Across the Board: Handicapping the 2017 Breeders Cup

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Thursday, November 2nd

Mike Mutnansky is handicapping the 2017 Breeders Cup with Bob Neumeier, Matt Bernier from The Daily Racing Form and Dick Jerardi from


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Well simply put this in beat him best betting game of the year. If you play the horses on a regular basis on a semi regular basis with three times a year it does not matter if the soup. Purples. Of handicapping this weekend it is Breeders' Cup 2000 at seventeen yes we are back by popular demand it. The four time a year. Horse racing podcast here on W week yeah I we do it derby day we do a pre is they would go for the Belmont we do it for. The Breeders' Cup with separates this day from the others is that. This really sort of the end that's Michael the Super Bowl because you've had all year to look at. The on the cases of football it's teams in the case of these horses it's these horses all year long they've raced against Joseph they battled back and forth the one money lost money. And now they square up these huge huge fields and huge huge price that would make it to me such a great betting day. Because of the date. Days weeks and months in advance the of these big full fields and you have huge prices horse that should not be. 62171821. Hello in some cases two or three to one are gonna be there for the taking on Friday and Saturday there are doubles their victories there's guaranteed pick four pools and if you liked to bet money on the horses it doesn't get much better than this weekend. On the highlights gonna be Saturday night Breeders' Cup classic 8:35 eastern time there at old Del Mar first time they'd done it at Del Mar boutique Neitzel seat. How it plays out their irrigate against got water Eric gay the defending winner we picked last year. I'd be California call it a mile upset. And I came through big for us. Help us clean up a lot of messes over the course of the day no California chrome this year Eric gate maybe not as good as he was a year ago. Goes up against a very good Orson is all right. As a four year old he is fast he can come from all the pacing go to the fun and it's these two. Hot in a classic showdown at least on paper feels like one. For the ages panel collected for Bob Baffert is four horses West Coast getting some love like a major price we'll get to that. Are coming up and not to win. The Breeders' Cup classic but at 31. I'm gonna use them underneath the and Almonte plays exact is and tries. Ot answer perfect it all starts at four Breeders' Cup race on Friday afternoon at Dell mark and then nine more on Saturday thirteen in total. It's solicited this podcast Daniel like racing be like racing you should join us at Mohegan Sun on Saturday will be there all day long. Handicapping these races it is always the best Breeders' Cup party. On the East Coast is a free event it's album right there on the ball wrong they get the big HD screens they're on the wall they've got the betting windows they've got the teller service they've got giveaways they've got T shirts they've got the buffet they've got the waitresses a serving whatever you want over the course of the afternoon. If you don't have plans yet for the Breeders' Cup and its last minute you think I can't get. It's free there's plenty Iran and it's always a good time and hopefully we put you walked on to some winners. One of the guys who'll join us on Saturday will join us here on the podcast today and as always we try to although the podcast of people. They're gonna put you on winners over the thirteen now races really the focus frost the next hour or so will be on the race is on Saturday. Our post some thoughts ball Roddy and Saturday on Twitter at Mott and UT. WEEI and I'll go over at the end of this. A couple of horses a couple of races I'm gonna focus on. Op thank you get a gist of it over the course next hour. With our guest Dick Girardi the daily racing form and express spent wagering guide Ott is gonna join us here is he always thoughtful spent some time a couple body races with Dick later on in the podcast map Bernie year of the daily racing form NBC sports western mass native. I he works the racing form their products including forming later. I want ice to handicap these races if you are pro familiar with the daily racing form. And use their PP's you should by now be on a formula later. And there are great products there a map or join us through a lot of the heavy lifting as part of the Saturday card again my picks there at the end. Right there at the end of the podcast and on Twitter at Mott and UT WEEI and sprinkled throughout imagine one of our guests will join us Saturday at Mohegan Sun. I he is Bob knew Meyer Bob new Myers worked out on the Breeders' Cup since its inception I've been at the Breeders' Cup this 1984. I work these events he's been on TV since 1990s. Not on TV this year and that is our game. Because probably with us there on Saturday able league it's on held don't come. You got the wanna see me I know that trust me you guys wanna see new me he's the guided or when asked about or down there. Knew we will be there newbie is a very sharp handicap Purdue because of these races on a daily basis he will be there Saturday Mohegan hope you'll join us as well. He will lead us off on this across the board podcast getting you said. The 2017. Breeders' Cup. Well Obey their Mohegan Sun on Saturday for the Breeders' Cup we've been here for a lot of Breeders' Cup on a Triple Crown races and get some great racing fans that are there. I'm the first and they say after mocking me for something dumb I said on the radio is how is new we where's knew me where new respects. This year we're gonna make it easy Bob knew Meyer is going to be there at Mohegan solemn myself in Jimmy's or. I'm handicapping now what is really the best thing handicapping card. For worst players of the year he is Bob knew Meyer Bob happy Breeders' Cup and rolled that he would be joining us on Saturday morning it's. Number I think there are people who re Christians who were I have to Syrian market so that's off although on. Osama has done. Kind of don't meet the undertaker because they're buried a lot of people with somebody's picked. I think NYT hey you know we know the water is is that. Let nobody is you heard it was a while I'm right everywhere like I should be deterred and hopefully they'll be warned the. Well just we're just wait and it they're gonna love you to give up that first that they cannot come up and they start throwing tomatoes in it you'll get you'll get used to that you you're familiar with. Our sports fans here in the area I wanna talk about a couple these races with you because fifty a sharp handicap for newbie but I wanna start. You've you've pretty much been a ball with the breeders' cups since the beginning were you there in 84 when they had the first Breeders' Cup a Hollywood park. There and I was present Internet as a better. I was went. Or forget it the journalist and fought the urge you to listen pastor Larry. He was from Hartford it I was with a felony Angel and Eddie who is. What is still connected and I degrees guys from my days so in the whalers in Connecticut and they were both. Tremendous. Friend who is in the course players a new shot at the British top fours. Instituted back in the early eighties we we don't know I tried to you know and we should believe it or not that today. In here and actually had a few Whitney's second producer by remote Joseph there Mike why shouldn't he was gracious that to happen. Is off for about a half an hour and I didn't get the job. By yeah I spotted. Bossa. June oh. Los Angeles now defunct Hollywood park. For the first Breeders' Cup 1984 sort yeah I don't look a ball well wolf the first race. Portuguese. In case you guys go through the air conditions like every Parcells. That tiger what people like the late Sheikh action settlement hardy. And proper spot and being that you obstinate senators that are that are. This simple obliteration and these guys. Joseph and ossetian you know. What stage. Couldn't be the leader Abu Dhabi broadcaster I'm gonna work for an BC and the Breeders' Cup. Pregnant Russert I. That your New Yorkers are absolutely part oh. You know in 1930 right handed an error lead I didn't really. Harder. We shall we say strongly but he really discover all ethical the term he worked at that it was the executive producer of NBC and horse racing and said that we'd like to work for the Breeders' Cup. That was restarted it 1990s sort results. It was a bit of fort sheltering in 1984 finally tell those guys report today I would York. And it it. I've done it you and you've you've done well the newbie and endure it was a Dick and Burgundy host in 1990 new act as a handicap or sell the program went. He did and I was so I hate upper and also an analyst in the quarter. And that that was like virtue here that was 1990 was in Belmont park it and what I remember about it very distinctly marked was. Oh it was like get there first in the gift was to be