Across the Board - Can Justify win the Triple Crown?

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Thursday, June 7th
Mike Mutnansky welcomes Matt Bernier of DRF, Andy Serling of NYRA and Dick Jerardi of Xpressbet to handicap Belmont Stakes 150.

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Well the second time the last four Triple Crown seasoned horse racing fans want it loaded. On eight Triple Crown attempt to come to Saturday and 150. Running. All of the Belmont Stakes and of course that means we are here to talk about it across the board your wartime year. Horse racing podcaster WEEI dot com we thank you for downloading listening no matter where you yard if you get set. For what it's a spectacular day of racing Saturday in Belmont New York headlined of course. I justified it through the one holy fortify on the morning line of trying to become just the second undefeated Triple Crown winner. Or Seattle slew in 1977. Thank you nearly the only undefeated Triple Crown winner. If three or four seasons ago American fairway getting it done for justifies trainer. Bob opera that is the major headline obviously Saturday at the Belmont Stakes. You also have a horse named after pats tight end Rob Gronkowski yes the six source raw gronkowski running in this race is written. Explosively in Europe on synthetic and her precluding a track called Chelmsford. Over in Europe. He's tall 1 on the morning lines there's a patriot and crawl interest on Saturday. The runner up in the third place finish from the preakness all come back in tenfold and provides a Todd Pletcher who has all in this race the last couple years. Has two including one I'll be all over. Our Saturday in New York really a tremendous tremendous day of racing I cannot say enough it's three days at that it's a festival. But the caught on Saturday itself we'll talk Victor RD about this as part of the podcast coming up. Is really a mini Breeders' Cup it is now the second best racing day of the year. If you're a handicap great horse player it's Breeders' Cup Wanda. And Belmont day is a very close number two and of course that means all these race the talk about we had the experts on here on the podcast to do it mapped burning your daily racing form a and a great PR rep formulate a product you not use formula that are yet what are you doing adventure handicapping and get involved there. Any sterling New York racing association in my mind the best public any camper in the country he will join us his thoughts on the preakness of the preakness the Belmont. And a couple of races leading into it some of the big races there in Manhattan and the met mile which are tremendous race. And the aforementioned Dick Girardi of express sped up report that's public's best expressed that. And their free wagering guide he will join the show as well we'll get his thoughts he'd add big super cold. In the preakness nobody thinks about the Belmont on Saturday we'll go through every stakes race on the undercard every graded stakes race on the undercard. I if you're the area looking for a spot to be I'll be at Mohegan Sun. On Saturday once again the Belmont Stakes is some great people talking about the races and playing the race is hope you can join the spirits free and most the Mohegan Sun. A lot and really this is one of these rare opportunities doesn't happen a lot. But it's OK to say your rooting for justified to get it done win. But also betting against because of the value involved horses not name justify it gronkowski to an extent. Are going to be inflated prices because the betting on the Triple Crown winner and the betting on horse named gronkowski. I that's well that's all end up doing in this race using justify for shorts we'll talk about the podcast the hour or so. I got he's in the race gotti's multi race bets but. On kicking off a morning line 821 shot for Todd Pletcher try to make some money on Belmont day in fact let's get right to. And talk about Belmont Stakes day 150. Here on Saturday. And I you know a fixture here on the across the board podcaster buddy Matt burn your daily racing form the or rep dot com. On their products are tremendous including the era formulated to get clock a report this weekend it's the way to get your self locked and loaded. A front just big Belmont Stakes weekend but any weekend you are playing the races on other Triple Crown map on the line here urged couple years ago American fare or getting it done in. Another chance here this weekend justifies able to beats the rest these three year old and a one New York. I would say another pretty good possibility happening I had been a lot of people brought up breaking from the real down one all day on elm bank at. At the blessing in disguise now there's really not thinking like meant that the break at ago probably end up on the lead and at that point if you think you're better than everyone else which is proven. Well these past 56 weeks that he is then you know what these people like the what are straight. These are most likely winner of one big step back for eagle Ford and look at the rest of the sub Belmont field including justified just give me yet. A letter grade for justifies derby and I think we both agree was an eighth for the derby base in the pace he ran. What would you grade about for his run in the preakness a lot of talk about the way he finished that race in the rain at Pimlico. Yeah I mean if the derby was in a I would say the preakness probably be your beat plot I don't think it was quite as good as the derby but in all reality and a lot of people are saying well he regrets from speed figure standpoint and it to work a little bit harder. When you consider what he did put away a course that legitimately good horsing good magic up there on the front and in any held off all the or come from behind I don't agree with some of the folks that that you you're down into the race but. I think he ran a very very well I think if you run out rate on Saturday afternoon could be very great up in here. Some people have brought up the back he's run his best rated on a fast main track we'll get what now all of sudden. It felt like I might not happen because up to fifty chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and so. We'll find out if you wind Altria on a wet track Dodi funny but I think he's district court to beat. Yeah I'm with you on the grade I'm prime more of a beat and beat plus I just don't know what to make the final. Couple hundred yards of that race was it. I don't think you is geared down either by the good magic re rally maybe that was set of of major hole. Trekked there in senior guys my when he sought tenfold in the M Barraza came flying late just. It wasn't the way you used to seeing real like it big time favorites to go close up the Triple Crown and a lot of them have not done it. Close out the preakness and some just not sure what to make doubles final couple hundred yards would you make of the way that race and. Community but more a matter I was impressed with the way the spot they'll finish that thought really you again it's prime example or that it doesn't seem to handle returns very well you get him in straight he runs really well and all you slightly rate a lot of people that talked about him for quite some time back have a lot of upside and I still believe that. I don't pick my app works form but that's another story. I think it was just one of those and does look just the I had to do a lot of work he got the job done put away the main competition and good bad beginning had the horses that. In reality they had pretty good set up the net. Spot an open goal might have been a little bit on speed friendly side that day but at the had a lot of things that he would overcome the fact it is still able to do it. I think it just gonna show a bit cortex. What