the job that just in game management. Well there's there's so much more with that that felt like I was sort of an own and don't belittle her your rare figure. Well. Look at sea world but it is these. Is this sort of these sitting. And not gains as the actual you know yeah. Lola you know soaring. The old white guy. Okay I go to work five days and we look at around six fighter Burton whatever you pay taxes that you would ever. I've throws himself down my throat when. When then certainty Bentley. But okay. And this under this tree aspect that the flag of the nation. Are for these and so long a little. Alarming. So so can I say this Edward and I'll let you finish out I'll keep you on the line but I do wanna have a conversation with you about this because they think it's important. I agree with you I don't like the disrespect. However I respect the fact that it's taking place. In the United States of America and it is because it's. The United States is what it is it's because all of the soldiers over the years that have fought and died for this country. That these athletes these spoiled. Little boys is essentially what they are. They have been right in the ability to go up there and let their voice be heard in the manner in which they're doing it. So you don't have the light he put you have to weeks at that because it's taken place in America. Is what bothers me and so on so you know I think I. Like cities and do whatever. And so on their vacant lots of money weight gain. All football I taught you you can your whole life to change in this. Brent. It Louis high school football. That's hit or walk or. Okay. And stuff like that. All right but still I just don't like the fact that you know this is an interest certainly in this respect the flag. You know I didn't think it's you know it is don't let. You know Michael York what does it do it the first. What it would do I don't. What would you tell me what do what do Michael Jordan did. Michael Jordan those in the million dollars for the simple black light matter yup he won't need building. Another million dollars for the police benevolent. As Michael Jordan's a classy guy right Michael Jordan but Michael Michael Jordan knows what he's everything Michael Jordan does is calculated. OK but I'll tell you this though undoubtedly this Edward Michael Jordan said he was going to do that and he followed through and unfortunately. Our president said that he was gonna donate a million dollars when he first got to the White House as of last week he hasn't Donnie yet. It. You write about that listen Edward I appreciate the phone call was it next time I'm on call and we'll we can continue to have this discussion. But I think that that Edward I think the UN high where our opinions are aligned in 90% of the conversation. My only difference here is that I think that it's okay for these guys to do it. Because they're doing it in the United States you gotta believe if this moreover in middle it in the Middle East. Guys were doing this that their countries and their leaders and it's respecting their flag and they're national opens its punishable by death. Okay that is what makes the United States difference especially North Korea absolutely never happen I know you what would happen if it is respected him John of what would happen. He would he would Jillian would make a public. Display and murder you. Because he can't because that is the mentality will be dictatorship. And the United States of America is not a dictatorship it is not a monarchy. And our president is not a team and he does not deserve to be worshipped as such and it is OK to disagree with the president and look I. I don't mind the president firing back. Against these athletes. I didn't agree with Tim Thomas and I didn't agree with Tom Brady and I don't agree with the NBA players that are publicly come out and said they're not gonna go to the White House. But they've got the right to do that might problem is with the leader of the free world. President trump. Dis inviting the rest of the team dis inviting them to the White House because he was afraid only if you guys we're gonna show up and it was going to embarrass him. It was the president's eagle making that call he wasn't making the call us some big political statement all you know you've got to respect the flag you have to respect the privacy. It's not president trump motivation. If you think that was motivation you haven't been watching the last ten months. His motivation was his ego. Any didn't want to take the eagle hit a four warriors showing up so instead he disinvited the whole team the whole organization. To avoid the embarrassment. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy Tiki you guys up. It till 10 o'clock this evening if you're on the line. Stay on the line will take more of your phone calls we come back it 617. 779793. Cents. He's Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody can you tell recap of the Red Sox and the reds. It's a quarterly numbers and deep roots senator Glenn Beck did does that has done a three run homer Mitch Moreland is what it locally here. And the Red Sox waited for now. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox a review. On Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio. W you act like Agassi hitless in return of the Mac. Barea. Underrated song that's policy about return of the Mac speaking of retort of the Mac and and music from this era. In the heat sweat is not going to be playing the Lynn auditorium this November. Keith sweat of twisted game back in the mid nineties I saw that big billboard about myself. Keeps what if somebody told him twenty years ago when he was selling out like the guard but be playing the lead in the auditorium in twenty years. He may have decided to take an alternate route in light. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review it is Patrick Gilroy taking you guys up for the next hour or so and about ten. A clock this evening plenty of room for you guys at 617. 7797937. It takes the program as you have been doing all evening long. At 37937. As always you find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy are who we talked a lot of Red Sox to start the show I do wanna continue with the the John Ferrell discussion that Evans relic started today on CS and any dot com if you haven't had a chance to check it out. Check it out it's it's up it's an interesting piece. But it's one that I think is premature in its writing I think that something like this is better safe for the offseason we're not there yet. And I think it's it could be peace and expect more from at a draw a big fan. Of what Evan throw it does I think he is then. A breath of fresh share on the Red Sox beat but Alitalia. Something like this reeks of click okay. It is because it looked he we are is what. Ten days ago in the regular season two weeks of the regular season tops Red Sox about to come home after the play tomorrow for the last homestand. Over the regular season the playoffs on the horizon the Red Sox magic number is five. The Yankees had been red hot the Red Sox have been hotter holding off the Yankees now holding a four game late lead in the AL east. The Red Sox go into the season without David Ortiz for the first time in decade and a half the Red Sox starting rotation. Been decimated through injury and under performance and they still find a way to be where they are and get the best out of guys like you rod and pom rants. I think you've got to give this guy credit. And you have to give an extension to use checked out the schedule right so how much exactly what is this thing over. Looks like October 1 eight games left so we're there this final week of the regular season is just about there. And at this stage in the game I don't think it's time for this column I don't think it's irresponsible like it's I think it's easy. And I expect more from drought but if you're gonna go here right let's go here you gotta give the guy an extension. He deserves it. His team just won their ninetieth game of the season so yet he makes a ton of in game moves that have us all shaking their teaching our heads made it looks like at times. He doesn't have complete control indoor grass. Of the rule book which is completely inexcusable. For a manager for somebody has been in Major League Baseball as a player. Eddie positional coach and as a manager for as long as John Farrell been around but its nuclear a couple of times this year at a minimum he's unsure about some of the rules. But all that being said I think much like Doc Rivers he's able to manage personalities. And I think he's able to take that this these cities on here in Boston. I'm not sure whoever comes in to replace him. Is going to be able to do either of those things let alone both of those things and if I had to put in order of importance. Those that three main factors were talking about here being able to deal. In a market like Boston and win succeed a market like Boston. Handling personalities. They come along with having the second Ayatollah highest payroll in baseball. Guys like Chris Sale and David Price and Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz over the years handling those personalities and in game management. I think you put management of personalities bursting into games second. And I think that John Farrell. If anything he's very good at handling personalities he's not without his flaws everybody has their flaws and eventually just like. You were in Boston eventually Doc Rivers his time was over in Boston. And his time with the clippers may be coming to an end sooner rather than later. Put their time spent here they were great. At managing personalities. Doc not so good. At the in game stuff I said in the first Powell say it again from the first moment of the first game. That Brad Stevens who's running the show here in Boston it was clear he was he'd better in game coach had a better grasp and understanding. Of the National Basketball Association as a kid coming out of college basketball inducted. But doc is one of the best managers of personalities. That is ever coached in the NBA and it is his management style. And his ability to manage these huge personalities in huge egos that may eventually had him enter the hall of fame as a coach. And it's not his in game coaching that's going to get him Eric Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review that number to join us here 6177797937. Let's go back out to the phone's gonna Steve. Steve is in Miami Steve you're next up here on Red Sox review. Aren't sure what's up speed it. I'd miss you buddy. And I. As July. As the lie but quit but I do we DOR Ken and I are pals and I will say this you'll be