given a chance. Well for NBC. Well for the Breeders' Cup reassure right Dick Gilbert was the most could have been more gracious could've been English could have been questioned me hour to some. You do all the kids that you know just got a job and was happy to be here. And the Contra what happened during that day because it was. It turned out to be incredible. Raced between him that this staffer. Between not between empire cola or marriage should say and go for Wanda they're hooked up. And it nostrils and Austral for the entire way. The turtle in the stretch and it will use highly anticipated. And highly regarded and golfer wants to arm suffered an injury during their rates and had to be particularly on the track. It was Carol. I corporate strategic growth in the there are big guys like jockeys like Angel Purdue or whatever will be your world like chronic he has been left the track because it was such a virtual machine for all concerned I think everybody. Rigorous enforcement it and whatever. It great I hate it you sort fuel but that's really what the law and say that's a reporter. Look around immediately triple reporters who signed it I mean there's nobody dare Britney. So I'll poke block party in cheers but remember I'm definitely. Which require coal loan that we underage you couldn't care less or reduce it to sure it was a buckle for wounding. Where she gonna make it where she's been a lit bit of Republicans initially as well. Gary and I can't cure it nothing really there's light that day. In and home. He was amazing it and truth I kind of if you which turned out well it in new roles in things given the circumstances. What they were actually not that got beat back where it's. You know one by the British government BC and I would say that maybe one day they're they're also helped he gets there a potential recruits as well sort lots. Or forget that there for a lot of reasons but I picker get their courses Woodward. It's it's a should be part of the sport a man day eight bells in the Kentucky Derby indeed few if you've been dead at the track when. I you have one of these breakdowns. It is tough to to put in two words and have to cover you know Bob and Ted the talk to the people involved right afterwards as you know they have so much invested. Undies owners and jockeys and trainers in the sport. Good to see it take in the it taken away and in one bad step. That's got to be a tough thing to do it's it's got to be an emotional moment to try to talk to people. It is very good reports are all or none you know people who aren't. Investor in the sport I have no idea what this is all about. Arm by Porsche racing and fellow resident just debris oval course. Is a magnificent. Think the city and to watch it deceit and murder. It it's. It's are you sure what you really really have no idea what it's all pol but people are edgy paper that you mentioned are very worst quarter per much investigator and its. Then there's so helpless. Because. They're athletes. Athletes get hurt up he's getting injured on the job there and our senior you know my career is football guy and other sports as well there and there is no helplessness to. There were so cheated now what are they could just in terms of the injuries and particularly in the National Football League and you know we kind of role horizon bark and question certain. They didn't like about the corporate real part of the game errant. If you're part of it. If you want it. I'm not and nothing ever happened for the goodness. It's that it can get some experience center we have some of these guys and not just took my captain. On that there are no longer a little from their thinking birdie. First human Britain's got. That goal of one had to be prepared in for an audit their purpose actually you know some people couldn't see it yeah thank goodness yeah. Well they support they always slightly give the single a lethal injection in the actually you know look course was very good this it was a magnificent tree you'll Philly. Written or heard start against our callers and our race there and as they asserted that beat it the other would be after it was. Cereal at best or worst. Well I don't couple years ago and talking about people of the sport and nobody you love the sport because you age your recovery Greer help elements you're you're you're still playing and you've got there the media those handicap internment for media. The aftermath of of when you've got sick and you you've come out and you win the thing. And sorting your first off the layoff there as you're making your recoveries talked to me in a last year at this time about. How the thought that you helped your recovery tear you're playing a lot this is what. You do you've been invest in the game at. As president of the Breeders' Cup on any big Breeders' Cup score story are our listeners need some good Mo Jo heading into Breeders' Cup week here are. What was it upbeat stories that I had breeders' cups are a couple of successes are a lot of failures as well. You shouldn't. No help and then I can't help but think of the Breeders' Cup in my lord please don't you just a couple of days ago this is the but this year anniversary of the suffering media. Bilateral cerebellum stroke which I listen Leo operated on for lord sort belt which is part of the green that I understood. For most of ours on the table that not general hospital and were able to thankfully luckily. With the help of doctors and nurses and we have people in my wife and all of that stuff. Not to survive this but I believe in my heart of hearts. And so people might disagree. Part a lot of different aspect that we may pick up the contest. Afterwards. Apparently it is still part of why he. What you will but I've always an elite are probably it's been a better aren't always looked at it it'd be just part of maybe there's a part of the we go out if you will history here Bruce. You're bringing it is important that we users are reading. There anyway I was operated on former marine that. You know they told we look at the more accurate it to be eighty. The better offered it because floated outside the shore development balance equilibrium. In short term you're not should go outside a problem with several bones so. What is your submarine. Our current. It is it is better than in the cabinet for the parade because it's its analytical. Not a very political I. I like salt problems so people like doing something in your terms crossword puzzle. I like it cannot think why because it's important Richard you're doing. It's pretty mutual which means it's me against you wouldn't be against the deal and its people. Doubt our early in the game and I feel to defy the work harder and shorter than your average Joseph. The long haul. Our local. Survive will prosper cool they want the there who are now over the years there it is because I can put in the time because I do it capitalist because that this will be out and ran right at the stroke. We'll get your. And all all Idaho. I don't know how important are not at but it's helped articulate in a great way and in fact. You know I don't know where the hell are due in order to bureau's it is because this is to vote whether they actually can do. It is is there actually sit on the written or been there and didn't. In Pawtucket in the Breeders' Cup is all over the world because it's. It gets a little overwhelming to anybody who Turk and the so what do you races and so we're opportunities and so many horses. I can be overwhelming if you and so you try to. So apart as best secure. There and come up with a couple of ducks who nearly in this kind of particular window into our post. Well to that and you've done your handicapping and you have because jury part of the expressed that wagering guide Dick Girardi has long been a part of what we do here on the podcasted. Dude did during the Triple Crown during the Breeders' Cup and Gail read your coverage in the expressed or wagering guide X coverage there as well I want to hit on Bob a couple of races that you talked about in the Breeders' Cup leader got race you've gone over again people wanna get. Your insight on these races the first one you dig didn't. You can't make it easier to yourself I'm an old US sign that sir you do you volunteered but that the ninth race on Saturday the Breeders' Cup mile. Ott is an absolute crapshoot I mean this is a race that. I'm supposed to like Europeans that they like the terror but the American horses of dominated. This race as of late there's a lot of speed but not a whole lot of close a wanna grasp onto I did you see. The Breeders' Cup mile on Saturday it's gonna come up as race nine it's going to be part of the aisle late pick four in fact a lot of money guaranteed. I think three million bucks guarantee Natalie picked fourth start of the Breeders' Cup mile. Yeah I'll rule. This is interesting. Mark because so let's talk about are a lot perforation virtual race is congress passed. Those are initiated characters purposes there's dirt there appears to her for grass. I Europeans are. The wheels are exclusively or turf or grass they also lured us and