Alex Cora addresses the report on his outburst with Geoff Blum and A.J. Hinch 12-07-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, December 7th

Rob Bradford speaks with Red Sox manager Alex Cora about his reported outburst on the Astros team bus with a broadcaster and team manager A.J. Hinch. Cora says the incident was embarrassing, he also is asked whether he felt it put his job or future coaching opportunities in jeopardy. He also talks about how he envisions the top of the Red Sox lineup in 2018, and Dustin Pedroia's recovery from knee surgery.


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I was back. We're back but at night. Philly from my well earned time off. I'm rob Bradford fully until 8 o'clock into some NFL game which is going to be wildly entertaining. Spiel wildly entertaining we have a gas line. The Red Sox manager Alex Cora and I I should make a disclaimer because I know every one is very concerned. About about the as he has been on the broad social plug gets eighteen times. So so I I just wanna put that out there Alex over these okay back home and I thank you for joining us. I didn't. Let. Children. Every time back home. Honestly you know I blow people out here to that would move on to reserve the right direction your core curriculum and are hopefully we'll be sponsor. I'm stronger than you were before any instance instance being talked for a last month actually number happy moving in the right direction. Right we're gonna get right to this you're the winter meetings are coming up and the would have meetings in there and what they do with the what it means they always have a managers. Sort of a media availability so you're gonna be asked about that then revised look at. This out of the way now I appreciate you coming on and Morgan talked a little bit about baseball the second. But the the store they like Alex and I know that you read. Title of it from over relic and very hard working every Gorelick. Alice core is outburst with the broadcaster a footnote Oro one. First question is just having read the story what your thoughts out. I'm in Burton law yet but it ought to do. It. Whatever happened you know it's Albert I'll see you need to let everybody know that I while you like a sick and and it was back dated you know what you sooner trust me personally. Not the right way to approach a situation. Where a weaker than it. Is something on our promise. You know don't. The people that weren't well you know we. Walk on and actually you know now we're currently before you know uses something like. I didn't mention it at all in the press conference but I don't know about it. Animation and we have dictated by eight and horrible age and that was a horrible day for. All will be four. You know I don't all of incidentally. I cut the situation and now. Now we move forlorn. Now activities can. So. The don't go through the story what if from your perspective I know you talked to Evan Evan did the due diligence. From your perspective what was the cause of the argument. And and because there was a lot of things mentioned there was what was going back home was a tenuous time. It was a relationship but Geoff Baum and everything else it was this any different in your mind a lot. Other arguments that may be happened over Corfu baseball season. And I mean there is something that it probably happens a lot of thousands. Let us that. It is you know airs you know where I stated he was in Hollywood and yeah at least do it. From that it. I don't wanna get into specifics. The one thing I'd really you know learn from that is no easy battle in the right way. Like at all you know the people in all in all the cork sadly it will be very embarrassed you know room all of our. Embarrassed by I mean it was weird is it now. Still. What is he honestly you know he is something that is an offensive. Yeah and utilities saw Utah museum and so we'll figure supporter. Well the whole almost as well now you know I would love. Professional relationship with him. You know and that's Russell. Had a little bit you know and as we know what happened that day. I'm glad we re start page. There's two couple more things ruled quake is that so one of the things Evan in every and I yelled at each other last night for awhile. About. Bailey about the story we yell at each other about a lot of things. But. One of the things he said is is about in a really was in the story and I asked them well if you know you thought that's what why do you put this story this is what he said Alex. If the situation had not got resolved. I heard from look from multiple sources. That there was some thought that he was on his way to getting fire during the year. Just because you could not continue in a situation where you have it bench coach screaming out of manager. In front of the so let coach tried but big result they got through OK but it was back. Our rights so that might bite question that is. In your mind where you worried at all we were you worried at all about your current situation or the earth the situation that in the future you knew. And you set yourself to me it was unfortunate situation but were you worried at all. Mean I was some errors. You know the next decade you know unity and we got together I thought. Absolutely. When Clinton. Went to Seattle. And you know people that. We're around us so old and Larry I actually heard it happened without. That battle and I. Know the net and made a mistake there and that's. And every kid opening that in any other interviews nobody else. It was not. I don't I don't know a lot of volleys something that I would be cool. A little foxes AG whose score. When you do. Now I'm. And never came up I think now honestly. You know he is LP immunity. In and out. And you know please send myself. An assault on the whole process I know he's got a while one at ramat and now the you know you'll support it for what little it's a little seven intellectually and I'm missing movement. And it is. You know it is you know trapped it and you know we were connected there are very close utterly. Insane touch you know that's. That's a lot of I'd like let Brothers and usually make you know you look at the Brothers and make your case you know I normally it's the world stage. Little place or what we got over it. Now children are. Don't you dare ever yell at two acoustic Leo okay now don't you ever do that. They'd sound it'll. Do you think we just thought I'd know. You worked for WEI although I don't think they ever paid you a video you like the air conditioner something. Yeah now and they don't leave it to reconnect experience and you look bonus and a serious problem. And here. Are all thanks raids into those question I want ask double baseball questions. You don't know what you're gonna get. With win win at the terms acquisitions it's very very slow right now as we sit here. Not knowing what sort of the middle Leo lineup was looking like what's its popular line looking like. God being I think we we can be explain and I comparable live. We we wanted to put pressure on the pitcher right Malaysia. In a look at our line up look at the athletes we. Animal spirits and the colonel Carter like I was wearing a life form pitched well and we implement. Well positioned behind chrome not a good exit he. In and that's not to do feel. Let people let it in not a game yet at least where. He can be aggressive enough in the first one to actually run away and make it in one mile an hour I mean I totally non out. And you know after that you know with everything but now we obviously. Congress and we beat you know. We'd we don't know if it's