Alex Cora with Dale & Keefe 4-18-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, April 18th
Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins Dale & Keefe to discuss his perception of David Price last night, the Sox’s pursuit of Shohei Ohtani, letting pitchers hit and pitch, how the team’s defense became elite, and to drop some praise for Rafael Devers.

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It's time for our weekly visit for the manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora is brought to you by our belly insurance. You're New England Honda dealers and Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us now from Anaheim I Alex so aria. Redman under the weather walking. Wow them and it. You know you're off to a fourteen to start as a as a Major League manager. Both the season started were you worried about first impressions and what your team and what the fans of what ownership would think about your style and does this help. And I'm not a little more area. Well obviously opponent in the situation. I know what the player. Without your doubts. Jerusalem a lot of other enact in the treatment. Out. That I felt. With the coaches we and then. The program that we were gonna put in place. It was going to be. It buys it I'll tell you that. Yeah we're going to be fourteen in two. I'll be lightly. Kind of feeling that we were gonna have a bit sorry post internal smooth. And the audience you think that we brought it and we're playing good base. It was gonna carry over into. Was there any uncertainty in what you're gonna get added David Price last night after he had to leave early in his in his previous start and then what what did you see out of him. Obviously who. There's so we concern. Well it as soon as he made the first pitch. I still comparable. You know loved one of those things. You'll whistle you know pay attention to news. You know location you know alive man and he was fine. Talking to Dana for the game he was wary of and Brad are athletic trinity was where I think I was the one that you know. Was more where I. He showed you know it is of an effort in and a you know gridlock on. I think the number that but I saw last night was that show had Tommy threw twelve splitters and you guys didn't swing and miss at any of them. Did you have a game plan against him going in. Our home. Our game plan. Or similar to two of those. On the other guys that we trade. We were comfortable pitcher in the meadows on so we can damage when he spoke with him. We made a conscious effort that he needed to get. We saw the page the media's idea BA speculative thing in game. There were taken out of gone down in the you know he'll get it says. And Google frequent split and it was you know promote wind took on too so we were very. You know we've made. Good job you know oddly enough to split. Getting samples up in the zone his command wasn't there a go at them in that. We were we were gonna be in operation that would let you still lucrative they should drive. The guys did an outstanding job executing the plan. Now Todd has been one of the biggest stories in baseball through the first month of the season. Do you think this could lead potentially to more players being both a pitcher and hitter or is this a guy that's gonna be the only one doing it for a long time. Homeland. That the top one that you got to know. We learned in the middle of the whole thing. I don't I'm gonna Wear. That was his first start at nine it's. Is gonna hit so they've probably. And we got to bloggers are withdrawing once we've bitter. There's a lot that goes on on. Delegate switch hitter like that which is there. But you have to work on both sides played you know probably you'd better let and that these to perform right and that. Ought to be you know. Not to believe as a hitter. Everything went at him yet sort of crap and I know he's done it before. He's been very successful. It's not easy is not easy but pretend that we heard everything that well. Everything I learned from him and B I'll see. If somebody is gonna do it you know he'll do it in he'll be successful. When you guys were in on and as you said the Red Sox were working in on or at least trying to get in on on the oats honey sweepstakes. Would you have been willing to allow him to do both things when you were his manager. Yeah he was going to be both cities both both things. There's a lot of things that went on. Through the process. A lot of different scenarios. Cool regardless time in our. Eyes we try and explain here we train wrecks where I'll you go to. And we have a lot of stuff planned out. That email with a lot of scenarios you know throughout this season. The way we were gonna use them or try to using it would existent. They've released but. You know and I have decided to go to and come here to LA in which you have to. Look isn't your decision each night now with dinner Bogart's not available deciding between Brock COLT and Su Wei Ling in las that he go with a rock call ends up you know hit a home run and edit pays off for it but what goes into that decision. There's a lot of that got a darn you know and now that mr. you know. Yet the change