better Condit which is perfect if you two are aware that (%expletive) up. The difficulty in indicated capping interest rates is the influx of Europeans. Because they know they that's their game. So when I looked up at the U the American interest if you will our Michael crossed wolf approval like it is the best of the bunch. If I look overseas so my issue that I think the best and underscored by. You're pretty particular recite knowledgeable like Europeans but I see Garrett our affiliate wooly bully. Is in the air and I think she's the best of the European bloc achieved through the twelfth hole which I don't think is great goal in the wild by the way. Our children about it more and more who's one of the best in the world. Intrigued by eight you know why didn't boot this year and so either should asterisk charred body furcal for the heart rate one winds. Now the problem here that's for better. Is that you brought it more calm patient. Is so leave so another words they were a lot. I'm so much this company will work but plenty in New York. No you don't still don't know what he is that she may be a tab over back. But then again there do you ever isn't she breaks in the twelfth hole which is not good now conversely. Our world of trouble breaks from the five hole which are on Alaska's remark astronaut never had any luck with Cassie. I can provider all the time. By and I'll probably go wooly bully and not surged check my chances that. Checkered work out a trip I think she might do the best horse in the race. But I certainly would respect what approval or anybody else is in the air and octagon it's kind of a crapshoot. They should be candidate tasteless that could very strong heart to heart they both locally people strictly side. To be true to pace. So troopers as like you know is what it can't get on the highway. So John you've blocked. It shouldn't but after that and so all of I'm the capital port and road poet gets thrown that would probably you might talk there. Tactically viable to copy your odds sharp. In that were. Yeah it's going to be a race where they give you play Italy pick for you gotta spread wide there at that the mile horses that Bob Bob talked about role polian rip Chester the Europeans look good you mentioned trips. You like world approval you better like Lancaster bomber he was so why against wall approval and would bind to back. Track is sad that a 32 feet more he ran that day he got them the wrong end of the trip he's going to be about forty times the price. A world approvals so I'm with Bob by the Europeans and on and apply try to focus on. Myself on Lancaster bomber in that race on Saturday the next race and I guess. Is going to be one of the the exact opposite it's the juvenile it's derby dreaming here Bob Wright these are the true forces these are the owners that. Think they ever a derby horse their two year old and there's one on paper at least the bull the world that. I stand sticks out like a sore thumb based on that any speed figures you look at. Sure. And look at the content are major with a which archery rolls yeah you'll see in terms are. Let's put it this way let's say they're 151617. Year old athletes. Very little we know that if we have children so we know children. They can go from you know 54 during which is twelve to six for sure which used all over night. So. The cost of Betty true heroes in my opinion is that bad urged Iraq is that they can. They can walk so Dominican regress. Virtually overnight soccer who by the way are really true heroes like integration. So good developmental courses I don't know if it should be fully developed until their four parts seizures shall we talk a bunch Urals. But it will erode you have what I suspect could be. The top two year old thought the last race wasn't over answered here. Art is a sort of mr. editorial which is probably agree that were true sire or stereo in the world right now Dexter talk. On the DL withdrawal is harder than the capsule is project we have then we will races left right particularly the Phillies. So I understand how people can look at. All girl would say this looks like Kucinich. However. Talking about 110. No guarantee. We're talking military too oh no guarantee. If there's a better who does this frequently. I have to check to survive what can contrarian approach. So the more that people don't talk about old Toro the more people hype anything you're just full tour over the Internet. Where the beauty Belle well or irrigate or whatever. I wouldn't bet against because that's just eat and look at it truly an arguably the order so much for spending. In court spreading ultimately over the long all this should be a controller in. So well I'd better against spoke to all who may be a bit beyond but I bet I don't. Well but what second or some kind of instructor or pick through the fourth and singled him but I'm probably soccer what because. I don't trust them don't trust to be rules don't trust juveniles they can look great they can look fantastic three weeks ago. But they can there's the late great. Trainer Charlie winning here would Wear me out of courses are like stronger each they can go walking over night. Work. As you pointed out many times as well when holds a horse like ball or was over bet everyone else's value seek to take the course the rates second to him for Baffert solemn meaning. Who had envisioned to get better with some added distance Jeff Brown's gonna Orson their free drop Billy. Ran well at his sub prep race through this OP don't like bull Toro. I you're gonna get price they were out if you do you might be a single offer some people in the late pick four it's gonna wrap up with the Breeders' Cup classic will see appear. Has pulled against the favorites here and our two standouts this is the this is the big match up here Bob we get Eric gay we get gone water last year we had Eric gate California chrome and irrigate. Able to run him down and start that ridiculous are the wrap up there in the middle portion of what was the Travers classic and then Pegasus romp that he adding on the Dubai. And romp there again. I'm not series is good this year but he is damn guys the best horse I've seen in my lifetime. Your thoughts on the classic can you separate gun runner Eric eighty wanna go outside those top two. Part of our interest rates that didn't it in the lower body error rate there and divers certainly last year look record interpretation you write about. Puppetry irrigate in California homeless and tonight the California Korman. I'm mighty good partner you're there you'll chuck Parker arrogant he was right I was ORR. Dayton beat California cool. But earlier this year where in the world we're in the world thought that early date was an absolutely strange. Indy San Diego handicap at Del Mar. Well I doubt that no horses are Suu Kyi student essentially indicated. Destroyers are but it looked on paper because she had room for a five. For larger operation hero looters cup classic World Cup would do lie need you down and up and down the line. What receiver and their fourth that day five horse field it and didn't run bird walk in and so we're definitely at the fact. It underscores the shock. It's a crazy it you have to understand nickel hit that anything can happen and likely will cheer particular shot. So no commitment true problem. This race. There are people who think that a Serge doesn't like that don't large strip because she got beat last time. Bill Maher decision this first ratio after the dispute disasters in San Diego. The much safely because. Analytics tell these tells me that is stick figure last aren't you know what you ransacked and Lowe's. I want to record isn't so I'm what you an excuse to let you do that don't allow all or not an excuse for error gates. Circuit in his last front. I want I have no particular people bought they ever run a mile and a quarter that's the distance so upbeat British operates. It's been very successful world order. So it's apple enters its black and white take your pick I'd get it they both were great people are phenomenal. Our records. Are both probably going to be colts favored. The more mature reader where maybe eight to five to certify they prepare. Britain either bets I know most markets salt. Or I would leaning toward delicate what because of the fact it is one at that distance. If you will. But I wouldn't have no qualms or body despite picking against Japan it's the coast. Again with controlling play early in the pure as it collect it or somebody else you want to so well I don't know quite what I. Yeah Bob's got a pretty hard it would to a West Coast and a collective we feels like it say a Bob Baffert invitational one or saw mention for people were looking. For price underneath and if they if they feel like that you can't separate those top two. I would just make sure you keep an eye and got a Vera and the unity spot to the number nine horse and theories only a three year old. But he came off a pretty likely lay often and won an easy stake at stake that was set up forma gulfstream park and then the Travers. Showed that really nice turn afoot