Alex Cora on Dale and Keefe "Mookie is a better hitter than last year"

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, May 23rd
In his weekly appearance with Dale and Keefe, Alex Cora talks about all the latest goings on with the Red Sox. Topics of discussion include Mookie Betts MVP start to the year, Dustin Pedroia impending return, and a meeting with Carson Smith.

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I don't run stock today. Manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora Alex is brought to you by our belly insurance. Your New England Honda dealers. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us now from a Tampa where the Red Sox are playing the race Alex how are you. I'm very. We're doing great thank you we were just having this talk about your player move that's an item you're probably biased when we ask you this. Is you know the conversation being one of the best players in baseball. Nudity is this. Let me. Clear creek that they want database could not only offensively running the bases defense only. A he is also running game you know a lot of things you default two player. And there's there's a few of them in the big victim. And right now com. He's coming. Pro Tibet CNET in Oakland offensive player these people obviously you know you are most women don't have averaged. Can blow ballpark human bases these enemies. You talked about the conversation you had with him in January. When you told me it's gonna bat lead off and you wanted to do to be more aggressive at the plate. Do you think that he can have this kind of year if he was hitting and another spot in the lineup respect just because of the position you put it. I don't know. I can answer you that question will approach what you're allowed diploma unless you are very proud of the hitter. And it's not like he. He's swinging at the first special time. But their content in nearly every pitch. And people discipline. See these days away from bad pitches but. It's rated it from the get go. That's something that. I didn't see last year actually we took advantage. Of that situation with him and other guys just to get at. And in the first two about them and be careful with the first is in the sir lumpy. Because it was like a predetermined sling. And the sort of batten. We do to be jump what is announces enhancements. I don't know. Commodity. The you have the same. Production and somewhere else where we have been leading options at the temple. Seems like the other new approach has been benefiting a lot of the players on the teams want guys off to a slow start is Jackie Bradley junior did have to be its last night but still hitting it. Under 180 I've seen anything different at his at bats recently compared earlier in the season we. That movement more athletic and let movement is send it they still might have been a better athletic decision. Maybe got what should and yesterday. There was no electric. You know it seems like he was on time the I'm the first one crowned him make the play together they could but then the second hit. He stayed up the middle fans inside applaud him about the middle and then the grumble attitude. Two to second base it was slow stroke to run not only he locked. Sunday at home. Yesterday on the streets of town it was. Should it could appear to actually borderline open a way. And the you could call went against him. He couldn't. It could duplicate it in the element of the better the last few days. Will be out there tonight and now hopefully he can keep it improved. Alex he has options how much thought if any did you give to sending him down try to figure things out of the socket. No I mean we we always thought of our rosters and our roster and then. And although situation that income mob. You know we trust and it got to go on their performance today. We were in working with him. Unabated they've actually. Really upset at me because I'm in the interview. And their meeting about it BP in the world that is my mind at 230 but there hit him early they're doing the thing. Report in and night embodies making strides with me here the season. It's so tough that day and at 705 when you face the big leaders it's actually a takedown off my. A fifth Atlanta and the fact that that. We expect it if it. It last night. Craig Kimbrel had kind of a rough golds at the ninth inning anything in particular you thinker just one of those nights. I don't wanna mind. The idea but I pray so great at bat. 32. Able to. Betraying sliders down and Williams although a few pitchers than many of them they could collect the oil. Miller. If you write for everything there are hilarity is the Babe Ruth. If they've they've again the Red Sox the last two years. In between like he. He only gets at bats in then he if you are open on a double. Then doesn't event too soon to the next creator. And make a few good pitches to. Who's smitten he gets out of identity of the lot it was okayed location within days. No concerns with them. Now last week we talked about Carson Smith review in his injury he's sort. Alluded to maybe overuse being a part of why he was hurt and you would then said. After our interview speaking to the rest of the media pregame that you know you're gonna have a conversation with Carson Smiths have you had that conversation yet. Quit it was actually. We. We talk about all the old Lang. Now. My dad told him well mom I'm pulling for them I want him hopefully everything goes. I'll. In a positive way and he can come back sooner rather than later. I express my feeling created. You're right. We Chernoff great. Did he express to you that he felt that he was being used too much about the part of it. Or. I'm gonna tell you what well what goes on and I'll be but I get that we turned. It is negative and in he explain me why he you know what he could it and I told him where I was coming from so we left that. And I spotted in Beijing party scheme I don't explode or. Alex what are your former teammates Dustin Pedroia is due back soon and you have an idea of how you're gonna use him and how you're gonna fit. On the roster. Yes got a pretty good idea. Some one thing's for sure we can we just got up. Maternity plate tonight and other weather is over there but that's the most important thing right now. He didn't play yesterday in the open on Monday. The