9-7-18 Red Sox Review with Pat Gilroy

Boston Baseball
Saturday, September 8th
Pat disputes Price and Kelly's performances in tonights Sox loss to the Astros. Plus reaction to news of the teams decision to shut Pedroia down for the season.

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Patriots Monday when Tom Brady and three point seven dog. Anyone who are in spots and radio talk. Trendy now I know that WEEI trending now. Turning now brought to you by north. Our equipment the Red Sox tonight they. Loss for the Astros. 63 the bullpen simply terrible. Unable to hold the lead for David Price David Price however he was cheered. Leaving the game allowing no runs two hits and two walks while recording at ten strikeouts. Through six in the third innings Eduardo Rodriguez who take the mound tomorrow in game two. Of the three game series at Fenway first pitch you right here that Shaw's star market W yeah I've Red Sox radio network's schedule before 05. Tomorrow afternoon Chris Sale. He'll return dilemma the lineup on Tuesday getting the start against the blue jays Alex scored today say he'll go to winning is about forty pitches. It was announced today that the Red Sox and as second baseman Dustin Pedroia or he will not return to the lineup this season. Still dealing without left knee injury he's expected to be ready. For spring training next year in the patriots. They are getting closer to it they're 1 PM pick up on Sunday with the Texans. In their season opener at two led four players they're listed as questionable to take the field Marcus cannon. Made at their take a polished there and rookie sunny Mitchell finally tonight. Three former Celtics were inducted into the NBA hall of fame. Charlie Scott Ray Allen and yes. Mom and Diaw Raja is that NBA hall of Famer weather tonight in Boston partly cloudy. 64 degrees it'll drop as low as sixty tonight before a seventy degree day tomorrow. I'm Patrick Gilroy and that's what's trending now WEEI. And WEEI dot com. Go to UW PPI dot com slash rules WEEI. Dot com slash rule. These these Red Sox would view on WEEI. He went to art so. Throw in the second. At first look at them. I'll save threatened walking off the field like you. The third out. Roars and took 33 ball games. We capping the Red Sox lost against the Astros. And this the wild pitch it gives away another. Ended up over about. On deck circle. The problem here create this feel good comes in. It is now five victory here. Dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox rookie on WEEI. And is Red Sox review rate your Sports Radio WEEI patch regularly but you guys until midnight tonight. As always been a number to join years 6177797937. You text the program at 37. 937 to find me on Twitter at Gilroy on who adds it Gilroy odd who sit and you know it's funny because. Every single time we start the show we sit here we discussed what we learn about this team why are we going to garner out of the game. That for every team that's been so dominant all season long right and I think tonight. This is the definition of what this Red Sox team. Potentially can be when the playoffs come around this is everybody's biggest fears coming true because right. Was able to games and meet you got the best and worst of the Red Sox all the one game here you get David Price who was dead. Simply phenomenal and it blows my mind that I am sitting here talking about just. How dominant David Price is dead will Colbert boat the larger picture numbers coming up a little bit later in the program. But this is it just a short raw and years that David Price has been on this is it just you know proposals are he's been dominant post all star break. But I'll give you guys numbers that go back all the way. Two calendar years back to August of 2016. You could make an argument that he's been one of the best pitchers in baseball. Since August 16 and I know there's a lot of negative stories. About David Price he's brought a lot of it onto himself. And perception is a very powerful thing. Perception sometimes can become the reality of the situation. Even though perception and reality and facts. Don't always match so we'll talk about David Price and breakdown really would then. A dominant stretch for David Price coming up a little bit later. In the program if anybody's got a right to be this tonight is David Price if he wants to pull one of his bitchy little axe in the in the clubhouse after the game today I wouldn't play in at all. He was as good. As he could ever be expected to be to know David Price goes out there gives a few hits. It strikeouts to walks and was filthy with the baseball he had movement on that baseball you go all we see from David Price. He is truly learn how to pitch once again. I think the days of David Price being and 9899. Guy are essentially over. But the difference here is that David Price is born how to pitch effectively with a fastball that's gonna talk voted 9394. With the movement. And now what he's got that movement on the 9394. Mile an hour fastball any hits you with a changeup it's meaningful it's impact. And David Price is dominant once again. But the biggest fears that Red Sox fans have had all season long continue to come through self esteem falters in the playoffs and ultimately. They faltered due to the bullpen. Nobody's going to be surprised right I mean they've given us all the warning sides we've seen the writing on the wall for the entirety of this season. Despite the fact that this team has been historically good all year despite the fact that there is no doubt they're gonna win somewhere between a 105. And a 110 games despite all that. It doesn't matter. Because news. We said that this team needs one. They needed Dominic David Price you saw that tonight you meet her assailed come back healthy bull a lot