he showed early this year and he's been off for ten weeks. He is a closer who could have plenty of pace to run that and it thirty or 41. You wanna have a horse underneath some some. Likely winners here and irrigate and got runner and collected and West Coast that's gonna. Juice up the tries in the super is I would keep an eye on gonna Vera what does that sitting about key nice he's been retire with the injury and he'll be my price play underneath. As you said Bob two very very good horses and we want you wanna showdown of the best courses in the. Are all right well look look I got Rivera. Are you pipers are respect your opinion I do because our respect anybody who works at this is opinion. All I would say is you've mentioned sources mark inertia girder you mentioned. Lancaster bomber they're both going to be pricing or whatever I would number dissuade you or anybody else from taking a shot at a parts to that statement again that's why do at all however. I am I in general why. Can't you all gonna build where and so I'll bet you have. Does this here's here's the problem Treo I want this personal you know stick it to whatever restaurant you're the city of Boston. Buy you dinner where you weren't as many drinks you won't open in order. To prepare for a dust Obama win the bridges. I would just say use those horses and we we we here to give we like information here we don't want I don't I. I don't necessary like giving up picks Alec given out information and thoughts and ideas added with. As you say Bob year old handicapping so I'll take. I will graciously accept that offer. And say act like I'm stealing from Uga is the odds are in my favor and I'll take that I will use the underneath but I will certainly happy when they win. To head over to you know Dhabi o.s of one of the great restaurants here Boston take you open now. Outside view and all that well good for me. You can execute that through the windows. Saturday. After Obama they're gonna do I say it won't help well I think you know who plays against the favorites. It is if it's possible economic and all the AP trillion. Are you HR have to be so you know philosophically probably your corner however. Each particular courses. I would say I would think count. Have nurtured stability is. I don't want to go a little. Little alleged that worked for mr. culture on CB regarding courses when I told me that the worst it is an important. And struggled for. Listen the game is about opinions you have one new Wii which is why we are very very lucky to have you and your very sharp opinion. With us on Saturday at Mohegan Sun I'm just curious and I am sure many listeners people listening. Get proper Breeders' Cup are as well war will talk more about these races individually. Emily inside Saturday Bob just. From your approach on Breeders' Cup BO Friday and Saturday what's the what's the pool you you are most going to be focused in on is that a certain multi race that is a type a bat what's. What's the new we focus on a weekend like this. I can be out to put their cold water on this but wouldn't play everyday like I do. Are they beat since I should say four days a week five days a week uninterested in the bottom line. From January 1 through December 31 understood that specific day. So I'm used to Holler I Orton learned over the years what is I used to get all hot and bothered about it. Boatload of money for the derby day or the produced failure of the Belmont day or Breeders' Cup day. For years that. I would. If there's bad. Is that it's been another big guy from Neitzel picked large spots. I guess we're Olympics where where where I think I need to. I picked the same art opera pop because Arlen Burton on the victim or whatever because we're told feature local race by race for comic might pick. I would if it weren't quick little story order top beat the Breeders' Cup purple today. If you it was a picks up and there. Weird to resume execs out for her optics expert work except Google I think to. The late Bobby Frankel. The administrator and a had a string horse entry into the headliner was hurt on ego and that's what was. Look like a lock and I'll accept that you know it's several papers republic and restore the pay at least tomorrow morning. For that acceptance and lord people. Are we. Beat. Are these vertical. Our car paid although it was 21 or two would not with his cup classic. There of course conference. And restrict Marjorie Billy. It and they producer if you we're talking about Jerry and then I think the question was curious what did you say. Should be triggered the panic in Jerry says. I didn't say anything I don't speak British. Editor of the I can't wait it's. It's the Super Bowl for hold wagers like us forced players to great car great prices and a great to wager menu for two days and great day. On Saturday Mohegan you'll see it down their thank you so much for your time we will talk on Saturday program. Al Del Mar the spot this weekend folks Breeders' Cup it's a two day event eats the best couple days of war spending all your long your handicap for you have a couple days to plan these days out yet PP's while advancing you have guys. Like map Bernie our good friend the western mass native who has now made it big he's on the raft dot com handicapping races every day. He's on your TV NBC sports and BC sports network in fact he's there with a beautiful people. In California dull. Don't Hollywood on us Katie still are Boston native remember that. Bit no Hollywood here not at all you know that you know deep down to one of those things where app to be out here I gotta be outside hated because the weather right now. Sensational no look like there was a little bit but Brett currently in the week about the rain on Saturday we're all clear we're get ago report Friday that. You're gonna be I you're out there already you've already done some TV style work people see you well on the tube and on deer at this weekend. If we get delight showed today that it betting the Breeders' Cup they're gonna re air that I believe to more time before the Breeders' Cup coverage begins Friday afternoon I believe the first rate that will have on it up BB juvenile fillies turf. Again and beat the F that I want they'd around 5 o'clock eastern but they have got I'm dumping a ball over the plate. That Saturday will be on NBC had then starting at the lead at 10 o'clock. West Coast I'm the 1 o'clock eastern mogul right through until 8 o'clock and change over to the big network NBC would clap. And that'll be giving you picks throughout the courts that they will pick his brain now on these races before getting into the some actual races handicapping match historic. You're individual your plan of attack on days like this there's so much to choose from besides the fact that there are. Thirteen differ Breeders' Cup race is obviously two different full days of racing at Del Mar what. What is your approach what's your plan and Al on how Long Will you. Work on the handicapping and putting the betting into place. Before you get to the windows on Friday. I think they have the luxury get someone like like myself or anybody else that does it on a date date date is being you know all the sources they're really not on those. Not simple work that goes into and out more about deciding what pools you wanna get involved in their guarantee greater although the plate out Friday and Saturday. But also these is going to be the biggest goal of the year period in the most content straight is. For me most handicapping it done well in advance now at just the matter putting. Putting back together and I'd be out by look at it and say you can look at district admiral went standpoint you're gonna get odds on certain courses that. It was time of year they're probably be a fraction of what they're going to be there Friday Saturday. But it doesn't mean that the courses are completely overmatched should be great they're so wide open you're gonna get value. On them some very talented runners I'd look at our own animal rights bat particularly depict or on Saturday afternoon I believe it guaranteed. Nor did a million dollars only picked for the rat that in the classic but. There are number wages if you want it all the expectant even the Big Three there's no guarantee and no but the victory pulled in the double pool. They're just so it's so large that this weekend of great and yeah I think it really can't go wrong I just. We really strongly urged people if you like a favorite that's all well and good don't settle ranked duke or any quantity. If you're not gonna see prices like this and and you often I I stated that it's a dumb line as of the bullet yeah you bet with you had not over on these days. I'm OK with somebody pressing their bankroll little bit I'm OK with somebody normally bets in a 25 bucks to win out of it 4050 bucks to win because this is. This is the best of these are the pool you're never gonna see again and as Matt said inflated odds of horses that should not be the prices they are so you have. Two or three big opinions heading into the weekend my advice would be pretzels opinions don't let the