hearing from Christian again soon. And last night Christie did some TV works of you miss him that much. Good dirty water sports dot com and you'll get to check all the Christian did. Last night. I'll put a plan won't step down before Miami. They'll that I got an art. OK a couple things and I'll go quickly and people have a full board what regarding trowel replied I think that they're. That that's. It's not to let time to do with story out well I don't think we have to rush to anything I think it would depend what happens in the play out if we go to an out again. Even though we've had great yeah I think that look at things but. Forget about. That helped. Great that if without. This one pitch against them I mean. To see this pit. You know signed pitch I mean I know he was given time obstacle to. Watching them. In this first game but to see him. Pitched well luckily it didn't mean anything for the right expletive pitch. As an inning in relief and they'll shut outlets are an estimate. Papa. So we're proud. I'm sure did any remember earlier in the season when. God who was he pitching Morton he would beat you is pitching for the royals at the time. He made his his Major League debut ever gone without that John Farrell left the team and he went to go see his son play and he got murdered here on the radio for doing. Yet. I loved the most gave them permission I haven't I have no problem that the red target on commission. It's everything and now we should comfort absolutely doesn't. Deployment of the football and trump. Christian baskets. It's amazing I mean every period to go it would basket mainly defensive stops and Blake's wife are being the offense. But Vasquez. Has. Totally taken control of the number one spot as T shirt and I am so happy for NAFTA. The he added this because of the surgery at. He's been an unsung hero. And somebody who nobody expected to do. What he's done and trust yeah I want to bring up somehow. I think that's just have to include and I I'm surprised some saying that because. Don't mind missing Yale where he was batting 17 it was had not. But it never he's going to be on the post season. Staff because. He's going to be a different person Nichols and Paula. Mr. deficit and and and it may be them to do lawyers well let me. It's going to I don't know who they pick up I mean another bell loves rock colts. But it's. To me. I don't know I don't know if there's enough room to get on the team and going to be quite interest and look into the postseason roster. And then the thing about trump. Go force we have I feel the full board and only get 45 minutes less of the trump point in your Stephen you know I love beautifully and get through this. I got that loved to gone as Ratliff came and I'll listen to what you contact with. I am like yeah I hate I hate I hate the fact that. Players on yelling and don't know if things and you know to me best total disrespect all the men and women who have served this country so. Greatly. Giving up their time their lives if badly and we thank you black. If trotman. What about trumps this. To me it has bought sitting in this country and this is why we love our country could you consistent. The neo Nazis. And and the kkk who come out and let their hatred and all that I didn't hear anything really able trump went. They're young woman who has one down. You know data so much more ugly. Then and I can't believe I'm saying that and play enabling doctor I'd really hate that but to me that it's much more hatred and much more terrible. What they kkk neo Nazis sent a such as people like that do bend not nailing down. And track has so many more important things what Korea at all that that's right what they what they have to keep doing. Going on tweeters somebody. In the white Russians say it. Mr. trump president trump I know you possibly go without being present bus stop the crap. Alyssa gonna end at one that sentence right there Steve stop. The crap and look you'll and I don't align completely politically or with all your opinions there's Steve but I wish I will say this you know you're right about one thing. While it discuss mean that these guys wanna from Neil and sort of make your statement during the National Anthem. It is a silent nonviolent. Protest and for that you know while it may disgust you. You have to allow port because this is the United States of America and everybody that did fight and die for this country. They did it to protect rights like that whether you agree with the it. Or not it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review and it is Patrick Gilroy taking you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. The number to join us here in the program's 61777979837. Let's stay with the phones go to John he's been on hold on for a while John is in the cards on your next year on Red Sox review. Donnie. You know Roy what's up buddy. When no ticket our Saturday night to talk to you you know is the had a big comeback for that because I don't think my loved ones who would wait an hour it's odd to me. You went back up. Yeah we do whatever you wanted to Saturday night crap I'll let auditorium and I ask the lit auditorium is a beautiful auditorium and crapping all over Keith sweat. More than and the lit auditorium that's a I gotta tell you I operate and played not. One it would not likely that you're sure. The acoustics