more about Chris Sale when he comes back on Tuesday. Good sign last week from Eduardo Rodriguez in his first game back he was outstanding he'll take the mound tomorrow. So to those three pitchers have proven once again that post injury. They've been able to come back and come back healthy and be themselves. Problem is it's this damn bullpen. Joseph Cahill I'm sorry looks like a nervous little kid out there on the mound. He has zero confidence in himself right now it's all over his body language. He he. Exudes zero faith in himself. So how his power his teammates expected to have faith in him you know. There's got to be creative sort of scenario here a creative way to fix this problem if you're the Red Sox and I wonder. If that solution is somebody like you rod go into the bullpen because. If something like this happens and play a game. Will you get an outstanding performance from David Price or outstanding performance from a pre sale. Where they go six innings and give up only two hits WB two runners on. Strikeouts to walks you're just outstanding and in the bullpen. They can't hold that lead for you they can't hold a two nothing lead for you that's how you booze. Playoff games that's how you lose playoff series and that's how you Barlow early despite winning a 105210. Games. So the question that I got for you guys tonight at six point 77797937. What meant more tonight. What ultimately is going to determine what this team potentially. Be in the playoffs roll around what was more impact full what was more meaningful time. The fact that David Price came back after they hit on the wrist a couple of weeks back. And wasn't guilty just dominant. Was that more meaningful than what we saw from the bullpen as they implode once again. And ultimately cost this team what should have been a victory this should've bit of victory you're at home. You've got David Price on the mound. The place was electric tonight David Price was electric tonight in this bullpen simply was. Awful. And there's really no other way to put it. And the question really becomes is there somebody in the bullpen right now. That you do have feet there and not named Kimbrel and emerald by the way hasn't been himself either especially the second half of the season. But I think he's the the ability for us that he did right he's not the problem and apple. But are there are other guys in the bullpen right now. That you guys feel confident when they come when they are. Called the mount is is there a sense of confidence when any one of these guys are called to the mound because for you right now. That leaves the short. It's a very short list of guys that give me confidence when they are called upon in bullpen action in relief action it it's really a shame here. Because. These games that matter against you play a very good Houston team. It's a true test of what a playoff game could look like it's a true test of what a playoff series could look like low scoring. Limited starting pitching what does it limited I mean he pulled David Price after six innings. You these guys are gonna go 78 innings in a playoff game we know that you are going to have to realize your bullpen to give you meaningful impact full innings. In the playoffs in this Red Sox team once again. They could not rely on their bullpen their bullpen continues to let them down is there a solution. It's Eduardo Rodriguez. Enters that bullpen is that a potential solution. Or this Red Sox team I'm not sure I'm not sure he's a guy that we can count on. When it comes to coming out of the bullpen but there's got to be some sort of creative answer. That Alex Cora comes up with here alongside them brows deep in the Red Sox drugs because what this it would be one of waste that would be. For this team to bile out of the playoffs early because they are not yet. Additional bullpen arms they could get somebody economy here that's somewhat reliable. Because it's as plain as day right now there is zero pace. Zero thing in their bullpen those players don't hit me in the bullpen but the larger problem is guys like Joseph Kelly. Yet he can get a hundred on the gun he did tonight but so what. He may have electric stuff occasionally but so what. He has proven time and time again. He is not a reliable option. Is not somebody you can depend on he is not somebody that you can count on. If you're the Boston Red Sox and you're in a playoff game. So it's hard for me to sit here and condemned this team right because this team is dead so great all season long but. Really you guys have been calling the station all year and say it doesn't matter it doesn't matter this team could potentially be a paper tiger. Because they looked dominant for most of the season they're gonna break all kinds of records are going to be great offensively. You've got. Two incredible starting pitchers won their healthy in Brazil and David Price and oh by the way reports LO Eduardo Rodriguez they're not too bad either. But his ball and could be the un doing. Oh you're Boston Red Sox we'll talk about that tonight right here on Sports Radio WEEI as we take you guys up until midnight tonight. On reds side street view with Patrick Gilroy room for you guys that 6177797. 