same amount every single race don'ts I'm gonna bet. Fifty bucks a race picked two or 34 race he really like and that bet more on those races because if you're right once or twice this week and you're going to make money. Yet at the weekend that if you've got any sort of real opinion did I don't they double down but I agree what you did go one week and Wear whatever your comfort zone they'll be great to expand a little bit and not to get in any but he go and do anything all your life. That it is the week ended it get a little bit more aggressive beacon neat opportunity they'll present and those basically want to hear. Pilots a bit of a handicap and we'll start with the first race opera Breeders' Cup race and Saturday 3 o'clock eastern time 12 o'clock Pacific. And I found it to be one of the tougher races of the thirteen a will face says handicapping of the two days with the Breeders' Cup juvenile filly he gets in California horses with speed. Yes to New York courses that. I guess wanna be stressed out too mild a sixty the got a Chad Brown stuck way on the outside the fort people's vision does separation of powers no favor. Give us some help here bat itself like a tough race to try to start out Saturday. You know what I ate just one of those things I don't based on the visual on the filly and here and she's not going to be any sort of time right but I thought it in the mud. Visually and that the ritual out the by these never got out of first year Julian not remark at the RB is developing at duke. About winning big great that you brought up the eight at the knee is really kind of key to this straight because everybody shell net. She can be ordered late she opened up and the lead she can come from well off the bit. I think you gonna have the like the moonshine memories in here she deserves to be the favorite in that spot. PDB out yet and she has a legitimate chance ear but the far outside preparation apology going to ensure that there is some. Beverly dip in here and look the point that she drew the outside in the because I was gonna be against her no matter what place. I got to look at love and state. You know I understand a lot of people made that kind of argument that her Ngo game the other cat the entry in the spot they ran on the same date geo game rainy after final time. And got a lower buyer. And let the track changed added that it ultimately end up becoming Kate. I really care about that I looked at heavenly but she never got that first year the year for prick the whole way I think as a lot of room for improvement here I'm gonna go to number one. Yeah I've seen a lot of people and it makes a lot of sense she watched her visually. It's hard to find and more oppressive finished what she had a key wind. I unit mention the other horse they're in the chandelier and I was a Loren Starr who set a blistering pace and I moonshine memories got the that the much better trip got this awful boring starred in and Baffert at a price was speed. I'm with you on the lawn and I'm really very interest in the lowering star specially Del Mar plays to speed the last couple of the next couple of days and I don't know how it's gonna play but I know in the past map that speeds been a good thing on that dome army. Beaten California never ever a bad thing I don't care what the situation is adding speed out here is always going to be yet and they did. The only concern I have and I like the lower aren't generally promote street machine error one led by the five at a meeting and there. He had a lot of ability Mike inserted. There's all there's the other being here I did that I'm not entirely sure out she's going to be able to. You'll get a paid pressure because separation are have to go outside is no question about it. Is she gonna be able to put away your speed and then have a let down the lane to hold up or come up. I will turn the page of the fifth race is the terror sprint in this thing is change a lot last year with Colin. Six and half furlongs down the hill we are now five furlong sprint Sprint's brand. On that Del Mar turf course Brad freer colleague at the racing form pointed out that the Breeders' Cup advance idea raft dock on the when the rails were down own. At Del Mar this summer closers. One for the five terror spreads the rails will be down at set for zero. On Saturdays so I'm gonna try to find a closer in this race would you land another skull buster's part of the early part of Saturday. I eat I look at it and I know maybe this is being way too simplistic minded. It lady or run that race Hewitt here you know and I'll get blood running rate migrate the mile. Good enough to beat her anger at bat. I got to look at the date it to me she is it the definition of a horse that we've bred and design built by eight that my outlet and it here on firm going they. I had to be on that note that there's some others beaten here anything can happen in Turkey Britain and I you know but the disclaimer out their turf sprint. Not Mike up at the usually end up burying me. But I got a look at that they if you break Miller leads you get out there he's drawn the inside inside posts all by victim while at eight Erie Erie advantage over the outside post. I I don't think anybody else to conduct beater well what about Marsha who beater to back. I got to look at that they acting that was more circumstance where you look at the ground I know it was it was sought by any stretch of the imagination but there was a little bit of cut and it. I just Gillick over straight out there. Maybe that was just one of those instances where you know margarine a giant giant great. Not saying she can't run well here but you be heard whispers from the connection that they are a little bit concerned about the left and it turned burger. And I don't ask you got left in this has been an issue but. If the connection there beyond like that. I know I know that you're really no issue for her especially here at L marquee mind waited they widen the turf course. They had the white eagle in beating go outward waited so it's even sharper going around about now. I think neat deal to it's simple matter of if lady really run to best. Yep she's very very good what's a fair price and are Matt you're gonna do these fair market values in the sources. Yeah I got to be on the by the 2 morning line I am right now the street I'm unlikely to do it just simply because I I really don't like or sprint and not very good at that I would. I'm gonna ought to go in and day. That's why I think they'll be there on her I think she going to be shorter now and get a chance he's closer to 675 but I think it the five in this chair a fair number matter. I'll be involved in those two of the two Europeans mats that'll be involved in the two Christophe who want horses focusing more on Disco partner who draws the rail has the best late time for my number in this race and now is that it's a course record this summer. And has been phenomenal turf and guys sprinting all summer I've get 924015. The ones that were in their Disco part will be worse. Optic shot with an admittedly like Mac I've lost these small fortune off to experts in my life from Saratoga and in New York ballot aqueduct the album. I'll lose money there as well. I'll we go ahead another race here at the six race it's the Philly mayor spread the goal at seven furlong some sprints or it's six or at seven. And as wallaby for a million box and another one of these races where Matt. Last year I with completely on finest city. And I look at it this year and I think the source of the shot this year given the latest pace that's up IDC the Philly mayor sprint race six on Saturday. Well I'm looking forward at this rate for for a number of reasons one it is. Here's the sort of untapped potential what you need bella could possibly be in Italy to train in the morning she had a train. Outbreak with injury to a year old. But and I look at it selfishly gambling important it is to meet the prime opportunity to play against their 98 and I edit. She made it to be better deploy at bat like that if you can be shorter than 95. I'm against the in the spot with a horse who admittedly she's on my paper. She tried every single time she goes out runs are great and I'm good enough then I did not. I would are never get the credit he deserves I I think they've done a fantastic job or she goes out disseminate the mild right between the eyes he recurrent or white I'm addict. I don't think that there's anything really not about her there's some eight. Which I think is going to be I think he can easily taken they ended it there which should be pretty square numbers you have been on the line I'd expect to be in that sort of better 111 race I think that there valley. Yeah I'd say it's a race as a lot of speed look at the amount of horses that wanna be on the front end to make the case for six or seven of these. And it feels like a race that if the tracks playing that way map makes a great point for highway starry wanna find a closer. What you think Finley's lucky child was gonna do they took back last time novice in a horse that the number nine horse