going to be great for openings sale will be that way you know late. I don't I use yours and you talked to him. He really thinks he's going to be ready vote today. The scenario we've you know. We going to be one thing I told him we want him yeah we wanted him to be felt that the most important thing so. Knowing that you know when whenever he gets healthy. I heard it might not on top of the lineup depending on what we yeah I think hundred attendees and not a guy that you know so let sanity. You do that righty lefty you know order up there and I. He can have a look closely at an open letter okay. Or one mountain with a minute session and I like that latitude to put pressure lot of lay out sort out. He what is here one thing people people don't you go back to. We are certain you know. Costs towards what a great you know George only had ten extra base hits. And you'll start great but he felt like he he he can make some basic thing you know what you it was just putting pressure on the potential Coke which form and that's what I want their lineup to do and hopefully you know we conduct ago. How much have you talked to David Price. Peter Huntsman to time. You know he's actually. You know and they're gonna use a little. The social mine Tom. Now the way the is that an appalling. In October you know we complexion and you certainly ought to palladium and the seat I got from the U asterisk. Now if it gives me hope that you know this guy he can be dominant. You know you can put it with the rest of the guys in the rotation you know social you know pre sale and then in. You know use of a local want to punch me. You know we we we talk about any school stuff that you know we we opt in the plot also in the matter of relationship until Google all musical. Or other stuff that we meeting there you know to make it more Coke now the conversations in the offseason people think it's only about. You know how we attack guys or meet you too new to me to do its letter. Now some political clout and what do you you don't want and where you on next week are its Oslo. And that's the most important thing and that's that's something I have to use around the house you can get to know these guys. When we get to you know law Connecticut emissions and generally have an idea who they are and they encouraged as get ready to go. What do you say this is the thing is that challenge us and we've talked about this before. As you know you have the guys in the clubhouse and they're gonna monitor yourself you were player you help monitor. Man you helped control that clubhouse along mobile in the Ameritech's all these other guys. Of the world so as the manager how do you do that how do you get to say get through to price which let's be perfectly honest no I was able to get food and yet while our last year. So how do you how do you do that you sit everyone down in front say hey listen I know how Boston is. And this is the reality some of Osama do you just have to understand this reality. And change even a little bit of how you think he'd you have to talk to them the group about this. Not all I think it's more about individual. Relationships. Lol notice. For Warren might meet. And Allen are being imposed some. Subtle and so what got to me it's somewhat mild like. The double B and I know I'll look at what is like god doesn't. You know you got it and be right Rodrigo. That translate at all. We definitely and we got time. While this season's spring training the Nazis into relationships. And I need to you know know what they liked what they don't like the whole me one thing dating to be transparent. About going to be generally it. You know that the only way right now on Korea and they were you know in order. You know I can't wait choose to beat one on one Internet. So that it happened here it's absolutely. Appreciate it apple want to let it. What what's your philosophy a vote but I just no other way to way to put it protecting players in the media so what are things of Ferrell got ripped a little bit about this in these he's protecting the players too much. But I said well Francona that's one of the things he did I mean he protect the players the media and then I would imagine behind the scenes you know he he had about them. What's your cut a philosophy how you approach that beat you because I think people do want you said transparency. I think people do want a little more transparency but it's a slippery slope because of how long the season is in the clubhouse dynamic. Well rob 11 of them saying. And everybody knows you also for his experience. And you know we knew we get. Didn't want. Yes all right you know it. You heard it yet. And that goes to the media. Or any you know took offense than defense which now it's gone now. Normal people you meet people total fool you wanna leave you want a good media. Underwood I can I mean. And I wrote it I'd let people and forceful organized animal forced out and two errors I think that's. In you know I think people players. Wait for the media talk to you Milan and and that's that's the content. You know so you know that the plot later outlaws such as problematic. All I am you know we go into bookstores. Personal. Disregard whatever. I actually don't dispute I think that's what I want from want to be accountable. Beyond what the media. And it is going to be trying to. Plus questions as you're reading in the winter meetings next week is can be chaotic and predicted that right now nothing's happened how stuff stuff has to happen right. So you're gonna be up there in the sweet with the brows ski and everybody else. How have you talked to the brows ski maybe maybe you have even before this. About this is the guy I think we should go after our or weighing in on this guy or that guy because we hear the names out there Hosmer JD Marti is bray you. So forth and so on is a lot more other guys he say hey you know what I really like this guy having Seaman I think we should make a run out of. Now put it doesn't work that way that's when. I don't like it wants to happen is Osama. So late that I pulling it back and I think performance seem to be expectations. We're going to be really really geared regardless of who we sign or at most we may well beat those guys don't. Don't perform to expectations. Get back and we'll let you know. Performance then you know we perhaps. Nicotine. Don't quote I ordered it you know they can't anybody that's what the Waltz and so we salute you and I are quite yet. I don't know how to handle it don't eat them not only get a Little League and players that we sign where we thought we could put somebody. I have an idea what it's not like they've I want this little early it. You know people yeah it's it's the company corporation. In the business for a while yet you know what he wants email and with a roster that is that he immediately going to be a lot of things happening. And applicable law so that's an important thing. Our balance any question you asked. Williams leaving everything on the table. None. Of you who don't know you know the media or got such a few days ago. That's going to be on I think went so there's a. Rob my goodness a sinuous may have put his what do manager doesn't those that with the winner meetings. You hang out this week and every once in while you go down the lobby and just hang out with people. I mean it's it's. And beer I'd rather going to be around moving higher so we can we can have. And a lot of you does he do we talked to. Disney World bring you figured people famous together once again. Alex thanks so much for the time thanks for joining us in Lesotho few days. There are.