what was your initial thought Laker after the race you get a gut feeling is a racing panel got a B with justify. In the in the pal I'm going to be against your initial pop then it is your mind changed at all about it. His chance of actually winning on Saturday. Well I think this is probably a bad way to look at it but just by default I'll go through look at the horse they but he legitimate. Candidate to win this thing but I've never taken. I mean I had eight stated that I really I don't know that I'll ever in the thick or call the Triple Crown. At Belmont just because it's such different animal mile and a half I don't care how much better use that are went up look at I didn't think American Terrell I'm certainly not going to be just. Look at we're doing a friendly horse he podcast were there was no gambling involved than he'd say you know I justify of course gonna win the race Yuri horse player you were on a TV show. Called horse players horse players are not running to the windows on Saturday to vet to go to five unjustified even if you are. Rooting for to win. And maybe you're using or some other bats you're not you're not betting him on the way to and use it eats it goes against everything that most horse players and I know. Go with on a week in week out basis that that's the issue. Argued back that a bad years ago it never better favored doing something that they've never done doing them for the first time I know justify it is. At every vet with flying colors. He never gone a mile and a few a lot of horses it is banned goal all along to sit back. At the preakness and we beat pressure ready to go you've got a number good horses in the straight. In a curtain but again is one does that rate I think simply put he's probably better than ever. Demetris is seeing how he gets out of you said Mike Smith gonna go yet is issues as a bigger or earlier in his career it's been short cards first race. Was this year February getting out of the gate will see if that's an issue. Are from there the rest of this field letting justifies it added the speed figures stand up talents stands up. Try to become the first undefeated Triple Crown winner since Seattle slew in 1977. If he's going to get beat it feels like map a horse and a more as point to. That is going to be him his bill Mott sell off berg. And I denied 2 morning line is way too short for me I'd get what people like am I like to audible in the Florida derby so obviously I would like opera little bit. This is just strictly. A price issue he's the buzz horse he's the pricey high enough and get the price source myopia bigger under late but just by the time they race thing on Saturday. You gonna get the distance but it affordable one. Like I could not statement that price. That's Jeremy iMac argued that he won that day at that they had and a lot of people do he is sort of the blunt force. I usually I understand people look at it in the kind of rolled right course. Mean it there's a reason that this course is the wiseguy horse because. He looked like you pretty darn good I think you're gonna get probably the best version of him. That we've seen so far here in the Belmont shirt and shouldn't be an issue or am I shouldn't say that bit and the problem for all these sources but. The matter who handled that a little bit better than ever now that awkward right there outlet. And I really if you need to run the rate like like. The weight that body is and that's course this is just I go back look over and over in Belmont. Don't put or didn't spot they don't belong in the back there after eight. He drove into the Florida derby and he came back in Kentucky Derby and he's coming back in the Belmont. To me I understand justified he had it. Accolades and credentials and you still really really doubt it I don't think you're being the debt of Popper will remain as being the debt from justify already. If you think that there is going to be announced that it you don't wanna go way out fake liar and offered at the logical aren't. Yep you got used meant every single it exotic big you have all the vertical wagers in that racy spread to get the distance out of tap that happens that he success. In this race the last couple years you've got out operative ball but I couldn't pick him at nine to two. For a one thoughts on the two preakness. Horses that get here proviso who ran hard for second tenfold the rain third there. But I actually ran the better race Matt. It at all the really nice little horse again and it the connect all the current and I got an invite Mike and thirty pop back the left lead the very end of that rate meted. It's usually all market horse didn't wanna go much farther he did galloped out very well but. I think he can be better suited those sort of middle distances between it happened nine furlong bravado I liked him in the preakness and you re really well. I feel like. I'm with the time I wanted to talk myself in the liking him more in the Belmont but I do I just think it's one of those in and and is where you know I thought you get the board boo in the pre it. More more I don't know you'd get another sport here at Belmont although I think the the big sweeping urgent help them because again summary. Sort of doesn't get around Denver well straight Iran. The vendor problem about dominant big ball in the. It's funny you mentioned getting the best version of off her and a degree at the best version of the in a row so. I Todd Pletcher source in this race these eight to 1 on the morning line at. Todd Pletcher said monster success the in the in this modern Arab by far the best trainer comes the Belmont his program works where it's at the ports the derby they don't. Win that race he waits the final weeks of the comes back with solid tampered. A year ago CNOOC commissioner Rick came within a whisker of winning this thing a couple years ago. I'll be in a row so drawl like the derby never winning that race if he runs back towards his wood memorial effort. He was gonna be right there and I think he is the one that under your best shot to rundown justify and the final for a longer so if someone's going to be him on Saturday. Yeah I mean I credit bureaus don't offer right buried it too late to be justified is art bought like between candidate this guilt like what. You know wrote that one at all distances. It's already and go to the pedigree but curl out of the street crime mayor I still think he's a little big green I don't know entirely knows what he's doing just yet so it's kind of scary to think he finally does put together. That's usually how I look at a lot of people who think green and immaturity in a negative light I look at it say. Locate they're doing all that they don't know what they're doing when they finally put it together. You gonna have a serious horse here and I think that BK you know wrote Duggan did not going to be a problem for him at face value and again if he get it. He put it altogether on Saturday eat certain as a big. I'm Matt's Dick and 00 really really long shots we'll get to his pick in his thoughts and a lot to explain himself I hear a second. I was surprised we texted Dick. As a patriot told the you are you were not all over gronkowski. On Saturday who's running for Chad brownies to alt 1 of the morning line will be less than that because we'll take. Rob Gronkowski betting money. He's brought on the synthetic in the turf over Europe I know that the trainer before Jeremy cedar has had success in shipping horses over. I just have no idea what to make other than gronkowski the horse is going to be wildly under under relayed and and over bet on Saturday. It broke out he India delayed the rate rate that are. You got the late Saturday he was the right you're going to be having that. You're all you can go but he sign is what you seen as far as overall body