937. It is Red Sox review right your Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy we you guys until midnight tonight. The majority here 6177797937. You text the program at 379370. By me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy on hoops and you know this was one of these games where. Truly a tale of Q games' best and worst case scenario for your Red Sox. A complete contrast. You've got the dominant performance on one hand from David Price. And then you've got an abysmal performance. From the bullpen and pretty you know the old they would David Price is going into. Tonight's game in check these numbers out these are staggering. Numbers now d.s do not account for tonight's game evident to them. It did the math here yet but going into tonight's game. Would David Price the Red Sox are 35 and thirteen and prices last 48 starts at the 729. Winning percentage that dates back two years. August it's 116. This includes seventeen into in his last nineteen starts they are seventeen into as a team as a whole in his last nineteen starts going into tonight. The Red Sox had won his last nine starts going in tonight in to tonight including ten NO at Fenway. And check this out in his seven starts since the all star break David Price has been 40 with a one point 62 ERA best in baseball. The David Price has been incredible this season and he did go through. The drama with the Yankees are earlier this year. At the de drama with a four night in all that stuff all that noise that surrounded David Price and in a lot of ways he's been. His own worst enemy. But this. For me anyways this is that the longest stretch that I seeing David Price perform at this high level. That is since being at a Red Sox uniform this is the guy that the Red Sox paid all that money to. And this is a guide that the next logical step for David Price. Would be carried over performances like this into the playoffs. But what I said it would be if you get a performance like this from David Price in the playoffs but then ultimately what happens the bullpen lets this team down once again. And that has been a problem all season long for this Red Sox team it's been a problem that. They tried to creatively address without really going. Too far outside the organization but it's got to be clear to them now that like this old joke Jolie experiment and it's. I hesitate to call an experiment because he's been up for a couple of years now but at some point somebody over there has to shake the leadership. Of the Boston red sought to say this guy just is what he is he's another one of these guys that's got an electric arm. Any attempt to everybody when they can hit a three digit number on the gun I understand that. But again this performance tonight from Joseph Kelly is just another in a long line of these types of performances where he gives up. Four hits three runs and a wild pitch in one. Inning of work and ultimately cost his team an opportunity to win the game it only takes like here's somebody saying yeah but you got to score more than three runs and while I agree with that. The whole point here is in the playoffs what app. Happens in the playoffs these are low scoring games with a starting pitcher typically goes five to six innings so you depend on your bullpen and you're defense. So much more in the in the post season that you do in the regular season in this bullpen for your Boston Red Sox. Has not got the job done yet is there a creative solution to fixing what ails this Red Sox bullpen. We'll try to work through it together here at 6177797937. Let's get out to the phones. Let's go to JJ is in Connecticut Jay first up Europe Red Sox review. Yeah you know it would object. Yes soul or the ball Dorgan I got out today it would place. You know coming back there after he got hit from you know in the record book a great about that the only thing I'm really concerned about or the next game. I could get a result we swept you've been so. I mean he can't decree to get you know too worried over one game. It's not it's not about a one day holiday it's double the one game because again I'm probably one of the more optimistic guys here. On the station but tonight's game. Really felt like that a potential playoff game at that playoff feel to it a lower scoring game a pitching type dominated game right where it was gonna come down to. Which team did the little things better and that's what playoff wins and losses are made of so this was an opportunity here for the Red Sox bullpen to come through in up in a meaningful impact full situation and they put their pants for lack of about a way of putting it. Yeah like think acting. You're near the port of what it but it when playoff time. Telling Michael that one batter. You know that it united pulled out there like just given up they're getting hit in the coming in the playoffs or one batter if he doesn't get a guy out. The next guy got in the debate under their Internet dial up. And what are the starter in the bullpen let you know obviously larger place with one the bad guys about a bullpen I can this year. You know he turned in alternate sides and you can be a starter by a guy like REW mirror or. Eat some might wonder. What are you guys what you got to be able. Let's interest that it registered. Rate it above is a guy that can power arm I agree with the there he's gonna be a bullpen guy I like that call right there but he also got the struggles with his control he's one of these guys like Joseph Kelly when he's on he's electric when he's not. He's not so there's going to be a quick trigger there Stephen Wright you're talking a vote a knuckleballer in a in a potential tight sort of playoff game. I don't know how comfortable land there the guys that I would like to see in the bullpen but I don't think it's gonna happen is he rod because to me he rides a guy that can give this team. Two innings of work if it coming out of the bullpen and we can rely on Eduardo Rodriguez I'm not scare nobody takes the mound but these other guys to me that did a question mark. Each and every time out and that's not really good enough when the playoffs strolled round. Right what went out we're out on go to what you got numbers you'd probably Vietnam in the Bible are gonna conduct in the bullpen because you're gonna go with. It was it was arms or younger I started berserk. And you know especially in a five game series. It's