planet for him to equate to today. I think there one of those special day tomorrow in our pocket typically have 11 AM. So we'll see how he reacts united. Yes I I do have a pretty good idea I think this is gonna help those. Open Aaliyah to get now. And defense believe is an you know he's he's one of the best defense can be completely so we just got to make sure we we keep him healthy throughout the season. He's not that out you know it's gonna get. A lot of lot updated look we we we got to keep interest. Everybody's so what happened last year way where he was obviously he was hurt but enters unity and you know he wasn't performing them we wanted to occur. I gotta make sure we we keep impression really know. We can tell obviously Nunez has had issues of his knees since last year and he's been playing through them with the DL for him be a possibility. As you try to make room for dry on the roster. I never get it helped me use the use these well these. The last time you know every day every time every day check with them. And actually be you know the word you're putting in not only offensively but be technically before games. Tell you that is. I reviewed a part of the roster is gonna help with. Two to be better. He knows the situation he knows what I was comment. And not enough that we can use themselves I do feel that morning and came around not only be sent to you put in the lineup is gonna help without. I know it can contribute. Tonight's starting pitcher David Price is coming off. I think the best game he's ever thrown a Red Sox uniform in his last start what did you see from price in his last appearance that made him so effective. Although you could fatten a lot there he would change speeds where that he was using different locations where that. As he got to know abuse the game. The wake of the ways. Pitchers are attacking hitters when that vertical track you know you conduct fassel we don't. Is it works it works and you can feed David. Going inside against varieties and outside going up and and open a way. Being able to use his changeup. Which I am it's all about. Control he'd be criticized him and that night he was he was a. Judy Martinez off to a a great start he's got to be in the MVP mix here early in the season. He seems to be a better hitter what he's in the outfield compared to DH now they have that DH by any means buddies since bill that more engaged potentially in the outfield is that's up to that he has talked to you about trying to get some. Regular time and in left field though. I don't know I think he won the player of the week bean DA last week most of the gains. This guy doesn't matter. They're doing it very likely be out bill but he understands worry. But. You know when you DH him. The only beyond probably negative thing is that. Whoever you're thrown batting practice indicate. Have to go back in practice or seven inning because. They guy walked up to him by besides that they're not complaints. You're gonna it regardless. He prepares. He executes him and he wants to get batters. You completely feel right feel it the agent we know he's gonna put it good or bad anyways and it. Now it's big picture question Torre a little off topic the NFL announced today their new rules about the Hampton and I have to stand for and all that and I'm curious what you think of the fact that none of this stuff has really found its way into baseball we either in terms of players being really socially active. Or in terms of protesting or anything like that why do you think baseball is sort of been different from other sports and missile that. I don't know I've been it was a situation last year and in Oakland it's unknown is mistaken my actual. He expresses feelings and it edited job I think about two players before the game it is. To Melvin and men and be in LB. They've co locate with the situation. You know with last year to be honest review playoffs. Sometimes you wonder you know on somebody. Is enough. You know well express their feelings. During the anthem but it didn't happen and I came in our case. You know well we've we are always when we encourage our guys there's a scenic you know. Everybody out there what if some is somebody feel like maybe they want to express your feelings we respect that obviously. We operatives situation much while I got so we encourage him to there I think it's it's very important. Partly because of what did we present but also what happened before the dampened at the end zone in the being very important to. Together and means a lot to us. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week brought to my Cumberland farms farmhouse land iced coffee. Go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex every Wednesday. Today's question comes from Megan ploy EO of West Springfield she asks with so many players turn managers like yourself. Are there any that you were in contact with to discuss the experience of the transition. Yeah about it on campus with pages we we took a lot of public a console AG and I learn from me alas here. Obviously it's a different situation well especially if you're not at the world champs. Issues. It's in front of me there. Obviously the market in different you know they would have to manage or guys that put him and in a position to be successful he could not stand up last year so I talked to him a lot. But now that he's a world champ does he still take your calls. Q does he go to the it I think it happened on guy can't wait it in the Meg Whitman is going to be on weekend. Yeah that ring and soared to a guy than men and not catch up with a look. Thousand basic Jackie Bradley in the line up again any changes to a tonight. No we're going Arianna Christmas pageant tonight is an amount well the red curtains payments different. Alex we always appreciate your time good luck we'll talk to you next week. Yet they care about tech here. That as the Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Tampa. We're broadcasting live from west and Johnny's 130 Portland street normally they opened at four but because we're here today to. He won it'll headstart on your pregame ass on down the doors are open and we're just down the street from the garden with the Celtics take on the cavaliers. It's dale and Keith John Tomas he's in the house as well Sports Radio WE yeah.