work topic clearly via a little bit but I looks. What's he look okay at its synthetic but he's looked okay in those races that. And he also if you look at any of the take from him working out of the dirty looks really good he looked like he could be a dirt course. I could kind of feel like. Feel like it's a little bit too much too soon I am not questioning that he might actually be good horseman all that done. I just don't know that Saturday the day again at the right they need to be to the miserable. Let's talk about your pick I I was I'm not I'm not totally surprised because what map Bernie your does what Auburn won a podcast plays great on TV India rep because. He goes against the grain you're picky thirty to one shot restoring hope the other Bob Baffert on Saturday explain yourself party. Well I understand he's not like we went candidate he probably not even in the top five or like it but I I think he's the sort of or. I look at Belmont. Mile an app such anomaly is usually. He performed don't when the bell very rarely do you get at an effort from American aero point of entry it and lead out but older kind of Vietnam. More often than not yet just this sort of grinding to grab a lap. Time and effort but it just get the job done and they say help everyone out there I looked at restoring old and I thought when he broke is made doubted it. He jet is there was nothing spectacular about that effort but each is gonna clip off. Well into for every first. And it got the recipe for success rate but the Belmont he ran in the wood bat would always talked about the court I actually going to be okay. You rid of the wood and it got out run early member they were brought up speed or in the air and it netspective what he added I add a couple of horses. Restore hope it never gonna order. You need to quote the tape he needs to be difficult and all those even keel kind of numbers and look I have to be they know people talk about Baffert called or rather. There's no way to he could be a rabbit might be at bat and make for a I let. You get scenario like that that happened knocked up by drawn down inside I don't think there is no question he's got ago. He's not nearly Al it is justified but I think if there's a scenario where to rue get. Restoring hope planted just stop at the bite it off it's like you're not a collapse. Because again we can note there's probably politics and play. In article after but it is all about all the rates intact but the justified order on the partner get straight sixteen weeks. Al why I'm not arguing that he'd better than everybody else but perhaps it's finally catch up and restore hope to keep chugging along. We've seen in the past increase your horses have won that horse like it as they get pedigree wide possible trip why. You can out run it died going to be. Indy that they have in that scenario the is their part of that that. Make it is a part of that scenario we suggest that noble in these going to be in the that first played as well I mean I need to Michael boys get two more series you know Bolivia's beat north the outside. And he's got veto Roselle. I don't know what they're going to do the best they've read a roast so is the goal with noble Indy. And to Wear down justify how do you expect noble Indy to be ridden by Javier cast down the street to see up there with restoring open justify in the first place. I get beyond that I don't know just because again this is another issue with this whole all become an owners are. He's got all by what. You address that issue mentioned that it with Winstar has common ownership would justify audible also at Winstar not racing used these in the air quotes here. Out to the farm to get checked they just would not want Iran audible in this race. I have no idea. It would it would help me in a row so a lot of noble Indy even bleaker is off. Decides to show so that's BB Shoney's SP yours anyways only chance to win we're getting that tight restoring hope type trip you just talked about. I devoted to. Scenario where. You know Baffert talked about. Earlier the rhetorical being wrapped yeah fort justified if they'd like to buy up the target I guess maybe it's an area were noble indeed eight. Put him on the front. It they you know what he's kind of rabbit for both. Justify as well being wrote that we're gonna go out there and that a legitimate statement that the case and get what I don't like much it nearly as much but. Will find I know like the other candidate and calling shots with noble Indy I think it led them into a long run and noble and actually at night or. I don't think it's in the race formatting down the road will be okay. Odds gimme a top four if people see the daily racing form on Saturday and and how you plan to attack this race that. In order five or 18. Be off berg and you know wrote or the most likely out setters the justified it would justify is the best horse in the race these most likely winner don't think about it Mike Smith breaking go by. I just want that shot soared well I've had Belmont circled this worked for about seven weeks now so picture out not to get up now. Multi rate bet you gotta have a lot of justify I think most likely wing candidate but I will use the back up. And just from an individual right to appoint the right going to be orbit docket for a couple bought a restored open not or. Couldn't you if you wanna think about I mean you could. I'm sure you are thought about this gate key restoring hope and 31. I'm in my guess is of restoring hope it's the board you'll have to try assuming and it's not some ridiculous deal gronkowski blended citizen restoring old tough three. Well it wanted. And older and threw up everything he did the treatment of BO OK yeah out on probably do. Had to bring that up some less so Russ you and I Clooney did not like temple. A. No way to eat eat oil beat tiger afternoon for me but you're right rhetorical game at Beck at a right. I think he's going to be able yup the bit that. He's kind of or speak and put it every law every if you wanna play key about the doubt in the tried super then again I'm and you basically a pretty logical or with just the fight up Urbina wrote so. I dispute those threes the other horses yet certainly can be a little bit option. ID 5418. For map Bernie your on the Belmont Stakes we always do elected a couple of spots for Matt. Has taken a tidy handicap these races give you some other opinions throughout the course today the only time we'll talk about Friday's card to really good car Friday at Belmont. Eyes of that right now if the eight the race is the true north that kicks off the 500000 dollar guaranteed pick four. The goal at six and half furlongs their four years old and up there is up plenty of speed pretty plain talent in this race. Would you win in the true north Matt. He he'd burned me on derby day. But I'm bill back to an imperial is better than what you saw on derby day all the wet track I don't know it didn't have enough fitness from that little basically a work out that they have put. But he terrible. Terrible in at Churchill and I am in the really really bad but this or that it naturally really bat it usually goes on with it but back if they're coming back year. I think you're gonna get the best version of them I don't know. What if he wrote another clunker another sort of mid ninety fired I've got there what he's gone wrong way but. I think if you're gonna ever get an opportunity it's probably it just upper recruiting ready going into the park earn. And you take over from there if you ought to period now but I think you'd think he'd burned me on derby day. Try to get back on Friday. I thought he had a big shot I wanted to also. I'm probably gonna play around joking and always been monster lay off. For Charles baker but Charlton baker. Is known to bring horses back