in the auditorium are incredible I'm with. And at that solitaire on a two problems at but. First up all the people that the people Neil I can't. No carrier can juggle a tie it to the next one here at. I yachts will be right if you are asked and that's what happens when you live under a dictator. I'm not a down guys and I never have been and I have my reasons and OPEC. Indeed it seemed sort of cut it with him the Yankee that equipment into. And we'll build a global yet at every bit of and all of a look at Arizona in the hockey does that. And I bet. Come cheap small wedding re not opera team picture. And whatever so. Looking. But outs and I'll say this you are right. John Farrell deserve to be fired then but look at it and I said when I started the discussion. And Howard goes I don't blame you if you missed that what you're waiting on hold I said. Forget forget the World Series forget the next year forget the cancer forget all of that. Look at a snapshot of the last two years if you just look at the last two years back to back playoff appearances a team that was in their their pitching staff was in disarray to start this season. When everything going on that this team has gone through between the injuries they're pitching staff and the loss of David Ortiz in this team's inability to replace his production for whatever the reason whether. For John Farrell to have this team win their ninetieth game of the season today and be headed for a second straight playoff appearance he hit be fired now. Okay might hurt this out yet my reason to poll first up though he could have been quiet and this team will never take that he argued they'll all we put. The business front in front of the baseball front and it's the biggest problem I have the ownership. Even though that one World Series three times used to base all he put some lipstick on the pig. Look what they do which right but it and that's the biggest problem I have with you about now. Naral and the whole idea that the whole personality thing you know elect. I don't think it is but it isn't critical look at await my situation. Look at the David Price situation. You know this team does not rally around this guy. But this year and believe that but it actually to meet with Larry that ball up the reservation and any easy to have control over. Published in the bulk up on the dump or what with the girl that. The other ethnic. Pick your adjective Nikki are now. Yes my biggest problem I'd get that unique personalities. But. Ignited entering game I kidnapped. If you wanna get of plot I personally manager Wright say all trying to give me that I can't to have. But implied in game management and I'll go back and haven't Brandon Workman hit the World Series and I don't want Ellen Dolan. You know anybody else I know you need to make the doubles which he lost. Last week which would be next and any lift Ares. Oh cricket and you know. He he makes decisions and it was and he makes decisions that leave us all scratching our head and an even right. It. Air and this year lead you brought a 2013. You didn't play by the rules a priest at the call. I had fun in the lit auditorium is outstanding acoustic lies okay. We agree on that but listen. Listen if he'd just look at what we've got here when you look at the last two seasons. I don't think he deserves to get fired playoff appearance last year I know we short lived comes back this year. You're number two starter David Price goes down before the season it even gets started. Instead of that being an excuse for losing this team sort of strapped it on and they found a way to keep their heads above water throughout the season and it's paying dividends right now. Because this team is the hottest team in baseball the erratically right now. In the most important time of the season and for me for me that's all that matters so yes he makes them some mistakes that leave you scratching your head. And there are much better in game managers and John Farrell I told you view that. He's probably in this at the lower half of that the smallest percent Ali okay. They'll plot by a bottom ten bottom five when he called for a game management it's back. But. In this big big bus watch and other team just just pick another team out of act. And watched them for a 162 games the same way he wants the Red Sox for 162. And I promise you. You will be in game management decisions made by that team's manager that leave you scratching your head. As well at Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review let's get one Lauren before the break. Let's go to Fred Fred is at Merrill Lynch and Fred you know it's a bear on a Red Sox review. Hello what's up Fred. I'm from Columbia barrel on Monday six Euro let. In an addict yet and you just waited an hour and a half the yen on the radio so next time read I want to tell her tell the producer art. In August 08 there's an anomaly that might take place. What's the current facts might have to like use eleven days in a row. What do you mean. They're playing in the four games as saying yes they act and in the playoffs. Yup and and use it is it in the owner and art that. Yes they are yeah does that worry that will work what Murrow and and that the other attic that they're pretty good game and act. And all those young ballplayers at her. And he put the Red Sox have. Battled back in them again. But I