not going to be you know obviously can he sell and then probably pour salvo and then probably price because you wanna get bad that he rightly left you know. I'd I'd I'd really seeing you rod and he Dali and in the time. I hope that's the case Jane up against that I appreciate a phone call it and of all these somebody that I think can help this team in in the bullpen and ultimately I think he's somebody that. Could do nice things for this team but he's also one of these guys that tends to be wild. He's a guy that tends to be one when he's on he's on when he's not he's not. There's a reason why. Debbie gave up what. Despite the fact that he's got electric stuff. You know very similar to the way that I describe Joseph Kelly he's a guy that if and when the Red Sox decide to move on from Joseph Kelly. There will be other teams other suitors that are interested in a guy late Joseph Kelly because he can hit triple digits on the gun. Just like Nathan a ball they can and that is always a very very tempting thing for these teams to grab a hold of but ultimately here hitting a hundred miles an hour on the gun is meaningless if you don't have movement if you don't have control. And that's where both of these guys struggle and we saw the best of Nathan a multi his first two times out his last time out. He was better but he wasn't good enough he couldn't even go four innings this team. You're gonna need more from Nathan a ball they Andy's gonna have to prove that in a meaningful impact full pressure situation he can come in out of the bullpen which is very different. Then it would be being prepared for a start 405 days and in having your time off and prepping for your team that you're going to face it's very very different. When you come out of the bullpen and you've got to perform and perform right now and you don't know when you're gonna be called. So it'll be a new role right now forum would this Red Sox team but it's one that I think is probably better suited for him come the post season. It's Eduardo Rodriguez and yet I took a budget calls last night. Of people that want. Because to me having you ride is like you're number four starter in the playoffs that would be a luxury that this team can afford I think he is the most likely candidate. To be somebody that this team ultimately can trust. When they go to the bullpen in a playoff game because ultimately here this team is built to win right now this year or next year it's World Series or boss to. They can't afford to have another painful exit from the playoffs early here they can't afford to say you know what. It was a great season will learn from it and move on not the way these contracts lineup not the Wheaties veteran players lineup this is the team that's built to win a World Series right now. And it would be ultimate sin if they can't achieve that goal or anything get out of the first round because. The bullpen something that people have been worried about since April was never able to really get fixed. That would be inexcusable error here error in judgment from Vietnam brows deep and the Red Sox brain trust it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review I have Patrick Gilroy Ruth you guys tonight at 6177797. And 937 let's stick with the calls. Let's go to Jordan Jordan's on the tape jordin units up here on W yeah. Yes they do with the dude. Struck large gain were pretty look at you know look at their treasury board the shuttle where we are well and incomes. Joke 00. I don't like. It or not. Amid talk for a time for a time though Eric Gagne was open the one of the best closers in baseball so. Witnessed time and not used or immigrant sports bars right at me like three Serbia. But a good night I talked about torture you. The people. You're you're talking about Red Sox Eric on that very different yet I understand I got it. Kind of like yeah. I never. Let it it would be if they're at the electorate. In order and price. Iraq. And here we would still. Sail into the boards and it great but I don't think that it Beckett he wrote. Actually British now. Daddy ultimately Jordan I think you rod is is better suited for this team to come out of the bullpen I do he. I think Ellis or can trust and they're gonna have to. Put a real infusion of talent in that bullpen once the playoffs roll around it's not about taking a chance on eight and a bald. Ultimately of all these gonna wind up in the bullpen because that's what what does rolls going to be. But it's no longer about seeing if drew Palmer rents can return to the form that he had last year it's not about well wolf pro ball they'll there and see if he's got control tonight. You don't have that luxury in a playoff game you just don't you don't have that luxury in a playoff series. You don't not when you're the Boston Red Sox not when you coming off multiple years here early disappointing exits and not when you've got a team with the highest payroll in baseball. Two excellent starting pitchers in. I'd David Price increase sales JD Martinez who's here on a bargain contract will have an opportunity to bow out of that contract after next season we know Chris sales gonna need a new contract David Price. We'll have an opportunity to get out of his contract and oh my how the other tides have really changed their help he needs have changed their when it comes to David Price three months ago everybody was begging for him deterrent. His career here in Boston around. Not for the benefit and help of the Red Sox but for the likelihood that he may opt out of his contract but now. Dare I say that the Red Sox want nothing to do with David it would David Price opting out. May be years worth close to the thirty million dollars a year he's getting because the numbers tell me that for the last two calendar years he has been one of the best pitchers. In all of Major League Baseball at a Sports Radio WEEI it is read such review room for you at 617. 