a big days like this is 6:1 on the morning line he makes the couple that I'm with the Atlanta picky or right now I would take imperial him. Off the superfast and fell apart effort on seven furlongs there on do every day in the slop. Which are race regular draw a line right through on the beginning of the late done I would let's pick five on Saturday or Sunday should set Saturday. Is race seven the woody Stephens I I love this race there's a speed everywhere I'm gonna take a shot with a thirty to one look here what do they the woody Stephens Matt. It operate because I think a lot beaten here and you got a lot of quality hi again and or got bored with on derby day its first circumstances I think. Still maintained that it alone as a ability and the question going to be break from the inside the bleaker goal line. What you're going up until all hours but it took a terrible move recently passed by the year's first public one for nineteen only one at the board with a quarter. No it's not a good positive move by. I think too much from the source to think that he just can't run with Tibet the Tibet or sprinters are concerned. The rail a little bit of an intriguing spot I think what we're got to go get that that they're try to establish some position. I mean you can edit for some reason is eight and up melting down the other or than I've always that a little bit of an affinity for a beautiful shot. Seven I think he was written a little bit sort of they had a comfort zone running the way they did let query or a want become from well out of it. It was much closer to debate that they would get Dockett got the better of them I think they've taken back now make one run that eight eked out but he beautiful shot become the back the meat the one opening act. Had a horse all appoint people to its use in your place is number four wars gimme a minute I mean like the source since he ran. Our third after get bumped early in the hopeful last summer at Saratoga it's taken them awhile. But this is the move for Dallas Stewart on the cut back the guys almost 30% we've seen a dud the we've seen would multiple horses cut back when he said that horse has no shot on paper in Dallas Stewart this is what he does best. I don't think pointed here but the draw a line that pat dame out there run terrible there but it isn't that ridiculous a course that Matt said. Are there on derby day. I give me a minute at thirty to one as a horse I'll be using prominently. And Almonte plays we'll get you out on the eighth race here Matt the second leg and of the pick five the first leg of a guaranteed pick four. One and a half million bucks tell the group a mile on the turf and adjusting. You really operate here because you get it they got beat pretty evenly matched forces and a lot of people like raving beauty. Wouldn't be surprised she ran well that spot I just think it's going to be much more difficult situation just because they're better horses in here. I was really impressed with the effort from low down gold stream over the winter approached it late late winter early spring. She's been gone for a lot for a long time he's had a couple or come back from gulf stream it really kind of on I think she's dangerous but I'm gonna go to the inside off limits. Number three or. I thought you ran well in the Jenny widely thought he would flat mile or ought not and all that great or the Hillsborough against Dirk. Go back the last you're in the matriarch that you ought to got a brilliant right Daria now we get capped a lot I'll. I just think that it is kind of the track for her old one turn configuration. And at a mile flat mile what you wanted all along that we do on the morning line I would take that art via the golf looked at the big picture. Five for nine and a mile throw for five at Belmont and may be like you talked about Procter sledge on derby gave AB a horse that just does not like he went. I did not run well there and I'm with the U 72 we are a couple of symbol horses here Almonte off limits and also go back to my old friend on leave produce runs well every single time. As a horse that can certainly be. I involved in the exact debt. Late in the final stretch as they're going a mile at Belmont he's map Ernie your daily racing form the formulate a product is a tremendous product it's like Oprah and a right here probably talk about these races. I'm out forty covered as we cannot deal draft dot com. Hit them big if gronkowski wins. On you think rocks going. To beat parents. Oh I don't know I would I would imagine we ought to be I'll be the best winner's circle Claudia. But it was the quote what the lead that he made that they use torture abuse down Nash and here's a. Do you is that he was asked is he ever gonna ride gronkowski Celek derived thanks so there you go there program on the enjoy golf while we can't thanks event. If now for my money be best public handicap for hot in the country resides in New York for the New York racing association he's Andy sterling all his wreak always picks all his. Our analysis his handicap be defined and Ira dot com. Off all the big races this weekend we are lucky that he's able take a few minutes amidst a crazy weekend for the New York racing association. To talk about a 158 Belmont Stakes are any thank you must be an exciting run when the Triple Crown ends up in New York every couple years. It is I mean it was the Belmont Stakes are great they're a knowledgeable crowd what they're placed the road and you sit. And we've heard that they're racing with multiple grade one. Six in total and a lot of other great steaks well but when you how we're going to Triple Crown is always a lot of you know there's going to be it's if it gets an opportunity to see history and I look back in my life. Our first Belmont Seattle slew of Al sort of herb for our two hours I didn't know for years one. And it ended its its amazing thing we think about it it took awhile and if you've talked about this and you make a good point. It's not as if they work great horse along the way. There is some randomness to the Triple Crown has been situation where horses and got to give the good enough but there situations. Left them falling short of that wherever recently but it wasn't in the Belmont it was an erase along the way. Absolutely I think that's why it's such an amazing achievement even if you you know you're twice as well I don't think that this course was as good as this Triple Crown winner. To be able to win re miles and 56. Weeks of a mile in a matter of five we X remarkable horse and remarkable achievement to be able to be good enough to overcome. It you may have an artery to whatever level. Whether they beat all you and win he's equal weight his. And nobody at this comes after a series of prep race the longer is well. It makes it very special horse and. That's why we see some really great talents I'm along the way that just weren't able to seal the deal of the Belmont is as remarkable as he aren't. But he sent a point given who lost the derby so we Alex who lost it early they both won here to let that start. We're historic wait until horse that ran again. The arguably is Belmont may have been the second best one behind a great. Is chance that people get themselves in trouble Andy looking at justify and they see justify and Baffert and and sort confuse him with America Ferrer a couple years I feel like that's happening is people looking at this race. Well yeah he he's never won a day this course is good because it the same trader this other real quick. But on the other hand you've got a guy in Bob Baffert the really done remarkable things I'm an actor he's now won a derby. And every single one of those forces and won the preakness. And if you look at his previous or eat the Belmont so he would say well it once before there optics are so he's