of the limited you know breaking balls sliders. There's a lot that goes on. On that also. You know I am Barack has done an outstanding inducted this conflict or you know spot where they get all my leg. But also we know that and it's you know it's more rain. As shortstop. Most likely you know he's probably short today we got it on the mob. So I feel like there's going to be more bolt hit it you know to that ought. I would go Atlantic. That that's not what I'd I'd I'd. I do you know I'll get all the information Robert. We've seen bookie that's half hot stretches before and then you know he's been an all star he's he's been a gold glove player I mean we've seen him do this sort of thing. Is this just the hot stretch for more keydets or is he taken his hitting game to another level. There's a different approach. What led Italy doesn't or I think you cut the tempo. On the first page that well this season and he almost two. You know bull party down by the archer. You know instead of who's worked in that town. Taking pictures right on the medal and then all the time. He's ready to back ago and you can clean out pitchers. They know what's going on. So they'd been up to lions on the first page. Where they're real bad and I don't think you're hot stretch I think there's got obviously. You know it's not gonna. In Al utopia and would be like. Working. They know it's only twelve babies it's only 1289 right now I thought. All of that but. He'll be over 900 you know and that would do little theater I mean that's a lead so that's what we wanted to negate going into an announcement. Now reports solo another year for him here in boss that he of course had a Cy Young season he also had a couple of disappointing seasons this year. Off to a three you know star with a one point 83 ERA and how does he get it done this. Well it back to establish and that could anchor. Down in the zone he knows Nike you can plan on that latter would foresee or whatever you feel like what you gotta do boats and you know. He's done an outstanding averting games going down to change. It the parts pitched to him not only let you all varieties. So a little bit a good mix right now they last year he became very predictable. Current count and not just here and you know he made some adjustments mechanically. We Dana PB. And they're low when it was instant training and then. You know you do an outstanding government such. Your team has become an elite defensive unit so far this year through sixteen games. And and and they weren't always that way what's the difference here house what's the change caused by. It. Well. We're in more information. In that odd in the analytical community. They spend it quote unquote and that incentive package. Based on. Coal using that they're let's that I like today. Most likely going to be devers. Lynn knowing you can match so don't buy range quickness. Was on the mound and in other try to put the guys on the spot that they feel the ball is going to be here. And most players are becoming routine plays and now we got them all and we make that ultimate and get an outside. Now a lot of people. We're worried about devers a third baseman. Did you see him on a daily basis upon by that joke you know there's a here. Coming out of my you know I'm on I get emotional when he made it great play out of duke it out numbered part of what he's doing. You movie you see. He saw them making right decisions and you become an early December the elite defender at third base. Before the season. A lot of people in and saying that you know elite defender endeavors in the grandstands and there was a you guys are crazy. He's becoming that player. Now last week we talked about Zander Bogart's and clearly it's it's the middle of April you don't need to rush the guy back the team is playing extremely well. But is he progressing the way that you would like consumer. Seeing people grumble yesterday in batting practice. He felt fine. The grumbled we're right Adam actually sentiment surveys. That we don't want him to move around a short so. Little by little it to a better and look at port to have in the lineup whenever you're ready. I'm not saying that next week or in two weeks whenever you know we won the venerable course that we saw early and keep him healthy moving around in front of the auto mall court. It's time now for our question of the week brought to my Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. Today's question comes from Brian Baker from Worcester Massachusetts he says. What's the difference between being a player and being the manager in Boston. The hum. And I have a daily show on Wednesday. That the media or an act. There's a lot of information. Not only eight. From from the people upstairs but also on coaches that have the ideas and make decisions that we feel. We gonna put the players in. A situation that they're big and successful. There's a lot of our non blood. In idea and that and there are similar. We enjoy winning and now we're doing a good job right now. Alex congratulations on the hot start we'll talk to again next week thank you. Take care. And it's Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Anaheim.