here sixth one line. Who in the in the past is gone of the fraud is a rate race for her she try to be part of that effort being Gartner. You know with the amount others be kinda I think it would be probably Smart to take off a little bit tried it but at the same time. There's a part of it looked at its best gain skills speed so how much you really wanna take. Are out of her element in the biggest race of her career at the big reservation I have that deluge. Kind of feel like he's a much better it's recorded the mile sheet at 78. Against the best the best the best courses she's going to states. I did to the part of me them a little bit dubious about her at the shorter or number are going to be favored but. You know it at that generate a one visit apart and I'm I'm I'm a little bit against. Thankfully this race is not part of late pick four the Breeders' Cup turf is this is a race been dominated by Europeans. They have won this thing consistently they've been I believe thirteen the last eighteen trifecta spots have been picked up by the euro's they have six in here. A lot being said talk me out of this race is part of epic four. Talk me out of singling Ulysses. In the late pick four and going wide ever else in the pick for. So here's my sort of Syria knew that these I believe you that he is arguably the horse coming into the best current form right now. The problem I genuinely don't believe mile app that trip but I understand. Coming over from Europe the mild accord on a horse they can easily get a mile an app. No one is I don't think anyone giving the American charge and up credit you're this year where. Simply horses are actually quite good and I think it is. Everyone sees the big name you're lifting the highly real such on him in a minute that the decorated site the seventh avenue and saying well. It is simply better animal we've got oak here. I generally agree with death I think this year might be a little bit of an anomaly where is the horses local debate they're not gonna get the credit that they deserve. I I'd meet a wide open race and I I'm going fishing for Jai dine number here but entered Allah that when you're out there. We deal like that spit out. I like it in the vote. He's a local horse here at Southern California most recently ran John and reach their championship down there it and Bonita. I know people are gonna look at that did that they value and say. He beat prime attraction by head prime attraction and beat 301 in the strait Iran. That's not all story would this horse he was just finding the best year at ten furlong you want every bit of twelve furlong to ports it would distance. He comes with a late kick seriously kick now. Everyone is so we'll go back Ulysses for a moment. Last year in the Breeders' Cup Serbia came moments point three and one that not some sort of electric. Come on time. This source it's in the post at every opportunity capability coming home and point to change. I just think that the model that app is going to be great equalizer. At the now island real strict with or be eaten go to the lead. He can sit just off the bit firm ground has what you want all along and we are not odd thing and the connections over here. But I'm I'm don't shop in the straight for the or going to be probably north point. Again a monster price made fifteen I I can't imagine I twenty to one's going to be short I agree to get. Maybe double the morning like is that the Europeans are gonna give that you mentioned island real. To me that was the ride the Breeders' Cup win when he went to the front last last year and just took it to the American horses. That was it and I know it's a different race and he's not coming quite as well and it's actually different jockey that it was a year ago but. He can set the pace that beach patrol bus and go with the possible fourth and goal on the outside he's gonna set a good shot but that. You give not a big price there Matt if if he that that make sure day if he wins and you have missed part of the mixer on second at the 31 that makes your day right. 100% that did at the beauty of the Breeders' Cup you need to be right once maybe twice during the course few days. And you're going to be that this is one that is the one weekend they predict that the derby. They you can come into almost within expectation that the chance that you can make your year not your week not your month. He can make your year with a big upper hand and get a couple of big number but there are up but maybe it sources get prove me wrong in and I've just bat it overeating and I'd like some I think that this distances right right and as we. We've come to rely upon you to give us big prices on big days like this at turn one page to the classic and wrap it up you go with a big price or is it. One of the big dogs airy Gator gun runner eyes they Iran India six million dollar classic at Elmore. Well I think one of the big dog but it not either one of those two I like collectible line here and I kind of looked at elected to indicate that I've made. Arab gate maybe we've seen is that maybe he's gone down swing which is still very very. Kate or winning this rate. Maybe gun runner doesn't truly want and early on maybe that and furlong going to be kind of the bugaboo for and I have a horse that unbeaten on that dirt. And collect have a horse that won at Del Mar and collect but I have a horse that beat aerobic in collected a horse that won it and girl on most recently over Eric in collected. He can go to delete he can sit just off. I'm I'm a little bit concerned that he's not being talked about really at all around here everyone's talking about irrigate bursting gun runner in it's simply that. I I think. I think collected that major major chip that spring what I started it I'm here people think that you can be a net that they don't want rain that you probably five to six but. It's still just number on. I was going to be a big number he posted outside he has speed he likes Omar you'll certainly be a big time used for me. I just wonder how that the early pace of that race given the collective gonna go from the outside how they treat irrigate. Down on the rail it's it's it's a cluster on an end up probably a one of the two big dogs. In that race but collected will be apps that we use for me. One of the race here for gets in quick final thoughts here Matt was the juvenile and I I wonder looking at this race that this race or map per year is going to knock in a single Ulysses. Is he stone coldly bull Toro and the buyers speed numbers and a the monster race at the sources that as a two year old and sang no one is gonna beat the number eleven or sport apple borrow in the emperor's cup juvenile. Period end or eye and I actually going it get it picked up in just. Unfortunate on bursting in the district might in deep regret. Still win. And then I'm sure everyone is aware of the he'd buyers speed figure conversation with a horse that and the front runner. The wrong number came tackle 113 and Indian buyers those heat they that they turned it down 200. Simply because they thought that maybe a little bit. Implausible unlikely that the second third fourth place finishers at Rucker reiterated that date on value that course. I think there's nothing to knock about that course he won negate the wire bested debut. You want from well off the fate in the yacht Del Mar futurity on civic that while it is too short for what he wants. And he put on absolute show pressing the fate in the front runner I have bureau you're not against the source if he loses. You can knock it over the other I think it at a good girl in their but I don't think right now Ivy League. On paper he is racial looking most for Tibetan this weekend that. All right it's probably a combination of the billionaires Brent and and deterred I get the by the lottery that we haven't touched on an interstate in probably a mile a mile an absolute scramble. I mean just that and they'll they'll come over here Bradford on quad reject. I think it's just one of those instances where it flat run oversaw round. 