under achieve the. I would say that's nonsense because it. You actually look at Alex and the Atlanta braves' trip one more World Series at great. Tease you know can be very rich and the state and with that those. More than brought what war emblem was. Eight in the Bob first spoke to me. He didn't while the other three was real quiet wasn't on the boat and bites that they read history and Orson you buy those. Getting politically by history he would want Triple Crown and an arm was fortunate to win the preakness is a gold beaver Belmont. Was actually better than the preakness but yeah very bad trip so sort of who were read a book or outright. Which is pretty remarkable it up to me in my book like how like I believe the Cleveland Cavaliers won one game here. All the referees may have been a factor in this series are still down three nothing as we had to decide game four. On final sue if they do he jury the rail that justifies insult the morning line forty fortify favorite should people be concerned and need all about. In a mile and a half drawing the rail for justify. Concerned. No but it does put in this scenario where you draw other buried inside. I have to bring out people's LE a one mile rail and I say you like that from a state. So. He just put situation where others see where the outside in the argument could actually second to. Derby and for the preakness but it could magically drove out so I just by. There are some argument that he would have beaten could justify have been over in the pre. Didn't run as. So the dubious yeah please Al are apt to match the elbow or some connection which. He's going to be. In a perfect world would clearly just like exercise about you know off the rail and stalk behind the couple. I think it Wayne Lucas to create the bond so. Really likes is worse to be aggressively. I think in robot is gonna get aggressive I feel it could be shot. Whether it's second or third year post three wars first or second. I wonder what bothers go to the worst that could prevent him from being able to come forward because if justify you're sitting on lead horse in Sackett. It will sort of local law as though they. He's going to be very hard on the horse I don't think distance is gonna make it was straight. Any mention noble Andy do you believe he's a rabbit beat oral so. I think he is. It's a very strange or sure it's funny because like I was talking about it with Jerry Bailey and bought two of course southern city. About this morning because you would you would think that. You would think it. Practice. He's Michael always in the order of both courses via look so it was a close or nobody has yet to win this race in black seat on the front. But no with the also has common ownership with just are so I don't see how we could reduce that compromised justified but I don't think that just problems. But it entrance entry in this race is a little bit strange a little bit top could be sure. Yet stuff and it adds interesting piece of this puzzle outside a justify any who the horses that you look at and say those are. Legitimately contenders to wood to knock off this chance for Bob Baffert number one sports. I think if you are a perfect world you play or that are that are actually pick by. You would want to be alive to war if you want justify. I think you would want hot or cool like his second place you would want the apple mentioned he also taught what shall campers or Belmont. And you want or are on top of that and but this course and finished third in the pre citizen. Rapidly improving light horse. I opportunity. Could we. He's very lightly raced. I guess the good over that actually. He clearly is going to be about portal and second and the truth is. He never really run that well. He sort of hope that he couldn't pull the distance you could improve the scene in which they do ID B 882 big step forward to. And it actually quite swears and old. We'll party closer and the water beetle so closer to 821. And below so where and actually one would more or ask about and taught lecture shown government credible app. Getting worse is the Belmont Stakes that didn't work in the preakness many of them ran derby some didn't. And I think that tempo as well Kristina Rasmussen. Or some group a dispute Derrek Lee kittens or who actually. But he also that at least stressed he wants to go walk. I think that and old beatle also probably the two biggest threats along. Yen to and temple what thought ran a better race number vase of did largest base in the trip and in the preakness and twelve the one. You're getting a great number there are you tweet about a little bit patriot fans are wondering Andy's early what is crawled gonna do on Saturday. Well you know we really audience because in the service that they. It sort of ridiculous of course it's never raced the other I'll never raced to the running against forces of lesser caliber that excerpts so you're. The battle and come here legally. And that is what I think and point he's supposed to be the 1200. And going to be about twelve as well and about what else is unbelievable popularity. And it name of the recognition factor so he's terrible about how you look at. I will say it trader at brown was a good friend of mine he's been pretty vocal about the press is very impressed he worked. Army Lily in its talented horse. But it don't have a cup. Couple weeks of that he knows yet you know how can you know whether or not good enough to beat these courses people will be held in good worse but let me you can literally like this. The request. Well one of the horse for a good couple races Andy you would we have not talked about it all here feel that this week blended citizen who won the Peter Pan which the prep for this race. He's not get any buzz he seems a running style that might be there what did you not like about the number templates it's. This could slow. Listen they're you know they're young horses they can improve in your opinion is that the Belmont Stakes in pretty late because there are some courses that there are relish this distance. It might who would be in 1008 that whether it is. I don't see idol it's not good horse I think it was a Peter Pans against. Here competitions. That absolutely per trip in the second should've won the race be unstoppable this start. I don't think it was an odd that orchestrate the port of people that again. We'll see if just the vikings get down we know this weather gets it done or not as you mentioned Andy that the card itself on Saturdays is is just outrageous from beginning to and a really starting on Thursday. With the festival heading into the Belmont Stakes day on Saturday in the race before it. I I had a really tough time with the go a mile and a quarter in the Manhattan Chad Brown's got a very strong hand. On the inside with the Robert Bruce in the Al solid beat patrol is it is easiest Chad Brown in the Manhattan. He's certainly Allah that were of the to jab that wasn't even though the Cold War accomplished. I'd look a lot of loose I don't do very well and he buried. Different circumstance that's more staple for him seven sevenths you'll hit one with the US. The others were done with Chile in the race there but he got up on fort Marcy. By sitting close to slow pace. But he really closer watch or pay this race a lot and so I think that there's two lover whose borders should be patrol was a much more war with weekly course. So I do like a lot of pollution here but I think there's a long shot it's a little interest in your that the knowledge. Circle. He I have to take up 41 better on but he got a really lousy trip. On the yielding to her last time church. Don't wanna be on the rail would hurt get sweet spot easily derby. And he was dalliance I've always at least that even the stretch. And one that only by links so I'd be. All at Belmont