don't agree with Harold and all those bad thing but I don't believe he should be fired one to do that. And it's in a row and that's pretty good accomplishment branding by accident not all along I. It's edited but the back to back no you're absolutely right about that and that's sort of the dilemma that we have here with if you are gonna fire Farrell. You were plenty of opportunities to do in seasons past but if you just look at the last two seasons Fred I've a real hard time justifying the firing of John Farrell right now. I'd really yet but you make some of that publicists in the I think I'm not even a manager so what does he got Brad. What an iPad mania not I'd believe that they still have looked up to clinch it tonight at. He's got Tampa Bay who inspect goods pitches in Houston. They're still that they might play hard to win. Vieira I agree we are a 1000% and I didn't think of that anomaly we you're right. There is a possibility here facing the Astros eleven games and run I will say this you know it it's a different situation. Then what happened here in Boston the 2000 at thirteen Red Sox were very talented team but there was also. A tragedy here in 2013. And the Red Sox rallied around the city in the city rallied around the Red Sox used it just went through a tragedy as well where it's gonna be an emotionally charged atmosphere if that team starts having playoff success and you don't want the Red Sox to be a part of that. In the first round. Also one other thing I'm I'm a big Celtics and Casey Jones lived next quarter maple or here's what he coached out here watching and awesome. He's an awesome guy and I played basketball violently against Russell attic get. Am in 1950 forward George Washington politics guard on the team went via the day. You've you've got some stories right yeah if I had more time though it I would you you're still year old for an hour US or a lot to talk about the great and I hear that Benadryl and other. I'll take that much simpler isn't it and so I my family's from up that way. Now I'm I'm actually okay detached but I'm I'm I'm waited this long because my guys read a. No this that your 86 years you just made a 37 year old guys night I appreciate the call you have to do me if they've prepped. Next time you call wanna totti a little bit longer but you gotta keep this would bring us out of the program. I got kids and they're probably listening right now Fred that's the only reason why it has nothing to do with the FCC it is Sports Radio. WEEI is a Red Sox review we come back more of your phone calls at 6177797. 937. We talk a lot. Yeah you know somewhat surreal. Very proud. You know you're you're standing there looking through a netting in the dugout and you think your. Then maybe watching throwback in Little League high school so there are so many different stages but it's. To see it happen on a measly amount. A special days special inning. And lawyers had an extremely extremely proud of him. Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox manager John fell right there talking about what it felt like for. To be on the other side watching his son Luke pitch against his Red Sox and it's a very cool story and as a dad myself who was on the field today. The flag football field when my six year old son and a try to think to the future might it is never gonna play professional sports he just loved the death. But he's like me he's goofy and we eat we deal Roy's we were not born to be professional athletes and that's okay. But think about what barrels saying there you know watching your son play even. He scored a touchdown today and it's like football and he grabbed the flag from somebody today to he had an outstanding day. My six year old that on the field. And I felt incredibly proud and on the air the crazy dad on the field screaming his name is he's charging down the field he went the length of the field for a touchdown. Split two defenders to the third went all the way down the field I was proud he's six. It must have been incredibly proud proud moment for John Farrell. To watch his son out there pitch against his Boston Red Sox on a Major League field on a Major League mound. It's awesome you can for John Ferrell Sports Radio. WEEI. It is Red Sox review number to join us here 6177797. 937. Let's go back out to the phones real quick let's go to Matt Matt is in Rhode Island Matt Europe next year on Red Sox review. They would go anomaly that we you know and I am living the dream your cells. Saying don't do it. Well first. He's still a little bit of my father had a good luck to called adult almighty. Air force that and you you were talking with gentleman you said. You know it's because of the guys that plot in this country. That these gentlemen have the right to act the way they're doing protest saying. So wanted to. Or will listen that yelled first thank you for your service second. You you would wait on hold for an hour so you can. Anybody's thunder that was stolen it doesn't matter you know that the it's yours right now so just use Gulfport. What about. What the other point it was right when you turned on. What did you say you said putted from find the time of the day with everything going on to. Tweet that out. Well a tweet only date or twit whatever they call out didn't take about two minutes but. And and there are marquee said I agree with a I don't agree with the exact. Words he used. As far as the it is little speech about broke. A table and what do you think his motivation is the do you think that that trump is really. Motivated. By eight. But by love of country to keep the Golden State Warriors out of the White House because a few of the guys have come out and said look it they're not sitting going or do you think it was to avoid the embarrassment. 