78 mile I don't think he truly want that I think you get an up that mile here over firm ground. Both the groups they went overseas they came over from going so. I got to look at it and bank. He get the ground that you want here I think he's gonna get paid that he needs to run they should be deep and up numbers so maybe they'll go on the mile you've been up. Oh one's tells all run second a Lancaster bomber in the exact that'll pay our going to be nice. Eddie deck welcome back about doubt that the case but he gave up my preference you'd be let reverse the other way. OK while alt box at opt out box they'll figure twenty to one job might wait a one shot and try to get them home and a most likely favorite. Odd to get it done over the course of these two days it sounds like bull Toro is your lock. Bull or alive I would be out again really had to keep it and be a combination of paying that would need to happen for in builder that. It's map underscore Bernie you're on Twitter correct. Bernie your messy I was screwed that up Bernie underscore Mac are go go fall out your picks to be at the NBC all weekend he can tell. You can tell my I reckon I'll BC people but he gets on this weakening us at the same thing I'm thinking right Alison we've gone Hollywood on us he got big time he should be Mohegan Sun. Schlep it around now you big time NBC delve while we see Ella goes here. Not at all that propagate that all you know that I had my way I'd be out you know right now out walking down there is that in the boys haven't been on a couple adult beverages but duty called. Pot have a great weekend best luck at the windows and now we'll talk peace and I. As we close out our Breeders' Cup podcast for 2017. Well we got to rank or guide joins us every single Triple Crown Breeders' Cup. Doesn't matter he's always there is Dick Girardi the award winning writer. Where this currency today of our friends and expressed that that's expressed that was an ax to go there right now expressed that dot com. Get the free Breeders' Cup wagering guy and we knew wager on the races when you're not there. You do it right there and expressed that doc comedy cannot get to detract we Eric Del Mar Dicks a party out there ahead of everyone at. We are getting set I hope the weather is been good last couple days where it. Yeah I think all over there but the others out out there. Like the rest or are here now mark it's in the stance and Luka. What is the way all Pacific Ocean itself is about as brutal lookers for sports are there are. No we don't have many breeders' cup series Del Mar do you like the Breeders' Cup eighty boutique meet like this Dick Dell mark. I yeah I mean you don't more fans I think in a row. And practically it's. Look are you repair what it's a torture oh they. A lot sparked a panic was its first. We will spend some time on the Saturday erased or start we have spent much time today. On the race is on Friday obviously Breeders' Cup yet back to back days of this year graders on Friday great response Saturday. And a couple spots on Saturday Dick I want to talk about a wanna start Saturday with the dirt mile it's a race it's sort of bastard eyes right you'll want sprint where you want it on the classic. The dirt while gets lost in the shuffle a little bit but to me. Might present a good batting opportunist a lot of speed in the dirt mile on the main track their Del Mar your thoughts on a this group going a mile a dome on Friday afternoon. Yeah camera and got criticisms races I thought this was as strong field we. Look at all. The great one wonders here of course forced their president met while apple ought stakes. It's their record field. The weight of that there's more more than most people last year I'd try to Morse spirit and it's going to be the paper. Wrapper. But he balances you. I don't pop out of trouble trying for a while. Just it was like there were just it was so Kirch is out to them all other. So I'm gonna try to beat it was sharp aspect I think apps or the it's his uncle or warmer. They. Our piece of paper so I'm a quick vote or. A sharp eye second getting a lot of buzz that the horse is I kept him back to for some reason where horse is coming from off the pace and I had a study a more fun horse to watch in training than. Practical joke for Chad Brown coming off that win in the jerk inside eat beef fare well in the Haskell. He won the Dwyer he was actually pretty decent in the derby give a worry started from a given the trip the roads are you gave them. I'll what kind of shot to your practical joke and Agassi Blake sharp as stacked on top here Dick you think that Spiegel do well on the main track over the weekend their dome. And I think frustration is as sharp as Arctic air is part of course your egos at the sugar packet and I'll. Aspect is good enough to be killed in so now on. 43 war. So there's nowhere or. Where this field. You Wear a practical jokes yeah that's probably it's. A few things that would order or so obviously history against street girls are older. Or super duper fast here. And the producers it's strange for. I think around one term I want to know where it. This is not mile or sell more some more on whatever reason just. Where it's it's really weird art you're orally. What is frustrations or as long term like with the LP but while you're at Belmont park which one are my. Or watching obviously wants like want to break but it's just so where. Let's go ahead a couple as the big one on Friday half QB 7:35. Eastern time here to be the distaff we had that unbelievable showdown last year. What ball holder getting up in the final strides stellar wind is back to try to finally get her up Breeders' Cup this staff but this is a the really deep Theo pick forever on bridal coming off the big win beating songbird at Saratoga a late it's been a great three year old. These last couple times out paradise woods might be long speed up I I thought a very fun handicapping up puzzle with the distaff on Friday. Yeah what you are waiters are always are wearing some cricket her eyes were on opposite ordered. It looked like logs we don't want or bakeries and watch it grow. I'll ask our guys without a well what if it's cool it's a rail. Seismic urged with a lot if you look at our history. Saturday oaks in the or want. What should clear the field you won by what you want. Gunfire that nobody else in this. Other ones are still Wear it that's why south paradise which one way or worse or I have murder back I'll respectfully. In my album went seven Kurt was so late. Also late so corporal buckles are six. In case heard it was about where he'll sit back and she thought or so like for work. In a stellar wind is is certainly classy enough she did not break well La last year. Gosh come off the preparation I like her but the price some would view the two Warsaw focus in on. A late and paradise woods set in those top but two spots and hopefully. I try to get one of those two home the wrap up some picked for some victories. And some doubles a lot of nice horse that she's from there. In the distaff he turned the Saturday in its marathon folks hydrate and get yourself file locked and loaded. It's a long day will start with a race seven Dick it's the Philly and merit turf where. I think here on the East Coast the hearts of Beirut with lady Eli but. I think another one of these open races this the Breeders' Cup they're all open. You gonna be against the with a lady Eli tries to get it done here final race of her brilliant career. It appeared gestured suspicious or was consistent she is a battle. For it for thirteen which query certainly respect. Almost remain earnings. I actually think yeah matter of earth the work that is or somebody or is. Often. I'm gonna I'm. Look at the race I don't see much in the race. And remember work out here that or which typically affiliate irk or Syria. While California or. Fear. Hole what more. There were. Almost one. Last. Vial at a mile border. One are gonna be cool. 160. Floppy or. And to actually. And I are likely. Wet but all I am I gonna say it all and trying to beat her probably her act that well my like there as well records of the race. Europe got it like it. Was like well a couple more. That it wanted to watch. Or one race where your children want and get one much for that but. Clearly likes or. Oh for. Yeah I wrote down the races one hour wanna play against queens trust in this spot attic that the distance she wants so much further that the mile and Nate you're right this is. This is a a flat out America incorporates a firm turf hard turf California. And I'm with you on avenging if you get an Eagles to a 21 up potential loan speed and my candidate I'm gonna play event after the way she ran. Last year in this race of all can use the other Chad Brown granted today. Who to back in the Beverly. They changed tactics they put some speed in I was slower rates there Belmont she couldn't hold on their with a cut back to a mile and an eight. She's always been thought of very highly regarded that Chad Brown barn and Chad at the very positive comments for her. Coming out of the draw and the post this should show. On Monday night so I'm with you on the speed of avenge my heart will be with lady Eli might backups via a lady you live but the speed of avenge. And the scale of like granted Tate two horses I wanna use let's go ahead to stay on the main trackers to move ahead. On Saturday one race in fact it's race eight UTT illustrates the depth pretty detailed. In the express spent wagering guide. It's this brand it is speed is speed Dick Girardi this is your strength my friend you come on here. And when it comes to dirt separate races you have been at. About as good as it gets on this podcaster thoughts on the showdown between two re fond of the West Coast in imperial him on the outside coming reports. Yeah I think there's only two hours ago when you just mentioned. Rapper. Does not think he went straight on opera opera. It's our goat that's what you all of this sort and file was or. And it's ever for the future. He was watching her. He urged arts as they you're. Ole Ole. My amount. Since percent. What the fire pure. Off the dirt