what do you like to be a good horse and I think he had a chance to upset the right sort of. FL like closes wouldn't have an opportunity here it's others to get back to Belmont was one. I know I do well you you bench at all I don't want to misquote you if you said on the record any of the met mile is your favorite race of the year. I love that idea is affiliates in the I've always welcome back up. One bird flat bile when I look back over my light of the racetrack it's only in the race or some folks in. Vividly remembered as so many. Then you get great courses are shortly to Bobby Frankel. Com source Gallup leaflet in the Belmont coal wood into one of them individually and all reachable hours between you all so many great. Over the years including only able goes. On my guess is you look this field and thought this thing lives up to the height because from from one to ten. I thought a loaded loaded field for the met mile on Saturday. I really on race and you've got my goodness this is the big dog. Trying to live a mile something he's never done they'll go to a mild one of them is what we are start Billy at the bell yet. Yeah it was a solid second base that are on our back. Last year we are battling the wild but he better going order and the rail post doesn't. And probably what it was to be here and be jurors to control XP. You talk about slow to develop their verdict I'd be jurors perceive that as is very dangerous course but I mean good samaritan trying to build on it. I want the eagle router. Never got a one turn mile to only gone to her while they work out sixty I thought it was true closed at eight last part could go at Churchill at. Borrowers that their Saturdays there in the mile. Where he can. Laid back and hoped to make that one of which there is but in an aunt as well as on the outside futures. What you think go but Ian Wilkes yet McCracken another mile race under his belt. I'm glad to see that he would go to at least try the met mile within. A very good your last year eight. Over recourse billion dollars in the first two years but primarily running to churn rate is always felt better a lot while so like it yet to actually have. Wondering necessarily good. I think it here that they Grisham Barrett who is similar in style that you bit better. I'd say it's a hell Hillary stay in those three races lead up to the Belmont Stakes and Ira dot com to see all the information there. As candy said there are plenty wagering opportunities for you clued in and Ira vets late pick five. On the leads with the Belmont on Saturday any you know your busy thank you taken a few minutes and I enjoyed Belmont Stakes day. Any time like I really appreciate appreciate all the kind words and I hope everybody comes were seeing everybody ought. Eric so that is we can't have better air people. Or what what what if gronkowski runs Saratoga they get the pats fans up there before the football season. It'll be crazy but probably I'll be probably equally. Any bags. Art expert. Oh we're winning writer Dick Girardi with us once again courtesy expressed that got comic visit expressed that for free Belmont Stakes wagering guy wager on the races. When you can't get to the track it is free it's right there in the front of the website there's no sign up be just go right there click download it. And he got a tremendous tremendous set. The information pieces for you on Belmont Stakes day and you're going to need it because in a tremendous day of racing in the Belmont Stakes they great handicapping puzzle. I Dix second time in three years the a Triple Crown once again on the line for race fans. Yet can be on boards or lead. Do it again by. It. It's open source sports side. Those are. There are source nobody's ever. Under the go out there shall we went. He is the prohibitive favorite pollen most likely winner for short when they run on Saturday you're guy Dick we talked about this with you whenever we hagee on. I you work with them the virus speed figure guys the big part of your handicapping. So icy justify Andy's gonna be 45 on Saturday and I see sever are regressing buyer pattern. What does that say to you what should I make of that is somebody like yourself who is very much into the speed figures. Here a look at it well there is an order of things that makes me a little less confident. Despondent and the other races because they're good in 97 witnesses but what was. Of his career. But to try to put some perspective that it is the way to earn. Other courses that have war on terror in. Combined. 48 times only one on any of those were got bigger better than justifies were bigger than you know what so what 98. But that's global perspective. And I think the preakness was they will always. I didn't realize the full at the scene. So all of but Matt really has put well out as little. On the backstretch on the so you really want or yet there. I think it much later on Saturday. I'd be more white. Compaq is animated movie or more only relations at the bit all the way it was civil and got a clue about one of seven fires at a lot. A lot closer there and fire that. Let's every American power trip that's might buy follow up Dick is if he's gonna run that race is gonna win it. What is the trip that he gets verses on the other side give a year in envision it I do you envision a trip that might not get it done for justify on Saturday. Yeah I I. Yeah it was it is not without it he is finally all set up well that is going to be great numbers six. In a 111 days of Saturday. With what those are the role of great foundation that the supplement our. Mile area. The most likely scenario if they if the is there's some wars that we're not expecting. Should unexpected these and other perhaps justified now whale as it's much easier when you're. Out of the battle of the outside. Inside. Outside her. In abstracts and outside. Of the tool. That was not the scenario that might opt out and interest. So I think there are uses for the for the first hundred or nature to them out there in the later and that it by themselves and from that point. Is but what really aren't there yet there or if somebody wants to acknowledge what. Yeah we're talking a map earlier about the stick how how we're exposed to his handicap purse figure out. You know this common ownership thing between you know obviously restoring hope Bob Baffert trains both restoring openly trains justify you have noble India on the outside. Partially owned by windstar windstar owns justified it's good for no validity go to the frogs that that's a venal rose so for micro politte. Who also owns both horses here venal Russell and hot. Does that factor in all your handicapping this race. Yeah I restoring old. Is what the the concern for me because I spoke to you. If recent race is more probable one is worse. Even the mild. Races in the vicinity of the of the week as well made racist I spoke. Out. Certainly ought to the bulk of them are justified. In. You know our. That was the story. Or apartments are where is that the main major force are justify. It by all that Michael all orders earlier and what do they wanna you. Or with the fact or are they gonna wanna put him in the right now that. I think probably the second fastest or in the as far as are we see. Four acres on all. Oh well the I think there are probably the worse than expected. They'll wait for new align justify and it is the first. I don't know why they sent out itself the that would await in the race. Actually I'll back there there in front of justify. A month. Yeah I'm with you but I think if if their if their belief has looked noble and he can't win this race. Veto rose so can be Derosa as the number rate awards for Todd Pletcher top directors had a great test here. If Michael Foley wants to win is not their best chance to win is to Wear down and hound