Alex Cora on Dale & Keefe: “(Betts) batting lead off shows we are aggressive from the get go”

Boston Baseball
Thursday, May 3rd
Alex Cora joins Dale & Keefe for his weekly visit to discuss Mookie Betts batting leadoff and what message that sends to the opposing team, an update on Dustin Pedroia and his return, Chris Sale’s lack of run support and wins, David Price’s bad start, what it means to be a players manager, and tonight's lineup

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I'm not a talked to Red Sox manager Alex Cora Alex is brought to you by our belly insurance your New England Honda dealers. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us from Texas where the Sox open a series tonight against the Rangers say Alex I don't. I'm very. Good thank you I was we were talking about this last night after we've watched mu. When you knock a guy like Ted Williams off they career record list for a franchise in your only 25 years old Europe the middle of some pretty special here archer. Yeah I love the fact that he its humble enough and what. It's 400. Men's event or homer game play every other week and is it impressive. It's fun to watch. Ones in that do like about the holes situations. You want to get better and use in the club. I don't know polio is already you know relationships within the community. Is is grown and there's a lot of baseball topic and those guys in it in. The problem. We'll see equal New Orleans but we're proud of him and obviously happy New Zealand the things you do on helping the team to win games. Alex help me out here and because you know the game much better than I do. Explain to me in terms I can understand the surge in power for this guy what's the difference between last year and this year. Com. I don't know and I think more about his approach. We had a conversation. Early January. Home. And in the last year. Playing as a Red Sox when I was in the Astros coaching staff. Discovered or was very simple with him. It was like the first two at bats. You'll get a free strike so go after him. She'll take it. And as you guys know the numbers are very different we're when you're are beyond an. Illegal from won't want to material wants it out and then. We were able to expand the zone with him. And like like you said last year with two strikes he was just try to make contact and this guy. If panic or nation and it's all to realize you know those two. So what Wendy explained that make contact. What now is a different different mentality to packet from which want it to appreciate you ones where you can see in his state is not a predetermined take. Israeli hit. And then we to try to let that told him we talk about. There's nothing wrong Cinnaminson mountain out sometimes. Hitters that actually. Know. Get into the habit of just making you know making contact especially when nobody on make contact and that's weak contacts and I hit a ground ball regardless. You know make it now I don't mind in so when you are with two strikes there's sort of two situations obviously that. We want him to make contact. To drive in runs led a tournament sling some harder in the game and whistles. Now he's obviously very comfortable hitting in the leadoff spot for the guy would this type of power and he's on pace for. 5960. Home runs and you know knows -- keep up but. Is there any consideration to moving him down in the order just so he can have more runners on base. Nobody can assure me that you're gonna get more runners at slower I am so. One big pressure from pitch one we are a 100%. You know we're in attack mode from the first it's so. Of the game which is the mindset of don't want to create. It's one of those yeah I'd echo problem Olmert the BI. Honestly I think he changed the complexion on the line up. The good guys. You know when when you trade cannot ask you can pull up working out we're right in the middle of those two. Get rid you know did you see where it toward it and you know what I mean like. Now you have to execute from the get go it is very hard to do that a at the big league level I think in putting pressure on top of the lineup this benefit in a lot of guts and all the rest of the guys. We will stay with them. And he's. I really can't guarantee there'd be more runners on base but he's hitting after that attendee Bogart's. Compared to sandy Leona Jackie Bradley wouldn't you think. Just based on the percentage is there'd be a better chance of guys being on base. Hit it was gonna guarantee you that we gonna put pressure from pitch one you know that's the way we. I'd live with it last year is gonna like. It in George springer nine last year after being one in the world leaders you so what happened you know you know it. Five home runs in the World Series and the Jetsons when the world seniors and I don't think. The Astros win the world leaders with George and in most spots so we're right. You a great excuse last year learn a lot so you know he'll be in the legal slug the roses and. Couple of games ago the extra inning game after the game you're very pointed in your comments you said it was sloppy. And it was I think there were four errors in the game. I know that you never tell us the media things that you don't say to your team. But from a coaching perspective is that stuff going on as the game is going on as a guy comes back to the dugout you say hey listen. We have to have that play or it is is something that goes on post game. Knowledge of who is Smart teaching throughout the game. Obviously when you want your old third baseman. Actually making a lot of great play at third base but at the same time. There's been some decisions about. You know. On decisions to put it that way so we we'd stay with them we know me at stake in the you know to work in progress he's. The united tell you I. It on Twitter at third base and short so but now we have. Two pretty good guys blend applications. We're trying to help the ones responsible position lives and making decisions and brother can you talk the game because O'Sullivan. Now let's say we have a walk off win or or