mile. So it goes so goes really really worse. I think I ever in this guy. It's that the desperate reversal of march were Smart sincere. Well imperial sort of like a terrible. It was on the Opel. I think early life for the race I think I I I like imperial. What I should be all eyes are forward forced. A legacy that you're. But yeah I think. I think this. So it's it's gonna be one of the auto race as we got that. And in a thick or as they followed to that that the horse that grants that parks in the the gallant Bob. Who's in this race for Bob Hass American pastime. On the wire speed I heard no one talking about the source this week on the buyers he's right there sitting out some of the early B what can he make any case for him. Hitting the border will could be 1521. And actually knock it or second or which are adjustments. And some out walk down those yet there are on there and that it that. There are a good job. For a horse. He's gonna secure a spot such. An act. Yeah I'll vote and its charter and I think it Packers where demise of what. I lets up fast for the classic beat 35 eastern time or so here in the Boston area with a stun a Mohegan Sun. I'm joined the Breeders' Cup races and this is another showdown ever once waited for. I its gun runner it's irrigate again it's West Coast California. I felt really good about Eric gay last year he's not coming into the race quite as well as he did a year ago and gun runner has been a on form all year long how do you separate those two bodies the the classic airs Saturday night on Bill Maher. Yeah it's art and I think yeah the governor has just mention his form as well afford your law. Erica it has not been Eric your sister. Of course we saw what was born in street. Trevor church by. Hours also an acceptable in the attic get around on are I think. And shorter stretch last year you know our starters back out or grow. All that there is necessarily. Or is it sure. Outside post he's going to be up there right got thoroughly. And West Coast as on the real won the derby after I think jobs for all he's a force probably not. But it's not a question. It's one of those four. I think it's I think John Rocker is the most likely winner. Plus there's Harry execute. It like collect the rings early has terrible suggestion. He certainly don't want our it would and true what you're court all starts with that message. Artistic. This group here for a fresh look where that. We can only hope it would have liked it Lester if that group sources Autry is about the all our problems. It's pretty clear Dick beat you you talk to Bob Baffert about these sort of things hot hot. If he's that he's the trainer of forty sources collected interrogate all could go to the fraud hot where does he give these jocks instructions he knew Dick Tiddy. How has collected interrogate burning on the front end doesn't really help either or both to war. I think what you expect I'd be surprised to hear it opera or. There are not socially and mr. Anwar. World war elected. Do Travers and that cooler. But I think that's unlikely. I think Eric exits are. And I think that it electric car so order early but a few figure it's a lot closer than. As it certainly wasn't Dubai as the great if you look at all oh colts. That was a while or just was lost because. Not should be a very fond a couple of days here Dick attest couples the pearl as mortgage out it we've gone through bunch of these races. Besides racing gone through it includes the race have gone there is very race in particular that you are I excited to bet a Porsche already to bet this week. Oral approval in the stroke my weight that I am excited that a acquire ought. And is there. Is there a short priced favorite on the morning line that you reported that again. You know I I I am trying to lady really terps are. And she's going to be short price. Just think it's. Remarkable war of transport awful where there are ways and and other there was some discussion you might not throw these sites charter are here so. I'm probably gonna hurt you are such out for. Walks. Number are so. It should be a great weekend tickets out there are Del Mar the eyes of horse racing it's the Super Bowl race in the two best batting days of the year. It's the Breeders' Cup and and do what I did with somebody fancy doing both go to express that dot com. It put out the free wagering idea Dicks a great breakdown of these races so many others including our guy Bob knew Meyer is part of the podcast theories well. Always a great resource stick with wanna get winners wanna get people like headed into. Sort of the offseason racing on a high note hopefully will with buy your picks and expressed its wagering guide. Have fought a del moral talk Q what Kentucky Derby 2008 team. Yeah. Well there you go breakdown like you get nowhere else here on the cross the board podcast Bob knew Meyer. Where nobody knows and loves here in Boston. I gave you some spots some of the big races on Saturday in that Bernard a lot of the heavy lifting force. From daily racing form the Iraq formulated agree products check them out and check on NBC sports this week in and of course Dick Girardi who. Back and look at the strike rate that Dick is had on these podcast he probably has the best our ally especially with these dirt race to beat the earth spreads. I he has been right on it Andy's very good when it comes to figure out the speed figures he works at iris associates of Dick gave you some good thoughts there. On the weekend as well there's thirteen race knock it equal for every pick in every thought they have. Many of the you've got throughout the course of the podcasts but for me. Mikey plays will be Friday in the dirt mile which is race number seven I'm gonna wanna get practical joke involved. It's some way shape performer specially anywhere 671. Too talented to be that price a practical joke me in the dirt mile a minute late in the distaff if you look at the previous races for. These these horses you go back and watch replays in their three or four its stand out every year. A late last race last time out to stands out just it aptly loaded heading into the stretch and won for fun I'm going to be late especially. And I the second or third choice on the line their in the distaff on Friday. On Saturday you really get into it I'll be into it in race number five the turf sprint fiscal partner. Are closing in what looks to be a fast paced. Raised number seven a popular wanna most involved in the filly and their turf by adding granted today has a monster shots and it to have him not only hit the board orbit around atop Cuba win the race. Is working out really well. Heading into this race. Eyes as good as any the other Chad Brown horses in here lady Eli is gonna be deserving favorite I understand that what you gonna get. I grant detain about three or four times the price I'll be definitely a ball granted K. In the filly and mayor turf along with avenge improbably lady Eli in the sprint race eight imperial hands. Who was talked about by adding there was victory party who was talked about imperial had for all those reasons Albie involved there as well. On the turf races late are very very awful see we do with Ulysses. In the purple Steve we singles or move on and the Breeders' Cup classic. I can't separate the top two on the sniper foregone Bonner bias manage. Over irrigate I think it's those two hot in the top two spots. The horse that I've I don't know we laughed off the podcast basically that's what we love them. Op I'm gonna have to use gonna Vera and got a very is going to be on might tickets underneath. In trifecta isn't too perfect is I'm not sure the horse can win in fact I think it's very unlikely that got a Vera win the Breeders' Cup classic. But at thirty or forty to one as a closing three year old against which should be a pretty contested pace. Op I'm gonna use got a Vera and I'm just take along look I'm not same bet the farm to win. But underneath he wanna use obvious in the two horses and irrigate gun runner I'll be using collected in all these in West Coast. And I'll be using got to bear to spice up the pricing it got a very into the mix there were the any combination those four courses. Ought to those four horse in the trifecta. Is going to pay go back and look at last year. You've got a great trifecta. With the combination of the two favorites running to one. Irrigate California chrome Q nice for third goal what they think can still play. And a super prayed pretty well as well so slightly for gun runner on top of their gate but. Got runner got to Vera would be just fine for me heading into the Breeders' Cup classic. Again and made a decision and hope you'll join us that league it's on will be there on Saturday it's a free event there in the ballroom we lobby and there was sack in his entire crew. I will be there Saturday beginning at 2 o'clock I believe that have up plenty of access counsel should be on Twitter even mr. Graham as well potentially at Mott and UT. WEEI. The Super Bowl other handicapping its Breeders' Cup weekend. Get after it enjoy it send it in this Breeders' Cup 2070.