justify the way and did the comparison of making this week. Was it Jerry Bailey and Eddington whether he wanted to or not Jerry Bailey and adding ten. And your funds and recovery Smarty Jones how does Smarty Jones. About a mile that backstretch and I hate if they they wanna win with a closer noble and he could do that on Saturday. Yet but. You know very quiet and calm but he didn't break from Europe and the that honest and after an Angel over L Wald and and the FAO in my OL. Up there it's sort. About what your lucrative businesses in subplot. And certainly right up all of them back as there's like this fourteen years ago when. What supported jump out by those who like you love the and Jerry inexplicably in the in this day is is basically party and also for our outside the mortgage. And that a lot of free throw. They Smart. So you are going back to justify had him in the derby and the preakness and looking your picks in the wagering guide. Itself would you think key even if he's not as good as American ferry I was confident in these last couple races Dick that he just too good for this group. He'd beat them over and over again on the war worse with an incredible record. At it was a downside obviously is. It only happened once the forty years and some really of course is that the in this spot Smarty Jones being one of them but we didn't circumstance. Adjusting what you look back on rapper. Now again partly because they have tried. Two of them are American. When race and insert silver charm rat race a lot Obama. Loses by less polite but I suspect in the real quiet. Lost by now. So that apple is he figured that. Does this mean there is a lot of movement but not I'm not there and then but he dies that the couple answers them pretty well. But also. In the wagering. The reality is that the moderate or does not do what they're asking justified to do try to win relations in five weeks. Separatists series. And the way to Belmont Stakes or has that part of the Serb police say bye week. And a back in the Obama and the two horses that that that pattern. We have the most now. And you know and so and so you look at dot they're obviously people opt for Iran you know so. That's not up all of mortal rate it all all. Sorts. They courses absolutely. And these orchestrated by the guys that for. Yeah you mentioned off Turkey's he's very logical given his running style the way he was able to close in the Florida jury by an audible Randi good third. In the Kentucky Derby. I just that the price of the issue for me and I'm curious stick these wagering guy comes out a week before you've gotten your wagering guy was the justify hopper exact. That'll be the favorite over the second choice have you have you changed your opinion dolls that still in your mind the best way to play the game putting off Burr under. I justify the exact derby changing thing and in your tax. I can't change actually in the update might now why. Oh well and justified. You know rose. Last week and national and felt reason for that Leo that written that slot. And yet we're not all opt for mark. I'm not that now back. That's just not my style. Kind of what I try to it would hurt each round but he's the whole race of the year but we finally got there I actually called the super. Oh wait. Wait. But yeah for a while out on upper back or it could be right. Report yet justified or double opt for 11. And another a lot of people. Law though. It would be justified and then. Okay I'm I'm police. On that one. Someone is worse now from one war morally worse but not. Were there on the 10. Yes a mob patriot fans tuning in to see a gronkowski runs giving your our projection here Dick of a hot like what kind of race he runs on Saturday. You have somebody of the for. And Jose Ortiz Doug and actually it's worse than first time on third. Really we're adding insult our opposition in England. One all our resources or world that you on the earth. I don't think we have any. Sort of Burke by all. Now on well 01. Training. Is a complete guess and they well who want it is a great price you look more like 45 birdie one. I would broken now I would be surprised well. I vote people battle on electric rock but I'm on the. I justify hopper and veto Roselle a top three. I he emailed the preakness yet it ice cold he was on justified. In the Kentucky dear we'll see in AV and close it out here in the Belmont Stakes part of a tremendous wagering card on Saturday it is it. We talked about off the air for a second Dick yet and I agree with you. This is Dallas second best betting day of the year. It it Saturday readers or is the bet. And they've bought Volvo and for which you roll on Friday. I think the consensus court party even more all day. From the burglaries in the eleventh grade wants. Them just should worry courses open them brokered that. Deal. I'm not even on rentals. These big races I'll bring up quite early on and so that. No I will be with your buddy Johnny B expressed at a Mohegan Sun for the error event were start with the third race because there's so many good races. Lot of talk about on Saturday what are your thoughts on a couple of the early races on Saturday including not their race the Ogden Phipps bodies are Phillies in mayor's going a mile and a sixteenth. A pretty cute you can pretty competitive field here opt for the first grade one of the day. Are you now migrate now upper lip on the Belmont Stakes there where went Belmont with the rebel forces there but men that work there also. And what forced that together by one fire altogether is it was one of those sources. She won the acorn. At Belmont park. Like on backward. It's something that hit them that you. But what's wrong with. He for the derby. I'm an epic American girl down upset. Come back really strong here you really has seven furlong races I think she was here in this race. I'm I'm a film where he now. But a little bit about that but what about on what. Now I was the only winner we had derby there was American gal she ran well that dates you can get a good trip here. Obviously it's the unchained melody runs back and humility won the mother goose a year ago looked like one of the best three year old fillies in the country. Went wrong in the Alabama against the late and I got in the ralphie and on the return. On the into the lakers offer violate we'll see how she returns but. She she has the talent as sort of a few horses used 100 buyers be figured she did as a three year old filly so. W on American gal but I'm gonna try to get unchained melody in the mix as well we'll skip at a couple races the fifth race. On Saturday is the Brooklyn mile and a half that's one of the handful of times and twice on Saturday the go to mile and a half these are all the forces goal that same distance. As a three year old later on the day. There's a response to industry they wait is that Belmont Stakes marked as well that a little bit at age or. What they're gonna run the Belmont Stakes here alum mile fractions were there more like. If there's very China but this where is very I end up oil out play but I pulled out and make it up. I walk is backed very at gulfstream. Settlement. On the I thought but the line is that races Churchill on derby day there were so many horses that ran and so all of a form that does that lack. It was quiet and sit on the line is that I think he's right up here the day. But what really put it now effort. For but he has an Obama thing. Oh without way by as a but you'll simply opposite. That's a tough race there to really be confident you'll see these courses go mile and a half buried often will be plenty of love. For opportunity 'cause people are gonna see the wind. He has there and with Stafford as the day at last year that maybe he comes back Enron's dominant. Take a shot which have brown and take your guns and