04 Golden State Warriors showing up. Yet to Donald Trump sucks. This is that it might take. One. I voted for Dow dropped a big supporter. But the way he's acting is more like. Like a childish. The baby. And in one respect I'd kind of agreement that does. You know it is people wanna come to your party. Anybody that I'm. But. On the other hand. By canceling that party. He's opening up well I mean almost affidavit maybe he'll hold date of stuff that he could be doing more productive. As far North Korea. Hurricane relief. Healthcare you know to me because when these guys go to the White House to take up. A big majority of the day. Well I guess it away could be a blessing in enemy. Yeah I guess so I look at it just don't want the president being set here I think that it's important for these guys to go to the White House at its part of winning a championship I think it's part of the experience it's become part of the culture. Here in America. It and the people of certainly protested in the past here in Boston Tom brief famously didn't go Tim Thomas didn't go I think one year Larry Bird didn't go. You know eight. Guys don't go all the time my issue is. The president being so thin skinned that because some of the warriors said that they weren't going to go because they don't agree with the politics and policies. That he shut the rest of the team out. To meet my dad is just that's the president. And we talked a lot. During the election cycle last year especially during the debate cycle about his temperament. In need we learned a lot about his temperament this morning when he disinvited the rest of the warriors to the White House. What is he got to the l.s not. That didn't go patriot and let's make America great again. Absolutely that they view service and don't be a stranger. To the program it is Red Sox review and it is Sports Radio. WEEI let's get one more in before the break let's go to Wally Wally is in Fall River wall you're up next here on Red Sox review. What it looked a lot more direct outlet here and play. We will black. Not slow start we will Flacco and it's simply a terrible but. So narrowly how to do the guy credit that he squeeze the most out of every item everybody on the scene that he could. We and have no did based report. Until we did it was a known as we have worked I think three home Lebanese Greece Sweden and the most you can out of the talent from this game. A lot of people on the crucified regional brains sit agent but it's going to be interest in to see what happens in the play off course. So do you think Wally that John Farrell's job security and be his likelihood of getting need an extension. It is hinges on what this team does in this year's playoffs. Well. It all depends how they yeah I mean we have the I'm now Warner but which initially didn't. Yet again Newman has been and now lineup every day some I'll and then we mean more pop but I think we get an extension when there's one here is so. But I see an Olympic looked into amicable. Whatever happened to sit Gina looked at pocono are open next year but there's some guys and in Korea parade. I'm now in my throughout our stand on and on about guys like Judy Martinez. Eric Hauser agreed to put 12 of those guys and you know you being as same classes you know excuse in this legally and clean and as far as in. Well you know what worries me though is that I don't think they're gonna do that I'll tell you why for the same reason they didn't go out this offseason there was a guy available that wanted to come to Boston Edwin Encarnacion not only did he wanna come here he publicly said that he wanted to come here and David Ortiz was publicly recruiting his friend. Encarnacion to come here and the Red Sox didn't wanna pay Edwin Encarnacion because of all the dead money that they've got on the books right now and they continued to have all their dead money. Going into next year and the year after next year after that. The dead money's not gonna go away so then the Red Sox have come out and they've proven it that they don't wanna continue to pay the luxury tax. Under the new Major League Baseball guidelines so it's a little bit scary I think the scary part you're Wally is. Yes they will be talent available and look the Red Sox have certainly gone out. But their money where their mouths are and bought talent we see it on this roster right now the latest addition is Chris Sale I just think he's the latest. And the last addition of that sort of talent that you're gonna see your for a while pencils some of this dead money. Comes off the books while we appreciate the phone call copious stranger the program and look Encarnacion is the guy he was the guy. He wanted to come I think his stroke was perfect for Fenway Park. He had all the knowledge about what it was like the play here from his very close friend David Ortiz it was set up perfectly. They've heard ends up and clean it ends up in Cleveland playing for Francona