something great happens then and you don't you don't. Talk about it during the game and somebody else comes up and and you sort of get to make the point to a player and then the same same mistake happen. And not on the players on me and I'm talking about positions and are. Bunt play so offers and thirds. Running the bases not against your positions felt like that. You gotta keep teaching the game and Phnom I think it's working. We can keep progress and sort of matter which of the game but like I beans and alt you know we we're in the potential wherein. It's a great start but we have a lot of room to improve economic we do that we can Bieber better detached. Alex any updates on Dustin Pedroia and could we see him sometime this month. Little green white credit actually before the call got a text. Probably of media reviews speed member of reps I guess I. They. I can't wait you know when I've been an own goal I take a look at it and the I'll let you forget. You're gonna play man calm he is working hard you understand. That I want him to be patient because when he comes back. It will go you know I don't want him to come back and and you know. Just ask him everyday how you feel they can you play good I don't want that you know will be indicate that. Whenever I feel that he needs an update view taken that are in math and that that situation we're in. We're very pleased what is and as everybody knows what he's healthy he's one of the second baseman in the biggest economies and more ball games. Do you believe in baseball lock I'm in it I think of a guy like Chris Sale who has pitched great. And as far as decisions are concerned really doesn't have much to show for it it it is the assumption here that that baseball luck is gonna eventually turned to his side as well. Flatly when he's. When he pitches obviously they've now that lies he wanted to get their w.'s them and always. The losses how well that's a team whenever it pitchers we feel we can win that game masculinity. He didn't attempt to win would do it but you know obviously yeah of course I want you get you know it's wins you know that that's part of you know the culture people of people. You know 44 X or wired reason they've digits pitchers by with a lot of blood you know for me now. Me I know the guy is great and he even a potential win every. Now David Price on the mound tonight coming off Fogg on not a great start for him give up six runs five earned over five and two thirds. We know that he had that come out of a game earlier because he had an issue with this hand. It is there any lingering effects of that or is that just a rough start form last time out now. You know the last two problem. Four with two strikes insurgents fought we haven't been able to put hitters away. So calm now it seems like he's ahead and also when you make some mistakes to strike and two outs so mom you know. Bomb needed a lot that he was great the last the last out in every night or thinking are you. You can look and ups two. To the miles per hours in 94 so that's a good sign. Hopefully we can mix. Make up his pitches delivered better today and eating dessert people dark. Do you guys feel like you've got a handle on the issue of the group Palmer rents may be having right now. Yeah we could actually yesterday after hurting him in a lot better he was pleased nude breaking ball. I think we we tried actually kinda blown did an outstanding job early in the game is going to break ambled on to breaking ball because not everybody knows that he's pitched. So. Believe he did in velocity was great at the end and he was using it apples in different spots cannot be elevated more. Yes and so it was a bit of their first that. And hopefully you know be next on it a lot better he keeps improving. You know there's a guy is very important. Well what we're trying to accomplish and when healthy he's one of Berkeley beacon pictures. Brock holt was really it all go on fire before he had to go on the disabled list do you expect him to be ready to be activated after the ten days or is this something that could be a little longer. Well we're created out today he was able to go out. You're in the field. Applause humbling when the rains follow up someplace right now right now. Tomorrow he'll be allowed to. Figured he BP A is groundless and see where he's but everything is pointing out that he he'll be with us sooner rather. Talk to negotiate. NATO gears duels it is on Strider something creepy Carter's been on them a 20% he felt great so in the upcoming days. She gives improvement. Hopefully we can spend somewhere to get a feel about can be ready whatever I can't see it come out. Time now for the question of the week for manager Alex Cora brought to you by Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager. To submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. The question comes from Bruce flack from mystic Connecticut. He asks do you consider yourself a player's manager and I'll let on it was question. And what does that phrase mean deal. I have with nick and I that a guerrilla Demi. I try to do and you know keep. No was gone and the club to the polls. Help LaMont. As much as I can not only need coaches that was that the most important thing sometimes. America it is. And you know that they come from different sources it is same one and not a medical tunes are played it there helping me out. Communicate communicate it would be squares and trying to you know put in a knot in a position that they are successful so now. Now I guess that the players' manager Eric I don't know that means. Last question Alex Saudia though the team has struggled at times against lefties this year get a lefty Mike Minor tonight any changes to the lineup. Betty you can now that it did you claim that bill late you see it so we'll see how it goes you know hopefully we can score runs. Credible to writes that earned them and give David I don't. Alex we always appreciate time best of luck down there we'll talk to next week. Texas that is a Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Texas.