improving four year old who shall look of the tell last year. Faded out has come back and run faster races than he did a year ago gets two hours Oreo who in these longer races seems to do we really nice job we had a couple winners. On long race we should McGahee says take your guns for me and Chad Brown also wanna hit on one turf race for your job tick that's the Draper at the six race gonna begin a that'll guaranteed 500000 dollar pick sixes and threes all they picked fourth pick five pick sixes. I turf sprints are a very tough. Wager for me some open for some help on how to navigate through the great to Draper. It really fun race so many or and so many possibilities. Of course in his pocket change for a servicers they are diesel. Sources say one or two years ago when his support for the last year for. It the war by forces. But one on that they may be because. I and so often. On the war that there is life he lost Pennsylvania a just unbelievable. That water and fire on the last summer it was just a horrible orbit. I liked the under on the back one and he got along really well of course. But on the way. The but like. As you mentioned pocket change man you you talked about your sensation in Pennsylvania. I've seen Jason's that it eats. He is a great train all around Jason servers with turf sprinters eyes figured something out. He's had a huge Belmont starting slate put in a 50%. He ate her spring numbers are outrageous in the sources done nothing wrong since getting on the turf to bang up races and anywhere near ten to one. I know is at the same sort of cachet is that story liberal or pierce and station. I'll read on the outside a couple or Disco partner. Who ran huge. Last year at Belmont. I'm gonna beyond that the up and comer and hot and pocket change with Jose Ortiz. And Jason's or risk of defaulting to the best turf sprint trainer on that I confide we're not defaulting within our party go addicts are. That's great point Mike I think if you can get back or something you have. One out here is that situation. He has them on the court. Well we'll get John this we talked to Bob Baffert. Before did that the pimp it before the preakness even about where he stands now among young dirt trainers and I don't know where he is and obviously top what you really good. A second Triple Crown here in three years I'll I'll I'll read an end is it is Bob Baffert then the conversation for. Greatest trainer of all time based on what he's done. There's a question on the look all that wants and as they. 1930. And 35 Sony is Jim Fitzsimmons now fox all of yeah. Two win two problem and adapt and they've been out front in the finals every year up with it can't but it will announce a date certain in the the fight might he had a great sport. We're. Every 18 Triple Crown races from night. Lou there. And then able. Just smoked pot with a couple rounds in 2015 and now another so yeah it is of the Triple Crown win bumper there with your record. Second round which would record again. Stations. As best they ever do it and to be getting better and better courses. This might not be able. We had that health scare and it feels like he's had sort of a second push after that healthcare it's more focused or not but I'm with you I think the woolly. Putting him in the upper Echelon of trainers all time should get this done. I do yourself favor what they give you Mohegan Sun or Suffolk downs were re going to be at home. I hear this weekend go to express spent dot com print out the expressed that wagering guide it is free it's good picture arteries taken there it's got new meat. Who once again has taken a stand against justified now you'll never pick the source. God global. An addict great stuff enjoy what a tremendous weekend there are Belmont and we'll talk Q outcome breeder cup Breeders' Cup. They're out there might there injured they can what comment. Well we can't do much better than that for different handicap or swath four different topics. In the Belmont Stakes on Saturday at picture Marty stick with his guide justify. Map birdie you're going to 31 restoring hope Andy sterling. Is gonna what tenfold for honesty das is the twelfth the one and you could probably get. A tees up listening to the podcast here on the goal of 821 a veto rose so the eight number race horse in this field as my top pick in this Belmont Stakes I think for the big thing for me. Is the Todd Pletcher history with horses that run the derby take the five weeks off and then come back in the Belmont Beano roast so. Fits that category heading ninetieth buyers speed figure in the wood memorial winning that over enticed and restoring hope Bernie ears pick in this race. He had no shot in the derby you heard the nope there about Johnny V with Detroit you don't like the slot. He's train lights out he's got the best closing pace number on the time for numbers here. And I think he's gonna get a great set up because I do believe and if I'm wrong about this in a blogger on about the race but there's more speed on paper that we expect justifies not gonna get that long lead. It's not gonna be just justified restoring hope whim operator suggested I provide us look at chose to speed I certainly think and I believe in more so them are also. Noble Andy's going to go so that's the case I think there's some traffic up but I think the speed up front I want a closer. I want to veto roast so. As my top pick in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday morning like eight to one for Todd Pletcher and John blast is a war site at wanna know part of in the derby. But found myself keep come back kept coming back to in handicapping this up Belmont Stakes on Saturday. Argo justify second is the most help divorce if he wins. So be it. A kickoff org third and I'll go with the number seven horse tenfold as the last pick their so I'm I'm I'm basing my play on closers. I really am and at the speed of the holding up and it's proviso in its noble Indian sorcerer who would get. Easy lead with justifying. I'll likely be ripping up tickets. But I'll play for more speed up front. I'm playing veto roast on top of justify. Prosper and tenfold and really key for me it's been a row so. Because a veto rose soapy runs in the top three with any ill logical noddle include the four right mentioned amber Abbas or to an extent. All will have the trifecta so Mikey horse and in all three slots on Saturday in the Belmont Stakes will be been well also. For Todd Pletcher Michael poli and John Alaska's as brother thoughts on the day. Our other races on interest in being involved in the number the eighth race the just the game. Birdie or I talked about it off limits. I think you sitting on a monster race. For Chad Brown gets back to Belmont park three wins there five wins the distance. I'm a fact on a play off limits and on leave. As a as a as an exact in that race. And the woody Stevens race number seven. I want people take a look at give me a minute I was going to be thirty what thirty to one. Probably even a higher price than that. It's a cutback move that is so good for Dallas Stewart. I'll be using him in all sorts exotic plays in real. God willing hits the board. Will be any good spot there in the woody Stephens and he is the number four wars gimme a minute for Dallas Stewart and for John bull I've done job Alaska's Javier Castellano. Getting back on a and sellers joy in the Manhattan at eight to one of the warts and adjusted in on Saturday. I should be some great racing opposite many of you out there at Mohegan Sun for the great Belmont Stakes a great opportunity. Policy Triple Crown potentially but the wagering top to bottom is as good as it gets open put Johnson winners here. Or last hour or so enjoy the Belmont Stakes over the weekend we'll talk to again. Come breeders cup time here on across the ball.