and on a very good team and look it's a sin you'll understand why the Red Sox. Are being. A little bit. More careful with their money right now you have to understand the reasoning behind it they are still printing money over they are yawkey way. Eight they are absolutely printing money they could certainly afford to do it. But it doesn't make good financial sense to do it right now because. Of all of the the dead money that this team is stuck paying for guys that they signed that they shouldn't have side. Contract this team gave out that they shouldn't have given out they are now paying the price and they're paying the price in the power department. Most expensive minor league team amber yeah. Yet it never ever resume testing eighth inning. Right I didn't play baseball for like two years and sign him to a huge contact Allen Craig Allen another 31 result that eighty million dollar it's crazy the money they're paying the pot sucked. But these guys are staying in two star hotels right. They're trying to they're getting around on buses. You didn't think that went through when Rosie get for signing bonus that 68 he was some stupid money at a time it was crazy money. And Allen Craig also just has a huge monster deal he coupled that with panda who they're gonna be paying for the next few years this team is not going out and getting. A big time bat freeagent it's got to command 200 million dollars. It's just not. Gonna happen it's Red Sox review its Sports Radio WEEI. It. Sports Radio W yeah I'd. Red Sox review bio sake here Red Sox view. Still plenty of time and plenty of room for you guys at 61777979378. Takes the program at 37937. By me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops that Gilroy on hoops that fun fun showed little bit different. We did plenty of Red Sox talked to start the show and and yell we continued it throughout the show but I like the fact that we mix in some other stuff. Mike Gorman called in to talk Celtics the Celtics opened training camp next week. They've got a pre season game in about a week the pre season this year for the NBA. It's very condensed and the NBA season if you're not paying attention things have changed here for the NBA so I believe there's only four pre season games this year. And you've got the Celtics open the season in mid October. Eight usually open the season. Towards the end of October early November it's usually just around Halloween. This year they opened the season on October 17 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland I mean. Where we're weeks away. From the regular season opening up. For the Celtics and if all goes well you have Red Sox playoff baseball regular season NBA basketball regular season NHL hockey. And of course the patriots it's my favorite time of the year as somebody who's been been doing Sports Radio. In some way shape or form in New England for nineteen years you got lots of contents for about a two week stretch with all four teams play. And the Red Sox playing some very meaningful games if the Red Sox are still playing October 17 when the Celtic kick off their regular season it means that things are going well. For the Boston Red Sox and I think they will. I think that this team has gotten hot at the right time. I think they've found something. Within themselves that I'm not sure they knew they had like that you aggressive style of play. The fact they've played and won so many extra inning games I think it's gonna give this team confidence. As they go into the playoffs because as we know the game changes a little bit in the playoffs and look. On one hand I'm gonna save you that power isn't as important in the playoffs because generally you get great pitching. Lower scoring games on the other hand we've got some of our greatest playoff memories here in New England. Network based on power from David Ortiz power from Manny Ramirez so power certainly plays a factor. But I think pitching plays the largest factor in that recipe for post season success and right now. The Red Sox are doing some things not only would they're starting rotation they've developed I think one of the best bull pens ND best middle relief. In all of baseball and I think that's gonna be very very important come playoff time with just eight games to go. In the regular season for the Boston Red Sox of course tomorrow it's the patriots and the Texans from Gillette. 1 o'clock kick off tomorrow afternoon. Good news right now while it's not definite it looks like Robert 'cause he's gonna give it ago it looks like did he Edmonton goal is gonna give it ago. And that's important for the for the patriots because Danny Amendola. We know. He's always been a very important player for this team. But would Julian element down for the season and Chris Hogan questionable for game tomorrow afternoon. Danny Amendola coming back after getting hurt. In week one and being so in packed full of where he got hurt in week one that's great news for this patriots team I think. I think didian Angela had like six catches for a hundred yards plus before he got hurt in week one and it was clear. That he was going to be he's never gonna be the Julien Ellman replacement he plays a little bit different styles a little bit different. But he's somebody that's been here for a few years but Tom Brady clearly trusts. And you got to have these guys out there