7797937. Let's stick with the calls tonight let's go to Paul. Balls in Westfield politics up here on W yeah. I won't. Can say that crazy right nice stat but seventeen inch once if you are a disaster based folks. The ouster I saved in Dayton we found himself. Yes he he's been he's been incredible at and you know the thing here is when you go back over the last two calendar years go back to August. Of 2016 the Red Sox as a team. Our 35 and thirteen and David Price is less 48 start the seventh when he and winning percentage and you think about everything that's transpired Paul. It over the last two calendar years and David Price you talk about. The injury last year coming out of the bullpen in the playoffs. All the drama with Dustin Pedroia and anchors leaked the drama this year with the four night. And the Yankees essentially he's his inability to to defeat the Yankees and play well against the Yankees despite all that. All the drama and all the BS he has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last two calendar years. Carly and think that's where that are. The shelling of he lose like these names on a hundred. Right now memento was no movement he'd ditch outside. Again I am war. When a week and at least it we have a box should be the damage. Let them design it's made it which is don't know if there make it happen that you took this flight the aircraft is there warm enough and there's no movement. Charlie is in fort Kimball is. At least I know I have a chance you know they go up there were no court you know an actual code words to nervously. Call a strike. We're gonna get shelved it why can't they try to do little more selective wouldn't have. A game like is we're not we're not that we're going to be on the line I try to do better in their. Selection of who actually able to picture that moment but instead it and local court or. Wood right in the Kandahar and the rest. There's certain communities it's grass would sit there and you don't make sense out of nonsense he went a build up of hopeful news which. A question shown such social he came back out these seven little about more than of these men to play about what would that. Savor that moment and that day let him it's not so strict we made on the eight. Well lives of all we're gonna learn a lot more about. Chris Sale coming up on Tuesday he'll get the start against the blue jays coming up after the break I'll tell you and Alex Cora had to say. About that start it in the likelihood that you know he goes more than a couple of innings it it is at a very high likelihood that this is going to be. Sort of a dealer start for Chris Sale. There was some specifics laid out prior to the game tonight a tell tale ball goes I'll give you guys the latest on Dustin Pedroia and he's sorry he was in uniform tonight. Sending he's gonna make his way back on the field this year I'll tell you what Alex Cora had to say we come back great your Sports Radio WEI. It is Sports Radio W yeah I. It is Red Sox review Patrick Gilroy here for another ten minutes or so taking your phone calls it 6177797. 937 detects the program at 37937. By me on Twitter Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy I knew that I could tell it young it's excellent somebody says stop the nonsense. Price can't pitch when it's cold. Period in in big capital letters so I guess he's yelling that out to me. So that is a problem and it's been a problem for David Price historically right but. Last year by the bullpen he pitched well in the playoffs so my hope here and again I am I said it earlier on the season. It was clear that David Price was gonna have. An above average year we didn't know how good he was going to be but he was certainly trending. In the right direction I said it then I'll say it again now on sale by the way also the same thing about Chris. He's somebody that had a difficult time in the post season as well historically so neither one of those guys exude a tremendous amount of confidence when you look at. Their historical performances in the playoffs however. That would have taken all the joy out of this season if I said you know what this team's trending to 110 games but their top two pitchers. Had been historically abysmal. Starters in the playoffs so this team doesn't have a chance. What's the point in watching these games what's the point covering this team what's the point having the sort of fun that we've all had this year and by the way. We have had a tremendous amount of fun EI's ratings are way up over last year now since ratings are way up over last year and attendance. Is way up over last year so. Imagine all that goes away because guys like you. Think you know what history tells me that David Price is gonna suck come October so none of this matters I can't allow myself to go down that road. That's no fun. And the whole reason why we do this is to have fun I watch these games because they are fun I Rupert these teams because it is fun. No real life sucks this is fun. A guy like you worry about what might happen a month from now that's not fun that's a worry that you don't need to carry through your day to day life I certainly don't. I didn't have real life worry to deal with. Date today to sweat out what David Price may or may not do because of what he may or may not have done historically in the past is gonna tell me what he may or may not do. Come thirty days from now that makes zero. Sense to me it is Sports Radio WEI is Red Sox review the Red Sox they blow a tough one tonight absolutely. At a game they should have won. David Price was great tonight ten strikeouts go six plus innings gives up just two hits. And ultimately it's not enough