that Tom Brady trust he still tried it. The work in the new guys he still trying to work in he'll branded low. And he'll get there they'll cook outs are still out of work and cook it he'll get there with books I don't think it's going to be a regular situation. I think that cook is going to be a very packed full player here. But it's gonna take some time and while that time. Is is being worked on. It's going to be whom the patriots and Beagle Tom Brady to have as many of his familiar targets. Available and healthy as he possibly can't. And get Danny back is a big deal. You don't wanna go into tomorrow's game against the Texans would know Danny Amendola dwindled Rob Gronkowski he can't do that that is not a recipe for success. We see how important Robin 'cause he is Jiri and year out but this year without. His beat you there without Tom Brady's having is being key Juliet settlement it's more important than ever to keep Rob Gronkowski upright unfortunately. We didn't have the time to get to this this evening and I really wanted to. Because I in years past. I have to believe. That Rob Gronkowski would not have played to mark the patriots did something kinda sneaky good in the off season. They've restructured drugs contract and they needed incentive Lleyton. And you know he's so good and so talented but he's always been ultra concerned about injuries and his body and he has to be. He's so important this team. But you also worries about himself and he's got to one of these times he's got to have an injury that ruins the rest of his medical career don't forget. This guy slipped in the draft to the patriots because. His collegiate career with similar to his professional career. This guy had injury problems throughout his collegiate career Europeans that absolutely. This guy's been riddled with the injuries for over a decade now this is nothing new. That's why when you watch him every Sunday and it seems like he tweaks something every week he he does he's had this. Horrific injury history for well over a decade. So in years past with a tweak in the groin I think he sits the next week. Because he's so concerned. About yet getting his body right and trying to be right for the playoffs but this year. He can't if there's any possibility that he can play he's going to play because financially he needs to play. His contract says he needs to play he needs to play acting it's in 90% of us that they games this year for it to get paid. The kind of money that he's expecting getting paid. The patriots really they took its old contract they ripped it up and Amy's new contracts so incentive and performance based. That there's any chance that he can go up their play he's got to go out there play what worries me a little bit about that is. It's his motivation. Is strictly money. What if he goes out there and he's not 100%. And he really does something. Any hurts himself in a way where we lose him for six weeks eight weeks the rest of the season so having these incentive late in type of contracts. While there's certainly some good and it like getting drunk out there on the field sooner that he would have been on the field in years past it doesn't come. Without risk mean there's absolute riskier to. But I think for a team like that Texans. I think rock is somebody that. You're gonna need and you're gonna need vintage rock tomorrow you have to be good detective played great defense and the Texans aren't scared to coming here. The fox or they're just not while they well they failed to win games here they play the patriots very tough. And while Tom Brady's had a lot of success against the Texans he's 51 in the regular season. He's 210 in the in the post season gets the Texans the Texans always but played the patriots very tough. The Texans defense is a great defense and one of these times they're gonna breakthrough. It would go Julian element for the remainder of the year and the potential. Of no ground no in Angola and no Hogan. Tomorrow was set up to be one of those games where the Texans really could come in and finally breakthrough in the in the patriot to sitting there at one and two and then watched. But now news is it looks like rock is gonna play news is it looks like Yemen goal is gonna play. And that's great news if your patriots fan it doesn't look like Hogan's gonna play he still questionable right now of those three I think hole in the is the least likely guy. Of those three to take the field tomorrow but it's okay it's not quite as devastating if you've got rock it's not quite as devastating. If you've got Danny Amendola that's tomorrow Foxboro 1 o'clock. Mean I expect the patriots to win the Tom Brady I always expected to win because his record at home is so great. But at this he's Biden won against is that the steamy too well in the playoffs. He should win tomorrow right he should win tomorrow but it's been a distracting week. Look at he'd read his own book as a meal tonight that he gets out of his book. Will be fine tomorrow the unique rock and that's why I think he is on that diet now right so why is still getting injured. As something fishy there don't quite get it unfortunately. A lot of times I can't talk about it with you. But I want everybody to stay tuned to listen to the best of all MF. Lou Maloney Christian Fauria lit our way they're coming up next right here Sports Radio W yeah.