because Joseph Kelly and the rest of the Red Sox bullpen did what they've done all season long. And that was implode. And ultimately. Take a win away not only from the team but from David Price and this was one of those games David Price left the mound. Loud standing ovation. Part of this transformation. Of David Price that we've seen over the course of this Red Sox season it's something that I hope we continue to see as this team makes their way. Into October let's get right back up the phones. Let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might do next up here on a W yeah. I Patrick they might you know what the carts to. Two. David Christ's I was blocked in the game tonight and I kind of realized what. How they've made a transformational. And what he's actually doing now it is that it that the Greg Maddux pitched election. You know it's the Carter and the two seamer with a changeup thrown in there yet and what Maddux used to do he's used to work inside. And outside corners and like you know make exit on the plate you know either the Carter pairing and on the left the that the two seamer you know cutting away and I apartment is there all of this if this hurricane was one media quote scoring error quickly. That beat the wet and the through that Carter with a second pitch to get the second strike. You know inside and then he goes to two seamer right Adam and you know spreading this kind of the last that she's on the Cotter and eat eat just kind of like you know it will take it could be off the plate the principles that god and he's frozen looking. Well David pricey he's learned how to pitch this year so we we all know meaning he's lost 345 miles an hour off the fastball from where he was a few years ago we never going to be the guy that. You'll fires down their 98 consistently like he used to and that used to be enough. For him to be a dominant power pitchers and now. When he dials it up to 9394. And he hit some. With a nasty changeup that that's meaningful that's impact full and there's a big difference from 88 to 94 when there is that kind of movement so what's really impressed me you brought this up comparing him. To Greg Maddux is medics had a long hall of fame career without any of the power that David Price even has right now because he had pinpoint control. And that's what David Price is really developing into he's become much more B control pitcher and I never thought he was going to be able to successfully become that type of guy. Why attributes is like watching what's going on out there. Hey it's I you're right about the control and prices would show in the control risky but it really is the pitch selection price. The problem price to force prices trying to beat the old neighbor price of pork using you'll be priced at selection before. And evidently penal and you what let's that you can't play of you just can't it's that but I you have. The cutter you had a two seamer you got the change in what. I know a guy that did really well so it's you know they have yet and that was going on. Pitched like him or aunt and you'll be fine. So might even add your opinion though that does it matter eat in this transfer into the playoffs or are we gonna see the old David Price rear is a glee had come October. I mean I think as long as he. And they honestly I think he could do to do fine you know picture like this an act. I can't tell I don't know exactly what's gonna ask why didn't know what was the problem well. Is that you are correct that this is a playoff game and Cora. I mean eat equal there's a lot of complaints addressed the cars it wasn't like he managed horrible but you know a lot. A little late taken price so right hand. I have no idea. Like here Joseph currently is being put on to the amount somebody ready to come get him especially in September with the people I mean there's just. It redacted for trouble. They keep on waiting Mike referred for Joseph Kelly to sort of turn it back on again knee he's a guy that's been streaky. At the start of the season he started off pretty well he's always one of these guys that gives you a few weeks of somewhat close to brilliant pitching at but ultimately you when you look at the entire body of work over his time here in Boston there's been a lot more down than up. And any somebody that ultimately you can't trust. And when they build this playoff roster coming up here over the course of the last forty games of the season you have to ask yourself when you build his bullpen. Can we trust these guys and I feel like the answer more often than not is going to be no we cannot trust this guy and that's why guys like. Eduardo Rodriguez and eight and a ball they if they make their way into the bullpen. They're going to drastically. Affect and change what this bullpen looks like you know I can't trust the needs and of all the all that much right now. But I can't trust. Eduardo Rodriguez did a thing that happened today was we got a couple of injury updates here. Chris Sale great news if you look at for Chris Sale news he'll be back on Tuesday he'll be on a limited pitch count expected to go to winnings. They'll get the start. But forty pitches against the Toronto Blue Jays. Dustin Pedroia might see him in uniform tonight but unfortunately or fortunately against. He will not be thrown back into the mix this year he had an arthroscopic procedure back in July to clean up some scar tissue that means he's out expected to be 100%. Next February when this team meets in Florida. For spring training. So does it then read such review the Red Sox they lose tonight they blow. A golden opportunity to blow a great game from David Price your final score from that way is 63 my name is Patrick Gilroy stay tuned for NBC Sports Radio that comes up next. Right here on Sports Radio. WEE. I.